GH Transcript Wednesday 3/13/19

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 3/13/19


Episode #14238 ~ Jason and Drew connect the dots; Ava is a mess; Franco offers his support.

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[ Door closes ] I hope you don't mind. I let myself in. I don't mind at all. Mm. You completely outdid yourself today. You think so? Oh, I don't know how you do it. You could hear a pin drop. Everyone was enraptured by you. You mean by my message. No, it was more than the message. It's -- it's the way... oh, thank you. ...You deliver your speech. It's like -- you're -- you're like this force of nature.

[ Both chuckle ] You know, I'm really glad that you could make it down from beechers corners for the rally. Mm-hmm. I was reinvigorated being with you today. It confirmed this suspicion that I've had. What's that? I belong here... with you. Look, harmony, we've -- we've had this discussion many times. You don't want me to move to port charles. Why? Because you're obsessed with samantha mccall? Shiloh:

Our message is simple.

We can end hunger.

We can ease suffering.

We can bring peace

to the most troubled of souls. Together, we can make the world

a better place.

[ Cheers and applause ] Okay, how amazing is shiloh? He's a good public speaker. Uh...understatement. I mean, weren't you inspired by the rally? The way that he r-reached all those lost souls? I-it reminded me of who I was before I found dod. I mean, I almost don't remember her anymore. Me neither. Shiloh brought this peace into my life, t-this feeling that I can accomplish anything. I guess... be more enthusiastic.

[ Sighs ] Look, I'm sorry, kris. I just don't see what you do in shiloh or dod. Your doctor and physical therapist want you on your feet as soon as possible. Oh...

[ Groaning ] Oh! Sure, no problem. What's a little searing pain? Okay. Stay strong... ohh, man. ...And you'll be walking normally in no time. Yeah, I guess I shouldn't complain. Happy to be alive. I'm a lucky guy. You are. Everyone wants to hear your story. We've been working overtime to keep the reporters out of here. You're kidding. Nope. Epiphany had to give them all a stern talking-to. You're a hero, franco. Not sure my wife agrees... mom, I'm here. Oh, my god, cameron. I've been calling you again. I know, I know. I'm sorry. My bus just got in. I've been so worried. We stopped in like 100 different towns. Reception was terrible. I just got all your messages. I'm just glad you're safe. Yeah. And, um...

[ Sighs ] ...Now that I am, just please -- just -- let's get this over with. How bad's my punishment? Oh, honey... you're not the one who disappointed me. Keep walking around. Work on your circulation. Ooh. I'll be back to check on you in a little. Okay. Well, bring a top hat to go with my cane, 'cause by then, I'll be doing high kicks.

[ Chuckles ] No pressure.

[ Door opens ]

[ Whistling weakly ] Excuse me. Can you help me, please? I'm [Clears throat] I'm looking for kevin collins. I know that he -- h-he's a patient h-here, and I really need to see him. I...don't think he's in his room at the moment. Why don't I show you to the waiting -- oh, forget it! Forget it. I'll find him myself. Franco: Ava! Come on! Come on. Come wait with me here in my room. Why? So you can kill me, too? I know it. I know that you got to be... pleased as punch that they're trying to pin these murders on kevin...

[ Sighs ] ...But I know better than that.

[ Voice breaking ] I know that it was you that killed my kiki. No. I'm telling you, it was you! Not the man I love. Oh. Kevin.

[ Exhales sharply ] You're back. You can see. Ohh. Oh, kevin. Oh. Oh. I've missed you so much. I missed you. Are you all right? I'm fine.

[ Sighs ] Wow. [ Chuckles ] There's the face I've been missing.

[ Chuckles ] The face that I would conjure up every minute... to inspire me to survive. Now that I can actually see you, I feel like I'm falling in love all over again.

Hey. Yeah? Where were you? You told me you were with carly, and then all of a sudden, it was radio silence. Yeah, I mean, I-I texted you. Y-you got that? That I was okay, right? Yeah, I-I -- yeah, I-I-I appreciate that. Okay. But you didn't say where you were. Does it have anything to do with ryan chamberlain?

[ Sighing ] Yeah. Uh, a lot. For starters, um

[Clears throat] Carly's neighbor at ferncliff? Ryan? Ryan at first. Then he switched places with dr. Collins. And then carly asked one too many questions, and ryan abducted her, stuck her in the trunk of his car while he drove ava up to niagara falls so they could elope. Okay, well, is carly okay? Yes, she's okay, but ryan dumped her on an embankment and left her there to -- to freeze to death. And she was on the verge of climbing out, and that's when I found her. W-what about the baby? Baby -- the baby's okay. I took her to the hospital, she checked out, the baby's all right. That's -- that's all that matters.

[ Exhales deeply ] Okay. Okay. I-it was all over the media that ryan chamberlain was dead. Maybe. I mean, he jumped off a bridge into the river. can only hope. Hey, did you get that message that I left you? Yeah. So, you know that things with kristina, it's only getting worse. I just don't understand why shiloh thinks his ideas are so groundbreaking. It's as if he's the only person who can help people better themselves. I mean, talk about ego. You don't know him. You've told me plenty. He's all you talk about.

[ Chuckles ] Shiloh is the...

least self-centered person I've ever met. He gives himself to everyone equally. Okay. I'll just continue taking your word for it. I don't understand where all this negativity is coming from.

[ Sighs ] Look, I just had an intense work week, and I was looking forward to chilling out and spending time with you. Which is what we're doing right now. No. What we're doing right now is talking about shiloh and dawn of day. I didn't force you to go to the rally. Yeah, but I went because it was the only way that I'd get a chance to see you. Whenever I reach out, you're always doing something for or with dawn of day. I-I feel like I'm losing my friend. And I don't want that to happen. Cameron, you need to be honest with me. Lying is never acceptable. I know. I-I just can't believe the man I ran into outside my motel room was ryan chamberlain, a serial killer. I know, and if you hadn't told me what happened, he might've disappeared with ava, and carly might never have been rescued. Well, I guess the one who deserves the most credit is franco. I would never hurt kiki, let alone kill her. You know that. You know it was ryan chamberlain. Nonsense. That guy is dead. He's been dead for years. And this is just some kind of bizarre mix-up, because kev-- kevin is not a killer. We love each other. We have a future together. Ava, I-I am so sorry. No.

I'm sorry, franco. I'm sorry for you. Because you don't have the kind of love and the kind of devotion that kevin and I have. You're drunk. You are. You're just not making any sense.

[ Scoffs ] Me?! Mm-hmm. You're the one who confessed to m-- no, you didn't confess, you boasted... jordan forced me... ...about murdering people! And now you -- you -- you want to take that back? ...Because she was using me as bait to lure out the killer. Those were all lies. The confession, the interview. That was the only way that I could get justice for kiki.

[ Sighing ] Oh. Thank you for bringing a change of clothes. Oh, look at you. Well, of course. You're recovering beautifully.

[ Chuckles ] It's so good to see you up and around, you know? It's good to see you at all!

[ Both laugh ] I feel like I'm getting back to myself.

[ Gasps ] I ran into your doctor. He said I can take you home. And that's what I've been

dreaming about!

[ Laughs ] Seeing you and getting our life back. Yes, absolutely. I think the sooner we get all this behind us, the better. I've been, uh -- I've been following the news. Oh? They still haven't found him? No, not yet. You were there. Do you think he's dead? The cop told me that he didn't think it was possible for him to survive it. They've been wrong about that before. I know, kevin, but... think of it this way -- even if he managed to survive the jump, the water was at almost freezing, and the river ran to the falls. They said that they were gonna try to recover his body, and I guess until they've actually done that, we can't be absolutely sure. Laura, I'm so sorry. Don't apologize, okay? This is not your fault. You know what? There is one thing, though, that I don't really understand. How did ryan get into ferncliff in the first place? I mean, where did they find him? Ready for a lash lift? L'oréal's new unlimited lash lift mascara. 1. Stretch it. 2. Tilt it. 3. Lift it. Reach even smaller lashes. Unlimited length. Unlimited lift. New unlimited mascara by l'oréal paris. Beauty editors have tried everything. In search of a whiter smile. Their choice? Crest 3d whitestrips. Our exclusive whitening formulation safely whitens 25 times better*. For a noticeably whiter, smile. Trust america's #1 whitening treatment. Crest 3d whitestrips. This time, it's his turn. You have 4.3 minutes to yourself. This calls for a taste of cheesecake. Philadelphia cheesecake cups. Rich, creamy cheesecake with real strawberries. Find them with the refrigerated desserts. (Girl) my mom washes the dishes before she puts them in the dishwasher. So what does the dishwasher do? (Vo) cascade platinum does the work for you. Prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time. (Mom) wow! That's clean! (Vo) cascade platinum. I got a call from someone who claimed to work for the dvx. They said they had an operative that had become problematic, that his mental illness had made him useless. They refused to identify who it was, but they told me that if no one took him, they would kill him. I couldn't let this unknown person just be murdered. Mm. So, I agreed to meet. What I should've done is contact anna devane or robert scorpio or -- hey, hey, hey. Don't do this to yourself. It's -- it's hindsight. It's always 20/20. Well, I -- I went to the meeting. And I found my brother. He was completely disassociated from reality. He was hallucinating. He was howling. I wanted to try and help him. So, I -- I was able to get him on some meds. I got him to a point where he could communicate. I was helping him, but I really also wanted to know. I wanted to know what happened. I wanted to know where he'd been ever since he'd crawled out of that explosion 20-odd years ago. Do you think that he'd been killing people all that time? I couldn't believe when you married franco. I really thought he killed all those people. I know you did... I freaked out at you because I was afraid of what he would do to our family. I-I didn't want to see you hurt or aiden bullied or worse. Or jake to backslide to how he was before art therapy with franco. I doubt any of that came through when I was yelling at you. It's okay. It's okay. I understand why you were confused, and that you just wanted to protect me and your brothers. But you don't have to protect us from franco. You deserve to have your faith in him rewarded. And it must feel good -- knowing that you were right. It was ryan. -Wrong. -Okay.

[ Sniffles ] You know, ryan told me all about it right before he tried to kill me. Then he tried to kill carly, and then he tried to kill you by taking you off of that bridge with him. Jason shot him! He... he was wounded. He was disoriented. Okay, he didn't try and drag you off a bridge because he was "disoriented." He did it because he wanted you dead. No! And if jason hadn't saved the day again, then that's what you'd be. Maybe that would be better. Better than what? Than this. Than trying to sort through all of this. Hearing that every moment I spent with him was a lie. Knowing that there was really never kevin at all.

[ Voice breaking ] It was just his crazy, lunatic brother -- the murderer! You want to know something, franco? What? The first time that he and I... were together... it was like... it was an hour or two after... after he... okay. Okay, take it -- take it easy. It was thanksgiving, and he came to my place. And he was so sweet. He was so romantic. And he swept me off my feet. And he was kissing me, and he... had his hands on me

[Crying] And he had just come from killing my daughter!

[ Screams ] Okay, so what happened with kristina? Um, remember I told you about her friend daisy? Mm-hmm. Well, she came to visit me last night when you went to go to G.H. What did she want? Um, she wanted my forgiveness, and I think it was to get back into shiloh's good graces. I really felt sorry for the girl. It -- it was like she was trying to make amends with me somehow. Hmm. She even started cleaning up danny and scout's toys. Was she working ya? You know, I-I don't -- I don't think so. She seemed really scared...

[ Sighs ] ...And kind of scattered, actually. She was, like, flustered putting all the toys back in the -- in the basket, and her shirt kind of came up in the back... mm-hmm. ...And I noticed this strange tattoo. And I asked her what it was about, and she practically ran out the front door. You think that tattoo has something to do with dawn of day? Yeah, I would, uh -- I'd put money on it. I am not "obsessed" with sam mccall. And my reason for keeping you in beechers corners has absolutely nothing to do with her. Are you sure about that? Look, what you need to concentrate on is your work. All right? Your numbers have nose-dived the past couple of months.

[ Scoffs ] Okay, so... that's why you asked me to come down here? This is a performance review? You want to scold me about money? Well, it's not coming in like it used to. What's going on? You tell me! Sometimes I don't even recognize you anymore, shiloh. What -- what happened to the man who professed his love for me? The one that I did this for? I sketched it right after she left. I have -- I have never seen a symbol like that before. What do you think it means? Well, here's to first dates! You look amazing. And you look amazingly comfortable.

en know why I'mdefending myself right now. Maybe because I have a point. I've been nothing but supportive of you. I-I don't know why you can't be the same for me. Because I'm a cop, kristina! I know a scam when I see one! Wow. Okay. Look, I'm sorry, but when something seems too good to be true, it almost always is. Especially when there's money involved. Has shiloh asked you for donations? That is none of your business. Oh, my god! Open your eyes, kristina! You're an heiress! No one even knows how much money your father has -- but I can guarantee shiloh plans to find out. When did you become so cynical? I'm looking out for you! No. You're attacking me.

[ Scoffs ] Tearing down something that I care about. How can you be so blind?! Shiloh is just trying to help people! Hey, one of us is blind here, but it's not me. You refuse to see what's right in front of you. Shiloh is a con artist. You're wrong! What I am is done. Val, wait. No. I've seen enough here. So, did -- did daisy say anything about it? Um, she claims that she couldn't remember where she saw the symbol. She just thought it was really cool, so she got it. But...she...couldn't get out of my place faster. Well, hopefully spinelli will find something... there's something else I need to tell you. Kristina borrowed money from michael for seminars and classes to take with shiloh. Well, that doesn't really sound like michael. Does he know it was for dawn of day? I don't think so. Hmm. I think he just assumed that it was for pcu. So, now she's hiding it. She insists that it's a loan and she's gonna pay it back. But what concerns me is that she is getting deeper into this organization. Stop. Stop.

[ Sighs ] Look at me. My love for you hasn't gone anywhere. In fact, it's gotten stronger. It's moved past the physical. It's moved into the spiritual. It's pure. Surely that transcends jealousy. I always knew I'd have to share you. It's still hard sometimes. I know. I know. I offer myself to anyone looking for the light. Hmm. And if that's an issue for you, perhaps you need to look inside of yourself. You'll find peace once you continue your work in beechers corners. All right. All right. I'll leave you to it. Okay. Good work today at the rally. You should be proud.

[ Chuckles ] Harmony? Yeah? Have you heard from her? Between the overnight trip to niagara falls and the very long bus ride home... ...I missed my community service today. Yeah, I know, and that's a big problem. But we'll deal with it. Mom, I don't know. Judge carson said she didn't want to see me in court for a year. What if missing my community service messes with my probation? I mean, I could end up in juvie. He slept with me right after he killed her. Come here, come here, come here. Why don't you have a little seat?

[ Screams ] So... what's going on? Get out! No, it's fine. It's fine. I got it. It's fine.

[ Exhales sharply ] Gone. Oh. Well, maybe that's not such a terrible thing. Hey, look at this. You know what? Why don't you, uh... have some of this?

[ Sniffles ] Probably better than whatever's in there. You want to talk to me a little bit?

[ Sniffles ] I can just sit here and listen. It might make you feel better. What's the use, though? The universe keeps finding new depths of hell to drag me through. Kevin -- ryan... whoever the hell he is... ...he called me a goddess. He worshipped me. He didn't judge me. He told me that it was okay for me to explore my anger -- my desire for revenge... he was so nice to me. The man who got me back up on my feet, who -- who helped me through my grief, he was the person responsible for it.

[ Sniffles ] His love gave me such hope. My first fiancé. I pray he's still alive. Um... because you'd forgive him...? Of course not. I hope ryan chamberlain is alive... so I can kill him. He fled the country, and without any income... ...he reached out to the dvx and offered his services. As what? Well, as you know, our father was a renowned mathematician. He was also a spy. The dvx must have assumed that ryan had similar talents. So they took him. And ryan performed "special projects" for them. God knows what those entailed. He didn't tell you? No. By -- by this time, he had become more of a burden than an asset. So they contacted you? Yes, and I-I couldn't just...abandon him. Despite all the pain he's caused, he's still my brother, and i wanted to help him.

[ Sighs ] Even he said it was a waste of time to try. He never did believe there was anything wrong with him.

[ Clears throat ] And, as you know... ...he got the better of me, and I paid the price. He left me to rot in ferncliff while he was out here pretending to be me. Kevin. The thought of you caged like an animal for months, it -- it breaks my heart. I feel awful. I should have known. I'm so sorry. No, no! The only one to blame here is... is me. I know better than anyone how treacherous my brother is. Was. And still, after working with him all those months, I let him... lull me into complacency... wait a minute -- working with him all those "months"? What do you mean? Is -- when did you find out that your brother was alive? May 2018.


 well, she...seemed bored... at the rally. She seemed put-off, even. Valerie's really upset with me. And with dawn of day. You know, I understand revenge. I do. But there's no revenge to take. Ryan's dead. Maybe he is, maybe he isn'T. If he isn'T... you can't be a part of this, okay? 'Cause I know you are so close to getting everything you want. You have that beautiful, kind elizabeth. She's so pretty. And those three wonderful boys. I mean, franco... a real family. And I got nothin'. I don't even have any -- any dignity, you know? Ryan took everything. So, I -- I will be the one to give him his punishment. Okay, a-ava -- ava --

[ Sniffles ] I will honor kiki's memory for both of us, okay?

[ Bag zips ]

[ Door opens, knock on door ] Ava... hi. Hello. Hi. Hey.How are you? I can't imagine what you must be going through right now. Yeah, it's pretty bad, so... but talking with your -- your husband, here... really helped me.

[ Inhales deeply ] Okay, well, I will, um -- I'll leave you to it. Um, cameron -- I think cameron has something he wants to say to you. Okay. Um, I wanted to apologize for thinking the worst of you. No, no. Cameron, I-I-I should've been more transparent with you and your brothers and your mom. Please understand. The commissioner swore me to secrecy. Jordan thought the only way to flush out the killer was to keep quiet. I know. I've read all about it. W-- you read all about it? Yeah. There's a ton of reporters outside. They're calling you a hero. I guess they're right.

[ Sniffles ] I wanted... to be able to treat ryan...

[ Scoffs ] ...So that he could finally face his demons. I knew he would spend the rest of his life in prison, but that there was just... a small chance at redemption... maybe, just maybe, he would finally find a way to use his talents... constructively...

[ Sobbing ] What were you thinking? There's nothing in my life I regret more.

[ Sniffles ] I was in that room in ferncliff... for months...terrified. Wondering what ryan was doing out here. Who he was hurting, killing. All because of my terrible mistake... yeah. Terrible.

 I don't even know how to process this. There's -- there's a lot.

[ Sighs ] Laura...I'm so sorry. Keeping this secret had devastating consequences. People suffered -- people died -- and it's because of your misguided loyalty to your brother. I can understand wanting to help your brother. I can even understand not being able to give up hope that, one day, he might be normal. But what I can't understand is why

[Voice breaking] You couldn't talk to me about it.

[ Sobs ]

[ Door closes ] So, what do you want to do about kristina? More of the same. I am gonna get closer to shiloh while keeping an eye on kristina. Okay, what about confronting kristina? I mean, now that we know she's been roped into borrowing money so she can progress in the group. Not until we can get some tangible evidence against shiloh. Okay. Well, maybe figuring out more about daisy's tattoo will lead us somewhere. Yeah, maybe. Hopefully before kristina pushes away her friends and family. Do you want friends who support you and make you feel good about yourself? Of course I -- or do you want to surround yourself with negativity? Do you want to surround yourself with the people that resent and criticize you because of their own insecurities? Or people who make you doubt yourself? Kristina, if you want to move forward here, you have to choose. Been reading a lot of about ryan and how dangerous he was. But y-you survived. I mean, you -- you got past him, and you made it out alive. I did. Because I had to. Because I have a lot to live for. Excuse me, amy. Has mayor webber come through here? Sorry. I'll let you know if I see her around. Kevin?

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