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General Hospital Transcript Friday 3/22/19

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Episode #14245 ~ Willow is startled; Jordan and Margaux meet; Griffin finds an outlet for his anger; Kevin faces a rude awakening; Lulu is grateful.

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(This still needs extensive editing)

Hey. So, how'd it go? Well, it actually worked like a charm. Shiloh is gonna be my personal mentor. So he's gonna show me the ways of dawn of day. All I have to do is, well, whatever it is he tells me to do. Shiloh. So you do remember me...

[ Chuckles ] You know... I was -- I was so scared. I was so frightened when you just vanished into thin air. I said to myself, "what -- what could've possibly taken her from me?" You really want to know? Doesn't matter now. I'm just glad that you're safe. I'm glad that you're well. You know, I always knew that I was gonna run into you again. I did. I di-- I didn't know when. I didn't know how. But I knew that I would because we are destined... you and I. Do you remember me saying that? And now here you are, once again, to stand by my side. I see. Keep me apprised if anything should change.

[ Knock on door ] Excuse me, commissioner? Mayor webber's here. Wow. I was not expecting to see you here today. Hello, margaux. Well, crime waits for no one. I can handle this. I promise. Mm-hmm. Make sure your duties don't get in the way of your health. Copy that. I just spoke to the rcmp -- there's been no progress recovering chamberlain's body. Okay, look. Is there any possibility that he could have survived this fall, and, god forbid, made it back to port charles?

[ Breathing heavily ] Bastard!

[ Grunting ]

[ Panting ] I don't know what she was thinking, peter. Being late to a meeting does not warrant her reassigning a story I have been working on.

[ Doorknob rattling ]

[ Elevator bell dings ] Lucas! Where is he? He's fine. It's not that bad.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Door opens ] Sonny. What the hell happened?! Hey, good-looking.

[ Doorknob rattling ] Lulu: Peter, call the police. Someone's trying to break in. Oh, god. What if it's ryan? Call 911. I'm gonna go out the back... lulu? Whoa. I surrender.

[ Chuckles ]

You changed the locks. I had to pick them... I would've rang the bell, maybe, but I thought that you were working. You're back. Yeah. Yeah, I'm back. Oh, um, peter. Uh, uh, call off the police. It's -- it's just dante. And I gotta go.

[ Bag thuds ] "Just" dante? That's all I rate as these days?

[ Metal clangs ] Wait. You were shot? It's barely a scratch, carly. Okay, I-I want to know what happened. How many stitches did you get? You mean by whoever botched the job in turkey, or after I fixed the whole mess? Oh, what the hell, sonny? Weren't you the one telling me to rest and to avoid stress? And yet you're glowing anyway. It's good to see you, too. You promised me you'd be careful. I want to know everything -- starting with how you got shot. It's just a lot to tell... ...starting with dante's the one who shot me. Shiloh was more than happy to welcome me into the "commitment" course. Mm, I'm sure he was. I have to allow his choices to become my choices. No questions asked. No second thoughts. Because to learn commitment -- I have to give up self-control.

[ Scoffs ] T-this is crazy that people fall for this. Yeah, I know. But I have to convince shiloh that I'm falling for this. Julian: Hey, brad. Mind if I say hello? Hi, guy! Julian. What are you doing here? Oh, well, don't tell my customers, but, uh, you know, I like a kelly's blt sandwich just as much as anyone. Ah. Plus I can't be blamed for an accidental run-in with the little one, can I? How is he? Oh, wiley's fine. And, uh, how about his dad? You look like crap. Should I ask why? Well, obviously, you haven't been reading the invader. My family's downfall is right here in black and white. How did you find me? Well, you can't dodge fate. Even if you did change your name... "ms. Tait." I want you to leave. Well -- well, that's what you want, you see? That is not what I want. See, you made a promise to me to never leave me, and you broke... that...promise. A promise made under duress is meaningless. I never coerced you. No, of course not. You had others do your dirty work.

[ Chuckling ] What? What are you talking about? I mean it! Go! Hm. You know, I'm glad that you became a teacher. I really am. I mean, I bet you're really good at it. Probably better at it than I am. There's a few lessons I taught you that obviously didn't stick, but that's okay. There's still time for you to be your best self, willow. I warned you. Now I'm calling the police. So, they've canvassed the east and west banks of the niagara from lake erie to lake ontario. And nothing? Nothing. The uscg believes ryan was carried into the lake. Given the water temperature, it's likely he froze to death. Or he could've been killed by the impact of the fall. Is that what

you believe? The uscg assumes his body will turn up in time.

[ Chuckles ] Like we all assumed that ryan died in a fire. It is now the official opinion of the U.S. And canadian government that ryan chamberlain is dead. They're closing the case. What about the pcpd? Are you closing the case?

[ Grunts ]

[ Groans ] Please... griffin: Please what? Please let you go? Don't hurt you? I wonder if kiki spoke those words to your brother. I wake up nights wondering... that is -- that is when I actually sleep. I ask myself -- I ask myself if kiki had enough time to wonder if I'd come back to help her... now you'll know how she felt, 'cause nobody came to save kiki, just like nobody is coming to save you! Griffin, stop it!

 Lucas, a-are you sure his arm is gonna be okay? Yeah. Avoid strenuous exercise, finish the course of antibiotics. Should be good to go. Yeah, yeah. Thank you. I can't believe this. It was a perfect shot. Uh, bloody enough to satisfy this guy raj, but it wasn't dangerous in any way. That's great. The next time I see dante, I'll make sure I compliment him on his marksmanship. But you're not really mad, are you? Or not -- I mean, that -- I'm a little mad. Yeah, I am. But I understand why you did it, you know? And you were right. You found dante, and you brought him home safe, so...

[ Sighs ] I was so scared. I wanted to believe that you were coming home, but there were some days that I wasn't sure. Are you back for good? You know what? Raj is dead. That's some kind of justice -- but you were right. Baby, I didn't need to be the one that had to go get him. No, hey -- I shouldn't have left you. Listen, you did exactly what you needed to to protect our family. But I didn'T. I didn'T. I know what happened to you while I was gone. And I'm sorry, baby. But I didn't keep you safe, and I'm sorry about that. Okay, so when's the next "lesson"? Well, that's up to shiloh. His final instructions to me were that I need to be available 24/7. Avail--

[ Scoffs ] Available for what? I-I-I don't know. If he calls me, I have to go to him, no questions asked. Okay. Uh... sonny's back. He texted me an hour ago, and I got to tell him what's going on -- can you wait? If it was our kid, I'd want to know. And I'm gonna tell him your plan. But if sonny says it's time to make a move, then that's it. Jason, will you please tell him that if we do something wrong, it could destroy kristina. Tell him I need more time. Please. You don't believe I'll call the police? Why would the cops care about a guy who just came to a school to see if it would be a good fit? A-a fit? For what? You don't have children. How do you know? Have you been keeping tabs on me? A woman would have to be crazy to leave a child under your influence. Wait a minute. I'm the injured party here. Okay? You're the one who left me, okay? After everything that we went through together. After everything I did for you. You are a user, shiloh. A liar. A manipulator. Your words are a weapon. Hm. And if I have to, I will turn what you've done against you. Port charles can't afford to let its guard down until ryan chamberlain's remains are recovered. His verified remains.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Thank you. So, we're gonna keep looking. Yes. But, laura, without federal and canadian resources at our disposal -- your job is going to be much harder. I understand. Excuse me, commissioner. If you don't need me, I need to make a run... yeah, go right ahead, detective. All right, thank you. So, I will assist you in any way I possibly can...

[ Door closes ] ...But have you spoken to some of the people who knew ryan? We've spoken to mac and felicia. Okay. We'll consult with dr. Collins if necessary.

[ Chuckles ] I think it's necessary, don't you? I'm sorry to sound indelicate, but no. Dr. Collins is a liability. And it's time that we treat him as such. What the hell?! You can't do this, griffin! This is not ryan! This is kevin! He did not kill kiki! I know exactly who he is. Kevin may have not killed kiki with his own hands, but he might as well have. You knew your psycho freak of a brother was alive and you didn't tell a soul! You knew...? Well, why are you any better? You trying to beat the guy to death? You have called me a hypocrite so many times. How does it feel to be proved right? Go home, griffin. Why are you protecting him? I'm protecting you. Kiki would not want his blood on your hands, griffin. That's not the man that she loved. He's all yours.

[ Sniffles ] Thank you.

 I left you unprotected. Everything that happened is -- has already happened. Okay? I don't want to waste another breath on it. You are home. You're home. That's all that matters to me. All right. You got to stop saying that, okay?

[ Cellphone ringing ] Stop saying that what I did was okay, all right?

[ Ringing continues ] Are you gonna get that? No. Screw it. Well, who is it? I don't know.

[ Clears throat ] Director jones. Frisco jones, the director of the wsb. I think you have to take that call.

[ Ringing stops ] Falconeri. Uh, yes, director jones. Um, thank you, sir. Well, I just did what had to be done. And raj is -- is no longer gonna be a problem. Yes, we will all sleep better at night now. Thank you, sir. Yes, sir. Um, full debriefing.

[ Knock on door ] Hey. Am I interrupting? No, come in. Come in. How's the arm? It's fine. It's a "minor" injury. It's not the same thing as fine. I'm recovering. That's -- it's fine. That's good. I'm glad to have you back. Yeah, me too. So, how's dante? I, uh, had the, uh, car drive him to lulu's 'cause he took it really hard when he found out what happened to her. You know, at least you and the baby are -- everything okay, right? There was some trouble while you were gone. Oh, hey, griffin. I need you to run a consult for -- what happened? I'm fine. No, you're not fine. Let me take a look at these hands.

[ Sighs ] All right. Hey, look. Let's go. Dr. Collins knew his brother was alive, and he didn't tell a soul. And I don't want him anywhere near our investigation. Besides, he'll be too busy defending himself. From what? Prosecution. I'm charging kevin collins as ryan chamberlain's accomplice.

[ Grunts ] You know, you don't have to do this. 'Cause you deserve a beating? Because there's not much left of me worth saving. Was griffin right? Did you know that your brother was alive? I was treating ryan in secret at ferncliff for months before he got the jump on me and took my place. I am sorrier than I could ever say... I'm sure you are. Just like I'm sure that you never intended

[Sniffles] For things to happen the way they did.

[ Sniffles ] You told yourself, "I'm doing the wrong thing for the right reasons." Listen, I know all about that lie.

[ Chuckles ] I've told myself that lie... many times. And now here I am. I'm the one whose kid is dead, and somebody's telling me that they didn't mean for it to happen. You have every right to despise me... I didn't ask for your approval. I'll call you an ambulance, okay? No, don'T. Don'T. Please. The doctor will just file a police report. And? I don't want to make trouble for griffin. Enough people have been hurt already on my account.

[ Sniffles ] You can't stumble off like that, you know. My brother will know somebody to help. You don't have to do this. Done! After everything that's happened... why help me? "Dear dr. O: I'm in the process of adopting a baby. It's come to my attention the birth mother was once institutionalized and is now in prison for a violent crime. Now, I'm worried the baby I want is a wacko-in-waiting. Is insanity inherited? Signed, mama maybe." "Mama maybe," huh? Should be signed "mama never." Yeah. Then obrecht says, "some studies show offspring whose parents suffer from conditions like bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression may carry a predisposition to similar conditions." So, now you're worried about wiley's birth mom being mentally unstable. Brad, do you know something you're not telling me? No, but...

[ Chuckles ] I-I mean, she'd had to have been crazy to -- to give wiley up, right? What about the birth father? What about him? Well, you're worried about the birth mom's genes. What about the father? Maybe he's the one we need to be worried about. Shiloh: I won't let you slander my good name. And I won't let you push me around. Not anymore.

[ Chuckles ] Oh. Wow. Your regression since you have left us is staggering, but that's okay, 'cause I've got plenty of time to guide you back. I've seen how you "repatriate" people. Wait a minute. Hold on. Is that what you're worried about? Is that what this is about? Discipline? Oh, no, no, no, no. No, you will be welcomed back with open arms. Don't you miss your family? Of course. But I don't belong there anymore. I have a new life. You have a new family, too? Doesn't seem like you're very happy, willow. We have everything you want. We have everything you need, honey. Come home to us. Come home.

[ Door opens ]

 So why are you making yourself crazy, man? From what you told me, only three people know that, uh, wiley isn't willow's son -- you, me, and the real birth mom. So unless this woman's making noises, you have nothing to fear. And how many of those do you take in a day, man?

[ Cellphone chimes ] I don't know. I lose count. Problem? It's my sister.

[ Sighs ] You know what? You should really see a doctor, though. Yeah. I live with a doctor. Lucas thinks that it's the stress from being a first-time parent. Good. Let's keep it that way. And we'll see you later, okay?

[ Sighs ] A-and then jason brought me to the hospital in niagara falls and the doctor assured me that the baby and I are fine. And chamberlain? Yeah. Uh, ryan jumped off a footbridge into the niagara river, right near the falls. It was -- it was a long drop, freezing water. He had a bullet in the shoulder. Think he's dead? No idea. Okay, you call every favor you can from our associates. Find chamberlain. If he's still alive, you make sure he's not. I'll -- I'll do whatever you want, sonny, but... what do you got to say? You got something else to tell me? Yeah. Right now, ryan is not our only problem. Am I interrupting something? Yes.Not at all. You're

right on time forour parent/teacher conference. Are you sure? 'Cause I can -- I can wait. I just have to let the station know that I'm going to be a little late... hey, officer, tell me what's more dangerous -- enforcing the law or being a single parent? It's detective, actually. And not much fazes me. Yeah, I bet. Hey, I'm shiloh. And he was just leaving. Shiloh: Okay. It was really good seeing you again. Look, my door is always open to you. You just need to walk through. There is absolutely no way that kevin was ryan's accomplice. Three people were killed because dr. Collins shielded his brother. Your own daughter was viciously attacked. I know what happened to my daughter! I also know that your husband is dr. Collins, madam mayor. And your point is? I think the district attorney is trying to acknowledge that this is a politically sensitive moment. No matter how you spin this, dr. Collins was complicit in ryan's crimes. Do you think that I would try to sweep this under the carpet to try to avoid some kind of political fallout? No one is suggesting that, laura. You are a good mayor. Port charles is better off under your leadership. And I'm informing you of my intention to prosecute collins so you can get in front of it. There's nothing to "get in front of." There's nothing to "spin"... great. ...Because I intend to be completely transparent through this whole thing. And when the time comes, do I have your support?

[ Slurring ] Your brother did do a lot of damage, you know? I think if you added it all up... I lost the most. Everything okay here? Yeah, now! 10 minutes ago, though... show me your hands, chamberlain. W-- no, no, no, no, no, no, no. That's not -- no! This is kevin collins. You -- he'll be able to prove that down at the station. I look forward to doing so. What? No, this is not right. This is false arrest here. It is. And I'm gonna find out -- oh, damn it. Hey! What's your badge number? Lady, you want me to book you for public intoxication? No. Please, officer, that's not necessary. I'm surrendering voluntarily. You don't have to do that on my account, right? 'Cause I'm not intimidated. Ava, really... you saved enough people today. Call a cab. Go home. All right, let's go.

[ Grunts ] Lucas: You know... when we were in med school, I was in total awe of you. I mean, sure, you were brilliant, but you weren't obsessed with competition or your standing in the class. You were just this warm, generous, gorgeous guy that everybody was either jealous of or in love with -- some of us both.

[ Sighs ] What happened to that guy? He's lost. Well, let's find him. Take him home. Get him fixed up. The thing is, I... I can't do that here. All I see are ghosts. All I feel is rage. Look, will you help me? I-I-I need to write something and I can't hold a pen. Yeah, sure. All right, talk.

[ Sighs ] Dr. Quartermaine. Consider this... ...my letter of resignation. Effective immediately.

how deep has kristina gotten in with these people? She's, uh -- she's in pretty deep. I mean, I-I was there when molly got into it with her and molly said straight-out that kristina was in a cult. And? And kristina said that she didn't need molly or her negativity, and then she took off. She has my temper. I kn-- sonny, it's -- it's gone beyond that now, because kristina is isolating herself and she's cutting people from her life. I-I think this guys is -- is basically controlling her. This guy has gone long enough. This has to stop! Okay. Now, if there happens to be an accident or a disappearance, uh, sam is concerned that -- that kristina will know it came from you and blame herself. Carly: Okay, I-I-I agree with sam. If -- if kristina idolizes shiloh -- she does. She doesidolize shiloh. Okay, then the guilt of his death could break her. I mean, you guys, kristina is already high-strung as it is. Carly, I'm more concerned what this guy is doing to my daughter.

[ Chuckles ] Isn't he cute? How's parenthood treating you. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Well, you know, the first year is always the hardest.

[ Wiley coos ] Let me see you.

[ Laughs ] Come here. Oh! Ew! Wiley spit up on your arm! Hey, danny, could you grab some napkins? Thank you. He did -- oh. Oh, gosh. Looks like you need some help. Allow me. Do you want to tell me what I just walked in on? Nothing. Nothing. You are shaking. Now, either you can tell me what's going on or I'll -- I'll go get my answers from shiloh. No, no, no. Stay away from him. Do not get involved. Too late. I'm involved. I got my own personal invitation. I shouldn't have texted you like that. What would have happened if you hadn't? I saw how you reacted when michael brought up dawn of day and shiloh. Whatever it was that you couldn't say, tell me now. I'm sorry, chase. The only thing I have to tell you is that... I'm canceling our weekend. That's okay. That's okay. T-there'll be other weekends. No. There won'T. I can't stay in port charles. Commissioner? I may have just brought in ryan chamberlain.

[ Kevin grunts ] T-t-this is not ryan chamberlain. This is dr. Kevin collins. My husband. What happened?

[ Sighs ] Nothing I didn't have coming.

[ Sighs ] Jordan, it's kevin. I'm sure of it. I'm sorry for the mistake. But since you're here, do you mind answering a few questions? No, wait until you have a lawyer present. I'll answer all your questions, with or without a lawyer.

[ Exhales deeply ]

Hold her close

don't you let her go

don't you let her go

oh, yeah, yeah

hold her close

don't you let her go

don't you let her go

oh, yeah, hold her close

don't you let her go

don't you let her go


 I know you're still thinking about what happened to me. Thinking about how close I came to losing you... ...and how I can't let that happen again. I know that you won't feel at ease until ryan's really gone, but... I need you to promise me that you won't leave me alone again. I promise you I won'T. Good. We can beat anything if we're together. Mm.

[ Ominous music plays ] Are you sure? Maybe you want to wait another day before this lands on monica's desk.

[ Elevator bell dings ] No, this letter is the only thing I am sure about in my life. Griffin? What happened to you? I'm gonna have to tell chet to check your boxing gloves. You got to take it easy on the heavy bag. Sonny, I'm glad to see you. Listen, dr. Hoffman is an excellent neurologist. She did good work filling in for me while I was suspended, and she'll take great care of -- of mike from here on out. What about you? It was an honor to take care of mike... and to get to know your family. I wish you nothing but the best, all of you. Take care. Did he just say "goodbye"? For now.

[ Water splashes ] Hey! Hey. You're late. Yeah. And, uh, whoa! You are [Chuckles] Three sheets to the wind.

[ Laughs ] Whoa. Yeah. You know what they say, well armed is -- well stocked is well armed. Mm-hmm. Something like that. Yeah, okay. You know what? We, uh -- we're gonna get you home. Okay? Okay. All right.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Come on. Oh. Oops, phone. Mm. Oh, "unknown." Okay, you know what? Let's just let it go to voicemail. Come on. Hello?

[ Sniffles ] Hello? I-I can hear you breathing. Ryan? Ry-- give me that. Give me that. Hey, you come near my sister again. I dare you. Hello? Julian? Whoever it was hung up.

[ Exhales sharply ] Dr. Collins, for the record, is it true that you knew your brother, ryan chamberlain, was alive? And did you secretly place him in the ferncliff asylum under an alias so you could treat him without the authorities becoming aware? In may of last year, 2018, I discovered that my brother, ryan chamberlain, was alive and suffering deep psychosis. I admitted him to ferncliff under the name todd wilson with the intention of treating him and concealing his existence from the authorities. Dr. Collins, you are under arrest for aiding and abetting a fugitive.

[ Handcuffs clink ] Dr. Collins, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you free of charge. Do you understand these rights as I've explained them to you? You really think that shiloh won't find you again? You're not thinking straight. Don't tell me I'm not thinking straight. Okay. I-I get that you're scared. I do. I can help you. Let me.

[ Voice breaking ] Chase, you can'T. You don't understand. How's this? You got caught up in shiloh's group. You got out somehow and then you changed your name. I can't talk about this. Why does he scare you so much? Just tell me. Don't do this, chase! Just say it! He is the father of your child, isn't he? Yeah, I've got some wipes in my bag. Oh, here, let me help you. I can hold him. I love babies. Uh, no, no, no. That's -- that's okay. But, um, wiley, um, this is, uh, brad, his father. And this is my friend shiloh. Oh. Hey, how you doing, man? Easy.

[ Chuckles ] Nice to meet you. Yeah, you probably should get that cleaned up. Yeah. Y-yeah, mom. It's baby throw-up. Okay. Well, why don't you come with me? But I'm too big for that. It's only gonna take a minute. Yeah, I can stay with him. That's okay. Come on, kiddo. L-let -- let's go. What? Don't you trust me? Well, I-I-I'm here, too. No, of course I trust you. Yeah. I'm -- duh. Um, stay put.

[ Wiley fusses ] Gosh. Moms, huh? Geez. So, we were never really formally introduced. You're danny, right? Hey, danny. My name's shiloh. I'm a friend of your mom'S. Hey, who knows? Maybe you and i can be friends, too, huh?

[ Ominous music plays ]

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