GH Transcript Thursday 3/14/19

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 3/14/19


Episode #14239 ~ Ava is confrontational; Alexis offers her services; Kim is not interested in Shiloh's help.

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Ava: Kevin? Kevin: Ava?

[ Grunts ] You son of a bitch! You bastard! You killed my daughter! Long time no see. Andre. Mm.

I am your... so, oscar's doing well. Uh, terry says, um... it might take another few hours before the tests are done, so... want to grab some dinner? No. No, thanks. How you holding up? I was just, um...thinking about how many times oscar and I have moved.

[ Chuckles ] How many rooms he's had. And each time, I would try and cozy it up, you know, just to reflect whatever he was into at the time. We never really stayed in any of those rooms very long, but, um... I was just thinking that, barring some sort of miracle, that this may be the last room that he's in. Well, I don't know about that. Miracles are a lot more common than you might think. Have you been able to track down that symbol? Mm. Daisy kwan. Yeah, she's the one who recruited kristina. Yeah, from the way she was acting, I -- I get a feeling that the tattoo is tied to dawn of day. A palindrome? Yeah, go ahead and explore it. Okay.

It's not the time hey, there. Hey! Oh, hey. Huh. What's that you're working on? I mean, I love coffee and doughnuts as much as the next guy, but how 'bout a meal with a little nutritional value? Would you care to join me for a bite? I would actually love to, except I'm meeting the girls at charlie'S. You, uh... you had a dream about, uh... you know, julian that nearly drove you to drink. I mean, are you sure that'S...wise?

[ Knocking on door ] Willow. Uh, did I miss something? I thought I was gonna pick you up. I got home early and I got ready early and I figured, instead of waiting, I'd come to you and... and what? And this. Mom, I cannot believe what you've been through. What we've all been through. The most important thing -- we're all okay. And thank god that jason found carly in time. Oh, thank god. And now we know why kevin was acting so strangely these last few months. Thank goodness that nightmare is over, right? Now that your real husband is back, you can pick up where you left off.

 Well, you are full of surprises.

[ Laughing ] Believe me, I'm just as surprised as you are. I just feel like we've been so busy since valentine's day. I mean, we've been texting non-stop, but it's just not the same as seeing each other. And I don't want you to think that I'm losing interest. Well, I'm glad you didn't get the impression that I'm losing interest either. Because I'm not. I really enjoy spending time with you. Glad to hear it. Me too. You know, since it's still early, it might be nice to ditch the car and take a little walk through the park. Oh, I'd be up for that. Yeah? I love to walk. Yeah. Okay. Let's go.

[ Thunder rumbles ] I cannot let one bad dream get in the way of me living my life. My daughter works at charlie's, and the girls want to meet me there. Are you, by chance, forgetting that I know you? Are you questioning my wisdom? Aren't you?

[ Laughing ] Always. I'll be fine, I promise. Okay. Just know I'm not above telling you "I told you so."

[ Elevator bell dings ] Not surprised at all! I'm not. I'm really glad you came. Even if it is under a cloud. Mm. How's jordan doing? She's stable. She's recovering. Doing too much, obviously, as you can imagine. But, uh...she will need a transplant eventually. Yeah. I have, uh -- I've exchanged e-mails with tj. I got myself tested before my flight back here... okay. ...But I wasn't a match. Oh. Yeah. I'd hoped to have some good news for her when I stop by tomorrow to see her. Jordan's always been so strong and active. I can only imagine how hard this is on her. She's nothing if not determined to triumph. I'm sure she'll be happy to see you.

[ Thunder rumbles ] Ah, here's hoping. Now, you wanted to talk to me about something else, something you couldn't discuss on the phone? Right. Does it have anything to do with my work in memory transfer? As a matter of fact...yes. It -- it appears that...

[ Thunder rumbles ] ...I was an unwilling participant in the study that laid the groundwork for your study. Shiloh. What are you doing here? Oh, I heard that oscar took a turn for the worse. I'm -- I'm so sorry. I... I have no idea what you both must be going through. Thank you. How'd you hear about my son's prognosis? Oscar, actually. He reached out to his dod family. He, uh, wanted to inquire into more alternative types of healing. Right. Um...

[ Thunder rumbles ] His friend daisy, was it? Um. I think she was here before. She was touching his head. What was it? R-reiki? Well, we don't label our methods. They're very specific to our seminars. But, uh, what I can tell you is that it really has to do more with the power of positive thinking than anything else. I mean, I thought that I should be the one to come down and see if there was anything I could do for your son... given our history. It's just a case I'm working on. Nothing particular. Well, if you talk like that about your career, it invites other people to dismiss it, as well. My, that's very mindful of you. You're really getting into those self-help classes mom was telling me about. You have no idea. Well, hey, I'm really glad that we were finally able to get together, even if it's just for a short visit before kristina's shift. Yeah. Why don't you guys grab a table, and I will be right back. Okay.

[ Thunder rumbles ] Hey. I'm glad you're still here. Why'd you come back? I was hoping we could talk. I really can'T. I'm having dinner with my family. Look, I'll make it quick. I don't like the way things ended earlier. Things escalated quickly, and I'm sorry. But we're still friends. We don't have to agree on everything. You're into dawn of day, and I just don't get it. But that's okay, right? Actually, it's not. Laura. I heard what happened. How are you? How's kevin? Uh, we are fine. We're -- we're all fine.

[ Chuckles ] Good. How are you? Me? Yeah. Oh, well, I-I...I don't know if you know. Ryan switched places with kevin on labor day weekend, so whatever dealings you thought you were having with kevin, they were actually with ryan. You! You killed my daughter! Hey! I want you to burn in hell! Ava, ava, ava! Come on. No! Stop! Let me go! He killed her! No, listen -- I want him dead! Listen to me! That is kevin. Ryan is gone. Someone told me I had colon cancer. The follow up cat scan showed that it had gone to her liver. We needed a second opinion. That's when our journey began with cancer treatment centers of america. One of our questions was, how are we going to address my liver? So my doctor said I think we can do both surgeries together. I loved that. Now my health is good. These people are saints. Ha, they're saints.

 I don't understand. I came hereto make things right.

[ Sighs ] I'm not sure if we can or if I'd even be interested. Shiloh reminded me that we invite these energies into our lives, and we have to be mindful about what we let in and the people we let in. Kristina, I've known you a hell of a lot longer than shiloh or your other new friends. See, this is exactly what I'm talking about. Enlighten me. I don't have room in my life for people who aren't completely supportive of what I'm trying to accomplish. So maybe it would be better if we just distanced ourselves. Just because I'm not into our newfound guru? That's ridiculous. It's easy to dismiss what you can't comprehend.

[ Scoffs ] Oh, I comprehend a lot, believe me. And my "newfound guru" has helped me realize the value of honesty above all else, and I realize that you haven't been honest with yourself for a while now. I don't think I know what you mean. I think you do. Look at this. Personal attention from the head honcho. Guess we should be honored. Shiloh: Look, man. I-I know this isn't your cup of tea, all right? I'm just trying to do whatever it is that I can to help your son. I mean, drew, you saved my life, and I, uh -- I haven't repaid that debt. Kim: Thank you, shiloh. And I, uh, have seen firsthand the benefits of spiritual medicine. But I've also reviewed my son's chart in detail, and we are well, well past that point now. I understand. Uh, well, when oscar gets back from wherever he is, would you mind telling him I stopped by? Yeah, sure. Thank you. Drew... I know it must be painful not to remember your past, but the man that you've become, well, that's, uh... that's someone you should be very proud of. Take care of yourself. When I took my memory-transfer project to the dvx, they gave me records from a previous project. There wasn't much there. Some of the data was good, and there was...uh, a serum which proved useful. Yes. But all of the subjects were listed by number. I had no idea you were one of them. I believe you. I assume you never told me about this before because you don't remember what happened. How could I? I was drugged. Anna, I'm sorry. What can I do to help? Dr. Cabot, he said the study was partially successful and that some of alex's memories may have been transferred to me. Okay. I just want to know if that was indicated at all in the files that you were given. I mean, it's been a long time, anna. I mean, I can't recall in any detail. But I may have something better. The few times that I saw him, I-I didn't know that he wasn't kevin. And I mercifully only had one session with him, and he was acting weird. But I thought that was because I was representing you in the divorce. He dropped me. Yeah, and that was probably a saving grace for both of us. I think his decision to divorce me is probably the only reason I'm alive today., he could've killed you. You were the closest person to him until ava. Yeah, and poor ava. Oh, my god. She has so much that she has to sort through. I'm so glad he's gone and it's over.

[ Clears throat ] We do need to discuss the divorce. Wait. But... ryan wanted the divorce. That can't be valid. No, it -- laura signed under duress, and kevin's signature is forged. That's not the problem. The problem is, the filings are already in progress. But how can the court process an invalid divorce? I'll work it out. Don't worry. I'll make some calls. I'll handle it. You and kevin are as married as ever.

Bout? Not specifically, but I recognize kristina's body language. She's jumping righteous about something. What I know is, is you seem to be throwing away our friendship over a bunch of people that you just met. Maybe you need to re-examine your priorities. And maybe you need to re-examine some things about yourself. What is that supposed to mean? You're a detective. Figure it out.

[ Scoffs ] Kristina, do you hear yourself? You're beyond defensive. What has you feeling so insecure? You're the one who's insecure. You have a lot of thinking to do, and this resentment towards dod is just an excuse for you not to do it. Either way, I'm done. I can't have this negative energy in my life. If that's the way you want it, maybe you're right. This friendship has been feeling pretty one-sided. It has been for a while. I'll see you around, kristina. Or maybe not. Hey. Sorry about that. What -- what just happened? Oh, nothing. Just... weeding out some toxic relationships in my life. My new mantra is, if you can't respect the choices that I've made in my life, then you don't get to be in it. Wow. So zero-tolerance policy for anyone who annoys you? I'm glad you and mom came to a meeting of the minds before you discovered that mantra. So, laura, as a member of the board, I think you need to get your lawyers and the pr people in front of the exposure G.H. Has for ryan practicing as kevin. Oh, my gosh, you're right. You're absolutely right. Thank you. Okay, so, I'm late. I'm sorry, I have to go. But I will, uh, get the paperwork in order, and I'm gonna need you and kevin to sign it. So, when would be a good time to meet with you? Uh, you know what? There's an awful lot going on at the moment. We haven't even recovered ryan's body yet, so... okay. We'll be in touch with you. No worries. You just let me know. Okay. Take care. Thanks. Okay. So, now that it's just us, do you mind telling me why you're in no rush to invalidate the divorce?

[ Thunder rumbles ]

[ Laughing ] Yeah, I said, "ditch the car, take a while through the park." "Oh, yes, I love to walk." Oh.

[ Panting ] There is no way that I am sitting in a restaurant soaked to the skin. Oh, my gosh. Okay, well, at least you have your entire wardrobe at your disposal.

[ Laughs ] Look at me. No, just, uh... give me your clothes, and I'll throw them in the dryer. It's no big deal. Oh. Uh... yeah, thanks. That -- that -- that will -- that'll be great. Uh, bedroom is yours. Help yourself to anything you can find. Ava, please look at me. I'm dr. Kevin collins. I'm not ryan. Ryan...said that he -- that he was kevin, and he made me believe it. You -- you made me believe it. How do I know this isn't another one of your games? Listen, ava. I'll tell you what. 'Cause lucy called me from the hospital, she was with kevin, when you guys were in niagara falls. Kevin was being checked in when his crazy brother went over the falls without a barrel. Look at it. See? There's his wristband. Oh... I'm so sorry. I... it's all right. Just -- just take it easy. Take it easy.

[ Thunder rumbles ] Ava... I realize this is very difficult to unpack. Scott, do you mind if I have a moment to talk to ava? Are you out of your mind? Just, like, a moment alone to talk with her, please.

[ Sniffles ] Okay, well, unpack, but it's your funeral.

[ Sighs deeply ]

Kevin knew that ryan was alive? Yes, he's known since may of '18. Apparently, ryan didn't die in that fire. He managed to get out. And then he left the country, and he started to work for the dvx. And apparently his mental health deteriorated so much that the dvx reached out to kevin and said that he could either pick him up or they'd kill him. And kevin went to get ryan? Yeah. Yeah, he's the one who put ryan into ferncliff under an alias. And then he started to treat him secretly for months. And then eventually... ryan managed to overpower him, and he took his place. So if kevin had notified the authorities and we had known that ryan was alive when the switch happened and kevin started acting so bizarrely, there would have been more scrutiny. Someone would have realized. Yeah, that's right. So none of this ever had to happen. I do understand kevin's need to try to help his brother. It's just that hiding his brother away and treating him secretly, that's where it all just goes horribly wrong. You know, there -- there was always the possibility that ryan would escape. And because we all believed that ryan was dead, no one would ever question that kevin wasn't kevin.

[ Sighs ] The worst part of it... he kept this secret from me, lulu, for months. I don't know how to deal with that. Do you think that you and kevin can work this out? Hey. You found something. Yeah. Thanks. Uh, here's my dress. Yeah. I'll go toss it in the dryer. Shouldn't take too long. There is a bottle of wine open. Help yourself. Thanks. I'll be right back.

[ Door closes ] I hope I didn't hurt you. I've endured a lot worse in the last few months. I'm sorry for what ryan did to you. When I was trapped with laura, she told me how he had deceived you and gotten you to fall in love with him. You've been hurt, and I understand. You couldn't possibly understand how I feel, what I've been through. We've both been violated. Ryan came into your life under false pretenses. He stole my life, corrupted it, perverted it. With all due respect, dr. Collins, I am really not interested in hearing about your pain or bonding with you over it.

[ Sniffles ] Dr. Collins, I couldn't find mayor webber, but I can help you get discharged if you're ready. In a minute. Thank you.

[ Sniffles ] Please talk to someone about your ordeal, ava. Not me, obviously, but I can help you find someone that you can trust. Thank you for your concern, dr. Collins. But you know something? Opening my heart up to somebody is how I got myself in this mess, and, boy, I do not have any intention of making that mistake again. Valerie was undermining me. I had to detach myself. Okay, but you don't have to be so quick to cut people out of your life. You and valerie have been friends for a while now, and you got to understand that this is all new to her. And if she has reservations about dawn of day, you have to respect that. I mean, you can't tell her how to think and what she feels. Valerie can think and feel whatever she wants, but I don't have to accept it. Well, I-I would hate if you were to do the same thing to either of us just because we had a couple questions. Don't be ridiculous. You guys are family. It's different. You've been supportive. You even drove to burke lake with shiloh. You did? Didn't know you were into the self-help thing, too. Yeah, sam has attended a few of the seminars. He was so impressed with her that he showed her something that he only shares with his prized students -- the place where he had his first awakening. Did I tell you that I hate you? Oh, stop it. Some of us just get all the luck. Wait, whoa. An "awakening"? I thought this was just some volunteering and self-help program. Hello, my girls. -Hey. -Hi. -Hi, mom. -Sorry I'm late. There was a situation at the hospital. Glad I missed the storm. Did you order?

[ Cellphone chimes ] No. Oh, gosh, no. Not yet. But you know what? You can have my seat. I just got a text from a client. Right now? Yeah. I'm sorry. Something came up. I guess this case is a little bit more than "not particularly interesting" after all. Well, actually, it is very important. Okay, got to go. I love you guys. Love you. Sorry, mom. I love you.

[ Thudding ] Hey. Think that pillow's been fluffed within an inch of its life.

[ Chuckles ] May have gotten a little carried away. Wouldn't have anything to do with how fast you sent shiloh packing, would it?

[ Chuckles ] Shiloh... please. You know, I really -- I do believe in the power of alternative medicine, but I can spot a charlatan a mile away. You get that vibe from him? I'm sorry. I know that you two were supposedly close at one point, so just -- no, no, no. I only have his word for that. Maybe it went down the way he said, maybe it didn'T. I don't know. Shiloh says he's not the man he used to be. Well, guess what. Clearly, neither am I. -Hope I'm not interrupting. -[ Chuckles ] Always a pleasure, dr. Finn. Dr. Maddox. -Hi. -Hi. I told, um -- I told him about dr. Cabot's study, and he feels like he might have something useful in his records. Oh. I-I was under the impression that the only copy of your procedure was on a flash drive that was subsequently lost and that you destroyed everything else. Oh, I destroyed all the records of my project, but not the data from dr. Cabot's study. Ahh. There. I've accessed the files on my private server. Okay, you're both doctors. What am I looking at? No, please. Yeah? Well, if -- if I... if I'm reading this correctly... mm. ...It suggests that cabot succeeded in performing a partial memory transfer from patient 2... alex. ...To patient 1. Me.

Hello? Is anyone here?

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Footsteps approach ] I'm sorry sam had to leave. Thank you, honey. Yeah, she's been a bit on edge since she, um... decided to call it quits with jason for good. Yeah, and maybe she just didn't want to talk about it. Hey, mom, why were you at the hospital? Is everything okay? Not exactly. Don't worry. I'm fine. Did you have a client suing for malpractice or something? No. But I suppose I could. You're talking in riddles. You both are aware of the manhunt for ryan chamberlain? Yeah. It's all over the media. How bizarre is it that ryan didn't actually die in the '90s and that he somehow managed to switch places with dr. Collins? And killed kiki and attacked lulu? Well, it turns out that I am privy to a few more details. It turns out that ryan switched places with kevin last labor day, which means that I went to a serial killer for therapy. Fortunately, it was only one session. Well, that's why talk therapy isn't always the answer.

[ Chuckles ] You should come to more of our group classes. Are you for real?! Our mother just told us that she was alone with a serial killer, and you're trying to turn this into a -- a-a pitch for your self-help classes? What, do you make commission or something? I'm just saying that it's dangerous to rely on someone to guide you to your breakthrough. People are fallible. And that's why shiloh teaches us to go through our breakthroughs on our own. Oh, and he's infallible? You just don't get it because you're trying not to get it. Girls! Girls. Please. I have a new therapist now. He's good. Thanks just the same. Walk in your own choices. Sorry about the lack of fine cuisine. Yeah, I'm surprised you didn't offer to whip up some more shrimp scampi.

[ Laughs ] Sadly, my culinary efforts are limited to the meal-prep service that ships to me. I haven't yet graduated to shopping on my own for anything more than, uh, well, cereal and frozen dinners.

[ Laughs ] Don't feel bad. I'm in the same boat. I know how to make about three things, and other than that, I make salads or order takeout. I still owe you a dinner out. Can I get a literal rain check on that?

[ Laughs ] Yeah, if you want. Yes, willow. I definitely want to spend more time with you. I just keep worrying I'll scare you off with all my baggage, telling you about how I gave up my son. Okay, you have a life. We all do. But it was brave of you to open up to me, and I appreciate your confidence. You're easy to confide in. I never feel like you have an agenda. Mm. I hate to disappoint you, but I actually do have an agenda. I like you. And I -- and I want to spend more time with you... as a couple. You know, just see where things go. Is that something that you would want? Very much.

[ Timer beeping ] I guess my clothes are done.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah.

[ Sighs ] I'll go get 'em. Okay.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Door closes ] Done. I sent the files to you both. You gonna be able to decipher this? Oh, I can...try. Uh, but as cabot pointed out, it's hard to quantify memory. I imagine that observational data was recorded somewhere. Observational data? Yeah. Cabot and his team questioned you about incidents that you recall as having happened to you when they had already established that they had happened to your sister. What incidents? Which memories a-are alex's and -- and which are mine?

 Is there any way that the memories -- you know, what happened when -- is noted somewhere in the records? I doubt it. Dr. Cabot would've been focused on the relevant data -- your adrenaline levels, for example. He wouldn't have recorded the details of what you were remembering. He would've been focused on how those memories physically affected you. But they're memories. You know, I mean, it's not just data to be manipulated. It defines me. And some of them could be lies now? I-I-I d-- I don't know. I-I have no way of finding out which ones. You may not know. But there's someone who does. Oh. Yeah. My sister, alex.

[ Door closes ] It is a little wrinkled, but I'd be happy to iron it for you. You have an iron? The department frowns upon rumpled, unkempt detectives. So, yes, I can iron. I'm actually pretty good at it. Well, I appreciate the offer, but I think I can stand the shame of wrinkled clothes for long enough to get home. But thanks for offering. Yeah. Oh, look. Here's your wife. I'll go grab a wheelchair while you fill out the paperwork. I'm sure you're anxious to get home. They're letting me go home. That's great. That is, if you want me to come home.

[ Sighs ] I don't think it's a good idea right now. I understand. I'm glad you're feeling better.

[ Breathing heavily ] A-ava, ava. No! Ava, ava. Come on, take a -- all those months, scotty... all those lies, scott. And my kiki... my girl, my kiki...

[ Sobbing ] So, oscar reached out to shiloh. Mm-hmm. You know what that means, right?

[ Sighs ] Oscar, uh...

[ Chuckles ] He's looking for a miracle. He's putting on a brave front for us so we won't worry, but he is afraid of what's about to happen next. So am I. Yeah, me too. Okay, come on.

[ Sniffles ] I know. Well, I better clock in and, uh, get behind the bar. But thanks for coming, mom. And next time, my treat. Okay. You're on. What's on your mind?

[ Sighs ] Well, I've been really busy with school lately, and I spend every spare minute with tj, so kristina and I haven't really been spending a lot of time together. And maybe that's my fault. But I just had no idea she was so into this dawn of day thing. Well, you know your sister. She always dives in headfirst when her passion seizes her in the moment. And it has done some good. It's built up her self-esteem. So, um, I'm cautious, but I'm not worried, as long as she's not hurting herself or anyone else. Let's hope not. Hi. Could I get a lemon drop? And please be generous with the vodka? Kristina? Hey. Oh, you're still here. Yeah, uh, I wanted to talk to you about something. Okay. What's up? Well, I know I've been pretty distracted these last few months, but before dinner, I kind of feel like mom and sam were dancing around what's really going on with you. What's really going on with me? What are you talking about? Dawn of day. It's way past volunteering. I mean, you -- you live there. It's all you talk about. Because it's transformed my life into -- more like it's taken over your life. I mean, when was the last time you had an original thought or said something that didn't originate with shiloh? Shiloh's an incredible teacher. He's spiritually evolved, and he's taught me so much. You've been indoctrinated, kristina. Dawn of day is a cult. I called to see if anyone was home, but... oh, no worries. I was upstairs. I got caught in that rain storm earlier. How can I help you? I came here to talk about kristina. I'm all ears. Would you mind just putting on a shirt first, please? Why? Does this make you uncomfortable?

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