GH Transcript Wednesday 2/6/19

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 2/6/19


Episode #14214 ~ Ryan makes Franco his pawn; Charlotte has an outing with her sister; Nina has a dramatic change of heart; Maxie questions Peter's hesitation; Finn and Robert work together.

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I cannot wait to see the look on charlotte's face when she sees you. I just hope valentin hasn't given us away. Believe me. Valentin knows how to keep a secret. Listen, um... I have to ask you something. What? Why did you react the way you did when I told you that valentin proposed to me? Charlotte: Sasha! You're back! I sure am! I love having my family all together!

[ Laughs ] Nina is crazy about sasha. And sasha seems great. It's the fact that valentin's involved that makes me nervous. I mean, with that guy, nothing's ever quite what it seems. And heartbreak always follows. Okay, do you mean that generally? Or is this specifically related to nina? And if so, how? Valentin's guiding principle is always that the ends justify the means. Translation -- he doesn't care what he has to do, as long as he gets what he wants. Why would you ever incur a debt from liesl? She must have leverage. Something that would take away whatever is most important. No, not what. Who. So, how bad is it, valentin? So bad that you would lose nina? The problem is, what valentin wants most... is nina. Finn: So, after I discovered --I mean, it w-was me who... yes, yes, you found out, yes. I -- yeah, okay.

[ Clears throat ] Um, all right, go on. All right, so, after I found cabot's name in that book about identical twins, I followed up with the university of sweden. Cabot was specifically studying -- twins being raised apart. Uh, I made the call, too. But the thing about cabot is that he left the university after the study was released and, according to my people, never resurfaced. Oh. I know exactly where arthur cabot is. Hi. Hey. You okay? Yeah, I'm -- I'm fine. I'm just... getting rid of these because they've served their purpose. And they're terrible. Can I see 'em? Yeah, of course. Don't say I didn't warn you, though. Mm. Yeah, someone was in a mood. Yeah. Well, I can't blame you after the police brought you in for questioning. Uh-huh. Well, you know what? I can't figure out what bothers me more: The fact that I'm the go-to guy whenever anything horrible happens, or the fact that the pcpd has every right to think of me first. No, they don'T. Not anymore. By now, even they have to admit the dark part of your past is long behind you. Look at the man with the knife. You can see his face now. Who is it? Franco... it's franco! He's the killer. Good. Good! You remembered that franco is the one who attacked you. Is that right? Yes. It was franco. All right, I'm -- I'm going to count to three now, and when I do, you will wake... and everything you just told me will be true.

[ Fingers snap ] Lulu? Can you tell me what you remembered? I saw him... I saw everything. Who did you see? It was franco. I saw franco. Good, good. You're safe now. Just breathe.

[ Exhales deeply ] I'm going to have your mother and the commissioner come in, okay?

[ Door opens ] I think you both better come in. Oh, sweetheart. Are you all right? It's okay. Did she remember? I did. I remember everything. Oh. His gloves, the knife, feeling trapped, and I-I keep seeing his face over and over. Whose face? Franco'S. Franco tried to kill me. I have just been bragging to sasha, telling her how happy the three of us have been at wyndemere. Happy, just like a family should be.

[ Chuckles ] Sasha, are you going to ice-skate? I'm really good. So is nina. Yeah, I brought her here so the three of us could ice-skate together. Papa, too? My papa is a wonderful skater. Uh, actually, ms. Tait wants to meet. She has some schoolwork for charlotte. I'm gonna discuss, uh, her return to school. Papa, please come skating with us. Oh, ma petite, I can't today. Not today. I'm busy. Well, that's okay, 'cause it gives me more time with my beautiful girls.

[ Chuckles ] Let's go. All right, let's go! See you, papa.

[ Chuckles ] If you knew where he was, why didn't you say so before? Because I just confirmed it on the way over. So, here it is. Arthur cabot was on staff at the university of sweden until he retired. Ah, but his acrp journals... you know, those are the periodicals published by the association of clinical research professionals. Oh, those, yeah. Okay. Never mind. Those were still being sent to his last known address in sweden. In other words, dr. Cabot is at home. Hmm. Oh. Not a bad bit of footwork. That's very good. That was really good. Thank you. Sweden, here we come. Yeah. Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] Champagne for the table. -What? -Huh? -Uh... compliments of... well, her.

Guten tag, freunde! You are not our freunde. No? Because I thought you of all people might join me in celebrating my new job. Or have you not heard? Haven't heard, don't care, but real doctors need medical licenses, and, to the best of my memory... you don't have one. Just spit it out, can you? I'm glad you asked. Henrik -- excuse me, peter -- hired me to work with him at the invader.

Prost! Valentin is a man of many secrets. Hundreds, maybe thousands. Nina was right to mistrust him. Okay. Okay, on one hand, it's wrong to condemn someone without the evidence, but on the other hand, you're right. Valentin is a liar. I mean, the only thing he's been honest about is how much he cares about nina. And charlotte, of course. But if he loves nina so much, why would he lie to her? Of course, I lie to people I love all the time. Exactly. Are you a liar? Sometimes, sure. You lie. Am I a liar? Do you actually want me to answer that? We both already know the answer to that. Okay. Yes. You have lied. And those lies have caused great damage. But so have mine. So have valentin'S. Right, right, but I'd like to think that I've learned from my mistakes, and I'd like to think that you have, too. Well, I'm doing my best. Right, we're both doing our best to live our most honest lives possible. Valentin -- he will lie whenever it's expedient. Sooner or later, one of those lies will come back to the light. And it may mean nothing. Could mean everything to nina. Oh! Oh! Oh!

I can't stop thinking about all the horrible things he could be hiding from nina. Especially when nina worked so hard to stay away from him. Although nina and I have spent quite a bit of time talking about how hard it is to act with common sense and logic when your heart has other ideas. And what choice did you make? Common sense and logic? I chose to follow my heart. Hello, ms. Tait. Mr. Cassadine. Thank you for meeting me. Well, anything for charlotte. So, how about I take the schoolwork, and I'll be on my way? Actually, would you mind sitting down for a few minutes? Charlotte's been on my mind a lot lately. Uh, well, I assure you she's -- she's doing a lot better knowing that her mother's gonna make a full recovery. And, uh, as for missing so much school, I hope you understand that she's a lot more comfortable being around nina and me at all times. Of course. Of course I understand. That's why I brought her workbooks. In there, you'll also find a list of which chapters we're covering. And this... her classmates wrote her some letters. Naturally, we all miss her at school. All of the children miss her, do they? No one is missed by everybody. Well, after your recent description of her behavior, I assume it must be a bit of a relief not having her around. It was great to see aiden today just so happy. He didn't have a care in the world. Yeah. It was a nice reprieve from everything that he's been going through. Yeah. Lot of kids there his age. I think it's a little weird he didn't want to hang out with any of them, but he did seem to be having a really great time with uncle brad and uncle lucas. Which means that your elaborate and -- and -- and flawlessly executed plan worked perfectly. I just wanted him to be a kid for the day. Mm. I want him to enjoy that for as long as possible, because I want that for all my boys. Yeah? Even me? Yes, franco. Even you... oh. Poor anna. Not as close to your son as you hoped you would be by now? Congratulations. Why, thank you. If only you meant it. You want me to say things that I mean? Oh, I'd be happy to. All right, first of all, I don't understand why my son would offer you a job after you tormented him and tried to kill him. I don't understand why he didn't send you to prison. I do understand that probably your cruelty is caused by grief and a-a deep maternal instinct, and I -- and I do know that we both understand what it's like to send a child away, to abandon a child, to keep him away from the clutches of a monstrous father.

[ Sighs ] That is the only way you and i are at all alike. You know what? That's not true. Because I think we both have a-a-a darkness to us, don't we? So you -- you listen very carefully to what I'm about to say. Should even the slightest harm come to my son, whether or not you caused that harm, you mark my words -- I will see you dead. Remind me not to piss her off. You still need reminding? You needn't be concerned with henrik's well-being. I have, as they say, "processed my grief." I've been given a second chance to be a grandmother to nathan's son. I have no intention of wasting it. Enjoy the champagne. I'll be back. Where you going? Well, I-I need to find out why my son's lost his mind.

[ Sighs ] Mm. I know this is difficult for you, but can you tell us what happened? Let's give her a minute. S-she's still shaking. W-- normally, I would agree, but given what's at stake, I think it might be best for lulu to purge this experience while it's still fresh in her mind. I don't know about that. Let's give her a minute. Lulu, are you ready to tell jordan the truth, exactly as you told it to me? I'm ready.

This is commissioner ashford. I'm taking the statement of lulu falconeri. Laura webber and dr. Kevin collins are also present. Okay. Just start at the beginning. Lulu: I was working at my desk. I remember hearing someone at the door, and I went to let them in. Um, I wasn't alarmed. In -- in fact, I-I walked back to my desk, and he followed me into my office. And then he closed the door. We must have talked, but I-I can't recall what we said. But I know that he scared me, because I stood up, and I tried to edge past him to get out the door, but he blocked me. That's when I saw that he had a knife in his hands. Okay, lulu, you keep referring to this individual as "he." Did you recognize him? Do you know who he is? Franco. Franco baldwin. Are you sure? I can see his face right now... a-as if he were -- were standing right here in front of me. Franco is the man who attacked me. Yes, charlotte, I'm watching! Right here. I'm watching.

[ Shivers ] It's cold. So, where were we? About valentin's proposal? Ooh, yeah. It -- I just thought you were gonna be all like, "hey, that's amazing! Can I be your maid of honor?" And instead, you were just... tepid, at -- at best.

[ Chuckles ] I'm sorry. No, it's -- I mean, no apology needed. I just would like an explanation. It's just strange. You were the one who was telling me that valentin was crazy about me. I did. Yeah. And he is. But...that was when he was just some stranger longing to get his ex back. Now that you've told me all the things he's done... well...if I can get over those things, why can't you? Yeah, you have a point. Maybe I should let bygones be bygones, especially since they're your bygones. Mm. But it's hard for me to tell you to put your heart on the line like that. I don't want you to risk it all on a guy who... who what? Who found you? Who brought us together? Who convinced you to give me a second chance? Yeah, that guy. Yeah. Valentin gave me my child back. I thought I lost you... and he gave me a second chance. How could I not love him? Wait, okay, just to clarify... when I said I was opening my heart, I meant I was opening my heart to you. Is that clear enough? Yeah, it's not at all murky.

[ Chuckles ] Honestly, how did you miss the hint before? I wasn't exactly being subtle, not that I've ever been subtle in my life. I-I guess I just didn't want to assume. Peter. After everything we've been through together, everything that you've done for me... you have the right to assume. Good to know. What the hell is going on?! I mean, have you lost your mind, really?

[ Sighs ] It's okay. I'm at my desk. He's scaring me. I try to leave, but he's right there. That's when I see the knife in his hands. I'm so sorry, but that is the last thing I remember. Lulu, I know this is hard, but you are doing a great job. Thanks. Wish I felt great. Can you remember anything else? Like how you got from your office to the party at the metro court? No. No, I-I can see franco's face. I can see the knife in his hands. I can see him coming at me... time's up, lulu. I don't even remember him stabbing me, which, obviously, he did.

[ Humming quietly ] But tha-that's it. I don't know, but maybe that's a blessing. It's okay, sweetheart. Do you have enough? Dr. Collins. Did lulu remember anything else while she was under? Laura: It's okay. Oh, I'm afraid not. In fact, given the nature of lulu's reaction, I'm unsure she'll ever recover any of her memory beyond the initial attack. I think it's time to do what needs to be done.

Kevin, can you stay with lulu for a minute? I need to talk to the commissioner. Here, honey. Of course. Everything's gonna be okay. You did a great job. All right? Just rest now. Thanks.

[ Smooches ] I'll be right back.

[ Door opens ] Do we know where he is? I just checked with the nurses' station. He's not scheduled to come in today. He lives with elizabeth and my grandsons. I don't want them in the crossfire.

[ Sighs ] Let me see what I can do.

[ Ringing ]

[ Cellphone rings ] Laura, hi. Is lulu okay? Yes, lulu's gonna be fine, hon. I need to talk to you. Are you at work today? I am. I'm with franco in the art therapy room.

[ Franco growls ] Do you want me to, um, meet you in lulu's room? That would be good. Thank you. Franco's in the art therapy room. Thank you. I'll handle it. I hate this. Being so fragile.

[ Scoffs ] That's the last word anyone would use to describe you.

[ Chuckles ] I know I wouldn'T. That's very kind of you to say. But, no, I've been pretty much shaking in terror. You've been nothing short of magnificent. Now, I don't want you to worry about a thing. Pretty soon, this will all be behind you. Jordan is on her way to the art therapy room to arrest franco right now. Oh, good. I hope they put him away forever. It's okay, honey. It's gonna be all right. Try not to let it upset you. Now, you're certainly entitled to your feelings about franco, but if you let it get to you too much, it's -- it's like allowing franco to victimize you all over again, isn't it? Yeah, I guess you're right. All right, sweetie. Let's get you back to your room. After that day, you're gonna need some rest, aren't you? Okay, go slow, really slow. You all right? I should probably catch up to jordan. Franco is my patient. -Got it? -Yeah. He might need someone there to talk him down. Well, be careful. There you go, sweetheart. That was a good job today, lulu. Yes, amazing job. Strong, amazing girl. Thanks, kevin. I take it you've run into liesl obrecht. Oh, yeah. She ran into me, 'cause she couldn't wait to gloat and tell me that she's coming to work for you. That's crazy, you know. I mean, like, that's -- that's, like, stockholm syndrome or something.

[ Groans ] Unless there's an actual explanation. What would possess you to do that? Uh, that -- that would be me. What do you mean? Well, I'm the one that convinced him to hire liesl, and, as long as we're getting it all out in the open -- I'm the one that talked him into dropping the charges against her in the first place. Why would you do that? I don't know. I thought it was a good idea at the time. It's not a good idea. I thought he was your friend. Well -- didn't he deliver your baby?

[ Scoffs ] I mean, it just -- that's crazy. It doesn't make any sense. It's not maxie's fault. All right? It was my decision to drop the charges against liesl. She tried to kill you. And I made the decision to hire her. All right? Trust me. I know exactly what I'm doing. Why don't you explain it to me, then? Mr. Cassadine, my "description" of charlotte was both objective and accurate. She was bullying aiden webber. And nina and lulu and i have addressed the situation. Charlotte's apologized. She's genuinely remorseful. I think she wants a clean slate, which is what makes the accusations of cheating so troubling. I wanted to apprise you of a troubling situation -- you know, I have to wonder. If she had not been bullying aiden, would you have been so quick to jump to the conclusion of cheating? Now, I know you have the best intentions. I'm certain that charlotte has the best intentions. She made a mistake. We all do that from time to time. Please understand, my job isn't just academic instruction, okay? It's about helping the children I teach interact with the world. I want to give them the best tools possible for when they grow up. And charlotte, she is such a strong-willed, intelligent girl. She's wise beyond her years. That's true. Yes. Yes, she is, and, you know, clearly, she's had a non-traditional upbringing. And that's a bad thing, isn't it? Not in and of itself, no. Mr. Cassadine, if I may be candid? I'm listening. I think charlotte needs some room to be a kid. To learn kid lessons, like how to get along with people even when you don't like them. Tell me what you think of this idea. I texted cam and jake, and I asked them to be a part of a little family baking project. Yeah? Okay. Keep talking... because I feel like it's really important for all of us to show interest in what interests aiden. Oh. Yeah. What's going on here? Snaps. Plus there's dessert. Oh, dessert? Yeah. Really? Uh-huh. Do you know how much I love you? No. Show me. Mm. [ Giggles ] Elizabeth, step away from franco.

Commissioner, what is going on? Oh, no. You got to be kidding me. Elizabeth, again, please step away from franco. Not until you tell us what is going on. Freeze! Keep your hands where I can see them! I would never hurt her. Okay, can -- can someone please just tell me what's happening? Best you just do what you're told, franco. We don't want anyone else to get hurt. Dr. Collins, will you please tell this woman that whatever it is she thinks I've done that I couldn't possibly have done it. Tell her! You're getting agitated. Now, you need to calm down. No, no. Franco didn't do anything. You guys are making a big mistake. Elizabeth, I am sorry, but lulu remembered what happened. She named franco as her attacker. What? I swear to you -- okay, n-no, j-just -- just -- just stop. I know you -- you didn't do this. Commissioner, you need to go back to lulu, and you need to get a new statement from her. Franco, turn around and place your hands behind your head. D-don't move until I talk -- talk to your dad. Let me call your dad, okay? Shh. Hush. Shh, shh. It's all right. I need you to just move aside so you're not in any danger, okay? But this is crazy. I'm not in any danger from you. Not me, I know that. She's got a gun. I love you. It's gonna be okay. Franco baldwin, you are under arrest for the attempted murder of lulu falconeri. You have the right to remain silent. If you give up your right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak with an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you free of charge. Do you understand these rights as I've explained them to you? I had hoped to say a few last words to anna. In her absence, I'll tell you about my new position at the invader. For what it's worth, we still don't care. I'm writing a medical-advice column. Perhaps peter will allow me to interview you, dr. Finn, to discuss the dos and don'ts of self-medication. Yeah, great. You know where to find me. In the meantime, I'll look out for your first article on techniques for being a better kidnapper. I see the kind of man anna gravitates to. Pity I'm not a psychologist. Real piece of work, that one. I can't wait to read her column. Don't get me wrong. I'm very grateful that valentin brought us together. But you told me, more than once, that you couldn't go back to him. Oh, yeah, I used to say that it didn't make a difference if valentin and i loved each other. But...that is a lie. Love makes all the difference. Married or not, I'm not gonna love valentin any less. Sasha, did you see my axel? I did! It was terrific!

[ Chuckles ] I'm so impressed. I can teach you if you want to. You keep going, and I'll be right out. One last question. If you and valentin love each other so much, why did you say no when he asked you to marry him again? Oh. Well, I have a really bad track record when it comes to marriage. It usually means the beginning of the end of my relationship. So... [Chuckles] I was happy for the most part with valentin. I was very happy. But he just -- he couldn't stop keeping secrets. And... listen, I don't want to worry about the future. I want to live in the moment. I just want to start believing in the two of us. I have no love for liesl obrecht. All right? But she's part of maxie's family. She's james's grandmother. She's nathan's mother. And I dropped the charges so that I wouldn't take her away from the only family she has left. Oh. Okay. I mean, that's infinitely more mercy than she would ever show you. You have to promise me to be careful, yeah? You know, that's really not your place -- he promises.

[ Sighs ] If she tries anything, you -- you -- you need to just please come to me. I don't need you fighting my fights and running to my rescue, all right? Just humor me. I need you to be safe. I'm gonna make sure that you are. You can't stop me.

[ Sighs ] I'm sorry. What? I didn't even consider what hiring liesl would do to you and anna. If you want to back out, I would totally understand. Okay, first of all, anna and I have so many things to work through that adding one more struggle to it... it's not gonna make a difference. And who knows? M-maybe liesl obrecht will be a good medical columnist. I'm sure she's gonna have some interesting ideas.

[ Chuckles ]

H-how'd it go with peter? Oh, I don't know. I mean... I-I can understand him wanting to... well, I mean, I-I -- n-no.

[ Chuckles ] I don't know. It just makes no... sense? But, anyway... I have to focus. So, where are we with cabot? He's in sweden. Yeah, I got that. Yeah. Um, but someone has to interview him. Okay. Yeah, we were thinking that I could speak to him researcher-to-researcher. Yeah. Um, I've never had any dealings with the man... mm-hmm. ...But alex has. So one look at you, and he's gonna bolt. This is no way a reflection of our faith in you or your capabilities. It's just a -- a very practical concern. Fine, yeah. Fine. You sure? Yeah. No, I understand that the two of you will have a much better chance of getting close to him if I'm not there. I get that. But you have to keep me posted, yeah? Hm. All right, then I'll put the ball into play. Okay.

[ Chuckles ] You're staying to keep peter safe, aren't you? Well, the idea of that viper being anywhere near him... after what she did to him, you know? Hm. You be careful. Me? Yes. I mean, I-I would've thought that you'd had your fair share of mad scientists by now and crazy people with needles. No. Mad scientists are my people. Be careful. What could possibly go wrong? We got robert to watch my back. I know how much he's looking forward to that.

[ Chuckling ] I don't know about that. No, at all. I wish you'd stay out of danger, but at this point... at this point, you only have yourself to blame. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah? Stay safe. I will. Isn't it so cool that we all know how to skate? You must've inherited it from nina. I don't know. Is there an ice-skating gene? Well, it's an awesome sport, and we're three awesome women who love to skate.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] I say we celebrate ourselves right now. Uh, guys, I got to make a phone call. Nina, it's our "girls' day." It's just gonna take a minute. Why don't you get a table and three hot chocolates, and I'll join you, okay? On it. Okay. I'm getting an amaretto in mine. You? Sure, excellent. I'll be a minute. Ms. Tait, um, thank you for looking after charlotte's best interests. And, um, we'll have her back to school very soon. I look forward to having her back in class. Honestly. In the meantime, if you have any concerns, please feel free to contact me or nina. I'll be happy to contact you, mr. Cassadine. But as a matter of law and school policy, I can only discuss charlotte with a parent or legal guardian. Oh, well, uh, that won't be a problem. Valentin and i are getting remarried again. So, I will be charlotte's stepmother. Well, thank you for being open to the idea that liesl may actually have some useful information to impart. We'll edit out anything felonious or life-threatening.

[ Laughs ] I know that you did this for me, but you're also doing it for james so he can know his grandma. Well, that's all the incentive I need. James is family. Hm. You know that kind of makes nina your family, too, right? And if we find out that valentin is messing with her or using her in any way, all bets are off. Did you just say "we"? Okay. I've realized it's gonna be up to you and me to find out what valentin is hiding -- if he is hiding anything -- before nina finds out.

[ Sighs ] Okay, I'm going to call scott, and then I'm gonna meet you at the pcpd. Okay, when you talk to my dad, tell him I didn't do it. Well, I'm sure he already knows that. Just like I do.

[ Elevator bell dings ] I love you.

[ Sighs ]

[ Exhales sharply ] Hey, scott, you got to get down to the pcpd a-as soon as you get this. Franco's in trouble.

[ Footsteps approach ] Is this why you needed to talk to me? I'm sorry, elizabeth, but he attacked lulu. He could have killed her. Except he didn't, and you know he didn'T. I know franco's done terrible things to you in the past, but he is not the same person. How could you just accuse him like this? Because it was him. I'm so sorry, elizabeth, but it was franco.

[ Lock clicking ]

[ Inhales deeply ] Hmm. Ah, well... your friends have gone to serve the greater good. But at least I still have you. Testament to a job well done.

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