GH Transcript Monday 3/4/19

General Hospital Transcript Monday 3/4/19


Episode #14231 ~Ava looks to Julian for advice; Lucy has questions; Kevin looks for a way out; Curtis retrieves an important voicemail; Anna becomes suspicious.

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(This still needs extensive editing)

[ Lock clicking ] Much as I'll miss my adopted hometown, it's time to get while the getting's good, as they say. Carly. What are you doing here?

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Bahse girerim.

[ Chuckles ]

Flos, yuksek, krak. Ah.

[ Laughter ] You got room for one more? "Urgent." Would you want me doing this, baby?

[ Sighing ] Anniversary. Shoot. Tj's birthday.

[ Phone clicking ] Damn it. Hey, curtis. How's jordan doing? Yeah, they had to, uh -- they had to remove one of her kidneys, and the other one was compromised. She's gonna need a transplant. Dude, I am so sorry. Is there -- is there anything I can do to help? Maybe. Do you know who she had listed in her phone as "urgent"? Hi, andre. It's me -- anna. Um... I-I know you're out of the country, and, uh, you probably haven't heard, but... jordan's been in a bit of an accident. It's pretty serious. Um, and I thought you'd want to know. Call me, please, when you get this, because there's another topic that I'd like to talk to you about, as well. Um, okay, I hope you're well. Bye.

[ Sighs ] I'm sure andre appreciates the update. Yeah. It sounded pretty vague, didn't it? But, uh, I couldn't very well say to him, "call me back, 'cause I think you might be the only person who can tell me if my memories are my own." Kevin. I think we're in trouble. Come now. "Trouble" is relative. At least my brother's not here holding us at knifepoint. Yes, I know, but we haven't made any progress finding a way out of here, and nobody has come down to the basement since we've been locked up. Well, even if someone did come, I'm not sure we could trust them. At least two staff members at ferncliff are working for ryan...

[ Sighs ] Okay, I admit it. We're definitely in trouble here. But at least we're together. Let's not give up hope.

[ Chuckles weakly ] What the hell's got you in such a good mood?

[ Chuckles ] Well, I'm getting married. Yeah, I know. I remember. No, no, no, julian, you don't understand. I'M... I'm getting married tonight. Ava has to be messing with us, right? I don't know. I don't know. Carly seemed to think she was telling the truth. But this just doesn't make any sense. I mean, I know kevin has been acting strangely ever since he and laura separated, but this is beyond bizarre. Are we really going to let kevin elope with ava jerome tonight?

[ Clattering ] Doc and ava are what?! I was on my way to my car when I spotted you. And I can't help but notice what you've got there in your trunk.

 Is there -- is there a problem here? I don't think this game is for you. He got lost on his way to monte carlo.

[ Laughter ] Turkish poker, right? Three-of-a-kind beats a straight, a flush beats a full house. It's all right. I just figured that, you know, a game would -- would help me pass the time. Okay. Take it easy. Take it easy. All right.

[ Sighs ]

[ Clears throat ] Thank you, gentlemen. Deal me in, and I'll, uh... show you what I got. So, andre's been volunteering overseas. I mean, he -- he -- he -- he feels like it's some sort of penance for what he did. At least that's what he said. Mm. You think andre ever knew you were "patient one"? No, h-- well, obviously, he had secrets, but I -- I don't think he'd lie to my face...

[ Inhales sharply ] ...All that time. You think I'm just rationalizing? I -- I don't know. I mean, from what you've told me, andrew was... trying to find a way to transfer memory, right? The wsb didn't like it, so he took his act to the dvx, where they already had cabot's serum and research. You know, I imagine if andre ever saw those patient records, he was probably... more interested in the serum, right, so that's ultimately what he ended up using on jason and drew. There has to be some way to find out if cabot was telling the truth... you know... about... if maybe some of my memories are my sister'S. I can't let this go. You understand that. I can'T.

[ Sighs ] Yeah. I understand. And you always know... I'll be there for you every step of the way, but... there's always a "but." I'm very big on conjunctions, but...

[ Chuckles ] ...Listen, I-I can't get past something that cabot said, you know? What? That memories -- they're not widgets, right? Yeah. They don't have a defined quantity or mass. You know, so I just think at some point you need to consider the possibility that you may never know which, if any, of your memories belong to alex. Oh, god.

[ Sighs ] I know. Shortly after jordan was... hit by that car...

[ Sighs ] ...She received a voicemail message. It was listed as "urgent," and there was no other contact information. What did the message say? I don't know her password, man. But obviously, it was important. Dude, y-you don't have to take this on, man. It's, like, a lot to contend with.

[ Sighs ] It can wait till jordan wakes up. I don't know, man. It... it seemed like a pressing matter. Are you sure you're not just projecting? Oh, you mean like trying to control something because I can't control jordan's recovery? Yeah, something like that. Maybe. Maybe not. There's only one way to find out. Have your people at the pcpd crack this open for me. Dude, I can't just override jordan's security code. I would need approval from the -- the commissioner? She's kind of indisposed right now. Look, chase, brother, I need you to do me this solid. Please. It's the only thing keeping me sane. All right, I'll see what I can do...

[ Sighs ] I'm not following -- what about my trunk? The suitcase? I ran into ava, and she was more than eager to announce that you guys are eloping tonight. Carly, I'm in no mood to listen to you insult the woman I intend to marry. I'm sure you had plenty of naysayers when you married sonny and then married him again... and again... -okay, fine. -...And again. Whatever! I shouldn't have said a word. Your personal business is none of mine. Thank god. But I would like to ask you a few questions before you skip town. About? Wilson ritter.

[ Sighs ] You said we need a miracle. Well, I believe in them. You found me, after all.

[ Chuckles ] Together we can do anything, see? Mm. I love your positive, can-do attitude. Countless studies have shown that attitude makes a pivotal difference in problem-solving. To paraphrase edison -- he didn't fail -- he found 2,000 ways how not to make a light bulb...

[ Laughs ] ...Which, in turn, led him to the one way that would work. Mm. I see. So by your reasoning -- it's a process of elimination, right? Exactly. Okay, so we can't leave through the door because the door is locked. So... well, we know that there are pipes in this room. Can we do anything with those? I banged on the pipes as much as I possibly can. I don't want to do that again. Yes, you did. You don't have to. But pipes are simply a conduit -- they come from somewhere, they lead somewhere. Can any of them be loose? Maybe...we can pull them out. I don't know. I never thought of that. God, I'm happy to be back with you again. Just to hear you talk and the way your mind works... I'm -- I'm astonished and I'm ashamed that I ever thought ryan was you. Cut yourself some slack. He is my identical twin.

[ Chuckles ] In appearance only. Boy, even when he was trying his damnedest to feign empathy, it never rang true, and it just went on. It went on for so long. I should have figured it out when I knew that he was being secretive, because you were never secretive with me, ever. You were always open and honest and straightforward. Kevin? Laura... that's not exactly true.

eloping, huh? That is news. You don't sound very excited for me. I am just surprised, you know? Your life just got turned upside-down because you lost kiki. I mean, why the mad dash to vegas? Niagara falls, actually. Is kevin even divorced right now? Y-yes! The divorce is final. And he and I -- we want to spend the rest of our lives together.

[ Sighs ] Well, there's no reason to start the rest of your lives tonight. There's no reason not to.

[ Sighs ] And you brought up kiki, and the fact is, losing her -- it taught me all over again how life is fragile, how we have to hold on to anything that brings us happiness in this cruel world. And, you know, foolish me...

[ Sighs ] ...I thought my brother would be happy for me. Well...I mean, I am happy for you, but, uh, I don't know. It just seems to me that you didn't come all the way here to share in a celebratory toast for some reason.

[ Clicks tongue ] You're right about that. I came here for some advice. Oh, my goodness. Look at the -- the mess I made. You know, it is the 25th anniversary of the nurses' ball, and so I want everything to be special, so I'm getting an early start, you know, with the table settings and the seating arrangements and everything, and I want it to be special, and now everything is absolutely ruined.

[ Exhales deeply ] Lucy, they don't look damaged. She's not talking about the box. -Oh. -Here, come here. Just sit down. Get your bag. -Oh. You have to tell me. It's -- it -- it -- it -- it can't be true. Ava and doc aren't eloping tonight. That's what ava told us. Oh. Okay, okay, so you didn't hear that from kevin. So you just gave me an absolute heart attack for nothing because ava is lying.

[ Exhales sharply ] I don't think so, lucy. No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I don't believe it. That is not my doc. Come on, mac. You know doc. He never, ever does anything spur-of-the-moment, and he absolutely hates change. He hates it. I know. This sounds completely out of character for kevin, but he's been acting strange for quite a while now. You're right. I c-- I can't deny that. It's like he's so disconnected from things that should matter to him the most.

[ Sighs ] But marrying that horrible, disgusting, icky ava? Come on. Now I'm really worried about him. Yeah, me, too. And I'm gonna do something about it. Wilson ritter? The patient who was in the room adjacent to yours at ferncliff? Yes. And there was extra security around him, so I'm assuming you never saw his face. That's correct. Why do you ask? Okay. [ Sighs ] Listen to me. Could "wilson ritter" be a pseudonym for todd wilson? How do you know that name? Franco mentioned him during his interview. He talked about ryan chamberlain, aka todd wilson. Could there be a connection? The circumstances of ryan's escape are complicated. I mean, the fact that he was able to overpower me w-- -kevin. -What is it? Wait a minute. I don't know. Let me get a closer look at this. I-I didn't have time to explain this... danzinger? -...This to you. -Danzinger -- da-- who is that? Danzinger. Archie danzinger? Why does that sound familiar? Uh, well, he was a serial killer at the turn of the last century. He was, uh, a physicist and an engineer who had a psychotic break, and he used to leave puzzles and scientific clues to taunt the authorities. Was he ever here in ferncliff? Y-yes, he was an early ferncliff patient remanded to solitary confinement. He notoriously escaped without a trace. No one ever found a-any evidence of a breakout or even an escape route -- ryan did say something about how the "ultimate crazies" were locked up in the basement. Archie danzinger would certainly qualify. Kevin... what if this was archie danzinger's room, and he found a way to escape ferncliff right from here?

[ Groans ] -Cards are good to you. -So it seems.

[ Laughter ] So...what brings you to my establishment? Uh, an old associate of mine had to go into hiding. He used to do a lot of business in ankara. His name is, uh, raj patel. Uh, "exports" if... you know what I'm talking about? Like, exports and things, right? Have you heard of him?

[ Sighs ] I'm out. Uh...

 I'm gonna go upstairs and -- and see jordan. Uh... um, well, she needs to see me. I mean, she's one of my closest friends. She needs support. O-of course, but in the process, it appears you're trying to dodge my question.

[ Sighs ] You're right. Yeah, you know, there's a chance that I might -- I might never know if my memory's been affected, but I can't give up. I have to try to find out. I understand. But whatever you're hoping to find, it may require alex's cooperation. Is it -- not necessarily. Who knows the permutation of cabot's studies? We don't know. Kevin was an unwilling participant, and obviously his brother could never have been involved. So if danzinger was held here in ferncliff and he carved his name into this brick... wait a minute. It looks like there's something more. Can you help me? See, you're leaning against this box. Can you just help me to -- -yeah. [ Sighs ] -Oh, okay, be careful. Push it -- push it back this way towards you. Like -- yeah, that's perfect. -[ Grunts ] -Okay. Two more letters -- "c," "U." "C," "u"? Yeah. That's it. Well, this was 100 years before texting. I doubt it's an abbreviation for "see you!" Yeah, but you said that he liked to leave puzzles and things to -- to taunt the authorities, so maybe it means something, or... how -- how are they spelled or -- or written? Is -- is -- is one of the letters capitalized? It could be the difference between a symbol or graffiti. Okay, it -- to me, it looks like the "c" is a capital and the "u" is a lowercase. Capital "c," lowercase "U." Maybe it's the beginning of a word like "cup" or "cut" or -- "copper." Thanks, maxwell.

[ Sighs deeply ] Did you get it? Yeah. I am breaking about a dozen protocols doing this for you, but -- yo, man, don't even worry about it, okay? If jordan freaks out, I'll take the hit, but if we're right, she's gonna owe us one.

[ Sighs ] Here we go. Oh, god. It's franco. Franco? What does it say? He said their plan worked and ryan chamberlain was the serial killer. Carly, to presume that wilson ritter is somehow connected to todd wilson

[Chuckling] Is a bit of a reach. The name "wilson" is a very common one. I know, but it fits with the man I saw in ferncliff. When mary pat was taking me to electroshock therapy, the man looked just like you, kevin. What if it was ryan? Ryan's dead. They never found his body. He was incinerated in the fire. Then who did I see in ferncliff? Carly, you were heavily over-medicated, and you were in a highly emotional state. You were being taken by a nurse that you knew you couldn't trust to a treatment that you didn't want. It's only natural that you would conjure a-a friendly face... in the hopes that someone would rescue you. You thought you saw me, not ryan. I -- you're right. I mean, that -- it has to be that, right? I mean, that makes sense. Good. Now, if you'll excuse me --

[ Sighs ] I'm just gonna have to keep searching, though, till I figure out the truth, kevin. I do. I'll keep you posted. Carly.

[ Sighs ] You know what? You might be onto something.

[ Car alarm chirps ]

[ Exhales deeply ] You guys missed a good hand.

[ Chuckles ] Well, when you don't have the cards, you don't have the cards. Yep. [ Chuckles ] So [Sighs] Raj patel. You say he's an associate of yours? Yeah, that's right. You work in the arms-dealing field? I don't discuss business in public.

[ Both laugh ] It is interesting. This country isn't a part of the wsb pact. So, if the world security bureau was to put a bounty on this raj's head, it would make sense that he comes here. I suppose it would. It would be unfortunate if the bureau sent a man to track him down in brazen contempt of a country's sovereign borders. I'm afraid you've got the wrong idea. No, I don't think we do.

[ Grunts ] Stay there! Enough!

[ Grunts ] We don't want your kind here. I don't want any trouble. I'm just trying to find my son. Shut up! You're a wsb agent!

[ Gun cocks ] No, he's not. But I am.

What are you doing here, robert? Well, I was in the area. You know, you sure have a way of escalating a situation --

[ Grunts ] Sonny: Come on!

[ Shouts ] -[ Grunts ] I tried to do this the polite way. Where's patel? Raj knows better than to show his face here, after how he crossed us. Just like I told that associate of yours a few weeks back. Associate? Have you had contact with my son? Why would franco say ryan chamberlain is the serial killer when dude's been dead for ages? Least he's consistent. I just came from elizabeth webber's house, and he showed up to her doorstep, bleeding out from a serious knife wound. And before he passed out, he said that he lied about being the killer and it was actually ryan chamberlain. Who stabbed franco? Dr. Collins. Wh-- [ Sighs ] What? When franco was trying to escape ferncliff, he attacked kevin collins. Dr. Collins stabbed franco in self-defense, and franco ran. The working theory is that franco snapped when he was in ferncliff, and now he thinks kevin is his dead twin brother. Well, how's kevin? He's got a defensive wound on his hand. But what I don't get is how did franco get access to a phone in ferncliff? And why did his number show up as "urgent"? I think I know. The symbol for copper on the periodic table of the elements is "cu." Capital "c," lowercase "U." Danzinger was a physicist and an engineer, so he definitely would have known that. Okay, but what would copper have to do with his escape?

[ Stammers ] Unless he used copper wire to pick the lock? Or he fashioned keys out of copper pennies, or -- I don't know. Is there anything in this room made of copper? There isn't anything in this room except a bunch of pipes.

Copper pipes? There is one that looks quite a bit like copper. I've never been married -- never wanted to be. When I was younger, I thought it was for fools. I valued my independence, and after kiki was born, I cherished that it was just the two of us. Yeah, but, ava, you've been in love before. Yeah. I've even been with men that i thought that I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. But I just never wanted to make it official. I've never wanted to say those vows with anyone but kevin, and... I j-- I really don't want to mess it up. I'm s-- what? So, you want some marriage advice from me? Well... I mean, at least you know what not to do. Okay, well, listen. I could rattle off a bunch of platitudes about relationships. Give you the guideline clichés, but...I don't know. Truth of the matter is, and -- listen, it's not to say that marriages aren't complicated, but the crux of them is pretty simple. You just have to see each other's true self. You know? Well, I've never hidden who I am. Yeah, and you have to accept each other for who you are. One person can't see the other as a -- as a "fixer-upper." Excuse me. Uh, listen, some people view marriage as some sort of a home-improvement project. You know, once they get the person to commit, they can make the little alterations later, turn their partner over into something that suits their taste a little bit more. Well, kevin is exactly my taste just the way he is. Yes, but does kevin feel the same way? Does he know you for who you are? For instance, look -- you know that I was crazy about alexis and loved her with all my heart, but the whole thing was doomed from the start. You know, I hid who I truly was from her, and she kept trying to change me. Yes, I remember that in vivid detail. And the reason that, you know, things work with kim is because she's only ever seen this version of me. You know, I'm an open book to her. She accepts me for who I am -- warts and all. So, my point is, does kevin accept you for who you truly are? God help him, yes, he does. And most importantly, is kevin his most honest self... with you? Yeah, I believe he is. -You okay? -No. No. I-I -- I just can't believe that kevin divorced laura and didn't marry -- is marrying ava jerome. Hey, come on. It's me. You can give it to me straight.

[ Sighs ] Thanks. I -- it's just deep down, I always thought that... kevin -- doc -- we would be together again, you know? Until laura. So, when they got married, I guess it finally registered with me that... I'd lost him forever. And it broke my heart.

[ Voice breaking ] But, you know, in a good way, too, 'cause I -- it was nice to see him happy with someone that really wanted to make him happy, too. I just still miss him so much, and... but at that point, you know, I-I guess I was able to... wish kevin and laura well. That's why it just came as such a surprise, you know, a few months ago, when I noticed -- it was so weird. It was like he had a wandering eye, and... n-- oh, you know, not that I would ever consider being "the other woman" with him. I wouldn'T. I -- of course not, no.

[ Sighs ] I guess even if we never, ever find each other again, kevin is just part of my soul. He's my best friend, and I am just so worried about what is really going on with him. Kevin! Felicia. It's time I got some real answers from you.

Did my son ask you any questions? A while back. We told him raj hasn't been here in years and he should get lost. Where was he headed next? I didn't ask. Robert: We're looking for this man's son. We don't want any trouble. That's it, guys. Too late. The way I see it, we have two options. We can start shooting each other here in close quarters. Some of us are gonna get hit. Some of us are gonna die. Or we can call it a draw... and walk out of here alive. Right. Well, um... ...thank you for your time, gentlemen, and, uh... ...enjoy your card game. Chase. [ Sighs ] Yo, man, what I'm about to tell you stays off the record. Got it. Early on, jordan expressed doubt that franco was responsible for the murders. She told me about some plan to flush out the real serial killer, but she didn't give me any details. My guess is that franco pleading guilty and ending up in ferncliff was part of her plan. The night jordan was in the accident, she called me and left a message and said she wanted to bring me in on something she was working on. I'd be willing to bet that's what it was. Okay. All right, let's -- let's say you're right and that jordan was working with franco and that him pleading guilty and being sent to ferncliff was her idea. The strain must have been too much on him. That's why he snapped. Why else would he attack kevin collins or claim that ryan chamberlain -- a man who's been dead for more than 20 years -- was the real killer? What are you saying about ryan chamberlain? Sorry, felicia. I don't have time for this. I'm in a hurry. In a hurry to marry ava jerome? Yes, mac and I heard. I assume that you're not here to congratulate me, then? You're really starting to worry me, kevin. You divorce laura out of nowhere without uttering a peep about being unhappy. What has gotten into you? What can I say? Relationships change. I thought I'd found the woman I was destined to spend the rest of my life with, but, in the end... she wasn't worthy of me. "Worthy"? Are you listening to yourself? Besides, ava is nothing but trouble. She'll ruin your life! Felicia, you don't have to exaggerate. This is hardly a life-and-death situation. Felicia, are you there?

[ Stammers ] S-sorry. It's just what you said. It sounded so familiar. Like... like what?[ Footsteps approaching ] Kevin. I'm ready to go when you are. Ah, we've... got company, huh? I was just leaving. So what was that all about? So, right here, there are three pipes, and this one here looks to me like it might be copper. Are you sure? It's a different color than the rest. Oh, are -- are there any other clues? Did anyone scratch something into it? Uh... honestly, I don't see anything. I-it just looks like it has a lot of wear. But no messages or anything like that.

[ Pipe creaks ] Did you hear that? W-what was that? Something shifted. Is it supposed to do that? No.

[ Creaking continues ] Laura? Oh, my god, kevin, I think the wall is...moving. Oh, my god!

[ Laughs ] If, uh, you're unsure as to how to thank me, a dry martini would be perfect. So what are you doing here? I-I thought you couldn't risk crossing the border to help me find dante. I still can'T. However, uh... I owe you one. For robin. You were around when I couldn't be. And I pay my debts.

You gonna stick by me? You gonna help me track down my son? I think I can go you one better. Before I boarded a flight, I did a little bit of digging. What'd you come up with? Well, why don't we get some rest? Because in a few hours, we're gonna meet up with someone who could have some real information about your son's location. Shall we? -Yeah.

[ Wall sliding ]

[ Grunts ] Laura: Okay, it's moving.

[ Grunting ] A little more. A little more. A little more.

[ Grunts ] You did it.

[ Panting ] -What? -You did it. What is it? Well, I don't know. Let me -- let me look. What do you see? It's a tunnel! -What?! -It's a tunnel! Kevin, I think we're gonna find a way out of here! We think that franco is innocent and he's working with jordan and pled guilty as some part of a plan to flush out the real killer. And jordan wasn't sure who she could trust within the department, so she went off the books. Oh.Is that why franco did that interview bragging about his crimes? To goad the killer into make a move. But while franco was in ferncliff, he had a little break with reality, and now he thinks that ryan chamberlain is out to get him. Anna? What do you know? Uh, chamberlain's name came up in connection with something that we were working on, seemingly unrelated, but... yeah, it's too much of a big coincidence, uh, that so many people are talking about a dead man. And honestly, I do not believe in coincidences. Hey! Hey, hey, hey. So, did you find doc? I did, but I couldn't get through to him.What?! Surely he must know thatmarrying ava is -- wait, you're saying he's still marrying ava? I tried to talk to him, but he just laughed off my concern. To him, it's not a "life-and-death situation."

[ Inhales deeply ] Okay, this isn't right. This is not right. He's only known ava for a few months. This has got to be, what, some sort of mid-life crisis or something? Felicia: Why don't we hike down to the small town and see if we can find a mechanic who can come up here and fix the car? I don't think that's a very good idea. It's always been my experience that, to a guy like that, the words "right away" or let alone "fast" just aren't in his vocabulary. Well, this is somewhat of an emergency. Felicia, you don't have to exaggerate. This is hardly a life-and-death situation. Mac: I don't know what's going on. Kevin hasn't been acting like himself lately. You're right. He's been acting like ryan.

[ Gasps ]

[ Crowbar thuds ] So what did felicia want? Oh, nothing important. Ready to hit the road? Yes, yes, more than ready. It's the beginning of our new life together.

[ Car alarm chirps ] Kevin! Are you coming? Be right there.

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