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General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 3/20/19

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Episode #14243 ~ Carly grows concerned; Chase makes plans for the weekend; Willow panics; Kristina attempts to prove her commitment to Shiloh; Alexis cautions Julian.

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[ Sighs deeply ] What do you think? I think this is very private. Thank you. And why'd you need to see me? 'Cause this shiloh situation -- it's getting a lot worse. So, tomorrow, 10:00 A.M. We start with the median on flint street. Rain or shine. And if we plant the seeds now, the flowers will be in full bloom by the summer. Thank you so much for heading up the beautification project. Well, anything we can do to help the community and spread awareness of our family.

[ Chuckles ] You know, I am very impressed with your initiative. Although I can't say I'm surprised. Thank you. Mm-hmm. I was thinking about what you said last night. The next step? I'm ready to take it. Hello, willow. Hi. How are you? Good. How are you? I'm good. Remind me to thank the school board for spring break.

[ Sighs ] I know. I love my kids, but I needed the time off. Well, how's this for a happy coincidence? I actually have the next four days off. I guess all that overtime paid off. So we might get to see each other more than once this week? I hope so. How do you feel about going away for the weekend?

[ Sighs ] Hi. Hi. I'm assuming you're here to see kim. Mm-hmm. H-how is oscar? Uh [Exhales deeply] You know, there's no really good answer to that. They got some pretty devastating news last night. In fact, I-I wanted to stay with kim, but, uh... turns out ava was in pretty bad shape herself. Well, I'm sure she has a lot to unpack, having been engaged to a serial killer. You think? Last night, she got so obliterated, she showed up on carly's doorstep. What are you actually hoping for, anna? That I'm going to tell you you were never a double agent after all? Well, I'm sorry. I can't do that, because you did do all those horrible things. All the lies and the backstabbing... I mean, things that I actually -- I didn't witness myself, but that I heard about. What have you heard, d-dr. Finn? Oh...as much as anna's felt comfortable telling me. Alex: Oh. Well, not much then. She's not the bastion of righteousness that you think you're dating. Okay. Stop it, all right? That is enough. Stop changing the subject. You tell me what I need to know and you get your eyesight back. Hey, guys. Sorry to keep you waiting. I was just putting avery down. By the way, she had the best time baking cookies yesterday. Oh, yeah, it was really nice having all the little ones from our crazy extended families together for that.

[ Laughs ] Speaking of family, uh, lulu and I were just catching up this morning, and we couldn't help but notice that sonny seems to be out of town. And I know that he was talking to robert scorpio about trying to locate dante, so olivia and i wondered... did sonny run off after dante without telling any of us? Okay, I'm here. Who are you, and why do you need to talk to me? Sonny gave me your number in case I got into any trouble. You're his friend? Well, probably the closest thing he's got to one. What happened to sonny?

[ Gunshot, body thuds ]

[ Shouts in turkish ] What did you do? I had no other choice.

Away? Like away away? Together? Yeah, that's the idea. You know how my family's originally from boston, right? Well, my father was a professor at bc for years, and we had a tiny house on nantucket. I would spend the whole summer there, and it was beautiful, especially in the springtime, before the tourists swarmed in. Wait. Aren't your folks in california? Exactly. So the house is just sitting there, empty. And seasonal flights are starting up again, so I thought we could make a weekend of it. But no pressure. Not at all. I mean, if -- if it's too soon... no, no. ...I-I understand. I'd really like that. I've never been to nantucket -- never been anywhere on the cape. It sounds fun. Great, great. I-I'll set the whole thing up. And we could leave thursday morning? Sounds perfect.

[ Exhales sharply ] Where are you going? Well, if you're whisking me away, the least I can do is get the first round. I'll be right back. Hey, chase. Um... hey, michael. Look, I don't want to interrupt, but, uh, do you got a second? Uh, yeah. Yeah, what's on your mind? Okay, um

[Clears throat] Look, I wanted to pick your brain about dawn of day. Last n ight, I was, uh, gonna meet my mom and my sisters at charlie's for dinner. And molly and i got there first, and we overheard kristina talking to valerie, telling valerie that she was a "negative influence" in her life and that she couldn't be a part of it. That's valerie -- carly's cousin? The cop? Yes. Basically, kristina's only friend that's not part of dod.

[ Sighs deeply ] Well, did you talk to kristina about it? No, there was no way on earth I was gonna talk to kristina. I confronted shiloh myself. You've taken some impressive steps recently, kristina. Removing the negative influences in your life can be a painful process. But it's necessary. I'm glad to hear you say that. I think you're ready to join the trust. It's our core group. The decision makers of our family. But I thought that -- no, dawn of day is open to all and listens to all voices. However, with a family as large as ours, we need people that are the core group that help influence our major decisions. I thought everything was discussed openly. There's a separate group calling the shots? No, not separate. Just the heart of the group. You see...the reason why we keep this secret is because of your reaction. We don't want to elicit any negative thoughts, like jealousy. That would just be counterproductive for everyone else. So, who else is a part of it? Well, once you're initiated into the trust, you'll see. We keep it private. And you think I'm ready for that? I do. I do. But since we're trusting you with our most important group, it's only fitting that you offer us a sign of trust, as well. Guys, no one's trying to keep you out of the loop. Okay, th-there's just -- there's nothing to tell. Sonny did go looking for dante. He left for turkey last week.

[ Sighs ] I haven't heard from him since, okay? Are you kidding? So -- so, first, the wsb loses contact with dante. Now sonny's off, disappeared? Something could've happened to both of them! Okay, I know. I know, olivia. I'm really -- I'm really worried, too, all right? I'm sorry. Am I annoying you? Wait, wait, wait, wait. Nobody is annoyed, olivia. You're not annoying me, okay? You're not. I'm just exhausted. It's -- it's been a really rough couple weeks, and I haven't had coffee for days. You? You're off coffee? You normally have four cups by now. I know, I know. I'm just, um... I'm just trying something new, you know? I'm just trying to be healthy. All right. All right. I just remember the last time you went off coffee, you were a real, uh... piece of work. Okay. That must've been... well, what, you were pregnant with joss, so it would've... holy mary, mother of god. Carly, are you pregnant? You're pregnant. W-- olivia, that is ridiculous. Carly is not... oh? You are pregnant, aren't you?

[ Laughs ] I'll take it from here.

[ Grunting ]

[ Grunts ] You all right? Yeah. Nice work. Yeah, you, too.

[ Exhales sharply ]

 I think you're enjoying this. I do. I think you're enjoying this, seeing me sitting here completely helpless. Well, maybe we should just leave me like this, you know? 'Cause making a deal would just ruin your fun. You think I'm enjoying this? I'm not. You think I've forgotten how terrifying it is? It's horrible. I-I-I want to just help you, with no strings attached. Like a sister. But we're not just sisters, are we? I don't trust you, and you don't trust me. So here we are. We've made a bargain. I agreed to it. And now it's your turn. Are you sure?

[ Exhales sharply ] Just say it. Boris mikhailov. What a blessing! Yes.

[ Laughing ] Oh, my gosh! But you know you can have a cup of coffee from time to time. Ah, well, I can't, I can't, because this is a super high-risk pregnancy. Which is why we haven't told anyone yet. So I'd really appreciate if you guys can just keep this to yourself. No, of course. Well, n-now, does sonny know that he's gonna be a father again? Or did you find out after he left? He knows. He was with me when we had our first sonogram.

[ Sighs ] Yeah. Uh, he was also there when he heard the doctor tell me "no stress" about three times. Oh, well, you haven't exactly been doing that. I know. But I did have a checkup after the ryan horror show, and everything is fine. But this is yet another incentive for sonny to get himself

and dante home. Sonny went into raj's compound yesterday and never came out. Well, if he's lucky, he's only been captured. We -- we have to go in and save him before it's too late. Well, I can't believe that worked. He's not gonna be out for long.

[ Exhales sharply ] We gotta get out of here while we still can. Got any idea how we're gonna get through that gate? As a matter of fact, I do. Ava showed up at sonny's, drunk? That's like handing him leverage to a custody fight on a silver platter. Well, I don't know what to tell you. I mean, ava's in a real spiral. Well, whatever my differences are with ava -- and there are many -- no one deserves that. Neither she nor laura. Oh, he's a sick bastard. Ryan got ava to be vulnerable with him, he got her to grieve with him, and he's the one who killed kiki. I mean, ava literally gave her heart to a guy who doesn't even exist. I can't even imagine being deceived like that. I can. Of course I trust you, shiloh. Completely. Absolutely. I do. I believe you. I do. But when someone joins the core group, it's customary that they give us a "trust offering," if you will. Trust offering? Yeah. It's A... a bond, an unwavering bond between family members, between the core group. A secret, something that you've never told anyone else. But the classes are all about working through your secrets. No matter how high one of our members reach, there's something that holds us back. We always forget our most important tenet. "Full truth, no matter the consequence." To be part of the inner circle, you must be able to be willing to share a secret. Something that is so devastating, something that is so important that it would change the way people see you if it were ever to have come out. Wow. Yeah. Think of it as giving someone the key to your house. The ultimate sign of trust. But if you're not -- if you're not ready for that, that's -- that's okay. There'S... there's no judgment in this house. No. I mean, I'm -- I'm ready. I'll do it. Chase: Dawn of day? Isn't that that charity organization that had a rally the other day? Yeah. Um... look, I-I don't suppose the pcpd has heard anything questionable concerning them? As far as I know, we've only dealt with the group when they request a permit, or when they ask the station to take part in one of their food drives. I've only heard good things. Why do you ask?

[ Exhales sharply ] Well, my -- my sister kristina, uh... you met her at new year'S...? Uh, well, she's getting more and more involved with this -- this dawn of day group. She's even living in the house. On the surface, it seems like a good fit. You know, as part of dod, she's -- she's doing good work for the community. But? But she gets, uh, defensive -- even hostile -- when anybody dares to question dawn of day or their objectives. I don't know. You can't say a word against their leader. It's like kristina worships this shiloh guy.

[ Glasses shatter ]

Anna? Who is boris mikhailov? He was a scientist. Defector. I-I-I didn't recruit him or anything. I was just the courier. And it was my job to take him from st. Petersburg to a meeting place in berlin, where I was gonna hand him off, and they were gonna take him over the checkpoint.

[ Voice breaking ] But I led him right into an ambush. I thought I did... boris was such a courageous old man. The reason he defected was because he realized that his science was being used for all the wrong purposes, and he wanted to do some good in the world. But it cost him. We had to leave his cat -- kroshka. Mm. Well, we had to make the train, you know, and so we left. That was such an endless journey. But as we were nearing berlin, boris, he started to get... really excited. Because he was looking forward to conferring with all the western scientists. And we turned down ackerstrasse. Ackerstrasse. And, uh, there were two gunmen waiting for him. And I froze. What I should have done is, I should have p-pulled my gun first and fired. But I didn'T. And they shot him and then ran away. That was you? Mm-hmm. Yes, it was me. I mean, I knelt down, and I-I tried to administer first aid, but

[Inhales deeply] It was too late. He was gone. It was so fast. In the nights afterwards, you know, when I couldn't sleep, I told myself that, um... ...you

know, h-he didn't reallyhave time to be afraid. It has helped, over the years, knowing that you were shouldering that pain with me. But it was never yours to shoulder. It was all mine. I-I bailed on dinner and went straight to the dawn of day house... I must have gotten to charlie's right after you left. You were there last night? Yeah, I was, uh -- I was meeting michael. You know, I didn't -- I didn't see alexis, but kristina and molly were there having a huge fight. About? Dawn of day. Molly was saying that it was a cult and that kristina should get out. Oh, god. I cannot imagine how kristina reacted to that. Well, she, uh, said that she didn't need molly anymore, and she stormed out. What? Are you kidding me? That doesn't make any sense. I mean, they're sisters. Of course they're gonna butt heads, but there's no way that kristina is gonna cut molly out of her life completely. Until now. Whatever mind games shiloh's playing with your sister, it's working. Did you get anything new out of him? I... couldn't get into it too much with shiloh about kristina before he turned the whole thing around on me. What do you mean? Well, he said that I was concerned about kristina being too involved at dawn of day because I had a fear of commitment. I mean, I'm -- I'm not kidding you. He told me that there was actually classes that I could take to help me with my issues. This guy, his pitch is -- is like an art form. Yeah, kristina's convinced. Shiloh is charismatic. And if he has kristina considering cutting ties with her family, there is no telling what he can get her to do. What's that for? Well, I can't introduce you to the other members until you're one of us and can meet us on equal footing. The trust offering has to come in your own words. Okay. Okay.

[ Recorder beeps ] So, kristina... what's your darkest secret? Something you've never told anyone before? Um... I told you about my affair with parker, my english professor at wesleyan. Mm-hmm. We fell in love with each other, despite how everything started. But I wasn't honest about that beginning. The truth is that I sensed parker's attraction to me, and I tried to exploit it for a better grade in her class. I blackmailed her --

[ Recorder beeps ] What?

[ Clears throat ] Look, I-I know that that's a painful -- painful thing. I do. But I also know that it's something that you've shared with other members of the family in the past. You're gonna have to dig deeper. Willow? Oh, my god, I am so clumsy. All ri ght. Here. Careful.Don't cut yourself. Yeah, I'm sorry. We had a little accident here. I'm sorry, guys. Here, let's go sit down. Are you sure you're okay? Yeah, I'm fine. I just tripped over my own feet, like an idiot. That's all. I haven't even had a drink yet. I'll, uh -- I'll get drinks. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to, you know, interfere with your date. No. You guys seemed pretty intense. Everything okay? Um... yeah, it's -- my -- my sister's getting really involved with this, uh, dawn of day group. Have you heard of them? Look, I can run a background check on him. Just give me the name of the guy in charge. As far as I know, it's just one name -- "shiloh." Yeah, I don't know. I-I really hope this -- this -- this whole group isn't some pyramid scheme or... something much worse. Yeah. Do you know something about dawn of day or shiloh? I know dod is a big presence in beechers corners. It's a-a tight-knit group. Kristina is even threatening to cut people out of her life if they -- they dare to question dawn of day. Then you have to get her out of there! I-I mean, you're a pretty level-headed guy, michael. If you're suspicious, there's probably a reason. If I were you, I would -- I would do everything in my power to make sure your sister is okay. Oh, honey, you poor thing. But if you can't have coffee, at least you can have some water. You got to stay hydrated. Carly: Thank you. I just wish there was someone else we could contact, you know, someone who could let us know that dante and sonny are okay. Well, robert scorpio was the one who gave sonny dante's last known whereabouts. So maybe he could find him. Do you have his number? I don't have his number personally. But I could get it from my mom or anna. On it! On it? Yeah. You have robert scorpio's number? Well, remember, I, uh -- I helped him find anna a while back, a few years ago. -Huh. -Hm. What? We text once in a while. Calm down.

[ Laughs ]

We are not doing anything. You're a kid. I'll, uh -- I'll call my people, and we'll handle it.

[ Cellphone ringing ] I-I'm 15 years old -- yeah. Hold on. Hello? Uh, hey, robert? It's olivia. Olivia falconeri?

[ Chuckles ] Been a while. Yes, it has. You know it's quartermaine now. Uh, listen. I am here with carly and lulu. And the way I hear it, you are helping sonny track down where dante was last heard from. That's right. Dante's your boy. Hey, robert, it's carly. I haven't heard from sonny in days. And I'm getting concerned. Uh, look. Uh, don't worry. I'm here in ankara. I'm gonna bring 'em both home. Have you seen dante? Yeah, is sonny with you? No to both, but I know where sonny is. You think they could be in trouble?

Uh, look, um... I got to go. Uh, but I promise I'll contact you. I got to take care of this. Bye. Now -- dev?

[ Sighs ] Damn. I told him to be grateful I only cut off the one finger. And that if he ever questioned my orders again, I'd have his head. Falconeri! Where do you think you're going?

So, tell me. That noise. What was it? My father, he tried to escape. I had to, uh -- had to take him out. I can't imagine that was easy. But you did the right thing. Yeah, I guess you were right. Killing him was the better option. I was just gonna go take a minute. You do what you need to do. We'll take care of the body. Thank you.

[ Footsteps approaching ] I found this kid lurking around outside. Saw him the other day, too. He stole my wallet. What should I do with him? Wow, okay. Yeah, I know I lied to you, but putting me on the same level as ryan chamberlain -- wow, okay. Well, why compare?

[ Sighs ] Maybe I was talking about ryan and me. Because I had a session with kevin, and it was actually ryan.

[ Inhales sharply ] Oh, that's right. I-I totally forgot that you had sessions with -- with dr. Collins. Yeah, I did. I mean, I hope he didn't hurt you. No, it was nothing compared to what he did to ava. Well, let me tell you. There's a part of me that hopes that son of a bitch survived going over the falls. 'Cause then I could

[Inhales deeply] What? You could what?

[ Exhales deeply ] Kill him yourself? In a career such as yours, this was just a minor glitch. No one's fault. You didn't betray boris or do anything wrong. But it must have killed you to think that you could've saved him if you'd been able to act. I'm so shocked that you didn't realize that that was the implanted memory. Because you would never freeze up. You would never indulge in a -- in a split second of panic. I'm always the one who panics. I'm the one who freezes up when it counts. Why don't i feel any better? I mean, I-I feel... relief that it wasn't me who froze. I've carried s-so much shame about that all these years. But I can still see the man's face. I can hear... that...voice of his. I remember the cat. I... knowing that it happened to you, it doesn't make it any less real for me. I know. You don't understand.

[ Recorder clicks ] I tried to blackmail the first woman I was in love with. It's mortifying. It is. It is mortifying, I agree. But it's also something that you've told other members of the family before. This needs to be a secret, krissy, a secret that no one has ever heard, that you've never uttered before, ever.

[ Knock on door ] Michael: Kristina?

[ Sighs ] It's okay. You'll figure it out.

[ Door opens ] Hey, kristina. Michael, hi. Hey. Michael, shiloh. Pleasure to meet you. Hi. Welcome. Thank you. Yeah, certainly. What are you doing here? Uh, yeah, look, things got a little weird last night. Yeah, molly was completely out of line. Well, that's got to be refreshing, right? I mean, historically, you're usually out of line, so... ha, ha. Um... let's go for a walk. I mean, anything you have to say to me, you can say in front of shiloh. I trust him. Kristina is cutting ties with family. She's completely under shiloh's influence. It's time to take her out of the situation. W-wait a minute. When you say "take her out of the situation," what do you mean by that? Take her where? To sonny's island? Well, at the very least, it'll give us some distance between her and shiloh. Oh, kristina -- you know her. She's only gonna dig in deeper, jason. And if we try and intervene, she's gonna think that we're the bad guys. She's got to figure out on her own that dawn of day is a fraud. Dawn -- the dawn of day cannot exist without shiloh. If he disappears, the problem is solved. Why do you bother me with this? You think I care about some street rat? We gotta go. I know the kid. He helped me out. Raj: Get him out of here. Could be an informer. You sure you want to take that risk? Fine. Eliminate him. What? No, no! I-I didn't do anything!

- Just like any other family

the house, kids, they're living the dream

and here comes the wacky new maid -maid? Uh, I'm not the... - is she an alien, is she a spy?

She's always here, someone tell us why - why, oh, why - she's not the maid we wanted -because I'm not the maid! - But she's the maid we got -again, I'm not the maid. I protect your home and auto. -Hey, campbells. Who's your new maid? No, krissy. Of course. Please. Take a walk with your brother. It's important that you clear up any "weirdness" that happened. Okay. This is far enough. What, you can't walk around the block? Okay, don't judge things you don't understand. Look -- hey, I am not here to fight -- or judge. Then why are you here? Honestly, I'm, uh -- I'm a little annoyed that you didn't tell me what the loan was for. You told me it was for classes. It was. I thought

academic classes. I didn't realize the loan was conditional upon you approving what I used it for. It's not -- it's not that. Look, I...

[ Inhales deeply ] I'm just worried, okay? Look, you -- you moved into this place and -- and -- and -- and you're spending all your time with these -- these... people and I -- "these people"? We're helping the community, not selling crack. A-a-and you're talking about things like -- like "negativity" and -- and "finding your truth" and I... kristina, you don't -- that's not -- that's not you. You never talked like that before. I'm changing, michael. I'm becoming my own person. What, by using somebody else's words and immersing yourself in this group 24/7? Look, kristina, I-I've been asking around, and willow told me that I'm -- I'm -- I'm right to be concerned. You had a pretty strong reaction to dawn of day. What exactly do you know about them? When I hear about a group that involves a male mentor and an impressionable woman, alarm bells go off. That's all. Chase. Hi, willow. Finn, hey. Dr. Finn. Oh, uh, just finn, please. Finn. Would you like to join us? Oh, no. No, no. I just, um... I just -- I came to get some food. And I-I don't want to interrupt. I just -- I -- I thought I'd say "hello." Actually, I need to step away for a minute. The parents expect prompt replies to their e-mails, and I want to clear the decks -- so I'm totally free this weekend. I will check flights. Sounds great. Flights? Yeah. Yeah, we're going to dad's place on nantucket. Or the place he and your mom bought... before, uh... it's okay. I'm gl ad someone's gettingsome use out of it, you know? Hey, it's looks like the two of you have gotten a little closer since I last saw you. It won't be much of a jump for kristina to realize that shiloh was eliminated to break his hold on her. And kristina, she would blame herself for his death. And she's already fragile. She can't handle that. You have to let me stay in there longer. I -- I just don't know how much time that you have. Please, you have to let me -- it's -- it's not me. It's not me. It's sonny. He's gone right now, looking for dante, but when he gets back to town and he hears what's happening with kristina? You know him, sam. He will not let this continue. I see how you're trying to change since you got out of prison, and you're doing quite well. You're making a living.

[ Exhales deeply ] You're trying to be a de-- a dependable person for kim and oscar. Is there a "but" in there? But...you were a doting husband to me for the first few months of our marriage. Until you went down the rabbit hole and destroyed everything we have. And believe it or not, I don't want you to do that again. I want you to be happy. And if that's with kim, then so be it. You have a chance for happiness, and the only way to do that is to keep your impulses at bay. Raj: We made a deal, dante!

[ Gunfire ] You should have honored it! Cover me.

[ Grunts ] It's over, raj! Drop your weapon.

Everything that you're saying makes sense, okay? I'm just not sure sonny's gonna feel the same way. Okay. Then I have to make progress before he gets back. W-- how? I don't know. I mean, if kris-- kristina is in dawn of day, the only way to get her out is for me to get in there, too. But that's -- but you're already doing that. I need to take it farther. I have to join shiloh's cult. Kristina: Who's "willow"? Michael: You met her at the metro court on new year's eve. Oh, right. The teacher. So, where does she get off judging dawn of day? Okay, look, I'm just saying a lot of people find this place... ...weird, all right? And I love you, krissy. I'm just concerned. Okay, I don't need your concern. I need your support. And if you can't give me that -- well, then what? What? Are you gonna cut me out of your life, like you did with molly? O-or valerie?

[ Exhales sharply ] Just please be supportive. You're so concerned about dawn of day controlling me when you're the one that's trying to tell me what to do. This is my home now.

We are family. Hey, look. I-I'll --

[ Exhales sharply ] I'll always be there for you whenever you need me, okay?

[ Sighs ] My family is the worst. I mean, why can't they just try to see things from my point of view? Well, I could see that you didn't let your brother's negativity infect you. That you stood your ground, but respectfully. Yeah. Yeah, I did. Um... but michael should just listen to me and not everyone else. I mean, who cares what "willow" thinks?

Familiar faces don't you think you're going a little overboard with this whole "big brother" thing? No. You're the one who wanted a relationship in the first place. Busting your chops about your love life just comes with the territory.

[ Chuckles ] All right, I get it. Just do not start calling her a schoolmarm again. I was just teasing you about that. And I...think it's nice. It's nice that you found someone you can be serious with. Yeah, we're just taking things slow. We've got all the time in the world. I know it's short notice. But I need to break my lease immediately. You're, uh -- you're not wearing a wire, are you? You know what? I don't even know why I try to help you. Okay, I'm kidding. I'm joking. I'm sorry. Look, it's just that, when you go out of your way to help me like this, I feel like I don't deserve it. But, uh... I do appreciate it. We're always gonna be connected, right? Whether we like it or not. Well, I like it. And I'm glad that we're at a place in our lives where I can count on you to have my back. And I want you to know that I'll always have yours. Of course. See you around. So, sorry. I'm -- I'm gonna -- I'm gonna pry a little. Feel free to tell me to shut up. I -- it wasn't planned. Ah. I was very surprised. I should've been taking birth control, and I wasn't, so I got knocked up. Sorry about that. No, no, no, no, no. Don't apologize. You're in very good company. That's what happened to me with, you know, both dante and leo. And, honestly, it's a really good lesson. Because, carly, I spent both of those pregnancies so terrified and so nervous and dreaming up worst-possible-case scenarios. And -- and both times, it worked out better than I could've possibly imagined. And you know what? I think that's gonna happen here, too. Sonny's gonna bring dante home, and this whole thing is gonna work out better than we could have possibly imagined. Dante: Sonny? You okay? Raj is dead. I wanted to bring him in. That's what this whole thing was about. But I-I-I had no choice. Sounds like justice to me. The intel I-I got on raj's organization is probably enough for the wsb to take the whole thing down, but... we did it. You shouldn't have come after me. You put a target on your back -- the bureau can protect him. Reinforcements are probably on their way. We gotta get out of here. All right.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

[ Robert laughs ] Ah, corinthos. Discreet as ever. Stand down, guys. We're cool. So... who'd like a lift home?

[ Screaming ]

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