GH Transcript Monday 2/25/19

General Hospital Transcript Monday 2/25/19


Episode #14227 ~

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[ Monitor beeping ] Hey. You're okay. Hey, you're okay.

[ Exhales sharply ] How long was I out?

Too long. But you're okay, and that's all that matters. Yeah, I can see. And that's all I care about. You're gonna stay in this hospital until the doctors clear you. You hear me? Were you here all night? Yes, all night. Thanks for waiting with me. That's it? You're not gonna argue with me? Uh, what -- what's the point?

[ Chuckles ] You always win.

[ Exhales sharply ] You really don't have to stay. You've already been with me all night. It's all right. You know, I'm just -- I'm here to offer you consolation, support, or whatever you need -- another cup of coffee with a shot of espresso, perhaps? Oh, god, no, no, no. No coffee, please. I'll be climbing up the walls. I just -- I-I really... want to stay to get the prognosis on both scout and danny's dads. You and your brother were infected with a-a rare virus, hn-242, which caused the headache and loss of vision. Uh, fortunately, dr. Finn was able to neutralize the virus. Okay. Uh, the last thing I remember was [Inhales] Uh, pulling out of the -- the garage. D-- did I hit anybody? Curtis: The doctors say sleep is the best thing for you. So I'm not gonna ask you to open those pretty eyes or make my heart skip a beat with that beautiful smile.

[ Monitor beeping ] But if you wanted to cheat a little bit... and give my hand a little squeeze... just a little squeeze. I should've known better.

[ Breathes deeply, sniffles ] You always were a stickler for the rules. That's fine, baby. You rest. Your man will be here when you wake up.

[ Knock on door ] Aunt stella's here. Looks like she brought some much-needed caffeine. I'm gonna step outside, okay, baby? I won't be far.

[ Smooches ] Promise. Thanks.

[ Smooches ] Thank you.

[ Beeping continues ]

[ Sighs ] So, did you talk to the doctors? I did. Would you please tell me what the hell is going on? Still no word from the lab? No, nothing. After they promised next-day service and everything. And we got there in plenty of time -- thanks to your driving. And that sports car of yours can really move. Thanks. I had fun. So did I. Which is besides the point. We're supposed to be trying to figure out if sasha's really nina's daughter or if she's valentin's plant.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Ooh! Nothing! Where's nina? Oh, she'll be along shortly. Listen, uh, I'm happy to have a moment alone with you. Thank you. Meant a lot to nina to have you here. How can you be so calm? Nina loves you. She thinks she loves me. If this thing blows up, she's gonna be heartbroken. Sh-- uh... I think maybe it would be best for all parties involved if you were to cut your visit short and head back to chappaqua, don't you? Nina: Hey. Sorry I'm late. Hey. No apologies necessary. Listen...uh, you want a menu, or are you ready to order? Breakfast will have to wait, because I need a private conference with my daughter.

[ Footsteps departing ] How's the patient? Ready to leave. Uh, but he's not going to leave. He's gonna stay here until the doctors sign off. Good. I thought maybe while you're waiting, you'd want to find out why you went blind in the first place.

Have you ever heard of it? No. Well, there's no reason why you should. It's a virus. It's quite rare. Symptoms include retinal hemorrhage, resulting in blindness. It's like what happened to you. Exactly. I was infected from the same source as you for the same reason -- memory transfer. What? Are you saying andre maddox did this to jason? It was unintentional. I don't care. I don't feel sorry for him.

[ Sighs ] I don't blame you. I mean, andre's involvement in this is tangential. This is actually the work of a dr. Arthur cabot. Who is that? He did an early study on memory transfer between identical twins. Um... his first subjects were my sister alex... and me. You know, I still don't know how jason found the tower. He must have followed us. Yeah, but he had -- he had no idea where we were going. Did you tell him? No. I didn't even know where we were going. No, of course not. I don't -- I don't need permission from jason to go wherever with whomever I-I want. Okay, well, then, who...? I... maybe it was his mom. I-I did leave the kids there.

[ Scoffs ] Are you interrogating me right now?

[ Chuckles ] I-I -- I saw the gun next to jason. So he must have had it in his hands when he was coming up the stairs. No, no. Jason always carries a gun in his waistband. Ahh. And it must have jarred loose when he fell. Oh, okay. Well, then...

[ Laughs ] Sure he wasn't gonna use it to shoot me? The virus has been neutralized, and there's no chance of reoccurrence. Any follow-up protocol or anything to look out for? You may want to take a couple days to recover. Try not to do any skydiving. But other than that, you should be good to go. Okay. Thanks, doc. Yeah, thanks so much, finn. You're welcome. Glad to help.

[ Footsteps departing ] So, now would be a really good time for you to get some rest.

[ Clears throat ] Actually, now would be a good time for you to walk me through what happened. All I remember was I was driving, and then [Sighs] I just couldn't see. I had this incredible headache. Did I stop the car? No. What happened? Jordan ashford was hit.

[ Sighs ] The impact shattered two of jordan's ribs, and one of her kidneys is punctured and lacerated.

[ Sniffles ] How bad? The doctors grade injuries from 1 to 5, 5 being the worst.

[ Sniffles ] Jordan has a grade 4 injury to her left kidney. What does any of that mean?

[ Exhales sharply ] Renal lacerations extend through the kidney into the collecting system, and [Exhales] The kidneys regulate blood pressure. If jordan's blood pressure becomes dangerously high, they...may opt to remove the kidney. "May." So they haven't decided yet. That's why they're monitoring her. The doctors want to save both kidneys, if possible. And if it's not possible?

[ Sniffles ] There was also blunt trauma to her right kidney. She has a grade 2 injury, which is also quite serious. How serious? If both kidneys are compromised, we -- we explore other options. But we're not there yet. And we may never be. Let's talk bridesmaid dresses. I really, really want you to get something that you love, okay? And we have to consider some factors, like what month. We're looking at may. And what time of day -- we haven't figured it out yet, but I'm thinking around the afternoon, really. Nina.

You're the bride. Maybe we should figure out

your dress before we decide on mine. But that's the thing. It's just too big a decision to consider on my own. I really need your help. I need your help with everything. Sasha, please, please consider staying in port charles until the wedding. I am sorry for interrupting. Peter, do you have a minute? As you can see, I am right in the middle -- sure. No problem. I have some e-mails I can return. What now? I have a little favor to ask you. Actually, not so little. I want you to be my best man.

Dr. Cabot -- he adapted this hn-242 virus to use in a serum to facilitate memory transfer. And it appears that the dvx held on to both the serum and his notes and then made those available to andre, who in turn used the serum on you and your brother -- which is why you both suffered retinal hemorrhages at around the same time. Yeah, it's just been so crazy. Ever since jason came back to port charles, he's been trying to... recapture what we used to have. And it doesn't matter how many times I tell him no. He just won't stop. Well, I'm sorry that jason is so possessive. I am. But, uh, you know, I'm glad he showed up when he did. Uh, really tells me all I need to know. So, if -- if you and your sisterwere the first...subjects, does that mean that you have some of her memories? No. It certainly doesn't feel that way. Memories are a bit subjective, aren't they, sometimes. They can be misleading. Chappaqua isn't the moon, you know. I can give plenty of input on the wedding. And if you want to try on dresses, we can meet in the city. I know all that. I don't want to pressure you. Just consider staying. Consider being a part of my day being a part of yours. Am I overwhelming you? No, I'm not overwhelmed. Okay. I'm blown away. You have such an amazing, generous heart, and you've been so welcoming and open.

[ Exhales sharply ] That's what makes this so hard. Are you turning me down? I just want to be honest. Jordan's been a cop

and a federal agent. She's risked her life every day for a number of years. And now she's police commissioner -- a desk job. A relatively safe job by comparison. And now she's critically injured in icu. I suppose I could laugh at the irony, auntie -- if I just weren't so damn scared. I know that kind of fear. It's how I felt when you announced you were going into the police academy. You always said you were proud. [ Sniffles ] A person can be proud and scared at the same time. You and your brother both chose to go, to serve in areas that put your lives at risk. If I just let myself dwell on the danger -- on the possibility of losing you -- I'd been paralyzed. So I made a bargain with myself. Every saturday afternoon, I'd go to church and tell god about my fears and ask him for the grace to get me through another week. Did it stop when tommy died? Oh, no. Prayer changed a little. I prayed to god for acceptance and the strength to bear my grief. And I prayed to god to keep you safe and ease my fears. Does it help? Why don't you try it and see? Raquen... rakutahn... rakooten... rakuten oh! Is this my money? Whoaaah! Haha! Rakuten ahhh! Rakuten!

[ Inhales, exhales sharply ] Anna sure does like you, huh?

[ Monitor beeping ] Uh, I guess. Why?

[ Exhales sharply ] Well, she was just so open about all that spy stuff. You know, no speech about it being classified information. She didn't even try and get me to leave the room. Well, I'm sure she knew it wouldn't do any good. No, because I know you far longer and better than she ever could. Wh-- what are you even talking about? Nothing! I'm just saying that I realize last year, you bonded when you were trying to help her track down faison's son. Who turned out to be peter -- and you do realize that she lied to you the whole time about her connection with him. You realize that, right? Are you jealous of anna? No! I'm not jealous of anna! I'm just saying that, you know, I can tell that you guys have gotten a little closer, that's all. A-anna is robin's mother, so I -- exactly! And robin can't stand me, and now you're best buddies with anna. Carly. What? When I woke up, who was sitting beside me? Me. Just like I'd be there for you. I didn't -- I didn't even ask how you knew to come. Sam texted me. She's okay, right? Yes, yes, yes. And listen, I have to tell you something. When I got to the hospital and I found out that dr. Finn had taken over your case, he said that you were okay, that -- that the worst was behind you and that I had nothing to be afraid of. But i was afraid. Okay? I was afraid because you were unconscious and you were possibly blind, and I knew how bad you would hate that. And then it all just came home, you know, all those feelings about how much I missed you when you were gone and how much I needed you -- okay. Carly -- no, you have to let me finish, please. You're my best friend. And I'm really gonna need you during the next seven months, okay? And I'm not even gonna bother asking you to [Exhales] Not take any risks, because I know that's just a waste of time. I just... I need you to remember how important you are to me. Okay. Okay.

[ Exhales sharply ] Why -- why seven months? What's going on?

[ Exhales ] I'm pregnant. You know, I can really see that you've gotten over jason. Even if he isn't evolved enough to do the same. And as for that sunrise we missed, it's okay. I'm sure we'll have plenty more opportunities. Yeah. Thanks for understanding. Sure. Hey, look, I've, uh -- I've got to get back to the house, okay? Uh, I'm sure you need to... check in on -- on jason and drew. You know, for the kids' sake. Yeah, of course. Okay. Then I will, uh -- I'll see you soon. Yeah. Thanks again. Sure. Bye. Bye.

[ Sighs deeply ] Finally. How badly is she hurt?

[ Monitor beeping ] She's in icu. They are monitoring her closely for internal injuries. My god. They operated last night. She came through very well. So now it's a waiting game. Okay. I need to go see her. Okay, like I told you, she is in icu, and they're keeping her heavily sedated. Kim, if you'd like to help me, maybe help unhook me from all this stuff so I can call curtis and go see jordan. Just can't seem to stay away. Truth be told... ...I never thought there was a chance in hell that you could love me like I love you. In my own defense, I loved you as a friend first -- and then a partner and then a sister-in-law. I mean... sure, I couldn't deny your beauty. You are a fine woman. But I was clear on those boundaries. So when tommy died... ...and the family blew apart...

[ Sighs ] ...You were out of my life. And I had to train myself not to think about you. Not to think about those long, boring stakeouts where we bonded over lake-trout sandwiches. Or how you would make me belly-laugh like nobody else. And then... the universe brought us back together. And I was able to see what I couldn't recognize back then. Right or wrong, baby, I've been in love with you the whole time. And if I haven't made that clear to you, well... then shame on me.

[ Monitor beeping ] Well, I'm sure maxie must have told you that nina and i are getting married in may. She mentioned it. And I could probably scrape together some reputable human being to serve as my best man, but I'd rather have a friend. Is that what we are? Friends? I've known you since you were born. And after my tragic mistake, I've done my best to do right by you -- to help you, to teach you. And, uh... when I marry nina, I want the person standing beside me to know exactly what she means to me. I'll be there, valentin. I'd be honored. That does not bode well. Oh, you've got some tea. How lovely. Is it earl grey? Don't you british have a cup of coffee once in a while? It'S...

[ Laughs ] You're welcome to the table. I was just leaving. No, you're not. Oh! Oh! Oh!

pregnant? Yeah. Are -- are you sure? Y-yes! Oh, you're s-- we saw the ultrasound. I mean, we're really surprised. Yeah. And we're still trying to process the whole thing, but... where -- where's sonny? Sonny went to find dante. He left for turkey last night. Well, does he have any support? Uh, brick set the whole thing up, so I'm sure it's fine. I mean, I could -- I could go after him. No, you can't! You -- you're staying here! And plus, I think it's important for sonny to find dante himself and bring his son home, you know? What about you? What about me? You had a lot of risk when you were pregnant with josslyn. You know, I'm taking it easy. I'm following the doctor's orders. I haven't had potato chips in days. I'm -- you know, no stress. No? What are -- what are you doing here? I'm sitting here. You should be sitting at home, relaxing. No, I'm gonna stay here. But you can't stress me out by trying to leave before the doctor says you can.

[ Sighs ] Wow. You know what I realized? What? You have to do whatever I want for the next seven months.

[ Laughs ] If that's what you need... then I'll figure it out somehow. You would, wouldn't you? So, are you excited about this baby, or what?

[ Exhales deeply ] I'm -- I'm scared. And I'm nervous and I'm surprised. I mean, I-I never thought about having another baby, but now that I know that I am, I'm really excited --

really excited. I'm happy for you and sonny and the baby. And the baby's a lucky kid.

[ Laughs ]

[ Knock on door ] Oh, my gosh. Is everything okay? Come here and find out.

[ Door closes ] I'm fine. Sam -- stop. Don't say that. I've been freaking out for the past 12 hours. Jason, I saw you at the bottom of the stairs, and I didn't know -- you're not -- I thought you were dead. See? It's nothing to worry about. I've been thinking maybe I was a little too ambitious about our honeymoon. You always did want to go to new orleans. "Nawlins." Why don't we do that, baby?

[ Sniffles ] Okay? Why don't we plan a long weekend? Just forget about police work. We'll leave on a wednesday, we'll come back on a sunday night. We can hold hands through the garden district. But more importantly, we can -- we can just do us.

[ Door opens ] Curtis? You have a visitor. Come on. I'll stay with her. Thank you.

[ Groans ] I don't know what to say. I'm sorry. I wish I could take it back. It was an accident, man. Stuff happens. Kim said, uh, the doctors are hopeful. Well, there's no head or spinal injury, so that's major. They did surgery last night.

[ Exhales sharply ] They're waiting to see if they'll need to do another one. Okay, look, if there's anything I can do, I'll do anything. Appreciate the offer. The doctors are taking good care of her. I heard you were found unconscious behind the wheel. Yeah. Yeah, I guess, apparently, some sort of crazy virus. Just another unhappy surprise from my past. I'm sorry.

[ Monitor beeping ] Seems I -- I owe you an apology. Several, actually. Nina, this is your wedding. I'm happy to offer support from a distance, but I want your focus to be on you. Valentin: Couldn't agree more. Hey, sasha. Is this a, uh, "private conference" still in session? Actually, uh, we've reached a point in the negotiations where we should probably take a step back and evaluate. We're not negotiating. Yeah, except we kind of are. I need some time to think, and I'm sure you do, too. Besides, your fiancÚ obviously stopped by for a reason. Enjoy!

[ Door opens, closes ] My daughter has a mind of her own. She got your independent streak. Well, I wish she would be independent and outspoken in port charles. Mm-hmm. Is that what this whole private conference was about? Yeah. I want her to stay here until the wedding. Speaking of, I actually made a decision. I hope you approve. About? The venue? The flowers? Mnh-mnh. My best man. I asked peter. Well? What did valentin want? He asked me to be his best man.

[ Clears throat, coughs ] What did you say? "Yes." Okay. That actually doesn't surprise me. Um, but I'd like to know your reasons, if you wouldn't mind telling me. Of course. I have no secrets from you. I gave you a thorough briefing on the memory transfer study. Well -- yeah, not thorough enough. We still have a few questions. All right, dr. Maddox -- he expanded on your research, didn't he? And he -- he performed a successful memory transfer between jason morgan and -- and andrew cain, yeah? That's my understanding, yes. Well, no one builds on research that's hit a dead end. There must have been something promising in your original study. Indeed, there was. Did you ever transfer memories from my sister to me?

Thank you for texting me about jason. No, of course. He needed someone with him, and I had to keep my distance. I mean, shiloh was... being supportive. Of course he was. How -- how far are you gonna take this, sam? Excuse me? You let shiloh take you to an isolated location. What if jason hadn't been there? He was. Yes, but what if he's not there the next time shiloh wants to get you alone? Carly -- carly, you were just thanking me. Yes, thank you. Thank you for texting me that jason was in the hospital. But when are you gonna realize this plan isn't working? Carly, this has nothing to do with you. Sam, sam -- kristina is my stepdaughter. She is my sister! Carly is pregnant, and she can't have stress. Pregnant? Seven weeks. Yeah. Oh, my -- yeah. [ Laughs ]

[ Laughs ] Congratulations. Thank you, thank you. I mean, it's still early, you know, so we're not telling anyone, so we want to keep this between -- yeah, yeah. No, of course. I am so sorry I was just snippy. I'm so sorry. "I was snippy"? I started it. I'm sorry. I just... I'm gonna go. [ Chuckles ] I'm gonna go. Jason promised that he wouldn't leave the hospital until the doctors okayed it, right? If I have to take care of myself, so do you. It's a deal. Bye. Love you. Love you, too. Take care of him. I will.

[ Door opens, closes ] A baby? It's pretty great, right? Wow! Yeah, it'S... really...great.

[ Exhales sharply ] Hey. Are you okay? Eh, just a little leftover...headache. But n-nothing compared to last night. Do you want to tell me what happened? You first. What happened in the tower with shiloh? I was unfair to you, jordan. I...made you the focus of all my grief and loss and... all my anger over tommy's senseless death. And I judged you for your mistakes, and I held them against you. That was never my place. Now I see all the time I wasted. All...the needless pain I caused our family... drawing lines and issuing ultimatums. If I wasn't so stubborn, I would have realized and admitted long ago that you -- you're an admirable woman, with the courage to face your mistakes and the strength to make amends. I hope I can follow and learn from your example. I admit -- I was wrong.

[ Sighs ] And I'll do everything in my power, baby, to make it up to you. Nina: Peter is your best man? He just said "yeah." It surprises me.

[ Scoffs ] In a good way, I mean. Well, I don't think that his motives were completely altruistic, but, then again, maybe neither were mine. What do you mean? I think I asked him knowing that he would be more likely to say yes knowing that maxie would be there, and I knew that maxie would be more likely to attend if peter were involved. So our wedding is their date night?

[ Exhales ] Whatever valentin's up to, the closer I am, the better my chances of figuring it out -- possibly even doing some damage control. So you agreed to be valentin's best man to spy on him? Just as valentin knew I would. Valentin knows you're gonna spy on him? Of course. He taught me almost everything I know -- strategy, tactics. Okay, if he knows everything you're gonna do before you do it, then what's the point? I told you valentin taught me almost everything I know. I've picked up a few things along the way on my own. Besides, getting close to him doesn't necessarily mean that I want to betray him. In fact, given the chance, I'd prefer to have him as an ally than an adversary.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, my god. It's the lab. The dna results are in. Memories aren't widgets. They have no defined quantity or mass. All right, but is there something that I remember as happening to me that actually happened to alex? We -- my research team and I -- believe so. What was it? I'm afraid you'll have to ask your sister. Alex is the curator of her own memory. Now, if you'll excuse me, I really do have a plane to catch. Great. Well, this is agent grey, and he's gonna escort you to steinmauer.

 I gave you my full cooperation. Well, I-I-I would be tempted to argue for leniency -- provided that you weren't withholding information. I've told you everything I know. Well, just have your lawyer call me. In the meantime, have a nice flight. Thank you.

[ Breathes deeply ] You know, cabot, he wouldn't be the first doctor to pad his research or exaggerate a success. Right. You don't think there's any memory transfer, right? Do you? The whole thing sounds a little farfetched. Yeah. But what if he's telling the truth, though? I mean... if there's a memory I have that's -- that's not my own... that could make a huge difference in my life. I need to check with a patient. It's arthur cabot. How's my favorite patient? The same thing happened to me. Terrifying, isn't it? Fortunately, there's a cure. J would want maxie to be happy. Even if it's with peter. I'll get there. I will. I know you will. Yeah. I just feel like maxie's slipping away from me. It makes me all the more grateful that I have sasha in my life. I'm glad you have her, too. Yeah, and she didn't outright refuse to stay in port charles until the wedding, so things may work out, right? I'm counting on it.

[ Chuckles ] Hi, maxie. Hey, carly. Mr. August. Mrs. Corinthos. I'm sorry to interrupt. I just wanted to make sure you were happy with the repairs to your office. Yes. Thank you. Everything is in order. Glad to hear it. Was there something else? Yeah. I just left jason. He had a health scare involving his procedure with dr. Maddox. Is jason okay? Yeah, he's going to be fine. But it just, you know -- it got me thinking. I'm sure when all this started, you never thought that you'd end up in the same city as jason -- much less have people in common. But you do. And those people have given you a second chance. Don't blow it. You know, I-I almost jumped in there to assure her that you've changed and you've committed to being a better person, and then I realized the only way to prove yourself to carly is through your actions. Well, I'm more interested in proving myself to you. No. Mnh-mnh. Don't do that. Don't set me up as this person you have to impress -- some impossible standard you have to meet. I like it so much better when I'm me and you're you and we accept each other. You're right. I like that, too. So, in the spirit of mutual acceptance, will you please read the e-mail from the dna lab? Because I'm way too nervous. "Subject a -- female caucasian." T-t-that's nina. Okay. What does it say about sasha? Peter? What does it say about sasha? Not a match. So sasha's a fraud? Actually, maxie, I don't think this has anything to do with sasha. What are you talking about? Sasha's subject B. "Subject b is an african-american female with a precondition that could lead to stroke." What?! The dna lab must have gotten this wrong. That can't be right. It's 99.9% accurate. Oh, my... I must have grabbed the wrong nail clippings at the salon! Now we're back at square one! Now what? As long as I'm making a clean breast of things -- I would have been mortified had you managed to get in touch with marcus on my behalf. But since fate did the work for you, I'll admit... had the right idea. How long have you been eavesdropping? Long enough.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Monitor beeping rapidly ] What's wrong? I don't know. Hold on. I'll get the nurse. Nurse! Sir, I need you to step outside, please. Doc, what the hell is going on? Please -- please step outside. Curtis, come on. Let's give them room. They'll let us know when they know something. Her blood pressure's spiking. Notify the or -- she needs emergency surgery.

[ Exhales deeply ] I got your call, and I heard shiloh say he wanted to spend the night with you. And that's when I headed up the stairs, and then -- and then I blacked out. I, uh... I heard you fall. I mean, it wasn't exactly the rescue I was looking for, but it worked out even better. H-how's that? Because shiloh actually thinks that I'm grateful. So you're gonna -- you're gonna keep playing this out? Jason, I don't have a choice. If this is the only way to reach kristina, I have got to keep doing this. But I can't -- I can't do it alone. I need your help. I need you to back me up. Okay. I'll back you up. Thank you. As long as you don't take another trip to that tower.

[ Scoffs ] Well, I'll just have to tell shiloh I'm busy that night.

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