GH Transcript Wednesday 4/3/19

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 4/3/19


Episode #14253 ~ Sam steals a moment alone with Jason; Kristina crosses the line; Michael needs Sonny; Cameron and Joss have breakfast; Elizabeth asks Bobbie for advice.

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 Hm. Hi. Hi. How are you? Okay. Why did you shower? Uh, 'cause I got paint all over myself. I went a little too far with this jackson pollock thing that I'm working on. Oh. I see. What? Oh, I was, um... just checking on you to see if you remembered about your little chat with cameron. Uh, you know, I haven't forgotten about that. I, um... I just haven't had time. Can you please not avoid it? You saw that girl -- trina -- at cameron's hearing... she -- you know, she went on that trip to niagara falls with the kids, and I'm pretty sure they all shared a room. Yeah. And cameron and I have had that -- the sex talk, but I-I do think that, um... he would benefit from hearing advice from his stepfather. Yeah. Uh... you might want to rethink that 'cause... I'm the last person who should be giving cameron advice. You can thank me any time, cam. Thank you. I mean it. Hm. Not to be nosy or anything, but what are you thanking her for? Showing up at my court appearance. Well, now I feel bad that oscar and I didn't stay. Look, joss, it would've been a total waste of your time. Besides, you obviously had something more important to do. As I was on my way to cam's hearing, I saw you and oscar on your way down to the county clerk's office. Why?

[ Door opens ] Oh, look! Oscar's here! Hm. Hm.

[ Door closes ] Oscar, I assume you're here for your friends and not to bus tables. I'd love to be here to work, but I'd have to turn back the clock to do it.

[ Exhaling sharply ] Uh, whoever or whatever you're going after doesn't stand a chance, dad.

[ Exhales sharply ] I wish a couple of punches could make it right for kristina. Ah. I'm guessing that shiloh is the target? What if it was? Dad, no matter how good it might feel in the moment -- going after shiloh is only gonna push kristina further away. Hey. There you are. We missed you at the seminar this afternoon. You know your input's always greatly appreciated. You okay? Is there something you'd like to share? Yes, um, at first, I wasn't sure, but when jason attacked you, I changed my mind. Well, I have forgiven jason. I advise you to do the same. I realize how important it is to, um, get rid of the toxic people in your life... mm-hmm. ...And I'm more committed to dawn of day now than ever. it is. Proof of my commitment. I recorded it myself. It's, um -- it's a secret about someone in my family. Something so sensitive that if it ever came out, it would be devastating. Look, krissy, I, um -- I admire your courage and devotion, I do, but I would really want to make sure that this is something that you want to do. Because once you join the trust, there's no turning back. I'm ready.

[ Water rushing ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Clears throat ] Okay, how mad are you at me? You left danny with shiloh. How mad should I be?

Well, will you at least hear me out? Can I tell you what happened? Yes, please. Danny and i went to kelly's to grab a bite to eat, and...

[ Sighs ] ...Brad was there with baby wiley, and I asked to hold the baby and... wiley puked all over my arm. And I was gonna go to the bathroom and clean up. I asked danny to come with me, and he said no, he was too big of a boy. He didn't want to go to the ladies' room, so... shiloh walked in, and he said that he would look after danny. And, jason, I-I could not refuse. It would've looked suspicious. I know, but danny's eight, and he thinks that shiloh is your friend, and you've seen firsthand what shiloh does to people who trust him -- yeah, but it was a couple of minutes and brad was there and it was kelly'S. It does-- it doesn't matter, sam. I know that you're on a mission, but please, let's just be clear -- shiloh does not go anywhere near danny again. Okay? And if that means blowing your investigation -- then it's blown. There are other ways to get kristina out of there. Listen, whatever you and your friends order is on the house. Not taking "no" for an answer. You sure? Of course. Go.

[ Sighs ] Hey. Nachos on the house. Hey. You are, uh, just in time -- we could definitely use an extra platter. I'll go order it. Nachos can wait. Joss was just about to tell us what the two of you were doing in the county clerk's office. You saw us? Trina was at cameron's hearing. You weren't getting your driver's permit, and you weren't serving on a jury. I mean, what else is there to do at a courthouse? The last thing that cameron needs is a guy with my history giving him advice or offering myself as some kind of pillar of societal norms. Cameron has seen how you treat me -- with love and respect -- and that is so important. Elizabeth: And you are teaching him and those boys to be good, caring, responsible young men, and you should -- you should feel really good about that. Well, if you feel good about it, I guess that's all that matters. You have a way of talking to kids. It's very effective, and I think it's gonna be helpful, this little chat with cam. Okay. I'll do my best. I'll try not to disappoint you. You won'T. Just be yourself. Mm. See you later. Okay.

[ Sighs ] Now, you heard her. Just be yourself. Only better. Kristina thinks that shiloh walks on water. How do we change that? Well, you know what? We, uh [Sighs] We can't force her to choose between us and dawn of day because right now, she's gonna choose them. Right. So... ...she needs to know that there's an alternative. We need leave her a way out with dignity. Do you have some kind of exit plan? I might be able to lead kristina to the exit. You asked me to offer something personal, something I could only pledge to people that I trust, and I know it's not about me, so if it's not enough, then -- no, it's -- it's -- it's more than enough. I appreciate you entrusting me with such information. I've never shared that with anyone. Not even parker. I unders-- I understand. I also understand, with your family standing in the community, if this ever got out, there'd be dire consequences. But you would never, right? Your trust will remain respectful and unbroken. Just as mine is with you. This works both ways. I trust you to remain faithful to our mission. I won't disappoint you.

[ Chuckling ] No. No, you haven'T. You've cleared the final hurdle -- and in record time, I might add. Soon you'll join your place beside me in the trust. When do I start?

[ Both chuckle ] A little more patience, okay? This takes some time, some planning and prep. It also takes... money. The fee to join the trust is $10,000. However, since you've done such a fantastic job as outreach ambassador, I'll allow you to make monthly payments with a $2,500 down payment. Uh, $10,000? Y-you never mentioned anything about that. Would that have made any difference in your commitment? No, o-of course not. Um... see, thi s money that you're going to give us goes directly to outreach. It'll help so many other more people. It's just -- I don't have that money. I mean, I do, um, but it's -- it's in a-a trust that I can't access until I'm 30.

[ Sighs ] So, I guess I could, um, ask my boss if I could pick up some extra shifts. W-what if I can't get the money? Never underestimate yourself, krissy. I am so proud -- I am so proud of you and how far you've come, and you should be proud of where you're going. I have infinite faith in you. Be well, tonight. Hey, kristina was freaking out when she heard about what you did to shiloh. She got it, jason. She got it more than he did. She knows that you can kill shiloh at any time, and if anything happens to him, I'm afraid of what's gonna happen to her. Okay, okay. Then how do we break his hold on her -- without putting danny at risk? I will make sure shiloh is never around danny again. Okay, how? How are we gonna avoid that? I-I will leave scout and danny at your mom's house. This way, I can visit both of them at any time. Okay, or we can just take kristina out of dawn of day right now. That's the last resort -- if nothing else works. But nothing

has worked so far. I mean, how much longer do you want to play this out?

[ Cellphone ringing ] It's shiloh. Hey! Hi. I was -- I was hoping to hear from you. I promised to tell you when your soul was ready for the next step of the journey.

That time is now.

 I was afraid that after what happened with jason, you weren't gonna want to mentor me. Well, you were the one that reminded me that forgiveness is the key to a lighter heart. You see, it was you that inspired me to drop the charges against jason. In that moment, I realized that your soul was ready for its next step towards enlightenment. Okay. When do I begin? You begin now. Now? You mean, as in tonight? Well, why wait? I'll be expecting you. Okay, he says that I'm ready for the next step.

[ Sighs ] All right. I gotta -- I gotta talk to sonny. Ok-- oh, when you do that, can you tell him how fragile kristina is, and the best way for kristina to get out of dawn of day is if she chooses. We can't drag her out or just have shiloh "disappear." Okay, but sometimes the "best way" is not an option. And sometimes you just gotta go with whatever works. Jason, please. me a little more time.

[ Sighs ] Hey, I didn't think you were working tonight. Uh, yeah, I was just checking the balance of my very challenged bank account. But I'll get right behind the bar and start to work. Okay. Is it a slow night? Unfortunately, yes. Well, it's still relatively early on a warm night. Things could get busy. Mm-hmm. Plus, I could use the tips. Oh, yeah? You short on cash? I thought, uh, everything was fine now that you're living in that house with your friends. I-I'm not worried about my living expenses. I mean, I'm fine at the dawn of day house. It's just I have a chance, uh, to make an investment in my future. Hm. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Oh, yeah? Mm-hmm. Maybe I can help. How much do you need? $10,000. Are you making, like, some kind of will? Something like that? Uh, something like that. Mm. I'm trying to find a way to tie things up while we still can. That's not vague at all. Okay. We get it. Some things are just meant to be between a couple. Come on, trina, you're the one who brought it up. You're obviously curious. And joss and oscar obviously don't want to share -- which is their prerogative. As good, supportive friends, we need to respect their privacy. So, what's new in the land of community service? Yeah, any fresh, challenging assignments? So we're changing the subject now? Yep. See how that works? Actually, I don'T. Girls are weird. Speak for yourself. I think joss and trina are brilliant. Good answer. It was a great day, huh? Oh, yeah. Gail would've been thrilled. And I loved learning that I was an inspiration to you -- becoming the wonderful nurse that you are. Speaking of "nurses" -- has lucy tried to recruit you for performing at the nurses' ball yet? Oh, of course.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Laughing ] It's the only time of the year that's she's happy to see me. You better watch out. She's gonna try to rope you and your whole family into performing. Oh, no. No, no. I think my family has had enough of the spotlight for the year. We might just sit this one out. You have your hands full raising sons. Never gets old, and it never gets easy. You did such a good job raising lucas. If you have any wisdom you'd like to share, I'd like to hear it. If you're telling me you want to pretend to join dawn of day to lead kristina out, I don't want you to get sucked in. Hey, look, dad, um [Sighs] I can obviously be conned -- nelle certainly proved that. But look, my weakness is -- is trying to save people -- not necessarily trying to be saved myself, but -- but kristina and I, we're -- we're -- we're close. We've always been close. Right. And not to hurt your feelings or anything, but over a number of years, kristina and I have always complained to each other about our crazy extended family, and... look, she's used to me being the voice of reason. You can go ahead and tell me. You want me to back off? Is that -- is that what -- w-what are you trying to say? No, I'm trying -- what I'm trying -- no, I just don't want everybody lined up against kristina...

[ Chuckles ] ...Because even if she has a change of heart about shiloh, she might not openly admit it. Okay. Unless...someone is there who won't judge her, someone who won't -- won't -- won't say, "I told you so." She needs -- she needs a neutral person there who will take her in when there's nowhere left for her to go. How are you gonna do that, michael? Well, I'm gonna do a better job checking in with kristina. I'm gonna -- I'm gonna -- I'm gonna let her know that I-I care about her -- no matter what. And that her family is here for her, even if she's not here for us. I'm so glad you took me seriously when I told you that you should be ready whenever I called. It speaks to your level of commitment. Yes, of course. I mean, what do you want me to do? Uh, take another course, more classes? Take your -- anything.

[ Chuckles ] Anything that you want. Well, I appreciate your enthusiasm. However, tonight, it's just gonna be you and I, one-on-one. Great. You see, the key to embracing the light of dawn is to embrace the unexpected. To embrace the darkness. Do ya got a rabbit...

[ Chuckles ] ...To go with a hat with that? No, no. No tricks. Do you trust me? Completely? Completely, yes. Here's your chance to prove it.

[ Stammering ] Wh-whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I just -- wait a minute.

 that you wishyou had done differently?

[ Groans ] Only about a million things.

[ Sighs ] Top of the list is my denial when lucas first came out to me. I blew that big-time. And if I had a redo, I would make sure to let lucas know that I loved him for what he was and not who I wanted him to be. That, my dear, is my biggest regret. Yeah. I just want to handle things the right way with aiden, too. You think aiden's gay? He's so young, I don't want to assume anything. matter who he is or -- or who he becomes, I just -- I don't ever want him to doubt that he's surrounded by love. So, I don't know if cam told you this, but he lost his license. Until when? Cameron: Till the end of my probation. But I got my license, so once oscar gets his car fixed, if we want to go anywhere, then -- anytime I'm not in school or playing soccer, I will be doing community service. Especially since I got demoted to garbage detail. What?! Why? "Dereliction of duty" -- more specifically "dereliction of the book cart." I never returned it to the station. Why not? Well, because we were going to eckert's, and I thought it was more important to spend time with my friends than return a stupid book cart. And that is your tragic flaw. What, that I want to be a good friend? That you only see two options... but tho-- ..."friends" or "book cart." But those were the only two options. You're so wrong. My dad has done business all over the world -- and he says that there's almost always a third option -- you just have to think outside of the box to find it.

[ Cellphone ringing ] It's franco. Answer it. If it's important, he'll leave a voicemail. Stepfather. Peaceful coexistence. Family harmony. Sounds familiar?

[ Sighs ]

[ Ringing stops ] Okay. Hey, franco. I will make it in time to my community service. Don't worry. Well, that's great, but I'm gonna need for you to meet me and talk to me, so come to the general hospital locker room. There's a lounge there. I'll see you soon. He, uh, wants to see me at the hospital before my community service. Trina: I'll walk you out. Are you sure the nachos are on the house? I-I can pay my share. Um, no. No, don't worry about it. It's free, for sure. Thanks. All right, bye. Bye. See ya, guys. See ya. So, did you need to tell me something? No. Why? Well, you walked me out. Hello! I was trying to give joss and oscar some alone time. Wait, they wanted us to leave? Um, yeah. Their time is precious. They can only spend so much of it sitting around, eating nachos with us. Right. You see oscar? He didn't look very well. He wasn't saying anything. He's trying his best to act like everything's normal. And we have to act like we believe him. Finally! I thought they'd never leave.

[ Chuckles ] Ready to get going? Yes! Please. Let's -- let's get out of here. I am all yours. Then let's get going.

[ Chuckles ] $10,000. That's a lot of cash. Why don't you go to your parents? I'm sure they'd be happy to invest in your future. I don't want to be beholden to my family. Well, it might be, uh, better than being beholden to me. Well, you're my employer. So as long as I'm working for you, you'll know I'm good for the money.

[ Inhales deeply ] That's true. Kristina. There, uh, something wrong? No. Nothing wrong at all. We're just, uh, talking about your sister's future. Excuse me. You okay? I know that I've fallen behind on repaying you back for the classes. Um...I-I will get you the money. I -- if you could just be a little bit more patient. Kristina, I'm not here for the money, okay? And look, if -- if you're having some sort of financial troubles, then maybe I-I could help you. Oh, I notice you're reading the dawn of day book. You investigating the author or the organization? Why? You think there's something to investigate? Hey. You just missed michael. He's worried [Grunts] How I'm gonna handle shiloh. He thinks I'm gonna push kristina away. Well, I mean, sam actually feels the same way. Kristina was "freaking out" when she heard that I roughed up shiloh. What do you mean "roughed up shiloh"? It's not like you to lose control. Well, I didn'T. But I saw shiloh was talking to danny, and I wanted to scare him bad enough that he won't go near danny again. Did it work? I'm not sure. I mean, look, shiloh -- shiloh knows that -- that I'm a threat -- but this guy's ego is huge, and the more time that passes -- the more time he might convince himself that he can handle me. That's why we gotta move now. Yeah, but, sam is, uh... sonny. Yeah? Sam's asking for more time.

[ Scoffs ] Well, that's disappointing. You failed the test before it even began. W-wait a minute. I-I don't think you understand. I want to feel empowered, so I want to put this on myself. Well, there -- there's the sam mccall I thought I knew. Okay.

[ Sighs deeply ] Are you ready?

[ Chuckles ] Shiloh? What are you doing? I'm looking at you. Does that make you nervous? Uh, just a little. Sense me, sam. Sense the energy passing between you and I. Can you feel it? Can you feel the energy passing between us? We're not even touching. Yeah, I-I, um -- I can feel it. Good. I knew you would.

 I realize that you are not a little kid anymore like your little kid brothers. Right. And that you are a young man now -- a fine young man -- and it's only natural that a young man would develop feelings for a young woman, and that those feelings might lead to a situation that could affect the both of you. Oh. Oh, franco, look, I had health in middle school. I've got it all covered. Okay, well, that's a cool story, bro, but what happens in class -- I mean, that's -- that's a very different situation than you might encounter in real life. I mean, there's more to sex than just health and hygiene, so sit down! I'm sorry. Forgive me. Please sit down.

[ Sighs ] Look, man, I-I-I... I understand that sex is probably really different for someone your age than when I was your age. I mean, not the sex part. The sex part's probably pretty much the same, but there's the things that are surrounding sex, you know? Like you guys have access to the internet, and there's -- there's social media and sexting, and I just -- I just -- I-I need for you to understand that none of those things have anything to do with a real, true, loving, human relationship. Yeah, I know. I-I got that. I'm not really into any of that stuff. Okay. Great! That's so good to know! But there's this other thing. It's called #metoo, and it has to do with real choices and mutual choices and respect and mutual responsibility. Do you understand what I'm saying to you? Yeah, yeah, I-I-I get it. "No means no." I'm all for that. Can I go, now? No! Dude! You can't go! I'm just getting started here. Thanks for not telling cam and trina that we went to the county clerk's office to ask for a marriage license.

[ Chuckles ] It was a spur-of-the-moment thing. Plus we were already at the courthouse. It was nice of the clerk not to laugh in our faces.

[ Laughs ] Yeah. "Come back when you're older." Only one of us isn't getting any older. Hey.

[ Sniffles ] I'm yours forever and ever. With or without a marriage certificate. Yeah. I feel the same way, too. But I want to give you something more to remember me by. I won't be needing this on my locker anymore.

[ Chuckles ] So, we've gone from a bullet necklace to a lock? Kinda clunky... uh, it's for the bridge. Remember, you told me. Lovers in paris put locks on bridges as a symbol of their love. Yeah. So, why don't we start a trend here on our own bridge? All I know of the, uh, dawn of day organization, is that they seem to do good work in the community. I have students in and out of here all day long. In fact, one of my bartenders is actually a member. Hm. And what about you? Are you open to the movement? I'm a businessman, not a philosopher. Actually, I was just asking because I was hoping you and the police department would focus more on the ryan chamberlain case. Well, the case has been closed by the U.S. And canadian officials, but it's still open here. And that is all I can tell you about an ongoing search and investigation.

[ Clears throat ] You know, I know how things work. How things get put on the back burner. Other cases take priority. Meanwhile, my sister, ava, can't sleep out of fear. So don't hand me some spin from a press release and get motivated. And get this done. Did I hear you right? You want to help me? No strings attached. How can I trust you? I mean, you don't believe in dawn of day, and your friend willow has poisoned you against us. Look, I don't get dawn of day, I don't, but, you know, it's important to you, so I can accept that. But I'm still your brother, and I don't want to be somebody you have you to fight with. I want to be somebody that you feel safe with.

[ Grunts ] Everything in me tells me we have to get rid of this guy. But michael and alexis have a point. It could push kristina away. And sam thinks it could do a lot worse than that. We talked about this the other day when I got back from turkey. If something happens to this guy, if he disappears, if he has an accident, will kristina blame me? Will she know I was behind it? Okay, so sam thinks she can get proof on this guy that he's a fraud -- and then convince kristina to get out on her own. Well, michael said something similar, that he can "lead kristina" to the exit. I don't know if any of these plans are gonna work. But we have to give it time. Now, the first step in letting go is letting your guard down and doing whatever it is, that you feel.

[ Whispers ] What do you feel, sam? Be right back.

I love this idea. What's the combination? Think of the first time I told you I loved you. How can I forget? It was right after I'd given you that compass. So you'd never get lost.

[ Chuckles ] And we thought we had all the time in the world. Still...some people grow old and gray and they never have what we have. It was last june. More specific? June 26th. 06-26.

[ Chuckles ] What do we do now? Well, we put it around the rail and lock it. Wait. Wait, wait. I have an idea. When I married your mom, I made a vow to her that I would be the best person that I could possibly be, and part of that means raising you boys to be better men than I ever was. So... I-if there was someone special in your life... oh, why is everybody making assumptions?! ...Then she has a say. And you need to listen. And pressure tactics are no bueno. You need to be patient. And you'll both know when the time is right, okay? Okay. I-I gotta go now or I'm gonna be late. Okay. Yeah, go. Good talk. Great talk. Just a big talk. We should do this again. Yeah, whatever.

[ Door opens, closes ] That went great.

[ Chuckles ] "J+o 4ever." Okay, let's try not to smear it. Yeah, we'll be careful. Okay, so what now? We stand here.

[ Sighs ] Look... no matter where you go or what you do, this lock will remain. Even if it rusts, this lock will keep my love for you safe and secure and forever. Forever. Just like my love for you. Have you been granted the authority to pick and chose...

[ Sighs ] ...Which crimes law enforcement investigates and which ones to ignore? And given your rap sheet, and your sister'S... no, go ahead, please. You know, the jeromes are used to people taking potshots at our family.

[ Inhales deeply ] I understand your feelings. And I regret what your sister is going through. Would you please tell ava that we are doing everything possible to ensure that ryan chamberlain is found -- dead or alive. Excuse me.

[ Whispers ] Are you afraid of me? Um, I'm afraid of something else. What are you afraid of? Just... right this feels.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] That's it for today. That's it? Yeah. You did well for your first time. Are you sure? Yeah. Okay. So, when will there be a next time? I'll let you know. Okay. All right, I'll -- I'll see you. Mm-hmm.

[ Door closes ]

[ Sighs ] Anna, do you have those plans?Yes! I just wanted to show you something I've been wor... james R. And associates. Anna speaking... james R. And associates. Anna.

[Phone ringing] Baker architects. This is anna baker.

So, I-I take it things went great with cam? He was a little anxious, but I-I-I calmed him down, and I think I crushed it. Oh, that's great! Yeah. Must be hard for him. It's tough to be a stand-up guy in this complicated world. But there's a right and a wrong way to treat the people that you care about. That's amazing. Are you gonna tell me your secret? Yeah, as soon as we get home.

[ Both chuckle ] Oscar: Now people will wonder who "j" and "o" are.

[ Chuckles ] Think of the stories they'll invent. They might even think we're star-crossed lovers, or something. Our friends will know it's us. But...who knows? Maybe other couples will come and add their own locks. And it'll keep going. People will keep doing it, like they do in paris. Anything's possible. Yeah, almost anything. Um...anyways, a-at the end of a wedding ceremony, isn't it customary to kiss the bride?

[ Chuckles ] Hey, business is picking up a little bit. Sure is. What's this? The money you need for your investment. And don't worry about it. I know you're good for it.

[ Squeals ] Thank you, thank you, thank you! Oh, my god! Mwah!

[ Chuckling ] You're welcome. Um, if you could just do me a favor, though, and not mention this to my father? Yeah, because I speak to your father all the time. I'm willing to give sam a little more time so maybe she can uncover something that w-we can use against this, uh, guy. Okay, how much -- how much time? Well, I wanna -- I wanna get things in place. There is a-an option that I-I haven't explored. I think I may know somebody who can help us.

[ Whispering ] Can you feel

the energy passing between us?

We're not even touching. Oh. Ms. Mccall. Were, uh, you just taking a class? Yeah, I just finished a session. Small world. I'm about to take one myself.

On the next "General Hospital" --


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