GH Transcript Friday 2/15/19

General Hospital Transcript Friday 2/15/19


Episode #14221 ~ Laura's curiosity is piqued; Jordan offers Franco an out; Carly and Sonny re-examine their future; Valentine and Nina celebrate Valentine's Day; Sasha worries about Griffin.

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[ Dramatic music plays ]

[ Whimpering ] Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.

[ Gasps, breathing heavily ] Better? Sonny? Sonny, are you okay? Oh, let's -- let's just check this. Sonny? -No. No, no. -[ Clears throat ] Sonny?

[ Singsong voice ] Oh, sonny? Don't touch him!

[ Normal voice ] Oh. You don't think something's wrong, do you? Don't you touch him! Don't you hurt him! Be nice. Or else sonny here will be the first one on the chopping block. No. And you get to watch. No. No, no, no. Oh, my god -- darling! You're early! Ava! Ava, please! Call 911! He's crazy! You have to help us, please! -No, I said just... -call 911 right now! -...Just hush... up. -[ Muffled grunt ] What is this?

[ Chuckling ] Oh. This... is my gift to you. What am I supposed to do with these? Whatever your heart desires. Carly? How about a facelift?

[ Ryan chuckles ]

[ Muffled ] I will kill you. Do you like my present? I love it! How did you know? Because we're kindred spirits. Happy valentine's day, my love. Ava: Kevin? Where were you just now? You looked positively blissful. Well, I was thinking about you. Making all your dreams come true. Be my valentine. I mean, if you don't like it, I can take it back. No, it stays where it is.

[ Sighs ] I love it. I just hope you didn't go into debt over it. Mm. No, no. Business is booming, and my finances are in order. A city on edge will do that. Well, not so much with franco in custody. Unless you still feel like you got the wrong guy.

[ Cliff clears throat ] Uh, guys, you might want to wait for the honeymoon. You know?

[ Chuckles ] The honeymoon. We have that to look forward to, right, in the conjugal-visit trailer at pentonville? Elizabeth: No, no. -It's gonna be awesome. -Don't -- don't say that. It's not even close to being over. Listen to your wife. My wife. The police will have plenty of time to realize that you're not...guilty. What about lulu? Laura: Okay. There you go. Easy does it.

[ Sighs ] Lulu, it really isn't too late for you to change your mind, you know, hon? No, no. I'm not spending another night in this hospital. I want to get home to the kids... mm. ...In my bed, in my clothes. And I-I-I'll heal faster at home, I promise. Okay. Well, I am going to talk to the commissioner about having the police guard your home for the duration. For the duration of what? Franco's caught. The police have a good case. I mean, franco is gonna get what's coming to him for what he did to kiki, mary pat, peyton, and for what he tried to do to me.

[ Tapping ]

[ Sighs ] Maxie? Did you decide on dessert? I can't believe him. L-look -- look at him! Romancing nina? Acting all charming and delightful that butter wouldn't melt? I mean, he's really gonna marry nina again while harboring some deep, dark secret that could potentially break nina's heart. It's enough to make me -- oh, I could just scream! Ow! Oh! Oh. What? What is it? What's wrong? Um, a crumb in the eyeball. Oh, I'm -- ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. Sorry. You're pregnant? Yeah. You're sure? I took a test. A-a home test? This morning. Upstairs. Well, I mean... I don't want to hurt your feelings, but that's got to be a-a mistake.

Wouldn't you say that I'm safer now that franco's locked up? Uh, I would say that we all are. Well, then we agree, and I don't need a guard or a cop or curtis...

[ Clears throat ] Honey, it's just gonna be until franco's arraigned and locked up in pentonville. That's it. Don't you think that's a little overprotective? No, I don'T. Not when I think about what happened to you that night. It was terrifying. You collapsed in my arms covered in blood... mom, hey, I'm okay.

[ Sighs ] Well, I'm not, okay?

I can't leave you unprotected. Who says she's unprotected? Never fear. Spencer's here. Oh, can we get some help over here? Water, please? No, maxie. Really, it's okay. I'm okay. -Do we want to know? -Looks like it's handled. I'd rather spend our time planning our wedding. Oh, I-I mean, I don't think we need to be involved in the decision-making yet. In fact, there's something to be said for a nice, long engagement. I've got it. I've got it. Thank you. Uh, I think we should go to the E.R. What if you scratched your cornea? It's not necessary. Look, I can see. This is all valentin's fault. I'm gonna give him a piece of my mind -- no, maxie, wait. We need more facts. We don't really know anything. Look, we do know that he asked you not to press charges against liesl. The only reason he would go out on a limb for her is if she had leverage against him. And there are only two things valentin would cave for. Charlotte -- and nina. Yes. And I don't think liesl would use a small child to get what she wants, not with james in her life. So that leaves an adult child. Who better to torpedo valentin's new life than the person who made that new life possible? This secret is about sasha.

It's a while since you've been on my mind now I read the letter and I find history re-created jude what if I had stayed another day? What if I had left another way? Would you feel as fated? You doubt franco's guilt. So, gonna have to prove it one way or the other, but first to yourself, then to the court. So, let's go over your plan. Like I told you, I'd throw the book at franco. Yeah. Look. I get that, uh, franco's arrest doesn't sit well with you. So...use me as your sounding board. My plan is not what anyone in law enforcement would call "orthodox." My favorite. But is it lawful? Not strictly. And it carries a certain amount of risk. Still at it? Oh, I was through the moment you walked in. More precisely -- the moment you walked into my life. My only regret was living a provincial life with conventional women. Mm. When all you really needed was a woman who does things her own way? And has done time as a result? Oh, I've been in prison, too... of my own making, constrained by the expectations of others, expectations of myself. You freed me, ava. You accepted me for who I am. And with you at my side, I can do anything. You know I feel exactly the same way. You gave me a gift I can never repay. But I'm going to start. Today. Our first valentine's day.

[ Both chuckle ] What do you want the most? I will get it for you. No matter what it costs. Well, you know, those pregnancy tests, they're not -- they're 99% accurate. And I took two tests to make sure, and the "plus" sign showed up both times. It doesn't -- you're on the pill, so it doesn't matt-- no, I'm not on the pill. What do you mean you're not? Why not? Because -- because I thought I was past the age where I could just "get pregnant." Yeah, but -- I mean, clearly, I-I-I was wrong. Wh... and I thought I was late on my period because of my age. Are you sure that's not it? Sonny, that's why I took two tests. And the "plus" sign only appears when you're pregnant. It's not a mistake. I'm pregnant. What are you gonna do? Well, I was hoping that we could figure that out together.

When do you think...? Uh, new year's eve, when you surprised me with that trip to the city... we were in the hotel all night. Yep. What are we looking at? About six weeks.

[ Sighs deeply ] It's just the thought of having another kid never crossed my mind. -[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Well, me, either.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] Have you seen a doctor? No, not yet. Like I said, I-I just found out this morning, so... okay, we got a lot to figure out, like how safe it is for you to have a baby? Well, I'm sure there are some risks. How bad? I don't know. I mean, 'cause when you were pregnant with josslyn, there was a 50/50 chance that y-y-you could have a stroke. Okay, but I know there's been some advances to medicine since josslyn's been born. You know, maybe the odds have improved. But if they haven't, then you're not -- you're not gonna go through with this. You don't want this baby?

[ Voice breaking ] I don't want you to have a stroke and die. You didn't tell me that your plan was gonna be dangerous. It stands a better chance of flushing out the real killer than anything we've tried so far. You don't trust your case against franco. I didn't say that. Baby, what are you saying? First, I'm not convinced that franco is innocent. But if he is, the way to exonerate him is by exposing the real killer, making them feel overconfident, like franco's gonna take the fall...

[ Cellphone rings ] What, you have to go? Yeah, I should probably get to the hospital to check on lulu. Do you need me to drop you off at home? No, I need more than a hunch to put my plan into action. Where you gonna get more? From the source. I will not stand by while people blame my husband for crimes he did not commit. Please do not engage lulu. For some reason, I think she truly believes that I attacked her. Yeah, well... she almost died. Maybe the trauma confused her memory. Maybe when she's stronger, uh, she'll realize she's wrong. Well, "maybe" isn't good enough. Press is gonna be all over this. I don't want you dragged in and I don't want you associated with me at all. Well, that's inevitable once the news of our jailhouse wedding gets out. How's that gonna get out?

[ Sighs ] I'm not saying anything. Drew's not gonna say anything. Check out cliff. I'm pretty sure he won't talk. But I will. Spencer, what are you doing here? -For you, aunt lulu. -[ Sighs ] And for you, grandmother. Thank you. Seriously, mom, why isn't he in school? He dropped in on sonny this time. I'm on holiday. You're always on holiday. Well, it's not my fault french value leisure above all. And that headmaster promised me that he would channel your independent streak --

[ As laura and lulu ] "Welcome back, spencer. It's so nice to see you. What a welcome ray of sunshine in our dreary lives." Spencer, I'd be happier to see you if you followed the rules. If I were to be constrained by the rules, you'd be alone on valentine's day. -We're together. -Well, familial love may not be equal to romantic love, but it beats falling asleep on the couch after a night wondering what went wrong. I mean it. What do you want most of all? Well, the thing that I -- that I really want most I can never have. I want to make things right with kiki. To never have pushed her away, never hurt her. Never lost her. I will ease your grief. You will be happy again. That's a promise I'm not afraid to make. That's a promise I'd die to keep. I believe you.

Have to worry about me. Wait, wait. Carly, you got to th... you got to think about everybody who needs you. Josslyn's boyfriend's gonna die. She doesn't need this on top of it. If you die, what happens to avery? 'Cause jax is gonna take josslyn, and the only mother figure that avery's gonna have is that bitch ava! Okay! What if the odds are better? 50% is unacceptable, carly! All right, well, we don't have to worry about the odds until we talk to a doctor, all right? Okay.Assuming it's relatively safe for me even to have this baby... do we want this right now? I mean, do we want this in our lives? We don't have to talk about it. Not until we see the doctor. I want to talk about it. -What do you -- -because it seems like to me that you don't want this baby under any circumstances... I didn't say that! Maybe it's me. Maybe it's -- maybe it's you -- the one who doesn't want the baby! Yeah, okay, you know, michael's an adult, josslyn's a teenager. Hell, avery isn't even a baby anymore. I mean, do we really want to start over?! Do we want to do this all over again?! And what about the baby, sonny? Do we really want to bring another baby into our world? You mean because of my business? How's your love life, spencer? I have a few irons in the fire. News to me. Well, it would have been gauche to crow about my success while that cad kevin was ruining your life. -Spencer. -I merely speak the truth. Kevin... just helped me through a really tough time. Well, that doesn't excuse what he did to grandmother.

[ Knock on door ] -Hey. -Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I'm here. Oh, good, good. Uh, they're just about to discharge lulu, but I have one thing I have to do before we go. Elizabeth, you can't tell the world that we got married. Well, our sons need to know that I will not hesitate to fight for you and that you are not alone.

[ Gate opens ] Never again.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Sorry. Marrying hours are over. -[ Chuckles ] I will see you at the arraignment, mr. Baldwin-webber. Mr. Baldwin-webber? Are we -- are we hyphenating now? That's what we do? We're those people? I'm just trying it on for size. -How about -- mm... -mm. ...Webber-baldwin? I love you. I love you.

[ Inhales deeply ] Thank you, drew. My pleasure.

[ Knocks on bar ] Let's go. Okay. You, too, cliff. I need a moment alone with our newly married man. Well, listen, we can get married tomorrow or in a week or next year. I was just under the impression that you wanted to get married right away. I-I do want that. But I think that a long engagement gives us time to plan the wedding and put our signature on it and [Clears throat] Gives people time to get used to the idea. People? Yeah. People who aren't that... keen on us getting married. Any people in particular? Dr. Munro, you've met my lovely niece? We're acquainted. Well, if sasha's anything like her mutter, she burns hot and bright. Take care not to wander too close to her flame. You may get singed, ja?

[ Chuckles ] What could liesl possibly know about sasha that valentin would want so desperately to keep secret? Uh, what, sh-she steals wi-fi? She wears socks with sandals? She puts her dry-clean-only clothes in the washing machine? None of that would bother nina.

Nothing would bother nina. She's so happy to have sasha back in her life, she would forgive her for anything. The worst thing that could happen to nina right now is that she would lose sasha all over again. And what betrayal could cause something like that? I know the answer. Oh. I just don't want to say it out loud. Given who valentin is, given what he's capable of, there is a chance that sasha's not really nina's daughter.

[ Chuckles ] Sorry. Something came over me. Don't apologize. Well, I should have saved it for later. Mnh-mnh. There's lots of laters. There's only one now.

[ Knock on door ] Kevin?

[ Sighs ]

 I mean, the fairy tale after 25 years, valentin is the one to find nina's daughter that everyone thought was dead? It is a pretty incredible story. You know, I considered the possibility that sasha wasn't really nina's daughter, but after two dna tests, I let that go. There's definitely a lightness that nina's carrying that she didn't have before. Yeah, this is the happiest I've ever seen her. I mean, the one thing that nina's always wanted is the one thing she knew she could never have -- a child of her own. And, yes, it wasn't exactly rational for her to project losing her child on what valentin did to you, but she did. And she was adamant she was never gonna take him back. Valentin knew the only way to get her to change her mind was provide her with the one thing she thought she was never going to have. And it's like you've said before -- with valentin, the ends justify the means. So, you're moonlighting? Pardon me? You're police, aren't you? I remember seeing you around when the news about the aborted election hit. Well, I'm not a cop, but I am married to the commissioner. Oh. Must be rough. A commissioner's life is busy, having to oversee all those investigations. Oh, so, tell me, how did that election mess turn out? It got sidelined. Hmm. Finding who tampered with the votes wasn't the priority. True. Why waste taxpayer money? After all, the runoff election went off without a hitch. Democracy was served. Yeah, well, don't get it twisted, young man, okay? The case ain't over. The commissioner will get back to it. And she will get to the bottom of it. It's not in my best interest to talk to you, commissioner. You don't have to talk. Just look.

[ Sighs ] Look at what? What's that? A wedding gift. Laura. What can i do for you?

[ Exhales sharply ] I'm -- I'm -- I ran into your assistant on her way out, and she told me that you'd seen your last patient, so... well, ava's not my patient. She's my lover. I'll give you two a-a minute, okay? Really?

[ Chuckling ] It's valentine's day. I know. You seem offended. Well, maybe that's something you should explore. Might it be that I'm so... spontaneously expressing my love? No, it's because you're so unlike yourself. No, I'm unlike myself with you. But I'm with ava now. And I'm a new man. We used to tell ourselves that your business wouldn't touch our kids, and we know better. Yeah. I mean, do we want to bring a child into all this? Our kids grew up with guards and bulletproof glass. And then they eventually realized that you're a criminal and that you play by one set of rules and we expect them to play by another. And avery -- my god, I mean, she's not o-old enough to face it yet, but one day, she's gonna see it all. And what about the danger? I mean, as much as you try to protect us, you know that your family is a target. I mean, do we really want to do that to another child? It doesn't seem fair, carly. No, it doesn'T. But then again, life's not fair, right? It's not. Life is random, and it's arbitrary. And when we sit and we dwell on all the bad things that could happen, we just become paralyzed. And that's where we have to have hope, right? We have to have hope and we have to have faith that we find the courage to accept that life -- I-it doesn't happen the way we expect it. Don't do -- don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don'T. Don't do what? Listen. Even if you have a healthy pregnancy and eight months later, we have a-a healthy baby, girl or boy... ...big brown eyes, dimples... who's it gonna remind you of? Morgan.

Sasha has expressed reservations about our getting remarried, has she? Mm... sasha thinks you're great. You know that. She's just being protective of me. Um, she just wants to make sure that I'm jumping into this with my eyes open, which I am. I just think it's better for our peace of mind if we walk down the aisle without objections. Okay, say valentin got it in his head to make sasha and nina believe that they were mother and daughter. How could he pull that off? I mean, there was a dna test. Tests can be faked. One, absolutely. But two from two different labs? And -- and he even got curtis to help find nina's child. There is no way curtis would be involved in deceiving nina. Maybe sasha's dna sample was rigged. Yeah, but curtis got sasha's dna directly from her. What if valentin got out ahead of curtis? What if he provided the sample of sasha's dna that she gave to curtis? Wait a minute. That... that would mean sasha's in on it. Apparently, you haven't heard about my new endeavor. I am the invader's new medical-advice columnist. So, if you are party to any medical mysteries, do be in touch. Sorry, I'm perfectly healthy. Yeah, me, too. Questions needn't be about baffling maladies. My column is more concerned with, um, well, universal themes -- birth, aging, death, dying... family matters. For instance, you, my dear, will want to learn all there is to know about our family's medical history. Ryan: Well, surely, you didn't come here to celebrate the holiday. No, I came here because lulu is...

[ Desk thuds ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Object thuds ] Lulu's being discharged. I-I-I came here to thank you because... you helped her to remember that franco was the one who attacked her, and, uh, we were able to bring him to justice and we might not have without that, or at least not as quickly as we did. Did what I had to do. Yes, and it worked, so...thank you. He's getting arraigned tomorrow. Well, let's hope that franco's reckoning is swift so that his victims and our community...

[ Object thuds ] ...Can heal and move on. Just like you and i need to. I have told alexis to rush the paperwork, and I can't see that it will take very long 'cause neither one of us wants anything from the other one. Oh, that's not entirely accurate. We still need to address the pre-nup. Here's to you and franco and many happy years together.

[ Glass clinks ] Have a look. Doubles as a sneak preview to the prosecution's case.

[ Breathing heavily ] What are you doing? What -- what -- what -- what is this? Don't you recognize your handiwork? How could you do that to me? How could you do that to me? I didn't -- I didn't -- I didn't do that. I-I... I couldn't have done that. Couldn't kill anybody. Just couldn'T. I don't have it in me anymore. And if I live to be a million years old, I will never understand how somebody could do that to my kiki. Only a person without a soul could commit that kind of violence. But you've got one, don't you? You didn't attack lulu. And you didn't kill kiki. You didn't kill any of them.

 You know I love all our kids. Yours and mine. But morgan came from both of us. He shared our dna. And when he died... know I wanted to die, too. I prayed for that. It was terrible -- that -- that whole thing, that grieving. And I don't want to have to go through that again.

[ Sighs ] I loved morgan so much. And I miss him every day. You know, I-I get these pictures, like, these snapshots in my head, and I, um --

[ Sniffles ] At random. You know, they just hit me. And, um... ...sometimes I remember him as a toddler...

[ Chuckles ] ...You know, playing with trains, and th-then next, I see him as this grown -- grown man towering above me. I remember [Sniffles] The first time he talked with that deep voice coming out of him. I couldn't believe it. Sonny, as -- as... as much as I miss him and as hard as it is to grieve for him, I would never, ever give up one moment. I would never wish that morgan had never been born. I'm so glad at the beginning we didn't know how it would end. And the truth is we don't know how this is gonna end.

[ Sighs ] We don't know what kind of life that this baby's gonna have. But if it's safe... I want to find out. I want to have this baby. Okay, listen. First things first, all right... you're gonna see the doctor and see how big the risk is. All right?

[ Sniffles ] I think you make a good point. I think by rushing into it, we look like we're trying to hide something. I think by trying to "get it over with," we're not enjoying the journey. Really? 'Cause I kind of want to be married, like, now. And I would like nothing more. But we'll take our time. And anyone who objects can go ahead and object. I just want you to be happy. At first, I thought sasha was a victim. But she would have to know, wouldn't she? Valentin must have hired her. This is gonna break nina's heart all over again. Unless it's not true. Right. Of course. It is entirely possible that I'm getting carried away. I've been known to do that before. We don't really know anything for certain. And we won'T... until we do a dna test of our own. Of our own? Yeah. And I know how to make that happen. Bet you didn't count on getting a crazy aunt along with your mother. We've only met a few times, but aunt liesl definitely is a lot to handle.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Cellphone ringing ] It's maxie. Hello? Sasha. Hi. A-are you free tomorrow? I don't have any plans. Great. I'm gonna treat you to a mani-pedi at marta + chloe. Marta + chloe? Yeah, it's the cutest salon. You're gonna love it. Okay. That sounds great. Great. I'll send you the deets. Bye. One dna sample coming up. I swear to you I didn't do it. I've seen your files with the pcpd and with the fbi. You are most definitely a killer. But not the kind that I'm looking for. So you're gonna let me go, then, right? You insisted on the pre-nup. I realize now that it was not only generous but prudent. I'll accept the settlement you provided, and that'll be the end of it. Did alexis not talk to you about this...? You know what? I just haven't had a moment to talk to her.

[ Scoffs ] We should iron out the details before we sign the papers. I'd hate to have any uncertainty between us. Well, if we're concerned about uncertainty, then it's probably best we hash it all out with our lawyers present, don't you think? I hope for a prompt conclusion to this. I do, too. For all our sakes. Of course. Good night, kevin. It's a bit chilly in here, eh? Our prolonged divorce is starting to take a toll. Laura dragging her feet? No. We just need to sort out the pre-nup and I'm a free man. The two of you had a pre-nup? That surprises you? Well, I guess I just picture laura insisting that a pre-nup would doom a marriage before it begins, insisting that whatever she had was yours. Alexis, I understand that my husband asked you about a pre-nup? Please call me back as soon as possible. It's very important. Give the lonely hearts talk a rest, will you? Your grandmother doesn't need any more reminders of kevin. Well, we must ensure that she has steeled her heart against that scoundrel. My grandmother has a much too forgiving nature. Curtis: All right, y'all. We are good to go.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Well, my grandmother's coming with us. Mm, no. She just texted not to wait, and she will meet us at home. -Hmm. -She's not coming with us? I thought she'd be the one pushing the wheelchair herself. She said something came up. Are you ready to continueour evening elsewhere? Oh, very. Though I just learned of a patient in dire straits. Would you mind just A... slight delay? As long as it's just "slight." I promise. Don't be long.

[ Dialing ] Nurse kay? It's dr. Collins. I need to drop in on my special patient. Would you make sure that he's prepared for my arrival? I'm on my way.

[ Receiver hangs up ] Drew: It would take a lot of willpower and energy to stand by franco like this. No, it's not so hard. I trust my husband. He says he's innocent. He's innocent. Now, come on. Let's go. I've got a battle to plan. Finally, some sanity! When can i get out of here? You're staying where you are. I'm a little confused. You just told me you know that I didn't do any of this. You're gonna let me take a fall for a crime you know I didn't commit? That depends on what you're willing to do to prove your innocence. Anything. Whatever it takes. Then here's what you're gonna do.

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