GH Transcript Thursday 4/4/19

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 4/4/19


Episode #14254 ~ Josslyn calls Carly; Kim receives bad news; Laura is startled; Jordan has news; Curtis has dinner with Stella.

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In my lamaze class. I've done this before, you know. Josslyn's a teenager. So? So you don't think you need a refresher? Uh, there's some things you never forget. Look, I want you as prepared for this birth as possible. That baby's important to me, too. Josslyn: Well, I think it's the perfect symbol for us. It'll always be here. Even when we're not.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Groans ] I don't want to leave you.

[ Exhales heavily ] But I have to. I don't need reminding. Not tonight. No, no, I mean I should get going. I have a doctor's appointment at G.H. Soon.

[ Laughs ] Well, that's some focused intensity you got going on right there. Yeah, yeah. I'm trying to keep my mind off things. Yeah. Well, I was hoping a good workout would do the same thing for me, too. I got a lot of things I'd rather not think about.

[ Exhales sharply ] Yeah, I know what you mean. Hey, charlie. Hi, you. Hmm. You got a minute? For you? Two, maybe even three, if you're lucky.

[ Chuckles ] How are you?

[ Quietly ] Mm. A bit tired.

[ Quietly ] Yeah. Yeah, but I'm okay. Oh, hey, you just missed oscar, actually. I did? Yeah, he was here with some friends earlier. We had a nice, little talk. I have to tell you, you've got a smart, brave young man on your hands, but you don't need any reminding of that. No, I don't, but... I still like to hear it. Yeah, if I had half his, uh -- his courage, I would've turned out differently. Yeah, well, you look okay from where I'm standing.

[ Chuckling ] Well, you didn't know me in the good ol' days.

[ Chuckling ] Yeah. That's probably better. Yeah. Hey, listen, it's a little too early to put up the, uh, closed sign, but if you stick around, uh, I don't know, maybe we could have a little sleepover at your place, huh?

[ Chuckles ] Um... that's the thing. We're not gonna be able to do that anymore.

[ Door opens, footsteps approaching ] I'm sorry I'm late. Oh. No, I know that you're busy.

[ Quietly ] Yeah, I am.

[ Normal voice ] I spoke to someone at the wsb. They confirmed that the bureau is treating dante at an unspecified location. They wouldn't release any other details. Well, uh, maybe I should talk to anna. She was my second call. Anna said that this is something dante wanted and that she has to follow the bureau protocol. I'm sorry, lulu. I appreciate you checking. It's what dante said when he left. He's gone. And I have no way of knowing when... or if he's ever coming back.

[ Doorbell rings ]

[ Sighs ] May I come in?

[ Choking ]

[ Choking ] Aah!

[ Breathing heavily ] Ryan?! Where are you, you bastard?!

[ Breathing heavily ] Ryan!

[ Gun clicks ] You come out and show yourself. Come and get me, you son of a bitch! So, I hear you had a good day in court. Uh, yes, yes. Nora buchanan more than lived up to her reputation. Didn't hurt that lucy crashed my arraignment to give the judge her two cents. Mm. Yeah, I'm sure she wouldn't miss out on that opportunity. I thought she had paid for my bail. Turns out that was you. I'm very grateful. You're welcome. You didn't have to do that. I suppose not. Why did you? Lulu, I'm -- I'm so sorry this happened. But I want you to know that the pcpd is here for you. Thank you. Uh, I should get going. There's one other thing that I wanted to address. It's totally unrelated to dante. The rcmp and the fbi have suspended their searches for ryan chamberlain. They're satisfied that he's dead. Are you satisfied? I'm going to assume ryan is alive until I see evidence proving otherwise. Whoa, are we, uh, breaking up again? Not a chance. Okay. Monica... she invited oscar and me to live with her. At the quartermaine mansion? She thinks it'll be good for oscar to be surrounded by family.

[ Sighs ] And what do you think?

[ Sighs ] I don't know. I... I think oscar will be happy to have his parents under the same roof since he never really had the chance. So, when does this, uh, big move happen? I don't know, I still have to talk to oscar. I have to ask him what he thinks. What he wants. And I plan to do that tonight when drew and i are with him. What is going on? It's gonna be so brutal. What is going on? I have to talk to oscar about the end of his life. Oh, sweetheart.

[ Crying ] Oh, by the way, jordan wanted me to thank you for the flowers. That was real nice.

[ Jump rope whistling ] Yeah. Well...

[ Grunts ] ...I'm the reason she's there. Least I could do. Look, man. You need to get past that guilt stuff, all right? I never blamed you. Jordan didn't either.

[ Sighing ] How's she doing? She's managing, man. She's day-to-day, you know? Just... dialysis two times a week, and she's managing to work a seven-day workweek around it. Yeah. She's tough. Yeah, sometimes I want to just, uh, hide her car keys, you know? And, uh, hope she'll stay home and rest, but we know that won't fly. No, that won't work.

[ Breathing heavily ] So, that's why I'm here -- getting it out. But how about you? How's oscar? Not good. We don't have much time. Remember the first time we came here? Yeah. Like I could forget. We had our first kiss here. It was a great kiss. The best. I got you something. What? No, you already got me the lock. Yeah, which has to stay on the bridge. This is more portable. And don't worry. It doesn't go on your finger. A watch? It's beautiful.

[ Chuckles ] It's digital. That's important because... twice a day, 11:11 will come up. Okay... so, I was listening to this podcast about the power of 11:11... mm-hmm. ...And that's the time when someone you love who's died reaches out to you. So, when 11:11 comes up on this watch, you'll stop and think of me. I know it's kind of silly. It's not silly at all.

[ Voice breaking ] You're gonna make me cry. No, don'T. No. Think of it like a shout-out from me after I'm gone. I'm gonna think of you... all day, every day. And when it hits 11:11, you'll know I'm thinking of you, too.

[ Quietly ] I love it. I'm glad. Okay, now there's one more thing I need to do before we go to G.H. Oscar, I don't think I can take much more of this. Sure you can. What is it?

[ Chuckles ] I appreciate your concern, but there's nothing to worry about. You're a high-risk pregnancy, carly. And you have a history of pushing yourself too hard. Ah -- it's not uncommon. It's what women, especially mothers, do. We overlook our own health because we're caring for others. And you are not going to do that on my watch. You're really sweet. No, I'm not.

[ Laughs ] Just ask your husband. Hey, you're the one who got my husband back on his feet after he was shot. Mm. That man is stubborn as they come. [ Laughing ]

[ Laughs ] He is. They broke the mold with him, didn't they? They sure did. [ Laughs ] Mm. You know, it was -- it was really something helping him to heal. And I saw how much heart sonny has. I started to understand why milo's his biggest fan.

[ Chuckles ] Plenty of bad things happen in these halls every day. But there is always something good waiting just around the corner. And I am glad that you and sonny get to share one of them. Thank you.

[ Chuckling ] Mmm.

 Hello, this is ava jerome calling. You handle the security for my gallery. N-no, no. Actually, this concerns my residence. I need a complete security upgrade. State of the art. And locks. A lot of them. I paid your bail because I knew that you're not a danger to society. Is that all? I guess I felt it would be cruel to leave you in lockup after all the time that you spent locked up in ferncliff. Well, thank you for having enough faith in me to spare me jail. You don't have to keep thanking me. Laura, I just... want to do whatever I can to make this better... for everyone I hurt. Especially you. Okay. I understand wanting to help your brother -- ryan is your twin -- and -- and hoping that you could restore him to sanity. I just... I don't get why... you wouldn't talk to me about any of it. I gotta get to G.H. Having a doctor's appointment with oscar. We're discussing... end-of-life care, so, uh... I'm sorry, man. That's -- that's the worst.

[ Sniffs ] Yeah, it is. You know, we just... we want oscar to have a say in where he's staying, the care he's gonna get, what he -- what he doesn't want to have, you know. You and kim have been wonderful parents to oscar. I appreciate you saying that. Most days it doesn't feel like it's enough, but, uh... it's all we got to give. Yeah. Well, whatever happens, I got your back. I know that, man. Thank you. It really creeps me out thinking that ryan might still be alive. Well, I can send an officer to patrol your neighborhood, if that would help. Thank you. But dante's father has someone keeping an eye on me and the kids. You want to help me? Track that sicko down. We're going to find ryan... or his remains. I promise you. Gonna hold you to that. How do you think, um -- how do you think oscar's gonna handle this talk?

[ Chuckles, sniffles ] I don't know. I can't imagine he's gonna want to hear the word... "hospice" or... anything that has to do with that.

[ Quietly ] Yeah. Oh, god. Is that the time? Yeah.

[ Sighs ] I'm gonna go. I-I don't want to be late. -Okay. -I just -- hey, listen. If there's anything you need, I'm here for you, okay?

[ Quietly ] Thank you. Kim. You can do this. You can -- you can do anything.

[ Whispering ] Okay. Josslyn: [ Sighs ] Come on, what is it?

[ Chuckles ] Patience is a virtue. It's never been my strong suit.

[ Music starts ]

I never knew, I never knew our song. [ Chuckles ] You really did thinkof everything.

All that life can put you through may I have this dance?

I never knew, I never knew

I never knew

I never knew, I never knew

all the worry and despair

I thought life was always fair

I never knew, I never knew oscar? Oscar. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Oscar?! Oh, god. Hey, hey! Are you okay? Come on, come on! Stay with me! Stay with me, stay with me. Keep breathing! Keep breathing, keep breathing, keep breathing. Hello? Yes, we need paramedics immediately! My boyfriend, he has a brain tumor, and he's collapsed. We're on the footbridge at, um...blackstone canyon. Please, please come immediately! He's in really bad condition! Oscar. Oscar. Oscar! Oscar, stay with me! Come on, come on! Come on, come on. Keep breathing, keep breathing. Oscar. Oscar, oscar! You went to bed grown. Ding dong! And then you woke up... little.

[ Screaming ] I don't know what you did. You did something. Crazy little chucky doll. That girl she was waving that dumb wand and wished I was little. Wishes don't come true. If they did I would be on maternity leave with michael B. Jordan's baby by now.

Can't believe I'm back

in this hell hole. There's your teacher. Damn. Ah, I would like to teach him some things. What are you going to teach him in that scrawny flat body?

[ Sigh ]

Wh-where do you think you're going? We're all having dinner together, remember? Um, I was thinking I would give you and curtis some auntie/nephew time since I've been hogging him. Uh, nice try. But come on. Have a seat. Sit down. Come on. Hey, hey. The two most beautiful women on the planet are waiting to have dinner with me, what? How lucky am I? You're lucky your wife is still here. I caught her on the way out the door. Uh, okay. I'll try not to feel insulted. I just saw lulu. And she's still all messed up from her attack, and I had to tell her that the rcmp and the fbi have called off their search for ryan chamberlain. I'm sorry. I-I got to get to work. Baby, baby, work will still be there an hour from now. And I have an update for you about your dialysis. I didn't tell you because I knew that you would want me to turn him in. And I knew that you would be right. It's like being an addict. You hide things from the person that you love the most -- the one that knows you the best -- because you know that she'll call you on your actions, force you to confront them and get help. Laura... it was never about not loving you. I love you so much. I can't believe that I've thrown away the best thing that ever happened to me. Last night, when you were at your arraignment, alexis gave me our divorce papers. Did you sign them? No. Not yet, at least.

[ Doorbell rings ] Lulu? Is everything all right? No. Everything is most definitely not all right. Ryan?! Oh, m-- stay away from me! You really don't need the latch. No thief's gonna get past the alarm system. I'm not worried about being robbed.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh! Visitor. Excuse me. My brother. Hello, julian. What the hell is all this? Well, precautions. Ryan is coming back, and I'm gonna be ready for him. I'm not sure I wanna take the cvs test. The test is for high-risk mothers. I know. Then you know there are no shortage of risks. This test can detect birth defects, genetic problems, chromosomal abnormalities. I know, but it's still scary. Well, think about how relieved you'll be when the test comes back clear. What if it doesn't come back clear? I know! I know the test...

[ Sighs ] ...Is the right thing to do. I know it is. But I'm worried. You know, my family can't handle bad news right now. When did you become such a coward? Who are you calling a coward?

[ Sighs, stomps foot ] Okay. I was having a moment of cowardice, okay? I'm over it. I need good information to make good decisions, so go ahead. Schedule me for the cvs test. That's the carly I know.

[ Sighs ]

[ Keyboard clacks ] Hey, kim. Hey. Sorry I'm late. No, it's no problem. Um, you beat oscar. Did he call? No. Well, I'm sure he'll show up. Hmm.

[ Cellphone rings ] Maybe that's him.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Clears throat ] It's joss. Hey, joss, what's up? Okay. Okay, okay. S-slow down. Slow down. Wh-what happened? Kim! Drew! Hey. Where -- w-where's oscar? He's here. He's been admitted. W-what happened? He had a seizure. It was awful! He's in a coma! W-where -- where is he? Third floor. How do you look for the week of april 12th?

[ Cellphone rings ] Ooh, I gotta take this. It's josslyn. Okay, no problem. Hey, joss, what's up? Oscar's had a seizure. It was really bad. Okay, where are you right now? I'm at the hospital. I rode here with him. What floor are you on? Oscar's on the third floor. And I'm on my way up there now. I'll meet you there.

I spoke to auntie about... your wanting to stay at G.H. For dialysis. And if I were in your place, I'd want the same thing. Yeah, I mean, I have no objection to mercy. It's an excellent facility. I just... I know the staff at G.H. Yes. Which brings us to the problem of your insurance. It covers dialysis at mercy, but G.H. Is out-of-network, and there's a substantial co-pay. Well, we were -- we were hoping that an experienced social worker such as yourself could, um... finesse the system. -[ Breathing heavily ] -Lulu! Lulu, stop! It's kevin! It's kevin. He's not gonna hurt you, honey. I-I'm so sorry, lulu. I didn't mean to frighten you. Come on, sweetheart. Sit down. Sit down and catch your breath. Laura, I sh-- I should go. Sweetheart. I-I -- maybe we can continue our conversation later? Yes, I hope so.

[ Quietly ] Okay.

[ Door closes ] I'm sorry that I freaked out. I-I saw his face, and -- and all the pain came back. Of course it did, honey. I understand. Perfectly understandable. Honey, everything's gonna be all right. No. It's not. Nothing is ever going to be all right again. What's going on with you, lulu?

[ Voice breaking ] Dante left again. And I don't know if he's ever coming back.

[ Whispering ] Oh. Come on, honey. Come on, now. Care for a drink? Actually, I'd rather get an explanation. Safety first. I have to be... very careful with ryan out there somewhere. You honestly think he's still alive? They didn't find a body, julian, because he isn't dead. Ryan is coming back for me. And that explains those bizarre phone calls I've been getting. Ava, those -- those were robo-calls. No! No, I don't think they were. You see, I think ryan survived that fall. I think he dragged himself out of the niagara river, and I think he's hiding out somewhere right now, healing up. And I think he has every intention of coming back to port charles. I mean, after all, he believes that we're soul mates. He will come back to try to find me. And when he does... I'm gonna kill him. And with marksmanship and a little luck, it will be very slow and extremely painful. He will have plenty of time to suffer, as he should, for what he did to my daughter.

[ Monitor beeping ] Hey, sweetie. Please wake up for us. Come on, we need you to wake up. What do we got? This is the worst episode oscar's suffered so far. You mean seizure? We don't know the extent of the damage or the ramifications right now. I-I've ordered a ct scan to determine exactly what happened. What kind of a seizure could put him in a coma? A single seizure usually doesn't result in a coma. But constant seizures that repeat and don't allow the brain to receive oxygen can. Okay, I know all of this. Um... did oscar have trouble speaking? Did he have muscle weakness? She said he just collapsed. He didn't convulse like he did in previous incidents. Is he gonna wake up? The ct test will explain more.

[ Whispering ] Come on, sweetie. Come on. Wake up for us. Drew: He's gonna wake up.

[ Inhales deeply ]

[ Elevator bell dings ]

[ Elevator doors sliding ] Josslyn. Hey, baby, what's going on? We were at the footbridge. We were having the most amazing night. He played our song. We were dancing. I put my head on his shoulders, and he just collapsed, mom!

[ Telephones ringing in distance ] I called 911, and they came. I tried to hold him up. They put A...breathing tube in his throat on the way to the hospital! Baby, you did good, okay? You did real good. You got oscar here to the hospital. He can't even breathe on his own, mom.

[ Sighs ] I thought we had more time. Dr. Randolph said a month. Maybe six weeks, but not now! This can't be happening now! Baby, I wish I could make this better for you.

[ Voice breaking ] You can'T. No one can. [ Crying ]

 He said that he was afraid of what he might do, that he felt like he was losing control.

[ Voice breaking ] They broke something inside him in turkey, mom. Ohh. I sensed it right when I saw him. There was all this pain in his eyes. Like -- it was like he was only half here. But I thought that it would wear off, being home with his family. And it didn'T. I couldn't help him. Sweetheart, you know that none of this is your fault, right? I'm his wife. We took a vow to be there for each other, for better or for worse. I understand that, but you have no idea what happened to him over there in turkey. He may need this time just to heal from that trauma. What about mine? I was attacked, and I nearly died. How am I supposed to heal without him here?!

[ Whispering ] Sweetheart. I'm just pretending that I'm okay. Ohh!

[ Crying ] But I'm not. Something is broken in me, too. I made a few calls, and I'm working my way up the bureaucratic chain of command. It's a long shot, but I'm trying to get the provider to bend. Thank you so much. We appreciate your help, by the way. Even if it doesn't work. Well, I sure hope it does, because I like you being at G.H., Too.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh, so that's how we're doing it? That's your plan to get out of dinner? No.

[ Ringing continues ] I'm sorry, I have to take this.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Jordan ashford. Can you repeat that? Thank you.

[ Sighs ] Wh-- baby. Whatever it is, it can wait till after dinner. I'm sorry, it can'T. That was about ryan chamberlain.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door closes ] Did you, uh, change the locks along with the new alarm system? Because if you did, I'm gonna need a key, and I'm gonna need a code to the new alarm, because I'm moving in. Don't you want to ask? That's a little presumptuous of you. Fine. Will you let me move in? I promise I won't hover. I'm just gonna sleep here.

[ Chuckles ] And, hopefully, keep you from taking pot shots at some poor, unsuspecting delivery guy.

[ Chuckles ] And what about kim? She's, uh...

[Clears throat] Moving into the, uh, quartermaine mansion. Monica wants oscar to be closer to the family. Oh. Well, that's good for them. Maybe not so good for you. It is what it is. But I just want kim and oscar to be happy. Anyway, can we just agree that I'll stay here until we get confirmation that ryan is dead, please? We won't, 'cause he isn'T. Ryan is alive. But you're welcome to stay here. You're handy in a fight, and I could use the backup. Where's oscar? What's going on? He just had a ct scan, and, uh, terry's awaiting his results. I'm really sorry. Thank you. You know, joss, uh... it would've been a lot worse if you weren't there, so thank you. Honey, was this, um, seizure like the one he had in niagara falls? No. Mm. No, this was different. Um, we were dancing, and he just collapsed. No convulsions, nothing like that. And in niagara falls, he was awake by the time I got to the hospital, and... he was sitting upright, talking to me...

[Voice breaking] So this isn't -- this seems worse. Oh. Unh-unh, come here. Come here. You need to give drew and kim some privacy. Okay? No. I need to know the results. No, kim and drew need to know the results. And they'll tell you when they're ready. The seizure was the result of intercranial pressure. Unfortunately, the tumor's grown rapidly in the past few weeks. So, how bad is it?

[ Tablet snaps shut ] This episode was extremely debilitating. Oscar's not responding to the anti-seizure medication. So, is there anything more that you can do for him? I'm afraid not. I'm so sorry. Is he going to regain consciousness? I can't say for certain. Hey, uh...

[ Sighs ] Well, I'm sorry, but, uh...

[ Sniffles ] ...This might be it.

 Every day, when I go into the office at the invader, all I can think about is ryan lunging at me with that knife. And as I'm making excuses to work from home -- home. That used to be my place of solace

[Voice breaking] Before dante left, and now it'S... now it's just a shell. Oh, sweetheart. God, I don't f-feel like myself! Oh, sweetheart. I can't concentrate on my work. I'm barely sleeping. I-it's going to affect the way I parent my kids, and it's just getting worse. I don't know what I'm supposed to do.

[ Quietly ] I think you should leave port charles. Kevin: Excuse me, epiphany.

[ Sighs ] May I help you? Uh, well, I'm not sure. My key no longer opens my office. That lock was changed. Okay. Do you know where I can get a new key? You can'T. Someone should've notified you. Notified me of what? The board met yesterday, and they voted to suspend your practicing privileges here at G.H. I take it you approve.

[ Sighs ] I did not know mary pat ingles or that tv producer. But I knew kiki jerome. She was a bright light, generous, compassionate... with enough backbone to stand up for herself and others. And your brother murdered her just because he could. Because you hid him from the authorities. You don't belong here at general hospital, dr. Collins. Not anymore. I understand closing the ryan chamberlain case takes priority. Nobody wants proof of this bastard's death more than me. Uh, language. Aunt stella.

[ Scoffs ] You of all people believe in speaking the truth. Well, truth be told, dude was a psychotic bastard, okay? And it would please me greatly if his ass was dead. Go on. Jordan is my priority. She's determined to go on like nothing ever happened. I mean, aside from dialysis, she's making no allowances for her condition. She's driving herself as hard as she ever has. And I gotta say, I'm -- I'm worried that it's gonna catch up to her. Well, I'm worried, too, baby. But you can't stop jordan from being herself or from doing what she thinks is right. I'd be a fool to even try. Commissioner ashford, come on in. I didn't realize I was expected. Oh, I just had a new security camera installed. Julian: [ Sighs ] Can't be too careful with ryan out there somewhere. So, what can we do for you? That's actually why I'm here. I just heard from the royal canadian mounted police. Ryan's been found. Let's give oscar the night to come around.

[ Sighs ] And if we're lucky and if he does, you need to prepare yourselves. Oscar might not be the same boy he was. It's bad news, isn't it? It looks like it. So, this is it.

[ Voice breaking ] He's dying now? This... it's done? It's how it ends?

[ Whispering ] I don't know. This isn't what he wanted. He's hooked up to machines! He -- he has a tube down his throat!

[ Whispering ] Okay, keep your voice down, josslyn. Oscar isn't in any pain. Okay, he can't feel those tubes. And if this is... his time, then it's his time. And if it is, he'S... he's gonna go to someplace beautiful...

[ Crying ] ...Where he can be strong and free. Okay?

[ Crying ] I just need him -- I just need him to wake up one more time, mom. I just need to tell him I love him one more time.

[ Sighs ]

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