GH Transcript Wednesday 3/27/19

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 3/27/19


Episode #14248 ~ Margaux is giddy; Sonny is discouraged; Liz calls Willow; Chase gets bad news; Brad wants to be a better man.

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I got a surprise for you, dad. Oh, I don't, uh -- I don't like surprises much these days. Oh, you're gonna like this one.

[ Door opens ] Sonny: Look who's here. Huh. Mike. You look good. I've missed you. Um... y-you know who this is, dad, right? I have to have a word with you and jake about the, uh -- I'm not even sure what to call them. Where'd you even get those? The fanfare, what were they? Trumpets? Recorders. From school. Oh. We're glad you're home, too. We missed you. Well, I missed you, too. But, um... I would like to have a-a little family meeting, if you don't mind. About what? About you and I. Getting married in a jail cell -- not exactly the wedding you deserve. I'm very happy with however I became your wife. We're a family now, and that's all that matters, right? We'll talk. I'll research wedding cake recipes. All right!

[ Gasps ] Kiley: That's what I got bianca, so you have to get her something else for the party. Hey, aiden, isn't that kiley from your class? Is bianca having a party? I really hope I didn't miss the invitation. No, mom, don'T... kiley, hi. I'm aiden's mom. Is bianca having a party? It's her birthday party today. Medium latte with an extra shot? You remembered. I pay attention. Thank you. You're welcome. Look, I'm glad you took the night to think about leaving town. Did it help? Because you can trust me to keep shiloh away from you. I hope you can believe that. Just... just tell me you're staying. Hey. Shiloh: Hey. Hi. Hi. Did you have to get stitches? Oh, yeah, five. And they, uh -- they sealed it up with skin-glue, though, so no bandage. Oh, nice, good. Miracles of modern medicine. Yeah, I know, right? Yeah. Hey, look, sam. I'm, uh -- I'm sorry about all this. You know, I tried to keep it real low-key. I didn't want there to be any medical record of jason's assault, but, uh, I mean, when I woke up this morning and the wound was still seeping blood, I-I-I had to come in. No, of course. I mean, of course you had to come in. I'm glad you called me to meet you here.

[ Inhales deeply ] So, any sign of a concussion or anything? Actually, no. No, funny enough.

[ Chuckles ] Guess I have a hard head.

[ Chuckles ] Shiloh! Oh, my god. What did jason do to you? I have a dilemma, mr. Morgan. I'm hoping you can help me. I have nothing to say without my attorney. Understood. I went through your records last night, and one thing stood out -- you are the guy who never, ever loses control. You're always a suspect -- but you're rarely prosecuted and never convicted...

[ Sighs ] ...Because you're just that good. You don't make mistakes. You don't talk when you shouldn'T. You don't lose control. Until yesterday. When you lost your "cool" all over shiloh for no apparent reason. Or did he give you a reason? Do you know something about shiloh or dawn of day that you're not saying?

[ Door opens ] Jordan. A word?

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[ Laughs ] I used to be someone who was all there.

[ Both laugh ] What are you gonna do? Come here.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh, I got to take care of this. O-okay. All right. Wh-wh-where -- where in blazes have you been? I, uh -- I took a job. I was gone way too long. Yeah, I, uh... I'm -- I'm, uh -- I'm gone -- sometimes even when I'm here, I'm gone.

[ Laughs ] But you came back. You know, I mean, there may be some parts of me... maybe they're not coming back. Well, the best parts of you are still here, yeah? Hey, why don't we, uh, quit this maudlin talk and take ourselves somewhere? Track? Eh, maybe somewhere with better food. Hey, we're thinking about going out. What do you think? Uh, sounds like a plan. I-I-I just, uh -- I can't, 'cause I got some things I got to take care of. Everything okay? Jason got arrested, and diane's in trial and she can't get to him till, like, this afternoon. But you guys go and, uh, have a great time. All right, what do you say, you and me? Let's roll. Uh, uh, ready when you are. Okay. I'll see you. All right. Kristina, I'm fine. I-I just needed a few stitches. What are you doing here? Well, when i came downstairs, everyone said that you were attacked last night, and you were still bleeding this morning.

[ Exhales sharply ] And they were all worried and said that you had gone to the hospital, and then when I heard that it was jason who attacked you, I got scared. W-why wouldn't you warn him? Ll, jason's deadly. He's an enforcer -- a hit man. Timy dn my fats 's perfect. He never misses. And it's not just guns. He's strong. He's dangerous -- hey. S-shiloh, he could've killed you -- hey, hey, hey! That is enough! You don't know what jason does or doesn't do, and the stories you're repeating right now are highly inappropriate and exaggerated. Stop it. Okay, what if you're wrong? What if next time he kills shiloh? Jason went after shiloh because of me, because I left danny alone with shiloh. I'm not -- I'm not defending him. I'm not -- but, yeah, he lost his temper. He would never, ever have tried to kill you. I think that your sister is correct. Jason misinterpreted something that he saw, and he reacted with violence. Now, I don't condone it, but I-I can understand where he's coming from. Okay, well, I don'T. Not one bit. Kristina. Okay, whatever.

[ Sighs ] I'll let everyone know you're okay. And my dad's back in town, and I told him that I would go see him, so I've got to go. What are you -- what are you gonna do? Well, I don't know. That depends. Do you think jason tried to kill me?

You wouldn't believe what I've seen. The secrets that came out in his workshops... and sometimes he used... other tactics. Pressure from other dod members. We would all go into this room together, and they would keep us in there badgering us with "hard truths." Okay, that is a brainwashing tactic. It's not illegal, and no one would ever speak up about it even if it were. Yeah, but you can. No, I can'T. 'Cause if I cracked under the pressure, I might say something about the baby. And I can't even risk that possibility. Okay, that's fine, but there's other ways that we can -- we can -- no, please, please, don't argue. Please, okay? It hurts too much already. Okay. All right, I'm -- I'm sorry. But where will you go? I don't know yet. Just somewhere where I can be anonymous. Let me help you find a place to live. I can set you up, make sure you're safe. I really appreciate the offer, but I'll handle it. Can I at least visit you when you're settled? We'll see. I'll take that as a "maybe." Which almost always means "no"... I'm sorry. I-I-I can't even think straight right now. I'm gonna miss everything about this place. My students, you... more than you know. I just -- I just wish we could've had a chance. Me, too. Me, too. Hey, why didn't you tell me bianca was having a party today? I don't know. I forgot. Kid's got a lot going on. Probably just fell through the cracks, right? Yeah. Yeah, but you guys have been friends since preschool... weren't you invited? Nope. What happened? She said she wanted me to come, but I wasn't allowed. Why not? 'Cause her parents didn't want me there. Did we go to a party here? We did. Yeah, but -- but -- but the -- the place -- the place looked different, right? I mean -- I mean -- I mean, am I right? Like, more like, um... more like, uh, the club I used to work... luke'S. Luke'S. Luke's, right. Yeah, sonny, uh, had it resurrected to be luke's for one night. It was a good time -- I'm glad you remember it. Yeah. [ Chuckles ] Yeah, I-I, uh -- I re-- I remember other good times like the -- the night you spent in a jail cell with me.

[ Chuckles ] I'm surprised you remember that as being a good time. I, uh -- I always had a soft spot for you. Like, why -- why do you think that I took you on as a tenant at -- at kelly's, huh? You know?

[ Chuckles ] I knew from -- from the start you would be the right guy for lulu. Did she forgive you for -- for -- for being away for so long? Yeah, you know, I probably don't deserve it, but she did. I almost wish she hadn'T. How come? Kristina: How are you feeling? Good, good, you know, especially since, uh, I-I did what I set out to do. I, uh, brought your brother home. Is dante okay? He is now. How you doing? I'm great. You sure? What? Yeah. Wait. Mom got to you, didn't she?

[ Inhales deeply ] What did she do? Run over here with a bunch of hysterical accusations about shiloh? Is that why you asked me over here? Because you're siding with her? I wasn't gonna say this in front of kristina, but... ...if jason wanted to kill you, you would be dead. Well, then maybe I should press charges. For my own protection. I'm not trying to make excuses for him or anything, but I-it is exactly what you said to kristina. He totally overreacted.

[ Exhales deeply ] You have to understand. He's a pretty overprotective father to both danny and jake. You -- and I would just hate for the boys to lose any sort of time with their father. What, do you think that -- that guy's a decent role model? Really? Someone who usesviolence instead of their words? I don't know. I mean, I-I guess -- I guess that's where it comes to you. I mean, the dawn of day, it teaches us all about forgiveness, right? I mean, I've read it in your book. "Forgiveness leads to a lighter heart..." I'm just hoping you believe that for danny's sake.

[ Door closes ] What do you know about shiloh? I have nothing to say without my attorney. You set him up, didn't you? You waited for him to make the first move, shiloh touched you, first -- and then you laid him out. Now, I helped you out by getting him to admit it. I got the waitress to corroborate that shiloh was talking at you for at least 10 minutes. Now, your lawyer can subpoena my notes, she can take the waitress' statement -- and allege that you were provoked. If the D.A. Tries to file charges, they won't make it past the first arraignment, because everything that you did was deliberate. You could've killed shiloh, and you wanted him to know it. Why? Is he threatening someone close to you? Because he is threatening someone close to me.

My mind might -- might be full of holes, but I can still tell when something's wrong. Yeah, you always could. Hey, kid, if you need help, what -- what can I do? Can I tell you something in confidence? You know that expression "in one ear, out the other"? Chances are, I-I won't remember what you tell me

[Chuckling] Long enough to tell anyone else. Well, I guess there's an upside to everything. What's on your mind, dante? Talk. I didn't leave... my family 'cause I wanted to. I didn't want to leave lulu. I left because I-I had to. Or at least I thought I did, to keep them safe. That's why I went to turkey. It was a mission, and it turned into an obsession. I mean, I don't think anybody has a problem with that, and -- and you -- if I heard right, you caught the guy, so you succeeded. But at what cost? So much happened while I was away. To the people I love and to me, and none of it was good. You seem like the same man to me. On the outside... maybe, but not on the inside. It scares me. I'm afraid of what was done to me... and what I might do because of it. Well, I appreciate your honesty. Your hatefulness and closed-mindedness? Not so much.

[ Chair slides, cellphone slams ] Okay, very expensive, not insured.

[ Sighs deeply ] Can you tell me what bianca's mother said? Okay, she said, uh, that she is trying to maintain a "wholesome environment" for her daughter. "Wholesome"? She used that word? Yeah, right? What does that even mean? Oh, come on, elizabeth. I think we both know what that means. Thank you so much for meeting me. You said it was important. What's going on? I wanted to see you and wiley because... I'm leaving port charles. And I wanted to see my son one last time. You need to relax, 'cause I didn't call you over here "to side with your mother." I miss you. And I just want to lay eyes on my girl. Thanks. I'm sorry. I -- everyone's just been so judgmental. Well... I really do appreciate how supportive you've been. You and sam. In fact... you and carly should take some of the seminars. I know you've already read shiloh's book, but I brought a copy for carly, and this pamphlet has a bunch of the upcoming courses... I think you and carly would really benefit from them.

[ Sighs deeply ] All right, I'll mention it to her. I-I hope you do. Okay, I just -- I gotta get something out in the open. Your mother came by here yesterday. She's concerned. So am I. You've had a tough couple of years. And we-we're hoping that y-y-you're not being pressured into doing something that you don't want to do. You think I'm that gullible? No, 'cause I have faith in you, and I want you to be happy. But I need you to tell me... why you're choosing dawn of day over your own family. Dawn of day is a cult. Shiloh will take anyone who will follow him -- but his special focus is on young women. Now, are you trying to get him to back off of someone? Your ex-wife? Someone else?

[ Handcuffs clang ] Okay, if you can find any evidence, any proof of fraud, blackmail, coercion, anything that can legally be used against the bastard -- bring it to me. Help me send shiloh to prison, instead of going there yourself for his murder.

[ Door opens ] Detective, we need the room, and you need to review your notes on shiloh's assault -- I want to go over them with you. Yes, ma'am. Well, I don't think we're gonna have to look too hard...

[ Door closes ] ...To uncover your motive. Jealousy over the attention that shiloh's been paying your ex-wife. Or the attention she's been paying to him. Maybe it's made you a little sloppier than usual... maybe that attack on shiloh could be the straw that breaks your back. Chase: If you're here to see the commissioner, she's busy at the moment. Oh, that's okay. I can wait. Oh, you know, I'm so sorry. I, uh -- I forgot to ask you with everything that was going on last night, it totally slipped my mind. How was your -- your meeting with ms. Tait? I can assure you that your child is in the very best of hands. Don't worry about it. I didn't expect you to follow up with me. But since you're issuing assurances, uh, what exactly were you doing in her classroom yesterday? I was just reconnecting with an old friend. Well, actually, I, uh -- I was there to ask her if she would return to dawn of day. Return as what? A volunteer? A member? She didn't seem too receptive. Well, willow was a very valuable member of our family. She's been greatly missed. I don't plan on giving up on her that easy. Would you mind letting commissioner ashford know that we're here? I'm on it. Are you sure you have nothing you want to say, mr. Morgan? Is my attorney here? Ms. Miller's in the middle of a trial. Her office said we could expect her sometime this afternoon. Excuse me, commissioner. Shiloh and sam mccall are here. Great. Let's do this in the squad room. Detective, will you bring mr. Morgan?

[ Keys jingle ]

[ Handcuffs rattling ] Well, your timing is good. How can we help you this morning? Well, you can help me with accountability. I've come to address what happened yesterday.

You remember when you took avery because you thought she was courtney? And you were gone all night, and we found you in the stables? Now that you mention it...

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, yeah, I-I wanted to show her the horses, and, uh... got sonny in a whole lot of trouble because of it. You know, I did-- I didn't -- I didn't want to, but I -- I screwed everything up. You didn't mean to, but you couldn't help it. 'Cause your mind played a trick on you. That's what's happening with me. Right now, because of what I've been through... my mind, it's all messed up. I don't know what I might do, and I don't even know if I'll remember doing it.

[ Inhales deeply ] I get where you're coming from. And I'm sorry to hear it. It's a hell of a thing. Following shiloh's path is making me a better person. I've been enlightened. I can see all the possibilities in my life. Like what? What do you mean? Other than dawn of day, w-w-where do you see yourself in the world? Dawn of day

is my world. That's a pretty narrow world, don't you think? Don't you see yourself becoming something other than a follower? You should know that we are considering raising the assault charges against mr. Morgan to something more serious. Oh? The commissioner has received information that a possible threat has been made against your life. Huh. Well, I believe that everybody is capable of redemption. That's why I don't condemn the violent. I heal them. And if someone's willing to do the hard work, including the honest introspection, then I believe the most volatile and violent can come to a place of compassion and understanding. Hm.

[ Clears throat ] That's a very lofty belief. Yes. Yeah, it -- it really is. But I need to practice what I preach, so... I would like the charges against jason morgan to be dropped. Something's come up, and... I have to leave town right away -- which I'm sure makes you very happy. Um, I have to admit, I'm relieved. I mean, every time I see you, I panic and pop antacids like candy. And I hate keeping secrets from lucas, always imagining the worst. Well, now that I'm out of the picture, you can relax. Hey, at least you have a conscience, and you're not some deceitful, duplicitous person. I chose you and lucas because I want my baby to be safe and loved. At least he doesn't look like his father. Wh-why are you bringing up the father? I thought he was out of the picture. Wait, you're -- you're not going off to be with him, right? No. D-does he know about wiley? No! Absolutely not! Nor will he ever! This is about me. This is the last time I will ever see my son, or at least the last time until he's an adult -- should he choose to come looking for me. Would you want that? Yes. I hope he wants to find me someday. But, you know, that's a long time from now -- even if it happens. This is all I'm gonna get. Please, brad. Please... can I hold him? How can i say no to that?

[ Exhales sharply ] Oh... oh. Baby. Listen to me. I'm doing this for you. Because I love you so much... I-it's getting chilly. I'm gonna grab his blanket.

Live from the starlite lounge.

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a sock-a-bam-boom

who's in the room?

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yes, ma'am excuse me, miss.

Does this heart belong to you?

Would you like it anyway?

[ Scatting ]

You have every right to be angry at me. If I hadn't pretended to be a serial killer, I wouldn't have unearthed my past and splashed it all over the headlines. This is about aiden. He's the one bianca's mother has decided isn't "wholesome" enough. Right? And why? Because he doesn't fit into her super narrow-minded, teeny-weeny stereotypes about gender? Because he likes baking more than baseball? You know what? I'd be happy to call her right now and tell her where to go. Aiden has us. Aiden has his brothers. He doesn't need people like bianca or anybody else in this world who won't accept him for the sensitive, lovely, superb human being that he is. Yeah, I'm with you on that. Maybe there's something else we can do.

[ Grunts ] Uh, that -- that pamphlet you're holding -- uh, is... are you associated with dawn of day? Oh, yeah, uh, I met this guy, shiloh, who suggested I take a course about, uh, peaceful parenting. Did you sign up? Uh, I plan to. My sister-in-law knows the guy, so it must be okay, right?

[ Chuckles ] Anyway, I'm hoping this will calm me down a bit and, um, you know, I want to be the best possible parent for wiley. Y-you probably won't need it. I'll be gone, so you can relax.

[ Wiley fusses ] Yeah, if only. Shh, it's okay. You know, I saw this other seminar, too, about how destructive secrets are and how to free yourself from them. So, I might, um -- you know, I should probably get him back. Um, you done saying goodbye? Holding him longer isn't gonna make things any easier. I know you're getting something good...

[ Sighs ] ...From dawn of day. But you're excluding your family in the process, and all this talk of enlightenment, I'm losing -- I'm losing sight of my own daughter. Okay, I'm still the same kristina, only better. I'm evolving. I like that, you're evolving. But to make this organization your whole world is not healthy. I don't judge your life choices. All I ask is for you to do the same for me. Okay, well, I'm your father, okay? And if I see you going down a dangerous road, I'm gonna say something -- you calling dawn of day dangerous? How ironic. This shiloh and his crew... are trying to wipe out your identity. They're trying to make you believe that your family is worthless and they're what you need. Hell no! I love you too much to allow that to happen. You don't feel that your life, at any point, was in danger? No. You don't think that jason morgan could be a threat? No. Well [Sighs] Given the two eyewitness statements, I don't think that we can simply dismiss mr. Morgan's unprovoked attack. Well, that's -- that's where the accountability comes in. Mine. You see, earlier on in the afternoon, mr. Morgan witnessed me sitting with his son, and I believe that that is what ultimately triggered the attack. And any attempt at me offering jason to take some of my classes I think just exacerbated the situation, and, uh -- and he snapped. I get it. Look, jason morgan may not have forgiven me, but I forgive him. I understand his pain, and I hope he'll use this opportunity as a springboard for -- to re-evaluate his situation. Either way, I believe it's time for the healing to begin, so, commissioner, D.A. Dawson... ...let him go. Well, if shiloh chooses to forgive, then I am in no position to argue, so I will be dropping the charges, and mr. Morgan is free to go. Jordan: Shiloh, I need you to fill out some paperwork. Of course. Detective, we've taken up enough of your time. Turn mr. Morgan over to a uniform to process his release, then get back to work. Chase: Yes, ma'am. Remember what I said -- any evidence against shiloh, and you bring it to me.

 Ow. All right, come on. That's enough time. Okay, come -- give me my son. I will always love you.

[ Wiley fusses ] Take care.

[ Exhales shakily ]

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Exhales sharply ] Hello? Ms. Tait, hi. This is elizabeth webber. I'm sorry if this is a bad time, but, um, can you meet with me? Something just happened with aiden, and I'd really like to know more about what's going on inside of the classroom. I'd be very grateful. Yes, yes, of course. Um, when's a good time? Well, I'm at kelly's now if you're available. Yeah, sure, okay. Um, I'll be there as soon as I can. Thank you so much. Yeah. Yeah, of course.

[ Thud ] Willow? Hey. I saw you throwing something away. Couldn't help but notice you tore it up first. That's very observant, detective. Please tell me that was your letter of resignation. I never turned it in. I'm staying. Yeah? Yeah. Oh, my god. Thanks for letting me vent about turkey. Yeah, yeah. You know, um... turning woods is serving turkey clubs for lunch now, and yvonne has been gone for a while, and she's back now. Have you met my girlfriend, yvonne? Uh, no. Oh. I think that's another thing I-I must've missed. Well, you gotta meet her. Come on. We can go there right now. Let's go. Okay. Okay. You know how to get there? Yeah, I know how to take you home. How about yourself? You know how to get yourself home? That I'm not too sure about. What is wrong with all of you? I am an adult. I think for myself. I make my own choices. You don't get to control my life! It was you, wasn't it? You were the one that sent jason after shiloh last night, didn't you? If you think I'm gonna sit back and let shiloh -- or anybody else -- take away my daughter... you have forgotten who I am.

[ Door slams ] Thank you. I appreciate what you're doing. I mean, for danny's sake at least. Well, sam, your words mean a lot to me. I can't be a mindful teacher to you unless I practice what I preach. I hope jason makes the most of the opportunity that I've afforded him. But I will tell you this -- if he comes after me again, then I'm gonna have to assume that he's beyond redemption. Shiloh is an extraordinary man. You owe your freedom to his generosity and his tolerance. And don't count on this happening again. If he is harmed in any way and if you go near him, I will make sure that this is the case that finally takes you down. Excuse me. Can I get my gun? Yeah, I got it right here.

[ Box thuds ] You got your license to carry? Sign there.

[ Door opens ]

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