GH Transcript Monday 2/4/19

General Hospital Transcript Monday 2/4/19


Episode #14212 ~ Franco looks to Kevin for advice; Sam meets up with Shiloh; Kristina is energized; Sonny makes his intentions clear; Anna gets a surprise visit.

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I should've called first... no, of course. Is everything all right? I need your help. When was the last time you checked out a library book? It's been a while. But since cabot's long-retired, this was the best way to get a line on him. And, uh...

[ Elevator bell dings ] ...You're welcome, by the way, for me having this great idea and for having the pull to help you get your hands on these texts. Yeah, I got to get permission for something that's older than me? -[ Chuckles ] Ah, face it, scorpio. You need me.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. You're in a no-parking zone, you know that? Hey, thanks for coming. Hey. Yeah, uh, it sounded important. Uh, it is. Can I get you anything? No, I'm good. Okay, uh, so, what I'm about to do is actually backsliding, because dod believes you address your own problems. Solve your own issues. You don't triangulate. Okay... but the only person sam is going to listen to is you. So you need to tell her, jason, that not only am I okay, but dawn of day is the best thing to ever happen to me. I'm surprised you agreed to meet me. Depo. G1es I mean, come on. The amount of coincidences... and don't tell me it's "fate." I just don't buy it. All right, well... then I'm gonna tell you my story instead. Detective chase, we need to talk. I will be with you as soon as I report to the commissioner -- what are you doing to find the monster who killed my daughter? You understand my mind more than anyone else in this world, and everything that you did to help me -- all the -- the therapy and the hypnosis -- you made it possible for me to face everything that I had blocked out, and I would really appreciate it if you could please consider seeing me again as a patient. You know what, franco? That's an excellent idea. Really? Well, given the circumstances, I don't see how I could say "no." Huh. You're not pleased? No, no, no. I-I -- I'm -- I'm really pleased. It's just I thought it would be a harder sell. What changed your mind? Earlier, you mentioned other "methods" that could help unlock memories. I'm on board. Are you willing to try hypnotherapy? Absolutely.

[ Sighs ] Great. I didn't want to pressure you, but I'm really glad that you're up for it. This is driving me crazy. That blank spot, keeping me for whatever reason from remembering his face... if hypnosis can get me to remember the killer, I am all for it. Laura: No, I'm sorry. Not on my watch.

Lulu: Mom, I know you're scared. So am I. Okay, then, honey, don't undergo hypnotherapy. At least not yet. I want to. If I can identify who did this to me, who killed three other people? Don't I have a moral obligation -- there is a reason you can't remember it, honey. It's too terrible, it's too traumatic for you, and your mind has built an armor to protect you. And now you want to just tear that armor down. You're a mother. Would you want your child doing that? I am a mother. But I'm also the police commissioner. And although I understand your instinct to protect your child, as we all want to, there's a serial killer on the loose, laura. And your daughter is the only one that can I.D. Him. I need your help. Can we wait just a -- a day or two just to see if -- if she can remember on her own? And if someone else dies before then? Okay, mom, I love you. I love you so much, and I couldn't have gotten through this without you, but this isn't your call to make. It's mine. I'm ready. You positive? Let's do this. I may have underestimated how the recent spate of murders would trigger feelings in you that were previously under control. Yeah, thank you so much. I-I'm really scared, and now that the police department is looking at me sideways -- oh, surely they don't consider you a suspect. Well, they're cops. They just want to make an arrest. But they're aware of the extenuating circumstances --what, the brain tumor? Yeah, they know about it. I don't think they care. It's really -- is it really hot in here? Seems like it's really hot in here. It's hot in here. -Okay, calm down. Just take a breath. -[ Exhales deeply ] In, out...

[ Object clatters ] In, out... sit down. Sit down. That's fine. Don't worry about it.

[ Sighs ] Better? Yeah, sure, never been better. Good, good. I'm going to help you, franco. Okay. Where do we start? At the beginning. You need to let down your defenses and explore, in full detail, all of your crimes. I -- and I don't want you to spare yourself or me. I can take it. But what I can't do is be of service to you unless you tell me absolutely everything. First, the good news: Lulu's recovering. Doing really well. Oh, thank god. She got lucky, 'cause it could have gone the other way. Yeah. You going after her attacker? Well, I mean, I think the cops got that covered. I'm supposed to believe that. My main focus... is dante. Still no word? It's like he's vanished. A-and I know -- I know he'd want to be here for lulu. I got my guy trying to track him down, but so far he's hit, you know, dead ends. And since he's on assignment for the wsb, I figured... I'll see what I can do. Are you sure you don't want anything? Um, I mean, I'll take some water. Okay. So, what's, uh -- what's this valentine's day thing here? Oh, dawn of day is hosting it. Dawn of day. It's for everyone. Attached, single, happy, lonely... it's a day to celebrate love and to realize that there are lots of different ways to experience it. Hmm... so not just chocolates and flowers. Exactly. I mean -- aren't those things good? Acceptance, inclusion, and kindness and generosity? Yeah, yeah, sure. So then why this huge problem with shiloh? He's changed my life and majorly for the better. I mean, don't I seem happy? Yeah, you -- you do. It's not an act. Nobody's saying it is an act. You just think that I'm lying to myself.

[ Sighs ] It's just never gonna be enough. If I'm miserable, you're worried. If I'm thrilled, you're worried. How can I win with you guys? You want to know the reason that sam's so concerned? Please. There's things that have happened in her life, stuff that she's gone through that -- that she really -- really hasn't told you. I know all about her con-artist days. Marrying those men to get their money... yeah, no, I know. That -- that's the least of it. I mean, there's a bunch of people throughout the years who have used sam. People who did a lot of damage, people who hurt her, and she doesn't want to see that happen to you. Well, it's too late. That already happened. So, you don't believe in spiritual enlightenment. I believe people can change... I told you that.

[ Chuckles ] Just not me. Look, I scammed your father out of a boatload of money, robbing you of your inheritance. And then you show up in my town, you have my sister living in your house. You have one of your assistants harassing me with e-mails. And that is not even touching the surface on your history with drew. Yeah, that's -- that's a lot. It's more than that. It's fraud.

[ Inhales deeply ]

[ Clears throat ] Do you know where I'd be if you hadn't swindled my father? Oh, geez. I don't know. Wh-- uh, on a private island somewhere, I guess? I'd be dead. I'd have a needle in my arm. I'd have a spoon up my nose. Hell, probably both. You see, losing everything changed my perspective. It made me realize that I can be in control of my own life. I could live the life that i wanted to live instead of being beholden to whatever substance I was running to to numb my feelings, whether it be alcohol or money or women or drugs or -- or whatever it was. I mean, this may sound cheesy, but it is the truth: I was reborn after that experience. I'm sorry. I-I've just never seen someone thank somebody for taking their trust fund, and -- and in the case that you are telling the truth... I am telling the truth. ...Can I tell you why I needed the money?

 I had a brother with special needs. Danny. I mean... you said "had." He's no longer with us? Yeah, no. My condolences. I'm so sorry. He was my everything. I mean, literally. We only had each other. No parents? No, no parents. I mean, if you think about it, I was just a kid myself, and... it was up to me to support him. And at that time, I was "with" your father, I-I-i didn't know what else to do. I had no college degree to fall back on. There was no job out there that would pay...

[ Sighs ] ...Enough money, so... I had to do what I had to do, and -- and -- and danny required a lot. So stealing from wealthy men was the best option you had.

[ Sighs ] Yes, it was. And as much as I hate -- and I mean hate -- that part of my life, I can -- I can truly say that... ...I don't regret it. 'Cause it worked. Yeah. Because it worked. Because I was able to take care of danny. I was able to put him in a group home where he had really great special classes, and he was happy and safe. But, you know, it -- it blows my mind when I think about it. That all of that I did -- all of that... ...I did by myself.

[ Chuckles ] I mean, and I-I did it for us. Jason: Just think about it for a second, okay? Yeah, things -- bad things have happened to you, but fortunately for you, you've had, like, this -- this safety net since you were born. Y-you have sonny, you got alexis, you got resources. You got friends, you got family who would do anything for you. No one was there to help sam. Yet a 21-year-old girl with, really, no education who had a brother with special needs, she had this life-or-death responsibility every single day, and she didn't have any help at all. I mean, can you -- can you honestly say you've experienced something like that? No. You know, people can make themselves do really hard things... for love. And sometimes those things can leave their mark forever. This must be where all of sam's trust issues come from. Yeah, you know, the hardest thing for sam was just learning, or actually believing that something could be good just because it was good. You know, there wasn't a catch. There wasn't a price to pay. That's no way to live. No, it's not. You're the last guy on the planet I figured to find here. I had a favor to ask. And good ol' anna, she just jumped right in, I'm guessing, huh? Anna's a friend. Finn: How's lulu doing? Lulu's good, thank you. That's good to hear. Dante still after raj patel? You know? I try to keep up. I just came here to ask anna for a favor. I figure she has connections, so she'd be able to help me. Shall you tell him, or shall I? It just doesn't make sense to me that this has gone on for so long. Three victims? Nearly four? How have you not found the person responsible? Okay, you're frustrated -- yeah, you bet I am! But when I say that we are doing everything that we can, I rea-- well, do more. Okay, we already asked you about your daughter's enemies. She didn't have any. I mean, maybe that dr. Bensch, but from what I hear, he has a pretty good alibi. No one in the family? Maybe a falling out with a friend? No! No. Everybody loved kiki. She was the hospital's darling, especially after she took a stand a-about sexual harassment, she was a hero. Who kills a hero? What was her relationship with her ex-roommate? Ex-- you mean franco? Yeah. Why do you ask? Franco: The thing about art is that it resonates... an artist has the power to make people feel things, and if the art is elevated to the subject matter of life and death, well... then truth and reality almost disappear. All of those lines are blurred, and... death can exist beyond space and beyond time. It's real, but it's also art. It's real, but it's also just a vision that has been amplified... for maximum impact. The simple truth is this -- killing those people... staging those scenes... getting the police to run around and try and solve riddles, it was really...

really... really fun. All right, I'll get on board with this hypnotherapy thing but under one condition -- okay? Your doctor signs off on it first. Jordan: Oh, I agree. This does not happen without medical consent. Okay, fine, but please hurry. Every minute we wait could mean life or death for the killer's next target.

Aren't you two supposed to be doing research? Uh, yeah, we are. Any more scones in the kitchen? -Yes, knock yourselves out. -Let's go.

[ Clears throat ] Something you want to tell me? Uh, yeah, so, um...

[Exhales sharply] I spoke to my wsb contact, and the way this operation works is that, um, dante is undercover with some... really deadly guys. If we were to contact him, that would blow his cover. Could risk getting him killed. Maybe the wsb is stalling? Maybe they want dante to finish the op? No. If it were any other op, we'd just pull him out, you know. But this one -- the way this one works is, uh... the safest thing for dante is to finish it out, to see it through. Yeah. I'm sorry. Uh, you know... I-I know that y-you wanted a different answer. No, I just wanted an honest answer. You gave me that, and, uh, thank you. For what it's worth, you know, dante's the best I've ever worked with. And he'll come home. It's just a question of when. Kristina: Wow. I didn't realize the extent of the kind of pain sam's been carrying around... yeah. So, now you -- you understand? More than ever. But shiloh can help her, jason. This is what dawn of day is all about.

[ Sighs ] You know, finding, facing, harnessing that hurt so that it can't hold you back anymore. From what you just told me, that's exactly what sam needs. Here you go. No. No, thank you. Accepting a kind gesture isn't a sign of weakness. It's the opposite. Thanks. Mm-hmm. It sounds like you've been through some difficult times.

[ Scoffs ] And I can appreciate the role that you've played in that... but what I see sitting before me is a woman who has starved her truest self, a woman who has not allowed herself to explore the pain that she had been through all those years ago. In a very real way, you're suffering from post-traumatic stress. But it doesn't have to be that way, sam. It doesn'T. We can help you. Dod can help you.

[ Exhales deeply ] If you'll let us. I understand at one point mr. Baldwin thought he was kiki's father, but you prevented him from having a relationship with her. We worked through that ages ago. So it did create some bad blood. For a time, yeah, I suppose it did. Why were you so set against it? That is water under the bridge. Look, franco loved kiki. Kiki loved franco. We're just doing our due diligence looking into everybody who was close to kiki. Detective chase. Forget about franco and concentrate on whoever did this. I may have failed my daughter in life. I'll be damned if I fail her in death. It scares me. Really, really scares me. You know, I-I-I don't have the compulsion to do those things anymore. To kill? No. Yeah, n-not at all. But my... my body remembers what it feels like. Tingling electricity, like you've grabbed onto a live wire and can't let go. That's not true. It's not accurate. I could let go. I just didn't want to. Why not? Well, for me, it was always the spectacle. Just like it seems to be for whoever killed kiki. I never got off on the actual murder. But the attention, the ultimate high of getting away with something, of always being one step ahead...

[ Purrs ] Yeah. I really loved that. Well, you have done an amazing job today. I'm proud of you. Really? Everything I just said, that -- that -- that helped? More than you could possibly know.

 Hey. I got your text. You okay? No. -Hey, dad. -Yeah. I thought you boycotted this place. Yeah, you know, it's just -- it just -- it has this bartender here, and I just can't shake her.

[ Laughs ] How are you? I'm okay. And lulu? She's doing better. She's t-- she's awake. She's talking. That's incredible. Still nothing from dante? Uh...

[ Sighs ] Nah, you haven't -- you haven't heard from him? Not for a couple of months. I was just thinking maybe you had a different way of communicating with him. Like what? Smoke signals? No, more like carrier pigeons.

[ Chuckles ] No, sorry.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. A-and, you know if I did hear anything, I would tell you. I'm just getting desperate. He's okay, dad. No, he is. I can feel it. Anything? I've been looking into franco baldwin's alibis for the murders and the attack... and? Nothing that rules him out.

[ Sighs ] Damn it. We let him play us. That first time we went to go interview franco, he even told us point-blank that the killer wasn't done. Even better -- that he was just getting started. He must've been laughing the whole time. And think about it -- elizabeth webber is engaged to franco, and her kids are lulu's nephews. Franco's a part of lulu's extended family. Can you imagine the problems that would cause if he was the one that stabbed her? It would make sense why she couldn't remember. Until now. Come with me. "Well, for me it was a spectacle. Just like it seems to be for whoever killed kiki. I never got off on the actual murder, but the attention, the ultimate high of getting away with something." Oh, franco.

[ Paper rustles ] I couldn't have said it better myself.

[ Knock on door ] Come in. Commissioner. Detective chase. If this is about viewing that patient's file, I've -- I told you, I can't help you. But you can help lulu falconeri. So, I just had a session with kevin. It was brutal. And I said things out loud that I'd never said before in front of another human being. Kiki, I wish you were here. I wish I could really talk to you. It never even occurred to me that someone had to die in order for me to get the rush of killing someone... until now. Losing you, I'm on the other side, and I-I know what their loved ones must've experienced, and everyone hates me, and... I deserve it. Miss you. I miss the way it felt to be around you. And I'm thinking now that maybe that's why we're here. Maybe that's our purpose is to make other people feel things. And I hope that I always made you feel good. And loved. And safe. And I hope you know that if I could've done anything to protect you that I would have. So, wherever you are, if you see anybody that I might've hurt along the way, please ask for their forgiveness, although they won't give it. Maybe they're right. If I was a murderer then... I'm a murderer now. Maybe that's all I'll ever be...

[ Footsteps approaching ] ...Is a murderer. Franco? Hmm? What's going on? Lulu, you have a visitor. I heard you wanted to see me. I hope you don't mind, but once we got the all-clear from your doctor, I took the liberty of asking kevin to take your case. I'm sorry. Kevin's gonna be the one to put my daughter under hypnosis? Is that a problem? Yes. A big one.

Can you give us a moment, please? Of course.

[ Door closes ] Okay, for weeks now, if not months, I have been talking with lulu about how strange kevin has been acting, how he's definitely not himself. I've even gone so far as to think that he's having a breakdown, and you did not disagree. No. You're right. Kevin has not been acting like kevin... okay, look. I'm not asking you to go into extended therapy with him. But you need to remember: This is limited in scope. And as for the personal issues that you've been through, kevin is an excellent psychiatrist and hypnotherapist. He can help lulu remember who did this to her, and I'm afraid if we want to catch this guy we may be running out of time. I'm okay with it if you are, mom. Kevin has worked for the pcpd in the past, and he's consulting on this very case... laura... he's the right doctor for the job. All right. I can let him back in? Yes.

[ Door opens ] We're good to go. I'll be blunt. I have real issues with you putting my daughter under hypnosis given your recent erratic behavior. And I don't blame you. But I can tell you that I can be 100% capable of separating the professional from the personal. And there is nothing I'd like more than to help you, lulu. Hey. Just...doing a little soul-searching. Mm. Well, that's not always a pleasant experience, is it? No. Kiki got it. She knew everything about me. And she loved me and accepted me... and before I met elizabeth, she was the only one. That was true for me, too. Until I screwed it up. You know, no matter how much I wanted to be more like kiki -- bright and brave and strong -- some dark part of me just seemed to win. Yeah, well, the dark parts are stubborn, aren't they? I mean, you think they're gone, but they're just biding their time, waiting until... I'm so sorry. And thank you. For what? It was a super crappy thing to do to make me believe that kiki was my kid. And I did believe you. And you kept her from me for all those years. You were right. I wasn't fit to be around a child at that point in my life. So thank you. From the bottom of my heart -- thank you. You're welcome. I cannot believe we're having this argument again... I can't believe you have dealings with corinthos! He's worried about his son! He's not in our business; he doesn't know how it works, so I gave him some answers. Why? Because robin loves him. And he doesn't wave his criminality under my nose all the time. Remind me to thank him. Oh, please, you more than anyone understand situational ethics. Zip it. How's it going? Did you find anything? Finn: Not so far.

[ Exhales deeply ] I need another scone. You know where they are.

[ Whispering ] Oh, my god. He makes me crazy.

[ Door closes ]

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] What? You talk a good game. You know, with your sexy british accent going a mile a minute. You think it's sexy? Yeah. I do. And the fact is -- you went blind, and we don't know why. You were exposed to this virus, what seems like on purpose, and we have no clue about the guy who did it. Oh. I think you want me to say that I'm afraid.

[ Sighs ] But, um... I can't go there, because if I do, it'll paralyze me. And then that won't do any good. So what you're saying is you're being brave and I'm messing with your mojo. You never mess with my mojo. It's like, um... I don't know any other way how to do this. Then that's how we'll do it. Shiloh is good, jason. He's better than we thought, and I'm really scared. What happened? He sells this whole redemption story, and h-he's good. I mean, like -- like, really, really good. And it took everything inside of me to make him believe that I was coming over to his side, and I had to use some of my best stuff. And now -- and now, accessing that, it just... he must -- I've kept that stuff so buried for all these years. It must've hurt. I'm sorry. And that part I could actually handle. I could. But the way he honed in on it... if he was almost able to get to me, what the hell is that guy capable of doing to kristina? It's not corinthos. I'll slum it. You being careful? Always. I'm -- I'm serious. After what happened to lulu... I'm serious, too. Yeah. We make sure there are two people here at open and close, and I never walk to my car alone -- especially at night. Good. And dawn of day has been amazing, too. We carpool together, and we text each other to make sure everyone's safe. Well, I'm glad that people are looking out for you. Oh, speaking of... shiloh, this is my dad. Dad -- -sonny corinthos. Kristina has told me so much about you. Yeah, I-I-I've heard even more about you. Huh.

What have you got? What, is it more scientific data, or is it just academic double-speak that gets the author tenure but doesn't get us to our man? -Wait for it. Wait for it. -What have you found? What? Huh? Read that footnote right there. Whoa. It's tiny print. "See also -- dr. Arthur cabot, stockholm publishing house." What's the swedish word for "bingo"? Do you know how badly I want to hold your hand right now? Yeah, me, too. It's just that kristina -- you know, her confidence is shot, which means that she's really, really vulnerable, and it's not gonna take shiloh anything to manipulate her. She's already primed and ready. Yeah, she's -- she's definitely bought into this whole thing, that's for sure. Honestly -- if I didn't have the mental defenses, if I didn't -- if I -- if I didn't have you... kristina doesn't have those mental defenses. Okay, yeah, but she -- she has us. And we're gonna get her out of it. We just have to be smart about it. According to my daughter,you hung the moon. Well, I hope your daughter also told you that my feet are planted firmly on the ground. I told him you changed my life. You changed your life. Your daughter's quite an amazing young woman. You should be very proud. Yeah, that's the -- that's the best thing about my daughter. She has a big heart. And when she gives it, she gives it her all. And the problem is that certain people take advantage of that. But I've got you, right, dad? Yeah, that's right. Anybody hurts my daughter, they have to answer to me. Rest in peace, kiki. Yes. I hope she is at peace. As for me... I won't rest until her killer is found and pays with his own worthless life. Lulu: You really think you can make me remember? No. Hypnotherapy doesn't make you remember. It helps you feel safe enough so that you can remember. So you can drop the emotional screens so that you can access what you've been blocking. And I'll be honest -- sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn'T. But I will do everything I can to make sure that it does. So, what do you think? I hurt you. I know it. And I deeply regret it. But if you can trust me enough to entrust your daughter's well-being to me, I promise you I will keep her safe. It's been such a long time since I've seen the man I married. Good to know that he's still in there somewhere. Okay, kevin... take good care of my daughter. It would be my privilege.

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