GH Transcript Thursday 2/14/19

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 2/14/19


Episode #14220 ~ Sam spends Valentine's Day with another man; Jason and Spinelli get an interesting tip; Ned and Olivia celebrate; Franco apologizes; Finn has other plans.

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Hey. What? I brought you something. What? Just wait.

[ Chuckles ] Danny made you a card. No. Yes. He wanted me to give it to you. So, there. Wow. And [Chuckles] There's a little scribble on the corner, courtesy of scout.

[ Both laugh ] I love it. I love you. And I'm really sad I'm not gonna be able to spend valentine's day with you. Mm. I know. I know. What? It's the least holiday you could care about.

[ Chuckles ] That's not really -- hold on. That's not 100% true. Okay, I'm not a huge, you know... ...valentine's day-celebrating person, but...

[ Chuckling ] Yeah? ...I was actually looking really forward to... celebrating valentine's day with you. Can I get that in writing? Why do you have to -- what? You know I-I love being with you. No, I know.

[ Inhales deeply ] Okay. I have to go to this party. And then I have to pick the kids up from monica'S. But I don't have to leave right now. No? No. I've got just, like, a little bit of time. Maybe we should make the most of that. Yeah? Wow. Job well done, kristina. You did a wonderful, wonderful job of planning this event. You must be so proud of yourself.

[ Chuckles ] Thank you. I-I can't take all the credit. I had a lot of help. Hey, any idea when your sister will be arriving? It's not that I'm not thrilled to see you. I am, but you shouldn't be here. You should be home with the boys. You have a family to look after. That's right, and one of them is at the police station. You are my family. When is that gonna sink in? It's very sweet of you to say that, but there's nothing you can do for me here tonight. Maybe not. There is something that I can do for us, something we've been putting off for way too long. What's that? I want to marry you. Yeah, I want to marry you, too. So let's do it. Right here, right now.

[ Liquid pouring ] Happy valentine's day. Happy valentine's day.

[ Glasses clink ] It's about time we got one of these right, huh? What do you mean? Well... we haven't always had the best of luck with this particular holiday. Oh, yes. You are right.

[ Chuckles ] But this year... ...that's gonna change. You got us a room. You little devil, ned. Oh, not just any room. Hm? Room 610. I'll set the scene. You. Drunk as a skunk.

[ Chuckles ] A touch of class. Phone to your ear. Mm-hmm. You're about to adopt every dog in the animal shelter. Yes. The night of my drunk-dial-athon. The night I fell in love with you. And I've been falling ever since. Mm. Making love in the middle of the afternoon is such a luxury. Don't think you're off the hook 'cause... valentine's day is just getting started. No, sonny -- no, I got something for you. No, we said we weren't exchanging presents. Yeah, but I want -- you know how I love surprise. Good to know.

[ Smooches ] Robert: Oh, come on, doc. We all know that there's certain aspects of your work that's never intended to be made public. Why should i tell you anything? Because if you don't answer our questions, you won't get your sight back. Wait. I know that voice. Alex devane? Yes, dr. Cabot. It's me.

I know it's been a, uh... a hard year and everything with my father and the struggling, and I -- and I leaned on you. You should have leaned on me. We're a team. I know that, but it -- but it was hard on you, too, and I just want you to know I couldn't have done it without you. I need you always. I know I don't say it enough. You could say it now.

[ Both laugh ] I love you. And I appreciate you, and there's nobody I would rather walk this crazy road with. Funny you should say that. You know what?

[ Sniffs ] I made reservations. I think we got to go for dinner. Yeah, but I own the hotel, so I think it's okay. Yeah, I know, but I got the best table, and I-I -- we don't want to lose it, do you? No, no, we should go. We should get going. Okay. -All right. It's gonna be a night to remember.

[ Laughs ] You can say that again. I'm sure sam will show up soon. Okay. Well, will you let me know when she gets here? Yeah, will do. Okay. -Will you excuse me? -Sure. Valerie? Hey. I didn't know you were coming. Well, you did invite me, along with everyone else on your myface page, but still... no, I mean, I'm -- I'm glad that you're here. It's just... I kind of thought that you were avoiding me after, you know -- totally forgotten. I'm sorry I overreacted. You just caught me off guard, and... I did not handle it gracefully. And i did?

[ Chuckles ] Please. I'd really like it if we could be friends again, if that's cool with you, obviously. Yeah, that -- that's absolutely cool with me.

[ Quietly ] Where are you, sam? Hi, spinelli. It's good to see you. Hello. Um... I hope I'm not interrupting. Mm. Am I interrupting? Well... it's okay. It is okay 'cause I was just leaving. She's, uh, going to dawn of day -- they're hosting a party tonight. Please, fair samantha. I-I implore you. Proceed with caution. From what I've uncovered, this sh-shiloh character could be quite dangerous. Okay. Just fill jason in, and I will see you tomorrow? Yeah. Just be safe, okay? You know I will.

[ Sighs ] How dangerous? Murderously so. Alex devane! Or is it alex marick now? It's been far too long. Yes, it has. Because of the bounty on my head, I wasn't able to make myself known to you sooner. Why now? There's a situation in the field, and in order for me to manage it, I need to know everything there is to know about the project that we worked on together. "Worked on together"? That's not how... wait a minute. You're not alex. You're the other one.

You're joking, right? Let's get married. Just you and me -- tonight. Oh... y-you're not joking. Okay, I realize that we keep putting this wedding off because life keeps getting in our way, and I'm just done. I say it's time we get in life's way.

[ Stammers, laughs ] No. You're -- I --

[ Stammers ] No. You cannot marry an accused killer while I'm behind bars. That is not the wedding of your dreams. That is not the wedding I promised you. That's not the wedding you deserve. If I'm marrying you, all I need is you. So what do you say? Will you marry me? So, the story that shiloh spun was that his father was a ruined man after sam wiped his finances, correct? -Right. -Well, it's a compelling story, but far from complete. See, a few years after samantha fled, mr. Archer registered for a patent. There was even a bidding war for the rights. Okay. So whatever it was, people wanted to get their hands on it. Yes, many people. Shiloh's father was on his way to another fortune. So what stopped him? His death. The brakes in his car failed, which was a freakish accident, given that it was a brand-new, high-end vehicle. So you think they were tampered with? It's unclear, but it requires a little more digging. Okay, so do that. And start with what happened to that patent. Shiloh: Sam. I'm so glad you made it. Yeah, me, too. Are you okay? Do you need to talk to someone? Um, no. Um, and if anyone should be apologizing, it should be me for getting the wrong idea about us. I-I've been talking about it in our group sessions here. You have? Yeah, I mean, this place is amazing, valerie. Like, you can get through anything that's holding you back. And the people here -- they listen to you without any judgment. That'S...great. It really is. I mean, I used to beat myself up over all the mistakes I made. Who doesn't? But the truth is that there are no mistakes. And shiloh taught me that. Every choice that you make -- right or wrong -- lays a brick on the road you're supposed to walk. Every choice leads you to the now, and knowing that is the first step towards true self-acceptance. Self-acceptance. Sounds nice. A gift.

[ Laughs ] Thank you, but, um, I've already read it. You have? Cover to cover. And? And I couldn't help notice something missing from it. Hm? You. Sonny: So, I wanted to take you someplace else, but, you know, you're always at the hotel, right? -Yes. -But this is the best food in town. Damn right we have the best food in town. So you okay coming here? I'm okay going anywhere as long I'm with you.

[ Both laugh ] Can I get you something to drink, mr. And mrs. Corinthos? Well, I had some, uh, champagne ordered, so I don't know if that -- you might want to check the bar. I'll be right back with your champagne. Thanks, cheryl. What's this? Okay, remember when we got married and we -- we wrote down a list of the places we wanted to travel to? Yeah. We've gone to almost all of them. Except for one. Azores. What -- y-you said it was too difficult to get to. Well, I-I guess you convinced me otherwise, so we're leaving in three weeks.

[ Laughs ] We are? What's wrong? You don't want to go? I-I don't know if I'll be able to go. Why?

 -You're anna devane. -No, you're mistaken. Don't even bother denying it. I know your sister quite well -- there were already too many tells. And let me guess. You aren't a medical colleague... robert scorpio, wsb. Who we are doesn't change a damn thing about what is going to happen. If you want your sight back, you're going to have to answer our questions or my friend won't treat you. I'm afraid you've already overplayed your hand, agent devane. While I appreciate your attempts to trade on my familiarity with dr. Marick, in doing so, it becomes apparent that this is part of a wsb investigation. So no. I won't be waiting for my surgery until after I've provided answers. If you want my cooperation, you treat me first. I just noticed that there really wasn't much in there about your family. Well, you already know all about my family. Yeah, but I don't know anything about you. Hm. Sit, please. A second. Remember last night, you told me that you never wanted to settle down because you felt that your followers were your family? Mm. Well, was that entirely true?

[ Chuckles ] I mean, there had to have been someone that you were serious about at some point. Well, let's just say my father's own personal experience... left me a little closed off to sharing my life with another. Oh. You -- you mean his experience with me. You what? You got too much work? Uh...I think we have a lot going on in general. You know, I mean, this past year was a lot. And -- and, you know, we had a lot of turmoil, sonny. Too much. I think life is like childbirth sometimes. Yeah, I do.

[ Mumbles ] You know, like... the problems can be agony while you're going through them, but once you get through them, once you get to the other side, all that pain fades away, and what you're left with is the good and the love. Right. And this past year with mike, you know, it... we had some really trying times, but we also had some really beautiful moments, and I'm grateful. I'm really grateful for that. You know what I'm grateful for? You. No.

[ Laughs ] I mean, you -- you -- you made me see that I needed to spend, you know, time with my dad. And this past year, you -- like you said, it's an -- it's an incredible gift. You knew that. You saw it, and you helped me wrap my mind around it. I sound amazing.

[ Chuckles ] You're not just an amazing mother. You're an amazing wife. And you're my friend, and you love me, period. I mean, it means -- it means a lot to me. Are you trying to make me cry? No, I'm just trying to get you to give me a kiss.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Softly ] I love you.

[ Softly ] I love you. You saw your father so burned by me...

[ Exhales deeply ] ...Why would you ever want to put yourself out there like that? Okay. I suppose that, uh -- I suppose that makes sense, but, um... ...that's not the only reason. See, I realized that, in order for me to find happiness... ...I had to find peace within myself. Wow. That resonates with me. So tell me, sam. When are you gonna stop running and find peace within yourself? My heart is so filled with you.

[ Buzzer in distance ] But no, I will not marry you here, now. No. Why not? Because I'm in jail.

[ Gate closes ] And because there's nobody here to marry us. There's that, right? Unless cliff is an ordained minister.

[ Louder ] Hey, cliff! Let me ask you something. Are you an ordained minister?

[ Scoffs ]

[ Normal voice ] Okay. I'm gonna take that as a no, so... well, I actually thought about that, and that's why I've recruited the perfect person for the job. -Really? Who? Hey, uh, I heard you crazy kids want to get married.

 -What's going on here? -Thank you for coming. Sure. Uh, elizabeth approached me last night. She said, uh, she wanted me to marry you guys. Well, I wanted someone important to both of us to do the honors. All right. Well, are you ordained? Man, it's so easy, it's frightening.

[ Laughs ] We just need to get you a witness. Huh. Hey, cliff. What now? It's your job, right, to keep an eye on us, right?

[ Sighs ] So by definition, I think that would make him a witness. Can I talk to you for a second?

[ Quietly ] This is insane. You know that, right?

[ Quietly ] I know. And I wouldn't have it any other way. So, now that neither of us is avoiding the other, can we start hanging out again? I'd like that. Actually, there are all these great introductory seminars coming up. You'd be perfect for them! Uh, no, I just meant like -- I'll get you a brochure.

[ Sighs ] May I? Oh, yeah. Of course.

[ Inhales deeply ] Close your eyes. So I find that we get so sidetracked on our path that our thoughts become roadblocks. We worry about the past, but the past is just that. It's behind us. And the future is just our imagination. What's important is the present, right here and now. So tell me, where are you? Here. When are you? Now.

[ Softly ] That's good. Spinelli: [ Exhales sharply ] So it's a plan. You and fair samantha will focus on hank, and I will focus on the father or, more accurately, whatever fate befell him. Yeah. And, um, I'm sorry you're not with ellie on -- on valentine's day. Mm, fear not -- I've taken the precaution of booking a flight home. Well, have fun. Mm. And, uh, tell ellie we say hi. "We"? Hm. How I've missed the sound of that. And let me know what you dig up on shiloh's dad's patent. Yes. Of course. You will be my first call. And, uh... thanks. Oh. Okay.

[ Giggles ] That's -- okay. Okay. All right.

[ Sighs ] Kristina? Hey. S-sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt. No, you weren'T. Don't worry. Why don't you -- I have to go back to the event. Are -- so, I will show you some of my favorites. I'm sorry, kris, but I've got to get going. Really? Yeah, I've got an early shift tomorrow, but thank you. This was...really fun.

[ Chuckles ] Okay, well, I'll call you? That'd be great. I really want to spend time together. You're not leaving, are you? Yeah. You know what? I actually -- I-I think it's a good idea. This is kristina's place. It's her home, and I just don't want her to think that I'm stepping on her "thing," you know? Yeah, but if she feels that way, she's not observing our tenants. I'm trying to be sensitive.

[ Chuckles ] That's all. I-I understand. You'll come again? Yes. Yes, of course. See you around. See you around.

[ Door closes ]

[ Rings ] Hey. How'd it go? Sam: Good. I'm just on my way out. I'm gonna pick the kids up from monica'S. Uh, did you talk to shiloh? Yeah, I did. And it's -- it's really creepy in there, jason. It's so weird how he can get people to do things for him and make them think that it's their idea. What about kristina? She's pretty possessive. I think she's got a thing for him, so this is gonna be pretty difficult. Yeah, we'll figure it out.

Yeah. I don't know. I'll see you tomorrow? You better.

[ Chuckles ] Happy valentine's day.

[ Laughs ] Wait a minute. Did it just kill you to say that?

[ Laughs ] No. No, I love you. I love you, too. So your sister left quite abruptly. She did? I didn't even notice. Is that the truth?

[ Sighs ] No. When I see you two spending all this time together... I can't help it. It -- it bothers me. Clearly, I'm not as enlightened as I hoped to be. Oh, no. Look, you're being way too hard on yourself. What level have you completed in these courses? Introductory.

[ Laughs ] There you go. You see, that kind of enlightenment that you're talking about isn't even touched upon until much, much later. Yeah, I mean, there's no way that I would have the money to pay for those intensive courses. Hm. Well, think of it this way. If you needed to have surgery on your heart, you'd find the money somewhere, right? Yeah. Well, then, perhaps you should think about paying the same attention and importance to your soul. Like I said, it's -- it's just something to think about. Sorry, doc. The terms are non-negotiable. Everything's negotiable. Do you know how much I have on the line here? We're not just talking about my vision. You're asking me to betray people who would gladly retaliate by killing me. So... if you want me to risk death, the operation comes first.

[ Sighs ] Anna: Fine. Dr. Finn will neutralize the virus, and then you talk. It's a deal. I'll make the arrangements.

[ Door opens ] I like you, anna. Well...okay. The feeling is not mutual. Sounds like you have the same tenacity as your sister. How is she? I don't know. We're not in contact. Ah. I suppose that's not much of a surprise. You two were always like oil and water. Finn: Hey, that was fast. Travel arrangements have been made. We'll, uh, stay in a hotel tonight. Fly to port charles in the morning. Fantastic. Thank you, robert. Don't mention it. And I do mean...

don't mention it. I had to violate 12 protocols to move this bastard. You ready, doc? -Lead the way.

[ Door opens ] You okay? Yeah, something he said. Um, I don't know. It's probably nothing. I'm tired. Well, hey. Happy valentine's day.

[ Chuckles ] We probably missed valentine's day. Oh, by the swedish clock, sure, but I'm -- I'm still on port charles time. Uh, we don't have any rings.

[ Metal clinking ] Elizabeth -- she, uh, thought about that this morning. Huh! Yeah, look at that. I'm impressed. Mm-hmm. I think you have a bright future as a wedding planner. Oh, yeah. See? There it is. I don't have to do this, you know. No, I know you don'T. But you're doing it. It means a lot to me. Thank you. Well, you both mean a lot to me.

[ Inhales deeply ] Elizabeth and I -- we're connected through the boys. And, well, you and I been through some stuff, huh? I think of you as a -- as a brother. One I'd like to choke half the time, but nonetheless... hey, just -- just do me a favor, all right? Anything. Treat her right. She's one of the good ones.

[ Keys jingling ] Yeah.

[ Gate unlocks ] I know. Hey.

[ Bora york's "dreaming free" plays ]

When the water's edge is cool

brushing lightly between your toes

when you close your eyes

and rest them for a moment's time

and you know you're home

don't wake me

I'm dreaming free

I'm dreaming free

to no amends I love you. I love you.

Don't break it

this perfect scene

where love is worth the fight

when winter's burden shows its teeth

and tears your autumn clothes apart

[ Vocalizing ]

[ Chuckles ] Hi. Hi. What about the kids?

[ Keys jingling ] Well...

[ Keys thud ] ...They were asleep.

[ Purse thuds ] And monica wanted to take them, so who was i to say no?

 I didn't know what to expect when you came into my life. I would have never guessed that you would be the one who would teach me the most important lesson I would ever learn, that love is completely, unabashedly insane.

[ Chuckles ] And the craziness of all of it is what makes it so beautiful. You freed my soul. And, for that, I am forever grateful. And... I vow to just love you and honor you and cherish you until death do us part. Franco, your turn.

[ Softly ] I love you. That's it. That's all I got.

[ Chuckles ] Hope it's enough. I just so love you. So I'm totally down for more loving and cherishing and honoring. I love you, elizabeth imogene webber.

[ Chuckles ] So, yeah. Till death do us part. Well said. Thank you. Elizabeth. Yes? Do you take franco to be your lawfully wedded husband? I do. And, franco, do you take elizabeth to be your lawfully wedded wife? I do. Well, then by the powers vested in me through the internet, I now pronounce you husband and wife.

[ Chuckles ] What are you waiting for? I have no idea. Come here. Hey. Hm? Where did you get those? What? What do you mean, "what"? The flowers. Did spinelli buy them? No, I did. Hm? Yeah. I just, you know -- I asked the flower lady.

[ Laughs ] And she -- you mean the florist. The florist. Mm-hmm. Right. Okay. So, um, I asked the florist what she suggested for somebody who doesn't like to make a big deal out of things but secretly really likes holidays. And I told her they make you smile. So the florist -- did she pick them out? No, she said, uh, whoever it was, was a lucky woman. And then, uh, she moved on to the next customer. Did I make a bad choice? You made a really good choice. And you know that flower lady? She was right. I am a really...

[ Chuckles ] ...Really lucky woman.

[ Inhales deeply ] And it's valentine's day. And I'd rather be nowhere else but here with ...and those beautiful pink roses, of course. You know, I get it. I get it now. What do you mean? What do you get? I just -- I get the point of valentine's day. You know, it's not about chocolate and flowers. It's, um... it's about not taking... ...not taking love for granted. It's just about saying those words.

[ Exhales deeply ] I just love you. I love you so much.

[ Smooches ]

[ Chuckling ] And I love you.

[ Quietly ] I love you. Ooh.

[ Sighs ] Uh, who are you calling? The animal shelter, obviously. Room service.

[ Chuckles ] We should open another bottle. What? I'm in. Yeah?

[ Chuckles ] I'm so in. All in with you... forever. Room service can wait. You want a drink? Uh, no. Um, hold on. Come here. What? Come here. I want you to sit down with me for a second. -Okay. You okay? Yeah. Um... I'm great. I was just thinking about, um, life, you know, and us and everything. And, uh -- and -- and how, you know, life has its ups and downs. And -- and I realize that. Mm-hmm. And I think that, um, as long as we have each other and we hold on to that connection, that we can handle anything that life throws at us, you know? Mm, and I agree. Good, uh... ...because I'm pregnant.

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