GH Transcript Tuesday 1/29/19

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 1/29/19


Episode #14208 ~ Julian snaps at Alexis; Laura is desperate; Ava questions her future.

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So, you were working on your piece, and someone came to the door. I remember someone coming in -- who was it? It was you. Carly: Hi, griffin. Is there anything I can get you? Coffee? Water?, no, no. I'm good. Um, you guys want to tell me a little bit about the, uh, behavioral changes you've noticed with mike? His mood s-swings are more severe. He's -- he's not just forgetting things, he's disoriented, and... he's just a lot more angry. And aggressive. Yesterday, he hit sonny. Oh. Look, I'm sorry to hear that.

[ Mumbles ] Yeah. Look, unfortunately, it's -- it's, uh [Sighs] It's not all that uncommon for this type of behavior with alzheimer's patients. You know, what they can control shifts from day to day. So mike's -- mike's lashing out may be a way of fighting you for the control that he's losing. Yeah, but sonny's not mike's enemy. Yeah, but not unlike small children, alzheimer's patients will attack those that they love most, in those relationships that they feel the safest. So living with me is not doing my father any good anymore? It's just -- it's just making it harder for his life?

[ Elevator bell dings ] Stella: Curtis byron ashford! Uh-oh. Hey, aunt stella. You told me you talked to marcus. You didn't tell me you called him to talk about me. No, I -- what on earth gave you the right to go behind my back like that?!

[ Sighs ] I hope that what happened doesn't change the way you feel about me, or the organization. What are you thinking right now? Daisy's confession is making me second-guess the integrity of dod. Okay. That's fair. Let'S...

[ Inhales deeply ] Let's start there. You can ask me anything you want. I will repay your honesty in kind. I have no secrets, I have nothing to hide, and the only thing that is important to me... is regaining your trust. Ah, julian. I was, uh, just thinking about you. Oh. Well, that's a more enthusiastic greeting than I expected, but I'll take it. What's up? I wanted to know if you had talked to kim, if she's all right. And truthfully, I hope that the two of you have been able to patch things up. Jason: Hey. How'd it go? Oh, by the way, spinelli is, uh, going to the hospital to check on lulu, and I got to stop at my place before I go deal with this coffee shipment this afternoon, but, um, we can get together tonight if -- if you want. No. No. I'm -- I'm sorry, jason. We can't do that. We're gonna have to break up. Wha-- w-why? What ha-- what happened? Because kristina is in a lot more trouble than I realized.

I saw you. You were there, and I saw you. Well, of course you did. I-I was just here. I was checking on you. Here? Kevin was here when you woke up. I thought... I'm sorry. It's okay, hon. You know what? I think this is too much. No. No. I want to keep going. Jordan: Okay, lulu. You were in your office, but you weren't alone. Do you remember who was at the door? Mom -- you were there. I remember you came to get me for the book launch. Ohh.

[ Voice breaking ] I'm so sorry, mom. Oh. Why? Why, sweetheart? Because you wanted me to go with you, and I... I didn't go, and then this happened. Oh. Honey, this is not your fault. None of this is your fault. You didn't ask to be attacked. It's okay, sweetheart. She's right, lulu. You didn't do anything wrong. No. And you should certainly expect to be safe in your own office. Okay, you know what? There are too many people in this room. Dr. Collins, aren't you still a patient?

[ Sighs ] Technically, yes. I'm sorry. I-I'll be quiet. Just, please, may I stay? No. We -- we should go. Oh. Yes. Lulu, I'm -- I'm so happy you're awake now. I'm so sorry this happened to you, but with your help, we will find your attacker. I know it's important. I want to remember, but... ...there's nothing there. Why did you want to leave? What if lulu remembers? Lulu needs rest. And she won't get it with everyone hovering over her. It's not unusual for a-a victim to have no memory of their attack. Oh, she'll remember. It's only a matter of time. And then the bastard who killed kiki will get what's coming to him. Oh. Uh...sorry. Oh. I didn't know there were people, uh, in here. I'm -- I'm, uh -- I'm just going upstairs. Wait. Dad...dr. Munro is here. Sure. Doc-- dr. Munro. Good, uh... good to see you ag-again. It's good to see you again, mr. Corbin. H-h-how are you? Oh, me? I'm fine. I'm -- I-I-I'm good. Yeah. Um... I... you know, I-I know I'm late on, uh, know? But, uh, I'll have it to you in a couple days, if that's okay? Dad, you don't have to pay rent. No, no, no. I'm good for it. I'm good for it. Just, I couldn't find my checkbook. rush. We know where to find you. Ha. Ha. I see what you did there. Yeah, thanks. Um, I've just... been busy, you know? Very, very busy. Well, w-we don't want to, uh -- we don't want to keep you, mike. No, no, that -- that -- that's okay. I'm -- I'm always happy to say hello to a friend of, um... uh, hey, listen. If you're ever looking for a place to stay, these two are great. They are great. He didn't even know who we are.

[ Sighs ] You handled it well. Being told he should know you would have shaken his confidence when he was already struggling to find his way. I just -- I just want him to hold on to his life. I just want him to hold on to his memories as much as... I know. I-I think it's important to focus on making sure mike has the -- the best life he can at this point. Even if it means lying to him? Mike is slipping farther and farther into a world that he -- he can control. Even if it's inaccurate, it works for him. Being allowed to believe what he thinks is true might -- it might just give him the comfort and the safety that he craves.

[ Sniffles ] Thank you. Thank you. This has been very helpful. It has. From the beginning, we've known this disease only moves in one direction. If it brings you any comfort at all, I-I-I have seen personally how much the last year has meant to mike. H-h-his mind may be slipping, but he can feel the love that his family has for him. Thanks, griffin. Yeah. Thank you for coming by. Of course. Of course.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sniffles ] Come here. Auntie, where do you think I learned to meddle? No, no, seriously, what -- what motivated you to contact chandra behind my back? Don't go changing the subject. All right. And I already apologized about that. You did apologize. And I accepted it because I love you and I know that you were doing what you thought was best for me. Oh, well, don't think about claiming that you were acting in my best interest. What gave you the idea that talking to marcus about ancient history that happens to be none of your business would be good for me? I assumed it was miscommunication. Marcus seems like a great guy, and if y'all could just, you know, talk things out... curtis, kindly refrain from making assumptions about my life! So, h-how's it gonna help kristina if -- if we break up? Because if I'm single, it gives shiloh the opening that he wants. Ah. It's about shiloh. I was just at the dawn of day house, and shiloh and kristina were there. And shiloh is so deeply concerned about our accusations, he's opening up his own personal investigation. I take it you don't like what he found. No, jason, I don'T. He convinced one of kristina's friends, daisy, to take the blame. What, you think she was lying? No. I think that she believed every single word that she was saying. She was -- she was so desperate for me to think that she was responsible. Too desperate? Oh, yeah. Like her life depended on it.

Your mother left. You went back to work on your article. You spotted a discrepancy. Then what? I heard the door. Heard it open? I don't think so. I think it was locked. You would have had to have opened it. Do you remember opening the door?

[ Breathes sharply ]

[ Gasping ] Laura: Lulu? Lulu?

[ Voice breaking ] It hurts. Oh, honey, it's okay. It's hurting! It's all right, sweetie. You're safe. You're here with me. You're here with me. Look at me, sweetheart. Here I am. You're okay. -What happened? -She got really upset. Okay. I'm gonna increase her pain meds. It's okay. Yes, please. No! No. No. No. I need to remember. No, you don'T. We're stopping this. It's too soon. You've done enough for now, okay? You just rest. The rest can wait. I'm sorry. It's okay. You don't need to apologize. Everything's okay, okay? Feel better, lulu. Yeah. I'm so glad you're safe.

[ Exhales deeply ] It's okay, sweetheart. Okay. No more of that, okay? Just rest now. And know that you're safe, okay? You're safe. I don't understand why you're pushing so hard for me to be with kim. Because her son is very ill. And because she needs you.

[ Sighs ] And I will go as far as to say I think you need her, too. Well...look. I-I've got my hands full right now running charlie's, so... yeah, well, there's more to life than work. Or so people tell me. Look, she grounds you. And quite frankly, I'm worried about what will happen to you without her.

[ Sighs ] Alexis, with all due respect -- how my life turns out... you know, it's no longer your concern. First, you see fit just to step in where you're not wanted! Wow.

[ Sighs ] Curtis, baby, I adore you. You know I do. But I will thank you not to interfere in matters that don't concern you! Now marcus wants to meet me at the metro court to discuss what you said to him. That seems like a fine idea to me. Seems like the two of y'all got some air to clear. I am a grown woman, curtis. If I wanted to rehash things long in the past, I would have done it already. Okay. Fine. Don't go. Cancel. In fact, don't even bother to hear what the man has to say. The man already made reservations and is waiting for me.

[ Sighs ] The least I could do is join him.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

[ Sighs ] I became interested in dod because of daisy. Because of how open she was. Was it all an act? Was she just playing me from the beginning? I can understand how you'd feel that way after what you heard today. Look, though poorly executed, daisy was attempting to follow the practices of dawn of day, which is to mend a hurt and to sow common ground. But none of that was accomplished. She broke your trust and mine and made sam even more suspicious of dod. But not you? No. I've felt stronger and more positive since getting involved with dod. I don't want to let that go. That makes me happy. Well, it seems two positive things came out of daisy's actions. Two? She afforded me the opportunity to uncover the truth in your sister's accusations. And she shined a light on your new direction. Why -- why would he go through all that trouble? Why [Sighs deeply] Why manipulate one of his "followers" when he could have just called you out on your past? Well, because by using daisy, then his hands are clean. He can be the forgiving, kind mentor. And your sister can't see him for who he is. She bought the -- the -- the entire act.

[ Sighs ] I'm sorry, sam. Kristina just -- she needs someone to believe in right now. And shiloh sees that, and he's gonna take advantage of it. And he's gonna lead her down the wrong path. And [Scoffs] He's gonna isolate her from her own family. And if I am going to protect kristina, I've got to beat shiloh at his own game. Guard on mrs. Falconeri's room, and triple-check anyone who wants to enter. No one but medical or police personnel, unless authorized by me or the mayor, is allowed in. Oh, dr. Collins. Yes? I'm sorry if I got a little bit short with you earlier. Not at all. I let my personal concern for lulu override my professional judgment. We need to maintain our objectivity in situations like this. It's the only way we can truly be effective.

 I was called for a consult? Yes. Something strange happened when jordan was questioning lulu. She had this huge physical reaction when she tried to remember. And I know that it's probably trauma and -- and panic and all of that, but I just want to be sure that she hasn't had some kind of a brain injury. Yeah. I, uh, I'll have a look. Okay. Well, I'd prefer to examine lulu alone. I-I don't want her downplaying her symptoms to protect your feelings. Pretty sure you could use a moment alone yourself, huh? Yes. Thank you. I'll be right back. Okay, thanks. Laura? I-I-I was just looking for you. I thought maybe you'd like a cup of coffee about now. Thank you. How is she?

[ Exhales deeply ] Physically, she'll make a full recovery. I don't know yet about emotional trauma. It may take some time, but lulu's strong. I'm just so glad that she was able to escape. I should go. Ava, wait a minute. Thank you for checking on my daughter. I wouldn't wish what happened to kiki on anybody's daughter -- or their mother. What are you thinking? Well, I'm just thinking we're... we're doing the right thing. I mean, munro, you know, he'S...

[Sighs] Everything he's said has come true. I'm just feeling like I was selfish for thinking I was the only one who could do right by him. Not selfish. Loving. You're a good son. And you heard what griffin said -- mike will know we love him long past remembering anything. He will know how much we love him, sonny. You know, I just hope that, despite the mistakes and the misunderstandings and the years apart, that... you know how much your dad loves you. Okay, so -- so how are you gonna beat shiloh? What do you mean how am I gonna beat shiloh? By out-conning the con. Okay. You've been pretty confrontational so far, so if you turn too quickly, he will suspect something. Okay. Okay. You're right. All right. I've got to go slow. I've got to let him wear me down. I've got to let him think that I'm vulnerable, right? Come on, jason. What's more vulnerable than me breaking up with you? Is this a legitimate release, or you are busting out of here?

[ Chuckles ] I've signed my release papers. I am a free man. Hmm. Finally, some good news. You know, I'm worried about you. I think lulu's attack has opened the wound of kiki's death wide open. Your support means so much to me. Some days it's all that gets me through. That's what I'm talking about. You're exhausted -- emotionally and physically. I think we should take the chance, now that we know that lulu's gonna be all right, and get out of town, just leave port charles. No. I can'T. I've told you that I will not leave without avery. Well, I'm just suggesting a vacation. Not a permanent exodus. Hey. Laura: Hey. I'd like to discuss my preliminary assessment of lulu.

Now, I didn't find any markers that would indicate a brain injury, but I ordered a cat scan, just to be certain. Now, lulu may have just pushed herself too hard to remember. Mm. How soon before lulu can identify her attacker? I can't say. her body recovers and she regains strength, her recall will get better. But there is a psychological aspect as well. You know, a psychiatrist may be better suited than i to address lulu's memory loss. Okay. Thank you. Thank you, doctor, for explaining everything.

[ Inhales deeply ] I'm gonna go sit with my daughter. Thank you for your help, dr. Munro. I am just as eager for lulu to remember as everyone else. I want kiki's killer found.

[ Sighs ] This is the commissioner. Any updates on -- you know what? I have to handle something. I'll call you right back. Dr. Collins. Have you gotten a clean bill of health? I am no longer a patient. Ah. In fact, I was just about to check in with my office... well, in that case, could you join us in lulu's room? Marcus [Scoffs] I know my nephew spoke to you -- he gave me quite a talking-to about how I treated you at turning woods.

[ Scoffs ] I'm so sorry. He had no right to speak to you. He had every right. Curtis loves you. And I deserved to be called out. That's very gracious, but it's not necessary -- I just decided not to interfere with yvonne's relationship with mike corbin. I was saying goodbye, in a way. And I lashed out at you when really the fault lies in the horrible disease that took my wife from me -- and from herself. There's no apologies necessary. It's devastating to lose someone you love. Whether it's gradual, like you and yvonne, or quick like --

[ Sighs ] Any loss is painful. Even if it's quick -- like you and me. It has become clear to me that daisy is not evolved enough to keep the role of outreach ambassador. I don't like what daisy did, but you don't need to make her leave. She'll be crushed without dawn of day in her life. I'm not suggesting that she leave, just that she take some time to recommit herself to her learning. But it is precisely your ability to see the bigger picture that makes you the perfect candidate for the role. I could think of no better person for ambassador.

[ Sighs ] I don't know if I'm ready. Kris...I see you. I do. I see your ability. Would you please just consider it? This is what I'm gonna do -- I'm gonna tell everyone that I realized that there is no future with you. That I still care about you, but I need time by myself. And I got to figure out who I am. And stand on my own and make a life of my own. Which everybody will believe. And then I will "admit" to shiloh that I-I can't do it and I can't stand on my own. And then he is gonna want to offer his enlightenment and guidance. Which he'll be eager to provide. W-wait a minute. You're gonna join dawn of day? Yeah, jason, I am. It's the only way to figure out what the hell my sister's getting into.

You really think I can do it? Outreach ambassador is such a critical role in dod. It is. But I have faith in you.

[ Laughs ] Then I accept. Thank you. I promise I won't let you down. I have no doubt that my trust is well-placed. Losing you hurt. You never even asked if I would be willing to stay with you instead of taking that job. Because I knew if I had asked, you'd have stayed. Marcus, you worked too hard to put yourself through school. Working two jobs and still managed to graduate at the top of your class? And that opportunity in san francisco was too good to pass up. A position seldom offered to a black man, you mean. Certainly not right out of school. I was so proud of you -- and it -- it just made my decision clear. My sister needed me. She couldn't -- there was no way she could raise those two boys by herself. I had to break up with you. And I was right to do it. You have had a wonderful life. I did have a wonderful life. Yvonne and I loved each other deeply for over 30 years. Hmm. But that doesn't lessen the love I felt for you back then. You were fierce...

[ Laughs ] ...Stubborn, smart, beautiful, and I was proud to be your man.

[ Receiver hangs up ]

[ Sighs ] All the arrangements made? Yeah, he's -- his -- his room is waiting for him at turning woods. Mike: Oh. Hey.

[ Laughs ] I'm glad I caught you two. What's up, dad? Uh... I-I want to -- I want to thank you two, you know, um... you have a swell place here, and -- and I appreciate you taking me in. You going somewhere? Time to take the plunge. I'm moving in with my yvonne. I'm sorry for the short notice -- no, it's fine. Uh... we -- we knew this time would come. Yeah. We've loved having you here.

[ Chuckles softly ] You know what? You've got a -- you got a room here...

[Voice breaking] You've got a room here any time you want, okay? Thank you. Uh...well, I guess -- I guess I'd better be going, you know, uh...

[ Chuckles ] Uh-- y-- she -- she... she's waiting for me, and she kind of hates when I... when I miss the card game. And know, it's a -- it's a long bus ride, so... hey, I-I have an idea -- why don't I get my coat and I'll give you a ride? I c-- I'd hate to impose. Oh, don't be silly. Great. Yeah. Um... you know, that sure beats public transportation.

[ Carly and sonny laugh ] You'll be the best-looking cabbie I've ever had.

[ Chuckles ] I'm gonna get my coat.

[ Exhales sharply ] She's a keeper, that one. Yeah, she is.

[ Laughs ] You'd like -- you'd like my gal. She's a keeper, too. All right. So... um... my gloves. Oh. I don't know... I-I think -- I think I le-- I think I left them on -- on the bureau. Okay. Okay? Uh, watch my bag for me? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Make sure your gloves aren't in here...

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Mike...

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs, sniffles ] Uh...I'm unclear as to what you're asking me. Well, I understand the importance of her remembering, but I guess my first priority is her health. As it should be. I want to help. But couldn't pushing herself to remember actually be dangerous for her? I-in a word, yes. The mind is fragile, and lulu's loss of memory might actually be her psyche protecting her from experiencing the trauma that she's not yet prepared to face. And forcing the issue could have unforeseen consequences. But I want to remember. I-I'm not fighting it. Not consciously, no. But you need to trust the messages that your brain is sending you, and be patient. Okay. You know what? I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask you to stop questioning her until she's had time to gather her strength. Of course. Excuse me. I need to check in with the station. Okay. I can barely keep my eyes open. Then don't try. Rest is still the best medicine. Yeah. Kevin's right, sweetheart. Go to sleep. Rest. Let yourself heal.

[ Monitor beeping ] Thank you. Despite everything that's happened between us, I-I appreciate that you were here for lulu -- and for me. Of course. There's nothing I want more than to make sure that lulu is completely taken care of. Mm. Mm. How is she? She's healing. She should fully recover from the stab wound. That's good. But...? But she has no memory of her attacker, and we don't know when or if her memory is going to return.

hi, sweetie. How are you? Hi, mom. Good. You? I'm good. It's nice to hear from you. I was hoping we could get together. Okay. How about lunch tomorrow? Are you free tonight? Sure. Tonight would be great. Good. You said you would be willing to approach dawn of day with an open mind, so now's your chance. I signed you up for a seminar with me. Tonight. Shiloh...hi. This is...sam mccall. Well, you gave me your number. Now I'm -- I'm giving you mine. I, uh -- I hope to hear from you soon. Okay, so -- so h-how's this gonna work? Well, you can visit danny only -- only here. But from here on out, we've just -- we've got to act like exes. Uh, okay. But only in public. I mean, not -- not in private.

[ Laughs ] Because I-I just... I got you back, and I -- and I -- I don't want to lose you right now. You just said I can only come here to visit danny. Well, then it's -- I-it's good that you've got a place of your own. You know, I -- I haven't actually seen your bedroom yet. What's it look like? Well, you're gonna have to come over and see for yourself. Okay. Well, maybe next time, for now, we can just, you know... use mine. Well, you just -- but you just said that -- well, what? No, no, no, no. We are not officially "broken up" yet. Okay. I'm -- I'm kinda losing track. Well, don't worry. I'll keep track for both of us.

[ Grunts ] Ah! [ Laughs ] All right. Ava. There you are. Uh, I'm not sure that you hanging around here is a very good idea. Well, as long as there's a chance that lulu will remember who attacked her, I cannot go home. Ava. I know. I know. I know that it's not completely rational. In fact, kevin suggested that it might be better for me if he and I left town for a bit. Oh, well, that might not be a bad idea. I think a break would be good for you. In fact, I should probably leave town myself. Port charles is becoming awfully claustrophobic lately. Curtis: Oh. Hey, madam mayor. Hi. I'm worried about my daughter's safety. We know that she can't remember who attacked her, but the killer doesn't know that. So he sees her as the only living witness. It makes her a target. Well, lulu's got round-the-clock protection. I've got cops posted throughout the hospital. Thank you. As mayor, I want as many officers out on the street as I can possibly have to catch this guy, okay? But, as a mother, I want one guy here whose sole purpose is to make sure my daughter is safe. I was hoping that might be you, curtis? I don't know if I can hire you to be lulu's bodyguard? Yeah. I don't see that being a problem. What are your thoughts? No. In fact, I think it'll allow me to focus on our outside efforts. Great. Well, we, uh -- we agree. Anyone coming for lulu is gonna have to go through me. This is dr. Collins. What is it? Yes, I know you've called me several times. I've been very busy. Mr. Wilson? What kind of emergency? Feels like this conversation is 35 years overdue.

[ Laughs ] That it does. I hope we have more. I'll be staying in town so I can be close to yvonne. I don't see why we -- we can't be friends. Always helps to have someone to talk to. Yes, it does.

As you get closer where's mike? Uh, he went upstairs. He for-- had to get s-something.

[ Sighs ] This is all happening really fast, so... you know, are you sure you're okay with it? Yeah. I'm okay. If it makes my dad happy, I'm happy. You should come with us. You should. It'll make you feel better to see him settled in. No, you go ahead. You can fake it better than I can. I don't want to make it worse.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Ha-ha-ha! Right where I left 'em. All right. You all set, dad? You all set? Yep. All right. You know, two are such good people. I g-- I'd recommend this place to -- to anyone. It was good to have you here, dad. Thanks. Good to be here. You sure know how to make a guy feel at home. Okay. I hope I see you around. Yeah, you will. Good. Okay? Yeah. All right.

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