GH Transcript Friday 4/5/19

General Hospital Transcript Friday 4/5/19


Episode #14255 ~ Maxie struggles with her feelings; Anna gives Peter advice; Willow is put on notice; Finn is ready to take the next step; Lucy helps out a friend.

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[ Sighs ] Finn! Over here. Oh, hey. I didn't see you standing there. Uh, am I late? No. No, I just got here early. I wanted to get a jump on the workout. Are you ready to get pumped? Uh, no. Not -- not really ready... to get pumped. But thank you for asking. Look, you don't -- you don't have to do this if you don't want to. Great. I'm out of here. Okay. And the next time you get kidnapped? I'm sure your biting sarcasm will save you.

[ Sighs ] Okay. Let's do this. Awesome! First up -- bicep curls!

[ Grunts ]

[ Straining ] I got it. So, this is a picture of emma pushing noah on the swing. Oh, my god! I know. That's the cutest picture ever taken of children who aren't mine!

[ Laughs ] That's a good assessment. We totally need to plan a trip out west. Oh, yeah. O-or, um, maybe we can persuade robin to bring the kids here. Yeah! There's a ton of people here who care about her and would love to see her. Mm-hmm. There are. Hm. Maybe that's one now. Oh, you're early. It's not gonna be a problem, is it? No, not at all. Principal schultz is in a meeting. He'll be here shortly. That's okay. We'll wait. I can't concentrate on work. I'm barely sleeping. It's going to affect how I parent my kids. And it's just getting worse. I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I-I think you should leave port charles. You don't think that relocating might be a little drastic? No, I'm not suggesting you relocate. I'm saying that you give yourself a little break, that's all. You know, a chance to catch your breath.

[ Inhales deeply ] And I think that's gonna be hard to do here, honey. There are so many reminders, and then there are gonna be all the people who will ask you questions about dante. I just heard from the royal canadian mounted police. Ryan's been found. Where did they find him? Was he trying to cross the border to get back here? Not exactly. But you just said -- the canadians don't have ryan in custody. What they do have... is his hand.

Oh, are you here to see peter? Oh, don't let me keep you. Oh, no, no, no. No, I'm waiting for lulu. I'm trying to provide support since dante had to leave again. Yeah. He made the right choice. You know, if he'd stayed -- I mean, things could've gotten very bad. Yeah, um... I think lulu understands that. But she's just devastated, and I don't know what to do. Yes, you do. Just be there for her, like you always are. There's a lot of people in town who care for lulu. Including her boss. Yeah. Peter cares for lulu, too. And what about you? What about me? Come on, maxie. What's going on with you and my son? So, how do you like the new job? Well, so far, it's been great -- I got more hours than I was expecting -- I finish my shift here in half an hour, and then head to volonino's to close. Well, it must be nice to be so busy -- I spend so many hours staring at a computer screen. I'm overdue for some more human interaction in my life. You know, to be honest, I haven't made a ton of friends since calling port charles my home. Well, we should hang out sometime. Uh, since I've been back, most of my high-school buddies have either moved away or moved on. Well, any friend of maxie's is a friend of mine.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, great. 'Cause I may also have an ulterior motive to chatting you up. Oh, yeah? What's that? I was wondering if you could tell me... do you think I stand a chance with maxie?

We don't have to, we don't have to try I'm sorry. Did you just say that all the mounties have of his hand? That is all they found. Which one? Does it really matter? Ryan is left-handed. One would think if he was going to cut off a hand, he would use his left to remove his right. We all know how skilled he is with a knife. Ava, what you're suggesting is -- psychotic. Yes. I know that. That's my point exactly. Now, if I were ryan and I wanted everybody to believe that I was dead, I would cut off my right hand, leaving my left -- my dominant hand -- the one I kill with. Jordan. Can you please tell my sister how insane that is? Please? It is insane. Thank you. I also happen to believe your sister's right. That what you described, ava, is exactly what happened. How am I supposed to reset my account if I've been frozen

out of my account? No, my brother set up the two-factor authentication. And that phone is now at the bottom of the niagara r-- hello? Hello?! Doc? Okay, okay. Look at me. Ready? Deep breath and just think serenity now.

[ Sighs deeply ] I'm having a little trouble regaining control of my bank and e-mail accounts after ryan hijacked them. Okay, it's gonna get better. You will get your accounts back, and you will get your life back. Be patient. You just have to give it some time.

[ Sighs deeply ] Okay, I suppose a little rage and frustration at the hands of an outsourced I.T. Support person is the least I deserve. Nope. You know what you deserve? You deserve absolute compassion. I mean, you did make a terrible mistake -- but you are not in any way responsible for your brother's crimes. Not many people agree with you. I'm not looking forward to all the gossip about my marriage. Oh. I don't know what will be worse -- the questions or the sympathy. Well, then... take a trip. You can stay at my flat in paris. Okay, mom, that's tempting. It is. I-I-I'm just getting my momentum back at the invader. You know, sweetheart, that's where the attack happened. I'm sure if you were to talk to peter that he would be happy to give you a sabbatical. Okay, I-I have kids. Take them with you. Okay, I-I could see myself taking rocco, but there is no way valentin would let charlotte go. We've harvested the spring vegetables from our elq-sponsored project. It's sort of a kids' farm-share. Yes, we know. We're aware of charlotte's activities. Yes, she's had a lot of fun with that project. Well, charlotte is primarily responsible for our bountiful cauliflower crop. Your daughter has a green thumb. Give it a rest. You cannot smooth this over with flattery. Oh. I hope I haven't kept you waiting long. A little bit. Valentin cassadine. Principal schultz. Yeah. Well, this is a, uh, sensitive matter. We'd appreciate handling with some expedience. Yeah, for charlotte's sake, of course. Oh, I understand. Well, we can get under way as soon as we're all here. I'm sorry. Are we expecting somebody else? Yes, uh, ms. Tait's union representative. You hired a lawyer? No, a faculty member. Just someone to ensure that ms. Tait's rights are afforded under her contract. And what about charlotte's rights? And what about the parents' rights? I mean, let's get a lawyer. Hey, I-if it bothers you so much, I'd be perfectly happy to waive my right to representation... yeah, that sounds good. ...If mr. Cassadine and ms. Reeves will accept my apology and agree to move on -- for charlotte's sake. Well, for charlotte's sake, uh...we'll wait.

[ Grunts ] All right. Hydrate. We got four more sets.

[ Grunts ]

[ Weight thuds ] Dear god, why? Because it's the best way to stay healthy and release tension.

[ Chuckles ] Shut up.

[ Laughs ] What do you have to be tense about? Not as much as I did a few days ago, now that willow's sticking around. Good. What's up with the ex? She'd rather face him down than run. I can't say much beyond that, but, uh, just be glad you get along with anna's ex. Yeah, he's cool. I, uh -- well, I mean, he's got a lot of opinions, but...

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, I noticed that about agent scorpio. Is he still giving you a hard time about being a civilian and not knowing what anna needs? He's jealous, bro.

[ Grunts ] I want to show you something.

[ Grunts ] Y-you need to stop doing that. Do you think this looks like anna? So, do I think you stand a chance with maxie...? Yeah, I thought I'd ask her out. Uh...I, uh... sorry, man. I didn't mean to impose on your friendship. Oh, no, no, no. No, not at all. I'm just -- I'm surprised. I-I-I hadn't picked up on your interest. Neither has maxie, so I guess I've been doing a pretty good job at keeping it a secret. Thing is, nathan was a great guy, but it's been over a year since he died. That's true. For some people, that's not a lot of time. So maybe it's not just me. Maybe nobody stands a chance with her. At least not yet. Know what I mean? Oh, I get it. Nothing's going on with me and peter.

[ Chuckles ] You seemed pretty chummy at christmas. Because that was christmas. Yeah, he didn't want to attend the party. It would've taken someone pretty special to convince him. That whole thing was about you and peter, not me and peter. He wanted to see you. He just didn't know he wanted to see you. Uh, my relationship with my son, such as it is, is, like, one step forward, two steps back, you know. I still worry about him, though. Yeah, as a mother, I totally get that. I'd feel a lot better if he had someone in his life... okay, anna. I'm gonna stop you right there. Because peter is -- he's not into me. Not in that way. We believe charlotte's academic performance warrants advanced placement. And ms. Tait denied our request without a second thought. Well, we can schedule a second appointment to discuss the high achievers program. We're here today to discuss your concerns about ms. Tait's relationship with charlotte. Relationship? Hm, okay. Well, ms. Tait is biased against charlotte. She has gone so far as to call charlotte a brat. I did not call charlotte a brat. You most certainly did. I said that she was in danger of becoming one. Oh. Because of our parenting skills -- because when you were informed that charlotte was bullying another student... she's not a bully. ...You denied and excused the problem, even though... there's no problem. ...Mr. Cassadine and charlotte's mother, mrs. Falconeri, wanted to address the problem head-on. Woman: If I may...where

is mrs. Falconeri? Shouldn't she be here? Uh, lulu falconeri doesn't show the same concerns we have about ms. Tait and her attitude towards our daughter. Then perhaps we should get her over here. Uh, perhaps you could call mrs. Falconeri afterward. As mr. Cassadine said, expediency is of the utmost importance. Ms. Tait, you told me you had something to say. I do. I owe you two an apology. When we had our last conversation, I was very emotional. I'm not making any excuse. I should not have spoken to you the way that I did, and I'm sorry -- not only for my tone and my anger, but also for my choice of words. Yeah, I don't accept that apology. I've given you the benefit of every one of my doubts. You have singled out my daughter, and you've made her a scapegoat for another student's behavioral issues. That's not how you saw things when we discussed charlotte's behavior with mrs. Falconeri. I'm not talking about allegations of bullying. I'm talking about alleged cheating. A couple came across the hand while on a walk along the ontario shore west of niagara-on-the-lake. The body part was identified through fingerprints and dna matching. Julian: So, how long ago was this, uh, body part found? A week ago. Mm-hmm. We're still waiting for rcmp forensics to issue their full report. So, wild theories aside, isn't the most likely explanation that ryan lost his hand when he went over the falls and that he's actually dead? I could never leave charlotte for weeks, or months. Well, I know that you will miss her, but I'm here -- she can always come and visit me. Oh, mom. I-I would love to, but I could never ask you to endure that much valentin. Oh! Please. I can handle him. Besides, this is what grandmothers do. Pinch-parenting? While I'm off gallivanting?

[ Chuckles ] Not gallivanting. Uh, decompressing, uh, getting your head on straight. Giving your heart a chance to heal. All of that. If I leave...who's gonna take care of you?

Okay, I hate to say this, um, but I-I do think you might get some, uh, rather strong reactions out there. Not to mention the fact that some people might even try to capture you. You realize that, right? So far, so good, but, yes... that's a concern. Okay, what about this? What if you ask monica maybe to put out a memo at general hospital and just let everybody know -- just sort of clarify the situation? 'Cause this is kind of uncomfortable. No problem there. I've been locked out of G.H. They locked you of your G.H. E-mail? They fired you? The board voted to suspend me.

[ Sighs ] Hey, it's not like they didn't lack for cause. You know what? I'm gonna call the chief of staff. I'm gonna put in a word. Because this is ridiculous. No, please. Please don'T. Don'T. It's not like I didn't see this coming. Besides, I have bigger concerns right now than saving my practice. Namely, saving my marriage. Yeah, so, um... what's the line on that?

[ Inhales deeply ] Hard to say. Laura paid my bail. But I'm certainly not welcome back home. Well, in that case, I can give you a very, very warm welcome. I'm fine. I'm absolutely fine. And to be honest with you, it -- it will be easier on me if I know that you are away from all this mess. I've run out of excuses. Good answer.

[ Exhales deeply ] Except... except what? You came up with one already? Isn't taking off the opposite of moving forward? You know, honey, I think that strong people are wise enough to know when they need to ask for help. I need your help, mom. I know. Come here, honey. I've got you. It's okay, honey. It's okay. You go and you take care of yourself.

[ Sniffles ] All right, sweetie? Take as long as you want. When you're ready to come back, we will all be here with open arms.

[ Sniffles ] Shh. The rcmp and the fbi believe the hand, combined with the circumstances of ryan's disappearance -- the impact of his fall, the water temperature, the -- the force of -- they think he's dead. For them, the case is closed. But you somehow think he's still alive. Jordan: Well, I can't be too sure. So, what do we do now? Now that more powerful authorities have abandoned us? There's only so much I can do within my jurisdiction. It's not entirely up to me. Who is it "up to"? If the D.A. Takes her cue from the fbi or the canadians, she could shut me down. Are you sure peter's not into you? Yeah, I know he's not.

[ Exhales sharply ] Because he said that? No, but... okay, yes, for a while, I thought maybe something could happen because we were in the middle of this..."project thing." Oh, what project thing? No, no, no. It would take too long to explain. But when it was over, peter made it clear he wanted us to go our separate ways. Oh, did you make it clear that you didn't want to go your separate ways? Of course I did. With actual words? Of course not. But I sent signals. And I'm sure they got across. Are you sure? I think any guy would be lucky to have maxie in his life. Yeah, but do you think maxie's ready for anything besides friendship? I guess the only way to know is to ask. I can't see any reason why she'd turn you down. Valentin: Ms. Tait accused my daughter of stealing the answers off another student's test -- even though she has no proof that she did so. They sat next to each other and had identical answers, even the errors. Let me show you. I think you were pretty quick to, uh -- to judge. I think that you decided that she was guilty right away. You didn't once think that maybe the other student was doing the cheating. Or maybe that your test was somehow structured poorly. Maybe the questions were misleading or confusing. Did -- did anybody else in the class, uh, miss those questions? Or -- or -- or did everybody in the class with the exception of charlotte and the neighbor score perfectly on the test? No, of course not, but -- do you see what we're up against? You know, we actually suggested a solution. We asked ms. Tait to recommend that charlotte move up to the high achiever program. She said no. Because at the time, I thought I was leaving. Now that I'm staying, I will happily recommend charlotte. The change wouldn't take effect until the fall. It's too late in the school year to move charlotte into that program. So, in the meantime, charlotte doesn't get the education she deserves because ms. Tait is biased? Are -- are you suggesting that I would target charlotte because we don't like each other? Uh, no, we're not suggesting anything. We are stating directly and for the record that you are targeting charlotte, you have targeted charlotte, and now that we've called you out on it, you are gonna make her life even more difficult. Okay. Something like that... it is the exact opposite of my calling. Then you should find another calling. You have no business teaching students. We want ms. Tait fired.

Well, it's too bad you spent allthat money on a security system you don't actually need. Don't I? Jordan just said that both the fbi and the canadians think he's dead. Why? Because ryan couldn't possibly go on with life with only one hand? Okay [Clears throat] Even if he were still alive, why would he come back here to port charles? Julian, if he was going someplace else, somewhere where people don't care whether ryan chamberlain is alive or dead, he would've kept his hand! Would you listen to yourself, ava? It's almost like you want him to be alive! Oh, I do. Of course I want ryan to be alive! So I can kill him! Or maybe if he's still alive, then you can go on blaming him for kiki's death. Because as soon as he's gone, you'll have nobody to blame but yourself. Sorry for bothering you at home. That's okay. Come on in. I know you wouldn't do it unless you felt it was absolutely necessary. Is it ryan? The rcmp has recovered his right hand. His right hand? Yes. They're doing a complete forensic work-up. For all we know, the final report may indicate that ryan's hand was detached postmortem. But if the results come back inconclusive or...indicate otherwise... then he could still be alive. Listen, I regret that it's come to this, but I really see no other equitable resolution. I insist -- we both insist that ms. Tait be dismissed immediately. Oh, that's not going to happen. Nina: I'm sorry. Were you listening? You heard how she treats our daughter. Up to this point, ms. Tait has an unblemished record -- well, that changes now, doesn't it? All this will be in ms. Tait's file, but an incompatibility with one set of parents is not grounds for dismissal. That's ridiculous. There's no question that charlotte is, uh -- she's a gifted student who may benefit from advanced education. However, to move her into an accelerated environment in the middle of the school year I think would be counterproductive. Okay, so -- so charlotte just stays at ms. Tait's mercy for the rest of the year? Charlotte is thriving, and we trust ms. Tait. Your kid is not in the class. I trust that ms. Tait will be more closely supervised going forward because her obvious bias against my daughter is now on record. So, if this continues, if I see any evidence of her continued bullying of my daughter, I will see all three of you in court. Good evening. Anna: All right, you care about peter. And you would like it to maybe be a little bit more than friendship. Possibly, but -- okay, I-I can't tell you what to do, but I can tell you what maybe you should do -- which is you should just let your feelings be known to him. You know, tell him how you feel.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Oh, thank god.

[ Chuckles ] I have to take this. Of course you do. Lulu, hi. Where are you? Anna. Hi. I just wanted to come by and say hello. No, I'm glad you did. I have photos here from robin. You know, she sent me some of, um, your niece and nephew. Oh, is it the one with emma pushing noah on the swing? Yeah. It's -- yeah. Did you see that on instagram? Robin -- she sent it to me. Oh. I didn't know you two were in touch. Yeah, it's just an e-mail thing. I wrote to her. It just kind of took off from there. That's so great. Baby steps. Yeah, you know, I was actually surprised because I-I don't even know how robin came to the conclusion that I'm not radioactive. Oh, yeah. Um, I don't know. Maybe some good pr. You think maxie put in a good word for me? Mm. She's clearly a fan. Maxie's been a good friend. Is that all she is to you? Dude! You're getting married?! Shh! Hey, hey, hey! Slow down. All right, I haven't even asked her yet, hence the ring still being in the box. But, yes, I imagine that's the general idea. Wow! Congratulations, man. That -- that's so cool. Did you tell dad yet? No, I figured I'd want to hear what she has to say first. Oh, don't -- don't stress. She's totally gonna say yes. Yeah, you think so? Oh, I know so. And I also know that I am gonna be the best man ever. Getting a little ahead of yourself there, don't you think? Uh, well, who else would you ask? Roxy? Well, of course she would be my first choice, but, you know, if she's busy that day or she says no, then -- then, yeah. I'll share the responsibilities with the dragon.

[ Both chuckle ] But seriously, that's -- that's such good news.

[ Sighs ] And, finn, thank you. Thank you for telling me. It means a lot. You're welcome. Now can I finally get out of here? Yeah, yeah. Go on. Get out of here. And, finn. Huh? Good luck.

[ Sighs ] Thanks. Oh.

[ Grunts ] Don't get emotional.

 Look, if you're implying that maxie and I are... y-you don't know what you're talking about. Okay. So I-I've just read it all wrong, right? You -- you don't have feelings for maxie. Of course I --

[ Sighs ] Of course I have feelings for maxie. She just doesn't feel the same way about me. And you know this how? She made it clear. Oh, so she said so with actual words? She didn't have to. After you told her how you felt? Yeah, uh... well, not exactly.

[ Exhales sharply ] Oh, my -- why don't you just say it already? I don't know. What would be the point? Because it would stop all the wondering. I don't know. Look at it this way. What have you got to lose? Why don't you just tell maxie how you feel? Between this place and volonino's, I hope you're not working too hard. Well, I enjoy both jobs, so... still, you need to take some time for yourself. Oh, I do. In fact, I could make some time for you, too. Chet driscoll. Are you flirting with me? Well, I'm a little rusty. But yeah. Want to go out sometime? Anything to add before this goes into your file? I can't teach effectively if I'm expected to defer to every parent. Hm. A lot of public schools -- a lot of schools, period -- rely on parental support. Donors like valentin cassadine are the reason why you don't have to buy pencils for your students. What surprised me today is that mr. Cassadine is usually the peacemaker. I guess he chose a side. Hm, well, it's only natural that he would choose to support his fiancéE. I was hoping he'd side with his daughter. You know, there's only so much I can do to protect my staff when they make unforced errors. Like passing judgment on the parents. My opinion of charlotte's parents has no bearing on how I relate to charlotte. Given how frustrating you find ms. Reeves, you possibly may be exhibiting unconscious bias. You don't honestly believe that, do you? Well, happens to the best of us. All I'm asking is... be more careful. Of course. Of course, principal schultz. I'll do better. Good. 'Cause if they choose to make more trouble... there won't be a second chance. Well, at least ms. Tait's been put on notice. She's not gonna be stepping over the line anymore. Hi. Thank you for meeting with me. You texted this is about charlotte. I have to go overseas. Tomorrow. I'm gonna be bringing rocco with me. And as for charlotte -- no, no, no. I don't think it's a good idea to take charlotte out of school right now. I agree. I considered it, but I thought better of it. Okay, well, for whatever reason you're leaving, I'm sure you deserve it. I mean that in a good way. Yeah. Well, I'm not sure how long I'll be gone for, but I promise you it won't be long enough for you to get used to it. Is that really what you think? My own brother? You think that kiki is dead because of me? Of course I don'T. But you do. You wanted to -- you wanted to punish kiki for being with griffin. And that is exactly what happened. I hope that you never have to know the pain of burying your own child. Or knowing that the last words that you said to that child were said in anger. That is what kiki took with her.

[ Sighs ] Kiki...she knew your flaws, ava -- but she loved you anyway. You know, what happened to her, it wasn't your fault. I don't know that. I'll never know that. I'll never know why ryan chose her. And I certainly can't ask him 'cause he'll just say whatever lie hurts me the most. The only thing that I can do for kiki -- for my beautiful girl -- is see to it that her killer pays with his own life. And that is exactly what I intend to do. I trust that the pcpd will continue the search for ryan. Unfortunately, that depends on the D.A. If margaux decides the case is closed, I'll have to reallocate resources. Then I need to talk to margaux. Margaux knows that you posted kevin's bail. And if she knows, it's only a matter of time before the rest of the city knows, too. The offer still stands. Come on. Look at this condo. It is gorgeous. It's all furnished. It's right on the harbor, so you have this water view. And the great thing is the owner was relocated and he has to work somewhere else, but he can afford to wait for the right buyer and he has okayed you moving in. On further consideration... I accept.

[ Laughs ] Thank you for your generosity

[Chuckling] And your persistence. You're very, very welcome. Did you really think I would ever abandon you?

You know, no one would fault you if you left me to my own devices. We haven't exactly been friendly in recent years. Well, I think, uh, as much as that is attributed to the fact that I haven't been much of a friend and even less of a wife. Which led me to be extremely motivated to renovate myself. So, what you're looking at right now is a completely retooled lucy, from the bottom up. I might need a similar reconstruction. If and when the press ask me why I posted kevin's bail, I'm just going to tell the truth. The man is still my husband, and I don't want him waiting behind bars for his trial. All I'm saying is margaux dawson may decide that her interests are best served focusing on the defendant she has rather than the one she doesn'T. So, she's going after kevin. Ryan is alive, julian. I know it. Even if he is, you can't just sit around your apartment waiting for him with a loaded gun. If you find my certainty about this disconcerting, you're free to go on back to your bachelor pad. Stay or go, julian, but keep out of my way. I have work to do.

[ Cellphone ringing ] I assume you've heard. Indeed I did. From the commissioner, herself. Then you know that the D.A. May want to call off the search, declare him dead, and close the case. And if that happens, who's gonna keep an eye out for ryan? I'll be by tomorrow to discuss my trip with charlotte.

[ Clears throat ] Any questions? Other than your full itinerary and all contact information, no, I can't think of one. Bon voyage! Uh, take all the time you need. I have a feeling you are going to miss me more than you think. Okay. No offense, but why? In order to maintain stability in charlotte's schedule, my mother will be filling in for me while I'm gone.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Sighs ] Chase: Knock, knock. I am here to see how my pretend child is getting along with the real kids. Are you okay? Oh, it's been a day. Do you want to talk about it? Honestly, I'd rather think about absolutely anything else right now. Oh, okay, then. Does that help? It's a start. Mm. Hi. Hi. Glad I caught you. I'm just watching these two. What? Who? Wh-- these -- what -- what are we watching? These guys. Mm-hmm. I don't get it. Aren't -- aren't they a couple? I don't know. They're trying to figure it out, I think. Oh, we might be about to witness something really special. Yeah, well, we might not be the only ones. Peter.

[ Exhales sharply ] Hi. Maxie, hi. Um, I'm waiting for lulu. And is, uh, chet keeping you company? Chet asked me out. Oh. Uh, chet's a cool guy. Yeah, yeah. I-I've known him since high school. He's really sensitive. And by that, I mean "thoughtful," not "touchy." I got it. And he's sweet. And charming. And hot. I mean, damn. Well, y-yeah, you two h-have a great time together. Yeah, we -- we probably would have... if I hadn't turned him down. Why would you do that? Well, I didn't think it would be fair to go out with chet if I already have feelings for someone else.

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