GH Transcript Wednesday 2/13/19

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 2/13/19


Episode #14219 ~ Kristina struggles with a bout of jealousy; Finn and Robert work together; Michael hears from Nelle; Chase and Willow get closer; Brad is left uncomfortable.

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has anyone ever mentioned to you that you drive like a maniac? I wanted to get here before cabot left for the day. Uh-huh. You cut off an ambulance -- oh, come on. There was a ton of room there. Now, look. This is a-a bureau op. Yeah... so I'll do the talking. Okay, that's a choice. That's a -- that's a choice. But, of course, this man worked for the dvx, right? He hears the initials w-s-b, and he's gonna shut down on us. So what do you say that I-I talk to him, doctor-to-doctor, and, you know, you're there, and y-you try not to look so much like a spy. Fine. But what are you doing? Well, I-I-I told anna...[ Ringing ] ...I would, um, check in with her when we got here. Oh, so considerate. Oh, hey. Hey, we just, uh -- robert and I just got to the clinic, and we're just hoping to see dr. Cabot, but, um... you know, I didn't want valentine's day to go by without... know, having a chance to say... anna: You love me

and miss me? All of the above.

I-I have

a little special... present for you. Happy valentine's day.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Indistinct conversations ] Maybe he's just late. Hi, chase, it's willow. Um, I'm here at the metro court, but I don't see you. I thought we were meeting as soon as school let out. If there's a problem, call me. Sorry, I didn't see... you --

[ Sighs ] Hey, michael. How's it going? Hey. Well, it's, uh -- it's better now that you've arrested franco. Yeah, it's a relief knowing the killer -- sorry, alleged killer -- is behind bars. Yeah, well, we both know he's a killer. You just need to prove that he committed these particular murders. The evidence is pretty strong. I just returned a copy of franco's file to dr. Collins's office. It's dark stuff.

[ Paper rustles ] Did someone make you a valentine? [ Chuckles ] Got a little secret admirer? Yeah, yeah. Someone... we'd both love to forget. Hi, there. Mom. How are you? Good. So, what's up with sam? Why did she want to meet us? I don't know. I think that, uh, she wanted to check in. We've all been so busy. Yeah. Busy... -I don't want to go. -Mm. I wish you could stay. Me, too. But I can't because I have to go to the metro court and meet with kristina and my mother and pretend to believe in shiloh's fake enlightenment. Because, if I don't, what if it backfires and it just pulls kristina in deeper?

[ Knock on door ] Shiloh: Jason? It's me, shiloh.

[ Beeping ] Shiloh: Hey, jason, this is shiloh. Uh...kristina gave me your number. I hope you don't mind me calling -- look, I heard you took a little ride up to beechers corners to have a chat with some friends of mine. That's, uh -- that's unnecessary, man. If you have any questions, just ask me, okay? Get in touch with me. You know where to find me. He's gone. Okay, well, that's not creepy or anything. Kristina gave him your phone number -- and now he knows where you live? All right, so, while we're waiting for your sister, you can talk to me. About anything in particular? How's everything going at dawn of day? Everything's great. I mean, not only did I get you to attend a seminar where we achieved a mini-breakthrough, but I also had a really big heart-to-heart with dad. Did you? Yeah. I introduced him to shiloh the other day, and I could feel that he was scoping him out, putting him on notice not to hurt his little girl. Well, to be fair, he does that with everyone you introduce him to. I know that, but... dad has no reason to worry about shiloh. Thank you. Which is why I was so grateful that he invited me to dinner. I mean, he really listened to me when I told him that I feel like dawn of day is kind of like a family. And he didn't judge or criticize. I didn't criticize. I actually went to a seminar. Okay, mom, we're talking about dad right now. Yeah, okay, sorry. What else did he say? He just said that I always have my own family with you and him and the rest of our crazy crew.

[ Chuckles ] He's right. You do. Always. Hi. Oh, are you not happy to see me? Oh, I'm -- I'm happy. I'm so, uh, very happy. Of course I'm happy. Okay. I just -- I'm also a little, uh, confused. I thought you were gonna stay in port charles and keep an eye on, uh, obrecht. Oh, uh, y-yeah, I was, but, you know, I realized that it was all just counterproductive... mm. ...Because peter's in charge of his life, right? And if he wants to employ a woman who subjected him to captivity and torture for weeks, who am I to disagree? That sounds... reasonable. Mm-hmm. Uh-huh. Besides, I-I found that he's actually doing it for maxie. Ah. A-and I think that they're sort of edging towards a relationship... huh. ...Which would be wonderful... sure. ...Because she's my goddaughter and I love her. And...liesl's also her mother-in-law... okay. ...And james' grandmother, so obviously maxie really wants to see the best in her... uh-huh. ...And so I think that's what's going on. You know, anna, y-you really should be careful. You're dangerously close to making obrecht your bff. No, it's an armed truce. You know, if she behaves herself, then I won't intervene. But if she goes back to her old ways or targets someone that's close to me, then I'm gonna flatten her, you know, so... meanwhile, I'm just here to help... -marvelous. -...As best I can. Look, uh, we're staying at the vatten lodge. Mm-hmm. Um, there's a nice little bar in the lobby that you can wait for us there, though, I think. Yeah, I don't think so. You can't stay here. I mean, cabot gets an eyeful of you, and that blows the deal. Yeah, I thought about throwing this in the trash unopened. Or setting it on fire maybe? Yeah. Well, nelle knows how to get under my skin, and she's counting on that. Mind if I...? Please. "Thinking of you and our sweet jonah. Forever, nelle." Yeah. You know, now that she's been transferred from ferncliff, I can just imagine her in her prison arts and crafts class, making this -- this valentine, scoring points with the guards, and they're all like, "oh, look how remorseful she is. Look how much she cares." Yeah, meanwhile, she's twisting the knife.

[ Inhales deeply ] Well, that's janelle: Gift that keeps on giving. Yeah. And, y-you know, it al-- it always comes back to jonah, too. She never misses the -- the opportunity to bring up the son that we lost. You know, you don't have to put up with this. I can make a call to the prison officials and make sure all communication stops immediately. No, no, you don't have to do that. Wait. You want to hear from her?

[ Sighs ] Willow: Did you just come from a parent/baby group? Oh. I'm a big believer in early childhood development. Wiley must love it. Yeah, it was -- it was fun. But, it's, um -- it's getting on to this one's nap time. I better get him home. Oh, I thought you were headed

into the restaurant. Uh, I was, but I think I've had enough coffee for today. No more [Chuckles] Caffeine for me. W-what's that saying? Uh, you sleep when they sleep. Uh, anyway, bye. Brad? You know who I am, don't you?

[ Exhales deeply ] What was shiloh thinking? It's such an obvious move to come to your house. I went to beechers corners. So, what, this is payback? It's a message that I'm on his radar. Oh, no, I think it's a message that he thinks that he's pulling me in and he does not want you to interfere. Right, because you said you would go to the valentine's day party at dawn of day. No, no. It's not a party -- it's a gathering -- "true love begins with self-love"... okay, wait. Shiloh thinks that he's pulling you in. The last thing he wants is for me to step in.

[ Sighs ] So what he has to do, he has to create so much distance between us. He's gonna come after me. He's gonna push me in every way. He's gonna try to get me to lash out so you move farther away from me and closer to him. Okay. All right. Okay, then, I'm -- I'm gonnatell kristina and my mother that we broke up. Uh, okay. I guess your mom will be happy about that. Come on. My mom likes you. She just doesn't like me with you. She... hey. Right. Well, then she should not worry anymore. Listen. This is temporary. Just until I can get kristina away from shiloh. Damn. What?

[ Groans ] Now he knows where you live. I'm not gonna be able to meet up with you here. Shiloh is not the nsa. I mean, there's plenty of other ways in and out of this building. That's why I bought an apartment here.

[ Chuckles ] Because it's not easy to track who comes in and who goes out. think of everything. Yeah, well, I thought I'd be avoiding the cops. Instead, you're avoiding a con.

[ Sighs ] All right, I want to get this over with, so please come here. Give me a kiss and wish me luck. Hmm? Good luck. Thank you. Okay. -All right.

[ Door closes ] Did you just ask me to go wait in the hotel in the bar? It's a nice bar. You'll like it. Then you go wait there, and we'll deal with dr. Cabot. That's a -- that's a hell of an idea, and I would -- I would -- I would love it. I just don't think that's gonna work. Oh, okay. How'd you come to that conclusion? How'd I come to that conclusion? Uh, well, you s-- you said so yourself, you know, that y-you thought that I -- we'd get closer to cabot if, you know, you weren't here. I changed my mind. Oh, boy. Hey, look, who knows how cabot left things with your sister?

[ Door opens ] I know --yeah, that's, uh... may I help you? Oh, uh... hi. I'm, uh, dr. Hamilton finn. My colleagues and i have -- have traveled all the way from the U.S. To confer with dr. Arthur cabot. I-I believe he's on staff here? Anna: I-I'm sure you've heard of dr. Finn. He's an expert in infectious diseases, and -- and he found the cure for blackwood's syndrome. -Yes, of course. -Hi. It's an honor to meet you, dr. Finn. Oh, thank you. Thank you. Um... I-I'm sorry. Your information's out of date. What, dr. Cabot's not here? No, he's here. Oh, so wh-what's the problem? Dr. Cabot doesn't work here.Uh, he's a patient. Ah. In a weird way, nelle's done me a favor. And this -- this -- this -- this card had a very, very different effect than -- than what she intended. How so? Well, I realized that -- that nelle can't get to me anymore. I mean, the -- the pain of losing my son is never going to go away. But nelle, she wants to keep me imprisoned so that I'm like her: You know, trapped in the past. Not sure janelle's trapped in her past. But I'm very sure she knows how to weaponize it. She certainly did with me. Yeah, and she's trying to do it with me, too. But the thing is, I have jonah in my heart, and no one, not even nelle, can -- can take him away from me. And that -- and that gives me the strength to live again. Of course I know who you are. Wisteria, right? My name is willow. Willow tait? Ah. Sorry. I am lousy with names. I-I knew it was some sort of tree. You're michael's friend, uh, the teacher, right? W-we talked about pre-ks the other day at charlie'S. Oh, wow, I must have sounded like one of those helicopter parents that -- that teachers just dread -- worrying about schools before their own kid can even say a single word.

[ Chuckles ] Ah, but don't worry. I promise I won't bother you with any more questions. It's no bother. I-I love seeing you and wiley. Which I'm sure you realize -- since you know I'm wiley's mother.

Uh, lucas and I weren't told the name of the birth mother. Regardless, you know it's me. Did julian tell you? Does lucas know, too? No. Lucas doesn't know anything. Okay. How long have you known? You know what? Timing's not important. What matters here... is that little boy. The child we both love. A-are you trying to have a relationship with wiley? Yes. Dr. Cabot is a patient here? Ah. W-we'd still like to, um, talk to him. I mean, I'm sure h-he's gonna be most disappointed to pass up a visit from dr. Finn, here.

[ Exhales sharply ] He hasn't wanted visitors. He might make an exception. -Ah. -Uh, wait here. -Thank you. -Okay. This is your big moment to make an exit.

[ Exhales deeply ] No, no. Because the -- the virus that rendered me blind, robert, it could be the result of dr. Cabot's research, so I-I'm not leaving here until I find out how and why. Do you understand? Look, it's quite possible that alex and cabot parted as enemies. Why risk it? Right. Excellent point. Thank you. You're welcome. Don't even think about asking me to go and wait in the hotel bar. Me? Yes. I would...never ask something like that. I mean, I was thinking that maybe you'd like to go back to the hotel and get us checked in, and -- and I'll keep you updated on everything that, you know, happens here. That's a nice try. No. It's lovely. I'm not going. Okay, but you stay quiet and let us do the talking. Don't I always? Well, it's not... dr. Cabot, I want to thank you for agreeing to see me. You have me at a disadvantage, dr. Finn. I don't recall your name, and I'm unable to see your face. One of the things that I'm learning from dawn of day is that a positive attitude can change everything. And since adjusting my perspective -- things are almost perfect.

Almost perfect. All right. So, what's missing? You are. Me? You were just starting to make progress when you ran out of the session. Honey... it doesn't work for me. It seemed like it was until julian's name came up. I was looking at some shows that I'd like to see. I think we should take a theater trip. Will you just come back and give it another try? I mean, the dod method has worked for us. I mean, at least I think it did. It did. It did. I think we're in a very good place. We are. Thanks to shiloh. I mean, who knows what you'll accomplish if you just put in a little more work? When it comes to self-discovery, I think I'm gonna stick to a more traditional path. Okay. Okay? Yeah, I mean, ultimately, you have to find something that works for you, mom. I want you to know that I see that this is really good f-for you, that you're happy and that you found a place that you feel like you can belong. Thank you. Just one more thing -- we were so close... no, I hear you. I do. Just remember that if the traditional path doesn't work that the doors of dawn of day are still open. Speaking of, what are you doing tonight? Why? You should come to our valentine's event. Oh, I hate valentine's day. Not really into a party. It's not a typical party. There's a lot more to it than that. Honey, I'll be on my couch in my house...

[ Elevator doors open ] ...Not at dawn of day. Really? Come on, mom. If -- if I can go, you can go. I mean, it -- it -- it says on the invitation: "True love begins with self-love." Everybody, this looks fantastic, but let's pick up the pace a little bit. Our guests are about to arrive, and we need to be prepared. After all, "to show others the path, our own way must be clear." Jason. Welcome.

[ Door slams, rattles ] I got your message. Ah, well, I'm surprised you responded so quickly. Well, you said I should come to you with my questions. Here I am.

 I heard you took a little ride up to beechers corners yesterday. It's a lovely town. People are sweet, too. Did you find what you were looking for? Yeah, your friend -- harmony. Mm. That's right. She was, uh -- she was very helpful. Yeah, harmony's great. She keeps the whole thing together. We would be lost without her. Yeah, she, uh -- she had a lot of good things to say about you. Mm. Just like kristina and all these other people who are devoted to you. No, not to me. To our mission. Yeah, your mission, right. Well, your mission seems pretty successful in beechers corners. Even, uh, the local police seem to be your friends. Well, I would like to think that the, uh -- the police and other members of authority appreciate the positive influence that dawn of day has in their community. So, if you were so active in that community, why'd you leave it to come here to port charles? You're going to dod's valentine's party? -Yeah. -With jason? No. Jason and I, we're not together. Since when? What does that mean -- "aren't together"? Like, in what way? Like, for valentine's day? Or is he out of town? No, jason will -- will... be here, and -- and I will be here, as well. I just won't be -- I-I won't be with him. I just -- I-I have realized that after all of this time, I will always love jason. We just -- we don't have a future together. -What? -Mom, let sam speak her truth. I don't know. I just -- I-I realized that jason has been back for, what, a little bit over a year now, and we are still not together. Our lives are just on different paths. I mean, he's amazing, and he's wonderful, and he's fearless, but he just -- he refuses to change. He's set in his ways, and -- and that's okay. He's just not open to self-discovery, and in the past few weeks, I have realized that

[Chuckles] Discovery is -- is what I need. There is so much more I need to know about myself and explore. Wow. Sam, that's amazing. You've taken a huge step toward enlightenment. I'm so happy for you. You're not gonna keep that, are you? No, no, this is going in the trash. Just not sure if I should put it in "paper and plastic" or "toxic material." -[ Chuckles ] That's a tough call. -Yeah. I feel better already. Okay, I got to get to a meeting at the metro court.

[ Cellphone rings ] What's taking so long? Oh, shoot. I did not realize what time it was. I have to go to the metro court, too. I hope this isn't willow canceling on me. So, you and, uh -- you and willow... you're, like, A... oh, just been out a few times. Seem to get along. She even likes my cooking.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. I really like her. I mean, she's the anti-janelle. She's open and honest, plus she's great with kids, and she's beautiful. Yeah, you don't have to convince me anymore. I can clearly tell she's way out of your league.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, I-I know. I think the best part about her is that she's -- she's real. You know, sure, she's had her share of setbacks, but unlike janelle, it didn't make her bitter or vindictive.

[ Elevator bell dings ] It made her better, stronger. Oh, man. I've got it bad, don't I? No, it sounds like you've got it good. Don't want to keep her waiting. You want my son? I want to be part of his life. I mean, of course I do. But I know I can't be. Right, because the adoption's final, and wiley's legally ours. Well, maybe one day when he's grown, he's gonna want to know who I am, and maybe by then I'll be able to tell him. But for now, I can't allow anyone, including your husband, to know. I can tell that you and lucas are wonderful parents. But it's best for everyone -- especially wiley -- if no one knows I'm his mother. Sure, we'll just stick to the adoption agreement. Like you said, all that matters... is wiley. May I just say, dr. Cabot, I'm a great admirer of your work. I traveled from the U.S. To confer with you, but I must apologize. I had no idea... when did the blindness occur? I'm sorry, dr. Cabot. I-i thought you knew each other -- uh, no harm. I'm starved for a colleague to converse with. Uh, you can leave us, elsa. Yes, doctor.

[ Door closes ] The blindness came on suddenly without warning a few months ago. Mm. By chance, did it start with a-a severe headache, followed by a loss of consciousness, and when you woke up, you were unable to see? How did you know? Well, my field of research is infectious diseases. I believe you contracted a rare virus known as hn-242. I treated it. As you know, antibiotics have no effect. So I created a synthetic interferon, replicating what the body's own immune system does, and cured the condition. You only thought you did. The virus has remained dormant all these years until it brought on your blindness. I've treated the virus in other patients, and I can treat you, as well. Once the blindness is cured surgically, it will not recur. Extraordinary. But...who are these "other patients" you mentioned?

 -Bye. -Hey. Hey, michael, uh, listen, we actually have to go. Oh, not so fast. I want a minute with my godson. Oh. Hey, wiley. Hey, buddy. Now, you are just what I need to make it through this boring meeting I have to go to. Hey, willow. Sorry, I didn't mean to ignore you. I just -- I can't stay away from this kid. I don't blame you one bit. -Willow, hey. -Hey. -Sorry I'm late. -That's okay. Actually gave me a chance to, uh, get to know wiley and his dad a little better. It was good to see you, brad. -You, too. -Michael. -See you, guys. -See you. -Are you okay? -Yeah. Actually, uh... I was worried you might not show up. Oh, look, I'm so sorry. I completely lost track of time. The pcpd has been working me 24/7 since the attack on lulu falconeri. But that's not what you meant. Why'd you think I'd blow you off? I was worried I scared you off after telling you I... gave up my baby. You would be a much better dinner companion than the head of the port charles zoning board.

[ Chuckles ] S-sounds important. Don't, uh -- don't let us keep you. Oh, no. I got a few minutes. Um, oh, I wanted to tell you. I, uh...

[ Chuckles ] I, uh -- I heard from nelle. Oh? W-what'd she have to say? Happy valentine's day. But she said it in her own twisted way wanting me to feel guilty about... losing jonah. I swear, that woman will never, ever let go. Of course, the names of my patients must remain confidential, but I have treated two cases of this sudden blindness in port charles, new york. In both cases, I was able to neutralize the hn-242, and in both cases, the patients recovered their vision. Why should I believe you when every specialist who's examined me says otherwise? Because he's the best. That's why. Who's that? Uh, that's a-a colleague of mine from sydney. He's also the best at what he does. And you can give me back my sight? I have every confidence. I may be blind, but I'm not a fool. You want something from me, don't you? Well, now you're talking my language, doc. You help us, and we're gonna help you. Forgive me, but isn't this a little sudden? Well, sam just told us that jason's been here for more than a year and they're not together. She's acknowledging that there's been a barrier that's existed all along. Well, it's no secret that I have reservations about jason, but you've always insisted that there was this bond. Yeah, I know, and my perspective has changed, and I have realized that my bond with jason is what was holding me back, and, as much as this hurts, it's something I have to do. And how does jason feel about this? He doesn't like it, mom. He doesn't like it at all. And he thinks it's just temporary, which is why I'm going to the valentine's open house at dod. I mean, shiloh really wants me there. Yeah, that -- that's great, sam. I really mean it. I -- I just don't think that it's really, like, a big deal. Like, shiloh could invite anyone. Don't feel like you have to accept his invitation. Okay. Wait a minute. I-I just thought that you would be happier that I was going tonight. O-of course I want you to be there. I mean, that's what the whole evening's about is promoting love and renewal, and not just for the lonely, but for couples and friends and family. And maybe our unconventional celebration will be the kick-start that you need to move forward without jason. Yes, see? Exactly. That is -- that is the plan. I do not need a man to complete me. Of course you don'T. I'm seeing a new therapist that I think is good -- a new -- a-a new therapist? Is this the "traditional path" you were talking about? Who is he? Who is he? What makes you think he's a he? Anyway, I shouldn't have even brought it up. There's patient/doctor confidentiality and all, so... oh, really? Does that -- that include the therapist's name? Mom. Kristina. Don't you have a big party to plan for? Oh, you're right. Um, fill me in on what happens? Yeah, of course. I will fill in you at...

[ French accent ] ...Ze party. It's an event.

[ Normal voice ] Oh. Not a party. But...great. I will see you there. Okay. Bye-bye, honey. What is really going on with you and jason? Jason, I prefer direct questions. What is it? You want to know our endgame? What? First beechers corners, then port charles, and then what, the world? Well, you said it. I didn'T.

[ Chuckles ] Man, I have been accused of a lot of things, but world domination not one of them. What have you been accused of? Caring too much. Offering something that money can't buy.

[ Sighs ] Jason, look at me. There's nothing up my sleeves. Or offshore in the caymans. Or in a swiss bank account. What you see is that you get. And if you could only accept what it is that we have to offer...

[ Sighs ] ...Perhaps you'll be able to move past the obstacles that you put in front of you and sam. Always comes back to sam, doesn't it? "Always"? You know, the e-mails? Daisy already told her that she sent them without me knowing. But you are interested in sam. I'm interested in anyone who turns away from the dark and follows the light. I am proud of sam for taking the first tentative steps towards saving herself by joining our celebration tonight. But, brother, there is more than enough light for everybody. Come on. Join us.

 I didn't mean to put all that on you, but I just felt like I owed you the truth -- absolutely nothing that you said that night made me want to stop seeing you. Just the opposite, actually. Are you sure you're not just saying that? First, you do not owe me an explanation. But I'm glad you were honest with me about your personal history and your reason for giving up the baby. Your trust means a lot to me. I'm glad I told you. Good. As far as I'm concerned, trust is everything. Even in prison, nelle's still trying to hold on to you. Yeah.

[ Inhales deeply ] And I-I told chase -- nelle, she's part of my past, and I'm -- I'm focused on the future. A future that is looking very bright, in large part because of this little guy here. You make everything better, don't you, wiley? You were surprised by my blindness, so you didn't come here expecting to treat me. Which means you think I have something you want. I came here to learn more about the research you were doing on identical twins. Your theory concerning personality development in vitro is fascinating. You've read my work? Every word. But it's what you didn't publish that interests me most. I don't know what you mean. Oh, come on, doc. We all know there's a certain part of your work that was never intended to be made public. Why should i tell you anything? Because if you want your sight back, you will answer our questions. Wait. I know that voice. I'll make you a deal. I won't ask you any more questions about your new therapist if you don't ask me any more questions about my breakup with jason. Fine. But I'm evoking mom privilege, and I'm warning you to be careful. Well, I am telling you, you don't have to worry. I don't know what you're up to, and I don't know why you and jason aren't together, and I certainly don't know why you are going to the valentine's day party at dawn of day. Just please consider that your sister has been through a lot, and she, for whatever reason...

[ Sighs ] ...Has finally found some peace and made some new friends. So please don't spoil it. Trust me on this, please. I would never, ever do anything to hurt kristina -- not for the world. In fact, what I'm doing, I'm doing for her. I have no idea why sam is wasting her time with you.

[ Scoffs ] But I trust her judgment, and she's gonna see right through you -- and then she's gonna be done. Jason. Sam has taken the first step on the right path -- the path that can lead her to her best life. Now, you can walk with her -- you can walk with us -- and join us, or you can keep walking down that same old path that you've been walking down your entire life. But, brother, I'm telling you, that path -- that path's a dead end. I'll take my chances.

[ Door closes ]

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