GH Transcript Friday 2/8/19

General Hospital Transcript Friday 2/8/19


Episode #14216 ~ Spinelli shares his findings with Jason; Alexis is caught off guard; Elizabeth leans on Scott; Ava is sympathetic; Ryan sets his sights on a new victim.

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Alexis gave me the book. I looked through it to -- to see why, you know, kristina's so hooked. Yeah, I read it to, uh, research shiloh. Yeah? Didn't buy a word. Alexis did. Really? You know what? Alexis can do whatever she wants in her life, but I'm worried about how this is gonna affect kristina. Now, I'm meeting her later so she can fill me in on what's going on with shiloh. Spinelli: Well, allow me. Uh, g-gracious greetings to you both. Um, I-I-I am pleased to announce that my -- my research has borne some fruit. Spinelli's been investigating shiloh's background. It's currently in deep-dive mode. Will you tell me anything before I meet with kristina? It has not been, shall we say, a proverbial cakewalk. Sam? Hey. Hi, krissy. What are you doing here?

[ Chuckles ] Well, hello to you, too. If mom sent you to check in on me, you can tell her -- actually, kris, your sister's here to see me. My name is, uh, alexis davis, and I was referred by dr. Kevin collins. I was wondering how soon I can get an appointment with dr. Byrne. Wow. That's, um, soon. You know what? I'll take it. Tonight. Uh, I'll have dr. Collins send over my records. Thanks. Did you get all that? Well, sounds like you are, uh, booking a new shrink. When did you stop seeing kevin? Why don't you go home? Well, I would like to see my fiancé. Why put yourself through that? We got a lot of questions to ask, and the answers are not gonna be pleasant to hear. Yeah, I don't understand why you just assume he's guilty. We have strong circumstantial evidence to back us up. Hey. Hey. I am so glad you're still here. Okay, don't say anything until scott gets back. He's not here? Where'd he go? He's trying to buy time. Just avoiding the inevitable. I didn't do this. I swear to you I didn't do this. Four driver's licenses belonging to the four victims were recovered from your art room at G.H. I don't know anything about that. I don't know how they got there. Okay, well, obviously, somebody placed them there to set you up. It wouldn't be the first time -- lulu falconeri I.D.'D franco as her attacker. Well, she's confused! And as for the licenses, hasn't the killer shifted blame before? Didn't you find a strand of carly's hair on mary pat's body? And the knife used to kill kiki -- first, it went missing, and then it was placed in griffin's apartment, and they're both innocent. So I don't understand why you're so convinced that franco's guilty. Is this seat taken? All yours... fine day to give blood, isn't it?

So, before hank archer got all zen and became shiloh, he had a propensity for trouble. Like what? Well, uh, rich-boy shenanigans. You know, drunken antics, barroom brawls, property damage. Couple minor car crashes. A couple lawsuits, which were quickly settled for unspecified sums... think he was just a bad kid? I would characterize him more as a restless and -- and young fellow with too much money and not enough responsibility. The money ran out when sam conned his father. Yes, so without sufficient funds to maintain his party lifestyle, he went searching for alternate income streams. Eventually, he went to work for a security contracting firm, which led him to afghanistan and the incident which he claims turned around his life. That sounds like a cover story. Yes, indeed. Shiloh's narrative of transformation and redemption rings as phony and contrived. But according to my research, the story checks out. Yeah, sam and I were having this great conversation that we wanted to continue. Isn't that right, sam? Yes, that's right. I wanted to learn more about all that it is that you do here. Oh. Really? Yeah. Really, krissy, I thought you'd be happier... no. I-I-I am. I-I mean, it's great that you're here. It's just you didn't have, um, such a positive experience at the seminar. I kn-- I-I-I know. I'm sorry. I-I was in a different mind-set. But I realize that you are so important to me, and I know how important dod is to you. So I come here with an open mind. That means a lot, sam. Yeah, and I think that after today, you'll have a better understanding of kristina's dedication to dod. You'll understand why. Um, shall we start the tour? Yeah, sure. You want to join us? A-actually, krissy was just about to go into town and do some outreach for our valentine's day event. Oh, fun. The fliers are right on the table. Got it. I will get right to it after dinner with my dad. Ooh. Tell sonny I said hi. Will do. Have fun, you two. Learn lots.

[ Chuckles ] -Stay warm. -Bye. If you must know, I ended my sessions with dr. Collins a couple of months ago, and if truth be told, I may have ended them a bit prematurely. Hmm. So, why not go back to him? Because he felt it was a conflict of interest because I'm representing laura in the divorce. Ah, well, good for you for finding someone new. You're awfully enthusiastic about my therapy. Well, it's no secret that you have a lot to work through. What?! Well, for someone who claims to be done with me, you sure are interested in my relationship with kim. And by the way, we are back together. Poor kim. The usual, please. Arrogant bastard. I beg your pardon? Donating blood is such an easy way to help save lives, don't you think? Mm. Yeah, well, if you're not afraid of needles, sure.

[ Chuckles ] No problem here. And the post-donation cookies help.

[ Chuckles ] I need your help, griffin. With? I can't seem to find ava. You wouldn't know where she is, would you? No. No, I don'T. And you're telling the truth? Yes. Why -- why -- why would you think that I would know where ava is? Well, I did see the two of you embracing earlier today. Anything you'd like to share with me, griffin? Man to man? I think that elizabeth makes some very salient points. Your fiancée is biased. Your situation is far different than carly or griffin'S. Okay, so, what about the licenses? What about them? Well, someone planted them in the art therapy room to implicate me, so it's exactly the same as carly and griffin. Carly's hair and the knife that killed kiki were obvious plants. The licenses, not so much. So what? The killer deviates from his, or her, usual plan, and all of a sudden, I'm the culprit? You tell us. Okay, I will. I think you are exploiting my history. And another thing -- no good deed goes unpunished? Because you came to me and asked me to share my past with you and I did and now you are using it to try and pin these murders on me. You do not have an alibi for any of the murders, franco. Which is very troubling. What's also troubling is you have the same shoe as lulu's attacker. Oh, do I? Yeah. It actually matches the print that we recovered from her office. Huh. Well, maybe you should drag everybody from port charles in here and interrogate them if they have a size 12. You can say it's all a coincidence, but you know what isn't? The notes from your sessions with dr. Collins. Okay, now, you need to take a look at this. Turns out you won't be railroading my innocent son after all.

What's happening? Well, it's a little thing I like to call due process. What is scott trying to pull here? An injunction from a federal judge. Which means my son won't be charged with anything until all potential medical factors are ruled out. What sort of medical factors? An mri. We can't move forward until franco's had a scan proving that he's not suffering from another brain tumor. This is a classic stall tactic, baldwin. Plain and simple. Is one of you gonna take care of this? Or do I have to give the judge a little ring-ding-ding?

[ Chuckles ] Wow. You have impressive friends. Is this jackie templeton you're with? Yeah, the one and the only. You have got to be kidding me. Yeah, she and I met, uh, when we were building sustainable housing in central america. Yeah. You meet amazing people when you devote your life to outreach. Why are you showing me all this? Well, I just hope it proves that we don't operate in the shadows. You know, I notice that you say "we" and "us" a lot. I like to work closely with everyone within dod. I try to think more in a collective sense. Hmm. I get that. Mm? You have this very nurturing quality about you. It's almost paternal, even. Thank you. I'm just wondering why you've never settled down and had a family of your own. Well, I consider the members of dod my family. Yeah, I know. I-I get that. But haven't you ever been tempted to just settle down somewhere? Well, I guess I could ask you the same question. You haven't settled down with jason, have you? Since hank archer became shiloh, all I've found are glowing endorsements of his charitable work. Sounds way too clean to m-- you know, look, h-he's got to be hiding some kind of mess. Okay, I got to go. I got to go. So, you guys, keep me posted. Yeah. That we shall. Enjoy your meal. Hi, dad. Thank you for penciling some time in with your old man. Oh, stop. What do you mean? You're a busy lady. I always have time for you. Ah, yeah, well, I like to hear that. Ahh. In all seriousness, uh, I'm sorry for the short notice. Don't worry about it. I was planning to come downtown. I have to pass out some fliers for this valentine's day event we're hosting. Oh, with that group that you're, uh, working with? Dawn of day? Yeah. The reason I assume you asked me to dinner? What do you mean? I'm sure mom told you about her visit to the dod house. Yeah, she mentioned it, but I got to tell you, she said nothing but good things about dod. Really? Yeah. That seminar you took her to? It had a-a positive effect on her life. You said something about an arrogant bastard? Yes, I-I did, but it didn't apply to you. I'm assuming it didn't, unless, of course, you're an arrogant bastard, too. Well, I'll try not to take that personally. I'm sorry. It's not you. It's him. It's -- it's my ex, and we just -- we just got into it. I'm sure you're nothing like him. I mean, for starters, you're here alone reading a book. Now I don't know which one of us you're insulting. I -- I like reading. Reading's good. I-I'm sure that is a page-turner. "Russian diaspora of the early twentieth century." Yep. Yeah, like I said, a real page-turner. I've always been fascinated by the russian revolution. So much social change in such a short period of time. A history professor? Doctorate, yes, but just history enthusiast. Hmm. Thank you. Jack and ginger, huh? Ginger's going stag tonight. After a clash with your ex, I'd -- I'd go with something stronger. Yeah, well, unfortunately, I had to give that vice up. Hmm. I see you're pounding it back. Coffee, black, two sugars. I have to go to the office after this. Oh, well, yeah. You know, no sleep for the doctorate. And thank you. For what? For not asking me why I can't drink anymore.

I quit drinking two years ago. Congratulations. Thank you. You know, it's really ironic that I'm sitting in the bar that my ex-husband owns, since he's the one who drove me to drink in the first place, which then drove me into therapy, and then the therapist, for some reason, thought it was a good idea that I would bring him into the sessions. I don't know why he thought that would help. Did it help? No, he dumped me. Not my ex-husband. The therapist. It was a conflict-of-interest kind of thing. It's -- it's a long story. Hmm. In any case, I have an appointment with a new therapist, and I don't have any intention of bringing him into my sessions. Hmm. What do you mean, "hmm"? Well, uh, it's really -- it's not my place. I just went on inappropriately about my life when you didn't ask me a thing. And so I think you -- you have every right to explain your "hmm." Well, from everything you've told me about yourself tonight, it's been in the context of your ex. What do you want to know about dod? Well, your mom gave me the book, so I'm just gonna read it, and then I'll let you know what I think. I have a feeling that you're going to connect with shiloh's ideas. He's a genius. Yeah, we'll see. Um, like I told him, he better take care of my daughter or else. Don't you trust shiloh? Well, I would -- like I to-- whatever I said to him, I would say to anybody else that's spending that much time with you. Now, look, you seem happy, and every time you bring dod up, you -- you light up, so... well, it'S... they're kind of like the family that I never had. Excuse me? I didn't mean it like that. I hope not, because you've got plenty of family. I live with some people whose families abandoned them. Believe me. I know how fortunate I am to have you and mom and my siblings and all my other relatives. It's just i inherited all those relationships. Doesn't make them any less important. No, I'm just saying that I've never been good at maintaining friendships. My love life has been, uh, let's say messy. Mm-hmm.

[ Chuckles ] I feel like I finally found my people. Like, I'm not just sonny corinthos and alexis davis's daughter. You've always been more than that. I'm just saying that at dod, there's no history following me around, that I get to define myself on my own terms. My relationship with jason is none of your business. Neither is my relationship with anyone else, for that matter. Agreed. Then why are you being so judgmental? I'm sorry. I think you're confusing my concern for judgment. And that's exactly what we deal with here at dawn of day. Oh? What, by g-getting all up in people's issues? No, we interrogate the mechanics of human behavior. Do you remember kristina's session? Yeah. It's hard to forget. That's what we helped kristina work through. You see, we helped break kristina's barriers down, the barriers that she put up around that trauma, and -- and I think that perhaps if you would like to have a session as well, we could help you identify your barriers, too. You know what?

[ Chuckles ] I -- yes. Fine. Make a believer out of me. Tell me why it is that I-I can't settle down. Are you sure you want to hear that? Yeah, absolutely. I think it's because everybody that you've ever loved has abandoned you. Have we covered everything? My deep-dive into dawn of day did not yield much intel, but -- but there hasn't been much written about the organization. Except for what's in this book? B-but I did notice one constant. Um... well, who's she? Shiloh's closest ally. Or she was at one time... if you think there's something going on between me and ava, you are dead wrong. That ship has sailed, crashed, and burned. Well, that's not the impression I got when you were holding her. Well, you know what? If you don't believe me, ask her yourself. You are dating her, aren't you? I am, indeed. Then there is nothing left for us to discuss. That is, unless you have something you would like to add. You're next. For what? To give blood. That's what you're here for, isn't it? Uh, excuse me, officer. Can I have a moment with my client? So, this little field trip -- what does it really do besides just buy us some time? Well, time right now is your best friend. We've got to take this mri at a snail's pace. Do you follow me? So this is a stalling tactic? Well, yeah, the mri's not gonna show us anything. It's just we're trying to delay charges being filed against him. Okay. I'll make arrangements with griffin. Scott, you should probably come with me. Okay. Hang in there, okay? Okay. It'll be over soon. Come on.

[ Footsteps approaching ] I heard you'd been arrested.

Don't get me wrong. Catharsis is good. And if bringing your ex to your old therapist helps you attain that, I think it's fantastic. You don't sound like you think it's fantastic. Maybe you don't need your ex for your next breakthrough. Maybe you just need you. Maybe that's true. Trust somebody who's been there. I used to always frame my happiness around other people's expectations. I would let the questions of, like, "when am I gonna get married? When am I gonna start a family?" Creep into my head. And eventually, I just realized that the only person responsible for my own happiness was myself. And that I'm not such bad company for myself. Except for all those exiled russian aristocrats. Goes without saying. You're pretty insightful for a barfly. I've been told I have that knack, you know. Hmm. Maybe we should continue this conversation sometime, perhaps over dinner. So, what are you thinking?

[ Sighs ] I'm thinking franco had the opportunity and means to kill kiki, but he's got no motive. Well, two out of three could be enough to convince a jury to convict. Besides, you know, a lack of motive never stopped franco before. He used to kill at random, right? No. It was never random. Franco killed as art. You heard right, ava. I was arrested. But it's all just a misunderstanding. Is it? You're no stranger to violence. I would never hurt kiki. You did care about her. Like she was my daughter. Well, she was my daughter. I loved her more than anybody, and still, I found plenty of ways to hurt her. You're not seriously thinking I would do anything to hurt her. I don't know what to think anymore. You know, when I was pregnant with her, when you thought that you were her father, I took steps to keep you away from her, to protect her from you, from your sadistic tendencies. That was a long time ago. Yeah, well [Laughs] You know what they say about old habits. Mine died. Maybe not. The cops say they have evidence that you did it. Yeah, they're just trying to pin this on me because of my particular history. But I am completely innocent. And while they're wasting their time trying to charge me, kiki's murderer is out there roaming the streets completely free. How could you, ava? How could you think that of me? After everything that we've been through -- all the lies and the manipulations and the -- and the double-crossings. At least we always had kiki. She was a constant. Kiki was the better angel for both of us. I loved her, and I would take my own life before I ever laid a hand on her. Franco... what? I believe you. You're asking me to exonerate the suspect in kiki's murder? Franco is innocent. Griffin, I promise you with my life he didn't do it. You know, uh, it's not really an option. Legally, you're obligated to perform this.

[ Sighs ] I have patients with a greater need of an mri than franco. It's gonna be a few hours before I have an opening. Okay, good. Take your time. We're much obliged. I'm gonna go tell him. Thank you. Yeah, well, I didn't have much choice. What happened? How'd you hurt yourself? I was -- gave blood at the drive earlier. No, your head. The scrapes. It's nothing. It's fine. I know you've been having a hard time lately. If you ever need to talk -- I said I'm fine. Okay. Sure. So, he thinks he can just throw you away like trash and then come crawling back? Take you away from me? Well, he just has to go. Of course... it'll be a little difficult with franco in jail, but... dr. Munro has been visibly depressed ever since kiki died. It's the talk of the hospital... boy, it would be so terrible if he were to suffer an unfortunate accident.

 Jason: Okay, so, who's the woman? Spinelli: Her name is harmony. "Harmony" what? Just -- just harmony. She -- she was born lorraine miller, but changed her name to harmony when she joined dawn of day. I mean, she's obviously close with shiloh. Yeah, well, from what I've gleaned, he's the ideas guy. She's more the practicality. They open branches together, most recently in beecher's corners. Okay, so, what happened to her? Why didn't harmony follow shiloh here to port charles? You don't pull any punches, do you? I'm sorry. I hope I didn't offend you. I can be a little blunt with the truth sometimes. Look, sam, kristina really admires you. She's told me about your hardships, about what it was that you went through, about how your real mother gave you up at birth and how your adoptive mother abandoned you and that how you were raised by a con artist...

[ Exhales sharply ] Krissy really didn't hold back, did she? Well, I hope you can see that that's a positive thing. What? Sharing all my personal, private information with someone I barely know? Sam... I'm concerned for you. I am. I-I... I have no idea what it must have been like, what you've been through -- those trials and those -- those -- those -- those dashed hopes and all of those disappointments. I mean, there's a reason why you're attracted to dangerous men. It's -- it's because it's the only thing that you've ever known. Well, I think it's made me stronger. Well, what we like to think and the reality of things are often different. Well, you have some impressive insights. Well...'s all part of the program.

[ Sighs ] I feel like I just had a-a session of my own. Well, if you'd, uh...

[ Sighs ] ...If you'd like another shot at it, we've got another opportunity coming up shortly. Really? What kind of opportunities? Come to our valentine's day event. Yes, come to our valentine's day event. Y-you'll love it. You really will. I think that'll be the start of a new beginning for you. Are you still free to see your grandfather? 'Cause I wanted to take him and yvonne out to dinner. Yeah, of course. I've been meaning to pop in and say hi. I've just been so swamped lately. Well, he -- he'd be thrilled to see you. How's he adjusting? It's all right. You know, moving out was tough, but, was the right thing to do. I'm sure you miss having him home. He was -- h-he was slipping away a little more and more every day. And I got to tell you, kristina, there's gonna be -- there's gonna be a-a time when he doesn't remember any of us. So, you know, it just -- it just kind of makes you realize how -- how important it is to hold on to your family while -- while you still can. I just -- I don't know. Anyway, listen, I'm happy that you're happy at dawn of day. I just don't want you to forget your family. Never. And if things don't work out there... ...I'm always here for you. You know that? You don't want to have dinner with me. Well, maybe exchanging numbers would be a good start, and we can just go from there. I promise you. Not a good idea. Why not? Well, you seem like a nice guy. I've got a lot of issues. I thought I was ready to date. You know, I did. I wanted to. Mm-hmm. But when I think about it, I don't think that it would probably, you know, be a good idea. That's okay. I-I-I'm going through a few things that I need to work out. There's nothing wrong with that. But... if you change your mind... so, uh, what happened to your friend? What friend? You know, the guy you were talking to. I don't even know him. Hmm. Certainly didn't look that way. He was just being nice. Mm-hmm. If you'll excuse me, I've got an appointment. It's obvious that you're heartbroken about losing kiki. You couldn't have killed her. I know you're telling the truth. Thank you, ava. It means a lot to me that you believe in me. I just needed to hear you say the words. Hmm. Okay, can I ask you a favor? Yeah, anything. I need for you to talk to kevin for me, please. The cops have subpoenaed the notes from our sessions together, and for some reason, apparently, kevin made me sound like I was right on the verge of a psychotic, homicidal break. And if he felt that way, why didn't he do anything to help me? I -- well, maybe he didn't believe that you would act on your tendencies. Which is why he didn't say anything to me. Hold on. Where are you going? I-I owe somebody an apology. Excuse me. Griffin. Things g ot a little tensebetween us earlier. Kevin, I don't have time -- I just want to apologize. I know how badly kiki's death affected you. And I'm very sorry if I upset you. Apology accepted. Thank you. Uh, speaking of kiki, I was talking with a couple of the other doctors, and we'd like to buy her a brick in the memorial courtyard. Wow. That's, uh... apparently, the best place to view the courtyard to pick a spot is from the roof. I don't suppose you have a few minutes to come up with me? I'd really appreciate your input. Um...yeah. Yeah, okay, I have a -- a few minutes before my next appointment shows up. Excellent! L-let's get to it, then.

 if shiloh went everywhere with this woman, w-why isn't she here? That's our big question. Yeah, if there's somebody out there who can answer all our questions about shiloh, she's the one. Okay. What are you suggesting? I'm gonna take a ride to beecher's corners... and see what I can find out. Well, I've got to say thanks again for showing me around. It really was...something. Oh, here. Allow me. Oh, absolutely. Yeah, and if you, uh, have any follow-up questions, please don't hesitate to call. Yeah. Thanks. Thanks again. Certainly. Oh, and, sam? Yeah? Look, no pressure, but I really do hope that I see you on valentine's day. I really do think that it would be good for you. I do. Um... oh, I hope I'm not interrupting... no, you're not. Actually, come here. I was just telling shiloh that I have decided to attend the valentine's day event. You have? Hmm. It's wonderful news, right? Yeah, it's fantastic.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Clears throat ] Man: Come in.

[ Sighs ] Hi. Thank you so much for s-- hmm. Of course it's you...

[ Sighs ] Hi. Hey. Okay, so, uh, griffin said that it might be hours before your mri. Yeah, uh, I-I-I-I don't -- I don't want to take this mri. It's just a formality. Stop worrying. They're not gonna find anything. Yeah, we don't know that. What if the tumor's back? You'd have known. Would I? What if -- what if I didn't know? What if -- what if -- what if I did all of these horrible things, but I blacked out and I don't know that I did all of these horrible things? Stop. You don't really believe that, do you? I don't know what to believe. I-I would like to think that I know myself. I would like to think that I am not capable of such horrible violence. But, elizabeth... ...I am capable of horrible violence. So what if I'm wrong? What if the tumor's back? What if it's back and it's calling the shots again? Okay. I know this is a-a total nightmare, and it's really hard to have faith in yourself right now, but that's okay, 'cause I have enough faith in you for the both of us. And I love you. Franco was accused of a string of murders. The cases were never prosecuted because franco's lawyer proved diminished capacity. But the fbi did a lot of work on him, and I read the files. Franco considered killing performance art. Yeah, I-I see. He'd do an art exhibit with a staged murder and then commit a real murder mirroring the staged one. Yeah. It was simultaneously a piece of performance art and a challenge to law enforcement. He was basically daring them to prove he did it. The murders of mary pat ingles, kiki jerome, and peyton mills -- they all fit that pattern. Just think about how the corpses were found. It's like -- it's like the bodies were staged. It screams artistic.

[ Sighs ] Why are you still unsure that franco's our guy? I don't know. It's just -- it seems too neat, too easy. Or maybe you're just mad at yourself for not seeing it sooner. Maybe. I'll feel better if we find more evidence against franco -- something ironclad to prove that he did it. Because if we're wrong, the real killer is still out there. Kevin? Kevin, I really need to... talk to you. Best vantage point to view the memorial courtyard is over there.

[ Door closes ]

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