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General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 3/19/19

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Episode #14242 ~ Sonny gives an extraordinary command; Ava goes in search of tough love; Liz is deeply conflicted; Oscar awaits his results; Julian makes a care package for Kim.

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 Hmm.  Oh. I've just been so desperate -- mmm -- for a cup of tea. [ Chuckles ] Mmm.

[ Smacks lips ] Ahh. Who brought it to me? I-I'd like to think that it was my sister, you know, because she cares about me... oh, for pity's sake. ...But I'm guessing it was you, dr. Finn. I, uh, didn't tell you how I-I take my tea, so I'm -- I'm presuming that you made it the way that anna likes it, yeah? Well, consider this our attempt to humor you. Oh, consider me humored. Yes, it's -- it's lovely. I mean, I don't think I could ask for anything more. Except maybe my sight back. Not until you tell me what I need to know. Hi. Hi. How are you feeling? I-it's, uh... yeah, it's okay. I'm -- I'M... I'm really ready to get out of here. I'll bet. I'm just trying to figure out when I am released, am I getting a hotel room? Well, I know what I want to say. I'm just not sure I can.

[ Laughter ] Can you believe that? You can see all of the falls and some of the rapids from the helicopter. It was so cool. Totally checked off the bucket list. Yeah. We still have a few more to go. Oh, whatever. Okay, that was nothing compared to the views that trina and I saw on the bus ride down to port charles. Ohh. I mean, come on, look at this. Have you seen a prettier gas station? Okay, well, it's -- it's not that bad. Let me see. Yeah, I mean...

[ Laughter ] ...The bathrooms look like they're inside. Major bonus. Oh, shut up. I had to go there.

[ Laughter ] Wait. Let me see it again. Come on. Come on. Let me see it again. That's crazy. Thank you for going the extra mile for oscar. Yeah, honestly. Uh...

[ Chuckles ] Have you slept? Who needs sleep when there's coffee? Right. I'll let you know as soon as the test results come in. Thank you. Thanks. Reinforcements have arrived.

[ Sighs ] Hey. Hey. Wow. Was that enthusiasm for me or the coffee? Both. Aww. I can't leave you. If I do, raj will kill you. No, you don't give him a chance. What do you mean? You're gonna kill me first. What the hell are you talking about? Just trust me. How bad is it?

[ Sighs ] Send her up. Yep.

[ Receiver clacks ]

[ Slurred ] Where is she? Where is my daughter? I demand to see avery right now.

 It just seems like we keep going around and round... okay. ...And saying the same things. All right, so it's -- maybe what we need to do is just try and figure this out, then. It's one thing to love you, and I do. But it's another to keep telling myself that loving you means we're somehow disconnected from your history and the things you've done. I know that. Every time something bad happens in this town, your past is gonna be thrown in my face. And I'm okay with that. Really.

[ Sighs ] I am. I'm a grown woman, and I -- I made a choice to be with you. But I'm also a mom. And right now, it's really nice that the boys know you are doing the right thing, and -- and they know that their -- their faith in you was justified, but it doesn't change what they went through. And I hate that. It makes me feel really selfish. No. Come on. Yes. It does. Like, I kind of will put my kids through anything just because I-I want -- I want what I want, and what I want is you. And I really miss our life together. Me, too. I just love you.

[ Voice breaking ] And I just love you. But I got to keep... I got to keep my boys first. I need to do what's best for them, and I just don't know what that is right now. I'm sorry. No, don't be. Don't be. I know that you wanted to get this all settled, and I -- no, it's okay. Take as long as you need. I'll be right here waiting for you. And -- and here's the bus driver.

[ Laughs ] And -- oh, my god. Okay, this is the guy who snored the entire way back to port charles. What? Trina didn't kick him? Oh, she totally would've, but I had the aisle seat.

[ Laughs ]

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, my god. Look at that. No way! What? We've been invited to a volleyball tournament at duke! Like... the university? Yeah! Only 15 teams in the entire country get invited, and we're one of them. Oh, my gosh, that's awesome! College recruiters are gonna be there. This is so major. Well, we can make another road trip out of it. When is it? Um... you know what? Let me check with my mom before we plan anything and see if I can even go. You know, she's pretty much my manager these days, running my life for me.

[ Chuckles ] Tell me about it. I mean, except my mom's less of a manager, and more of a parole officer. Mm-hmm. But you already have one of those.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, snap.

[ Laughs ] What? It's true. Did you really just say "snap"? It's retro.

[ Monitor beeping steadily ]

[ Chuckles ] I'll leave you two to it. Uh, drew, hold up, man. This has got to be better than the stuff they serve here. Probably right. Thanks. You're welcome. I've got someone to check on before I go. Okay. I'll text you if I, um, hear anything from terry. Thank you.

[ Telephone ringing ] So, what's the latest? No news. We're just -- we're in a holding pattern. Hm. That's got to be frustrating. Truthfully...

[ Sighs ] ...I'm terrified for it to end. Avery! Hey, uh, baby. Avery, mama's down here. Would you come on down? If avery were here, she would be sleeping, but she's not here.

[ Chuckles ] Come on, carly. Don'T... lie to me now. You think I'd let you in the house like this if avery could hear you? Like what? You're wasted! You're stumbling, and you're slurring your words. Go home and sleep it off, ava. Not without my kid, I'm not. She's not here! Well, then, where is she? Hey! You know something?

I'm the mom here. And I need to know where my daughter is. I have a right to know it. She's at the quartermaines' with michael. She was baking cookies with her cousins all afternoon. She fell asleep in the quartermaine nursery at 7:00.

[ Sighs ] It probably would've been nice if milo had just told me that. Whoa. Where are you going? Where do you think? No. No way.

 it's not as if I don't feel for you, anna. I do. Well, then this is gonna be very easy for you. Yes, it must have been such a shock to discover that dr. Cabot had... subjected you to this kind of experiment, transferring some of my memories to you so that you actually believe that they happened to you. That must have been quite unnerving. She does have a gift for understatement, doesn't she? Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] I-I-I heard that, at some point, they had managed to improve the process, and that they were able to transfer an entire lifetime's worth of memories from... patient 6, was it, to patient 5? I mean, yeah, you should feel very fortunate that dr. Cabot, at the time, could only manage a minor transfer. Doesn't feel minor to me -- at all! So, you're going to tell me what it is, or you're gonna remain in that darkness.

[ Gasps ] Really, I wonder if you should maybe ask your very delightful boyfriend to step out for a second. Why? I don't know. You're not showing yourself in a very good light. You're being very cold and demanding, you know. I happen to think she'S... ...perfect. Ah. And I'm happy to do this any way she wants to. So, spit it out. Well, I wish I could. Because I don't want this to be any more unpleasant than it has to be. But, you see, the truth is... as much as I love you, anna... ...I just don't trust you.

[ Sighs ] This is risky. It's gonna work. It has to work. You're needed at home. I'm needed at home. There's been an unexpected development. I'm guessing it's not a good one. Yeah, well, I want it to be, but... I just heard carly'S... pregnant. Car-- you're having another baby?

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] I don't believe it. Ow. Um... yeah, I -- [ Sighs ] I don't either, but, you know, that's why... we got to make this plan work. Okay. Okay, we will. It's gonna be dicey, but we're gonna get you -- get the hell out of here. You okay? Yeah. Yeah, no, I'm good. I can't imagine what you went through the last few months. No, you can'T.

I can'T. I can't even imagine it. Thought I was just gonna sail in here and, uh... you know, I'd been undercover before. Thought I knew the drill. You didn'T. Not even close. Hey, hey. Hey. Is that for me? You want this? Oh, yes. Thank you so much. Here you go. Knock yourself out. I've had my fill. Wow. Bless your heart. So, how is the recent hero of port charles? Uh... that's you. Yeah. Yeah, I'm not so sure about that. I'm just, um... I'm just wanting to hear what's going on with oscar. How's oscar? We're waiting to hear back about some tests. Okay. Yeah. Please let me know if there's anything I can do. I think all you can do is get out of here, man. Yeah. Not sure where I'll go when that happens. So, uh, not to get heavy or anything, but I'm actually really glad I'm with you guys. You're, like, the only people I can trust with this. Whoa. I'm intrigued. What am i supposed to do now that franco is supposedly a hero? I mean, I was so not okay with it when he first started dating my mom, and I still think that the best thing for her to do is just to unload the guy. Step up, say it doesn't work out, and just get rid of him. Okay, yeah. I mean...that's the ideal situation, but...it's not your decision to make.

[ Monitor beeping steadily ] Oscar: Hey, cam, have you talked to your mom? I mean, actually told her what it's been like for you and your little brothers? She doesn't care. That's not fair. Your mom loves you. Yeah. But she doesn't know half of what happened. All the things that they were saying about her, the teasing jake and aiden had to go through. And then there's franco. I mean, he says he loves us, right? But if that were really true, wouldn't he see how much he was hurting my brothers and bow out? It's really hard. I know you think you know what's best, and [Scoffs] You probably do. But all you can do is just be there for your brothers and love them.

[ Bag rustles ] What's that? It's for franco from jake and aiden. I promised them I'd give it to him. They really love him, huh? Yeah, but what they don't realize is that loving franco won't change how anyone else sees him or anything that he's done.

[ Door closes ] You haven't touched your food. Yeah. I'm sorry, I'm just... not really hungry. Oh, it's okay. You know what, can you tell me something good? Have you reached ava? Unfortunately, ava has not returned my calls, and when I stopped by there, no one was home. Maybe she just needs some alone time? Something tells me that's the last thing that ava needs. The quartermaines won't let you past the front gate, and you know it. And more importantly, think about it, ava. Do you really want avery to see you like this? She'll be scared and confused. Wait to see your daughter in the morning. If at all, right?

[ Scoffs ]

[ Laughs ] Man, you got to be so happy right now. I mean, you're the big winner. I couldn't have given you a better present if I tried. I'm not doing this. Doing what? You want me to punish you, ava. You want me to tell you how awful and hateful you are, how you're not fit to be a mother. That's typically a whole lot of fun. You crave it. You came here looking for it, okay? 'Cause then you get to feel sorry for yourself. But I'm not doing it, okay? I'm not gonna play the self-pity game. Do you really think that this is fun for me? No, I don't! I think it's torture. I do. You show up here with all this drama, drunk, railing on anyone who will listen. This isn't about avery. It's about you. And you're hiding behind the fact that you alienated kiki and you treated her like crap. Well, go on.

[ Sighs ] Come on. You just -- you just left out the best part, right? I alienated kiki. I treated her like crap.

[ Voice breaking ] And I wound up sleeping with her killer.

Know where you're gonna go when you get out of here? You're gonna go home with elizabeth and the kids. I'm not so sure that's what she wants.

[ Footsteps approach ] Hey, cam. I-I can come back. No, no, no, I was just leaving. You guys, uh... cool? Yeah. Thank you so much.For sure. It's all gonna work out. You know that, right? Good to see you. What you got there? It's, uh, from jake and aiden. They asked me to bring it to you. And you did. Even though you didn't really want to. Hey, hey. Hey. How's it going? Hmm. Oh, that good, huh? Mm. Did you just come from franco's? I did. Are you gonna tell me to let him come home? I'm not gonna tell you to do a damn thing. Thank you. You're welcome. I-I am gonna say this, though. Um, if memory serves me right... ...did we used to be together? Um... I think so. Yeah? Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Despite things not working out for obvious reasons

[Clears throat] I can say, um... just from personal experience, when you're a lost and screwed-up guy, which I certainly was, having you to support me and to believe in me and to love me, well, it got me through what was, at the time, the most difficult period of my life. And you did the same for franco. And I'd like to think that, uh, you sensed some good in me. Maybe a little. Yeah. Oh, good! I did.

[ Laughs ] Good. And despite a troubled past, that leads me to believe that you sense the same in franco. Look. You were right. He was forced into an impossible situation. And he did the right thing. He got a killer off the streets. Yeah. So at the very least, your instincts when it comes to franco... they're right.

[ Sniffles ] So you can trust him. You can trust to love him, you can trust your kids to love him.

[ Voice breaking ] But how do you know? Oh, for the life of me, I have no idea. But I do. I wasn't gonna go there. But you're thinking it. I slept with the man who murdered my daughter. And I can't fix that for you. No one can. But I can shield avery. I can. So you don't drag her down while you spiral out of control. It doesn't have to be that way, ava. Oh, no?! No! No, you can pull yourself together and step up. At least to the point where you don't drag avery into all of this. Or is wallowing in self-pity so damn important to you?! Well, I would think that you'd actually encourage it.

[ Scoffs ] Anything to keep avery from me. Okay, let me be clear -- I can and will use this spectacle against you at the drop of a hat. But not to be vindictive -- to protect avery. What the hell? Is that what you want? Do you want to be someone who your daughter needs protection from? Do you?

[ Laughs, sniffles ] Every mother's dream! Stop it! Come on, stop it! Stop being a coward! Look at yourself. You hear yourself. This can't be the life you wanted. Well, you've certainly got me there. 'Cause disowning my daughter and then taking up with the man who killed her was definitely not on my list of things to do!

[ Sobs ]

[ Voice breaking ] I don't know what to do. I don't know how to deal with it. Tell me what to do.

So kind and good and compassionate. And she thought that everybody deserved a second chance -- 20, in my case. Do you have any idea how many times she forgave me? And how do I repay that compassion? By ranting to ryan about her, telling him all the different ways and all the times that she betrayed me.

[ Voice breaking ] I told him that I fantasized about getting revenge. So what if he did what he thought that I wanted? What if it's my fault that she's gone? I don't know how to live with that. I don't know what to do with it. Carly: Okay, ava. You're responsible for so many things. But you're not responsible for ryan chamberlain killing your daughter. You need to stop. Uh, you need to call someone and tell them to come get you. I don't care who. But tell them to drive fast. You remember that, uh -- that night you surprised me at charlie's? Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] I've come to think of that as the... "last good time."

[ Sighs ] You know, before josslyn called about oscar's seizure and before I realized that ava was eloping with a dead serial killer. I wish we could just go back and stop the clock. So do I.[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Sighs ] Julian jerome. Hi. It's me. Ava. Where are you? I'm at, um -- I'm at sonny and carly'S. Could you come get me? Is everything okay? Just come get me. Yeah, of course. I-I'll be right there. I'm so sorry. I, uh... I've got to go pick up ava. Oh, yeah, of course. Is -- is -- is she all right? I-I don't know. I don't know. Um... listen, just, uh, do me a favor. Uh, keep me in the loop about, um, about oscar, okay? Mm. You know, 'cause I'm pulling for him. I'm pulling for all of you.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Thank you. Thank you. I hope she's okay.

[ Button clacks, door closes ] Hey. Hey. Dr. Randolph's assistant contacted me. The results are in. So, how you doing with all of this? I get why you lied. I hate that you did. That just about sums it up. I know that you've changed, but everything you've done before you had your brain tumor removed... yeah, that all still happened. Yeah, and it keeps coming back to bite you, which means it comes back to bite my mom, my brothers, and me. I can take care of myself, but jake and aiden -- I know. A-and I really do hate that you were all hurt by what I did. I-I know. And I get that they believe in you, and you make them happy, so I'm not gonna try to fight you or get in your way. Okay. Thank you, cam. I-I did promise you that I would -- that I would prove myself to you, and I will. It's just gonna take a little longer than I thought. But I'll do it, cam. For their sake, I hope you're right. I kept telling myself that this was just a job, that...whatever happened here, I'd leave behind me. I'm still hoping that's the case, you know, that we'd get out of here, get home, jump back, and my life's the way -- the way it was. It's gonna be an adjustment. Yeah, but I'm telling you, sonny, the things I've seen...here. The things I've experienced... ...they're gonna go away... like memories do, right? They're gonna fade away. I'm gonna be the man I was, the man my family needs me to be. Something I learned early on -- something I don't think you've learned yet -- whatever you saw here, whatever you did, you lock that away. Don't put that on the people you love. This is mob 101, huh? Pretty much. Well, I know that works for you. I just pray like hell that that works out for me, too. I'm blind. You think that it would be second nature for her to help me, but I know anna. She is a stickler for law and order. Just quit stalling, all right? You tell me what the memories are, or you don't get the cure. It's that simple. Ooh.

[ Chuckles ] Is it that simple for you, too, dr. Finn? I'm happy to make you better, alex. Aww. But only on my sister's terms. That's correct. Well, she doesn't get to make the terms, you see.

I do. And I will tell anna what part of her history actually belongs to me, and then she guarantees that I get the cure. Isn't that what I've been saying? And I get to walk away free. None of this wsb nonsense. No prison time, nothing. Take it or leave it.

[ Inhales sharply ] How bad is it?

[ Sighs ] She's asleep. Ava, your ride's here. Hey. Ava.

[ Groans ] Oh, hey, julian. Hey. I've been worried about you. You haven't been answering my calls. Where you been? Mm, around. Hey, do you remember when I told you I was getting married? Don't do this now, okay? Do you remember how happy I was? I was gonna be... a blushing bride at last, right? I remember. And you asked me if he really loved me for me, for who I really am. Well, he knew me, all right. But I didn't know him at all. Cookie? Aiden really pulled out all the stops, didn't he? Yeah. Did you see this?

[ Sighs ] You gonna tell me? You should tell me. You know, jake and aiden truly see you as their stepfather, a father who's been there for them in a way their own fathers couldn'T. You hold a very special place in their lives that can't be filled. So what am i supposed to do? Just rip you away from them? I don't want that for my boys. I don't want that for me. [ Chuckles ] We'd all be miserable. And the fact is

[Sighs] I'm so in love with you. And I'm so in love with you. So, now what? Drew: [ Sighs ]

[ Monitor beeping steadily ]

[ Door closes ]

[ Sighs ] The tumor's grown. Okay, cat scans are often -- they have a -- have a margin of error, and -- and mris are often misleading -- we ran multiple tests. There's no doubt. Okay. So, um...what about his recent seizures? He could have another one at any moment, and most likely, it'll be more severe and more debilitating. How much time do I have? I'm not gonna lie to you, oscar. Realistically... we're looking at a month to six weeks. It was here. I couldn't catch my breath. It was the last song of the night. It felt like my heart was skipping beats. They said I had afib. What's afib? I knew that meant I was at a greater risk of stroke. I needed answers. My doctor and i chose xareltoŽ to help keep me protected from a stroke.

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 I think that we love each other, and -- and -- and when you open yourself to love like that, it's -- it's scary, because... there are these storms, and -- and you and i have made a commitment to weather these storms together. And I can't promise you that there's not gonna be another storm, 'cause there will be. But I can promise you that I will never hurt you intentionally. I promise you. That's good. And I promise that, too. So, come home. Really?

[ Chuckles ] Yes. You're my husband, and I love you. Please come home. I can set up the surgery. Alex could begin treatment within the hour. Okay. And you will give up those memories before you even go to the O.R. Mm-hmm, yes, just as long as you guarantee that I'll walk away a free woman. Fine. Is that a promise? Yeah, yeah, that's a-a promise. Okay. All right. I'll tell you, then. But only as long as you truly want to know. Will it really change so much knowing what happened to me instead of you? Why don't you just take your past as a whole and just move on? Why go digging around? Wow.

[ Scoffs ] What? I don't -- whatever it is must be really bad because you're stalling again. You know why I want to know? Because I've done a lot of things in my life that I regret. All right? And it's burden enough for me to carry those mistakes around. I'd rather not carry yours, too. Terry: I'm so sorry. I wish I had better news.

[ Breathing shakily ] Can I just have a minute alone with mom, please? Yeah, bud, sure, absolutely. Hey, uh, let's, uh... thank you. I love you.

[ Monitor beeping steadily ]

[ Door closes ]

[ Sniffles ] Hey. You...do not have to be strong for me. Do you understand? I just want to thank you. What?

[ Inhales deeply ] It's always just been the two of us -- just you and me. And I-I know how hard that must have been for you. You know that being your mother was, is, and it will always be my greatest privilege. Whatever good I have in me, whatever courage I have, whatever good I do in the time I have left... ...everything I've learned about life or death... ...it's all because of you. Everything that I am is because of you.

[ Sniffles ] Oh, no.

[ Laughs ] Stop. My beautiful boy, it's not. It's because of you.

[ Crying, chuckling ] I love you. I love you so much. And I'm so incredibly proud of the young man that you have become. Don't cry. Your poise and your grace. And I love how empathetic and compassionate you are. And how you make me laugh. I wish I could take credit for all of that. But I can'T. 'Cause that's you. And I'm so incredibly grateful...

[ Chuckles ] ...That I get to be a part of it. I'm scared. I know, baby. I am, too. It's okay. I love you. I love you. I love you so much. I don't want to leave you. You're one of the strongest people I know, and I know it doesn't feel like that right now. But everything's gonna be okay. You, lulu, and the kids, it's all gonna work out. But if we want to pull this off, we can't be found here. I'll go make sure everything's ready. Hey, I'm sorry I shot you.

[ Sniffs ] I don't think raj gave you a choice. Anyway, maybe I had it coming. W-why? Because you shot me? Yeah, I-I guess you're right. Now we're even. We're lucky we're still alive. Yeah. Dante. I love you, son. Yeah, I know you do. Come on. Let's get you home. Okay.

[ Grunts ]

[ Sniffles ] Well, I probably said too much, so... I guess you'll use it to try to keep avery from me, huh? I'm not saying I'm gonna ignore what happened. But if you get yourself together, I might not use it against you. Leverage. Always good to have. Thank you.

[ Sighs heavily ] Wow.

On the next "General Hospital" --


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