GH Transcript Tuesday 2/12/19

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 2/12/19


Episode #14218 ~ Laura pays Franco a visit; Cameron gets into trouble; Peter and Maxie bump into Nina; Obrecht preys upon Valentin's discomfort; Sonny tells Spencer to do the right thing.

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okay, drew. You have my attention. Fire away. I'll make it quick. Franco didn't do it. We have evidence that leads us to believe he did. If you knew what I know about franco and seen what I've seen, then you'd understand he's no longer capable of murder. Hey, guys, I just put your room back together. I'd really appreciate it if you waited until tomorrow to tear it apart. Cameron, where have you been? You were supposed to be home hours ago, and I really could've used your help. Got held up. Uh [Exhales sharply] Excuse me. Held up? Oh, my god. What happened? Your boyfriend got arrested for killing a bunch of people and for attacking aunt lulu. It's all over the media, and everyone at school knows about it. So, tell me... what do you think happened? Oh, I guess valentine's day is right around the corner. Yeah, and nobody does valentine's day like the metro court... is that right? Yeah, fabulous dinner, wine pairings, everyone in their finery. It's the most romantic night of the year. It's definitely a night that shouldn't be... nina: Maxie! Peter! ...Missed. -Hey. -Hi. Peter, uh, you remember my daughter, sasha? Yes, of course. Good to see you again. Likewise. -Valentin. -Peter. Okay, I'm gonna ignore today's whatever is going on between the two of you and bring this back to me. -Yes, by all means. -Thank you. Why are you in such a good mood? Aside from the obvious.

[ Laughs ] Well, I was about to share some really amazing news with my daughter, but since you're family, it makes it all more sweet.

[ Chuckles ] Well, don't keep us in suspense. What is it? Valentin and I are getting married again.

[ Chuckles ] The guardhouse said there's an intruder on the premises. And a hale and hearty hello to you, too, uncle sonny! Are those for me? Yeah, yeah? No, no, no, I figured my presence alone... oh. ...Would be enough to brighten your existence. Oh, you're cocky, but you're not wrong.

[ Door closes ] As you can see, I have bonbons on hand to rescue valentine's day for grandmother and especially for aunt lulu.

[ Buzzer in distance ]

[ Door opens, closes ]

[ Keys jingling ]

[ Door unlocks, opens ] I know what the police are saying about me, but I didn't do it. My daughter says otherwise. Who do you think I believe?

Well, um...congratulations... -oh, thank you. -...[Chuckles] To both of you. Thank you, maxie. Nina's made me a happy man. Yes! [ Chuckles ] This is -- this is I mean, m-marriage and relationships are hard work! And nobody's worked harder to make this happen than, um... peter: You know, maxie's right. Congratulations are most definitely in order. It's just such a surprise. I mean, I thought that you were, y-you know... okay not being married, right? Yes, that. Right, right, well, I was. I was. I was perfectly happy with t-the way things were. Now I'm perfectly happy with the way things are. And what changed your mind? I mean, if you don't mind me asking. I don't! I do not mind you asking. Um...sasha had a big part in changing my mind. Me? Wha-what did I do? Well, you made me realize that time is precious and you can't get it back once it's gone. Well, you and i are getting it back. Yes, we are. We've been granted more time, and that's what I want with valentin. Come on. You know we love each other. Yeah, mm-hmm. Yeah. I-I read the ads he placed in crimson. All 47 of them.

[ Peter chuckles ] And this is what I've wanted all along. I wanted to make a family. And I get to make a family with valentin. Okay, well, you're obviously very happy. Yeah. And that's all I want for you. And I plan on spending the rest of my days keeping her that way. Yes, here's to putting all your old mistakes behind you and clearing the way for all the new ones. Well, my transgressions are all out in the open. I can't make amends for all of them, but I can certainly spend my life trying. Well, it's nina's heart that matters to you most. I trust you'll handle it with the utmost care. -[ Clears throat ] -Or else. -[ Laughs ] -[ Laughs ] Good. Hey, how about we, uh, celebrate with a couple of bottles of expensive champagne? Maxie, peter, you want to join us? Yes, please, stay! I wish we could. We just have some personal things we need to discuss. Yep, so we will leave you to your family celebration. All right, then one bottle of ridiculously expensive champagne. Be right back. Congratulations, again, nina. Thank you. I'm trying to -- I'm trying to get used to them being a semi-couple, be happy for them. Am I convincing? Yeah, very. Good. Because I love maxie, and her happiness is the most important thing. If she's happy with peter... I'll adjust. Well, speaking of happiness... nina, perhaps I was unclear. It was never my intention to convince you to marry valentin. Oh, I know you didn't "mean to" -- in fact, I strongly suggest that you reconsider. I didn't kill those people. And I didn't lay a finger on lulu. Stop it. I swear to you, laura.

[ Scoffs ] You "swear" to me? I do. Yeah. Is that supposed to mean something to me? Yes. I didn't do it. Mm. Cross your heart and hope to die? Okay, look, I-I don't know what it is that you want from me, but I can't express guilt or remorse over murders that I didn't commit. Is that because you couldn't? Because the tumor did it, and once they took it out of you, you were just a changed man? That's convenient. If you don't believe me, you should talk to elizabeth. She believes in me, and you trust her. I do. I trust her in all matters except for this one. Because she has the incredible misfortune...

[ Keys jingling in distance ] ...Of believing that she loves you. She does love me. Her judgment has been compromised. Okay.

[ Door opens, closes in distance ] Elizabeth is the one person in this world who sees me. The only other person in the world who ever saw me was kiki. I'm sure she got a really good glimpse of the real you when you slid that knife into her lungs. You were standing right opposite her, weren't you?

[ Sighs deeply ] Is that so that you could watch, so that you could look into her eyes... okay. ...As the life drained out of her face? I do not know how else to explain it to you other than just to say it. I am not an innocent man, but I am innocent of this. Save it, franco. Society made a big mistake when they gave somebody like you a second chance. I will make sure that never happens again. Someone did this to you because of franco? I'm gonna call the school first thing in the morning. Mom, you don't get it. I didn't get into a fight over franco. I got into a fight because my mom is engaged to a serial killer. Well, I hope you told them that franco is not a serial killer. Oh, no, he -- he only

used to be, right? I imagine in your social studies class, they teach you about the legal system and how people are innocent until proven guilty? School is not a courtroom. Once word got out that he was arrested, everyone had all the evidence they needed. Including your teachers? Oh, I see. Well, I will have a little chat with them tomorrow. Do you think anyone is gonna listen to anything you have to say? I-I mean, you let him live here with us, despite his past as a serial killer, which, by the way, is famous! He is not that person anymore, cameron, and it's a medical fact. No one believes that anymore -- except you. I have three bodies. All put on display by the killer. Reminiscent of franco's pattern. Lulu remembers him as her attacker. And that's not the only evidence I have that ties franco to these crimes. So, if you have proof that exonerates him, hand it over, and we'll look at it. Otherwise, we're done here. Jim harvey. What about him? He tried to kill franco. He was strangling him. Yes, I recall your account. Franco couldn't kill him. I had to pull the trigger. Franco couldn't bring himself to take another person's life even when it meant saving his own.

You -- you know I'm -- I'm always happy to see you, right, spencer? And I, you. And all I just want from you is to be up-front and always be honest. And I have been. Uh-huh. So far. So, why did you come here instead of going to laura's first? Well, uh, after becoming mayor, she's quite busy with her official duties and... after aunt lulu's attack, she's been laid up in the hospital. And you... yeah? You're merely a humble coffee importer. Now, how do you plan to wreak justice on the villain that attacked aunt lulu? Coffee-wise, I mean. Don't make me ask you a second time.

[ Sighs ] I needed some intel about my grandmother. Mm-hmm. I need to know what I'm walking into vis--vis my very brief episode of election tampering. Well, so far, uh, I haven't heard anything. Uh, my sources haven't heard anything about, you know, valentin revealing your secret to your grandmother.

[ Sighs deeply ] Excellent! Then I can put my valentine's day plan into play. I'll just stay here tonight. You won't mind, will you? Won't I? Of course not. Then tomorrow, I'll surprise her with love and chocolates. It's the -- it's the least she deserves after what that cad dr. Collins has put her though. Okay, first, you're gonna call laura and tell her you're in town. Well, hasn't she been through enough with aunt lulu -- yeah, that's why you're gonna bring her joy, you're gonna come clean and tell her what you did. But that'll take away all of her joy. You should've heard her. She called me a scourge. Really? She called whoever tampered with the voting machines a scourge. And since that was me...

[ Sighs ] Since it was you, you have to un-scourge yourself. Surprise your grandmother and tell her the truth. She'll be surprised all right. As I recall it, the last time we spoke, all I talked about was why you shouldn't marry valentin. And you agreed with me. Yeah, I felt that way at the time. What changed? Listen, I just realized that all the mistakes that valentin made in the past don't matter to me more than the man he is now. He makes me happy -- when I let him. I want to let him. So, have you guys set a date? No. No, but, um, I want to do it as soon as possible. It would make me the happiest mother alive if you would agree to be my maid of honor. Dr. Obrecht: Well, well, well. You must be nina's daughter, the famous sasha. I believe I can even see the resemblance. Yeah, didn't i tell you? And you were right. She looks as though she could be the sister to my britta.

[ Chuckles ] Mm-hmm. Definitely. Um, this is your great aunt liesl. This is sasha. Of course. I've heard so much about you. Oh, and I have not heard nearly enough about you, my dear. So please, tell me everything. Well, this just got even more interesting. Huh.

[ Chuckles ] I want to hear everything about you. You're a beautiful girl. Where have you been all these years? I am so sorry this happened to you. But I am not going to apologize for loving franco or for bringing him into our lives and this home. Mom, you -- if anything, the person who did this to you needs to apologize, including the school, who allowed it to happen! I don't even know what to say to that. I mean, you're choosing to believe a murderer over -- cameron, for the last time, franco didn't do it! What if you're wrong? The police have evidence -- and you don'T. You believe him because you want to -- because it would hurt you too much to face the fact that he killed all those people and attacked aunt lulu. That either he's been lying to you the entire time or that his tumor came back and he went crazy and you couldn't see it -- okay, cameron, stop. Franco is innocent, and, soon, this is all gonna be over. And in the meantime, if anyone gives you trouble, you n-- I don't care about a couple idiots talking trash. But what about aiden and jake? Okay, they're still little kids. What is this gonna do to them? How are they supposed to handle the things they're saying about franco? The things they're saying about you? It's not my place to tell you what happened between jim harvey and franco. I've read kevin's files. It's all there. So you know what harvey did to franco when he was a boy? Yes. And if it had been T.J.?

[ Exhales sharply ] What would you want to do? I would hope the authorities would intervene. Stop being a cop for just a minute. Off the record, if your boy was violated the way franco was violated, what would you want to have happen to jim harvey? Off the record, I would want to kill the son of a bitch. Yeah, me, too. But franco couldn't do it. He couldn't kill the man who molested him, so how is he suddenly going to kill two people he doesn't even know and then someone he loved very much? Well, maybe he couldn't help himself. Maybe something happened and he relapsed. You really think that's possible. Really? It's not outside of the realm of possibility, okay? I-I think it is. Hey, look. If --

[ Sighs ] If you can't trust me and -- and -- and understand what I'm saying, then maybe you can at least take a better look at all the pieces and realize you got the wrong guy. Look, I-I'll let you get back to work.

[ Door opens ] Hey. Hey, drew. Um... she's all yours, buddy. Yeah. Look, um... for what it's worth, I'm sorry about franco. I know you had hoped he had turned things around. You know, uh... honestly, I guess... I wasn't sure he had until right now. Hey, babe.

[ Door closes ] Babe, you okay? Yeah. I'm just thinking. I just talked to drew in the hallway. He really believes that franco is innocent. He does. So, what do you think?

 Let's just say for the sake of argument that you're right. I did it. I'm a monster. I killed all of those people. Why? And why now? I have everything in the world I have ever wanted. I have elizabeth. I have jake and cam and aiden, and we're a family. And it is my job to take care of my family. They provide the perfect cover for you to sneak out at night and to kill again. No, I wouldn't use them like that. I wouldn't -- I wouldn't use them at all -- you would, however, strap a bomb to my daughter's body. Right? I did something horribly, unimaginably horrible to lulu, and whether or not I was in control of my mind at the time is not the question. The question is -- did I personally and physically do that? Did I? Yes, you did. Exactly! And that has got to be a vividly awful memory for lulu. Obviously. Okay. But she is not remembering who attacked her in the office that night because it wasn't me. Now, can you at least entertain the possibility that perhaps she is seeing my face to fill in some kind of a blank? I th ink it's far more possiblethat she's seeing your face because you're the one who walked in her office and you're the one who stabbed her. No, I didn'T. I didn'T. She's wrong. Lulu's wrong, and I'm really sorry that she got hurt, but lulu is wrong. It wasn't me.

[ Glass clinks ] Champagne. And not just any champagne. What can I say, valentin? I am touched. -That's one word for you. But I see you are one flute short? Am I? This is a family celebration. And am I not family? You're not my family, you're not. But she's my family. She's mine. And sasha'S. So she's staying. We'll share a glass. Liesl just swiped one of the pointedly three champagne flutes for herself, and he didn't even stop her. Is that right? I think it's wonderful the way you two can banter. It's almost as if you don't like each other.

[ Laughs ] Beautiful and perceptive with a subtle bite. Who else could she be but our nina's daughter? -Uh, yeah, it's uncanny. -Indeed. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to us all getting acquainted. So, I guess people are saying some pretty scary things about franco. Cameron's classmates did. Looks like they did more than "say something." You should see the other guy. Okay, that's enough. I know you guys have questions, so I want you to know that you can ask me anything, and I will answer them the best I can. You don't have to raise your hand. Just ask. Did franco hurt the lady in the apple barrel? Absolutely not. Why would franco want to hurt aunt lulu? He doesn't want to hurt anyone. So, he did it by accident? No, baby, no. Franco did not hurt your aunt lulu. Then why is franco in jail? I heard grandma say franco hurt aunt lulu. Does that mean grandma's a liar?

[ Doorbell rings ] Uh... sit tight. No one moves. Hey. Hey. What brings you by? Thought I'd check on you and the boys if that's okay.

[ Exhales sharply ] Your timing couldn't be more perfect. Please, come in. Hey, guys. What's going on? Hey. Aiden: Franco got arrested, and mom said he didn't do it -- but grandma said he did. Do you know who's right?

Okay, look, people make mistakes. Your grandmother's making one. The police are making one. Franco didn't hurt anyone. A-and -- and, you know, he loves all of you, right? But he's hurt people before, didn't he? Yes, he did, but that'S... because he was sick. And he hasn't been sick in quite a long time. No chance you're biased? Since you and franco are bffs... listen to me. There's no way I would let him live here with your mother, with your brothers, if I didn't trust that you were safe here with him. If franco is such a great guy, then why did the police arrest him? Aunt lulu remembers that he... that he did something bad. Your aunt lulu is remembering it wrong. Then is aunt lulu lying? N-no. [ Stammers ]

[ Sighs ] She's making a mistake, also, and -- and -- and I-I don't know why. There could be a lot of reasons we don't know. But the police have to either confirm it or rule it out. You guys know what that means? To figure out if it happened or not. Right. And what are the odds that the police are gonna "rule franco out"? I-I spoke to the commissioner today. I explained that franco's a good man and that the evidence that the police have is misleading at best and they've got the wrong guy. Okay, are there any other questions? Can you come visit more often, uncle drew? -[ Chuckles ] -I certainly should. Okay, well, if that's it, you guys, it's time for bed. Can you come take us upstairs? -Upstairs? -Yeah. -You still got your toys? -Yeah. -Let's go play. Let's go. -All right. -Thank you. -Yeah. You wait. You need some ice for that face. Drew get under your skin?

[ Exhales deeply ] He was asking the same questions out loud that have been running through in my head. Any answers? Something's off. Yeah. Something's definitely off. Okay, maybe. I'm here. Let's talk it through. Okay. We suspect the victims aren't random, that each has a specific connection to the killer. Franco did cross each of them. But there's no sign of acrimony. Not even with mary pat ingles. No one we spoke to, and I mean no one, had a single nice thing to say about the woman. Several people expressed relief that she was gone.

[ Exhales sharply ] Well, I mean, after what she did to carly corinthos, I'm not even surprised a little bit. Yeah, but no one can recall her clashing with franco. Peyton mills. Peyton mills... he wanted to set up a meeting with franco. Maybe he had something on him. Without a phone conversation, that's just conjecture. According to franco, they never even met. Then, there's kiki. That part. Franco says he loved her like a daughter. Yeah, because that's who he believed she was. For decades. And we interviewed people around the hospital, and everyone we talked to confirmed franco and kiki had a bond. What about lulu, you know?

[ Sighs ] There's -- there's a history of violence between them. Yeah, but that was nearly a decade ago. Since then, franco has managed to claw his way from town pariah to a respected member of the medical community. Uh, "tolerated," maybe. I wouldn't go as far as to say "respected." I don't know. Everyone says that he works wonders as an art therapist. I mean, he did work hard to become worthy of elizabeth webber. Certainly got a lot to lose. Which, in turn, could be a motive... yeah, but what threat do these people pose to his life with elizabeth? And we're not talking about run-of-the-mill killings, curtis. The perpetrator acted with skill and precision. And, unfortunately, franco's not new at this murder thing. True. He's the obvious suspect. Yeah. Too obvious. Uncle sonny, I am beyond shocked that you want me to tell my grandmother the truth! I mean, her marriage is over. My aunt lulu has been brutally attacked. And the only glimmer of light in her day is her proud title of mayor, You don't think you owe your grandmother the truth about that little trick that you played? Well, I would think that the kindest thing would be to make sure she never knew about that little trick I played. Let me tell you a little saying, all right, that I think you should hear. It's 100% true. And that would be? "It's not about the crime; it's always about... the cover-up." Mm. Well, uh, are you sure that 100% is an accurate statistic? Okay, w-what's bugging you more right now -- the fact that you did it, or that valentin knows that you did it? Ah. I see...

[ Sighs ] Then you're gonna tell her? Come on. Are you gonna tell her? But her being mayor is what's best for port charles. Who does -- who does your grandmother hate most in the whole world? The same man that I hate more than all others combined -- valentin. Mm-hmm. You think she'd be happy that valentin has power over you? Of course not. Let me give you some more advice. Never let your enemies hold secrets over you. Before we toast, I must tell you how moved I am that you,

meine familie and valentin, have surprised me with this gathering to celebrate my new medical advice column in the invader. Wait. You're working for peter? I heard about your job, but that's, uh, not what we're celebrating. Well, first of all, how come I didn't know about this? And, second, how come you knew? I read the press release. I assumed you'd read it. Well, I can't wait to read it. It will be truly spectacular. As you can see, my family is not short on self-confidence. I do not like this one bit. Something about seeing valentin and liesl sip champagne together -- this is not gonna end well. Well, valentin can take care of himself. I'm not worried about him. I'm worried about nina. Two of the four people at that table are pathological liars who have been known to kill to get what they want. Well, you keep telling me that liesl's reformed. And I can assure you valentin would never do anything to purposely hurt nina. Yeah, but if valentin and liesl go up against each other, nina could get caught in the crossfire.

 If we aren't celebrating my prosperous new career, to what do we owe this spectacular vintage? Nina has found it in her heart to forgive me, and we will be remarried just as soon as we possibly can. How lucky for you, valentin, that my niece has a generous heart. Yes, I'm very fortunate indeed. Okay, it's not like he's doing me any favors. Valentin puts my happiness before his, and because of valentin, I have two incredible daughters. I don't think valentin and liesl would set out to hurt nina. But I do think they would set out to hurt each other. And, look, I know liesl is a-a lunatic and everything, but I-I can't help it. I care about her, okay? And no matter what she's done, it doesn't hold a candle to valentin. That man has levels of ruthlessness we've never even seen. All right. Maxie, there's something I need to tell you. Oh, god. Okay, on a scale from one to "I'm secretly your husband's brother," where does this rate? This has nothing to do with me. It's, um -- it's about valentin. Ooh, I'm all ears. All right, first of all, I need you to know that when I said I didn't press charges against obrecht because she's family with you and little james, I meant that. I know that. But I also did it in part because valentin asked me to. I did not know that. And he also "suggested" that I give her a job. Why didn't you tell me this before? This goes exactly with what we were talking about earlier. Valentin -- he has a secret, a secret he does not want nina to know about, and somehow liesl's in on it. That seems to be the case... so liesl is blackmailing valentin. But with what? Let me guess. Guys at school giving you a hard time about franco. Yeah, you can say that. Thanks for the first aid, mom. Uh, drew, thank you for coming over. I know that meant a lot to jake and aiden. Hey, cam, listen to me for a second. I know you're a stand-up guy. I've seen the way you've taken care of your brothers, the type of friend you are to oscar. I also know how hard it can be to take someone's side when everybody tells you you're wrong. Sometimes, small-minded people, they, uh -- they pick fights over it. It's not your fault. Cameron was also defending my honor, which you do not have to do. Uh, yeah, I do.

[ Exhales sharply ] I-I don't care what they think about franco. But I don't want them to think that they can say stuff about you. You know, there's something else that doesn't fit right. Even if franco was inspired by all the attention that ryan chamberlain's murders got on their anniversary, there's still no way he could've known that ryan was keeping the victims' driver's licenses as souvenirs, because that information wasn't made public. And the licenses we found had no fingerprints in them -- not even from the victims. I mean, it's possible that franco wiped them down. Yeah, but why? If he was keeping them as souvenirs, he'd make damn sure that no one would find them. Then why keep them in a room used by a lot of people where anyone could've randomly found them? I mean, why not a safe-deposit box -- or even a box in elizabeth webber's attic? Something. Yeah. You know, franco may be a lot of things, but he ain't no idiot. If the licenses were planted -- then franco's been framed. And the real killer is still out there... waiting to strike again. You know, kevin really thought that he had helped you to sort through your issues... he did. ...Become a changed man, one who was worthy of elizabeth's love. I believe that I am. Hmm. He's an excellent psychiatrist, don't you think? Yeah. Yeah. So it must have really hurt him when he found out that you had been deceiving him. You were only pretending to be reformed. But I didn't deceive kevin. I told kevin the truth -- you told kevin the truth! There it is! Yes! And then I read it, because we have kevin's notes on your sessions with him, my friend. And it is all there in black and white. You...are a monster.

You can't spend all your time looking over your shoulder. You got to man up and face the consequences head on. Consequences are one thing. My grandmother is another... I have no idea how any of that twisted garbage somehow found its way into kevin's files. I am not that person! And if kevin said otherwise... dr. Kevin collins is not the man I thought he was. Well, I better get back to the hospital. If there's a chance that the real killer is out there still, lulu could be in real danger. The killer's not gonna risk drawing suspicion away from franco by hurting lulu. So, if we think that franco's been set up -- you gonna drop the charges? No. I'm going to throw the book at him. Thank you so much for coming over. The boys really needed to hear from someone who believes in franco who's not me. Speaking of you... how you doing? I'll get through it. Yeah. Just really glad franco has you in his corner. Look, I'll do what I can. I got to go. Um... if there's anything you need, just let me know. Actually, there is something. To my nichte nina and my schweiger-neffe-to-be. May your future be free of strife, curses, and comeuppances and filled with joy. Hear, hear! -Cheers!


[ Glasses clink ] And to us all getting what we most desire. Blackmail requires leverage. And the only leverage that would ever work against valentin is the fear of losing nina. Well, as long as I've known nina, the one thing that she's always wanted more than anything is a child...because of the one she thought she lost... who just suddenly reappeared out of nowhere, alive and well. And now valentin and nina are engaged again... so, whatever obrecht has on valentin, it has something to do with sasha.

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