GH Transcript Thursday 2/28/19

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 2/28/19


Episode #14229 ~ Ryan is furious; Liz is concerned for Drew; Maxie helps Lulu; Scott runs into Ava; Cameron is angry and confused.

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(This still needs extensive editing)

[ Exhales slowly ] Maxie: You don't have to do this today. I know. It's okay if you're not ready. I'm sure peter would be fine with you still working from home. I have to go in there. I just need a second. Okay, don't force yourself. You've gone through enough stress, facing franco in that horrible interview. I thought that would bring back more memories about the night he attacked me. Or at least fill in some of the gaps from my hypnosis session with kevin. But if anything, it left me with more questions. So i have to go back to where it happened. I can't shake this feeling that I have missed a big part of these murders. All right.

[ Exhales sharply ] Are you ready? Yeah. Let's do this.

[ Sighs ] Ava: "Because it was too easy. I mean, honestly. How could I not? Everyone bought into my supposed reform. Which freed me up to fully explore my creative vision." Oh, not you, too...

[ Sighs ] Ava. Ava, ava. This whole town is now buzzing over this interview that lulu did with the invader. Oh, well, the invader -- they printed a transcript of the interview. Wasn't that thorough?

[ Sighs ] How many times are you gonna read it? I'm gonna read it until franco's confession makes sense to me. You know, I was willing to believe him when everybody else assumed he was the killer. But now, after this interview, listening to him talk about his -- his "vision" and "genius"? I'm starting to think maybe it was franco that killed my kiki. Cameron: "...After your brain tumor was removed, you rebuilt your life here in port charles. A path to redemption, people might call it. A job at the hospital, engaged to one of the nurses there, and playing the father figure to her three sons." Cam, don't do this to yourself. Oh, no, no, I'm getting to the good part. "You had everything you claimed you wanted, and you threw it away to murder again. Why? Well --" okay, look. Enough, already. No, dude, it's helping me. Yeah, you seem real chill. Okay, at least I knew I was right about franco the entire time. Okay, he never cared about my brothers or my mother -- he was just using them as cover -- so people might think he's "reformed"... I'm really sorry that he's doing this to your family. Yeah, well, I'm glad aunt lulu aired the interview. Now the entire world knows that franco is a killer -- even if my mom won't admit it. Hey. Drew? C-come in. Thanks. Come in. What are you doing here? Elizabeth: Shouldn't you be at home resting? Ah, please, it was a minor surgery. I'm fine. Besides, I'm back to 20/20 now, so... oh, thank god for that. Yeah. Any word on jordan?

[ Sighs ] I saw curtis earlier. There's no injury to her head or her spine... oh. ...But she did suffer internal injuries. Well, she's -- she's tough. She'll pull through. Yeah, I hope so. Because I don't know how I'd live with myself if she doesn'T. Drew [Chuckles] The accident was not your fault. You know you had -- had no control over what happened. I was behind the wheel. I know. I'm sorry. I -- I-I wish there was something I could do to help. Um, actually, I'm here because I'm hoping I can help you. I heard about franco's interview. Have you watched it? No. But I heard it was brutal.

[ Sighs ] Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. What's gotten into you? Between pleading guilty and that spectacle of an interview -- you don't understand that your life as you knew it is over. Good riddance. You don't mean that. Mm. Not after all the work that you've done. The life you're building. To do what? Throw it all away on a lie? The truth was gonna come out sooner or later. Wrong. Who the hell do you think you are?

 I was gonna make some tea. Do you want some? Yeah, sure. Why not? Thank you.

The invader posted a transcript of franco's interview. Yeah? I've been too afraid to read it, because then I'd have to actually admit he said those things and it wasn't just imagined or I misunderstood. How bad was it? It was like watching a stranger, not my husband. I kept waiting for him to say that it was all a mistake and that he pled guilty for a reason. You know, I still believed in him. Even after the arraignment. I know. Me, too. That's why I brought you back your rings. Tea -- I was gonna get tea. Where did I... elizabeth? Oh, why can't i find the tea? Elizabeth, honey... oh, god. Tea. Tell you what, sit down. Come here. Sit down. I'm losing my mind. Relax, relax. I can't think straight. Relax. I think I can handle tea. -Okay. -Possibly, maybe. Thank you. No problem. It's just such a mess, because I defended franco to everyone. It didn't matter how many times somebody wo-- would warn me against him. I d-- I wouldn't listen. Why would I listen? You know what? Nobody's going to blame you. You love him. It's not just me. It's not -- it's not just me. I-I hate the attention this is gonna bring the kids. And after franco's interview, how am I supposed to ask them to keep believing in him? How am I supposed to keep believing in him? Ava, you can't possibly think that franco killed kiki -- well, he said he did. No, he -- he bragged he did. She was "too beautiful not to kill." Oh! [ Scoffs ] I don't know why he said that -- obviously he said it because he's proud of himself. How brilliant his crimes were. How ryan chamberlain's murder spree paled in comparison to his. Oh, it doesn't make sense! He adored kiki. I was there when I told him that kiki was murdered. I saw the agony on his face. Now, that was not the face of a murderer. He fooled us, scotty. He fooled us both. He fooled a lot of other people, too. No, no, he didn't do it. He didn't do it. He didn't do it! Hey. I just -- I think that it takes time to process. I think I'm still in shock right now, myself. I thought I'd be angrier. Kevin sure is.

[ Groans ] I understand why you're angry. I'd be mad if somebody fooled me that bad, too. What are you talking about?

[ Chuckling ] I can't believe you actually bought it. You actually think that you healed me. The great dr. Kevin collins. Man, they say serial killers are egomaniacs. You didn't kill those people. You don't have it in you. I think that mary pat, peyton, and kiki, they'd disagree. Lulu -- lulu understands, too, what I'm capable of. It just makes me so sad I couldn't finish her off. Stop. You eradicated your urge to kill. It's not part of who you are. You're just bitter. It really bothers you, doesn't it, that you're just as gullible as everybody else. 'Cause you're kind of supposed to be an expert on these things, aren't you? I don't know the purpose of this charade, but I do know you didn't kill those people. Mm, I understand that there are things that you just -- y-you just can't get it. It's okay. It's just... a little over your head. Why are you taking credit for murders that we both know that you didn't commit? Were you really that starved for attention? You needed all the eyes glued on you? Everyone watching the tv screen? I'm not sure why it bothers you so much that you were completely wrong about me. Oh, no. I've never been more certain about anything in my life. Come on, franco. I'm your psychiatrist. You're protected by doctor-patient confidentiality. You say that now, but... you sold me out to the pcpd! That wasn't my decision -- I told you my deepest secrets, and you just gave that file right to the cops! I resisted, but they showed up with a search warrant. I had no choice. I-I am very sorry about it now -- I don't accept your apology. -Well, let me make it up to you. -How? By doing what I should've done in the first place. I'll listen. No, you're too late. No, we're not. There's no one else here. I can't record it. I won't even take notes. I assure you, no matter what you tell me, it stays between us. Right, 'cause that went so well the last time. Tell the truth, franco! What's your plan?

I know you want to get away from all this drama about franco -- yeah, biggest understatement of the year. But we couldn't have left last night. Not with your curfew. Oh, screw that. My mom wouldn't notice if I drove to florida. Cameron, yes, she would. She's very protective of you and your brothers. You know that. Not when she's busy defending that psychotic murderer. He pled guilty

in court, and she still wouldn't believe it. Maybe she's in denial. Yeah, and that would be fine if she wasn't inflicting it on my brothers. Last night, she told us again that franco was innocent, and aiden and jake believed her. Now he's told the entire world just how twisted he is. He's admitted to playing my mom and lying to her face. But she won't care. I'm done fighting. But I-I can't pretend that I'm okay with it. That's why I got to get away. Not without me. I'm all for romantic spontaneity, but if we're gonna need to do this road trip, we need to do it right. You know, kevin did franco no favor with those notes of his. Hey, kevin did his best to treat franco. He tried to heal him. Dah! It's not his fault that franco is beyond help. Yeah, well, you know what? Kevin is a quack, and he's got this god complex. You know something? Kevin has been very supportive to me, very wonderful. I don't know what I would've done without him. Well, you know what I wonder, ava, is when he's gonna kick you to the curb like he did laura. Well, that's not gonna happen. Kevin proposed. You got it. Kevin collins asked me to be his wife. And I said yes. This is your last chance to save yourself, franco. Don't waste it. I know what I'm doing. So you admit that you're lying.

[ Groans ] Franco, fess up! Or you're gonna spend the rest of your life in pentonville, probably in solitary. Jordan and I are working together on something. How are you feeling? A little strange. Okay, are any memories coming back? None that I want. I keep thinking back to when I asked franco how I escaped. He said he "designed" it that way -- that he let me go because he thought that I was gonna bleed out in the elevator. That doesn't feel like what happened. Okay, maybe he was just "spinning" his own mistake. I mean, serial killers -- they feel god-like, infallible. He would never admit a mistake. No. Well, I have never regretted not going to a book launch so much. Stop. You're gonna drive yourself crazy if you keep thinking about what you could've done differently. You should be proud. Proud? Yeah. You survived. And you're the reason franco was caught. Lulu, it could've been a lot worse. Franco could've killed as many people as ryan chamberlain.

[ Keys clacking ] Lulu? W-what's wrong? The police commissioner is in on this? Yep. She says it's gonna work. What will? I can't go into the details. She told me not to say anything to anybody. It's just between us. But you can trust me. Think of all the work we've done together, all the things that you've achieved. Doesn't that count for anything? Uh, jordan says the plan won't work if I let anyone else know about it.

[ Scoffs ] I can assure you if you tell me what's going on, I'll leave this room as if nothing ever happened, and I won't interfere with any plans that you've made with the commissioner. I haven't even told elizabeth what's happening. I can see that pains you. Yeah. Then let me help you. Let me shoulder some of this burden. Franco, I promise you -- if you talk to me, you'll feel better.

[ Exhales sharply ] Come on. You know I didn't kill those people. Of course I do. But why say that you did? Jordan thinks it'll bait the killer. That if I take credit for his crimes, that he will reveal himself. Reveal himself how? Well, he framed me, so up until now, he thinks that things are going as planned. Except that they're not because I'm getting all the attention and the media buzz for crimes that he planned and he committed, and there's no way a guy like that would ever let something like that go on. Well, then what's supposed to happen when the real killer seeks you out? Jordan gave me a phone. I'm supposed to call her, you know, if the real killer ever shows up. I see. Now, aren't you feeling better that you've talked to me? Yeah. Yeah, I feel better. This whole thing has just been so brutal. If I get justice for kiki, I guess it's worth it. I just wish I could tell elizabeth what's happening. I'm telling you, doc. This situation is gonna kill me. Oh, I can see that.

 you two don't waste any time, do you? Why should we? Well, let's see. You've been seeing him for what? A couple of months? So what? Well, you know what? Someone might say that that's, like, jumping the gun.

[ Chuckles ] Someone might, but we don'T. And what does it matter anyway if we're happy? Life is short. Yes, very short to make a blunder like that. Ah. Am I detecting a little bit of bitterness on your side there, mr. Baldwin? I'm just, you know, a little concerned. Friendly concern, ava. Well, thank you. But, really, I don't need it. And I'm not going to deny myself the -- the love, the happiness that I deserve. You do. You deserve love and happiness. Just not with kevin collins. Look, would you -- would you do me a favor and please put your history with him aside? This relationship has completely changed my life. Kevin has taught me that real love is genuine and selfless. He would do anything for me, and I for him. I've never experienced anything like that. If you're my friend, you would be happy for me, scotty. At least try.

[ Groans ] Nothing in this crazy world right now is making any sense to me. What does that mean? "Do the road trip right"? Hello? Have we scouted our route? Bought supplies? Looked at the facilities? Are we gonna eat on the road or wait until we get there? And what's our budget? What? I just... you know, I never saw you as the practical type. Well, then obviously you weren't paying attention. I have a gift for planning and scheduling, which is why my social life runs smoothly and I have a minimum of parental interference. Thinking ahead can solve a lot of problems before they happen. You really should try it sometime. Uh, you know, I-I'd say you have a point, except all the planning ahead in the world couldn't stop my mom from marrying franco. Oh. I-I didn'T... I'm sorry. Don't apologize. I've whined about it enough. Hey, you weren't whining. Yeah, I was.

[ Chuckles ] -Yeah, you kind of were. But we forgive you. "Franco: 'The staging alone -- head in the apple barrel, body in the art gallery. The producer behind the snowmen. I took such care with the lighting and the juxtaposition, but none more so than with the girl in the wedding bed. Come on. How much did you love that?'"

[ Sighs ] "Lulu: 'Kiki jerome was supposedly like a daughter to you. You gave the eulogy at her funeral --' franco: 'I did. And you all ate it up with a spoon. A young woman like that... what can I say? She was too beautiful not to kill.'" Stop. Please stop. Don't do this to yourself... no, I have to. Because none of this makes sense. I know that franco loved kiki. He would never, ever hurt her. So why is he saying he did? Ryan: So, jordan believes that interview you gave will make the real killer jealous. Yep, jealous enough to make a mistake -- and at that point, the police will be ready and waiting for him. You know, this killer doesn't exactly strike me as someone who makes mistakes.

[ Laughs ] I don't know about that. The guy royally screwed up trying to kill lulu. Couldn't manage that properly. Perhaps there were extenuating circumstances. Something that even the killer couldn't anticipate. Eh, I'm not so sure, but I think you're giving this guy too much credit. I think maybe he's just, you know, not too bright. Oh, he's bright. Bright enough to evade the police so far. So, you realize that if the real killer catches on to what you're doing with jordan, he's likely to kill again. Starting with you. I thought you were supposed to be trying to make me feel better. Well, I'm just worried about your safety. B-- so, y-you don't think the plan's gonna work?

[ Chuckles ] No, I don't see how it could. Especially given jordan's circumstances. What circumstances? Oh, right. There's no way you could know. Jordan's had a terrible car accident. What? Literally run over in the hospital garage. Oh, I-I-is she all right? Well, she's in critical condition and hasn't regained consciousness...

[ Gasps ] ...Which begs the question... oh, man. ...Who is going to answer if the real killer shows up looking to do you in? You know, this is all your fault. Beg your pardon? What the hell happened when you hypnotized lulu?! She went in there, you put her under, she didn't know what -- w-what happened, who attacked her, and when she came to, she was convinced it was me. You need to fix this. You need to give her another hypno session, and you need to fix your mistake.

[ Laughs ] What? For someone who was once considered so brilliant -- you sure are slow on the uptake. Which uptake?

I don't make mistakes, franco. I did this perfectly.

The point of the trip is to have fun, right? To enjoy ourselves. To see something that most of us haven't seen. One of the wonders of nature. And trina's right -- it wouldn't hurt to plan ahead a little bit. As far as budget goes... I got... ...$27, and... ...52 cents. $50. I can go to $60 in an emergency. I've got 40 bucks. Everyone keep your money. This trip is courtesy of the adventure fund. If franco really didcommit those murders, then... I've lost him as a son. I've lost gail.

[ Sighs ] -I've lost -- -gail, your stepmother, right? Yeah, well, she was more than my stepmother. I mean, she was there for me when I was married too young and all kinds of... you know, she became my mother when my real mother passed away. Well, again, I'm -- I'm very sorry for your loss. Yeah. I bet you are. I am. And you know what? I think that you're too angry right now to really hear me, and I understand that, you know, 'cause I know as well as anybody that -- that anger makes you lash out. But hopefully when you want to talk, you'll call me. Because I really would like to hear more about gail. Well, then, why... ooh! ...Don't we talk about her now. You know why? Because I need to go and -- and check on kevin. I'm worried about him. Yeah, I bet you... listen to me, though, really.

[ Sighs ] I promise you that I will work on being a better friend to you. I remember why I stayed late that night. I was confused about the number of ryan chamberlain's victims. It was seven, right? No, that's what it says online, but something about that does not sound right. See, I don't have deborah jones or suzanne smith. Their names don't come up anywhere.

[ Keys clacking ]

[ Mouse clicks ] Who is "deborah jones"? You still don't get it. You are so disappointing. Okay, wow. Thank you so much for coming. But I'm a little worried about you. You should go home, get some rest. I'm gonna call jordan. I just told you, she's unconscious. Yeah, I-I need to tell her that I just spoke with you. Franco. Kevin. What?

[ Gasps ]

[ Grunting ] There's something else. Later on in the interview... you know what? I-I-I really don't want to hear anymore. I can't -- no, no, you -- you need to. It's not about kiki or the other two. It's about you. About me? Oh, here it is. Okay. "Franco: 'I started young. Way younger than ryan. I attempted my first murder at the age of four when I pushed my foster brother down the stairs. He lived. Safe to say I got better at it with time...'" now, we know that's not true. Franco didn't try to kill me when we were kids. He tried to save me. Why would he lie about that? Makes him look even more guilty.

[ Gasping ]

[ Gasps ] Oh! Why? Wh-- why would -- why would you do -- why would you do that?

[ Gasping ] Why would i do this to you? Oh, god! Because I can't let a has-been like you take credit for my work! Oh! Oh! Aah! Come on, come on. It's close. I know it. Come on! It's been you all along.

[ Laughs ] Kevin -- oh! Close. One more try!

[ Grunts ] Ryan? Ding, ding, ding! Finally! The penny drops! Aah! It's funny. I did want to reveal myself to you sooner... aah! ...Only because I really did -- i really did admire your work. Oh!

[ Gasping ] Then they took out that tumor and all your talent with it.

[ Grunting ] The good news is...

[ Gasps ] ...At least you'll die at my hands. There's no shame in being bested by the master. No! Help me! Somebody help me! Oh! Aah! What are you doing? Ah! Oh. That stings.

[ Breathing heavily ] It's funny. I don't recall it hurting that much when felicia stabbed me. Ooh. Well [Clears throat] The price we pay to achieve art. So, are you ready... to finish?

[ Whimpering ]

[ Gasps ]

 Adventure is pretty much jacks family tradition.

[ Chuckles ] My dad believes that mountains are there to be climbed, rivers kayaked, waves surfed whenever possible. And once you've had these experiences, leave no trace. Wild places should be left wild. Please tell me you're not planning to kayak the niagara river in february. -[ Laughs ] -No. No. But if I wanted to -- I have the money to pay for it. My dad set me up a special account. He says that life takes you unexpected places -- and you'll never know if you'll be able to visit those places again, so... you have to take full advantage of what's in front of you. Joss? Does your mom know about this adventure fund? No.

[ Both laugh ] No, it's -- it's strictly a jacks thing. Ah. Um... my dad set it up for me when my grandma died. Lady jane -- that's what everyone would call her. She grew up in the outback. She could ride, shoot, herd cattle, find water in a desert -- you name it, she could do it. She used to say that, "with grit and imagination, anything is possible -- but money always helps."

[ Laughter ] So, I-I never used the account for anything ordinary -- hey! Shoes are a wearable art. Okay, well, it's only for unexpected opportunities. I-I don't know, joss. It kind of sounds like your dad wants you to use this money to go trek the himalayas or go visit tierra del fuego. A road trip to niagara falls -- are you sure that qualifies? He says it's up to me -- that I'm supposed to choose my own adventures. And I choose this one. This is good. Bits and pieces are coming back to me. Anything on this "deborah jones"? I remember saying her name. Maybe there's something online about her. Okay, I speak from experience, but "jones" is an extremely common last name. There could be thousands of deborah joneses out there... well, then I better get to work narrowing them down. Where do you even start? I wonder if any were victims of homicide. I mean, maybe I thought she was one of ryan's victims. Okay, do you think this is something you should take to the police? Not until I have more than just a name to go on... excellent point. You were traumatized. Maybe deborah jones is just some random person. Maybe you played tennis with her or she was one of your yoga instructors... I don't think so. I am almost positive that deborah jones was connected to my research on ryan. I think there's more to this interview than we're seeing. What if franco's trying to send us a message? How so?

[ Sighs ] Well, besides kevin, we're the only ones who know the full extent of the abuse that he suffered from harvey. Right. So, then we know he's lying. Yeah. Maybe he's doing this on purpose. Maybe he's trying to tell us something. Saying what? I don't know yet. But I feel like we need to trust him.

[ Whimpering ] Jordan's plan was a fool's plan. Look where it led you. Please. Please, you don't want to do this. Yes, I do. And thank you for making it so easy --

[ Door opens ] Nurse kay: Dr. Collins?! Nurse kay! Thank god! This lunatic stabbed me! In self-defense! I d-- I don't know how he got ahold of this, but he tried to kill me! Oh, my god, dr. Collins -- he's not dr. Collins! Go get help. You've got to get help! Hurry! Hurry!!

[ Grunts, panting ]

[ Grunts ] No! N-o-o-o-o!! You can't get away! I don't make mistakes!

Now that we all agree that this trip is covered by the adventure fund -- are you guys with me? -All the way. -I'm in -- providing there are no more disparaging remarks about shoes. Yeah, let's do this. Niagara falls, here we come. -Thanks again for driving. -Oh, glad to be of service -- especially since I'm not the one who's paying for gas... -all right. -The falls look so cool. Oscar: Yeah, they literally will be. It's supposed to go below freezing. Josslyn: That's okay. I brought extra jackets and coats and hats and whatever we need. We'll need them in the observatory for sure. Oh, there's an aquarium -- maybe we can heat up in there. Well, I don't know if we're gonna be able to do all that and make it back in time. Oh, who cares? I hope we never make it back home. Excuse me. Is dr. Collins in? I'm afraid not. I haven't heard from him in a while. Oh. Well, h-he told me that he would be tending to a patient. I don't suppose you could tell me who that might be. Sorry. I don't have any record of that in his schedule today. Okay, this is creepy. What is it? There was a homicide victim named deborah jones from texas. She was killed in the early '90s when ryan was living there. My mom met ryan in texas... she was found stabbed to death. Her murder was never solved. The case went cold years ago. Okay, that is creepy... okay. This is the list of ryan's known victims... we have linda walker. She was engaged to ryan in texas. Gloria wilson. Oh, gloria's murder is the one that my mom saw. There was, uh, michelle blake. She used to be gloria's neighbor. And then before ryan came to port charles, he killed helen parks and magi anthony. They were both stabbed to death. And then after he got here, he killed jessica holmes -- and when he was caught and sent to the mental hospital, he killed his occupational therapist, connie cooper. That's seven... so, if you add deborah jones and suzanne smith, you've got nine... who's suzanne smith? I remember saying her name with deborah'S. I...I just can't remember who I was talking to. You know, it was my mom who said there were nine victims. She saw the names on a list in kevin's office. Maybe we should call your mom. I've been trying all afternoon. It keeps going to voicemail. Okay. Okay, let's say that you're right, and this deborah jones and suzanne smith were ryan chamberlain's eighth and ninth victims. How does kevin know their names? When the police don't? Something is very wrong, maxie. Do you think franco could be protecting somebody? By throwing his life away? By confessing to crimes he didn't commit? You still think he's innocent? Don't you? Yeah, but, uh, you've got more of a stake in this than I do. Yeah. Yeah, I still have faith in him, regardless of that -- that interview. So do I. Look. [ Sighs ] I should probably get going. You gonna be okay?

[ Scoffs ] I've got to be for franco. Okay, well... ...look, if you or the boys need anything, I'll be right over. Okay. All right? Thank you. For sure. And, uh, just try to have a good night.

[ Sighs ]

[ Rings clink ] Where's franco? He attacked me again and took off. Secure all the exits immediately! We can't let him get away!

[ Groaning ]

[ Alarm blaring ]

[ Groaning ]

[ Blaring continues ]

[ Groans ] Jordan, hey. I heard that you were in an accident. And I don't know if that's true or not, but you were right and your plan worked. The killer is ryan chamberlain.

[ Groaning ]

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