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General Hospital Transcript Monday 3/18/19

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Episode #14241 ~ Sonny is willing to die for those he loves; Finn agrees to help; Michael takes Mike out for barbecue; Sasha has a heart-to-heart with Peter; Jordan tries to be optimistic.

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what the hell is this? Such a shame, mr. Corinthos. You've come such a long way to see your firstborn, only to find that your firstborn doesn't want to come home with you. He's quite happy where he is. Right, dante? What did you do to my son? Do? Dante's here of his own free will. He's eager to be a part of my organization. At least, that's what he claims. But now is his chance to prove it. Take the gun, dante... and kill your father. What happened? I got a text that you'd been admitted. I-I-I can't see you to say "hello" -- I-I'm currently blind. No, that's not -- that's not possible. The -- the hn-242 virus was -- was neutralized. T-there was no chance of a reoccurrence. It's not a reoccurrence. That's my sister, not me. So, you're alex? Uh... dr. Alexandra marick. Um, but since we're practically family, you can call me alex for short. Dr. Finn, you sound like a lovely man.

[ Sniffs ] You smell good, too. Uh, I can't wait to see your face -- uh, just as soon as you cure me, of course.

[ Sighs ] Oh, peter. I'm glad I caught you. Do you have a second? Yeah, sure. What's up? We need to talk about my mother's wedding. Well, it's good to see you out and about. How are you feeling?

[ Sighs ] Fine. Try that again. What? Friends don't "fine" each other. Okay, well, how's this? I am grateful to be alive and almost fully recovered -- but honestly, there are certain things that could be a little better. Like, I just wish that dante was home, not off chasing raj in turkey. And I could do without the constant ryan chamberlain news coverage. Okay. So, we need some drinks. At your service, ma'am. Chet. You're working here? I am. See? The night just took a turn for the better. Jordan: Hi. What's in the bag? Hey, I brought you some clothes from home. Oh, you're sweet. Thank you. Mm. That's not to say you didn't rock the whole hospital-gown look.

[ Chuckles ] I tried. Oh. God, I've missed pants.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I'm happy to help. And I got some good news. Well, I don't see my bikini in here, so I guess we're not headed to fiji... not today. Mm, bummer. The doctors gave you the all clear. You're being released.

[ Sighs ] Finally. I need to get back to work. Careful, or you'll pull a muscle, typing that fast.

[ Chuckles ] You call this fast? Faster for me. I still hunt and peck. You were going at millennial speed just then. Well, gotta keep up with the times, marcus. What brings you here? Yvonne took a fall. Ohh. My god, I can't tell you how great it is to be out of the house.

[ Sighs ] -Cabin fever? Yes. I love your grandmother, but the hovering was driving me crazy, so I just needed a break. Just like mike, right?

[ Scoffs ] I don't understand. Uh...are w-- are we looking for yvonne here? Michael: Oh, uh, remember when we -- we said we were gonna go out to dinner? You said you were craving ribs. Yeah. So, here. Take a look and see what you'd like to order. Well, that wouldn't -- wouldn't be very polite. Let's -- l-l-let's wait for sonny. When's he coming? If you truly want everything we talked about, prove it. Shoot him. Dante. What are you doing? Getting everything I want.

[ Groaning ] Ow! You barely nicked his arm! He's no good to you dead. Alive -- he could be a valuable asset. I'm listening. Sonny controls a major trade route in and out of canada. You want your merchandise in the U.S.? He can help facilitate that. You kill him, jason morgan takes over. He's not a businessman. He'll shut down your U.S. Trade, he'll find you, he'll kill you. So, you want to make money? Or do you want to die? Thanks. When did you start working here? A couple days ago. And nobody said anything to me? What were my mom and mac thinking? And what were you thinking -- applying for this job without using me as a reference? Well, I was hoping to get hired on my own merits. Well, congratulations on your independence and initiative, but my feelings are still hurt. How can I make it up to you? Hmm... do you have any extra copies of your calendar lying around? I am the maid of honor, you're the best man. I just want to make sure we're on the same page about valentin and nina. Why wouldn't we be? This wedding means a lot to nina. She lights up whenever she talks about it. I know. I've seen it myself. I also know that you have a complicated history with valentin -- not all good stuff. Sabotaging his wedding day would be quite the revenge. But you wouldn't just be hurting him. You would be hurting nina, too. I tried to make preliminary arrangements to reach out to alex, but I needn't have bothered because she texted me from the airport to ask me to come pick her up. I still haven't figured out how you managed to enter the country again. Well, it's tricks of the trade, darling, isn't it? You know as well as I do. Um, dr. Finn... I hear you are, uh, a bit of a genius. So I-I was wondering if your skills really support your reputation? Yeah, I can neutralize... the virus. Then it's a relatively simple procedure to repair the damage to your eyes. But I am quite fond of my medical license, and I'm not in a rush to lose it for aiding and abetting a fugitive.

[ Gasps ] Ooh, anna! You've got a bit of a feisty one, there. I like him. Um... I imagine, dr. Finn, that there's -- there's some way that I can compensate you for your efforts on my behalf? Well, that would -- that would be up to your sister. Yeah, I thought that might be the case. Finn will help you in return for one thing. I'm all ears. You tell me which of your memories are implanted in mine!

Keeping him alive is complicated. Killing him seems a whole lot easier. You kill him, you get killed. You have connections. Ask around. You get a list of people, organizations that have crossed sonny and wound up either dead or busted. I'll make some calls. But if I decide to eliminate him -- I expect you to do the work. No half-assed arm shots. Whatever you want. Get the father out of my sight. I need some time to think.

[ Groans ] Ow! What on earth are you going on about? The dvx did a study on memory transfer between identical twins... memory transfer? That's a bit far-fetched. Don't you think that's a little far-fetched? I think someone's having you on. I was patient one, and you were patient two. I know you always wanted to be first. How kind of the dvx to accommodate that. I mean, if any of this actually happened, of course. You know what? You can stop lying because dr. Cabot told us everything. Everything? Are you sure? You were a willing participant in the study. Anna, not so much. She was abducted and drugged. I've only just found out about this. And you've known about it all along. So you need to tell me which part of my life actually belongs to you. Well, it's not my calendar... oh, please. You're definitely a standout, mr. October. Okay, I'm sorry. It's like you two are speaking in code. Oh. I thought I told you. Chet is in the "men in uniform against M.S." Calendar -- oh, you did mention that. Yeah. Several times, actually. Okay. And I thought if he had an extra copy lying around, maybe he could give it to you. See what a good friend I am? I don't want to put you on the spot. [ Chuckles ] Actually, I do have an extra copy. It's not on me, but I'll drop it by the invader office. Oh, thank you. That would be great. I'll be back. Okay. You made him blush. Oh, he's so sweet and modest. And trust me, he looks really good in uniform. Sonny can't come, mike. Uh, he's working. This late? You know what, ma? I'm gonna put our order in. Uh, is everyone okay with a half-rack and the fixings? Yes. Get extra mac 'n' cheese so we can take it home to josslyn and avery. Okay, sounds good. Thank you! So, avery is in this really cute phase where she wants to do everything that josslyn does -- she wants to dress like her, eat like her. It's so cute.

[ Chuckles ] W-why don't you call sonny on the phone? And, uh, I'll talk him into taking a break. That boy works too hard. I can't do that, mike. Sure you can. You said he's at work. So, just call him. I can't do that. It's not that simple. Are you sure work is what's keeping sonny away? What else would it be? I think you're holding out on me. I -- you -- you can tell me what's going on. You know, before -- before michael gets back. Are you and my son fighting? Clearly, valentin doesn't have the best reputation.

[ Chuckles ] He's hurt nina in the past. But he's also the reason we were reunited. And nina couldn't be more grateful. She's about to have everything she ever wanted. I hope that nobody would ever do anything to take that away from her. Any news on dante? Mnh-mnh. The wsb is being all kinds of cryptic, so... no. I'm sure they're searching. I just want my husband back. Is that too much to ask? Or, at the very least, to know that he's alive and safe? I...shouldn't have said that. I'm sorry. I -- I-it came out wrong -- lulu! No, no, no. It's -- it's okay. Seriously, I'm not really sensitive to that stuff anymore. Really? Yeah. I mean, it took a while, but I'm fine. Chet really helped me with that. I did? Yeah. You told me that I had a choice. That I could be bitter and dwell on what happened, or I could be grateful for the good times -- look back at them and smile. Carry them into my future. You remember that talk? Yeah. You really helped me that day. I am not going to miss that hospital gown. Hey, wow. How do I look? As beautiful as always. Mm. Now, what do you say you let me take you home? Please? Let's get out of here. No, nice try. I have to coordinate with my team.

[ Sighs ] You know I can't fall any further behind than I already am. Baby, you can do that from home, okay? I already arranged an office space for you. I have been in touch with detective chase, okay? He'll arrange for you any case files you'll need. You did all that for me? My motives are selfish. I just don't want to see you pushing too hard. I know. Maybe, at some point, we can find some time to cuddle on the couch...

[ Laughs ] ...And stare lovingly in each other's eyes, yeah? How's that sound? Like you're gonna have to hide my phone and my computer.

[ Laughs ]

[ Laughing ] Come here. Thankfully, yvonne didn't break anything, but she hit her head, so they insisted on sending her here for a cat scan. Well, that's normal procedure. Yeah, so they tell me. But it's still scary, I know.

[ Sighs ] I'm sorry this happened, marcus. Thanks. Long as she doesn't have a concussion, she'll be fine. Yes. Mike, on the other hand... did mike see her fall? No. But when I got to turning woods, the staff said that he was upset he couldn't find her.

[ Sighs ] Poor guy. So, I called mrs. Corinthos to let her know. She said she'd take him out, get his mind off it. Well, that was a lovely, thoughtful gesture -- just what I'd expect from you. There's nothing wrong between me and sonny. We're good. I promise. Then why isn't he here? Because he's away.

[ Scoffs ] You told me he was working. He is. He's out of town, working. What's he off to? Well, he's -- he's off being a good father. Come on, carly. Would you please tell me what's going on? Okay. Do you remember how I told you that dante was working overseas? Thank you. Overseas? Yeah. Where? Turkey, I think. But isn't that place dangerous? Yes, but it's nothing that dante can't handle, and sonny has gone to help him, and they're gonna be home soon. I wish yvonne had been more careful. I hope she didn't get lost. I'm sure she's fine. You know, I need to see that for myself. You know, can you -- can you take me back to turning woods now? Hey, uh, grandpa, don't -- don't you want to eat dinner first? No! No, I n-- I -- [ Scoffs ] -- I-I need to go now! Now, now.

[ Sighs ]

[ Footsteps approaching ] You come to finish the job for your boss?

 Dr. Cabot told me that some of your memories were transferred to me, and that I -- I remember them as experiences -- w-w-whatever they are -- as though I actually lived them myself. Well, how lucky for you. I've lived an enviable life. You need to tell me which of my memories are yours. How am I supposed to know? You know what? You've been dodging ever since I picked you up on the curb at the airport! Okay, okay. Before this deteriorates into a-a family squabble, let's restate the terms, all right? Mm. All right. Now, alex, you tell anna what she wants to know... ...and I cure your blindness. I'm sorry if I came off overprotective or anything. I just want nina to be happy. Don't apologize for caring. It's great that nina has such a sincere relationship... with her daughter. We've worked hard to get where we are. I was in total denial when I found out I was adopted. I didn't want to believe it. You seem to have adjusted. Well, thanks to nina. The more I got to know her, the more open I was to being her daughter. In part because it means so much to her. She's a kind and generous person -- she deserves something good... and that's you? Do you still ever visit nathan's grave? Yeah. I go after N.A. Meetings sometimes. Helps me focus -- remember why I got clean. I can always tell when you've been there. You leave those, um, yellow flowers. Yeah, daffodils. Yeah. Uh, nathan wasn't much of a flower expert either, but he loved those. Ooh! I had a vase of them in my apartment last week, and I took a picture of james... god, he's gotten so big.

[ Gasps ] Isn't it crazy? Oh, he's the cutest! Yeah. I just wish I could put him on pause sometimes. It's like I turn around for a second, and he grows an inch. Well, how old is he now? 10 months. You really should come by and see him sometime.

[ Clears throat ] Just tell me when...

[ Whispers ] Okay, don't look now, um, but there's a guy who looks like he's about to crawl over the bar to serve himself if you don't go take his order right now.

[ Laughs ]

[ Both chuckle ] Oh, he's the sweetest. Did I tell you that he and amy set up a trust for james? You did, but I -- you know, I had assumed it was because amy and nathan were friends. I didn't realize that you and chet were so close.

[ Carly sighs ] Michael: We can't go, grandpa. Our food just got here. Yeah. I'm not hungry. What are you talking about? You kept saying you were starving on the drive over here.

[ Scoffs ] I'm too worried about yvonne. You know, I-I couldn't find her anywhere earlier. I-I need to make sure she's okay. We will. We -- we will. We'll -- we'll, uh -- we'll take you to turning woods as soon as we're -- we're done eating, okay?

[ Sighs ] Yeah, and listen, part of the reason I wanted us to go out tonight... was so I could tell you both at the same time. What? Tell us what? Well, um... not a lot of people know, so we're trying to keep it quiet, but as grandfather and big brother, I think you both have a right to know... know what? Sonny and I are having another baby.

[ Chuckling ] Whoa. Well, what do you know?

[ Laughter ] Congratulations! Thank you! Uh, mom, mom, that's -- that's amazing. That's -- that's the -- that's the best news I've had in a long time.

[ Chuckles ] How's the arm?

[ Sighs ] Just a flesh wound. Just like you planned. You did a good job covering it. I don't think raj even had a clue. You could tell? I know my son. It's good to see you alive. Gave us a scare... back home.

[ Sighs ] I'm sorry. I hope you know why I did what I did. Raj tried to kill your wife and you wanted to get justice. I get that. But the situation back home has changed. What do you mean? Sonny, what's wrong? Something bad happened to lulu.

 Chet is a friend. She said very unconvincingly. Look, I-I've got no shame in admitting that I had a crush on him in high school. Like we all did. He was the best player on the team -- super talented, but had no ego. He never let the football players tease the nerds. Remember that? He made friends with everyone. Besides, he's got the best smile. And you don'T..."like him" like him or anything... I might not be the greatest daughter for nina, but I'm trying my best. What more could any mother ask? I know how you've struggled to accept yvonne and mike's situation... it's like what you said -- they're "coping partners". Mm-hmm. They help each other through this horrible disease. I won't begrudge them that. But still, contacting mike's family on his behalf? That's -- that's above and beyond.

[ Chuckles ] And as a friend of mike's, I thank you. I was headed to kelly's to grab yvonne a slice of coconut cream pie for after her cat scan. Care to join me?

[ Sighs ] I would, but... I have to go check on my nephew's wife upstairs. How's jordan doing? She has a long recovery ahead. Her injuries from the accident had her lose a kidney, the other's still damaged. Did she find a donor? She's on the list. Do they accept organs from dinosaurs like me?

[ Chuckles ] It's the thought that counts. Please let me know about yvonne. I will. Give my best to jordan and the rest of your family. Will do. I researched dialysis a lot this morning. Mm-hmm. I think I'll easily be able to fit it into my schedule. Get into a routine. Although it might dip into couch time with you...

[ Bags zipping ] Well, we'll just have to make the most of it. Yeah. Here you go. This is only temporary until I can find a donor. You will. I know. I mean, I have no doubts about the long-term. It's just... I'm worried about the next few months. Let's say that I'm hooked up to the machine when a major crisis breaks. And you'll handle it from the hospital.

[ Sighs ] You can handle anything, jordan. Yes, but the people of port charles have a right to expect the police commissioner to be on the scene.

[ Bag zips ] And you'll do it

after treatment. Look... I know it's gonna be a little bit of an adjustment, okay? But I promise you, you've got this. Yeah. As long as I have you to support me. For better or for worse. That's the deal.

[ Laughs ] I'm so happy for you, mom. I'm happy for all of us. Happy and surprised, right?

[ Laughs ] 'Cause I sure was.

[ Chuckles ] A baby! Yeah. That's fantastic! Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] Fantastic. Here, you better -- you better help me with these ribs, okay? 'Cause you're -- you're eating for two now. Oh. [ Laughs ] Uh, so, uh, grandpa, are you excited for, possibly, another, uh... granddaughter or grandson? Uh, maybe you'll have twins.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, n-no!

[ Chuckles ] One is enough. Yeah. All right, I'm -- I'm gonna go grab us some drinks to celebrate. Oh, a mocktail for me, please. Okay. Of course.

[ Chuckles ] Did you tell sonny? Of course! He was the first person I told. Well, then, wh-- why isn't he here celebrating? I told you, he's out of the country.

[ Sighs ] Can you... call -- call him, please? Can't you? Please, okay? I-I-I-I want to congratulate him on the baby. Lulu's okay. She just -- she was in the hospital for a while. What happened to her? She -- she g-- she got stabbed in her office. Stabbed?! Stabbed!

[ Exhales deeply ] By who? Franco. There was three murders -- franco?! There was three murders with-- within months, and lulu was gonna be the fourth, but she lived and she was able to identify him. That judge -- that judge -- whoever that judge was that granted him that ridiculous "brain tumor defense" should be disbarred. He should never have been able to hurt anybody, let alone lulu. Fran-- franco's caught. He's going to prison for the rest of his life. Lulu's making a full recovery. She's even going back to work. Doesn't matter. I should've been there. I shouldn't have left her alone. Dante, she's okay. She needs you. You need to get back home. That's what I'm doing here. Well, I was working my way back to port charles. What happened? You showed up.

Dr. Finn, I am shocked and saddened by the fact that you would bargain with a patient's health. I mean, you are violating the very code and spirit of the hippocratic oath -- "first, do no harm." What about the harm that you did to me?! You volunteered me to the dvx, and they tampered with my memory! How much did they pay you? 'Cause you know that that was her incentive. 'Cause you're not a believer. You're not even interested in the cause. It's the bottom line for you, always. All right, well, if you must know, yes, I was paid handsomely, but they assured me that you would be completely unharmed. Except for the memories that aren't my own! All right, hypothetically speaking -- you know...say there was a memory transfer -- and something you remember as happening to you actually happened to me... so what? Thanks for hearing me out. Sure. See you around. We've got a wedding to plan. Hey, michael. Oh, hey, sasha. It's, uh -- it's, uh -- it's good to see you again. You too. Um... all right, here you go. Oh, thank you. Someone's having fun tonight.

[ Chuckles ] Uh, yeah. I'm, uh -- I'm celebrating some, uh, good news with my family. Oh, that's so fun. Uh, well, I won't keep you. Enjoy. Hey, sasha, uh, wait. Um... can I -- can I buy you a drink? The, uh -- the umbrellas are optional.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I am feeling adventurous. Load me up -- umbrella, fruit slices -- the works.

[ Whispering ] I'm not saying... okay, I'm saying... chet is very flirty with you. That -- that was not flirting! He's just a nice guy. We are old friends. We have a history. Yeah, keep telling yourself that. I'm serious. I have no interest in chet as anything other than a friend. Because you're seeing peter. I...wouldn'T...say that I'm "seeing" peter. Then what is going on with you two? We're [Sighs]

[ Scoffs ] We're working on a special project together. What kind of project? I -- hey, there. Can I get you two another round?

[ Sighs ] Maxie would love one! But I have to get going. Besides, I'm sure that the two of you need to be working on your "project". Peter: What was that about? I, um... I don't know.

[ Chuckles ] Did you see who the new bartender is? Oh, I didn't know he worked here. Yeah, do you remember I took him to, uh, the christmas eve thing at your mom's house? Yeah, sure. Yeah, let me call him over -- wait a sec. Um... is everything okay? There's something I need to tell you. It's serious.

[ Stella clears throat ] Auntie --

[ Laughter ] Oh, relax. Hi. It's kind of refreshing to see you two acting like newlyweds again. Hmm. How you doing, jordan? I'm ready to get outta here.

[ Sighs ] Oh, I bet. Well, I am your last stop before we cut you loose. I'm here to tell you about what to expect once your outpatient dialysis begins.

[ Sighs ] Lay it on me. Well, most patients experience fatigue, but it'll subside once your body starts acclimating to the procedure. Okay. Is there anything else that we should look out for? Well, it varies. The most typical ones are itchy skin, muscle cramps, and low blood pressure, so make sure you're staying hydrated. Now, if anything doesn't feel right, call your doctor. Got it. I know you eat healthy, but you still have to adjust your diet. I want you to increase protein intake and limit sodium, phosphorus, and potassium. That can be arranged. Yeah, we'll, uh -- we'll review the kitchen when we get home. This'll be an adjustment, but you'll still have a normal, active, and productive life. Thanks, stella. I needed to hear that. You got a healthy future ahead of yourself... with my nephew.

[ Chuckles ] And -- and -- and maybe a little one one day?

Got nowhere to go so, I assume you're not seeing anyone? Oh, why? Do I give off that vibe? Oh, no. I, um -- I just doubt my mother would've tried to push us together otherwise. Well, she is correct. I am single. How single? I didn't know there was a spectrum. Oh, there is. The last guy I dated

claimed to be single. But then it turned out he was just waiting for his ex to forgive him so that they could get back together. And they did.

[ Inhales sharply ] Wow. Well, I, uh -- I can assure you I am not holding out for my ex. Especially not my last one. That bad? It was a mess. She, uh... okay, well, she came to town under false pretenses, and, uh, she told lie after lie and nearly destroyed my entire family. I'm sorry, mike. There's no answer. Yeah, but you can leave a message. He'll call back. Okay. Mike! Hey! It's so great to see you out and about. Um, I-it's me. It's lulu. Dante's wife. Oh. [ Chuckles ] Oh, right. Lulu. Lulu. Hey. How are you?

[ Sighs, groans ] Tell me about raj. I wanted to bring him in for... trying to kill lulu. But I also wanted to stop his mercenaries. They're selling military-grade weapons to anyone who will foot the bill. How'd you eventually get in with raj? I let them capture me. How did you survive? Well, I-I-I-I almost didn'T. I [Exhales sharply] Told him I ran with some rival...of his and proved that I had what it took to work with him, and... ...convinced him my law-enforcement background would be an asset. He bought that? Not at first, no. Um... held me prisoner for a few months. Spent some time in this cell myself.

 I didn't know you wanted to be a father. Well, I never said i didn't want to. So, you brought it up now? I advise you to consult with jordan's doctor. They'll be able to give you information about reproductive options in your condition. Right. But if you have any more questions about dialysis, I'm your gal. Thank you. Okay? Yeah. Take care. Thanks, stella. What was that? I'm sorry. That -- that just came out of nowhere. Yeah, out of nowhere and in front of your auntie when we've never even talked about children before. I take it back. No, don't do that. If you're thinking about it, then we should talk about it. Okay. We will. We -- at some point, okay? We don't have to talk about it now.

[ Inhales deeply ] Now... I just want to get you home. Okay. Sasha's here. Where? Don'T...look. What is wrong? I think she may be on to us... how? Well, she just keeps going on and on about how she wants nina to be happy, and how nina has everything she's ever wanted, and... sounds like sasha's feeling guilty. Uh...I'm sorry. Was that a -- was that a bit of an over-share? No, no. Not at all. Okay, 'cause I'm -- I'm -- I'm trying to be more of a, uh, honest, direct person. You know... I appreciate that. Really. Well, good, 'cause, um, I have something I'd like to confess. What is it? I, uh... I like you. I like you, too. Which is why I have to leave now. You have a wonderful life now. A prestigious job, devoted friends and family. You even have a rather attentive man. Isn't that enough? I want the truth! You took a dark road to get where you are right now. You can rail against me, but, honestly, you're no better, and, actually, there is an argument that you could be worse, because not only did you betray your agency, you betrayed yourself. So, if you really want to dredge all of that up, drag all your sins out into the light, and sort through them to figure out which ones are mine and which ones are yours, I think you're asking for trouble. Some things are better left alone.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Hey. Glad I caught you again. Any word on yvonne? Cat scan came back fine. She's gonna be all right.

[ Exhales sharply ] I'm taking her back to turning woods in the morning. Oh, that's great. And I'm sure mike will be relieved to see her. Yeah, I bet.

[ Chuckles ] Hey, I got you something from kelly'S. I am just loving...

[ Chuckles ] ...This whole thoughtful side of yours. Well, I need to return the favor. No need. Well, no, I could make some of my famous fried lake-trout sandwiches. Scratch that. Please do.

[ Laughs ] Those are criminally good. Well, I don't like to brag... you can brag.

[ Laughs ] I haven't had them in ages. I've not forgotten them. Well, you tell me when. I'm available. Hey, lulu. I, uh -- I didn't know you were joining us. I would've ordered you a drink.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, my gosh. Uh, you can have -- you can have mine. Oh, sorry. Spilled a little. It -- it's okay. I'm on my way out, but thank you. Oh, okay. I'm so glad you stopped by. You look great. Thank you. Thank you. I'm almost 100%... it was really great to see you. I will tell rocco that his great grandpa says hi. Oh. Oh, and tell that husband of yours, you know, to watch out, okay? I mean, what's dante thinking about, you know, letting you go out alone? He should be here with you. Couldn't agree more.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] Raj, he, uh... "tested" me.

[ Sighs ] Had to earn his trust. He wanted to make sure I wasn't a plant.

[ Chuckles ] That must've been hell. It was. But... I had him ready to send me back to port charles. He was -- he was gonna let you go? His plan...was that I'd resume working for the pcpd. But I'm working for him... on the inside, furthering his operations, bailing out his guys if they needed it. And what was your plan? I was gonna contact the wsb as soon as I hit new york. Can you go forward with all that? I can'T. I haven't even convinced raj to keep you alive. He can decide to kill you. Well, you're gonna have to follow raj's plan -- I can'T. If I leave, he's gonna kill you. We don't give him a chance. What do you got in mind? You kill me first.

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