GH Transcript Monday 4/1/19

General Hospital Transcript Monday 4/1/19


Episode #14251 ~ Valentin tells a lie; Franco is confrontational; Lucy offers moral support; Laura confides in Alexis; Carly is shocked.

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[ Knock on door ]

[ Sighs ] Hey! Hey, lulu, we were in the neighborhood, and we thought we'd stop by and check in. Yeah, we just wanted to see how dante's settling in yeah. ...And how's -- how's my son doing?

[ Door closes ] Dante's gone. Franco. It's been a while. Yeah, it sure has. I'm sorry we can't speak privately, but I want you to know just how much I regret what ryan put you through. You regret something that ryan did. If you're gonna regret what other people do in this world, you got a lot of material to work with. Really what you should do is regret what you've done to me.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Hi. Oh, hey. I'm so sorry I'm late. That's okay. Your secretary told me that you were on your way over. Okay, good. So, I have the papers right here. Your marriage to kevin is dissolved as soon as you're ready to -- to sign them. Valentin is telling me you're up to something. What are you up to? Tell me. We ran a dna test. God, it feels good to say that. A dna test? On who? You... and sasha. Why did you run another dna test? Well, we wanted to be sure that sasha really is your daughter -- she is my daughter. She is. Open that up. Let's see the results.

Dante's gone? But where'd -- where'd he go? Uh, he didn't say. Uh, what's going on, lulu? Oh, uh, dante, uh, said that he needed to go away, and he doesn't know how long he'll be. Just that he needs to "fix himself." Fix himself? What does that mean? I don't know! -Lulu. Come here. -[ Sighs ]

[ Toy thuds ] Talk to me. Look... whatever happened when he went undercover, dante feels that he is no longer in control of himself. That he could be dangerous somehow. You had to have seen something when you were with him in ankara. Anything. He seemed -- he seemed pretty wound up, but I didn't notice him acting "off" or anything. He was just... but then again, we were in the middle of some-- of something dangerous all the time. But when we came back, I did notice that something was bothering him, and I just thought that it was -- it was hard for him to adjust. That's what I thought. A-and then all of a sudden, he-- he's talking about leaving. I'm sorry, lulu. I'm really sorry. You know, the day he came back, when that door opened and he was standing there -- it was like -- it was like waking up from a nightmare, and I told myself that he was home and all the bad was behind us. But, you know, I should've known better. I should've realized that we couldn't just pick up our lives like nothing had happened. I feel so stupid! Rocco: Mommy? Are you mad? I thought you said everything was gonna be okay. Oh, this is an exercise in futility. Test after test to reprove what's already been proven. Sasha's my daughter. Yeah, do you have results in that envelope that prove otherwise? The test shows that sasha really is your daughter. I am sorry, franco. I understand you feel betrayed. Yeah, I feel betrayed because you betrayed me. You totally screwed me over. Okay, come on. Let's just go home. No, no, I got something to say to kevin. And I don't want there to be steel bars between us when I say it, and, depending how this goes down today, I may not have that option later on. I trusted you. I'm not gonna go so far as to say that we were friends, 'cause I'm not stupid, but at the very least, I thought you were a concerned party. Insisting that I come talk to you, offering me all of those free therapy sessions -- I thought you were looking out for me, but treating me was just a way for you to help your crazy brother. You didn't care about me at all. I-I -- I do care, and I did want to help you, and I was always up front about my research into the criminal mind -- no, one criminal mind in particular! You neglected to mention that -- your brother that you kept in secret. The serial killer who framed me for his crimes? That bastard killed kiki. He murdered her. He was proud of that. He enjoyed that. That's the bastard you were trying to "save." I can only imagine what -- don't do that. No, stop. Don't try and help me. Save your breath. What, are you gonna get me back on your couch again? I am done with you, and I'm done with therapy, and even if I weren't done with therapy, I'd still be done with you. You should do the world a favor. You should never try and help anybody again.

[ Franco exhales sharply ] I'm just sorry all of this happened. Don't be. I'm alone in this. No one to blame but myself. Hey. You're not alone. Obviously, the original divorce is null and void, due to the fact that ryan forged kevin's signature and coerced your own. But new york state now is a no-fault divorce state, which means that you leave the marriage with whatever you came into it with, and as long as kevin doesn't -- are you okay? Yes, thank you. Thank you.

[ Clears throat ] Are you having second thoughts?

[ Chuckles ] Second... third, fourth... I don't know if I'm ever gonna be able to trust my husband again. You know, he withheld something from me for months, and it had devastating consequences. People died, and... I-I just -- I don't know how I can reconcile that with... with what?

[ Voice breaking ] With the fact that I still love him.

[ Inhales sharply ]

[ Scoffs lightly ] What are you doing here, lucy? You're my best friend. Where else would I be? No one else came. -Mac. Felicia. -[ Sighs ] Laura. I'm surprised you don't hate me, too, for hiding ryan and treating him in secret.

[ Breathes deeply ] Okay, not your finest moment -- I will admit that. But, um, you know, I never thought friendship was about just being fair-weathered, and if that was the case, i certainly would not have any friends at all. You know, doc, maybe this is just easier for me, 'cause I wasn't so involved in the ryan situation as a lot of the people in your life. But I do know from experience, sometimes we make the worst decisions based on the best intentions. Hey, maybe that should be the title of my memoir, huh?

[ Chuckles ] Look, I am not turning my back on you, not now and not ever. Thank you for being here.

[ Chuckles ] Well, you know what? You didn't make it very easy for me to find you. I couldn't figure out what time your arraignment was because I called diane, and I called alexis, and I called scott -- and none of them are representing you -- scott? Really? Okay, I was desperate.

[ Both chuckle ] Turns out finding a lawyer was a little tougher than I anticipated. No one in town will touch my case, so I had to bring in counsel from out of state. Okay, all right, well, then, this counsel better be very, very good. From what I hear, one of the best. And here she is now. Thank you for coming all this way. Oh, absolutely my pleasure, dr. Collins. I'm nora buchanan.

um, come here, sweetheart. You said everything was gonna be okay because dad's home. But now he's gone again. I'm so sorry, sweetheart, but everything

will be okay. I promise. You have every right to feel scared or hurt or anything else you're feeling. I want dad to come back. Sonny: Hey, rocco. I'm really sorry your dad's not here, but you know what? How about, um, you show me your skills with that, uh, game system that I bought you for christmas? Would you like to do that? Okay, grandpa.

[ Chuckles ] Hey, come here. So, what do you need?

[ Exhales deeply ] It's fine, carly. No, it's not fine. Are you kidding me?

[ Sighs ] Dante just left. Yeah. Yeah, um, about a half-hour ago. Right. I know you're trying to hold it together for rocco -- look, I am not gonna fall apart. I didn't when dante left the first time, and I won't this time. The only, um, silver lining is that my mom and i can be there for each other. My husband is gone for god knows how long, and, uh... mom can barely recognize hers. Yo u know, kevin has alwayshad such good judgment, and just the fact that he was treating his brother in secret for so long shows that he knew he was doing something wrong. I want to know what permitted him to do that. I want to understand that. I am really not in any position to judge you for wanting to stay with kevin or not wanting to stay with kevin. I mean, my marriage to julian and the blowup was certainly well-documented. Mm, I guess there are some parallels, aren't there? Mm-hmm. Yeah. Yeah, I mean, he withheld information about his sister being alive from me, and that ended up hurting a lot of people. Including you. Including me. And you were never able to forgive him, were you? No, I wasn'T. Pardon the cuffs.

[ Chuckles ] I'm used to it.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I-I hope the train ride up wasn't too grueling. Okay, you know what? If you're gonna be my client, your consideration for my well-being will have to take a back seat, 'cause I'm here to service your interests -- understood? Understood. Understood, good. Ah, officer russo, I'd like to speak to my client for a moment before his hearing, so -- in private -- if we could... thank you. So, my, uh -- my colleague, dr. Saybrooke, speaks very highly of you. Oh, marty. She's a dear friend, and if she vouches for you, that's all I need. I got it. Aha! I-I knew I knew your face. You're that woman on television that defended that whack job olivia jerome.

[ Chuckles ] Lucy... no, it's all right, dr. Collins. It's all right. Yes, I did defend ms. Jerome a-about two years ago, but everyone deserves a defense. Well, I certainly hope you were very, very well-paid. Is anybody surprised by these test results? You do know that I had two separate dna tests run by curtis at two independent laboratories -- concurrently, anonymously? You think that I wouldn't make sure the results were irrefutable before I brought them to nina? Maxie... valentin would never, ever say that he found my daughter if he hadn'T. What were you thinking? I owe you an apology, and I owe you one, too. I'm sorry. Oh, you don't need to apologize. I know that you and nina are close. You were just looking out for her. Why would you question that sasha was my daughter? We had reasons to be suspici ousabout the original tests. Because? Because I found out that dr. Obrecht was holding something over valentin.

Valentin...? Okay, what peter is about to reveal is that I intervened with him on liesl's behalf. That is true. I did that. I didn't want him to press charges because liesl is baby james' grandmother -- and your aunt -- and I'm trying to keep the family intact. So you didn't drop the charges on my auntie liesl for maxie? You did it for valentin? I absolutely did it for maxie. But valentin also raised the possibility. Look, we just thought that -- well, you just thought what? That valentin would make up a fake daughter for me?

[ Sighs ] Nina, we didn't want to see you get hurt. I am hurt. Actually, I am by you. This doesn't need to be a big deal. The test didn't tell us anything that we didn't already know. Oh, no, it did. It did. It told me that maxie is willing to go behind my back -- and order a dna test that I didn't ask about and I didn't want. Why, maxie? I can't make my own judgment? What, I can't be happy and have a daughter? I can't?

You have to be the one to decide whether I'm happy and my daughter's real? Nina, I'm so, so sorry, okay? I want to make this up to you. Just tell me what you need. I-I need space right now. I just need space.

[ Whispering ] You want to tell me what that was all about? Uh, sorry. I did not mean to be judgmental. I-I do agree that everyone deserves a very vigorous defense, especially kevin. Okay, uh, ms...? Oh, uh, coe -- lucy coe. Oh. Ms. Coe actually has a very valid point. Everyone deserves a defense. And everyone is presumed innocent. Well, that may be true as a legal principle, but in my case -- no, no, you were trying to do good, and it backfired. So, I mean, sure, the rest of port charles might be furious with you. But, see, I have the benefit of not having been present during your brother's reign of terror. So I can clearly see the lack of criminal intent on your part. Ah, and th ere is our illustriousdistrict attorney now. That's, uh, margaux dawson? Uh, yeah. Tiny little thing. Hi. Margaux dawson. Ah, nora buchanan. Yes, I read that you were on the docket representing dr. Collins. Should've realized that this case was high profile enough to draw such a powerhouse attorney from... well... ...where in pennsylvania was it again? Oh, it's llanview. It's, uh, very near philadelphia. Yes, well, I've always been more of a pine valley person myself. Best of luck. Uh, ms. Dawson...

[ Stammers ] She -- she seems confident. Oh, ignore her. Ignore her. She thought this was gonna be open-and-shut, and she's now relying on intimidation, so... anyway, listen. I have been reviewing your case, and there's some strategies that we -- actually, I-I-I think there may have been a misunderstanding. There has? Yes. Okay. You see, I retained you in the hope of negotiating a -- a more lenient sentence. I'm pleading guilty.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Lasers firing, explosion

from video game ]

[ Groans ] You want to go again? 'Cause you're -- you're way too good at this game. Am I not a

challenge now?Is that what's going on? You don't like the game? The game's fine. You miss your dad. So do I. I wish I had the chance to say goodbye to him, like you did. Maybe then he would've stayed. No, I don't think he would've. You know why? Because your dad left because it was the best thing for you, the way to keep you safe. 'Cause he -- he had to go and get help so he can be a better father to you and charlotte and a better husband to your mom. Do you understand what I'm saying? I just wish he was better now.

[ Exhales deeply ] You know what? Um, you know what your dad would've wanted? He would've wanted somebody to take care of your mom. Do you think you can handle taking care of your mom while your dad's gone? Yeah? All right, I'll back you up. Well, you know, it's got to be so difficult for laura -- you know, having to wade through everything that ryan did and kevin's part in it. Yeah, but you know what? I spent the last year researching ryan chamberlain. He was a master manipulator. I have no doubt that he manipulated kevin just the same way he worked you and me and my mom. We can point fingers at a lot of people for ryan's crimes, but at the end of the day, there is only one guilty party -- ryan chamberlain himself. No. Doc... absolutely not, in no way, shape or form are you gonna plead guilty. Listen, I hid ryan from the -- -ms. Coe. Ms. Coe. Shh. Ms. Coe. -Don't let him plead guilty. Ladies, please. Stop it. I hid ryan from the authorities. I committed him to ferncliff under an alias in the hopes of rehabilitating him, and people died because of me. Nurse ingles, kiki jerome, that tv producer. Lulu nearly died because of ryan. Okay. I have to take responsibility for my actions. Okay, for your actions, yes. But not ryan'S. There are all sorts of loopholes that we can exploit in this case, and, actually, I'm fairly confident that we could even get the charges reduced, but if -- if you stand up and plead guilty, the fight's over. Y-you're at the mercy of the court. It won't bring back one single person that ryan killed.

[ Footsteps approaching ] All rise. This court is now in order.[ Door closes ] The honorable judge amber chua presiding. Be seated. Your honor, nora buchanan for the defense. Um, we'd like to request a brief continuance so that we can have a -- this is an arraignment, counselor. Not a trial. Be seated. Is the distric t attorney'soffice ready to proceed? Yes, your honor. Good, then let's not waste time. The state of new york vs. Dr. Kevin collins. Dr. Collins... are charged with obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting a known fugitive. Do you understand these charges? Yes, I do, your honor. How do you plead?

[Heartbeat] I think we should just go home. Nope, nope, if I don't throw some paint on a canvas, I'm gonna punch a wall. No, wait, wait, stop, stop, stop. I know you feel awful right now. Yeah, I do. I'm used to feeling awful. I don't like feeling like a fool, and kevin tricked me into telling him all of my deepest secrets 'cause I thought he was trying to help me out, but he was just using me as an unwitting accomplice to "rehabilitate" his demented brother. I know. I know, I know, I know, and you should feel betrayed, but don't regret all of the therapy you had with dr. Collins. Right, as opposed to the time that I spent spilling my guts to ryan. Okay, kevin did you some good. Wha-- h-- seriously? You're defending that bastard? Judge chua: Dr. Collins, your plea? Not guilty, your honor.

[ Lucy exhales deeply ]

[ Mouthing words ] Your honor, I would like to request that my client be released on bail. Judge chua: Does the state object? The state most certainly does. Dr. Collins is not a danger to anyone in this community. Dr. Collins was able to keep a fugitive hidden in a government-assisted facility. He has the means as well as the persuasive skills to flee the jurisdiction. Dr. Collins is an upstanding member of the community who frequently has cooperated with local law enforcement. Uh, hey, yoo-hoo, hi. Uh, c-could -- could I -- could I maybe say something? Um, uh, uh -- character witness, your honor. Uh, before the court makes the decision about bail? I'll allow it. Yes. Thank you. Um, come forward, please, ms...? Lucy: Thank you, your judgeship. Oh, I'm coe.

[ Stammers ] I'm -- I'm -- I'm lucy coe. Um, I am the, uh, former ceo of coecoe cosmetics and, um, I'm actually a real-estate, uh, entrepreneur extraordinaire, and I am the mistress of ceremonies at the general hospital's nurses' ball. I'm sure you've been. And I've -- oh! I-I've written a book. Uh, "the travel guide to port charles: Where to go" -- oh! -- "What to do." I can get you...

[ Coughs loudly ] ...A personally signed copy. You think you need some water? Right, um, okay. Uh, what I need to tell you, um, your lordship, is that...

[Sighs] ...Kevin collins, I know very well, for a very, very long time. In fact, I was married to him. Twice. And he is goodness and graciousness personified. If you fall down, he picks you up, better or worse. And he always lends a very supportive ear to anybody who needs it. A-a-and I guess more importantly in this context, he never runs away, ever. He's a fighter, and he's a champion of what is right. And I understand -- I really do -- that these are very, very serious charges, but that man is not going anywhere because he will stand and fight. I promise you. He is absolutely not a flight risk at all.

[ Gasps ] Oh, and if it would make you feel better, you know, kind of ease your worries, you can release him. I'm happy to take him into my own custody.

[ Exhales deeply ] You may sit down. Thank you, your honorship. Judge chua: The court orders dr. Collins to surrender his passport and agrees to release him on bail, set at $150,000.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Gavel bangs ] All rise.

[ Chuckles ] See you in court, counselor. Da dawson.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Chuckles ] It should go without saying that kevin and julian are not cut out of the same cloth.

[ Exhales sharply ] Kevin, really, is, by nature, a very kind and decent man. And julian... julian.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Telephone rings in distance ] I don't know what to do.

[ Exhales sharply ] I... well, here's the thing. There's no timetable to mending a broken heart, right? And there's certainly no timetable to signing these documents, so you take your time, and, you know, it'll all be fine if you sign them or you don'T. No worries. Thank you, alexis. All right, listen. You take care.

[ Cellphone chimes ] I will. Okay. A-alexis? Yeah? Actually, um, there's something else that I'd like you to help me with. That dna test should have exposed me as a fraud. Why did it confirm I'm nina's daughter? We got the results we wanted. Why would we question it? Excuse me.

[ Sighs ] Maxie, are -- are -- are you okay? That... nina was pretty tough on you. Yeah, I-I don't blame her. I mean, if the positions were reversed, I'd feel the same way. Still, it's important to know the truth, so I can't -- I can't say that I would've done anything different.

[ Breathes sharply ] Thank you for helping me.

[ Chuckles ] We made a good team, didn't we? I mean,wrong conclusions aside. Yeah, we did. So, I guess that'S... over now. We go back to our own lives... yep, yeah, you're right. Okay, well, I'll see you around. Uh, see you. Bye.

[ Footsteps approaching ] You said you wanted space. Does that mean you want space from me, too? Can I ask you something, please? Yeah, ask away. Peter said that aunt liesl... is blackmailing you. What do you think? You're treating her differently. You let her crash our engagement celebration. I thought you were making an effort. Is she holding something over you? Yeah.

 I am not defending kevin. It sounds like you're about to. It doesn't matter how terrible this all turned out. It doesn't negate the work you guys did together. Be mad at him, by all means. I know I am. But please, don't -- don't throw away the progress you guys made together. Well, we won the first battle. You're being released on bail. That could've gone either way.

[ Chuckles lightly ] Oh, I'm sure my absolutely wonderful testimony had a lot to do with it -- everything perhaps?

[ Chuckles ] You're a good friend, lucy. And it means the world to me that you're standing by me.

[ Softly ] Always. Um, say, if you will excuse me, I do have some arrangements to take care of. -Okay. -Okay. Thank you for taking my advice...

[ Exhales deeply ] ...And pleading "not guilty." Really, falling on your sword wouldn't have done anybody a lick of good. A lot of people suffered because of me, including my wife. A big part of me believes that, by pleading guilty, it would've brought them some closure. And yet you chose to fight. Probably because -- despite the martyr act -- you know you don't belong in prison.

[ Chuckles softly ] So, um... am I still on retainer? It looks like I'll need you.

[ Chuckling ] Okay, all right, I'll clear the calendar. Oh, and, uh, as far as bail is concerned, it's a little steep. Are you sure you can make the necessary arrangements?

[ Sighs ] Oh, officer, can you just hold off taking him back to his cell? We're settling bail now. Your bail is paid. What? -Hmm. -[ Chuckles ] No, very reliable, the picture of consistency. Promise. Mm-hmm, exactly.

[ Sighs ] You call me if you need any support while dante's gone, okay? Okay, you know my husband didn't leave on a business trip, so, uh...

[Whispering] I have no idea if... he'll ever come back -- okay, I-I understand that. I think he left to keep you and the kids safe. Now, I believe he'll be back, okay? He told me not to wait for him.

[ Sighs ] I-I mean, of course I told him that I would wait forever. But the fact that he said that... I am so sorry.

[ Exhales sharply ] -I'm sorry. -All right, he is so tired of beating me in the game that I think he's ready to go to sleep. Oh, yeah, yeah. We've had a long day, right? Thank you so much. Thank you. We can stay. We can, if -- if you want to

talk longer. No, you know, uh, I think that rocco has the right idea. I've had enough for today. -All right. -Mm-hmm. You know we're always here for you, right? I do. Hey, buddy.

[ Smooches ] Bye. Bye. I'll call you. Mm-hmm, thank you. -[ Clears throat ] -See you later.

[ Sighs ] Okay, well, mister.

[ Chuckling ] Past your bedtime. Mom, I know I'm not a baby anymore, but you'll tuck me in, right? Of course I will. I'll be right upstairs, okay?

[ Sniffles, exhales sharply ] You say my aunt liesl is blackmailing you? With what? What'd you do? I don't know how she got ahold of the information, but she did -- what information? Liesl knows... ...that you were the one who injected cassandra pierce with the deadly dose of opioids. What? How does she know that? I don't know. Maybe cassandra pierce told her. It doesn't really matter now -- it does matter! It does! I had her back when she kidnapped peter, she tied him up, and she set the stable on fire. I had her back the entire time, and she's using something that I did to blackmail you? How could she do this? I wish I had an answer for you. Well, I'm getting an answer. That's for sure. I'm getting answers right now. Nina, nina, wait, wait, wait. Don'T.

Listen, I think liesl may be bluffing. She hasn't asked for anything else since getting the job at the invader. So she's gotten what she wants. She wants to be in baby james' life. In her own weird way, she cares about you. She's gotten what she wants, and there's peace between us. I say we let sleeping dogs lie. Okay. I think you're right. There's no telling what my aunt liesl will do if she feels cornered, but I'm keeping my eye on her, okay? I'm sorry I kept this from you. Stop protecting me. As if that would ever happen. I don't like that you did this. But, honestly, it makes me love you even more. Vodka, rocks. Coming right up.

[ Whispering ] What the hell did valentin do? Peter: Sasha. Peter, hey. I just wanted to apologize. Maxie and I, we didn't mean to imply that you were some sort of con artist. It's okay. Um... I know that you were just trying to protect nina. I'm grateful for that. She really is an incredible woman. Uh, please put that on my tab. Sure thing, mr. August. No, no, no. -You don't have to do that. -It -- it's the least I can do. Thanks. I'll see you around. And, again... I am sorry.

[ Glass thumps softly ]

[ Sighs ] I'm gonna need another.

[ Lulu breathes sharply ]

[ Knock on door ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Scoffs ] Well, that settles it. I spend all this time wondering whether or not I'm spending too much time with peter, and -- oh, my god, what's going on?

[ Crying ] Hey...

[ Sobbing ] Okay, I didn't want to say anything in front of lulu, but jason and i saw dante here, at the metro court, earlier today. And?

[ Sighs ] One of my waitresses dropped a tray, and it made a really loud noise, and dante freaked out. I-I mean, I'm no expert, but the way he reacted, it was like ptsd, sonny.

[ Sighs ] Well, I'm not surprised because, um, I had a -- I had a sense he was struggling. And I wish he'd have come to me to ask for help, and I, you know -- maybe I could've done something. Yeah. But he is doing what he has to do to protect his family, and I-I can't say I would -- I would do anything differently. You know, in some ways, you and dante are nothing alike. And in others, you're the same. That's why I think he's gonna find his way back home. I do. Yeah. He's too much like his dad not to. Thank you. That is fantastic. It's a win-win. Mm-hmm. Okay, ta. Thanks.

[ Sighs ] It's set-- all settled. Thank you. Uh, for what? You don't even know what I did. You posted my bail. Now, I'm gonna make a few calls, I'm gonna pay you back first chance I have -- I-I -- I-I didn'T. What? Well, my -- my book is -- it's doing very well. I mean, it is, but I haven't made

that much money, so as much as I would love to be your angel donor, doc, I didn't post your bail. Well, if you didn't, who did? Thank you for helping me with that transaction. Of course, whatever you need. Yeah.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Telephone rings in distance ] Thank you for talking to me and helping me put my head back on straight. I'm sorry. No problem. Still want to punch a wall? Nah. Can we go home instead? Alexis: This will just take a moment. Franco, I was going to call you. That can't be good. Can this wait? Actually, it concerns you and laura, as well. What's going on? I'm gonna need everyone back here tomorrow morning. We're gonna be meeting on the 10th floor. Everyone? It's a long list. What is this about? It's gail baldwin's bequest to the hospital, and the final instructions will be announced then.

On the next "General Hospital" --


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