GH Transcript Thursday 2/7/19

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 2/7/19


Episode #14215 ~ Franco is put in a precarious position; Ava is stunned; Sonny shares his concerns with Alexis; Drew gets good news; Kim leans on Julian.

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Mr. Corinthos. You're on your way to prosecute franco? Don't let me hold you up. You realize I'm not going to disclose any information about an ongoing investigation. You don't have to, 'cause i already know lulu id'd franco.

[ Grunts, sighs ] Rough night? Wouldn't you like to know? Actually, no. I wouldn'T. Alexis, what is it I can do for you? I have an update on gail's will. Okay. I'm all ears. What's up?

[ Cellphone vibrating ] Are you gonna answer that?

[ Vibrating continues ] Wait a minute. This has been off or on vibrating or...

[ Vibrating stops ] Elizabeth? Oh, my god. Scott, I've been calling you all night. I'm sorry. My, uh -- my phone's been off or something. You know, this modern technology. I still haven't figured out how to work these phones. Scott, listen. Franco's been arrested. Good morning, mr. Baldwin. Or should i call you franco? You can call me a lawyer, because I'm not saying anything until I talk to a lawyer. Have I asked you any questions? I'm just here to apprise you of your situation. Your arraignment is forthcoming. When the judge learns that lulu named you as her attacker... I didn't attack lulu. ...You will be remanded to pentonville. There is no bail. In the meantime, we're compiling evidence. My people have already searched your residence and are searching your workplace. Okay, go ahead. Search away. You're not gonna find anything. All you're doing is giving me ammunition for my lawsuit, 'cause I'm gonna sue you for false imprisonment and harassment. And when I'm done suing you, I will own port charles. What is going on? Whoa, whoa, whoa. I have to ask you to leave. We have a warrant to search.

[ Stammers ] Why are you making such a mess of things? These belong to patients! Did you rip this? Somebody ripped their artwork! Isn't it bad enough that you invaded my house last night and you terrified my kids? Don't you people respect anything or anyone?! Hey! Elizabeth! Hey. Hey. It's just me. It's just me. Hey, let's just take a second outside, all right?

[ Exhales deeply ] Franco, you had such talent. It's only logical you'd revisit it.

[ Chuckles ] I did. Ava. Did you know? Well, you'd have to be more specific -- I know quite a few things. I saw the news that lulu identified her attacker. The article said that someone has been arrested, but they didn't give a name. Well, that's because it's standard protocol not to identify a suspect until formal charges have been made. Well, I'm -- I'm well aware of the "rights of the accused." But what about the rights of the victim and the victim's family? Don't you think somebody should've called me to tell me? After all, that sick bastard killed my daughter! Ava, you know how this works. There are two other reasons why the authorities don't want to identify a suspect. One is to help facilitate the investigation, and the other is to protect the suspect in case someone might want to seek retribution. Like me? No, like me. What's taking dr. Randolph so long? Good morning. -Hey. -Sorry to make you wait. I have oscar's latest test results. Okay, give us some good news.

Okay, let me take you through the progression. This is the first scan, taken at the outset of the immunotherapy trial. That's the tumor. It's 8.5 centimeters with considerable growth into the brain tissue. Compare that to the second scan, dated at the end of the trial. Here, it's almost nine centimeters -- slightly larger than before. Now... the third scan was taken this morning. The tumor is almost nine centimeters. There's no discernable difference. You mean the tumor stopped growing? Otherwise known as a "mild reprieve."

[ Oscar exhales sharply ] What can i get you? I will have the oatmeal with strawberries, please. Mm-hmm. And I'm supposed to be meeting oscar, but he's at an appointment right now, so I'm not sure what time he'll be here. I'm surprised you didn't want to meet at kelly'S. Well, oscar likes the food here. And you're all about giving oscar what he wants. Is that some kind of problem for you? Truthfully, I regret letting you mess with my head. What was I thinking, allowing a teenager to run my life? Okay, well, without you in the picture, oscar's parents are free to focus more on him. As for you, you're free to be with someone more your... type. Mm. So, you're welcome. What is going on? Why -- wh-- elizabeth, why are the police in franco's art room? Your -- your guys better put everything back in its place before franco sees this. Franco is in custody. And we don't anticipate he will be released any time soon.

[ Groans ] Elizabeth? What happened with franco? They arrested him. They think he attacked lulu. Okay, I want you to pull all case history on hypnosis, "recovered memories." Yeah. And I-I-I want a dossier on kevin collins. And lulu falconeri. Right. All right, della. I'll call you from the police station. Goodbye. All right, listen. I got to go. Where's the fire? The pcpd. Would you like to reschedule? Okay, listen. What's the bottom line here? Is some cousin coming out of the woodwork and trying to get gail's estate? The delay is by design. Gail left provisions that the terms of the will should not be revealed until april 1st. Does that day mean anything to you? Well, I guess I'll have to cancel my trip to the bahamas. Thank you for illuminating the situation here, alexis. Now, I've got to go. Okay.

[ Clears throat ] This isn't the first time franco nearly killed lulu. Yeah, I'm aware of the history -- before he had his brain tumor removed, franco created "art" installations based on murders that he was possibly involved with, and he was fixated on jason morgan and terrorized everyone that was associated with him -- including sam, michael, your son dante and his wife-to-be, lulu. Uh, and then he had the "brain tumor" defense and he walked away a free man. I don't want him getting away with it again. Well, that's very sweet of you, but being my avenging angel isn't exactly your style. You don't think I can protect you? No, you do that. It's the retribution part that -- that doesn't quite fit.

[ Chuckles ] I know what you've been up against, ava -- too long, you've been fighting for your place in the world, alone. But that's over now. I'm by your side. You're too good for me.

[ Laughs ] First time anyone ever said that to me. Oh, come on. I doubt that. Surely lucy or laura or somebody would've said some-- please don't bring them up. They didn't know me. Not like how you know me. They didn't inspire me the way you have. You're everything to me, ava. If someone hurts you, they hurt me. And believe me, I will exact payment. You would do that for me? I'd do anything for you.

[ Knocks on door ] Come in. Oh. Sorry. Do you have that file, dr. Collins? -Do you have that warrant? -[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Paper rustles ]

[ Sighs ] All right, well, I just want to put on the record that this goes against everything I believe in as a psychiatrist. Chase: Even if it prevents another murder? Wait, is this about lulu's attacker? Kiki's killer? I know that you've made an arrest. Who is it? Is it one of your patients, kevin? Oh, come on! Please, just tell me. She's going to find out soon enough. The police believe that franco is the killer.

We had the best day. We -- we took aiden ice-skating, and everything was fine until jordan showed up, pointing a gun at franco, saying lulu id'd him as the man who tried to kill her. Well, I thought lulu didn't remember who her attacker was. Supposedly, she does now. You think she's lying? I think she's confused. I think she's -- she must be confused. I don't -- I don't really know. But franco said that he didn't do it, and I believe him. I know him. I know he didn't attack lulu. Or anyone else. Look, if -- if lulu says that -- griffin, franco and I have a beautiful life together. He would never throw that away. I have faith in him. Well...

[ Sniffs ] ...I've realized that faith isn't something you just "have." It's something you choose. And if you don't examine your beliefs, are you just blind? Hey, commissioner. Where is he? If you're referring to franco baldwin, he's in interrogation one. Wait, whoa, whoa. Whoa. How bad is it? Lulu falconeri id'd him as her attacker. Well, you know, I'm -- I'm sorry about what happened to lulu, but, you know, she's not exactly a reliable source. Dr. Kevin collins performed hypnosis on lulu to help her remember. She was very clear -- franco came to her office at the invader and he attacked her. All of our evidence confirms her account. Franco is in a lot of trouble. Franco loved kiki like she was his own. There's no way that he would ever hurt her. No one has charged him for kiki's murder, yet. Well, we know that her murder is connected to lulu's attack. What evidence do you have? What do you plan to do with that file? I am sorry. I hope you have all your questions answered soon enough.

[ Door closes ] So, how long have you suspected that franco was involved? Ava... just answer me, kevin.

[ Clears throat ] You were at the ready with that file. Obviously you knew this was coming. Only since last night. I was there when franco was arrested. It didn't occur to you to tell me? Nothing was definite last night. They weren't even sure if the charges would stick. I thought we would wake up this morning to the news that franco had been released. But, apparently, lulu's statement gave them enough cause to hold him. Wh-what statement? The last I knew, lulu couldn't remember anything. With some help, she was able to get past her memory block and remember who stabbed her. What "help"? Not "what." But "whose." Mine. In case you're motivated to interfere with the investigation, or "help move it along," I don't want my case tainted by strong-armed witnesses or doctored evidence. Thought never crossed my mind.

[ Scoffs ] Yeah, don't kid a kidder. The law is meaningless to you. An inconvenience to be ignored or circumvented. You see, that -- that kind of talk worries me. It makes -- it makes me feel like you're still after me or my family.

[ Exhales sharply ] I don't have it out for you. Well, okay. I have it out for lawbreakers. Mm-hmm. And you are just a humble coffee importer, right? Mm-hmm. So you just keep on roasting your beans, keep your hands clean, and you'll have no trouble from me. Where have I heard that before? I don't know.

[ Both laugh ] But, um, you're hearing it from me now. So you can believe it or not. And I'm just... I've decided to let it go. Move on. I'm living in the present now, and I'm not gonna be ruled by my past. Or yours. All right. So, what does this mean going forward? It means I can get going and meet up with joss. Okay, honey. Wait. We're not finished here yet. You guys can finish up with dr. Randolph, okay? Joss is waiting, and I want to give her some good news for a change. Okay, go. Go and, uh, tell joss that we say "hi." Got it. Thanks, dr. Randolph. Have a good day. It's nice to see oscar in such high spirits. It's good for his health, too. So, um... is there anything else that you can tell us? We'll continue to monitor things, of course. See what develops, when and at what rate. Keep in mind that, although the tumor didn't grow, it also didn't shrink. So, not a miracle. No. It's a reprieve. A temporary one. Oscar's prognosis remains the same.

What'd you want to see me about? It's about kristina. Jason is not too thrilled with her new friends. Yes, I know. He and sam don't approve of shiloh. You do? I'm not in the business of weighing in on my adult daughters' choices... ...anymore. Have you met shiloh? I have. You don't think he's -- he seems a little "off." Of course he does. He's weird. It's weird. The whole thing. The house, the philosophy, the groupies. It stinks to high heaven. Kristina doesn't think so. I mean, she's all into it. Would i like that she has a more conventional life? Of course I would. But that would be what I want. Not what she wants. And who am I to talk about having a conventional life? I didn't have one. You certainly didn't have one. I mean, what would your mother think of the choices that you've made? So, are we looking at a revised time frame? Everything depends on how long this reprieve lasts. Eventually the disease will progress. Oscar's symptoms will become more pronounced, and his condition will deteriorate. More seizures? Among other things. Life will become more difficult for oscar. It'll be in his and your best interest to have a plan in place. But there's no need to get into that now. This respite is for you, too. So, take a breath and treat yourselves. Take oscar on a little trip. Enjoy each other's company. Make some memories you can keep forever. I don't think you're in any position to be giving me advice in faith. Having it, or keeping it. Elizabeth, I just don't want you to get hurt. Well, too late. They have the man I intend to marry, the man I love, wrongfully accused and locked up in the pcpd. And when you love someone, you leave yourself wide open for heartache. Haven't you learned that by now?

[ Footsteps approaching ] Detective chase, how much longer is this gonna take? Uh, looks like we're almost finished. -Detective chase. -Find something useful? Have a look. Damn. All right, bag it, and let's roll. The commissioner is gonna want to see this as soon as possible. All right. Commissioner. What's the status on our "usual suspect's" arraignment? On hold. Franco has yet to confer with his counsel. But he's been in custody since last night. Yeah, well, scott only just arrived at the station.

[ Sighs ] How's it going? Did you get something to eat? I'm not hungry.

[ Exhales deeply ] So, what'd you tell the cops? Only that I didn't do it. How's elizabeth? Well, you know, she's okay. They did go over there and search your house. Yeah, the commissioner mentioned that. Boys were home, weren't they? Man. Aiden's been having a hard time. A-and it wasn't long ago jake was struggling with ptsd, so it couldn't have been easy for them to have the cops go through their stuff.

[ Sighs deeply ] Yeah, well, listen. Don't worry. You know, once you get out, you'll have plenty of time to straighten all of that out. Yeah, only if you get me released. What do you got? Well, lulu's statement is extremely compelling. So far, we don't have much in the way of physical evidence, but we're still searching. Franco's alibi for the time that lulu was attacked is thin. On the other hand, we have no dna evidence, which makes the case harder to build. Lulu falconeri, reporter, married to a cop, mother of two young children. Up against a serial killer who strapped her to a bomb? I mean, I'm -- I'm liking my odds of a guilty verdict. Yes, there are some strong elements, but this case is not a slam-dunk.

[ Cellphone beeps ] Well, now. Is that about the case?

[ Exhales sharply ] Getting stronger by the minute. I am licensed to practice hypnotherapy, and I'm actually pretty good at it. I was tasked to help lulu regain her memory, and I did. It couldn't have been franco that attacked her. Lulu was certain. More than certain. She was viscerally terrified. Is it possible that she saw somebody who resembled franco? Or maybe that she conflated two memories? Lulu had a very clear recall of being in her office and franco showing up with a knife. In all likelihood, franco is responsible for the other murders, including kiki. Something about this just does not feel right. I don't understand! You were so determined to find justice for kiki. Aren't you relieved that her killer is in custody? I saw -- I witnessed franco's transformation firsthand. The man he is today just is simply not capable of harming somebody that he loved as much as he loved kiki. It does not make any sense! Well, don't try to unravel a serial killer's mind. Trust me, it'll make you crazy. I know. I've tried with my brother. But you were treating franco for over a year. If he was starting to unravel, certainly you would have noticed. Or did you?

I'm not blind to the drawbacks, but you have to admit, she's happier. She came back from oregon with a broken spirit, she had tons of self-doubt, and now she's happier -- she's working, she's maintaining herself, and we're actually getting along better. You think that has to do with shiloh? Does it really matter who's influencing her, if it's positive? I actually went to one of those seminars. Don't tell me, did it change your life? Yes, I'm meditating now, and I'm burning incense.

[ Laughs ] No, it -- well, it wasn't horrible. I actually had a moment. Yeah? What was the seminar about? Oh, nothing. Just seminar stuff. Yeah, no, I know. But what was the seminar about? Maintaining intimate relationships while keeping your independence.

[ Chuckles ] Oh! So maybe the "moment" -- did it have anything to do with julian?

[ Sighs ] Julian:

Bon appétit. I asked for strawberries.

[ Exhales deeply ] Why are you being so rude? Oh, was I being rude? I'm sorry. I was just trying to maintain a healthy distance. Isn't that what you demanded? Oh, don't make me apologize. Oh, I would never. What I said about oscar and his family is the truth, okay? Just because you don't want to hear it, doesn't make it go away.

[ Chuckles ] You know, you sound like your mother more and more every day. Thank you. I'll take that as a compliment. My mother is a very strong woman and a great role model. I meant a champion meddler. Carly should keep her nose out of other people's business, and, uh, so should you. Oscar's business is my business. But not kim'S. Oh, well, it's working, isn't it? Oscar has his father and his mother. They're a family. Look, josslyn, they're always gonna be a family. No matter what. What do you mean, no matter what? Well, kim and i are back together.

[ Door closes ] So, your little plot has come to an end. What little plot? Think the cops will mind that we got a head start on the cleanup?

[ Scoffs ] I could not care less whether they "mind" or not. Are you okay? Yeah. I, uh... probably just overdid it at the gym. Thank you for helping me anyway. Did you find something?

[ Melancholy music plays ] It's just a sketch. It's, uh, an invitation to our wedding that keeps getting pushed back. It's just never the right time. Always something getting in the way. Well, I suppose you'll have to put it off a little longer. Hey, are we about done here? El-- elizabeth? They're not just s ayingthat I attacked lulu. They're saying that I'm the serial killer. They think I killed three people -- including kiki! Who cares what they think? It shows that they're biased. That will work in our favor when we go to trial. Trial?! Wait. Take it easy. Take it easy. We're not gonna go to trial. They haven't got enough to even hold you, let alone connect you to these murders. They know it, and I know it.

[ Knocks on door ] We have a few questions for your client. He already answered. He didn't do it. We'd like to know about his relationship with his psychiatrist, dr. Kevin collins. So, how would you characterize your sessions? Franco, don't -- don't answer that. I would characterize them as therapy. Why are you asking me about me and kevin? Well, what do you discuss during therapy? Oh, for crying out loud. Now, that's privileged. Lots of stuff. My anxieties, my childhood. Your bloodlust? My "bloodlust"? What am I? A werewolf? I don't have bloodlust. Dr. Collins disagrees. Ava: I remember that night that you found franco and me on the docks. And you told him that you couldn't treat him anymore because your worked together had "plateaued." I changed my mind. Franco refused to be treated by anybody else, so I took him back. Why did you take him back? Because I felt I'd been hasty. I thought I should put more work into franco's case. Why are you grilling me like this? Because I think there's something that you're not telling me. Obviously something about franco's case captured your attention. What was it? I can't discuss a patient's case. Come on. Please do not quote procedure to me. Chase just waltzed out of here with franco's file. I'm bound to find out why. Just tell me the truth, okay? Were you concerned that franco might be capable of violence again? That he might be a danger to others? Yes.

For your information, I no longer have a relationship with julian. He's now with kim. In fact, I encouraged them to get back together. So, does that sound like someone that's trying to get back together with her ex? Well, the way I see it -- if you were over him, you wouldn't be keeping track of his dates, you know what I mean? Why do i even listen to you? It's not like you're a guru of relationships. I think we should stay out of each other's personal lives. We work much better that way. Okay. Why don't we talk about kristina? Why don't you talk to kristina? Not me. That's a good idea. Yeah, good idea. Here. Read this. Ah. Actually, you should maybe go to one of his seminars. You could really stand to evolve a few million years.

[ Laughs ] Bye. Bye. Hey. Um, how was the doctor? Well, I have decent news for once -- the tumor stopped growing. Oh, my -- are you sure? Oscar, that's amazing! Wait, could -- could this mean that the treatment worked after all? Is -- is the tumor gonna start to shrink? She didn't say all that, but she just said it's a "reprieve." Well, that's g-- that's good enough for me. Here, let's -- let's celebrate. I-I have a light day anyways. We can -- we can stay here. I can skip. Yeah. I'm up for whatever. After you tell me what you and julian were talking about. It's, um -- it's literally nothing. It's stupid. We -- we -- we don't have to talk about it. Just tell me, okay? Fine. I, um... I asked julian to, um, take himself out of the equation. What equation? I-I wanted him to give up your mom so that she can get closer to your dad -- so -- so that you can have them both. It lasted for about five minutes. And julian just told me that he and your mom are back together. Look.

[ Exhales deeply ] I appreciate what you were trying to do. But from now on, we should just let my parents do whatever they're gonna do. Without our help. Are you mad at me for meddling?

[ Exhales sharply ] No. But if I get to live my life the way I want, then my parents should, too. It's not a remission, but, uh... it's something, right? Yep. Any reprieve is welcome. Then why doesn't either of us seem enthused? Where are you at right now? Crashing down to earth, I suppose. Yeah.

[ Softly ] Yeah.

[ Normal voice ] Every day, we get a little closer. You know, the news today, it slowed things down, but... ...terry's right. We're gonna have to make plans for the end. Yeah, but she also said we didn't need to do that today. I mean, [Clears throat] We caught a break, right? I mean, you'd figure that with all the time I've had, I-I would've -- I would've thought about something, figured something out by now. You know, what to do with the end stages. Some -- some kind of strategy to help oscar. I haven'T. Hey, stop. I mean, who could? I can'T. I'm gonna make you a promise, though. We're gonna figure out what to do, and we're gonna figure it out together, okay? So, you knew that franco might be going off the rails? That he might -- that he might actually kill again? My assessment was incomplete. My concern hadn't risen to a level that I felt I needed to alert the authorities. So, what will you tell the court when they call you in to testify and give your professional opinion? Well, there was... evidence that franco was beginning to lose control of his impulses. That he was susceptible to sustained bouts of rage. Why wouldn't you say something? Why wouldn't you warn the police? Make an anonymous tip if you had to? I can'T. I'm bound by duty. So, what happened to you'd do anything for me? You question my feelings for you? I question your judgment. How long have you known that franco was a threat? Before or after he killed that nurse? Before or after he killed my daughter?! I would have done anything to save kiki. Don't you know that? You know, I'm not sure I know anything anymore. Don't you walk away from me. According to dr. Collins, franco "displays signs of predatory aggression, grandiosity, failure to accept responsibility for his own acts, shallow affect, glib, superficial charm." You're lying. Kevin wouldn't say those things about me. That's right. Doctor/patient confidentiality. Collins can't just offer up his opinion without franco's consent. -Yeah, we got a warrant. -Mm-hmm. You got your files mixed up, is what you got.

[ Knocks on door ] Kevin's been a little flaky lately, but he would never write those things down about me. Well, there is no mistake. Those notes were about you. And that assessment? Textbook serial killer. Ah, those are the ramblings of a pompous jerk! You have no evidence for one simple reason -- because my client did not commit these crimes. You wanted evidence? These were just recovered from franco's art-therapy room.

 Let go. Forgive me. We've never fought before.

[ Clears throat ] I don't know what came over me, but... ...I can't say that I like it. Yeah. Well, right now, I can't say that I like you very much at all.

[ Screams ]

[ Knocks on door ] Hey. Franco. I got A...question. Oh. Uh... have you seen franco? He's at the police station. He was arrested for the attempted murder of lulu falconeri. Hey, you. You just missed the kids. Aw. Well, I'm sure that oscar told joss the news, but -- oh! Did you hear? I wouldn't mind hearing it from you again.

[ Softly ] We have more time. This is a piece of garbage. Anything else, mr. Corinthos? Nah, I'm good. Oh, "every day is a new dawn"! What? You know it? Yeah, it changed my life. Chase: You know, I have to admit, I bought into your act. When the commissioner and I came to you for insight into the killer, I thought you were just trying to help. You were taunting, weren't you -- when you said the killer was just getting started? Boys okay? Yeah. All right, we're gonna sort this out. It's all gonna be all right. -Okay. Oh! W-wait -- w-- -it'll be okay. Scott, what happened? Well, they're bringing additional charges for the murders of mary pat ingles, peyton mills, and kiki jerome. Oh! I'm sorry. Ava? No, you know, I-I can't -- I can't deal with you right now, griffin. Not after everything else that's happened. You heard about franco. They're saying that he killed kiki. He -- he was supposed to love her, right? I mean, how could he? H-how could he possibly do that? Hey. Hey. I don't know. I don't know.

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