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General Hospital Transcript Thursday 3/21/19

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Episode #14244 ~ Laura can't shake her anger; Anna seeks out Griffin; Felicia has a hard time forgetting the past; Mac loses his temper; Willow makes a rash decision.

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Marie: Tomorrow's a big day. You have the charles street homeowners' association first thing at 9:30, followed by the mental health task force at noon. Uh, I'm gonna need a minute. Uh, how about I meet you at the office later. Of course, madam mayor. Okay. Thank you, marie. Ava? Laura. Lucky...lucky laura. Fortunate enough to fall in love with the right brother. The one that's too good to care about the likes of me. I'm worried about you, ava. Tell me something, lucky laura. Now that you have kevin back, and he's all safe and sound, did you get your "happily ever after"? You should not be alone right now. Can I call someone for you? Maybe scott or julian?

[ Laughs ] No, that'S... but you should go. Or maybe you haven't heard. People around me die. I gave him a spoonful of applesauce, and then james just gave me that perfect little frown. It was just pre-- it's okay. It's me. It's kevin. You got 10 seconds to prove it. Uh... my hospital bracelet. It has the date I was admitted, which was the same time ryan was in niagara falls. It's kevin. So, what the hell do you want? To apologize. Ah, ah. Just a few minutes more. Well, I really didn't expect the vip treatment. Surely there's someone less prestigious that could remove my bandages. An easily manipulated intern, perhaps. That's a lovely suggestion. Yes, I'll take two. Damn. We're all out, so you're stuck with me. And I promised anna I would treat you personally. Oh, that's very generous of her to share you.

[ Sighs ] Hey, griffin. Hm? Hi. Oh. Hey...anna. You okay? Yeah, I guess. Why? Uh...just, you know, it's the first time I've seen you since we all found out that ryan was the one who killed kiki. I know you must be devastated. And it looks as though you've been... hitting something pretty hard.

[ Groans ] My family is the worst. Why can't they just try to see things from my point of view? Well, it's good that you didn't let your brother's negativity infect you. You stood your ground. But you did it respectfully. Yeah. Yeah, I-I did.

[ Sighs ] Michael should just listen to me and not everyone else. I mean, who cares what willow thinks? Hm. So, how long has, um -- how long has michael known willow? Not for very long, I don't think. Why? Well, I'm just wondering why he would choose her opinion over his own sister'S. Michael's a worrier. That's his job in our family. Hm. But it doesn't matter what willow told him. I know you're a good man, I love dawn of day, and I am so grateful for your belief in me. And that's why I want you inside the trust so badly. Of course, when you're truly ready. Hey. Thank you, guys, for coming on -- well, no notice. Well, you called an emergency meeting for the davis women. Yeah. And here we are, so... are we waiting for kristina? It's, um -- actually, kristina is what I want to talk about. You know, she and i haven't really been spending much time together lately, so maybe that's why I've noticed this and you guys apparently haven'T. Okay, what are we missing? The fact that kristina has joined a cult. She does seem rather involved in dawn of day. Even the name. I mean, how long before she starts walking around in a big white bonnet, calling herself a handmaid? Well, all right. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. She claims these self-help classes are doing her some good. Oh, please. It is way past self-help. Willow: "Principal shultz, I regret to inform you that a family emergency requires me to leave port charles immediately."

[ Knock on door ] Ms. Tait?

[ Gasps ] Mr. Cassadine. Uh, I hope this isn't an intrusion. You got a minute? Could use one. Actually, now's not a good t-- oh, I'm sure you could squeeze us in. This time, it's his turn.

How can I help? Uh, well, we think that, given charlotte's aptitudes and her academic history, she, uh, belongs in the high achiever program. As I understand it, charlotte can test into that program. Yes, or her teacher can recommend her. And since you don't really like having charlotte in your class -- I never said I didn't like having charlotte in my class. Okay, well, you've just told us what a horrible child she is.

Your words, not mine. Okay, those are definitely not my words. W-we think that a change of environment might actually help her behavior problems. Behav-- okay. Those are your words, babe. Yes. Well... unfortunately, I won't be able to accommodate you. Charlotte will either have to test in or you'll have to get a recommendation from her next teacher. No. Absolutely not. We are not waiting till next year. Then you'll be pleased to know you won't have to. I don't work here anymore. Ooh. You were fired? Family emergency, actually. We're very sorry to hear that. Yeah, we're sorry to hear it. This is absolutely unbelievable. You have raked charlotte over the coals, putting all this bullying guilt on her. Because she was bullying. And then you're leaving charlotte and the other kids high and dry. What kind of teacher are you? Have you thought any more about your trust offering? I have. I mean, I -- I want it to be worthy. You'll find the right one. Yeah, I probably just need to clear my mind and let it come to the surface. Actually, the trust offering is exactly the opposite. It's about -- it's about reliving your pain. It's about sharing your pain. Right -- a deep, personal, painful secret. Yeah. A secret that's so deep, that's so dark that if the world ever found out about it, it would change the way they view you forever. Or...whomever it was about. I-it doesn't have to be

my secret? It can be about somebody dear to you. Actually... that would even be better. That would just prove to us that you trust us, and then we can do the same in return. Only then... ...does the healing truly begin.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Sighing ] Okay. I invited kristina to join us, so maybe the three of us can talk some sense into her. You know, kristina has always struggled to find a place to fit in, and -- and now she's actually found it. Well, she thinks she has. She seems to be happy. You guys ganging up on her, I-it's not gonna do anybody any good. Wait. So that's it? You're -- you're just gonna leave? No, I'm not just gonna leave. I have a client, so I -- I have to go somewhere, but just remember that... the more you push her, you could be pushing her closer to these people, okay? So be nice. Behave. I love you. I kept wondering... if I survived, if I ever had the opportunity...

[ Sighs ] ...How I would explain to you why I hid ryan in ferncliff, instead of just turning him over to the authorities. No explanation is good enough. Stop it, mac. Kevin has paid the price for his mistake. He was locked up in ferncliff for months. And ryan hurt him almost as badly as the rest of us. Almost. I am so sorry. I thought I had it under control. If I had thought for one second that any of you would be in danger... I understand. I accept that you never meant for this to happen. But I cannot pretend it never did happen. I suppose that I should thank you. For what? The day that you came to my h-- my house with those flowers after kiki died, and you told me -- you told me that there was something off about kevin, right? Yeah, and if I had known what that was, I would have insisted that you come with me. I wouldn't have believed you anyway. No, I -- unh!

[ Gasps ] You all right? I would've stayed with the man that I loved. The man who, as it turns out, stabbed my daughter to death and then slept with me two hours later so he could have an alibi. Ava. Ava, listen to me. Listen to me. You need to stop thinking about this. Stop doing it to yourself. It's the only thing that I can think about. Look at you. You're something, aren't you? I mean, I was sleeping with a man that we both thought was your husband. I was trying to find some happiness, even at your expense.

[ Sniffles ] And I look at you, and I know it, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that if I was in trouble, you would do whatever you had to do to help me. Of course I would, ava. But I think anyone would. No, they would not!

[ Gasps, sobs ]

I wouldn'T. And I'm not -- it's not f-- it's not. I wouldn'T. And I'm not alone. But you... you're good. You're a good person. You and the -- the real kevin collins, you guys -- the two of you are perfect for each other. You know what, ava? My car isn't too far from here. Listen, I'll take you somewhere. We'll -- we'll -- we'll go -- it's okay. No. I -- you know what? I -- [Sniffles] I have my spot.

[ Laughs ] I'm just gonna sit here and reflect on my choices.

[ Chuckles ] Okay.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs, sniffles ] Hey, ava. Whatever it is that you did, you didn't deserve what ryan did to you. Not everybody would agree with you.

[ Gasps ] Now, just... open your eyes very slowly. Allow time to adjust to the light.

[ Gasps ] And when you're ready, just tell me what you see. Oh, I see. Oh, thank you. Thank you.

[ Sighs ] What a pair of lovely blue eyes. No wonder my sister's so fond of you.

[ Sighs ] Hmm. So your vision is healed. The virus has been neutralized, and my work here is done. How do you know

my work here is done? Hmm? Oh, well, you -- you already told anna... about...your memories that were transferred to her. Did I really? Well, I restored your sight on the condition that you would tell anna the truth. Hm. What if I didn't? What are you going to do? Repossess my vision? Did you? Lie to anna? Well, that's a good question. Perhaps you'd like to keep me company while we find out. You can't lose me. I'm a spy. I'm -- I'm not -- I'm not trying to lose you. I'm just -- I'm working. And when you're not working, you're punching... someone who's obviously punching you back -- very hard. You've got swollen knuckles and a bruised face. And clearly, this is more than just grief. Do you want to talk to me? He was here, anna. Wor-- wor-- working in the hospital. Ryan chamberlain offered me condolences when kiki died. The man that stabbed her and took her life -- he shook my hand at the funeral. I can't make peace with that. The boxing -- is it making you feel better?

[ Laughs ] That's the thing. I'm not doing it to feel better. I'm doing it to feel something. Hi. Is it a good time? Yeah. Are you kidding me? If the door is not locked, you don't have to knock. Please, come on in. You're welcome anytime. Oh, that's right. You did say that. Old habits are hard to break. I'm sorry. Is that what you're here to discuss? No. Old habits? Actually, the -- the opposite. To "be present in things that make you... uncomfortable"? Mm-hmm. Is that how you put it? It is. Very good, sam. Well done. Thank you. But I-I'm not saying that being around you makes me uncomfortable. That's -- it's not what it is, but it's what you said about commitment. Uh, I am, I guess, a little uncomfortable. Um, I mean, in some -- in a good way. Well...okay. How -- how so? How does it make you uncomfortable? Because it made me think. And it made me think about commitment and the course that you have... mm-hmm. ...And I was just wondering if there was any way I could join. Yeah, of course. We'd love to have you. Okay. Well...how's it work? I don't see what the problem is. Didn't the two of you come here today to remove charlotte from my classroom? Congratulations. You got your wish. What does it matter if I leave first? We're just acting in charlotte's best interests. Unlike you, who's just abandoning your students. Um, you know what? It's a family emergency. Yeah, okay, if it's such a family emergency, why are you still here? Do you see this box on my desk filled with my personal effects? Okay, you can send for those. Well, not everybody can afford to send for their things. Listen. By the time the kids get used to a new teacher, it will be the end of the year. They're young. They'll adjust. Can you believe what she's saying? I think she's got a point. They're gonna adjust. Listen, I hope everything works out okay with your family. I, for one, am sorry to see you go. Are you serious, babe? After everything she said to charlotte? Really?

[ Scoffs ] You know... the person I feel sorry for in all of this is charlotte. With you as a stepmother, clearly, that little girl doesn't stand a chance.

 Let me tell you what I think of charlotte. Charlotte is smart, sophisticated, independent. Thank you. She also has no patience for anything that doesn't put her center stage. She can't help it if she stands out. She interrupts, much like you just did. Charlotte wants things done her way -- not just by other students, but by her teachers, as well. Hmm. Remind you of anyone? Okay, come on. That's enough. No, it isn't, mr. Cassadine. Not by a long shot. You say you're acting in charlotte's best interests? Always. You think you're encouraging her to be strong, telling her she's the most special person in the room? She is the most special person in the room. Charlotte is entitled. She believes that rules don't apply to her because she has been taught that she is better than everybody else. And the more you reinforce that, the more you are failing her. Let me tell you something, ms. Tait. You clearly have a problem with me. You bring that to me. You do not take it out on charlotte. Okay, okay, we're leaving. I think that would be best. You know, I'm sure whoever replaces me will be able to form an opinion on charlotte's appropriateness for the high achievers program very quickly. Unless, of course, the problems persist in my absence. Goodbye, ms. Tait. Goodbye, mr. Cassadine. Good luck with charlotte. And everything else.

[ Laughs ] Well, it starts by allowing yourself to be uncomfortable. Okay. I'm uncomfortable.

[ Laughs nervously ] You happy now? Very. You're doing great. What's next? Well, then you give yourself up to your mentor. You allow their choices to become your choices. Oh. So you're asking me to give up my free will? No, I'm asking you to use your free will to relinquish your control. Okay, so, you're, uh, saying this, but I don't understand what it has to do with commitment. Well, in order to learn true commitment, you must give up control. You capable of being that fearless? Absolutely. Now... where do we start? Mom! Molly didn't tell me you'd be here, too. This is not an ambush. I wanted to apologize. I know how important dawn of day is to you, and I shouldn't have been so dismissive, so I'm really sorry that I upset you. I've just been a little bit worried. Well, you don't need to be. Maybe if you address some of your sister's concerns. You mean explain myself -- explain how dawn of day is not a cult. So much for your apology. I was just offering my perspective. And if I have a different perspective? Then what? Will you give me the benefit of the doubt and back off? I see. So, you never even considered the possibility that I know exactly what I'm doing and why. Look, I understand that you don't care for her, so why would I trust anything you have to say about anna? Well, it's -- it's not that I don't care for her. It's just, um... you know, we've ended up on divergent paths, really. Uh-huh. Regardless of whether I like her or not, I do know her. And you are -- how should i put this kindly? Um, you're sort of in the discovery phase. And I think I-if you feel that you're going to be able to settle down with her, you're going to be quite disappointed. Oh. Why's that? Because she's always going to be running off after some mysterious wrong that she thinks she's the only one who can right. It's penance, you see -- for all her past sins. And those are things that she's never going to be able to tell you about. Well, this has been fun. Okay, don't get me wrong. I don't think she's leading you on. I just know her. And I know that you're never going to be enough for her. I know the dark places that grief can drive us. I also know that's something that kiki wouldn't want for you. Please. Look, if you don't mind, I don't think I can handle another conversation about how I should be using my life to honor kiki. Well, it's true. It's garbage! Except that it's not. Look, if I could take back all the times that I gave that speech to people, I would. Griffin. I'm so glad I found you. Hi, anna. Hi, laura. Listen, I was just out on the pier with ava. Look, I-I-I can't help her. She is in so much pain. She's grieving for her daughter, and she feels guilty and horrified that she fell in love with the man who killed her. Look, I-I-I understand why you would come to me. I do. I get the whole thing. But ava -- it would be impossible for us to comfort each other right now. Well, that's a shame. It really is. Because you both loved kiki so much. I was just hoping that maybe if ava could be in the presence of another heart that is as broken as hers, it might give her a little bit of equilibrium. I'm very worried about her. I appreciate your honesty. And I -- I do promise that I will try my best to make amends and hopefully regain your trust. Martini. I-I should talk to her. In light of everything that's happened to her, her strength is remarkable. No thanks to you. I know. No, kevin, I don't think you do. And now that we're just talking here man to man, I'm gonna give you the full picture of the pain you caused her. Cutting me off already? No. I'm not. But you can't drink away what ryan did to you. I know that, because I'm the only other woman who survived being loved by ryan chamberlain.

When I first met ryan back in texas, he was going by the name of todd wilson. He was very charming and thoughtful... very attentive. I was on the verge of being swept off my feet. Hm. What happened? I walked in on him murdering his wife. Well, yeah. That'll -- that'll do it. So I ran. And ran and ran and ran. And ryan came after me. You see felicia in the light of day -- calm, pulled together. What you don't see, kevin, are all the locks I had to change around the house -- windows, doors, you name it. You don't see the baseball bat she keeps within reach. You don't hear her fighting back in her sleep. I'm so sorry -- save that, will you? None of this -- none of this had to happen, if you'd just turned ryan in to the police the minute you found out he was alive. You chose to protect him instead. You chose ryan over all of us. Including your wife. Okay, I just don't think I'm in the... right state of mind to help ava. You don't have to comfort her. You can just grieve, side-by-side. Hey. Anna. I'm sorry to interrupt. The, uh -- the patient has a request. Oh. Um, excuse me. Mm-hmm. Listen, I'm sorry if I made you feel pressured to reach out to ava. Thanks for understanding. But I-I-if I could just say one more thing, if that's okay. During some of the worst times in my life, I got a lot of strength from people who were willing just to sit by me while I grieved. In silence and solidarity. I'll think about it. Ah. I hear the procedure was successful. Yes! Thanks to the lovely dr. Finn. He's been very handsome and attentive. But I imagine he's about to be disillusioned, isn't he? Wsb agents are on their way here to take you into custody. I'm entitled to a phone call.

[ Exhales sharply ]

"I want you to know I have loved teaching here. I'll miss my students and port charles. And I would never leave so suddenly if I didn't absolutely have to. Wishing you all the best, willow tait."

[ Sighs ] You can't blame yourself for not knowing. He fooled us all. Look. I appreciate what you're saying. I do. But no matter how badly ryan traumatized you, he didn't kill your daughter. He killed mine. It was hard enough when we thought he was dead. But now he's out there again. Let's hope it's over, mac. Just like we -- we hoped he died in the fire at the funhouse? Hey, laura. Thank you so much for reaching out to griffin like that. Not that it did much good. No, but, you know, he's -- he's a better man than he's willing to believe at the moment. And I think that he will find a way to help her. Yes, I hope so. I feel just terrible for her. I mean, the way that ryan deceived her and... the part that kevin played in that. What do you mean? How is kevin responsible?

[ Exhales sharply ] Kevin made the terrible mistake of hiding his brother in ferncliff instead of just handing him over to the authorities when he first found out he was alive. I mean, maybe none of those murders would've even happened.

Uld like for you to admitthat I know what I'm doing. And if I don't believe that to be the case, then...what? You cut me out of your life? Okay, so, no one is doubting that dawn of day has its selling points. Have you tried telling molly that? I have. The -- the work they do in the community is impressive. Thank you. It's just that your immersion into this group has been rather fast. So it might behoove you to take a step back. Maybe move back home. No way. Okay, I'm kidding. How about move back in with sam? So you can monitor me there, too? No, so you can take your classes, but you'd be at a distance. Okay, maybe you should ask yourself why you're so afraid that I am finally accepting ownership of my destiny.

[ Scoffs ] Do you hear yourself? You sound like... like what? Like you've been brainwashed. Okay, you just don't get it, molly. Okay, shiloh says -- oh, my god, kristina! Every time I speak to you these days, it's always "shiloh said this" and "shiloh said that." "Shiloh said I should think for myself, so that's what I'm doing because shiloh said that I'm thinking for myself." Do you hear how absurd that sounds? You know what? I shouldn't have come here. If you can't trust me and support my choices, then I just need to move on. What does that mean? It means I can no longer have the two of you in my life. This is great. When are you gonna introduce me to my mentor? I already have. I've decided to mentor you myself. Really? Mm. Wow. Um...

[ Chuckles ] Okay, when do we start? Well, I'll contact you. You need to make yourself available to me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Think you can handle that? Um...yeah. I-I have kids. I have a great support system. I can pretty much do...whatever. Great. We're done for the day. Of course she'd call you.

[ Sighs ] May I see her? Okay, just to be clear, I have no intention of letting her go. You understand?

[ Door opens ] I just snap my fingers, and here you are. I love it. Yeah, that's an old habit. One I'm looking forward to breaking pretty soon. What do you want? I-I-I want to make you an offer. My freedom... in exchange for the preservation of your secrets. No, thanks. Hoo. I so hoped you'd play nice.

[ Sighs ] It's your life that's about to crumble. Well, you've been gone a long time -- plenty of time to sever whatever ties there were between us. That's impossible. Alex, whatever you think you're holding over me is lost to the ether. Well, we'll always have lisbon. Visiting time's over. Bye, alex. Sorry to disappoint you. No, no. It's only fair. I disappointed you.

[ Door closes ] Every time I thought ryan was out of my life, he came back. He held me hostage in a cabin and tried to kill me. And then he held me in a mental institution for trying to kill him. And did you -- try to kill him? I was defending myself. It's too bad you didn't succeed. I watched ryan burn to death. I witnessed that with my own eyes. And he still came back. 25 years went by, and he made it. I think the only reason why I'm still alive today is because he turned his obsession to you. Lucky me. Lucky he didn't take you off that bridge with him. Well, he tried. And even though he landed in the water, you cannot let your guard down, because if ryan is still out there, he'll be back for you.

 Sam, what are you doing here? Hey. I just came to talk to shiloh. About how he's some evil master-manipulator who's lured me into his cult? No, actually. I wanted to take one of his courses on commitment. Oh. Wow. Well... that's good for you. At least

someone in my family isn't afraid to connect with dawn of day's message. Yeah. Look, I-I know molly is giving you a hard time, but I thought mom was on board. She probably thinks so, too. I'm sorry they're giving you a hard time, but you know they love you. Yeah, well, love without trust is empty. Thank goodness I still have you. Yes, you do. I told you it was a cult. I'm not saying you're wrong, but we have to be honest. It is your sister's M.O. To storm off and declare her independence. Well, yes, but this time is different. She's going home to a house full of people who are always gonna tell her exactly what she wants to hear. As opposed to her mother and sisters, who are honest with her, which makes her dig her heels in even deeper and push us further away.

[ Recorder beeps ] This is kristina corinthos-davis. This is my trust offering -- a symbol of my commitment to dod. This secret is about a member of my family.

[ Sighs ] Shiloh: No, no, no, no, no. Don't erase that. It's such a nice name. Hello... willow. A farewell party. How nice. Well, since you betrayed me, I suppose it's the least you can do. As I see it, you betrayed me first. Still, I think your handsome doctor is seeing you a little clearer now. Your halo isn't quite as shiny as advertised. Yeah, well, I-I'm -- I'm willing to live with the consequences of my actions. Oh, god. Doesn't it get tedious holding yourself to such rigid standards all the time? You know, most of us like to cut loose every once in a while. Oh, speaking of which -- please tell robert I'm sorry I missed seeing him one last time. A tout l'heure.

[ Elevator doors close ] Hi, alexis. It's laura. I'd like to meet with you to, uh, wrap up the details of my marriage. If you could call me back... thanks. I remember how badly I wanted revenge on ryan after what he did to me. Well, I don't understand. Are you -- are you offering to help me kill him? I'm telling you, the more you hate him, the more he wins. Yeah, well, I know you're right. I do. I know it. I just... I don't think there's any way that I can stop. Well, here's hoping that they can recover the body, check the dental records, and do a dna screening, because until there's proof, I don't think I can let myself trust that he's gone. Felicia's right. You can't be too careful. You got to keep your guard up. Until there's a body, we can't take for granted that ryan is dead.

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