GH Transcript Wednesday 1/30/19

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 1/30/19


Episode #14209 ~ Kevin is infuriated; Drew and Kim comfort each other; Julian warns Brad to keep away from Willow.

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Hey. Uh... you expecting anybody? Uh, hopefully, the bartender. Bartender. I could use a bartender. Want some company? Yeah, that'd be nice. Uh, excuse me, sir. Um, let's see, can I get whatever she's having? Sparkling water with lime. Oh, yeah, that's -- that's fun. Um [Chuckles] I'll take a scotch neat, please. Hmm. It's been a day. Mm, you burying yourself in work? Something like that. Is it that obvious? Yeah, that's what I do, too. Keeps me from hovering. You know, I know that we agreed to let oscar just live his life the way he wants, but it's just -- but letting him do it, it's, uh, a whole other thing, right? Hey, mom. Hey, sweetie. Hey. Whoa. You are looking sharp. Ah, well, thank you very much.

[ Sighs ] He cleans up nice, huh? Yeah, so do you. Ah, thanks. What's the occasion? Uh, date night. Oh, good for you, both of you. I imagine it wasn't easy for you to pry yourselves away from my adorable little grandson. No, it was definitely not, but he's in great hands with his godfather. I think michael loves the little guy just about as much as we do, right? Right. Julian: Be right with you. Café au lait, please. Mm. Coming right up. Thanks. So, can I, uh, get you anything else? Proof I'm not seeing my grandson on the sly or any other reason you came in for? I'm only here for a pick-me-up before yoga. Ah. Long day at school today. Mm. So I take it you want your order to go, then? No, for here. Unless you'd rather I go elsewhere. Maybe out of town so you can violate the agreement and spend time with my child. Okay, uh, wiley is brad and lucas' child. You signed off on that. Right, just like you signed off on staying out of his life. Oh, I don't know. I'm holding up my end of the deal. How about you? Hmm? You know, this place, it's -- it's -- I-it's just downright homey now that you guys have started to play house together. Oh, it is quaint, but we make do, right, darling? Yeah. Oh, yes. One lump or two, sweetheart? One please. Oh, yes. Perfect. Mm-hmm. Mm. Um, listen, can we, um -- can we put the domestic bliss to rest for a bit and talk about anna's secrets? Can we do that? It's the subtlety about you that I find so charming. W-- I-I resent that. Y-- hey. Mm-hmm? You said you've never spoken to cabot, and the bureau says otherwise. So, um, who should I believe? This better be important. So sorry we had to call you over, but your patient needs urgent attention. You and your colleagues should be able to provide that, especially a sedated patient. We've done everything we can. We had no choice but to get you here before it was too late for him. Has he died?

 I keep running into you here. I take it you're a fan. Oh, yes. Big fan. Well, um, I'm on babysitting duty while wiley's two dads are on a date night, so... well, mm, I'm gonna need to see the little guy's I.D. Yeah, he's not, uh -- he's not drinking, so... uh, just here for some takeout. Right. Takeout. Let me go check on your order. I'll be right back. How's -- how's lulu doing? Uh, she's -- she's still shaken up, obviously, but she's -- she's, uh -- she's gonna pull through. We're very fortunate. Charlotte wasn't in school today. Her father's been in touch about her lessons. I feel terrible for her and her little brother... he's in second grade. Yeah. Rocco. Yeah. He's, uh -- he's staying with his grandmother. Yeah, both the kids are holding up pretty well considering, you know. They have a lot of -- a lot of support. Uh, michael, kitchen got backed up a little earlier, so your, uh -- your order's gonna be a little delayed. Okay, that's fine. Do you, uh -- you want to join us while we wait? Actually, I think that's a really bad idea. I swear, our teachers are trying to give us scoliosis with all this homework. I didn't realize how far charlie's is from the library. But once I get my license, we don't have to do that trek anymore.

[ Chuckles ] I don't really mind. I'm just glad you decided to come back to school. Yeah. To be honest, I missed it. I knew you would. I missed this, too. You know, after all that time spent in the hospital, it's just really nice feeling like a normal kid again. Yeah, well, I don't mind spending more time with you, either. What, you're not bored of me yet? I knew it.

[ Chuckling ] Shut up. I could never be bored of you.

[ Chuckles ] You know, the, uh, the news about oscar traveled pretty fast. I mean, you can see it on people's faces. They -- they don't know what to say. They don't know how to acknowledge it. Yeah. I mean [Sighs] You're struggling with it, too, right? I-I know I am. And I don't want every interaction I have with oscar to be about, you know, making the most of the time you have left, but it's always there. Which is why I think it's good to at least pretend to have a normal life.

[ Both chuckle ] You know, ordinary routines. That's why I'm so glad that oscar went back to school. And he texted. He said that, um, he and josslyn are staying late at the library to study.

[ Chuckles ] So, see? Oops. Sorry. Just a couple of ordinary kids in high school. Yeah. Maybe we should follow suit, be a couple of ordinary parents. Fat chance. Yeah, fat chance. What are you doing for dinner? Oh, I have a freezer full of, uh, delicious microwavable meals. That's sad.

[ Laughs ] That's very, very sad. It is. Oh, well. Ah, you know, I can't let you do that. Oh, really? Mm. Let me buy you dinner. You're not calling anna a liar, are you? She's a spy. Comes with the territory. Well, now, she may have stretched the truth once or... twice, f-- never mind. I'm sure you've done the same. Yeah, of course. Okay. I pride myself in my ability to lie when circumstances dictate, but I've never met dr. Cabot. Then why does the bureau have proof that would suggest otherwise? What do you mean they have proof? They don't have proof. Well, this is disappointing. How could you let this happen? I'm so sorry, dr. Collins --

[ Grunts ] Got you. Not anymore.

 This is really nice. Yeah, well, I hope it's, uh, better than a microwavable meal.

[ Chuckles ] Can't argue that. Nice break in that, uh, new old routine, huh? Not pacing hospital floors? Yep. You know, I realized I had forgotten how to just live.

[ Sighs ] Well, maybe you and i should make a pact to remember how to live every now and then, even if it's small stuff. What, some more of this? Yeah, why not? Okay, I'm in. All right.

[ Chuckles ] What's next? Uh, there's a long weekend coming up, presidents' day. Mm-hmm. Maybe we can take oscar to the mountains. Oh, that's a really great idea. Yeah, I can -- I can rent a cabin. I'm sure he'd want joss to come, so [Chuckles] There's that. Yeah. [ Chuckles ] Hey. Lucas: Hey. Hey, guys. Hey. Don't want to interrupt. Just -- -no. Hey. -Hi. -Good to see ya. -[ Chuckles ] You, too. Oh, don't you two clean up really well?

[ Chuckles ]Oh, thank you. Well... I-I convinced him that we were in dire need of a date night. Oh. Yeah, which, at this point, seems more like a challenge to see who can go the longest without thinking about our son. Mm-hmm. Oh, well, I will tell you, that can't happen. You never stop thinking about your kid. Mm.

[ Chuckles ] So, do you ever miss bussing tables here? Parts. Definitely not the floor mopping.

[ Chuckles ] Still, I'll always be grateful to julian for hiring me. He helped me establish my independence and make my own money. Well, I mean, I'm sure your mom appreciates julian's helping you out. I actually don't know. I never see them together. My mom doesn't even talk about him anymore. She doesn't? Honestly, she's been spending a lot more time with my dad lately. Oh, well, I mean, I think that's nice... for everyone involved. Look, I love spending time with my grandson, michael, don't get me wrong, but you really shouldn't be bringing him around him anymore. I'm sorry? Look, I've got a responsibility to honor lucas and brad's agreement with wiley's birth mother, okay? I'm not supposed to be involved in wiley's life at all. I didn't bring wiley here to visit you, julian. I came here for takeout while I'm babysitting. It's a one-off. It's not a daily occurrence. But you know what? There is a solution to the problem. You know, keep your distance. As soon as my order's ready, we'll be on our way. I'm sorry about that. No worries.

[ Sighs ] Well, you know what? In retrospect, I probably should've gotten takeout somewhere else, but you know what? If I did that, I wouldn't have run into you. Right, wiley? Ring any bells? No. Nah, come on. This picture looks doctored. That raincoat looks fake. We don't even know if that's cabot. We can't see his face. Listen to you, scrambling to make up all kinds of excuses. Understandable, but not very helpful. Now, we know this is cabot. Who's he meeting with? I don't know. It's not me. I mean, I'll take a lie-detector test. Oh, we can do that. Okay, do it. I'll pass with flying colors. I never met the man. Oh. I know who did, though. When did he go blind? Last night. At least, I think it was last night. We tried reaching you. We left several messages, but you didn't pick up. Must've happened at the same time when -- when what? What is happening to me?! Look, we've done everything we can for him, dr. Collins. He should be transferred to G.H.

[ Scoffs ] That's the last thing he needs. I'm sorry? Did I stutter? I don't understand. G.H. Is renowned for its eye clinic. They have the expertise and the resources that we simply can't match here at ferncliff -- who's the doctor here? The patient went blind for no apparent reason, doctor. It's standard protocol that he should be seen by a specialist -- that'll be all, nurse. I'll call you if I need you. Well, identity stolen, locked in the loony bin, and now blind. This really has not been your year, has it? Please, ryan, if there's an ounce of humanity left in you, you won't leave me like this. Humanity? How boring. Let's talk business instead. Business? Yes. Your condition is treatable. How the hell would you know? Because I also went blind last evening. Oh, yeah, terrible headache. Unconsciousness, then regained consciousness, and nothing, darkness? Oh, I feel your pain, brother. Yes, the panic, the helplessness, the frustration. I've been where you are just a few short hours ago. Fortunately, my eyesight was restored. Too bad you won't have access to the same care that I did. Please, ryan. I'm sorry. What was that? Please, ryan, if there's a way to restore my vision... please give me the treatment. I'll think about it. Meanwhile... I need something from you.

well, clearly, those two are enjoying their night. Mm-hmm. Mm. You know, I remember when oscar was wiley's age, and any moment away from diapers and spit-up, it was a moment to cherish. We really owe your sister. It was so sweet of her to comp us this wine, and I'm pretty sure it's just as expensive as our mortgage. Lucas, don't you like it? Um, yeah. Sorry, yeah. The -- the wine's great. It's really good. Hey. What's wrong? Nothing. All right, try again, okay? That was not even remotely convincing.

[ Sighs ] I-I just can't remember if I told michael about wiley's diaper rash. You did. Twice. Okay, uh, but -- but did we remember to explain about giving wiley formula even though we're transitioning to solid food?

[ Sighs ] Well, let's just say there's, uh -- there's a lot of family drama surrounding wiley. Mercifully, he's -- he's too young to understand. No, trust me, kiddo. Ignorance -- ignorance is bliss. Sounds like you speak from experience. Well, uh, without getting into too many boring details, um, I, too, was surrounded by a lot of family drama when I was young, but, uh, thankfully, I was too young to understand like half of it. I think I must've sensed it, though, because I think that's how I, uh, ended up always being the "responsible one" -- trying to keep a lid on all the craziness... which is much more of my life story than you needed to hear. No, michael, I'm really interested. Well, you know, I'm -- I'm just -- I'm just saying. I think, you know, kids, they pick up on more than we realize. Oh, of course you would realize that. You know, you're a teacher. Maybe you should've been one. You're certainly great with kids.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. I am so sorry. I'm so sorry. That was totally insensitive. No, no. It's -- it's -- it's totally fine. Um, I was the -- the second oldest of a large, complex group of siblings, and so I had a lot of experience with kids. And I -- and I think -- I think that's kind of helped me deal with the loss a little better, to do something positive, however small, for another kid. I feel the same way. It really does help being around other children, especially one as perfect as mr. Wiley here.

[ Chuckles ] I am a little envious, you know? They're just starting out as parents. Well, you could take solace in the fact that, uh, they're only getting about an hour, two hours of sleep, tops. Okay. [ Chuckles ] That I don't envy or miss.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, but, ah, I would take oscar at that age again in a heartbeat, and I wouldn't change a thing. I would. I should've been there for you. You're here now... when I need you most. We promised each other we -- we'd enjoy our evening out. L-let's honor that. Yeah, I'll tell you what. You can talk my ear off about wiley on the drive home. Deal? Okay, deal. All right. So, what are you thinking about right now? Well, how my whole life has just turned around.

[ Chuckles ] I got so used to everything always being about what I wanted to do, and now with you and he-who-shall-not-be-named...

[ Chuckles ] ...Life just feels, uh, bigger. I feel grounded. Yeah, feels like everything's in its right place, huh? Yeah. I'm even learning to tolerate my father in small d-- very, very small doses. Wow. Look at you go. Ah, I guess we're growing up. Hey, take that back.

[ Chuckles ] There's only one person to blame. Wiley.Wiley.

[ Both laugh ] Michael, hey, uh, sorry to interrupt. I was just wondering if you knew how lulu was doing. I was gonna go to the hospital and visit her, but I didn't want to get in the way or anything. Oh, she's, uh -- she's doing much better.

[ Sighs ] Good. Oh, um, uh, willow tait, meet josslyn jacks and oscar nero. Hi. Hi. Uh, josslyn, she's my sister, and, uh, oscar, he's my cousin. Willow tait teaches third grade at pc elementary. Oh. Nice to meet you both. Josslyn: Nice to meet you. So, what are you two up to tonight, huh? And please don't say trying to find a way into the catacombs. Not a chance. We learned our lesson. Um, joss and I actually didn't make it to the catacombs, but we got close. I'll -- I'll let oscar tell that story. I'm gonna go get us some hot chocolate. So, I'm guessing from the backpacks that oscar's back at school? That's right. Well, I'm glad to hear it. Although, I will miss his expertise of bussing tables. He does seem like he's in a better mood, though. Yeah, no, he is. Um [Sighs] And it's partly because of you, so thank you. This is alex, all right? Why don't you find out from records where she was when this photograph was being taken? So what you're saying is your twin sister had a meeting with cabot? Yeah. She has this inconvenient habit of showing up in places that I would never go and implicating me in things that I would never do. Dr. Alex marick was indeed involved in covert activity with the dvx in eastern europe, specifically around the time that photograph was taken. I told you. However, it doesn't explain how you contracted the virus. Doesn't it, though? Oh, come on. If you ask me, it's downright obvious. What do you want? Information. Have you ever met a doctor named arthur cabot? I've met a lot of doctors. Can't you be more specific? He might've had some dealings with the wsb. Why would I... cabot? Arthur cabot? Yes, years ago. I met with him at his request. He wanted to discuss a mutual interest. Which was? You. What about me? Cabot's research focused on identical twins.

You know, I've always -- I've always had oscar, and he's always just -- he's been my -- my whole world, but you have scout, too, and... I'm so sorry. I, uh, that -- ho-ho, that just came out wrong. No, no, it's -- it's actually a -- it's a valid question. I love both my kids equally. My relationship with each of them couldn't be more different, but they're still both my kids. I heard that, uh, scout was quite the miracle baby.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. I got to give my little girl credit. She, uh -- she had one hell of an entrance into the world. Yeah? Well, tell me more. You want to see what they have for dessert? Oh, no, no, no, no. I'm good, thank you. You? No, uh, I'm good, too. Cool.

[ Sighs ] Who are we kidding? We're not good. We miss wiley. I'm impressed we lasted this long. Yeah, I know, right? Seriously, go us. Hey. Well, uh, the good news is, michael and wiley are just a, uh, phone call away. Yeah, okay, well, hurry up. Call them. So, what exactly have I done to warrant a "thank you"? Well, you took a step back with kim. Now she can focus more on being there for oscar. Look, I have to admit, when I first asked you to back off, thought it was a long shot. I mean, I expected you to be selfish, but, um... you surprised me. So thank you. Means a lot to oscar, and that means a lot to me. You're welcome. Hey, josslyn. Yeah? Take care of oscar. Busboys who don't break dishes are hard to come by. Yeah, so, my dad shadowed me, and we climbed up the ladder together. Yeah, the -- the last guy out was jason... thanks. ...Um, but the ladder disintegrated on his way up, and he fell. Luckily, he found another way out. That's pretty amazing. I'd invite you two to share your story for my students, but I don't want them getting any ideas. Yeah, no, that's probably a good plan.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh. Hey, brad. What's up? We just miss our little guy. Go ahead. Tease us all you want. Yes, we are being those parents.

[ Wiley grunts ][ Laughter ] Yeah, yeah, that's pretty cliché.

[ Chuckles ] I know. So, uh, how is he? Uh, he's good. He's getting a lot of attention, a lot of love here at charlie'S. Hey, just tell michael we'll pick wiley up on our way home. Um, great. Uh, we're wrapping up here, so we'll just, uh, swing by and -- and get wiley. Are you sure? I'm totally fine, uh, dropping him off at your place. Uh, no, no, no, no. We're having a severe attack of parental separation anxiety, so we'll -- we'll see you. All right, thanks. All right, so, where we headed? Uh, hey, you know what? I have an idea. How about I just, uh, drop you off at G.H. So you can check on lulu? Then I'll just -- I'll go pick up wiley and bring him to the hospital. Okay. As long as you bring him right back. No wiley hogging.

[ Chuckles ] All right. Don't you hate it when she acts like she knows it all? I hate it more when she does what she does as often as she -- anna: I can hear you. What? We're -- I can hear you. Oh. Look, don't be bitter. I have the advantage because I'm an identical twin, and so is kevin collins. Who also suffered a loss of vision from the same virus. Is it possible their twins were affected, as well? Yeah. But we'll never know with ryan chamberlain. I mean, he died 25 years ago. What was the nature of cabot's research? What specific inquiry was he making into identical twins? I wasn't interested in working with him, so I never found out. If you're holding out on me -- I told you everything I know. Now, I've held up my end of the bargain. Now it's your turn. If there's a treatment, a procedure to restore my sight, I want it! No, I think you're better left off in the dark. So much has changed in your absence. What have you done? Is it laura?

[ Chuckles ] She's the least of your worries. She's been elected mayor of port charles. Chose to be sworn in as laura webber. Finally gave up on your marriage, I guess. Divorce should be finalized soon. Good. Anything to keep her far away from you. Listen to you. Ever the optimist. Well, that might change when you find out what happened to lulu. Someone tried to kill her.

 It was, uh, brutally cold, and sam had been abducted by... her crazy aunt, liv jerome. Wow. Um, julian's told me some stories about her. She sounds like a deeply disturbed woman. Yeah. But sam was able to escape, and then she fell down into an embankment in the snow. Started going into labor. Wow. She was all alone? Yeah, she was, and I don't think I've ever been that scared. I'll never forget looking over the side of that bridge and seeing sam in the snow. And I got down there just in time to help her with the delivery, and, uh, scout arrived perfectly fine. But sam passed out, so I carried sam and my daughter up the road. You know, you're very lucky. You were able to save your daughter... okay, so... once we finish our homework, we can work more on the planner. What else do you want to do today? Well, I have some ideas... mm-hmm. ...But the most important thing is to live every moment to the fullest. That'll be easier once I get my driver's license. We can -- okay, your junior driver's license. It comes with restrictions in new york. Then we'll have to check out some of our neighboring states

without restrictions. Okay.

[ Exhales sharply ] Oh, hey. Hey! Hey. Listen, hey, thanks so much for taking care of wiley. Oh, yeah, my pleasure. Actually, wiley and i had a bet going to see how long you and lucas would stay out. I won.

[ Laughs ] All right. Um, ms. Tait, right? Willow, please. A-and you teach third grade? You have an excellent memory. Well, my husband and i are really interested in the schools and educational system, f-for obvious reasons, right? Actually, I'd love to get your thoughts about when would be a good time to start wiley in a play group. Julian: Hey, uh, brad, do you want me to help you, uh, get wiley in the car? I know you said you were in a rush. Uh, no, that's -- that's all right. Uh, willow and I are just getting to know each other. We need to speak with kevin. Yes, we do need to speak to kevin, but he's already denied knowing cabot. Mm. Well, a lot of people lie the first time they're questioned. That's why we follow up. Good. We follow up, right? But let's keep in mind that kevin's also a psychiatrist. He's got strong ties to the community. I don't know that they're that strong. I mean, in less than a year, he's gone from marrying laura to leaving her for ava. Exactly. Wait. What does his love life do to tie him to cabot or the virus? It's a pattern of behavior. Yeah. Pattern of behavior. I mean, he's not such an upstanding citizen, is he, really? And if -- and if he did have dealings with cabot or the dvx, then he's trying to cover them up. Good. So let's assume he's a damn liar, all right? Now, how do we get him to tell the truth? And may I just add, the hospital is no place for any kind of enhanced interrogation -- oh, don't worry. Oh, it won't come to that.

[ Chuckles ] What did lulu ever do to you?! She was getting too close to the truth. I made a strategic intervention. You failed. No, I was interrupted by the onset of the same attack that you suffered. Now, I admit, I was concerned when I learned that lulu had survived, but fortunately, she's had a traumatic memory block. Can't remember a thing about the attack.

[ Cellphone beeps ] Oh, I'm so sorry to have to cut this short, but I really do have to run. Get used to running. You'll be doing a lot of it once they realize you're the one who tried to kill lulu.

[ Chuckles ] I have a lot of experience evading tedious law-enforcement efforts.

[ Chuckles ] Forget the law. When sonny corinthos finds out that you tried to murder his daughter-in-law, he'll exact his own kind of justice. He'll never have the chance. Ava and i will be starting a new life far from port charles soon enough. Counting on financing your getaway with the divorce settlement?

[ Sighs ] Laura and I agreed on a complete dissolution. We leave the marriage only with what we brought with us. Except for the prenup. Laura was so generous. I-I-I tried to talk her out of it, but she insisted. The only -- only reason I went along with it is because I figured we'd never need it. Now you're going to take off with the money she intended for me. Yes, laura is nothing if not generous. And so devoted to you, brother. Leave it to her to think of everything. Thanks for pointing that out. You bastard! You've done enough to her! Just leave the money alone. You know, you really shouldn't work yourself up into such a tizzy. Just close your eyes and have some sweet dreams. Oh, I'm so sorry. Forgive me. You don't really have to close your eyes anymore, do you?

[ Lock clicks ] You're the blind one, brother. Fool.

Anna: Thank you so much for coming over so quickly. Of course. Can I get you some tea? Yes, thank you. So glad you're -- you're here. I think with your help, we can prevent others from contracting the virus that you and anna suffered. Well, if I can help anyone avoid that ordeal, I'll certainly try. Okay. Then you can tell us what you know about arthur cabot. Thank you. Uh, I hope you'll forgive me. I, uh... I completely forgot at G.H. The other day, but I've since wracked my brain, and I do remember meeting with cabot. Oh. You don't recall what you discussed, by any chance, do you? Twins. Identical twins. What was he after? Presumably information about my experience with my brother, but I made it clear that I had no interest. So I never really got the details of his research. Did he mention who he was working with? He reached out to me independently. When did this meeting take place?

[ Scoffs ] Years ago. I mean, it couldn't possibly have anything to do with what's going on now. Let's try to relax a little, wilson.

[ Scoffs ] My name is not wilson. It's kevin collins -- dr. Kevin collins. The man who just left here, he's the one who's listed as wilson ritter. Please, wilson. You know what happens when you get too excited. I don't want to see you back in that straitjacket, especially now. You don't believe, but someone will soon. The only one who matters. And who's that? Laura. Do you think kevin told us everything he knew? I'm not sure. I mean, he seemed defensive. Ma-maybe a little too eager to leave. Then our efforts are better spent elsewhere. Such as? We now know that the virus came from dr. Cabot, but we still have more questions than we have answers, because why was he so interested in identical twins? The blindness? What was that? Is -- was that intentional, or -- or was it an accident? Or maybe it was an experiment that went wrong. Or worse. What if it went right? I'm sorry. I-I should nothave brought up that story. You didn'T. I asked. And you know what? It -- it -- it's quite inspiring. You know, it's -- it's inspiring what a-a parent's love and determination can do. Because of you, because of sam, you were able to keep your daughter warm on that dark and stormy night. And because of that, you have her in your life. And now you have me in yours. Okay, well, the next bus is in 20 minutes, so might as well walk it. Could really use my driver's license right about now... okay, well, we can still make walking home an adventure. It's all how you look at it. Yeah, I guess you're right. As long as I'm with you, I'm good.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Hey. Hey. What happened to date night? Oh, it happened -- just ended a little earlier than we anticipated. Oh. Is everything okay? Yeah, everything's fine. We just missed wiley.

[ Both laugh ] Better luck next time. Yeah, thanks. Well, the way we're going, it'll be another 10 years. Try again next week?

[ Sighs ] Yeah. And if you can't stick it out, try again the week after that. You know, it's really important that you and brad spend some time together, because it will give wiley a happier life. Happy parents, happy baby.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, I know.

[ Inhales deeply ] Brad and I have been through so much at this point. There's nothing that's gonna come between us. Uh, michael, would you mind watching wiley another couple minutes? I need a word with brad. Is that okay with you? Uh, yeah, sure. Okay.

[ Clears throat ]

[ Sighs ] You know, wiley and i are starting to feel guilty. You know, as much as we love hanging out with you, we don't want to keep you from your yoga class. Oh, no, it's totally fine. I'm in no rush.

[ Laughs ] Okay, you can't blame wiley being here on me. I had no idea michael would bring him. Okay, that's not the problem. It's her. The schoolteacher? Yeah. How could she be a problem? She thinks she's wiley's birth mother.

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