GH Transcript Thursday 1/31/19

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 1/31/19


Episode #14210 ~ Julian wants to clear the air; Drew is flustered; Alexis joins Kristina.

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That's okay. It's not a problem.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, yeah. Filthy. I can't believe you live like this. You got, like, an ocd poltergeist? Because I guarantee oscar didn't do this. Oh... the cleaners must've come today. Okay. Why is that?

[ Chuckles ] The cleaners -- I-it was that gift from julian. So, are you gonna be able to keep it together, brad? I'm trying. Well, try harder. Why don't you summon the part of you that used to be a much better liar? Look, if lucas sees you shaking and sputtering like this, he's gonna realize something's wrong. You just told me that the woman hanging around michael is the birth mother of the baby we adopted. And since she doesn't know her baby died, she thinks wiley is hers. And I'm supposed to, you know, remain calm? Okay, just take a deep breath, okay, because this changes nothing. It does if she decides she wants a relationship with wiley. Stay away from her. The less she sees of wiley, the less she'll think about coming forward. Mom, come in! Hi. I'm so glad you made it. Well, I-I told you I would. Well, I was worried a case might come up or something. Give your mother a little credit, kristina. Hello. Hi. Um, well, actually she's right. I-I changed my mind about 12 times before I got here. Oh, no worries. Well, I'm glad you made it. After all, you can't untie yourself if you're tying up others. "A limit we impose on others is a limit we impose on ourselves." Sorry, mom. No need to apologize. I said you were right. Well, I am excited to get started. With an open mind and a little effort, we may just learn something about each other. And ourselves. We swiss are known for our patience. Yeah... and you're the perfect model of swiss patience, aren't you? Yes, well, I'm only half swiss. I gotcha. My resources, herr cassadine... they run low. Fortunately, the economics of the situation are simple. I need income. You need nina. See to it that my funds are flush, and nina will not learn that you hired sasha to pose as her daughter. I'm working on it. Did you know that the port charles public library has a ginormous parenting section? What's all this? Homework. These are books for parents of a potentially lgbtq kid. Is everything okay, liesl? As "okay" as we can be on such a solemn anniversary. Right. So, um... a year ago today, we lost a great man. A son. A brother. A husband. Pretty much the greatest man we've ever known. It -- it still hurts so much that he's not here. But that pain and the sorrow... it's nothing compared to the joy of having known him. The time that we had with him was precious, and we are all the better for having had him in our -- our lives. To nathan. To J.

Mein schatz.

Lucas. Hi. Lucas: Hi. Um, I just just wanted to ask -- how is lulu doing? I'm sorry. I can't discuss another patient's status. But you can discuss family, right? I mean, lulu is your cousin or something, isn't she? Even so.

[ Scoffs ] I'm sorry. Please listen to me. Lulu was attacked by the same person who killed my daughter. I just need to know if she remembers who did it. Okay, all I can say is this -- lulu has a very long road of recovery ahead of her. It would be counterproductive to barge into her room and try to force her to remember the worst thing that's ever happened to her. At least lulu is alive. If only the other victims had been so fortunate. I thought I cut you loose. You did. But then this came in. Peyton mills' production company sent over the last of his material from the L.A. Office. I thought I'd give it a once-over. Have at it. I take it you haven't had any breakthroughs? Hardly. None of this makes sense. I'm almost ready to call in a psychic. Know any? I think it's really great that you are diving head-first into helping aiden -- I'm trying to help us both help aiden. I've got a lot of patients right now, and -- and I'm swamped with work, and I -- and I-I -- [Sighs] I just -- I feel that when and if the day comes where we need to have a conversation with aiden about this, then I-it should be on his terms. And not because we or someone else has forced the issue. Ideally, right... but haven't the kids in his classroom already forced the issue? You want a drink? Yes, I do. If you're having one. Yes. So, um, julian. Do you want to talk about it? Oh, what is there to say, um, that hasn't really been said already? Um, let's see. So, I was too busy tending to oscar, uh, to mind our relationship, so julian decided to sleep with someone else.

[ Chuckles ] It wasn't alexis, though. Uh, well, according to her, at least. Um, so, what that means is he went ahead and he just slept with some random person, and then he dumped me. The end. Yeah, but he didn't cancel the cleaning service, so... yeah. Or the meal kits. Or the -- the tune-up. And the garage called today to confirm. I -- [Scoffs] I-I don't know what to do. I mean, he knows that these things are still happening, so why doesn't he just stop them? Well, uh, maybe he, uh, just wishes he didn't let you go. Why'd you have to tell me about this willow person being our baby's birth mother anyway? Well, now that you know who she is, you can, you know, keep a wide berth. And if she doesn't do the same? Okay, didn't you and lucas say that you agreed to some sort of open adoption, huh? Worst-case scenario, your kid gets a, uh, mother figure, huh? Except that she isn't actually wiley's mother. How would she know? A dna test? Hell, a simple blood test. Okay, run by who? For what reason? Wiley could get sick. He could need a transfusion or a bone-marrow transplant li-- like danny did. Oh, my god. The odds of that happening are so incredibly, insanely small. Oh, is that so? Okay, well, this is very nice. You have quite a setup here. It does the job. Which is? Through dawn of day, shiloh provides a place for friends and strangers to hang their hat. And you don't charge the friends or strangers to stay here? Well, they pay what they can. The rest is made up for in service. Everyone works within the community -- within and without our doors. Oh, well, what a great idea to help people. And an iffy idea to finance the mortgage.

[ Laughs ] Well, I cover the day-to-day with course fees. Oh! Speaking of... ladies and gentlemen, it's time to start. Come on. Follow me. Gather round. You didn't mention that there was a course fee. First one's free. Lucky me. What is this course about? Don't worry. It's a good one. Shiloh: Everyone, thank you so much for joining us today. I am so excited and proud to be your guide today for my favorite entry-level course -- "being one when you are two -- finding your self in a relationship."

shiloh: Our lives are filled wall-to-wall with relationships. We are endlessly, boundlessly connected to others. You didn't tell me this was a course in relationships. People that we see every day, people that we've never met... so? So, I agreed to come here to one self-improvement class. But I'm not talking about my past with julian so everyone could evaluate that. Who said anything about julian? Okay. I'm just saying, I'm not talking about julian. Mom, no one said that you have to talk about julian. There are all kinds of relationships. For example, I was hoping to explore my relationship with you. Okay. ...Their hopes, their dreams... but we don't need to do that here, do we? It hasn't worked anywhere else. It would mean a lot to me if you stayed and tried. Maybe, in the end, it would mean a lot to you, too. ...Tying our "selves" to theirs? So, what astronomically unlikely event are we discussing? Uh, well... the odds of you still being upset about seeing me holding wiley. If you would've just listened to my explanation... well, I'm listening now.

[ Scoffs ] Wiley was fussy. Brad took him for a drive. He stopped for coffee, which is better than falling asleep behind the wheel. I was, uh, supposed to be at the book signing. My plans changed. There you go. It was all very innocent. And yet here you are, again, with wiley. Wait a minute. It just worked out that way, okay? I came here to pick you up. And -- and -- exactly. And I'm here because ava's lurking around here somewhere, visiting her boyfriend who used to be her shrink. In fact, there she is now. You know, lucas, I know you can't cut me any slack, but maybe you should give your husband a break. He didn't do anything wrong. Excuse me.

[ Exhales deeply ] Peter, I need a favor. Hmph. Wish I could say I was surprised. I have a very talented acquaintance who's recently fallen on hard times. I think she could use a job. She'd be a good fit with the invader. Has this acquaintance got a résumé? Uh, well, she doesn't need one. Her cv is known far and wide. It's liesl obrecht.

[ Laughter ] Just when I think that I've heard every story about nathan, you manage to come out with that. Well, I wasn't there, obviously. I think we owe it to ourselves to collect all of our stories about nathan and put them in writing. A record of his goodness. Well, I'm -- I'm doing that. Didn't you know I was doing that? I'm putting together a history for james to remember his father by. You are? Yeah. Just pictures and stories and stuff. If you want to contribute something... yeah, of course. Nina, thank you. That's so thoughtful. Of course. I'm not doing it alone. Remember at the funeral, I told people if they had any story of j, to tell me? And people came through. It's been really great. Just the other day, I got an e-mail from a friend who said that, you know, they pulled a prank on some kids in college, and...

[ Laughs ] Just think of all the stories we don't know about nathan. The ones we never will know. Thanks to -- we're -- we're not... we're not saying that man's name today. We're celebrating the life of J. We are not dwelling on his passing. Hear, hear.

[ Chuckles ] Maxie! Oh, nein. You've lost your wedding ring. It sure would help if we could make one set of evidence fit another. On one hand, all four victims' driver's licenses are missing. And the timing of the murders is just... suggests a connection to ryan chamberlain's killing spree. On the other hand, only two of the four victims -- kiki jerome and lulu falconeri -- fit ryan's pattern. There has to be something else linking them. Yeah. If not necessarily to each other, then to the killer. So, what kind of person knows three residents of port charles and a los angeles tv producer? An already-established killer. Thank you for the books. I'll see you at home. Okay.

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Groans ] Whatever it is, I didn't do it. Could you meet me at the station anyway? To what end? We believe you may have information that could help us solve kiki's murder... and the others.

Now, before we define ourselves within a relationship, it is vital to define what it is that we want from the relationship. So let's start by asking and answering that question. Now, who'd like to go first? I will. Of course you will. Kristina. Join hands. Oh. You have a relationship in mind? I do. Okay. So, look your partner in the eye. See her. Let her see you. Alexis, ask the question. What question? What do you want... oh. What d-- what do you -- what do you want from our relationship? To get along better. Who doesn't? Ask again. What do you want from a relationship? To communicate more. You're hardly communicating now. Ask again. What do you want from a relationship? Not to fight so much. Okay, but why? Why? Why are you fighting so much? What is it? Why? Why aren't you communicating? Why are you fighting? What is it? What do you want? Dig deeper, alexis. Dig deeper. Now ask the question. I've asked the question six times. Ask again. Ask again. You're not giving her a chance to answer.

[ Laughs ] Ask again. Fine. What do you want from a relationship? I want your respect. There you go. Now we're getting somewhere. Hovering around the hospital is not gonna jog lulu's memory. I need to be here when she remembers who attacked her. Why? So you can get to kiki's murderer before the police do? Hey, you know something, julian? You would do the same exact thing, and you know it. Okay, you know as well as I do that avenging kiki will only come back around to bite you in the ass. Look, plus, it's gonna cost you. I mean, it's gonna cost you the one daughter you have left. Look, for avery's sake, just find something else to occupy your time. I mean, didn't you say that, uh, kevin wanted to whisk you away, huh? Yeah, but the timing just isn't right. Why? You're not going away forever. No...not without avery, no. But you know something? You're the one who sounded like you needed a vacation. Mm. So you should do it. You should take kim and go.

[ Laughs ] Well, kim and I, we aren't going anywhere. Not with each other, anyway. You know, it'd be so much easier if julian were a jerk. But he's -- he's just been so great. Except for the cheating and abandoning thing. Look, you mean to tell me if he showed up on your doorstep r-- ow! Son of A... what? Oh! I was wondering where that went. I could tell you where it went. You knit? Well, I wouldn't really call what I do "knitting."

[ Chuckles ] What would you call it? Torturing yarn. Ah. Well... let's see. It can't be that bad. W-- [Laughs] No. You do not want to see this, no. Yes, I do want to see this. All right. Since you asked for it.

[ Clicks tongue ] It's, um... it's A... it's an infinity scarf. Ah, yeah. It's an infinity scarf. Mm-hmm. It's hideous.

[ Laughs ]

[ Chuckles ] You want me to hire obrecht? Medical columnist? That woman tortured me for months and left me to die in your burning stable. Please consider it. I will be in your debt. Why would you ever incur a debt from liesl? She must have leverage. Something that would take away whatever is most important. No, not what. Who.

Mein gott! You lost your wedding ring. Liesl, don't worry. It's -- do you know where you lost it? We'll go in search of it right now. No, you don't understand. I didn't -- I didn't lose my wedding ring. You... you took it off? "The lgbt youth seriously contemplate suicide at almost three times the rate of heterosexual youth..."[ Elevator bell dings ] He's gonna need changing soon. Okay.

[ Book thuds ] Elizabeth? Hey. Hey. You okay? Yeah. Yeah, I'm just -- just, uh, taking a break.

[ Chuckles ] I'm just... okay. Oop. Here, I got it. I got it. Thanks. Oh. I know this book. Oh, yeah. Somebody gave it to my mom after I came out to her. Was it helpful? Yeah, we thought so. Does one of your patients have a gay kid they need help with? Well...uh... oh. It's for you. Franco, have a seat. Thanks for coming in. Yeah. My pleasure. Anything I can do to lend a hand. I'm guessing all this is why I'm here? Yes. There have been some new developments that suggest a connection among all four victims. Yeah, I'm wondering what the tv guy has to do with all the others. Any thoughts? tell me. Only male victim. The way the body was arranged... it was very artistic. Well, it was clever. I wouldn't call it artistic. That would be in the eye of the beholder. But, no, other than that, I can't figure out what they all have in common. Neither could we. Until we came across an annotated script peyton mills was using for his documentary on ryan chamberlain. The only thing the victims had in common was you.

 Liesl, I just felt it was time to put my ring away. Um, aunt liesl, everybody grieves at their own pace, in their own time.'s just time to move on. "Move on"?

[ Scoffs ] Now I understand. Maxie, are you seeing someone? No. Not... I mean, it'd be too early to even call it early, much less "seeing someone." In other words, yes. You knew about this? Huh? Uh... I had an inkling. And said nothing? Tell me, nina. Is this payback because I tried to open your eyes about sasha? Oh, don't bring sasha into this. Oh, my -- yes, mm-hmm, what about sasha? Aunt liesl is mad at me because I didn't drop everything, give her a job at crimson, and then she was dropping a bunch of vague innuendos about my daughter. Wait, hold on. One second. You want to get a job, and you -- you want a job at crimson? Yes, I did. But now I would sooner drop dead than work for my capricious, disloyal niece. Okay, well, would you like to drop dead? Would you like to do that? Go for it. So, how bad is it, valentin? So bad that you would lose nina? Charlotte? Or both? You know what? Don't worry about it. Don't concern yourself with my family. Oh, someone's using your family as leverage to force me to do something I don't want to do? You're damn right I'm concerned. Uh, obviously, I asked too much. I want you to forget about it. Not likely. I just -- I picked it up and started doing it in the wee hours of the night, when I couldn't sleep... right after I got oscar's diagnosis.

[ Chuckles ] Here you... thanks for playing along.

[ Laughs ] Are you kidding me? It's nice. Great change of pace, you know? Laughing. You ever feel guilty about it? You know, laughing? Just having a good time and just feeling good and forgetting about things for the moment? Yeah, sometimes. But, uh...I don't know. You know, laughing about something -- it's -- it's kind of like the closest feeling to hope. How was it for you? It was freeing. Shiloh talks about the things that limit our potential and that tie us down. That felt like I cut a tie. I felt a little browbeaten. Did you feel browbeaten? Not really. I-it's rough being on the spot, but I needed it. Mm. How about you? Did it bother you to hear what I said? Yes, it did bother me to hear that you don't think that I respect you. Because I do. Are you saying that I have a perception problem, or that I'm imagining that you don't respect me? I'm saying that sometimes I get a little upset because you're not living the life that I envisioned for you. Because I think I forget that your life is just that -- yours. And what I want for you is irrelevant. And it's what you want that matters. And I will endeavor to remember that. How's everyone feeling? I think we've achieved a measure of understanding. Oh. Fantastic. Mm-hmm. So, alexis, would you care to do an examination? No, but thank you so much for asking. At least try. If it's doing something for me, maybe it can do something for you, too. You got a relationship that needs work? You don't know when to quit, do you? I, uh, told kim that I slept with somebody else, and, you know, we broke up. Yikes. How's she taking that? Well, I-I -- I doubt it's crossed her mind lately. After we parted ways, uh, oscar's prognosis came back. And? That's awful. Yeah.

[ Sighs ] Well, you know, at least she won't have me around to distract her. Yeah. Yeah, that's right. How thoughtful of you to deny her a source of support in her hour of need. Wait, now. Hold on a second. Yes, it's really -- it's really selfless of you to abandon and beguile her. W-- it's not like that. For pete's sake, julian! Tell me something. How can a man with such good intentions wind up being such an ass? Y--

 -Oh, sweetie, please, play for us. -Oh, no, I couldn'T. -Please. -Okay.

[ Singing in spanish ] It can be any relationship you want, so long as you'd like to change it. Just do julian. I'm not doing julian. He's not here. He never has to know. Look your partner in the eye.

[ Whispering ] Oh, for heaven's sake. See her. Let her see you. Kristina, ask the question. What do you want from your relationship? I do not want to have this relationship. If you still have the relationship, then you must still want the relationship. So, what do you want -- I want to move on from this relationship. If you haven't moved on from the relationship, it's because you don't want to yet. Kristina. Kristina. What do you want fromthe relationship? I'm not comfortable talking about it here. Okay, what do you want from the relationship? I don't want to talk about it or think about it. If the relationship is still in your head, it's because it isn't finished. All right. What do you want from your relationship? Kristina, what I want? I want to feel it again. I want to be happy. I want to feel passion. I want to be in love. I want to feel like I did when julian and i were together before. What? You think I-I -- you think I made a mistake? Yes, I do. Kim was good for you. And now is your chance to show that that improvement is real and lasting, julian.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Look, wait -- if -- if you -- if you want to be worthy of your children, of your grandchild, if you want to be worthy of kim, then you will do whatever you have to do to make things right with her. All I wanted when I brought oscar to port charles was for him to connect with his family. I never realized I'd land one in the process. The quartermaines.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Speaking of family, oscar -- he should be home -- he should be home any minute. You know what? I should probably get going. I don't want him to think that we are ganging up on him about something.

[ Chuckles ] Just tell him I said "hello" and I will talk to him in the morning. Okay. I will do that. Thank you for the drink. Yeah. And you -- thank you for the dinner. Yeah, any time. We thought it was just the one bully at first, but it turns out other kids in his classroom are saying things, as well. Lucas: Why are the kids picking on him? Let me guess. He has more female friends than male? He doesn't like sports. He likes girly things. I'm sorry -- things that are traditionally viewed as being "girly." Way to stereotype, babe. Stereotypes have origins. Yes, all of those things describe aiden. Well, look, the main prerequisite for being gay is -- does he like other boys? He's eight. I knew when I was eight. Yeah, I didn'T. I mean, it took me a long time. All I had growing up was the sense that I just felt different than the other boys. I didn't know until I hit puberty that I was actually even attracted to other guys. I didn't want to be.

[ Chuckles ] I mean, I dated girls. I played it straight for as long as I could until, one day, I just couldn't hide it anymore. And so after that, did things get better?

[ Exhales sharply ] Mm... oh, boy. Um...the "getting better" part? That, um... that takes a while. I have no idea where I was when these people were killed. I'm not someone who keeps a diary. And I don't know peyton mills. Well, peyton mills knew you. Why was he so keen to speak to you? Now, how would I know that? Didn't you speak to him? I mean, clearly, he reached out to you. No, I didn't speak to him. Yeah, he -- maybe he reached out to me. I don't answer phone numbers that I don't recognize.

[ Exhales sharply ] If you don't believe me, you can check my phone records. I'll tell you what. You can check my phone records, and then, when you're done, you can go catch this maniac before he kills anyone else.

How was your evening... um... ...with maxie and your charming aunt? Yeah, it was okay. We were talking about j know. No, what? Until we stopped talking about J. Then the whole evening crashed and burned. Oh... oh, I'm sorry. Yeah. Hey, um, is there anything I can do for you? Can I make you a cocktail? Would you like an ice cream? How about a trip to paris? Cocktails and ice cream in paris? Paris? Actually, there is something you could do for me. Name it. Well, after my dumpster fire with my aunt liesl, I could use some mother- stepdaughter-daughter time. I want sasha to come for a visit. No, liesl, it's okay. I got this. And don't worry about you and nina. You two will work things out. You always do. Perhaps.

[ Chuckles ] Now that we are alone, tell me about this new man in your life. No. Uh... it's, um -- it's nothing. I-it's probably just a flirtation that will end before it begins, so... who is he? Let's talk about careers. I mean, you wanted to get a job at crimson? I suggested to nina that I write a medical column. Ignorant laypersons would send me their questions. I would give them honest and innovative solutions without having to answer to any closed-minded medical boards. Yeah, but, um... crimson is a really niche audience. You need an outlet with expanded access. A larger audience to share my views and experience. But where? Um... I think I know just the place. Peter.

What it is you're waiting for

[ Knocking on door ] Julian? W-what are you d-- I lied to you. On new year's eve when I told you that I slept with somebody else... and then I let you think it was alexis. There wasn't anybody else. Not with alexis. Nobody. I made it up because... well, I'm an idiot. I needed to tell you the truth. There is nobody else. There's only you. Julian, I-I-I can't -- I can't -- I can't do this. I can't talk right now. Okay, okay. Let me just say this, please, okay? Yes, I was jealous when I saw you and drew kissing. But me lying to you -- it was -- it was more than just about that. I-I had somehow convinced myself that you and oscar were better off without me. So, I told you something to make you glad to be rid of me. And all I can say now is I am so sorry. Kim, I wish I could take it all back. You know, because the truth is... the truth is, I love you. Kim, you've made me such a better person. And I just -- I owed it to us to tell you the truth. So, there you go. Now you know. You can do or

[Chuckles] Not do, you know, whatever you want with it. Okay. I got to go. Wait. No, mom. We just had a breakthrough. Sweetie, I-I can'T. Shiloh: Yes, you can. You can, you can stay, and you can face your heart's darkest fears. Shiloh, I am sure that this process works for a lot of people. I-it works for my daughter, and -- and I really appreciate that. I love you. And I'm proud of you. And I respect you. And I want you to remember that, even when I give you cause to forget it. Well, let's talk about that, then. We can save julian for another time. L-let's talk about you and me and how we can all just -- and we will. Just not here and not now. It's not for me.

[ Door closes ] So, what do I do?

[ Chuckles ] Aiden is going through such a tough time right now. And franco seems to think that maybe we should figure out a way to -- to bring it up ourselves. Look, elizabeth, um... sounds like you're on top of it. Honestly. Yeah, my parents weren't, but there is a way that you can create a safe environment so that aiden feels free to speak up whenever he's ready. How? How do I do that? Start by having me and lucas over for dinner. Yeah. Even though brad said that to get a free dinner, I think he's right. Thank you.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, you know, let him see you around your gay friends so that he sees that you accept people for who they are without making it all about him. Okay. All right, let's -- yeah, let's do it. Score!

[ Both laugh ] All right, but listen. I-I got to be honest with you, though. Um... this isn't gonna get easier any time soon. But just know that your friends and your family have got your back, okay? Come here. Thanks. Ah... and so does franco. You've got this. The cell records check out. Peyton mills called franco. Franco didn't pick up.

[ Sighs ] Thank you for your time. We're done? For now. Next time you need to talk to me, talk to my lawyer. He's a fun guy. Yeah. With his history, no wonder. You want me to nail down franco's whereabouts for the other murders? Yeah, please do.

[ Sighs ] What do you think about this? Franco's last brush with the law was a year ago, when drew cain shot jim harvey. Yeah, harvey almost killed franco when drew cain showed up. Franco is a patient of kevin collins. Think he's still seeing him? If he is, dr. Collins couldn't discuss it. Well, he could if he had knowledge that his patient was going to commit a crime. If that's the case, wouldn't he have come forward earlier? One would hope. But it's worth following up on. Set up a meeting with kevin collins. If anyone knows if franco is capable of killing again, it's his psychiatrist.

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