GH Transcript Thursday 3/7/19

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 3/7/19


Episode #14234 ~ Ava is stunned; Jason is desperate to find Carly; Lulu reconciles her memories.

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šikolata. šIkolata. šIkolata.[ Speaks turkish ]

[ Sighs ] Mmm. Oh, wow. That's what I call coffee. Not bad.

[ Exhales deeply ] You see that? The kid? Yeah. I like his technique. You see these, uh, guys? Yeah, I saw 'em. Is that our guy? No. Just the opposite. Not one of the local boys that muscled us out of here last night? No, but they might as well be. Well, your friend better get here soon. Uh, the roads are pretty icy, and you're driving way above the speed limit. Should I be nervous? No.

[ Cellphone rings ] Detective chase, you're on speaker. Uh, madame mayor, I'm glad I reached you. Is it kevin?

Yeah, he's fine.

He's on his way into surgery. He wanted me to check in with you, make sure you're doing okay. Yes, I'm fine. A-actually, I was about to check in with you. I have reason to believe that ryan chamberlain is on his way to niagara falls with ava jerome. Niagara falls? That's a pretty big place. Do you have anything more specific? That's as much as I know right now. But w-we hope to have more information soon. Wait, who's "we"? I-I'm with a friend.

[ Sighs ]

[ Clears throat ] Drew: Hey. Hey. I got you this. Oh. It's decaf. I figured, you know, you have enough adrenaline going on, so... thank you. So,'s franco? Any news? He keeps drifting in and out. But his doctors say he's gonna be fine.

[ Exhales deeply ] That's good. Hey, look, at least his name is gonna be clear. Everybody's gonna know that he's innocent. Not that you ever doubted. Yeah. But it is really nice to hear him say that he only confessed to the murders to help jordan bring out the real killer. Yeah. I just wish he had trusted me with the truth. He trusts you. I'm sure jordan just swore him to secrecy. Yeah, no, I'm -- I'm sure you're right. Bottom line, the cops know it was ryan chamberlain and, uh, not franco. Yeah. Win-win, right? Yeah. Drew. What's wrong? Josslyn called. Oscar had another seizure, and they're rushing him to the hospital. Oh, I'll let the E.R. Know. Not here. They're in niagara falls.

[ Receiver hangs up ] Ooh! I'm so sorry. Dr. Collins. Cameron webber. What are the odds? Yeah. Um, it -- it's good to see you. Anyways, I-I have to go. My friends are waiting. Oh, no. What's -- what's the rush? I can't let you go now. Not yet.

[ Car door closes ] They've gotta be in the trunk.

[ Car alarm chirps ]

[ Footsteps approaching ] Josslyn? Ava. Yeah. Are you here with your mother?

 If this contact of yours doesn't show up soon, we're out of here. Right. I realize that, in your world, people turn up on time as a mark of respect. But, uh...we're not in your world. I noticed that. All right. Now, in my world, well... you do a lot of sitting around before the action happens. You think you've been waiting a long time? You have seen nothing yet. I'd like to remind you that your time is a small price to pay for locating dante. Gentlemen, may I interest you in a little diversion? No, thank you. Such an interesting palm. It can reveal so much about a person. Won't you let me read your fortune? We'll do it some other time, okay? Why not? I mean, we're sitting around here waiting. Let her read your palm. You know, I realize you're not big on explaining yourself, but things have been happening really quickly -- and up until just a few hours ago, I was held prisoner in the basement at ferncliff. Okay. So, uh, what do you want to know? I want to know how we got here -- o-on the road to niagara, looking for ryan. Um, when carly was, uh, in ferncliff last summer, there was a patient in the room next to her. Now, I never saw the guy's face, but I'm pretty sure that it was ryan. Uh, he was trying to communicate with carly using morse code. Yeah, yeah. She told me about this. But at that point, ryan and, uh, kevin had already switched places. Right. But -- but carly wanted to know more about this patient, starting with his name, and we have a friend who's an expert at cybersecurity. A hacker. The best. And he came up with a name, and it was "wilson." Yeah. Ryan's alias is todd wilson. Right. Carly didn't realize that, so she went to question the guy that she thought was kevin, and of course, he made up a story about this serial killer named wilson ritter, which didn't check out. But carly [Sighs] You know, carly couldn't just -- she just couldn't let it go. And this morning, franco gave an interview, and he started talking about how -- how he was a better killer than ryan, aka todd wilson. And carly, you know, she thought there might be a connection there. And she mentioned it to ryan? I, uh -- I checked the security footage. Ryan and carly were at the hospital at the same time. And carly went down to the garage about five minutes after ryan. Her car is there. Her phone was on the ground -- and there was no sign of ryan at all. Oh, my god. So you think she ran into him and -- and she questioned him about the todd wilson thing and then he did something to her?

[ Sighs ] I mean, he couldn't have killed her in the garage. There was too many people crossing through. And he couldn't have moved her to a secondary location. So ryan either locked carly up at the hospital -- or he took her with him. Okay. Um... that's pretty logical, but I think we have to consider the possibility that -- I will not...consider the possibility that carly is dead. The suspect is ryan chamberlain. Yes, that ryan chamberlain. No, he is definitely not dead, and he is on his way to niagara falls, if he's not already there. The pcpd is forwarding over an updated photo along with his information. He's traveling with ava jerome. We're sending over her information as well. The most important thing is that he is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous. Yeah, keep me in the loop. Thanks. Lulu, I am glad you're here. Yeah, I got your message. You found my mom? Yes, she was here, and then she left. To go where? I'm not sure. It's a very complicated situation. Okay? So, what is going on? What's he doing in niagara falls? How bad was the seizure? I d-- I don't know. They just put him in an ambulance. We need to go. D-do you want to drive? Do you -- do you want to -- no. You know what? W-we'll take the company chopper. We can go right now. You say you're here with your friends. Is your mother chaperoning you?

[ Cellphone chimes ] Um, I'm sorry, dr. Collins. My friend trina's waiting. Oh! Oh, I see. Well, you kids have a good time. And, cameron... ...I won't tell if you won'T.

[ Clicks tongue ] No. No, I'm here with some friends and my boyfriend, who's had a seizure. I'm sorry. Yeah, well, the paramedics are taking him to the hospital now. I'm not allowed to go with him, so we called an uber.

[ Cellphone chimes ] And it's here, so...bye. Bye. I-I-I hope everything works out.


[ Gasps ] Oh, my god. What -- what is happening? Kevin? Surprise. Your mother's fine.

[ Sighing ] Okay. A-and dr. Kevin collins has been admitted as a patient here. Wait. What? I-I -- mack and felicia just told me that kevin was on his way to niagara falls to marry ava. So what is going on? Okay, I'm -- I'm gonna tell you, but you -- you need to prepare yourself. Excuse me, miss. We're looking for a patient that was recently brought in? An oscar nero. Are you family? He's oscar's cousin. Uh... so is your mother one of his parents' sisters or is your father one of his parents' brothers? Um, well, h-his father almost married my mother, so I guess that kind of... so...what? Look, I'm oscar's girlfriend. I know that doesn't count as family. But oscar needs me, and I need to be with him. So can you please make an exception so I don't have to find a way to sneak in the room? You must be josslyn. You're exactly like he described you. He's awake? He regained consciousness a few minutes ago. He is groggy but lucid. Please, can I see him? Go ahead. He's room 21. Thank you. Oscar: Joss... are trina and cameron here, too?

[ Door closes ] Right outside.

[ Monitor beeping ] I'm sorry I ruined our only night alone together. Hey. No. No, you didn't [Sniffles] You didn't ruin anything. You had a seizure. But hey, look -- look, we made it. We made it to niagara falls. least in the general vicinity. And the road trip was definitely memorable -- joss, I don't care about the road trip. This is the only memory I care about, right here, right now, with you. If this time is all I've got and all I'm gonna get, I...

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs ] "Cousin"? Really? That's the best you can come up with? It would've worked if you'd played along. "My mom almost married his dad." Really? Okay, sometimes telling the truth works out. Look at joss. That nurse didn't let her in because joss was honest. She... never mind. She let joss see oscar 'cause he's in bad shape.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Crap. It's my mom. Hey. What's up? I know you're in niagara falls with oscar and josslyn, and I know oscar had another seizure. Yeah. Um... can we please talk about this later? I know I'm in trouble, but I'm kind of in the middle of a crisis here. You got oscar to the hospital, right? And you and josslyn are taking care of him and each other? Yeah? Then I'm proud of you. So I'm not in trouble? No, when you get home, you're gonna be in trouble. I just wanted to make sure you're okay.

Yeah, I'm fine. Let oscar know his parents are on their way. Uh, yeah, sure. And one more thing. I need to tell you something about franco. I really don't believe in this sort of thing, but if it's gonna help pass the time...

[ Clears throat ] Please. Your life line is long. What a relief. Well, you gotta pardon my friend here. He's a skeptical american. A long life line doesn't guarantee a long life. Yeah. You must still be careful. Of what? Anything that may shorten it. What else do you see? Ah... I see you have a fate line. Not everyone does. What does it say? Um... someone you love is in danger.

I don't understand. Did carly follow us here? Or...has she been in the trunk all this time? Carly's not gonna be a problem. Kevin, we cannot leave her here... well, of course not.

[ Exhales sharply ] Why don't you go on back to the room, and I'll handle everything? What does that mean? Do you love me? Of course I do. Then trust me. Go on back to the room and wait. All right. Don't be long. You won't even have time to miss me. Look, mom, my friend just had a seizure. We thought he was going to die. I know, honey, but this is really important. Franco was cleared of all charges. Uh-huh? And? Uh, d-did you hear me? Cameron, he's innocent. Franco didn't kill those people

or hurt aunt lulu. I know you want to believe that -- no, no, you're not understanding me. They know who the real killer is. Oh, really? Who? Ryan chamberlain. But didn't he die, like, a million years ago? Yeah, well, that's what

everybody thought. But apparently he's been posing as dr. Collins. You know they're identical twins. Well, yeah, I know. I read all of aunt lulu's articles. And so he's been trying to frame franco for his murders, and now the police are searching for him. Okay, well, I just saw dr. Collins, and he didn't say anything about --

cameron. Dr. Collins is here at G.H. Right now. Which means I was just talking to ryan chamberlain. Is he still with you? No. Um...I-I guess he would be back at the motel. Okay, what's the name of the motel? The inn at cascade point. Are you sure? Positive. Okay, listen to me. Whatever you do, you need to stay at the hospital. Don't move until drew shows up. I don't want you going anywhere by yourself. And you make sure that -- that oscar and josslyn are -- yeah, I-I got it. Stay in well-lit, public areas with as many people as possible. We'll be fine.

Cameron... I love you. As far as I'm concerned, I asked you to give me a ride up to niagara falls. What you do when you get there -- out of my sight -- is none of my business.

[ Sighs ] I don't want to know, and I'm not gonna ask you about it.

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Sighs ] Elizabeth. Everything okay? Okay, first thing you need to know -- everyone's fine. Okay. But? Cameron ran into ryan at a motel in niagara falls. Oh, my god. Fortunately, he had no idea it was ryan. Oh, my god. He -- what's the name of the hotel?

The inn at cascade point. Okay. T-thank you, elizabeth. Do me a favor and, this in to detective chase and then ask him to call it in to the niagara falls P.D. Yes, yes. Okay, bye. Hey, spinelli. Listen to me. This is important. I need you to get into the mainframe for the inn at cascade point, niagara falls. And then tell me what room kevin collins is in. Okay? All right. Call me back.

[ Sighs ] Okay. I got the directions right here. We're close...

[ Exhales sharply ] I know how this works. You -- you tell me someone I love is in danger, I give you a few lira, and, surprisingly, they're not in danger anymore. Is that right? Tell your friend I see a child. Hm. A boy or a girl?

[ Chuckles ] A child who is a man. A son. Yeah, I got a couple of those. This one has your eyes. Is he the one that's in danger? How do you know this? I see it. Your child's life is in the palm of your hands.

[ Monitor beeping ] Hey, hey, hey, don't go. I'm not going anywhere. Neither are you. I think we both know that's not true. Oscar -- I want cameron to have my car. Oscar, I mean it. Don't talk like that -- I'm not saying this to upset you. I'm saying it because it's real and it helps me a little to know that... my good stuff won't go to waste. Which is why I won't leave cameron my books or my telescope. That's not funny. Except it is. That, and the real reason I want cameron to have my car is so that it constantly reminds him how he messed it up on this trip. I'm secretly not a nice person. Yeah, I'm getting that. That's one thing I love about you. You secretly are a nice person. Me being nice isn't a secret.

[ Chuckles ] If you say so. Stop it. Stop doing whatever it is you're trying to do. Or you could just laugh. It's okay, joss. Besides, I love your laugh. I love everything about you. Okay, I'm not bi to all the ryan chamberlain articles. But he murdered seven women -- most of them in texas. And he was killed in a fire in 1995... except, obviously not. Okay, so, according to my mom, ryan chamberlain's the one who killed kiki and all those other people. He attacked aunt lulu. Franco didn't have anything to do with it. Okay. I'm just gonna say this. Is it possible that your mom is blaming those murders on a dead guy because it hurts too much to think that franco did it? Okay, my mom would believe anything to make franco innocent. But she said the real kevin collins is at G.H. Right now. Okay, then... who are you calling?

[ Ringing ] Hi. I'm calling to check on a patient. Could you please put me through to kevin collins' room? Oh. You're sure? U-uh, okay. I'll call back later. Kevin collins is having surgery as we speak. So that means I was talking to the real killer. Ryan chamberlain. So, what you're telling me is that, instead of burning to death in a fire 25 years ago, ryan chamberlain managed to hold kevin hostage at ferncliff, take his place, and kill three people? And then he tried to kill me? Yeah. I was so sure that franco was the one who atta-- it was ryan. It was ryan. He stabbed me, and then when I couldn't remember anything, I let him hypnotize me. Instead of trying to help me recall the attack, he convinced me that it was franco. Lulu, he had us all fooled. I mean, everybody thought that he was dead. It was the perfect disguise, the perfect alibi.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Detective chase. I know where ryan chamberlain is.

[ Exhales sharply ] Oh, god. He's having a breakdown. That's it. That's got to be it. Everyone said that it happened before. What do I do? Kevin... how do I help you?

[ Sighs ] Hey.

[ Sighs ] Oh. I see you broke into the mini-bar.

[ Chuckles ] I could use a drink myself. Well, I hope you don't mind scotch or bourbon. I...I took the vodka. Bourbon will do nicely.

[ Bourbon pouring ] Kevin... mm-hmm? Why is carly in the trunk of your car?

[ Sighs ] Mm. Mmm. Well, isn't it obvious? She's a wedding present for my bride-to-be.

[ Chuckles ] Just think of her as, uh -- as all wrapped up and ready to go.

[ Sighs ] What you said to me you could've said to anybody. I need more convincing. Since I am the skeptical american. Look, uh, this has all been, uh, rather jolly. But I don't think our friend's gonna show, so perhaps we should be on our way? Yeah. I mean, we're not gonna find dante sitting around here. Uh, ungrateful american! After I share my gift with you, this is the thanks I get?

[ Clears throat ] Uh, really? If you follow your path, your destiny awaits you. On the downside -- you were just face-to-face with a serial killer. On the upside -- said serial killer is not your stepfather. Additional upside: Your actual stepdad isn't a serial killer after all. Well, that's not true. Franco did kill a lot of people, but that was before he had his brain tumor removed, so he didn't have to pay. And that's a miscarriage of justice. No question. If I was the daughter or sister of one of those people -- I would dedicate my life to sending him to prison. But your mom believes he deserves forgiveness. She believes it so much, she decided to marry him. And now that franco's not going to prison until the end of time, you're gonna have to find a way to get along with him. Ah, gee, thanks. You really know how to cheer someone up. Excuse me?! You have no right to complain. Neither do I -- neither does joss. Know why? Because no matter how dysfunctional our families are -- and let's face it, joss is the champ there -- we're all healthy. We have our whole lives to actually see niagara falls -- or anyplace else we want. But this was it for oscar. This was his last chance to see niagara falls and to be alone with josslyn -- and he had a seizure instead. Have you done any actual research on brain tumors? Not since the start. Well, they're getting worse and more frequent. And that means that... don't say it. It doesn't matter if I say it. It's happening. And nothing that you're going through -- not even your mom marrying franco -- comes close. So get over it. That was harsh. It was truthful, but that was harsh. You're tough. You can take it. Drew: Hey, cam, hi. Where's oscar? He's in there. He was awake, or at least he was. Joss is with him. Thank you, cam. Thanks for taking care of oscar. Any time. But will they still be thanking you when they hear about the car?

[ Laughs ] Oh... no, stay. Look, I know we're in trouble, but joss and I just wanted to be together. Oscar, I love you. But your parents have to be with you right now.

[ Monitor beeping ] Please don't be angry.

[ Door closes ] Oh, we're not angry. We're furious. We love you, oscar, but... doesn't mean we're happy that you took off for niagara falls in a car full of kids with-- without even letting us know.

[ Sighs ] All right, hey. But that's not important right now, okay? So, you had another seizure? It was really bad. Cameron ran into ryan at the inn at cascade point in niagara falls. That must be where he's going to elope with ava! Is cameron okay? Yeah, yeah, he's fine. What -- what do you mean "elope"? Ava thinks that she's running off to marry kevin. All right, I'm gonna let the niagara falls P.D. Know... oh. ...That we have a location. Okay. Have you spoken with my mom? Is she okay? Yeah. She's fine. Actually, she's amazing. Ryan had her and kevin locked in a basement at ferncliff -- I know. Uh, chase just told me. But when I saw her, she was completely in control. She was ready to take charge. You would've been proud of her. Well, I mean, I know I'm definitely proud of her, but myself on the other hand? I was manipulated by a psychopath. No, lulu... no, he got in my head. He convinced me that franco was the one who attacked me.

[ Voice breaking ] I can't even say I'm sorry enough to you. Lulu... ryan fooled everyone. Even your mother thought he was kevin, and kevin's her husband.

[ Sighs ] Lucy coe didn't see through him. Neither did felicia, and if anyone should recognize his behavior, you would think it would be the woman who he stalked and nearly killed, right? All I'm saying is, there are a lot of people who knew kevin way better than you do, and they didn't know ryan had taken his place.

[ Engine shuts off ] Yeah, I got it, spinelli. Thanks. Stay here.

[ Seat belt clicks ] I apologize, ava. I'm sure finding carly like that must've been...upsetting. I don't know what you did to get her into that trunk. But I know you did it because you thought that it would help me. Well, don't make me out to be some kind of a saint.

[ Both chuckle ] Whatever helps you helps me. So I guess, technically, I-I did it for the both of us. Well, whatever impulse led you to this, I'm so glad that it can be undone. We don't need anybody or anything from port charles tainting our elopement. Couldn't agree more.

[ Chuckles ] Good. So we can go ahead with our wedding and our honeymoon, and we'll deal with all things port charles when we get back. If that's what you want. Yes. It is. So, uh...the sooner we get carly... out of your trunk... we make sure she's okay, and we -- and we get her home where she belongs, the... ...the better. I wouldn't worry about carly. She's already on her way. On her way where? Kevin? What have you done?

Where is carly now? About five miles east of here. Well, at least... she was last I saw her... so you dropped her off? In a manner of speaking, yes. W-was she...? Was she what? In any condition to take care of herself?

[ Chuckles ] Ava, you very well know that carly is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. It's her greatest talent. It's her one priority. And speaking of "priorities," mine is getting married to you.

[ Glass thuds ] Unless I've ruined everything. I'm not sure I know what you mean... I saw your wedding ensemble.

[ Laughing ] Isn't that supposed to be bad luck?

[ Laughing ] Yeah. Well, it -- you know what? It -- it -- it can be if you see the bride wearing it before the ceremony. Ah. But seeing it laid out on the bed like that is just fine. Okay. Well, let's be on the safe side, though -- I think we should wear something else when we say our vows. If it means that much to you. It does. You see, I've waited my entire life for you. The woman who accepts me, understands me, fulfills me. And now that we've finally found each other and we're going to join our lives and our fates... ...I want everything to be perfect. I come here looking for my son, and this is what I get. Well, she's a fortune-teller. Yeah. I mean, you're not meant to take her seriously. Well, you're no better than she is. You want me to be grateful for what you told me? Enjoy the tip. Fortune, mister? Get out of my way. I can see your future... and it's very dark. I said get out. What did we get? It's an address. So, how is he? Um...seems okay -- teasing me, making jokes. That's good. Attitude is important. Yeah, attitude. Kind of only goes so far. I try... to stay positive. I try to put a smile on his face... keep his spirits up. Sometimes we forget -- or pretend to forget -- for a little while. And sometimes we pretend it's normal. But it's not. He's not.

[ Voice breaking ] He's running out of time. You know, one day... he's not gonna be in the next room. One day soon, he'S... he's gonna be gone. Oh, no, no. Hey, joss. Joss, don't get ahead of yourself.

[ Sobbing ] There can still be good days, okay? Cam's right. I-it would be a shame to waste the time you've got worrying about what's about to happen next. Okay, stay in the present. Okay? Stay with oscar.

[ Breathing shakily ] Right.

[ Sniffles ] So, we don't really know how bad this last seizure was. So when we get back to port charles, we'll talk to dr. Randolph and dr. Munro and we'll see what's what. In the meantime, we just want to get you home. Yeah. Then we'll talk to the doctors, and we'll see what's next. And we'll all be together. I know. We love you, son. I know that, too. Chase: Lulu. The niagara falls P.D. Are sending units to the hotel that cameron saw ryan. Oh, I hope they find him, arrest him, and lock him up till the end of the time. Actually, you know what? I hope that they tattoo "ryan" to his forehead so that no one ever mistakes him for kevin again.

[ Voice breaking ] It's just -- I just want this to be over. He had the advantage of hiding in plain sight. But now that we know who he is, it is a manhunt like no other. What matters is that we find ryan before he hurts anybody else.

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