GH Transcript Friday 3/1/19

General Hospital Transcript Friday 3/1/19


Episode #14230 ~ Liz scrambles; Max and Felicia have a theory; Anna confronts Peter; Jason shares what he knows; Nina keeps Curtis company.

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(This still needs extensive editing)

[ Bag rustles ] What are you doing? Were you released? Yeah, I was just released 10 minutes ago. You stayed until the doctor said you could go? See for yourself. I believe you. Okay. I know you hated staying, and I know you did it for me. So I just want to say thank you. You're welcome. So, is sam still around? Um, actually, this morning after you left, sam and I had to stage a fight. Why? Because shiloh walked in on us. And we had to cover. Is that okay with you? You know, I'd go for the steak and lobster. This could be your last meal as a free man. You know what? On second thought, I'll order room service. No, stay. We need to talk. About? Dealing with your lies. No, aunt stella, you can stay in tonight. There's nothing you can do here. Jordan's in recovery. Well...thank you.

[ Sighs ] I'll take all the prayers you can give me. I'll be okay. I get my strength from this incredibly tough little woman that raised me. I love you, too. I'll call you if I hear any news. Okay. Bye.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Nina. You don't have to be here. What are you talking about? There's nowhere in the world I'd rather be right now.

[ Sighs ] Thank you. Let them in. Security. Peter has made sure someone is always on duty, especially when the receptionist has been gone for the day. Sounds prudent, not like you, poring over lists of everyone ryan chamberlain's killed. Or might have killed. I'm gonna have nightmares tonight.

[ Knocking on door ] You don't have to do this, maxie. Take off. Too late. You're doing it, I'm doing it, too. Uh-oh. What are you two up to? And will it result in a fine or an arrest? This is lulu's project. I'm here strictly for moral support. I am trying to get an accurate list of ryan chamberlain's victims. Ryan: The bandage is fine. She needs to make sure. You don't want that cut to open back up. We don't have time to waste on a flesh wound. He's all set, detective. Thank you. Be sure to send that injury report to the pcpd. Will do. Thanks.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Kevin! What happened? I've been looking for you everywhere. Ava, I'm, uh... I-I'm so sorry I worried you. I-I couldn't call, and detective chase wanted to bring me directly here. What happened? Dr. Collins sustained an injury while he was at ferncliff. He tried to stop franco baldwin before he escaped.

[ Sighs ]

[ Thud ]

[ Banging on door ]

[ Grunts ] Hey... oh, my god. Oh... franco! Yeah. Uh, I might need a little help. Okay, okay, I've got you.

You remember all your offers of help and support? I'm taking you up on them. Call off your ex. Yeah? You want him to lay off? Then you need to tell us the truth. Truth about what, anna?

[ Sighs ] Patients one through five. We know jason was patient number six. Which begs the question -- who were the other five? Um, were they ever subjected to any kind of memory transfer experiment? You see, you offered to trade information for your freedom. Well, you're backing out of the deal. I didn't lie. I was cooperative. But you didn't tell the truth. You know how I know that? I've been in touch with patient number one. It's me, peter.

[ Scoffs ] I'm pretty clear on what sam thinks she's doing, okay? She's going to pretend to be interested in dawn of day, hang out at their headquarters, take some classes, and try and persuade kristina to leave. And it all has a chance of working if it weren't for shiloh. What do you -- what do you actually know about shiloh? I don'T. I mean, I've only met him once, but once was enough. I mean, the guy, he's slick. And he thinks he's charming, and he wears that fake spirituality like a bad cologne. Now, would you think this if I hadn't told you about him in advance? Absolutely. I have really good instincts. Yeah, you do, most of the time.

[ Scoffs ] Come on. I mean, look, that -- that situation with nelle -- that was an exception, all right, and I learned from it. I learned that you don't let a liar with an agenda into your life or anywhere near the people you love. And that's a perfect description of shiloh, wouldn't you say? Yeah, it is. Yeah. I'm worried about sam. I think she's playing right into shiloh's hands. And you know I'm right. Okay, I know it's not worth you getting stressed out over. Okay? You and your baby are a million times more important than shiloh. Only a million? Okay. All right. All right, all right. I got you -- ooh.

[ Breathing shakily ] All right. It's okay. It's okay. You're gonna be okay. I-I'm -- I'm gonna help you, okay? I'll be -- I'll be right back. Franco, if you can hear me, stay with me, okay? Can you hear me? Franco... I need you to open your eyes. Baby, please.

[ Gasps ] Open your eyes. Elizabeth... move your hand.

[ Groans ] What happened? Can you tell me what happened to you?

[ Groans ] I need to let the er know so they're ready for you. No! No, no... no, you don'T. You need the call the police. Franco escaped? Did he do this to you? We'll find him. We've got an apb out, and he's injured. Dr. Collins managed to wound him before he escaped the institution. You mean you tried to stop him,and he did this? What were you thinking? I couldn't let him go. Kevin, he's already killed three people. You could've been the fourth! I -- what would I do if something happened to you? I'm fine, ava. I just wish I could have fought harder, prevented franco from inflicting any further harm. Based on your description of the wound, it's likely he didn't get very far.

[ Phone alarm beeping ] I mean, he may even bleed out if he isn't found and treated. Excuse me. You're trembling. I thought I knew franco. I really thought that we understood each other. And I'm just not sure if he's been playing everybody all along or if -- if maybe the tumor's back and he can't control himself. It's just, no matter what it is, it's just horrible. I pray that it's over soon, too.

[ Exhales sharply ] Will you stop glorifying ryan chamberlain? Every word you write breathes new life into his twisted legend.It's okay. Lulu, we're glad to see you up and about. We've been very worried about you. Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm just very frustrated with everything that's happening. We almost lost you. And yet, as soon as you're released, you went and interviewed franco. Now you're knee-deep in another serial killer's story. I know. And believe me, I do not want to write about ryan. But the night I was attacked, I was doing research on ryan. T-that's why I stayed late. Didn't kevin help you piece together what happened that night? Parts of it. I was thinking that you could help me, actually. I called you that night. Right. I missed the call, but you didn't leave a message. See, I thought so. I-I have been looking at my computer's search history, and I was researching ryan chamberlain's murders. But there was a discrepancy in the number of victims.

 I don't know whether to be disappointed or grateful. Seems you've forgone all pretense of maternal bonding and wanted to revert back to being my adversary. What, tripping me up, anna, with some disinformation here? That's not what's happening. I'm just telling you the simple truth. My sister, alex, and I -- we were the subjects in the original study for memory transfer, and that was conducted by dr. Arthur cabot. Cabot? I -- I've never heard of any -- oh, enough of this! Arthur cabot worked for the dvx. Now, what do you know about his research? Nothing! I've never heard of the man! I only dealt with klein. Enough, henrik! My name is -- my name is peter august, and I have never had any dealings with an arthur cabot. All right. So, why don't you tell us about your dealings with klein? Why was jason listed as patient six? Was that your doing or was it his?

[ Breathes heavily ] Klein was affiliated with the dvx. He provided support and research to andre maddox. When dr. Maddox completed his procedure to jason and drew for the memory transfer, it was klein who labeled them patients five and six, which obviously would assume there were patients one through four, but I don't know who they were. I never saw their names or their faces. I know nothing about them. So...when you were bargaining with me, you lied. That's right! When dr. Maddox completed his procedure, I was instructed to kill jason. I paid dr. Klein to take him instead. You know the rest. Did klein ever say anything about these other patients, one through four, or -- or the parameters of the original study? No. I'm sorry. Yeah, I'll bet. Oh, stop it, robert. If there was anything that I could do to help --

[ Exhales sharply ] What? What? Please. Peter? There may be a way to gain access to klein's records. I'm sorry. I'M...struggling to keep it together. Hey. Jordan's -- jordan's peeps keep coming by. They can't see me like this. Oh, listen. I have it on good authority that real men have feelings.

[ Exhales slowly ] And you are the realest man I know.

[ Scoffs ] Thank you, nina. Okay. Sit down.

[ Sighs ] How's jordan? She's in recovery. They had to remove one of her kidneys. I'm sorry. And the second one is damaged. It's not as bad, though, so they're just keeping a close watch. Okay. Hey. I know it sounds terrifying... yeah. ...But jordan's really strong, and she has such a great life ahead of her. You know, she loves you so much. She's so proud of tj.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Footsteps approaching ] Ah, finn! How's my wife? Please just be real with me, man. Sugarcoat nothing. Okay. Let's talk.

[ Coughing ] Okay. All right, all right. Okay. Shh, shh.

[ Gasping ] Don't try to talk, okay? Oh... just -- just -- just stay calm.

[ Groans ] Here. Keep this one on your wound. Keep pressure on it.

[ Groans ] I need to get a pillow for you. Don't worry about the police. I'm sure they're gonna get here any minute. Here, let me lift your feet up.

[ Grunts ] I can't wait for the police, though. I'm gonna call 911. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Keep your hand there on your wound. No, please! Just wait!

[ Groans ]

[ Panting ] Yes, I have an emergency. I need an ambulance right away. Ryan was known to have killed seven women. But I have this vague memory of my mom telling me that there were nine. Do the names deborah jones or suzanne smith mean anything to you? No, I'm afraid not. Ryan never mentioned those women to me -- not in texas, not in port charles. No. Where'd you get those names, lulu? Well, bits and pieces are coming back to me from that night. We were talking about the discrepancy in the number of ryan chamberlain's victims, and those two names popped into her head. So I did a quick internet search, and I looked for unsolved murders for those names. And found...? Archived news stories about their murders in texas. Both of the killings remain unsolved, and they both occurred within the timeframe ryan was known to have lived there. That's probably just a coincidence, right? There are no coincidences where ryan chamberlain is concerned. As I said earlier, I really didn't want to hurt franco that -- thank you -- that badly. I just wanted to slow him down. You really haven't located him yet? No. We're still working on it. But I wouldn't feel bad about doing what you had to do to stop franco. If it means saving lives, I will nominate you for the port charles pioneer award myself.

[ Applause ] Yay!

[ Cheering ] That could've been me. -Whoo! Whoo! -Yeah! Whoo!

[ Cheering and laughing ] Maybe the mayor will make the presentation herself -- provided laura decides to resurface. Um, laura's still out of touch? It's a bit unsettling, isn't it? The mayor is mia, the police commissioner is fighting for her life. How is jordan? I don't know. They won't tell me anything.

[ Phone alarm beeping ] Excuse me.

[ Door opens and closes ] Does it hurt? It's nothing unbearable. Well, good. I'm so glad. Then there won't be anything to distract you from explaining to me why you didn't tell me that you went to ferncliff to visit my daughter's killer!

Really good news. They're gonna move her to the icu shortly.

[ Sighs ] Dr. Finn, do you mind me asking, were you in the room during the operation? I was. The injuries that jordan sustained presents a high risk of infection, and the surgeon had asked me to be in the room to consult. Are we absolutely sure that removing her kidney was the only option? Jordan's left kidney was lacerated, extending beyond the collecting system. As we know, kidneys regulate blood pressure, and jordan's was spiking to dangerous levels.

[ Sighs ] Um...okay. So it's done. Mm-hmm. Where does that leave us? Jordan's remaining kidney sustained grade 2 trauma, what we call non-expanding perinephric hematomas. I-I'm sorry. Can you translate that? What does that mean? The damage is not as severe, but the kidney itself is compromised. Which means jordan is gonna need a transplant. Dr. Klein consulted with andre maddox on the memory transfer between jason and drew. Which means he had access to the records from the original study conducted by this cabot. That would be the place to start looking for your answers. Assuming that these records still exist. Yeah. I'll find them. Thank you. Scorpio, always a pleasure. Now, if you'll excuse me -- hey, wait, wait, wait, wait. She may be done with you, but I'm not. There's something else I want to talk to you about. Okay. Yeah? You know that franco was arrested for the attack on lulu and the other three murders. Yeah, I heard he pled guilty. Yeah, and then he's been remanded to ferncliff for psychiatric evaluation. And earlier today, he gave lulu an interview that was live-streamed. You didn't watch that, did you? No. Okay, good. But the transcript was posted on the invader's website. You didn't read that, did you? Of course I did. Now, h-how is that avoiding stress? Because it would've been more stressful to not read it. And that's not the point. The point is, something really stuck out to me in the interview. Franco was bragging that he was a better murderer than ryan chamberlain, A.K.A. Todd wilson. Did you know that ryan chamberlain used todd wilson as an alias? That's the only thing that stuck out in franco's interview? Well, it's the only thing that I paid attention to. Jason, listen to me.

[ Sighs ] The man in the room next to me, his name was wilson. Do you think there could be a connection? I don't know, okay? And if you want to find out, you call spinelli and you have him do the research. You do not go up to ferncliff yourself. Well, of course not. I wouldn't do that. Uh, yeah, you did, before you were pregnant. Oh, okay. Okay? Listen -- just listen to me. Everything has changed now. Whoeve r this wilson was or isor whatever happened to him, finding out is not worth putting you and your baby at risk. You want to tell me what's going on? You heard her. She's determined to keep at this. I'm talking about you. Why is this affecting you so deeply? I don't know, mom. Maybe it's because I saw all the hell this put you through. Sweetheart, you were just a little girl when ryan came into our lives. This can't have that much of an impact on you. You don't have that many memories of him. I just... I don't like all of the murder talk. It reminds me of nathan. I figured as much.

[ Inhales deeply ] This is always going to be hard. But imagine how you would feel if you didn't know what happened to nathan. I think that lulu is trying to provide those families of those victims with closure. That's all she can do for them right now.

[ Sighs ] So I just reached out to the police chiefs in marfa, where suzanne smith was murdered, and laredo, which handled the deborah jones killing. Maxie: And? Both women had their wallets, but neither had their driver's licenses. When you left me at charlie's, franco was the "suffering patient" that you had to see? Well, you saw that interview, too. I could barely stand to watch that grotesque bravado. Clearly, he was a man in dire need of treatment. And you chose not to tell me? I apologize, ava. But I've seen the kind of stress that franco can cause you, so I -- I opted to err on the side of discretion. I just don't understand why you would give that man even the slightest bit of your time. What can I say? I'm a healer.

[ Chuckles ] I thought I could help ease his transition into ferncliff, maybe even discuss his case with one of the staff doctors. They are my -- my colleagues there, too.

[ Sighs ] You're right. I should have told you. I don't blame you for this situation. I don'T. I blame franco. He killed my daughter. He isn't worthy of healing. He isn't worthy of living! Do you think I'm a monster for saying that? You're a goddess. Evacuate the surrounding houses and set up a perimeter. Nobody moves on the residence until I get there. I'm on my way. We have a location on franco. Do you know his condition? No one's been inside the house yet, but I will update you as I know more.

[ Gasps ] Well, I suppose it's too much to hope that franco really will bleed out and this can finally be over. Forget franco. I have a way we can reclaim our lives. Marry me. Tonight. He's got a puncture wound on his side. He's probably already lost about 1,000cc of blood. His pulse is 140 and thready. Um, he's barely conscious.

[ Coughing ] And -- and he's probably got a hemothorax, 'cause he's coughing up blood.

[ Gasps ] Please -- please let the police know that he -- franco is not armed and that he is not a threat. Please listen to me. I didn't kill those people. I lied.

Hi. Hey. How's jordan? Good. She's in recovery. Oh. She's stable. Thank god. Tonight was... oh. First decent piece of news I've had all day. I take it things didn't go well with peter. Ah, you know... just robert came out swinging, and peter went on the defensive. So the usual. Yeah. Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] I mean, peter did admit to giving unreliable information last year to robert to keep himself out of prison. But he offered up something new... hm. ...That he thought that, uh, a dr. Klein... mm-hmm. ...Had been in possession of cabot's notes. I mean, do you think that there would be any documentation in there about what was done to me and the others? Yeah. I -- I mean, I assume so. There's probably even patient files. Got to get my hands on those records, then. Yeah. You just got to figure out a way to...

[ Elevator bell dings ] ...Track down this dr. Klein. Yeah. Um, I have an idea. Curtis? I don't know why this is happening. We just got married. We've got our whole lives ahead of us. Okay, dr. Finn put her on the transplant list. She's in law enforcement with no other health concerns. That makes her a great candidate. Something will come through. Yeah. Well, I want to be tested. And I know tj does, too. I'm also positive that jordan won't -- won't accept a kidney from her son. Hell, there's not even a guarantee they'll be a match. Listen, I'll write a story for crimson. I can put it up on our website in 24 hours. People will want to help. Yeah, I'm not sure jordan would be up for that. She's a private woman. She's still police commissioner. I... yeah, yeah. But it's a human-interest story. Keep it as an option. I appreciate you. People have transplants all the time, and they live long and healthy lives, okay?

[ Sighs ] It's gonna be all right. Something will come through for jordan. I'm gonna hold you to that. Good. Do that. 'Cause I'm not going anywhere.

[ Scoffs ] Y-yes, yes, I'm still here. Listen to me. I didn't kill those people. He's still conscious. It wasn't me. It was ryan chamberlain.

[ Hiccups ]

[ Siren wailing ]

[ Groans ] The case files on suzanne smith and deborah jones fit the pattern of ryan's other victims. So I put the police in marfa and laredo in touch with the pcpd. My guess is those murders will be attributed to ryan as well. Which brings the count to nine. How did laura know that? I think she said that kevin had a list of the names. I mean, she must have, right? I didn't dream up those names. Maxie: Okay, okay, um...

[ Chuckles ] Before this gets hopelessly confusing, let's clarify what we know. Ryan is known to have had seven victims, okay? Deborah jones and suzanne smith might have also been ryan's victims, but nobody knew about them. And laura supposedly saw a list that kevin made with, uh, the names of ryan's victims, and there were nine names on the list? So? How did kevin get those last two names? Married tonight? How? We'll find a church across the border in niagara falls. You want to go to canada and get married tonight? Yes. What is the rush? Maybe it's because I stared down death tonight. Maybe because I was just blinded and I was afraid I would never see your beautiful face again. Maybe because I can't waitto join my life to yours. Because I'm only half alive without you, and I can't afford to lose you. I'm not going anywhere. If recent even tshave taught me anything, it's that nothing is promised. Fortunes change. Life is precious. Let's savor every moment and not waste another minute. Marry me. Tonight. Yes. Yes!

[ Laughs ]

[ Siren approaching ] Franco... ryan chamberlain is dead. He's been dead for 20 years. No... franco. Come on. Keep your eyes open. Franco. Franco!

[ Door opens ] Is anyone else in the house? No, but he needs help! All right. We're clear to send in paramedics. Tell them to hurry! He's bleeding out! Well, it's possible kevin was doing some research on his own. Maybe that's how he came up with those names. Felicia: Well, we could clear this up. Why don't we just call laura and have her come over? Don't even try. Her voicemail box is full. I can't get ahold of her. She was called away on mayoral business. Well, that's odd. I say we go to the source. Who, kevin? You know, I called him that night. It was in my phone records. I probably was calling to ask him about the list. Wait, you didn't ask him when he was hypnotizing you? I don't think so? I-it's still so hazy. And besides, it's awkward with the situation between my mom and kevin, so... yeah, I hear you. Don't worry. We'll talk to him. Yeah. We go way back. He'll come clean with us. You have made me the happiest man on earth!

[ Laughs ] But we can't get married, can we, because your divorce isn't finalized. Oh, well, actually, I filed the papers with a rush this morning. Um... the clerk is a patient, but that's all I can tell you. Oh. Blurring the lines a little bit there, doctor? I said I'd do anything for you. Now, we're going to niagara falls tonight. All you need to do is get home, collect your passport and some warm-weather clothes. For niagara falls? You don't think we're gonna honeymoon there, do you? No. We'll be jetting off to a proper honeymoon, far away from all our problems. Okay. But we can't be gone long. You know I cannot be away from avery. We'll play it by ear. My beautiful bride...

[ Chuckles ] Mm, well, meet back here, then? I'll be counting the minutes. Are you gonna threaten to arrest me again, hmm? Save your breath. Between my lawyers and your ex-wife, you'll be stopped before you even start. You might even jeopardize those precious wsb credentials you love flaunting in my face. Well, I wouldn't be too sure about that. Now, we're doing a bit of digging -- you know, retracing faison's steps, records. Who knows what we'll find in there about you. Yeah, well, proceed at your own risk, robert. I can and will defend myself, by any means necessary. Bah, and there it is! Henrik faison, the killer! A chip off the old block. Well, come on, kid. Show me your best shot. So, I told you that the dvx held on to cabot's notes and then they handed those off to andre. I-I-it looks as if, uh, the dvx operative was, in fact, your jailer, dr. Klein. So, dr. Klein was working with andre maddox? According to peter, um, yeah. Klein consulted with andre.

[ Sighs ] Okay. I'm so sorry about my son's involvement in all of that. I am. Anna, it -- it wasn't your fault. But I -- what -- it's over. Maybe. Maybe not. I mean, this dr. Klein sounds like an amoral bastard, but he was also a brilliant researcher. And brilliant researchers don't just throw away useful records. Right. I mean, when you were in the russian clinic, do you remember seeing any patient records or files or hearing anyone talk about patients one through four? No. I mean, most of the time, I was so drugged up, I didn't even know my name. And I -- at the end, all I cared about was just getting out of there. Yeah. You didn't hear anyone saying my sister's name, alex marick? Not that I can recall. Okay. I mean, do you think... you think there's a possibility that dr. Klein is still alive?

[ Indistinct conversations ] Hey, carly. Aren't you going

to ask why I'mpositively glowing right now? I hadn't noticed. Love, carly. It's true love. Kevin and i are getting married. We're leaving tonight, and I certainly hope that you don't want to attend, because you're definitely not invited.

 I get it. You don't like me, and you don't trust me. Oh, don't be so modest. I despise you. The feeling's mutual. But, you know, going after you, agent scorpio, is just... it's more trouble than it would be worth. That being said, if you leave me alone, I'm willing to reciprocate. Got it? I wouldn't take faison's word, much less yours. I'm not my father. No. No, you're worse. You see, with faison, you knew who he was and he knew who he was. But with you, well, you run around trying to be this "good person." The problem is that one of these days, you're gonna revert to form and implode. And when that happens, well, I have to be around to make sure the people that I care about are nowhere near the blast radius and that the only person who's taken out is gonna be you. All right, so sonny bailed klein out of the pcpd. And the last anyone saw of him was him boarding a plane for moscow, and then he vanished. Did you disappear him? Sonny let him go. Far as I know, he's in the wind. Okay, so that's that. Mm, no, it isn'T. You don't have to stay. I know you have james at home. I'll be okay. Yeah, I know what it's like to avoid going home to an empty house. Mm... are the kids with valentin and olivia? So that I can rest. Then come home with me! Rest there! That's just it. I can't rest. Not until I remember everything about the night I was attacked.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Elevator bell dings ] You and kevin are eloping tonight? Oh, kevin absolutely insisted. He can't wait to make me his bride. And who am I to deny him his heart's desire? What -- I'll send pictures. She's got to be joking. Uh, no. I-I mean, ava's one hell of a liar, but even she couldn't make this up. It's too insane not to be true.

[ Car alarm chirps ]

[ Lock clicks ] Well, I had to give up my more recent acquisitions. But at least I still have you. And now, I have the love of my life. You know, you can grab something to eat or take a nap or something, you know, before they bring her back. I'll wait.

[ Exhales sharply ] No, I...I got a bunch of phone calls I got to make. know, if you want to take off... I mean, really, you can -- you can go.

[ Muffled clatter ] Jordan's purse right here? Yeah. What are you looking for? I'm looking for the keys to your place because it's clear that you're not leaving. So I thought I'd just get you a change of clothes. What is that? What's what? She has a new voicemail from "urgent." Who's "urgent"?

[ Smooches ] I'll meet you in the er, okay? Okay. Hang in there. I'll be right there! Wait, before I can let you go, I need to know exactly what happened. All I know is that my husband showed up on my doorstep bleeding profusely from what seems like a knife wound. I kept him alive, and I called 911.

[ Siren wailing ] Did he say anything? He said he lied, that he didn't kill those people. Ryan chamberlain did. I know. He must've been delirious. Either that or a dead man did it.

[ Lock clicking ] Much as I'll miss my adopted hometown, it's time to get while the getting's good, as they say.

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