GH Transcript Tuesday 2/5/19

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 2/5/19


Episode #14213 ~ Franco takes Aiden ice-skating; Lucas is sympathetic; Sasha surprises Nina; Jason brings Carly up to speed; Obrecht is curious about Maxie's influence over Peter.

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hey. Hey! I love that I get to spend time with you before sam gets here.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, uh, sam is -- is not coming. Oh, so you came just to see me? Yeah, we need to talk. About what? Sam's breaking up with me. Ooh, your nose is cold. I know. It's really cold and windy out there. Tell me lumière lifted your spirits a little bit. Yes, definitely. I still can't believe my aunt liesl is so odd. There we were with maxie, talking about j on the anniversary of his death, and all of a sudden, the conversation was about sasha. What problem could liesl have with sasha? I don't know. She thinks that sasha will disappoint me. How, I have no idea. Well, who cares what liesl thinks about sasha? I mean, she's just a bitter woman jealous of your happiness. I'm happy to be here with you and charlotte. The only thing missing is sasha.

[ Doorbell rings ] You gonna get that? Me? Why?

[ Doorbell rings ] What?

[ Gasps ] -Go see. -No!

[ Door opens ] -Surprise! -Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh, sasha!

[ Chuckles ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Dramatic music plays ]

[ Exhales deeply ] Peter august for the commissioner. I need to speak with her as soon as she gets back. Tell her I expect an update on the investigation into the attack on lulu falconeri.

[ Sternly ] Remind her that lulu is my employee, this attack occurred in my place of business, and I want to know what's being done to solve it. Maxie: I forgot you could do that.

[ Exhales deeply ] Do what? Sound all icy and demanding. Someone who knows what he wants and doesn't bother making excuses. Oh. I try to be as polite as I can. But this case is different. Lulu almost died right here in this room, in my place of business. She works here for me. I want the police to find out who's responsible for this and put them away. So, are you a good skater? I don't know. I can't remember the last time I skated. But I love watching it in the olympics. Hm. Oh, just give me a second, and I'm gonna get my boots on. I want to do this by myself! Can't I? Please, please, please? Yeah, okay. Sure. Yes! Okay, just be careful! And we're -- we're gonna be right here watching you. You're gonna do great! You know, if you come sit down, you can still see him from here. No, uh... and your little boy needs to learn how to be more independent. I know. Yeah. Ooh. And how to bounce back from a fall. Yeah, but how many times? Mnh. What about you? We never got a chance to talk last night. Have you bounced back after being questioned in connections with the murders? How you feeling, sweetheart? You've only been gone for six hours max, and we spoke on the phone an hour ago, mom.

[ Monitor beeping ] And your point is? I'm getting better all the time.

[ Breathes deeply ] Did you manage to get -- eat? Yes. And, yes, I'm ready for this. And you're absolutely sure about that, lulu?

[ Knocks on door, door opens ] Good morning! Ready to be hypnotized? We were just talking about that. Have you changed your mind? If anything, I'm even more determined. If you can help me remember who attacked me, everyone will benefit. Great. Let's head down to my office. We can start right away. If you can just wait for a moment, I need to get a wheelchair, and then we can go. "We"? Yes.

[ Chuckles ] If you're going to ask her to relive that night, then I'm going to be with her. And I'll be there, too.

[ Exhales deeply ]

 Aiden! Dude!

[ Laughs ] Backwards? You're skating backwards? Aiden, you look great! Aww. I took your advice, you know, and I went to see kevin. Oh, yeah? Yeah. And you were right. He took me back right away. We had a session right then and there. How did it go? It's always been very difficult for me to feel good about myself. I know that. I don't think I'm ever gonna escape all of the things that I've done in my life. So, I, um... I went to see kiki's grave. I should tell you that. You know how much kiki loved you, right? And she accepted you just as you are. Uh, yeah, I know, she did. And so do I. And I can promise you you're not a killer.

[ Exhales sharply ] I'm not the only one that needs to know that right now. The cops need to know it, too. I-I'm sorry. These sessions are private. It's gonna be terrifying for her to remember the events of that night. I'm not gonna let her go through that alone. I will ensure that she's as comfortable as possible. Lulu, you will know that you're safe the whole time you're under hypnosis. I'm afraid I have to insist. This may be a key turning point in the pcpd's investigation. A police presence is a must, and, as lulu's memory returns, I may have questions I want you to ask her. I'll also be a witness to the information that lulu provides. There's no map to lulu's memories. I-in order to unearth those, we may also uncover... personal, private information that has no bearing to the case but that she may not want known by the police or anyone else. I give you my word. Anything you say that is unrelated to your attack will remain confidential. Only salient details will be written down. I trust you. This is nonnegotiable. I'm sorry, but if you two want to be present, then I cannot perform this procedure. Nor will any psychiatrist who's worth his or her salt. I told valentin last night that I needed a dose of my daughter, and here you are.

[ Chuckles ] So thank you for coming, and thank you for arranging it. -Here, I'll take your coat. -[ Chuckles ] How long are you staying? A few days until my next temp job begins. Okay, well, that's all right. I'll take it. Not that I'm complaining, but are you still staying here because the killer hasn't been caught? Uh, well, the killer has not been caught, but... ...I moved back in with valentin and charlotte. I had a cleaning crew come in here as soon as the police signed off on it. It was kind of grim and sad. There are actually firms out there that specialize in cleaning up crime scenes. Well, they do good work. You'd never know anything even happened in here. Well, thank you. And, as usual, you knew -- you knew the exact right thing to do.

[ Chuckles ] That's -- that's not me trying to butter you up. What do you mean? Okay, I-I-I have yet another favor to ask of you, and, peter, you're gonna want to say "no," which is totally understandable, but I-I think this idea could boost the invader's circulation and provide a quirky-yet-informative advice column on all things medical and health-related. A medical-advice column? Mm. Who would you have write it? That's the out-of-the-box part. Just stay with me here, um, because I think it's the most outrageous ideas that often turn out to be the best ones. Don't you?

[ Exhales sharply ] Maxie, it's fine. Just tell me. Who do you think should write it? Dr. Obrecht: Me. Unbelievable! I can't believe it. She took all the time -- sam took all the time in the world to find herself so you guys could get back together, and now she's breaking up with you? I mean, she's just torturing you. And she's torturing herself, and I'm gonna call her right now and tell her that. -Carly, carly. What?! She's just pretending to break up with me. She's pretending? So she can investigate the leader of this group that kristina's involved with -- dawn of day. Okay, I don't understand. I don't understand any of this. Who is this guy? Why does he need investigating? All right, all right, all right, all right. His name is shiloh, okay? And we know that he's a con artist... but he may be worse.

charlotte is gonna be so happy to see you. We have to have a girls' night like we did last time you were here, definitely. Sounds like fun.

[ Chuckles ] Thank you for doing this. Thank you so much. You know what? I'm gonna march sasha right up to aunt liesl and say, "this is my daughter, so you just tell me how this girl is gonna leave me disappointed and unhappy and brokenhearted like you." Aunt liesl. Oh, I remember you telling me, uh, she was, um, kind of "eccentric"? Well... she's kind of a terror, actually. She's miserable because of the choices that she's made in her life, and she's mad at me 'cause i won't give her a job at crimson, but, honestly, I have no idea who would hire her. You're applying for a job at the invader? This is your opportunity to hire one of the best medical minds in the world. What is this? I culled health questions from the internet and then provided sample responses. All in language laypeople can understand, all with a dollop of humor -- where appropriate, of course. My salary needn't be steep, initially. But if I boost circulation, which I inevitably will, we'll have to renegotiate. Okay, look, medical advice is a booming topic on the internet, and I really think liesl could bring traffic to your website. You want me to pay a salary to the woman who hates me and tortured me?! Oh, I was crazed with grief. It will not happen again.

[ Scoffs ] Peter, I realize that this is asking a lot, but you already exonerated her, and I thought your attitude towards her had -- had softened. I did that because you wanted her free. Okay, look, liesl's health-advice column is not a good fit for crimson, but I think it would be perfect for the invader. Does this have something to do with valentin? No. Why? Never mind. Look, just read liesl's samples. I really think you'll like them.

[ Sighs deeply ] Hypnosis requires complete focus and deep relaxation. Having two other people present, no matter how close or trusted, will only hinder the process.

[ Sighs ] Laura, I understand, given our personal history, that you may not want me to handle this. And you're certainly welcome to get another psychiatrist, but if that doctor were to allow other people to observe, then I would question that doctor's professionalism and ethics, and you should, too. This is not the commissioner's choice. Or my mom'S. It's mine. Now, obviously, I am unhappy with how you treated my mother. But, professionally, I trust you, kevin. Thank you, lulu. Okay, well, I have another idea. I want the session recorded. That's not possible. That's a violation of patient privacy laws. You should know that, commissioner. I-isn't it true that, when I come out of hypnosis, I'll remember everything that happened? Yes. Th-then you won't need a recording. I'll tell you everything. Let's head to your office. I want to get started. Great wipeout, dude. Are you okay? It didn't hurt. Lots of people are falling more than me.

[ Chuckles ] I know. You are doing fantastic. You are. You've got some moves.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, I'm gonna try going all the way around the rink backwards. Wow, all right. Ooh, okay, go for it.

[ Chuckles ] Aww. He's so happy. Look at his face. Almost as happy as when he's baking. -[ Chuckles ] -Oh, brad, look who it is. -Hey, guys. -[ Laughs ] I guess we all had the same idea, huh? Yeah, it's funny seeing you here. I guess it was just a day for ice skating, right? Yeah. Absolutely. But where are you guys' skates? Uh, we're just the cheering section. -Oh. -Oh, hey, is that -- is that aiden out there? -Mm-hmm! -[ Chuckling ] Oh, wow. Look, he's really good. -Yeah. Do you think we could keep up with him? Oh, I don't know about you. Well, um, would you guys mind watching wiley for a minute while we -- stop, stop, stop. Just stop. Really, it's -- it's almost painful. The three of you suck at subterfuge.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] Okay, I will be right outside the door. If you feel scared or if something goes wrong -- we'll know right where to find you. Mom, please stop. You're making me more nervous. I need to do this. I hate not being able to remember. Not just who attacked me, but why didn't I go with you to that book launch? What was I working on that was so important? It must have had something to do with the killer. Lulu:

Kevin, it's lulu.

My mother told me

that you had a list

of your brother's victims

that totaled nine,

instead of seven.

I'd love to go over

those names with you.

Please get back to me. Kevin... make sure to ask me about that. I will, lulu. I want to help you find all the answers you're looking for.

Do you want anything? You must be starving. Oh, I'll just get you something. -Thanks. -I'm so happy you're here!

[ Sighs ] Love seeing her that happy. She's incredibly endearing and generous and full of love. She makes my mother's absence less painful. Glad we're on the same page. She can never learn you're not her daughter, because it would destroy her. I'm playing my part. I always will. But you're not in charge anymore. Do what you got to do, curtis. Lulu's covered. Yeah, she's in with dr. Collins. He's hypnotizing her. I know. Hopefully we'll finally get some answers. I love you, too. Jordan... if lulu remembers, what's next? Well, we'll still have to do the legwork, collect the forensic evidence, but details remembered under hypnosis may potentially lead us in a direction we hadn't considered. And are memories retrieved through hypnosis admissible in court? That's a gray area, but if lulu can describe or actually identify her attacker, we'll take it from there. And do you think she's going to remember that it's franco? You're telling me that it's a coincidence that your gay friends show up right now, right here, at -- at this particular time. We had a very nice talk about aiden. Brad: Yeah, it's nice that aiden has a gay couple in his extended family. Yeah, who happen to have a happy, loving family of their own. Okay, well, 10 for intention, and 2 for execution, 'cause the bump-in, it looked a little staged.

[ Chuckles ] And here I thought you were the sneakiest tech in the history of general hospital. -Aww. -I was... well, that's how much he's changed. Okay, let me get this straight -- shiloh is aka hank archer. Mm. And sam conned his dad out of a pile of money. And he also has a history with drew. And now he's dragging kristina into this weird group of his. Mm-hmm. And sam has to break up with you so she can get close to this sleaze?

[ Sighs ] Yeah, I don't like it, either, but it's -- it's what sam's got to do, and it is for kristina. Is kristina in danger? I-I don't think so. Look, we're staying on top of it to make sure nothing happens to her. I know you and sonny are dealing with enough.

[ Chuckles ] You explain things simply without being condescending. No need to sound so surprised. So, you like liesl's writing?

[ Sighs ] I do. And with the glut of information out there on the internet, it might be nice to have someone that can sort through it all like you do. So...she's hired? On a trial basis. Yes! Thank you, peter. Well, you know I can't say no to you.

Warte mal. You have removed the wedding ring nathan gave you. And there's been talk of you "moving on." Do not tell me you are moving on with henrik! Maxie and i are friends, liesl. Good friends. Maybe with a future. A future romance? With nathan's half-brother? The man who brought his killer to port charles? All hypnosis is actually self-hypnosis, because you have to be willing. You're neither asleep nor unconscious. You don't do anything that you don't want to do. I understand. Are you comfortable? Yes. All right, take a few breaths. Let's relax.

[ Exhales slowly ] Start with your face, then your shoulders. All the way down to your toes. This is a safe, calm, peaceful place. From here, you can go anywhere you need. Your eyelids might start to feel heavy. If you want to close your eyes, then do that. You control this entire experience. Listen to my voice as you become calmer. Let my words wash over you. Let them be as you will. How do you feel? Good. All right, let's go to the night of the attack. All you have to do is let me guide you to what really happened. Are you ready? Yes.

How could you consider a possible romance with henrik?! I've worked through my issues with peter. And I never said anything about a romance. You did. We all know what we're talking about. I know that I trust peter. And I know he's proven himself to me repeatedly. I also know he's one of james' few blood relatives on his father's side, and I will not keep peter out of nathan's son's life. Or mine. Now, if you would like to find employment elsewhere because you disapprove of my relationship with peter, you can go right ahead. My column will help so many people with issues they might be reluctant to discuss face-to-face with their physicians. I'll save lives. I'll selflessly steer strangers back to good health. I accept your offer of employment. Thanks.

[ Papers thump lightly ]


[ Chuckling ] I was uncharacteristically nervous about this meeting. Allow me to fortify myself before beginning. When I return, you can show me my office. You'll get used to her? Thank you. We both want the same thing -- to make sure nina doesn't get hurt. So take a step back and let me have a real relationship with nina. Nothing would make me happier. But, listen, stay away from her aunt liesl. If she wants you to meet her, don'T. Make up an excuse if you have to. Why?

[ Footsteps approaching ] Your room is all ready. Wait until you see it. You're gonna love it. First, we have a lot of catching up to do. You have that conference call, right? -Trying to get rid of me. -Yeah, um, I am, but I didn't want to hurt your feelings. I will take you being so happy as my consolation. Have fun, you two. He is... the absolute best, isn't he? Hey, dude, we saw you out there. You're looking good. Your mom and franco are gonna watch wiley while we get out there. Yeah. Wiley's bigger than at christmas.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, babies grow really fast. Do you, uh, know of any other kids who have two fathers or two mothers? I'm not sure. Wiley's really cute. I don't have a baby brother or sister. I wish I did. Um, you want to skate more? -Mm-hmm. -Great. Now, let's get out there! -All right. -Yeah. -Let's do it. We did talk to franco. How did you know? Elizabeth is like a daughter to me, and she told me that the police have been questioning franco, so... I guess that he's your suspect, right? Okay, look. One of the victims, peyton mills, tried to reach him. And franco's alibis for the murders range from flawed to nonexistent. However, any evidence is circumstantial. Let's go to the night of lucy's book launch. Can you picture yourself in your office?

[ Dramatic music plays ] Yes. Tell me everything you can remember about that night. You were working. My mom. She came to get me to go to the party. I was frustrated... because peter... he wouldn't publish my article. It was about a potential link between... ...ryan chamberlain and the serial killer. My mom agreed with peter. Then she talked about something that troubled me. It was... it was about a list.

[ Breathing quickly ] It was a-a list that...

you made.

[ Inhales shakily ] It was a list of ryan's victims.

[ Inhales sharply ] What troubled you? Do you recall? Yes! My mom said that there were nine names on that list. But the -- the police reports say that -- that ryan killed seven people. He didn't kill nine people! Don't let your emotions cloud the truth, lulu. Take a breath. Calm down. Your mother never mentioned nine victims. Oh... you and your mother talked about the list, but she never talked about the number of victims. She didn't? No, in fact, you called me, and we discussed the seven victims. Do you remember that? That's right. I-I -- I did. Good. There. You see? You remember everything clearly now. There's nothing amiss. No. I was confused.

 I think it's great that you and sam are looking out for kristina. It is one less thing that sonny has to worry about. I just wish it didn't mean that you and sam couldn't be together. Mm, I never said that. So you're gonna be together privately? That's the plan. Well, enjoy it, because sneaking around can be fun.

[ Laughs ] Dr. Obrecht: May I have some service? I'm celebrating my new job. Perhaps you'd like to offer me complimentary waffles? Or pfannkuchen? You're sure you're okay with hiring liesl? Her advice is surprisingly good and with enough bite to seem interesting. So it's mutually advantageous. Well, she knows she needs to be on her best behavior or she's not allowed to see james, so you shouldn't have a problem with her. Well, I know little james can be quite the motivator. Still, I'm gonna keep my eyes open all the same. Probably a good idea. And thank you for what you said about us.

[ Cellphone chimes ] It's nina. I'll be right back.

[ Sighs ] Valentin, it's peter. I hired liesl obrecht. You can thank maxie. Elizabeth has three boys whom I love dearly, and you're telling me that they might be living with a serial killer? You've spent time with him. You know him better than I do. Are you absolutely convinced he couldn't have done this?

[ Sighs ] Unfortunately, I'm old enough and I have seen enough of the world that... I know nothing is impossible. What do you think -- you want to head out there and go skating with them or maybe have a baby with me?

[ Gasps ] Lucas, oh, my god! What happened to you? Yeah, yeah, sorry to break up the moment. I, uh, tried to bust a move, and, instead, I busted my butt. -Oh... -I'll have a nice big bruise to remind me not to show off anymore. How's aiden doing? Oh, he's loving it.

[ Chuckling ] He's having a great time. He's just out there chatting it up with brad. Aww. I mean, I don't think that he's caught on to our little gay sting operation. At least, not consciously. No, no, no. But he's -- he's absorbing that being gay isn't weird and shameful like the other kids are making him feel. Yeah. I'd like to thank you for doing what you're doing. I know I'm not your favorite person.

[ Exhales deeply ] I definitely remember what you did to my sister, just as I remembered who brad used to be. But, you know, we're all flawed in our own ways. Where would any of us be if -- if we couldn't look past people's mistakes and have faith that everybody can actually change?

[ Hurried footsteps approaching ] Aiden: Mom! Franco! Did you see me? -Yes, we sure did! Dude, awesome! -[ Chuckles ] -Awesome. Lulu, you're doing really well. Now, you said you made some calls. To whom? Other than me. I spoke with peter to ask him again to please run my story. But he said no. Shortly after, someone came to the door. What were you doing? I jumped a little...

[ Door handle rattling ] ...When the door handle rattled. My mom had insisted that I lock the door, and someone was trying to get in. But you weren't frightened. No. No, I-I went to open the door... ...and I let him in, and I wasn't afraid. I went back to my desk, and he followed me. I realized that he's wearing gloves. That's very odd. I can see the gloves. I can see his coat. I am looking right at him. But I-I can't see his face! All right, let's stop there. I promised your mother i wouldn't let you get too upset, so take a breath and let it -- and just let it -- no. Why can I see him but I can't remember his face? Lulu, calm down. Take a breath. Let it out.

[ Exhales deeply ] We'll get there. I'll help you remember to see your attacker's face. Now, just listen to my voice. Listen to what I'm telling you. Can you do that? I'm listening.

So, nina's daughter, sasha, surprised her, or valentin arranged for a surprise visit, rather. Was that a problem? I'm not sure. Nina's crazy about sasha, and sasha seems great. It's -- it's the fact that valentin's involved that makes me nervous. I mean, with that guy, nothing's ever quite what it seems. And heartbreak always follows. Do you mean that generally, or is this specifically related to nina, and if so, how?

[ Sighs ] So, you're happy... now that you and valentin are back together? Mm-hmm. I'm very happy. And I have you to thank for that. Me? Yeah. So, once I had you in my life, it was like everything fell into place, and valentin and I are every bit in love as we ever were. And, in fact, he asked me to marry him again. You didn't say yes, did you? Why would I give you complimentary anything? Common courtesy? Good business sense? I'll be working in this very building, and I'm likely to send patrons your way. I don't need your help getting customers. In fact, I would prefer you not mention my restaurant. Your loss. But congratulations on your new job. Now you can afford to pay for your own meal. And the waitress will show you to a table.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, I'm sorry. Your lack of manners must stem from the tragic loss of your grandson. It was unthinking of me not to express my deepest condolences. I met the child's mother only briefly, poor creature. That was random, hm? How well do you know her? I have very little to do with that woman, if I can help it. How did she meet nelle? Laura... there's no way of knowing how long kevin's session with lulu will be. Yeah, I just want to be close by in case she does remember franco. I could be completely wrong about him. Yeah, and i really hope that you are. I hope to god she's not suffering too much reliving that night. Yeah, so do I. Lulu's already been through enough. But she's strong, laura. She's as brave as I've ever seen. Hypnosis as a tool could bring us all that much closer to safety. Especially for her. We can't let that killer go free to come back and silence her. Oh, I have faith in your daughter. With the guidance of kevin, lulu is going to lead us right to the person who is terrorizing our city. Mwah, you did such a great job! -I love ice skating. -I know. It's a good thing, 'cause you're a natural. Next time, you have to skate with me, franco. Yeah, you betcha.

[ Laughs ] I had fun with uncle brad and uncle lucas. Oh, you did? That's great. They had fun with you, too. Can I have a snack? Ice skating makes you hungry. Yeah, it does. That's why I came prepared with a turkey sandwich! My favorite! I know! Grab that first table right there. We'll be right over.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, my goodness. -Thank you. Thank you so much.

[ Sighs ] Thank you for giving me a perspective. This day was perfect. Mm. Perfect antidote to being dragged down to the pcpd and unjustly accused. This... this is what's important to me -- you and the boys. Everything's gonna be okay. Did you hear everything I said? Yes. It's easier to remember when you're calm, isn't it? All right. Are you ready to remember the face of your attacker? Yes. You're in your office. You're working. There's a rattle at the doorknob. You go and open the door. The visitor follows you into the office. You go behind your desk. I'm behind my desk. Something's not right. He's scaring me. And I-I try to leave, but there he is. Oh, my god. He has a knife!

[ Whispering ] It's him. I can see him. Who is it? Who do you see?

[ Gasps ] It's franco!

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