GH Transcript Monday 3/25/19

General Hospital Transcript Monday 3/25/19


Episode #14246 ~ Shiloh pushes his limits; Willow confesses; Alexis places a call to Jordan; Michael shares his concerns about Kristina; Sam rushes to Kelly's.

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so, maybe you and i can be friends, too. What do you say? Hmm? So, hey, what -- what grade you in?

[ Gasps ] Daddy! Hey, buddy. Oh. Jason. H-how's it, uh... hi. Hey, brad. This is mom's new friend, shiloh. Yeah, we've met.

Will you follow me?

I can't follow anybody but myself can we talk? I don't know. Can we?

And keep you here you don't understand. How's this? You got caught up in shiloh's group somehow. You got out, and then you changed your name. I can't talk about this. Tell me why he scares you so much -- please don't do this, chase! Just say it. He is the father of your child...isn't he?

[ Sniffles ] Yes.

[ Voice breaking ] Shiloh is my baby's father. Does he know? No! And he can never know. My child's life depends on it. Yeah, I-I'm confirming an appointment I have for my father. Name is mike corbin. Yeah, thank you. We'll be there. Hey. Welcome home. Watch my arm. Oh.

[ Sighs ] How you doing? How am i doing? You're the one who just got back from a rescue mission in turkey. Ah... how are you doing? Just a -- just a little banged up, but, uh, lucas fixed it and everything's good. Good news is that, uh... your brother's home where he belongs. So, dante, he's -- he's okay? Yeah. Yeah, yeah, he's safe. I will complete the mission. I will complete the mission. I will complete the mission. I will complete the mission.

Gentlemen, thank you so much for keeping an eye on danny while I was in the bathroom. Sure. Wiley spit up on me. It was gross! Yeah, it sure was. Yeah? Thanks again. Was it worse than, uh, scout? Way worse!

[ Chuckles ] Thanks again, brad. I appreciate it. Yeah, no problem. It was a pleasure. Actually, I really didn't do anything. It was all shiloh. Oh, no, it's no worries. Danny's good company. More than happy to look after him any time. Hey, so, what are you doing? Are you here to eat? No, we just came to get cookies. Mommy's taking me to grandma's house. Can you come, too? I'm teaching annabelle a new trick.

[ Sighs ] You are? Man, I would love to come with you, but I-I can't today. Can we set up for later this week? Annabelle, too? Annabelle, too. Give me a hug. Love you. Mm, love you, daddy. Tell monica I said "hi." Okay, if you believe that shiloh can hurt your child, there are steps that we can take. Shiloh doesn't work that way. Okay, then how does he work? The more you tell me, the more I can do to protect you and the baby. Shiloh has this ability to get inside your head. It's like the more he talks to you, the more he charms you. Wait, no. That's a silly word, I guess -- no, charm is a narcissist's greatest weapon. They believe in their own greatness so much that they think they can convince people of it as well. Exactly. You know, he -- he talks and he talks, and he's so easy to listen to, tells you everything you need to hear. And before you even realize it, you've unburdened yourself of all your secrets. All the things you think you know about yourself? Now he knows them, too. Because you've given him the information freely. Most of the time. And the other times? Oh, he never forces it out of you. He talks in circles, tells you about the darkest parts of yourself and how only he can help you. Before long, you realize it's easier to just give in to him than find your way out of his lies. What? Sorry, it's just... from the night we met, when you stood up to me after I tried giving you a ticket, you've always been so strong, so independent. Yeah, I guess that's what striking out on your own and... and giving up a child will do for you. Makes you grow a backbone really fast. Willow's not my given name, you know. When I was a kid, I... I had this doll named willow, and I used to pretend that willow and i lived on a farm. It was so beautiful and peaceful. And when I left dawn of day and had to change my name, I picked one that made me feel happy and safe. I forgot. I-I told shiloh about my make-believe world. I -- god, what is wrong with me?! I even told him that! I gave him the best part of my childhood! No, no, no, no, no. Do not do that. Do not give him that power. Your name is willow. You -- you chose that. You did. You're right. You're right.

[ Sighs deeply ] I am willow tait. I am in charge of my own life. I am no longer the woman trained to do anything and everything shiloh asked of me. I got help from [Sighs] A local kid, a pickpocket who knew his way around. He got me as far as, uh, this guy raj's compound, and that's where I found your brother. And you -- you broke him out of there just like that? Not -- well, not just like that. Dante managed to somehow convince this raj guy that he was loyal, and he had to shoot me to prove it. Wait. Dante shot you? It was just... just a flesh wound. He had to make it look real, and you know your brother's got good aim, and he -- he broke us out of there.

[ Sighs ] I guess all that, uh, training and time working undercover helped him stay alive. Yeah. But there was something else. He wanted desperately to take this raj guy down... and he found a way to do it. I will complete the mission. I will complete the mission. I will complete the mission. I will complete the mission.

[ Gun cocks ] I will complete the mission. Dante, what do you think -- what are you doing?

[ Silenced gunshot ]

[ Body thuds ] I will complete the mission.

[ Gasps ] No, ple-- no, please, no. Rocco: Dad?

Hey, rocco. I'm sorry, buddy. Did I -- did I scare you? Are you sick, dad? Mom, there's something wrong with dad!

[ Footsteps approaching ] Hey. Is everything okay in here? I, uh... I, uh, must have had a dream. But you said "no." Yeah, well, that was scary, right, buddy? I-I'm sorry. Come here. H-hey, buddy. It's okay. Dad just had a bad dream. You have those sometimes, too, right? Dad? Yeah. Come here. Give your old man a hug.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs deeply ]

[ Sighing ] I'm so happy to be home with you. Mom is so relieved to have you home. Did she tell you what happened in niagara falls? Yeah, yeah, I got the story. I know, it was crazy, but, hey, mom and the baby are safe. That's all that matters, right? She... she told you? Yeah. Yeah, me and grandpa. I'm sure grandpa won't remember, but, uh... dad, I'm -- I'm -- I'm so happy for you. I am. I'm so happy for us, you know, a new, uh -- a new baby brother or sister. Sometimes I-I-I wonder how I got so lucky to have all you in my life. Yeah, we're not a bad bunch. But you know we're gonna be asking for your help. Oh, yeah, yeah, no problem. If there's one thing I know for sure, there will be no shortage of people stepping up to welcome the newest corinthos. Of course we can talk. We're family. That's what families do, and -- and families also have their ups and downs, but at the end of the day, it's family that you can count on, right? I agree. Good. I'm glad we're on the same page. In fact, I've been giving a lot of thought about what it means to be part of a family. Not just the love it takes, but the trust. Trust is very important, yes. And trust goes hand-in-hand with faith. Families need to have faith in each other. Absolutely, I agree. Which is why I've realized that the only family I can count on these days is my family at dawn of day.

[ Sighs ] Part of what keeps a cult intact is the silence the group agrees to. Shiloh describes himself as a "teacher" -- he has this whole story about being a "vessel" for other people to find themselves. Okay, no disrespect, but isn't that a bit much? Not if you're a lost soul praying for someone to guide you. People who end up in cults aren't banged over the head and dragged there. They're usually just searching for answers. Were you? Looking for answers? I had A... rootless childhood. We moved around a lot. Shiloh and dawn of day offered stability and a purpose. That's what a cult provides. Of course, you don't know that's what it is when you first start. It just looks like people helping people. Hmm, when you put it that way, it sounds kind of nice. And that's shiloh's first step -- he needs to make you feel safe. That's dawn of day's mission, to provide safe haven for anyone in need. So it's like a "come one, come all." Exactly. Shiloh is charming, welcoming, and always so, so helpful. Yeah, he was all too ready to help me cope with raising my imaginary child on my own. Which is why, in the beginning, people feel so lucky to have found their way to him. You know, I couldn't miss how jason just ignored me. Oh, he -- he does that. Really? He's done that to you? He just pretends like you're not even there? You know, he just left. Do we -- we really want to talk about him? Well, I'm just wondering if... he's gonna interfere with the work in our courses. No, he won'T. How do you know that? Because I'm not gonna let him. Listen, you got to understand that this is something that's really important to me and I want to take this course with you and I'm not gonna let anyone get in the way of that. Hey, there, wiley.

[ Laughs ] He's back! You need to give your dad a break. And he's bad! And he's all cleaned up! Sure is. Mm. You know, I'm so glad that, uh, you're spending so much time on these courses. Yeah, me, too. Oh. [ Chuckles ] What's this -- what's this about courses? A-are you going back to school? No, actually, um, it's a course I'm taking with shiloh. It's more of a self-exploration sort of thing. Really? I never would've pegged you as someone who'd be up for that.

[ Chuckles ] I know, me, neither, but people change. Yes, we do. Yes, we do. Danny? You ready to go? I got the cookies. Can we go? Yeah, let's go. Sounds good. Hey, wiley! I'm gonna miss you.

[ Chuckles ] Be good to your parents. Hey, tell lucas that I said "hi" and that I love him. I-I will. Okay. All right, see you later. See you. So, uh, sam and wiley are your family, huh? Uh, yeah. Sam's my, uh -- I'm sam's brother-in-law, and [Laughs] Wiley here is sam's nephew and godson. Really? Wow, that's fantastic. You know, brad, the, uh -- the work that we do at dawn of day is intended for the whole family.

So, these classes of yours must be something else if you were able to rope sam into taking one. Oh, well, I wouldn't say that we "rope" anyone in.

[ Laughs ] Sorry. I-I didn't mean that you -- no, no, that's -- no, that's fine. It's okay. Yeah, I-it's just that sam's never struck me as the soul-searching type. Yeah, well, you know what? Actually, she's shown a real affinity for what it is that we're doing over at dod. Yeah, she's really taking to it. As a matter of fact, so much so that, uh, I've decided to mentor her myself. May I? Um...yeah.

[ Exhales ] Fantastic.

[ Snorts ] Come here, buddy. Hi. Wow. You know, this kid looks like a born leader. Well, that's because all babies look like winston churchill.

[ Chuckles ]Although I think he's starting to grow out of it, eh? Oh, no, wiley -- he's his own man. I can tell. Look at you. You know, brad, you should, uh -- you should stop by the house. We're offering this new course on "peaceful parenting." It's for first-timers like yourself. I think it might help ease those jitters. Ah, well, between work and this little guy, it's really impossible to... oh, no, no, no. Please, please bring him. As a matter of fact, we encourage it. And, uh, you know, when the children aren't part of the seminars, there's more than enough people to watch them. Seems like you've... thought of everything. Yeah, well, brad, we're all-inclusive at dod. And we're especially welcoming to young children. Yeah, we are. Shiloh is very good at making people feel as though he sees you in a way no one else ever has. That's unsettling, but how is it dangerous? I'm not -- I'm not doubting that it is, but I need specifics. Shiloh makes a big deal about "inviting" you to commit to dod with the same intensity they've committed to you. You have to prove your trust. How? You agree that family control is more important than self-choice. You do whatever is asked of you, without question. Oh. Um, okay, so... willow, when you and shiloh had sex, did you ha-- I'm -- I'm sorry to be frank about this, but I have to ask. Did you have sexual relations with shiloh against your wishes? Because if he coerced you in any way, we can press charges.

[ Voice breaking ] No, it wasn't like that. I was convinced that to be called on by shiloh was an honor. An honor! Can you believe that? God, I was so s-stupid, so blind. Yeah, but you changed your mind. Something made you see what was really going on, and you left dod, left shiloh. Why was that? It was the children. I couldn't teach them to follow him. Feeling better? Uh, a little bit. Where's, uh...rocco? I, uh, think I scared him pretty good. No, no, rocco is fine. He's over the moon that you're home. Yeah, me too. That must've been some dream you were having. I guess so, yeah. Want to talk about it? I don't really remember it. Really? Um... it sounded so intense. Yeah, whatever happened, when I woke up, it faded when I saw you and our son. Hey. You've been through a lot, okay? I understand that acclimating to being home, it might be a little bumpy at first. I'm fine, lu. You had a nightmare that made you wake up gasping for breath. And now I'm wide awake. Yes, you are. You're home, in one piece, and you're safe and sound. And that is what we should focus on. Mm. God, you are so beautiful. Were you gone so long you forgot? Not for a single second. What is it?

[ Sniffles ] Nothing. It was another apology. Hey, I thought we agreed that we were done with those. I know. We did. You're right. You know what? I'm gonna go and check in on sonny. Wait, right now? Yeah. Just, uh... text me if you need me to pick anything up on the way back, okay? No, I-I don't need anything. All right, I won't be long. I'll be waiting.

[ Door closes ] You know, speaking of, uh, my brothers and sisters, um, have you -- have you had a chance to reach out to kristina since you've been back? Is this about dawn of day? Yeah. I-I think... kristina's in way over her head. Why would you say that? Well, molly seems to think it's a cult. And, uh, given the way that kristina's been acting, constantly talking up their leader, it's -- shiloh? Yeah. Right. It's always, "shiloh says this" or "shiloh said that," and if you even remotely question it, she pushes you away and hard. Jason noticed the things you've mentioned.

[ Groans ] We already discussed next steps. And what exactly might these "next steps" be? Plain and simple -- you protect your sister, whatever it takes. I had a feeling we weren't finished. You stay away from my son.

Shiloh decided that I would be the teacher for all the dod children. All of them? It's like an old-fashioned schoolhouse, all the kids of all ages. So, he sent me to college to get my degree. He knew I was so loyal to him that he could trust me to study away from the group. I think it was his ego -- that he couldn't imagine I would find anything in the world more interesting than him. Well, clearly, he underestimated you. With just a small bit of distance, I began to see dawn of day for what it was. Just so I can get a sense of the scope, how big a community is dawn of day? It's not huge yet, but it's not tiny. And shiloh has plans to expand. Ideally, he wants to raise his followers from the ground up. You mean, like, from birth? I mean, d-don't get me wrong. He'll -- he'll welcome anybody, anybody he can mold, but young people... runaways? Homeless teens, especially pregnant homeless teens, women running from their husbands -- anyone who can bring a child into the fold. So they can be raised in the cult? I couldn't be a part of it. I couldn't teach innocent children to admire shiloh, to follow him and trust him. And then, when I found out I was pregnant -- I-I knew I had to get away. How did you manage it? I started auditing a class. Child development. Auditing meant that he wouldn't get charged for it and that it wouldn't show up on my transcript. I was just observing. Good way to cover your tracks. I used that class as a cover to move my belongings out of the dod compound and into a storage locker. Then, one day, I left like I usually did and then... never went back. I couldn't let shiloh find me. I couldn't sentence my child to a lifetime in his prison. So, that's it? You're just cutting yourself off from your family? That would be me and your sisters -- you and molly, certainly. All because we had some concerns about your involvement in this... because it's a cult. Well, it may be, kristina. You know, cults draw people in with kindness, and then they indoctrinate them with their philosophy or foster a relationship with a single charismatic person who then tells you to cut off everyone that doesn't jump on his bandwagon. Now, does that sound familiar? You know, I actually did what you and molly suggested. I took a step back and a long, hard look at dawn of day. Okay, and what did you find? I found that you were right. Now, family comes first, and family inspires trust. Do you trust me? I want to. That's all right. I don't trust you, either. And I don't feel emotionally safe with you any longer. But you do with a bunch of strangers at this dawn of day. Yes, I do, and, no, they're not strangers. They see me for who I am. They're my family. Your -- I'm your family, your sisters are your family, and we will tell you the truth, the cold, hard, painful truth, not just something that you want to hear. So you're saying that the people that want to spend time with me are just telling me what I want to hear? I didn't say that and that's not what I meant and you know that. Do I? You know, I really have to get back to work. Uh, thanks for stopping by, ms. Davis, and, um, I'm glad that we could, uh, finally clear this up.

[ Sighs ] Can't believe, uh, lulu let you out of her sight. Yeah, I, uh... I probably shouldn't stay too long. Sit down. Come on. Nobody's here. So, you co-- you want to tell me anything? You want to talk about anything? Well... you know? I mean, we already -- we already -- we already talked that... when I saw you in your cell that... I convinced myself that o-once I got home that everything would feel good, that I would just snap back into my life and everything would be normal again. It's your first day. It's -- it's gonna take time. I know. Yeah. You're right, but... I was -- I was over there for a long time. I was over there for a long time before you found me. And I apologize, 'cause I shou-- you know, I should've trusted my instincts -- please don't do that, because it was my decision. I chose that job. But in order to... in order to be over there, to be one of them, I had to -- I had to prove myself. I had to earn raj's trust. I had to -- dante, dante, look at me. Whatever you had to do out there to finish the job is done. You're home. And anybody who... who loves you understands that. Thanks, but, uh... but nothing. What you went through out there was war. Don't let anybody tell you anything different. It's war, and you won. You avenged lulu, and you took down raj, and now you're home with your family. What you got to do now is move forward. Don't look back.

[ Sighs deeply ] It's good to see you. Thank you for meeting me here. Yeah, any time. So, uh, what's up? Well, I, uh -- first, uh, I heard that your dad brought dante back. Is he doing okay? Uh, I haven't -- I haven't seen dante yet, but my dad is back, and he's doing fine, yeah. He's, um... he's focused on the whole situation with kristina. Focused how? I thought jason would've told you. Well, that depends. Told me what? My dad wants kristina out of dawn of day. You know, I've always been very open to speaking with you, and I'm -- I'm not gonna cast blame, because I really think that that's unproductive, but I will say any resistance between you and i has come from you. Danny is off-limits. You don't talk to him. You don't touch him. Don't even look at him. You know, I notice that you and sam are at a bit of a crossroads. And she's a remarkable woman. She really is, and she's an amazing student. And I have to trust that she has danny's best interest at heart, and if that means having me being a part of his life, well...I have to respect her wishes. Oh! Oh! Oh!

I'm trying to move forward, sonny, I am, but I feel like there's this... it's like A... an anchor, a weight that wasn't there before and it's here now, and I don't know how to get rid of it. You got to give yourself time. You know, it's all gonna fall into place, but not right away. But it will.

[ Groans ] Okay. It better. Hey, listen to me. May-- I'm just gonna put this out there. You know you can talk to me any time, but maybe you should talk to somebody, just to help you get through this.

[ Sighs ] Yeah. Yeah, maybe that's a good idea. I will. All right. Alexis: I've hit the iceberg with your daughter.

[ Door closes ] I can't believe I'm doing this, but I'm asking you to step in. Dante. You're home. Hi. Alexis, hey. looks like you two have something important to discuss, so I can come back, and we'll talk about this later. No, yeah, I-I should get back to... lulu and rocco anyway. You sure? Mm-hmm. All right, well, we'll pick this up later. Yep. All right, thanks. It's good to see you. You, too.

[ Clears throat ] Again, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt. This is kind of important. Tell me what happened. I tried to be understanding with kristina and she says I'm judgmental. And then I try to take a harder line with her and she says that I'm very judgmental. Well, b-b-but isn't that the same argument you've had in -- in past years? I mean -- no. No? This time is different. Because now she's declaring that she and I are no longer family, and her only real family is, you guessed it... dod? Bingo. My advice? Don't worry about it. Why is that? Because it's -- it's -- it's gonna be fine. I'm -- I'm way ahead of you on this dod problem. It's being handled. Okay, I can't exactly tell you why or how, but there's a lot riding on this. I need to know exactly when jason and sonny had this conversation. Okay, maybe a couple hours ago. I mean, my -- my dad just got back this afternoon. They weren't in contact while he was away.

[ Sighs ] Damn it. Jason said he was gonna give me more time. I don't think my father was convinced.

[ Sighs ] Sam, y-you can't possibly think that leaving kristina in dawn of day is a good idea. No, of course not, but sending jason in there to get her out is an even more dangerous one. I mean, danny is such a lovely, open boy. And we have classes he would thrive in. He could learn to relate to the world with caring and kindness, not this anger and -- and violence that you embrace. We can show him peaceful methods of resolution. We could guide him down a peaceful path. You see, sam is learning to trust dawn of day more and more, and that's only gonna further and strengthen her bond that she has with her son. You know, sam said that you do this -- you ignore people. That is such a childish coping mechanism. Danny is so much more sophisticated. Huh. You know, jason, you're, uh -- you're not fooling anybody, man. You're fearful, you're angry, you feel sam and danny slipping away, and there's nothing you can do. There's nothing you can do because they're joining a world that you won't let yourself be a part of because you won't open your heart. Don't touch me.

Hey, w-what are you doing outside? I was just trying to call you. How is everything with sonny? Sonny's, uh -- he's fine. Great. Well, you're home. So, rocco has all of his baseball cards set up on the table. Oh. [ Chuckles ] He's dying to show you.

[ Gun cocks ] I will complete the mission. Yeah. Yeah, I'm home.

[ Button clicks ]

This is kristina


and this is

my trust offering,

a symbol of my commitment

to dod.

This secret is about

a member of my family... and exactly how are you handling the dod situation? You don't need to know, alexis. Great. Just great. Who are you calling? I know how you handle things. Okay, listen, there's no need -- hi. This is alexis davis. I'd like to speak to commissioner ashford. Hey, hey, look at me. You are safe, all right? Shiloh's gone. He'll be back. And now that he knows where I am, he won't let up. He may know where you are, but now I know who he is, and so will the whole pd. Please, please don't tell anyone. Y-you will only make things worse. No, no names, no specifics, but we can be on alert just in case he's hurting anyone else. There is no "just in case." All he does is hurt people. Then I'll have to put a stop to it, now that I know what he's capable of. We haven't even scratched the surface of what he's capable of. You don't understand how he works, chase. He gets people to talk, to tell him things. A-and I'm terrified that somehow, somewhere, I-I missed something and now he'll -- he'll find out about the baby. No, no, you -- you put the baby up for adoption, all right? Legally, he has no claims on the baby. Do you think that matters? Because it doesn't, certainly not to him. Shiloh only plays by his rules, and he decides what's rightfully his. Which is why I have to leave town and not look back. I am so sorry. Willow, from -- from what you're saying, won't he just keep coming? Now, I will be here to protect you and to watch out for you, and I'll be here every step of the way. I promise you. It's not like I want to leave. I have to. Well, just... just please stay. Stay in port charles, and let me protect you. You see, your anger is a manifestation of your fear. Ask sam. I mean, she's breaking all sorts of new boundaries with the work that we're doing together, and the more she opens herself up to me, the more intimate and intense this process grows, and the better she is for it. Jason, let me do for you what I'm doing for her.

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