GH Transcript Thursday 2/21/19

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 2/21/19


Episode #14225 ~ Cameron is outraged; Franco wants to share his side; Ryan surprises Ava.

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Hey, o um, look, I've been going over my schedule, and I'm really booked. A-and I know that your schedule's freed up a lot since the election, so, um, I would consider it a huge favor if you could take over some of my meetings. No -- no surprise. Um, things are just really busy here at home, so... give me a call back when you can. H-how much are you handing off to olivia? Enough. 'Cause kim said to reduce your stress, right, so if -- I don't know how you're gonna tell olivia that you're cutting back, but you need to tell her. I'm not telling her anything. We agreed we weren't gonna tell anyone that I was pregnant.

[ Sighs ] Okay, but, you know, you got to be strict on your diet. Yes, I decided that only organic potato chips work for me.

[ Sighs ]

[ Chuckles ]Okay, look, you got to get at least eight hours of sleep, you got to reduce your stress throughout the day, 'cause we're not taking a chance on your health.

[ Door opens ] Mom? Are you sick?

[ Sighs ] Hey. Hey, h-how are the kids? Oh, they're -- they're really good. They're enjoying time at your mom'S. Scout, she was eating cookies. Her face was such a mess. And danny and annabelle the second were running wild. You should probably stop by later and see them. Yeah, I'd love to, but I'll be busy tailing you and shiloh. Here you are. Right where the port charles members said you'd be. Harmony. Shouldn't you be in beechers corners like we agreed? I needed to see you. Well, you could've texted. Not about this. Shiloh, I came all this way to give you a warning. Ava, I need you to step back. This man just pled guilty to killing my daughter. All the more reason -- franco. How could you do it? You told me that you loved kiki. You told me that you could never hurt her. Ava. I'm going. Are you -- you're smiling. Am I? Oh, I'm -- I'm sorry. I didn't realize. Well, now that you do realize, would you mind telling me why? Because justice is done. W-without the anguish of a -- of a trial, this nightmare is finally over for you. I don't know. I don't understand. This doesn't make any sense to me. Either franco really doesn't understand the difference between innocence and guilt, or... or what? Why would he plead guilty to a crime he didn't commit? Especially this crime? Perhaps our faith in franco is misplaced. Lulu? One last check-in before my services are officially no longer required. Thanks. I guess... franco pled guilty. It's all over the media. I expected to feel some kind of closure, but, uh... how are you? H--

[ Scoffs ] You know, before today, there was a person -- there was exactly one person in this world who believed in me. And now, because of you, because of your stupid plan, I may have lost my elizabeth.

[ Door slams ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Keys jingle ]

[ Doorbell rings ] Yeah. Cabot's been cleared for visitors. How did it go? Procedure seems to have been successful. All right, dr. Cabot. You got what you wanted. Now it's time for the quid pro quo. All right, you need to tell me how I contracted the hn-242 virus.

Agent devane. You seem to be more anxious for me to talk than I am to see. We had a deal. More like extortion if you ask me. Exchanging my eyesight for information? Is that the act of a moral person? I hope that you're not thinking about going back on our deal. What are you going to do? Repossess my eyes if I don't talk? Hm. You're gonna need to continue treatment until the virus is completely eradicated from your system. And if I refuse to tell what I promised? That treatment ain't coming. The blindness is likely to reoccur. I give you my word, of little worth that may be, that I will not back out of our deal. That's the ethical thing to do. However, our deal stipulated information in return for my eyesight, and until these bandages are removed, I have no way of knowing if you've held up your end of the bargain. When do the bandages come off? Half an hour, maybe. Then we wait. You might be in a hurry, but i have all the time in the world. Julian is concerned that I'm becoming dependent on you. Julian is in no position to comment on our relationship. Don't tell me he got to you. Only for a minute. Mm, several minutes. This arraignment has me in such a state, and when you didn't show up, my imagination got the better of me. What's your imagination telling you? That I'm not cut out for love. And that as nice as it was to hear you say those words to me, that it's really just the beginning of the end.

[ Laughs ] You're really starting to feel insecure about our relationship now?

[ Exhales sharply ] I meant what I said. I'm in it for the long haul. You can't start doubting us now. Not -- not when we're so close. So close to what? I believe you're innocent. Which means you can and will be exonerated. What if your guy doesn't kill anybody else? And so you don't catch him, and I'm stuck up the river for the rest of my life? That's not an option. Mm, the da needs a win. And while I'm rotting away in the loony bin or pentonville or wherever, the people that I love most in the world are vulnerable. Or they've moved on and think that I'm the same person that I used to be. Again, I know that this isn't easy. But if our plan works, you don't just dodge these charges. You prove your innocence to the world. Isn't that what you want more than anything? The only thing I want more than anything is to be with elizabeth. Then let's make it happen. It's time to go. We need to get you to ferncliff for your evaluation.

[ Rattling ] Who's there? Well, thank you for taking the time to stop by. Lulu. Lulu, are you okay? Ah, um... what am I supposed to tell the boys? That this man they trusted, the man I trusted them with -- how am I supposed to look them in their eyes? Especially cameron. Okay, okay, okay, okay... oh, god. All right. Look. Do you really think franco could've done these things? I don't know what to think. None of this makes any sense. Why would franco plead guilty to murdering all those people? Cameron: He did what?! Oh, honey, it is absolutely nothing to worry about. I just had my annual checkup. That's all. And -- and you're okay? Yes. Yeah, t-the doctor just wants me to take it easy at work. She's been saying that for years. I -- she doesn't listen to me, but, anyway... got to go. Yes. I'll see you later. Yeah.

[ Sighs ] Um, so, mom. Hmm? I was hoping that I could ask you something.

[ Door closes ]

Are you okay? No. I figured. There's a man in there who somehow blinded me. Long distance. I mean, how is that even possible? Well, you know, you got to look on the bright side. He was blinded, too. You always know the right thing to say. So, you could have called me. You could have texted me. You could have sent me an e-mail. You could have done all those things, but, instead, you drove all the way out here to give me a warning. I did what you asked. Don't you always? I made sure that jason morgan had just enough information to satisfy his curiosity when he came to beechers corners. That's great. So, it's -- it's taken care of. Except that it hasn't been. An impish-looking fellow showed up the other y asking questions -- obviously a pi sent by morgan. Well, I'm sure you took care of this impish-looking fellow like you take care of all of them. I don't think you grasp what you're up against.

[ Chuckles ] Jason is determined to bring you down, and I won't let him bring down the rest of us with you. So, spinelli has been researching and reading every article he can find on dawn of day. There's been one major incident in beechers corners. W-what kind of incident? Well, shiloh had a-a pretty heated argument with one of his followers. The guy quit. A couple days later, turns up dead in a motel right outside the dawn of day compound. Okay, wait, is this a-a coincidence or do the authorities suspect foul play? It's a drug overdose. And the cops actually had questions about where the drugs came from, and for a while, shiloh was the prime suspect. Oh, okay, well, then why wasn't he arrested? Look, they were about to bring him in, and one of his followers stepped up and confessed. Sound familiar? Oscar didn't get his junior license after all. Oh, well, that's a bummer. Yeah, well, I mean, I guess I get it. They don't want him to have a seizure while driving. Yeah. But, you know, he was really bummed. We went to go see cameron, who, you know, already has his junior license, and oscar has his very own car. Okay, so where is it that you and oscar and cameron would like to go? Niagara falls.

[ Laughs ] Um, no, no, oscar has never been, and, you know, the weekend's coming up. We were all thinking that cam could drive us up there, you know -- me, oscar, trina. Kind of like a double date? No. No, cam and trina are just friends. I don't know how comfortable I am with all this, josslyn. I don't -- mom, mom, we wouldn't even spend the night. Cameron's license is restricted. We'd have to be back before midnight. So franco admitted to murdering all those people? All franco did was plead guilty. Exactly, he admits it. I don't know why he pled guilty. And I am so mad he didn't tell me he was gonna do it. But it doesn't change what I know in my heart -- that he's innocent. If you believe that, mom, you have completely lost your mind. We're so close to finally living the life that we want, to putting all this pain behind us. I need you to believe that. The pain of losing my daughter will never be behind me. But, when I stop listening to all those voices in my head telling me that I don't deserve this kind of happiness... voices like julian's? Well, I -- I was thinking more metaphorical voices, but sure, I guess julian, too. Ava, I know that people have disappointed you. But I'm not gonna be one of them. And I'm gonna prove it. Ava jerome... will you marry me?

 Lulu? Everything okay? Yeah. I just got lightheaded. Curtis brought me here to get checked out. It was nothing. Uh, except it was something. We were at the courthouse, and lulu passed out. Wh-- at no point did I lose consciousness. Well, no, you just lost your balance and a clear sense of where you were. For a second.

[ Sighs ] I was at franco's arraignment. I got myself all psyched up, and when he pled guilty, I -- i guess I wasn't expecting that. Wait, wait, wait, wait a minute. Franco pled guilty to killing kiki? And all those other people, yeah. That sick son of a bitch! But kiki?

[ Sighs ] Anyway, the nurses say her vitals are fine, and, lulu, no one can blame you if seeing franco like that was too much. No, that is not what happened. I was prepared to see franco in the courthouse. When the cop went to take him away, I got overwhelmed by this feeling that something was very wrong. Kevin, you're not serious. As a heart attack. We can't get married. Why not?

[ Chuckles, stammers ] For starters -- well, for starters, you're already married, aren't you, to laura. Simple technicality. I'm not saying we have to do it right this second. I know we're in a courthouse, but you have to get... permits and stuff. Not to mention, it's just -- it's much too soon after kiki's death, and... ava -- you understand that. I understand that the moment we connected, I knew. Knew what? What I've been missing my entire life! Oh, please! I want us to spend the rest of our lives together, whether it's here or on the other side of the world. I belong with you. And I hope you feel that you belong with me. I -- I think I do, but... I want to be your husband, and I want you to be my wife. And I know I feel more like god when I treat you like the goddess that you are. Wow. This... this is really overwhelming. And I'm moved, really, but... the fact remains, kevin.

[ Chuckles ] You're already married to laura. Not for long.

[ Sighs ]

[ Lock clicks ] So, let me guess. The person who took the fall for this overdose was a young woman. She was. Okay. This is starting to make sense. Shiloh was the one who was sending me the e-mails from linda black and made this -- this young lady, one of his followers, daisy, take the fall for him, but there is a big difference between harassment and murder. Yeah, I'm just saying that shiloh is more than a threat than we originally thought. Which is why it is more important than ever that I go with him tonight. Your arrogance will be our downfall. You're not the only one who stands to lose everything if jason keeps digging. He won't find anything. You don't know that. I do know that. Listen to me, shiloh. You need to leave port charles for the time being, lay low, and stay the hell out of this man's way. And you need to leave port charles and go back to beechers corners like we agreed and stop worrying about me. Everything will be fine as long as I keep sam mccall close to me.

 It just doesn't make sense for you to go off with shiloh until we know exactly what we're dealing with. We know enough already. I mean, shiloh has a history of manipulating women. He's manipulating kristina right now. He's trying to manipulate me. The sooner we can get something criminal on him, the sooner we can get kristina out of there. Okay. Fine, but I'm gonna be tailing you every step of the way. And we can put a g-gps monitor on your cellphone. Okay. What? Did you say "okay"? Yeah. I said "okay." That's -- that's good. Because you and I just found our way back to each other, and I cannot risk losing you again. What's up with you and sam mccall? I find her fascinating. Mm-hmm. Right. And the real reason?

[ Chuckles ] Well, harmony, she's shown a genuine interest in our program. I think it's time to take her to the tower. Why would you tempt fate by bringing jason's ex-wife there? Because the closer I keep sam to me, the more distracted jason's gonna be. I hope this doesn't blow up in your face. Because once they're done with you, they're gonna come after the rest of us, and then what happens to everybody? Your students, in particular? Well, they would be wise to trust that their teacher knows what he's doing. Well, I sure hope that you do. Cameron isn't exactly an experienced driver, josslyn. Well, mom, he'll be driving during the day, so that's not really a problem. What if there's a sudden storm? Or, even worse, what if oscar has a seizure? Then we'll take him to the hospital or we'll come straight home. Has kim signed off on this? 'Cause she didn't mention it to me when I was in -- when -- when did you -- when I had my doctor's appointment, I ran into her at the hospital. You weren't planning on letting her know, were you? Mom, it was bad enough when you married the freak when he was telling you he was innocent. But now he's confessed to murdering all these people -- murdering kiki. I'm telling you, he didn't do it. Mom, a-are you listening to yourself? Franco is telling you that he's guilty, and you're refusing to listen. You're in a toxic relationship with a murderer. You don't know what you're talking about. Oh, my god, mom. I'm the only one who does. If you can't see what you're doing to yourself, to aiden and jake, by taking franco back over and over again, well, then you're sick. Hey, I know you're upset. Do not talk to your mother that way. Do you hear me? You cannot tell me what to do. You may not care enough to take care of my brothers or tell my mom the truth, but I do.

[ Door opens ] How you holding up?

[ Door closes ] Mm. I'm not sure. Check on me in a few days. And while you're at it, check to see if my pupils are dilated. See if I've been drugged insensible. You'll be fine. You're only here for a two-week evaluation. Yeah, well, ask carly. A lot can happen to somebody in here for two weeks. This place has gone through a major overhaul. But if you do see or experience anything important, I'll make sure you get an audience with the mayor. Yeah, the mayor -- the mayor hates me. She won't when she realizes you weren't the one who attacked lulu. And what about elizabeth? What if by taking credit for somebody else's crimes, I put her right in this bastard's cross hairs? I've been wondering. Is it weird that I remember part of my attack, but not all of it? Not really. Trauma's like that. Your mind protects you by choosing what you can remember and when. Well, I really wish that my brain would trust me, because the worst of it -- franco coming at with a knife -- that I remember perfectly, but how I got away, how I survived, the things that I feel like my brain should want me to remember, it's keeping from me. Probably has something to do with franco's guilty plea. How you figure? Well, by franco pleading guilty, there won't be a trial, you won't get to hear the case the da made against him, and, um, you won't get to testify and tell your story for the record. No, I won't, but that doesn't mean I've given up my voice.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Sonny. Yeah? Thanks for coming. Thanks for reaching out to me. Uh, if you could excuse us, I've got some rather sensitive information to disc-- whatever -- whatever you got to say to me, you can say it to lulu. Hey, is this about dante? Did the bureau find him? Open your eyes.

[ Monitor beeping ] Oh! Oh, thank god! And you, dr. Finn. And yo u, for actually giving meback the gift of sight. It was my pleasure. Just be careful. Don't stare directly at the sun for a while.

[ Laughs ] I won'T. I won'T. Thank you, dr. Cohen. Of course.

[ Door opens, closes ] All right, you tell me now how I contracted the hn-242 virus, how it blinded both of us, and -- and why it's connected to the dvx and how my sister's involved with this. If you don't mind, I'll answer your last question first. It's the easiest one. Just whatever. Just answer a question. Your sister, dr. Alex marick, was one of our subjects. Subjects? An ideal one at that. Why? Isn't it obvious? Because she was your twin.

 what are you saying? That you were using my sister, alex, as some kind of conduit to me? I was unclear. My apologies. It wasn't because alex was your twin. It was because she was a twin. An identical twin. The intention was to study their links, both physical and emotional. It's well-documented that some sets of identical twins can feel what the other is feeling. Share in both the pain and joy. N-not a single legitimate study has proven that these "connections" weren't somatic. Not yet. But if such a link does exist, imagine the possibilities! Especially for those who trade in diplomatic secrets. Oh, yeah, as a doctor, my first thought is always, "how can the world of covert ops benefit from my work?" The fact that dr. Marick had a sister who worked for the enemy made her a prime candidate for this study. Oh, right, so, anna was the enemy, then that means you were working for the dvx, right? Now, if you don't mind, I've held up my part of the bargain. No, you haven'T. You're lying. Curtis, is it all right if you give us a minute? Sure. Lulu, I'll be right over here if you need me. Thanks. Robert, I already know that sonny asked the bureau to reach out to dante. Were you able to find him? We tracked him to ankara. Ankara? Turkey? Apparently, so, rumor has it that raj had gone there and was networking the area. I guess dante followed him. Mom. Mom, please be reasonable.

[ Scoffs ] Forget it. Okay, wait, josslyn, hold on. How about sonny and i take off for the weekend and we will drive you and oscar to niagara falls and we'll stay there, the four of us. We'll stay there two nights! We'll have a lot of fun! Yeah, 'cause that's definitely the fun we were looking for. Well, that's my best offer.

[ Knock on door ] Come in. Hey.

[ Door closes ] The guard said it was okay if I just came in. Yeah, we were just talking about you, actually. Mom! Oh, um, is it okay if I talk to joss for a second? I'm sorry, I just -- yes, no, no need to apologize. We were definitely done here. Let's just -- just...

[ Door opens ] Your timing is perfect. My mother's being impossible. Do you want to trade? Mine just married a serial killer. Married? Franco? Pled guilty at court this morning. I mean, he basically admitted to it, and my mom is too blind to realize that franco is a monster.

[ Exhales deeply ] Sorry you had to witness that.

[ Chuckles ] Are you kidding me? You don't have to apologize for cameron. What if he's right? What if I'm just lying to myself about franco? What does your gut tell you?

[ Sighs ] Same thing as my heart. That he didn't kill anyone, and there's got to be a reason why he pled guilty. I just hate that he didn't trust me enough to tell me what's going on. 'Cause if we don't have trust, then what do we have? Okay, so, what's next? You need to put 24-hour surveillance on elizabeth at home, when she's at work, and all three of those boys everywhere they go. You know I can't do that. You're the commissioner. I think you can do that. Actually, on days like today, I wonder whose beloved pet I ran over in a former life to endure the karmic slap that is this job. Don't do that. Don't try and get me to feel sorry for you. I can't put a guard on elizabeth, because then I would have to tell my officers why they were assigned to protect her and her family. If I do that, then --then the real reason I'm here might leak to the killer, and then all of this is for nothing. Elizabeth will be safe as long as you keep the killer focused on you. Oh. There's a happy thought. Once you start taking credit for his crimes, he won't be able to resist making a move against you. It took some convincing, but laura understands now why our marriage has to end. And she's okay with the divorce? She won't stand in our way. Which means the only two people that could do that are you and me. And it sure isn't gonna be me.

[ Chuckles ] You know, it's funny. I've never been married. Hmm. Guess you were just waiting for the right man. Ava, I know I'm not down on one knee and holding up a ring. I can't promise that we wouldn't face any adversity. Wherever we end up. But whatever we face, I can promise you that we'll face it together. What do you say?

 If I were to believe you, a study of the kind that you're suggesting would require that a set of twins participate. A-and I never participated in any kind of study like this. Not willingly, but you did, anna. You simply don't remember. How soon can you bring dante home? Well, we're working on it. That's as much as I can tell you. I'm sorry. Me, too.

[ Footsteps depart ] What are you saying? Dante's gone rogue. He's acting as a private citizen. You can't help him? Is that what you're saying? Bureau is hesitant. They don't want to start an international incident. So what you're telling me is they're planning to leave my son out in the cold? Hey, olivia, thanks for calling me back. Uh, no, no, no, nothing's wrong. I just have a lot going on at home with avery and josslyn, and you know sonny. He requires a lot of attention.

[ Laughs ] Look, I was just hoping that we could go over the hotel calendar. So franco just confessed to everything? My mom's in complete denial. And I-I just couldn't be a part of it. Watching her stand by that psycho, no matter how badly my brothers get hurt. I-I just needed to get out of there. Yeah, well... turns out I need to get out of here, too. So, what do you say we all leave for that trip tomorrow? I have no idea what this means for my marriage. Franco and I agreed, no more secrets, ever. I'm sure you did, but honestly, how realistic is that? I mean, we all keep secrets. Usually with the best of intentions.

[ Sighs ] Look, I-I'm sure franco had a good reason for not telling you what he was doing. Mm. He'd better. Well, it sounds like you're not giving up on him. I just know, with everything in me, he's innocent. And I will continue to fight for him. Good for you. It's gonna be rough, not gonna lie. Yeah, I'm ready. Yeah? Good. You know, before I go, I thought maybe, uh, you might have accidentally left these behind. They were in the courtroom. Maybe not right now, but hopefully very soon, you'll be ready to put these on. Are you okay? Yeah.

[ Door closes ] How can you be so sure that the killer isn't gonna just be thrilled that I'm taking credit for his crimes? Maybe he's just gonna get on with his life and leave me here to rot. That's not how this guy operates. He needs the spotlight. You pleading guilty, that's one thing. He can look at your incarceration as one of his accomplishments. But you taking credit for his achievements, his work, his ingenuity. His genius. Exactly. If you step into the spotlight that he's created, he's not gonna like that one bit. Okay. So, how do I steal his spotlight? By granting a tell-all interview. This is insane. Y-you know that, right? Oh, I've been called worse.

[ Chuckles ] Well, you know what, kevin? What the hell, right? Let's do it. Let's get married. Yeah? Yeah!

[ Chuckles ] Okay, so, I've installed spinelli's gps tracker on your phone. I will know where you're at at all times, and if anything goes wrong, I'll be right there. Thank you.

[ Cellphone rings ] Ooh. Uh... it's him.

Hello? Hey, sam. Where are you? Um, just getting home, why? Well, I was figuring that we could just meet at the metro court and leave from there. Is that okay? Wow, um, are you sure? By the time we get there, it's gonna be pretty dark out. You really want to do this tonight? Oh, yeah. Yeah, I'm absolutely sure. How about you? You're not having second thoughts, are you? No, no.

[ Chuckling ] Of course not. I-I'm really excited to see it. I mean, whatever it is. Oh, sam. It's gonna change your life.

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