GH Transcript Friday 3/15/19

General Hospital Transcript Friday 3/15/19


Episode #14240 ~ Michael is pulled into an argument; Jason reassures Molly; Alexis needs more time.

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surprisingly, I'm okay with it.

[ Sighs ] Come on, boy. Don't leave me hanging. You should be more careful, american. You took a while. That means you were discreet? Anybody see you checking out the place? I'm only seen when I wish it. I'm a shadow, a thief in the night -- enough. Is raj holding my son in that compound? Hi. I'm so sorry I'm late. I was having dinner with my girls, and I lost track of time. Well, you paid for this time. How you spend it is up to you. It's funny that you mention that because my middle daughter just lectured me on how my therapy is a waste of my money.

[ Knock on door ] You just couldn't stay away, could you? Try as I might. Not that I don't love seeing you... but you were hoping for someone else.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Thank you for coming. Well, imagine my surprise when you called and wanted to meet me. You must be desperate. Only for information. About what? My sister. Michael. Hey. Hey, I was, uh, texting joss. Yeah? Yeah, she said mom was in the hospital, but it's nothing to worry about and that you would explain everything. I will try to. Okay, well, is she all right? Is mom okay? Yeah, your mom's fine.

[ Sighing ] Okay, good. You know what?

[ Scoffs ] It feels like, in our family, somebody is always on the edge of disaster. I am not in a cult. When did you get so dramatic? I am serious! And ignorant. You know nothing about it. Oh, please! Kristina, you can barely even say three words without quoting your guru, shiloh! That sounds like a cult to me! How can I help you? Well, I came to discuss what's going on with kristina. I'm all yours. Would you mind just putting on your shirt first, please? Why? Does this make you uncomfortable? No, uh, you're not the first guy I've seen without his shirt on. Well, you seem flustered. There must be something significant about me.

 I-I just didn't expect you to...have your shirt off. Well, I'm not used to conforming to other people's customs in my own home. You? I don't, uh, live with a bunch of strangers. We're not strangers. Do you always just walk around like this?

[ Inhales deeply ] No, I mean, it's not really a big deal. I'm not really hung up on things like that. No? What about the door? Yeah. Do you always leave it unlocked? Well, how would we welcome those who seek shelter? So, anyone can just walk in here? It's an open community. I know this is port charles and all, but I-it doesn't mean that it's crime-free.

[ Chuckles ] Sam, are you worried about my safety? No, I am worried about my sister'S. Krissy's safe. I take care of her. She takes care of me. Shiloh has a history of manipulating women. He's manipulating kristina right now. He's trying to manipulate me. The sooner we can get something criminal on him, can getkristina out of there. Okay. I thought you, of all people, would defend my freedom to think as I choose. Are your thoughts yours, or are they shiloh's? Okay, you really think I'm an idiot, don't you? No. Hey, mom was skeptical, too. Was. Until she saw for herself what dod is all about. You just judge from afar. I don't need to join a cult to identify one. And I know that I want no part of it. You can't keep doing this, kristina! I-I can't evolve? I can't find fulfillment? You are always chasing after the easy answer! I mean, you can't settle on a school or a career or -- a man, a woman. I was gonna say a hobby.

[ Sighs ] Look...I don't care what you do or who you do it with just as long as you stay true to yourself. And nothing you've been saying lately sounds like the kristina that I know. Well, that's the problem. You don't know me at all. And that's on you. So, does dad have any idea that mom was shoved into a trunk and left to freeze? No, she doesn't want him to worry. Sonny needs to stay focused if he's gonna find dante and bring him home. I-I didn't see raj, but I saw his personal bodyguards through the gate.

[ Sighs ] That means there must be a lot of bodyguards. Uh, that means raj is close, which could mean that my son is close. I just -- I-I have to find a way to sneak in. There are many guards, many guns. I don't have a choice. My son's in trouble.

[ Quietly ] Here. Thanks for getting me this far. What are you gonna do? Find a way to sneak in. If I can't do that, then I'm gonna just knock on the gate. They'll kill you. If I'm not back by nightfall... call that number on that paper, and you tell whoever answers where I went. I can do you one better. What? Be ready when the time comes. Wait a minute! Where you going? Is your daughter opposed to therapy in general, or is her objection specific to me? Um, I think maybe I shouldexplain why she said that. We just found out that my last therapist was imprisoned and impersonated by his twin brother, a serial killer. I heard about dr. Collins' brother taking his place. A-are you saying that your sessions with dr. Collins were actually with his brother? Uh, just one. But that should've been enough. Enough for what? I should've figured it out! Well, as long as we are on the subject of your relatives... no, we're on the subject of my sister. Everybody else is not up for discussion. Then that puts me in a pickle. Every time I keep a secret from you, you get furious. Now I'm gonna tell you something, and you're not gonna listen.

[ Sighs ] What? Nina and I are getting remarried in may. Oh. I've asked peter to be my best man, and he's accepted. Really? After everything you've done to him? Well, it's called "forgiveness." You may want to look that up. What's this about your sister? I need to find her. It's important.

[ Sighs ] Did I come at a bad time? No, not at all. Thanks. You had a date? "Had" is the operative word. She left a few minutes ago. You and the, uh, school marm hit a rough patch? Willow is no one's marm.

[ Sighs ] And, no, we didn't hit a rough patch. Just the opposite. We actually had a great time.

[ Garbled ] So your little routine on career day worked? That was not a routine.

[ Chuckles ] Come on, the uniform, the dog -- at that point, it should be a felony for you to ask a woman out. Oh, like you've never asked a woman out while wearing your scrubs? Wasn't anna one of your patients? I'm pleading the fifth.

[ Laughs ] Seriously, I'm -- I'm -- I'm glad things are going well for you.

[ Sniffles ] Yeah. Yeah, we're just -- we're taking things slow. Hmm. Any slower and you'll be moving back in time. Okay, did you come here just to take pot shots at me? No. I, um -- I was just passing by, and I thought it was a good time to...stop by and tell you you need to call dad. So what has alex done to, uh, incur your wrath? Do I look wrathful to you? You look like someone doing an admirable job covering up. Oh. But, don't forget, I know you. I can tell when you're a spring about to snap. Oh, it's this proximity to you.... mm. ...Always puts me on edge. Good. Mm. I used to feel that way around you. And then we sorted out our mutual past. I know what transpired between me and you and what went down with your sister. Oh, great. Back to the point. When was the last time you saw her? I don't know if I want to tell you. I know what happens when you get angry. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, not even alex. So how about you tell me what your purpose is? I have something that belongs to alex, and I'm very keen to get rid of it. No one saw ryan chamberlain for who he was.

[ Liquid pouring ]

[ Pitcher thumps ] He had the whole city eating out of his hand. So, why is your failure to identify him any more egregious than others'? We've been over this. I told you -- I can pick a psychopath out of a crowd. Mm-hmm. And then I date him. I mean, it's all fun and games until one of them tries to kill me, but I digress. I just should've known. And yet, you remained vulnerable to him. Um, why do you think that was? Because I fell in line and -- and let myself be deceived by him. I mean, I knew something was wrong in the first five minutes, and I should've left. Or perhaps you looked past potential warning signs because you were desperate for someone -- anyone -- to confide in. Hmm. So, you're "taking care" of my sister? Mm-hmm. Well, that's kind of the deal here. Everybody pledges to take care of each other. arms do not mean closed eyes. We lock the doors at midnight. Oh. Okay, then. Yeah. You should come by sometime. Spend the night. Bring the kids. Hmm. You'll find that no house is safer and more secure. Okay, yeah, I will. What's wrong with you tonight?

[ Sighs ] I thought you were past questioning my judgment. I'm -- I'm sorry. I just -- I-I have my doubts. Huh. Well, I'm sorry. I thought that...our philosophies resonated with you. Maybe even applicable to your own life. Uh, I-it's more of -- of kristina's life that I'm concerned about. What's wrong? I just witnessed kristina basically write one of her friends off. Valerie was one of her very best friends, and she has some questions about kristina and the dod, and kristina basically just cut her out of her life, just like that. Really? Well, I'm sorry to hear that. Are you? Because I was wondering if you put krissy up to it. I've been changing. With shiloh's help, I've grown, and I've improved myself, and you would know that if you were ever around. What, are you afraid that your screw-up sister is going to embarrass you in front of your intellectual friends? That is not true, and you know it! I've been busy with school! Yeah. Right. You only have time to come down from your ivory tower to cast judgment on me. If I didn't realize how bad this dawn of day thing had gotten, it's because you've been keeping it from me! Because you knew that if I did realize what you've been up to, I would've called you out on this crap ages ago! Okay, so have you, uh, heard from dad? Any -- any sign of dante? If you're done lecturing me, I've got work to do. Are you kidding me?! Don't just walk away! You want me to be educated, then educate me! It's complicated. Kristina! What was that about? Or do I even want to know? So, you and kristina aren't close like you used to be? Uh... I don't know. She's been a little distant since she's -- she's got back from, uh, oregon. Um, but, no, we had a -- we had a heart-to-heart the other day, yeah. Made me realize how long it's been since we've actually...talked. H-how did she seem? Good, good. Um... she's making headway, figuring out life after parker. Ah. Oh, she's, um -- she's back at school. Yeah? Yeah, I, uh -- I fronted her the money for, uh, some classes. Where'd he go?! Back to his rat hole! He picked my pockets! I want my money! You'll lose your thumbs if raj finds out we left our post at the gate. The shipment will arrive on schedule. In cash, as agreed. See you then.

[ Footsteps approach ]

[ Gun cocks ] Where's my son?

Versations ] Alex offered you both up as experiments by the dvx? I don't want to dwell on it. I don't want to talk about it. Anna, that's awful. I mean, that must be agony -- questioning your own memory. Look in the mirror, not knowing who's looking back -- how much is you, how much is your sister.

[ Laughs ] Is this your attempt to be sympathetic, or are you twisting the knife? Hmm? What's the first thing they teach us in spy school? Don't jump to conclusions. And maybe the very thing that you're carrying of alex's may be the very thing that's sustaining you. Well, I won't know until I talk to her, will I? You be careful what you ask for... because it could be the very thing you cherish most... was never yours to begin with. So did kristina tell you I told her to confront her friend? No. Ah. But you think I did. I'm asking you. Did you?

[ Chuckles ] Look, it's none of my business who kristina wants to be friends with, okay? I don't interfere in people's personal lives.

[ Groans ] And here I am questioning my sister's stuff. Again, she's -- she's not a child. Yeah, well, there's a lot of phonies out there. Con artists. Yeah, you should know. Look, I'll speak to krissy about her friend. I'll see if I can help patch things up. I'd appreciate that. Thank you. Sure. But I can't promise that she'll see things your way. Some people find that the only way they can embrace dod is by going all in. Some people can't hack that commitment. Can you? We agreed that it would be a loan. Krissy, she's on top of it and, uh, has a schedule to pay me back and everything, so... so she said the money was for school? Yes. Well, no. Classes. Uh...I assumed that she means, uh, pcu or wherever. But why are you so interested? You're happy for her, aren't you? So then, why this huge problem with shiloh? I -- he's changed my life and majorly for the better. I mean, don't I seem happy? Yeah, y-you do. It's not an act. I -- nobody's saying it is an act. You just think that I'm lying to myself.

[ Sighs ] It's just never gonna be enough. If I'M...miserable, you're worried. If I'm thrilled, you're worried. How can I win with you guys? Molly, give it a rest! You know what? You didn't care if sam or mom found out because sam's policy is hands-off, and mom is on tiptoes around you, worried that one wrong move will send you running. But I can't be snowed. You know what? You should read this. It'll help you get a handle on your over-inflated self-regard. And how much money does all of this learning cost? How much have you shelled out? Do you know how much money people spend on therapy? And how many have nothing to show for it? This works for me. We help people. No one's getting hurt. Does that sound like a cult to you?! You are keeping secrets. You're dropping friends. You can't hack it when someone criticizes your group -- it's sad how my happiness threatens you. I am not threatened, kristina! I am worried! I'm beginning to think that you only love me when I'm pathetic. That I have to look so bad so you can look even better. Oh, my god! That is such a lie, and you know it! Maybe we should just agree to stay out of each other's lives. What?! Hey, hey. Y-y-you guys okay over here? Michael, perfect timing. Do you know what kristina's been up to lately? So let me get this straight -- you're saying that even if I knew ryan wasn't kevin, I wouldn't have cared because I'm so self-involved that I would let a serial killer run amok because I'm craving attention? Come on, alexis. You're smarter than this. You sought therapy to sort out your feelings about julian and how they may determine your role in risky behavior. These subjects aren't easily probed, and yet, you've been brave enough to face them squarely. Oh, so now I'm brave. A second ago, I was desperate. So I'm -- I'm a little confused. Quick question -- am I the least crazy client you've ever had or the craziest? Mr. Corinthos. Good guess. Answer my question. You are a very long way from home. You're one shot away from an early death. Funny how that works. Where's my son?

[ Door creaks ] Who's there? Show yourself or your boss dies!

dante, you okay? What are you doing? I'm bringing you home. Lulu and the kids, they need you.

[ Grunts ]

[ Groans ] You should never have come, mr. Corinthos. Now you'll never leave. Would you just quit stalling? I'm not stalling.

[ Scoffs ] I'm recognizing a familiar fear in your eyes. You and I are not so different. We're both haunted by regret, lies, betrayals, deaths -- memories that... bump us awake at night. Sometimes the good memories are all I've got to keep from drowning on the stormy sea on my bedroom ceiling. So if you want to start pulling threads on your life vest, just remember that good stuff's all we got. You gonna start cashing them in one at a time? Just tell me where I can find my sister.

[ Sighs, sniffles ] I don't know. I haven't seen her... since the pcpd. She came to me...just before I was sent off to the hague. After she escaped. You were still in custody. How did she get to you? She didn'T. You did.

[ Chuckles ] She does a very good anna devane. Yeah, what did she want? Ah, she wanted me to know...[Sighs] That the wsb had no case. As long as she didn't testify, there would be no conviction. She was a fugitive. She disappeared. So she must've been right.

[ Chuckling ] Oh, come on. Don't try and tell me that you're indebted to her. Don't do that. I'm not indebted to anyone. I'm switzerland. Hmm. I don't wish her ill, and I certainly don't want to provoke her. You don't have to do either. I just want you to get her a message. You want me to call dad? What's wrong? Hmm? Oh, nothing that I'm aware of. No, dad told me he subscribes to all the port charles papers, so... I mean, he's trying to follow your -- your crime-fighting career, and he's gonna know you were on the trail of a serial killer. Yeah, but the way things fell out, I was nowhere near chamberlain when he was finally confronted.

[ Sighs ] Oh. I mean, I... I had heard you went up to, uh, niagara falls. Yeah, but -- but by the time I got there, I... wait a second. You're not here to tell me to call dad. You're here to check up on me. You were worried about me, weren't you? You have no problem discussing what you call your -- your worst aspects, your biggest fears. But when it comes to the point in the process where you can actually do something about them, you run away. I don't know why you're saying that. I'm not running away. What am I running away from? I'm here. I got to my meetings. I pay my bills. How would you, uh, rate yourself as an attorney? I'm sorry? Good, bad, mediocre? Good. I'm a meticulous researcher, I thoroughly prepare, and I can think and adjust on my feet. What does this have to do with therapy? What do you do when you have a witness who refuses to give you a direct answer? You ask a perp if he has a gun -- instead, he gives you a dissertation on the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. I ask the judge to instruct the witness to answer the question. Well, I have no judge to appeal to, so I'm gonna ask you myself. You have no problem confronting your issues, so why are you afraid to overcome them? It's nothing. If it's nothing, why not tell them? Shut up, molly. Michael, do you know how kristina's been using the money you loaned her? Of course he does! Classes! Given by a con man! Wait. What? This shiloh guy is nothing but a fraud! You don't know what you're talking about. Kristina has been using your money to pay this loser shiloh to guide her down the "path to enlightenment"! And, yes, it is exactly as bad as it sounds! She is in a cult! Okay, I'm done. Oh. [ Sighs ] Wait, kristina, where you -- where you going? Come -- wait. No! No. I... I can't deal with this. I can't deal with your negativity. And I don't need you.

[ Coat scrapes lightly ]

[ Door slams shut ] Cult. We're talking about kristina's issues, not mine. I'm sorry. I can't deny what I sense. Or ignore a person in pain. What, and that's supposed to be me?

[ Sighs ] Well, you do admit that you're afraid of commitment. Oh, let's just say commitment never really worked in my favor. Yeah, well, maybe it's the wrong thing, the wrong people. Maybe you need to hit it head-on, explore it.

[ Chuckles ] Do you have a course for that? As a matter of fact. The student is compelled to confront the things that they shy away from. Like you shied away from me. So that's -- that's it? That's all I have to do, is look at it? And then commitment-phobia-free? Call it step one. What's step two?

 you see it, right? Kristina is being brainwashed. Look, molly, the harder you push her, the more defensive she's gonna get. But we have to do something! O-okay, you can't actually think this dawn of day garbage is legit?! Yeah, look, of course I'm concerned, but I need more information before I sound the alarm. Okay, jason, what about you? You have always looked out for all of us, especially kristina. It's clear that she is drowning right now.

[ Stammers ] Can't you do something?!

[ Quietly ] Shiloh is good, jason. He's better than we thought, and I'm really scared. What happened? He sells this whole... redemption story, and he -- he's good. I mean, like -- like, really, really good. And it took everything inside of me to... make him believe that... I was coming over to his side. What happens when I tell you that you walking around here half-naked doesn't faze me at all?

[ Footsteps approach, door opens ] Sam. What are you doing here? I was concerned that you and valerie had gotten into a fight, so I came here to talk to shiloh about it. Mm-hmm. Molly just gave me a lecture. I don't need one from you, too. You won't get one. Shiloh says that you know what you're doing... and he's got an eye on you. And I believe him. I am hardly running away. I am simply explaining to you that I feel unsettled because I just had a near-miss with a homicidal maniac. You could hardly blame me for that. Is that what you hear from me? Blame? I hear that...

[Breathes sharply] You think I'm holding something back, that I have something left to tell you. Do you? N-- y-yes...probably. There's always things left to tell, you know, work to be done, neuroses to conquer. Well, there are no quick fixes, but if you keep up the hard work, you will reap the benefits. I'm afraid I can't help you. Alex and I are not in touch. Doesn't mean you don't know how to reach her. Well, contrary to wsb folklore, there is no secret brotherhood of double agents and nefarious characters. If there were, I'd be on it. Don't flatter yourself. You're not so nefarious. This is important.

[ Indistinct conversations ] I'd consider it a step towards making amends.

[ Exhales sharply ] Okay, listen, I'm serious. I don't know where alex is. But I do know some people. I'll put out a couple of feelers. I may know someone who can reach her. Don't be a hero, mr. Corinthos. Sonny: You're making a big mistake. Let us go -- there won't be any trouble. Oh, from my friends at the wsb? Dante's already told me everything I need to know about their operations. How'd you get it out of him? You torture him? I'm gonna make you bleed for that. Sonny, stop! No, mr. Corinthos. The only person who'll bleed here is you. Will you do the honors?

You're genuinely concerned for my wellbeing.

[ Sighs ] Well, of course I'm a little concerned. You know, as long as you live here, you're -- you're kind of my responsibility.

[ Laughing ] Can you wipe that stupid grin off your face? No. No can do. I never thought that I would live to see the day that my big brother coddles me. Okay, that's it. Good night. -[ Sighs ] -Oh, come on. Come on, I'm just messing. Thank you, seriously. It means a lot. Look, you know, uh... just be safe out there, okay? You be safe. You're the one dating a super-spy.

[ Door closes ] Tell alex I know of her infirmity, and tell her that there is a remedy and I can provide it for her. Well, she's gonna be skeptical. It's not like you two are on the best of terms. No, when she hears this, she'll know it for what it is -- the truth. And then she'll come to me. And then this whole nightmare will be over.

[ Indistinct conversations ] You'd like to believe that. I'm afraid you're opening a door to your past. Let's just hope this nightmare isn't just beginning. I'm afraid our time is up. What?! I just got here. Well, perhaps next session, you'll decide to be honest. But, of course, that's up to you. You don't make this easy, do you? That's not my job.

[ Door closes ] I had a sex dream about julian, and I almost drank a bottle of vodka. See you next week. Looking forward to it. Well, I'm glad that shiloh got through to you, but haven't I been telling you all along that I know what I'm doing? Yes, you have. I'm sorry. I should've listened to you. I love you, and I think you are amazing. I love you, too. And I really hope things work out with you and valerie and you can become friends again. If not, I-I know everything's gonna be okay.

[ Inhales deeply ] Well, I should, uh, go get danny and scout. I do have kids. [ Chuckles ] Shiloh: Sam. Yeah? Sam, I hope you consider what we talked about. I will. Okay. Okay. Bye, kristina. I love you. -Bye. I love you. -Good night.

[ Sighs ] So... sam shared with me a little bit about what, uh -- what happened between you and your friend tonight. I'm sorry. It sounds like a rough night. It was just some negativity that was trying to get in my head. Did it succeed? Nope, I...cut it out, and I cut it off. If uncle sonny knew this was going on, he'd have given you the orders, and shiloh would already be fertilizing the pine barrens. Sonny's out of town. When he gets back in, I'll fill him in, okay? But michael's right. The harder you go at kristina, the faster she's gonna run to shiloh.

[ Sighs deeply ] Okay, so what do we do? Well, kristina hasn't fought with you. You might be the one person left to be able to reach her. Okay, but how? Try calling in her loan? Maybe if kristina can't pay, shiloh will block off the road to enlightenment. I doubt there's much of a chance of that. We got to let shiloh think he's winning. For now. In the end, it's gonna make it that much easier to take him down. I'd like to thank you for following sam last night. You see, she was already beginning to evolve, to understand our organization, and your active control and mistrust just helped further her down the path of enlightenment. It was also trespassing on private property. Wonder what the police would have to say about that. Should I call my lawyer? Is it necessary? You tell me. I applaud your positivity. But the forces of conformity are not easily foiled. My sister, molly, was in my face just like valerie... mm-hmm. ...But I stood up to her, and... I have to admit, it was -- it felt good.

[ Chuckles ] Which part? The severing ties. You know, telling the doubters that if they can't accept my choices, then I can't accept their presence in my life, and...I feel lighter -- like, freer.

[ Chuckles ] I am so proud of you. I'm so proud -- you've done the work, and it's paid off. I think you're ready. For what? For the next step. Dante? Hmm. Here. You don't need more than one.

[ Gun cocks ] Do you? What the hell is this? Such a shame, mr. Corinthos. You've come such a long way to see your firstborn, only to find that your firstborn doesn't want to come home with you. He's quite happy where he is. Right, dante? What did you do to my son?! Do? Dante's here of his own free will. He's eager to be a part of my organization. At least, that's what he claims. But now is his chance to prove it. Take the gun, dante... and kill your father.

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