GH Transcript Monday 1/28/19

General Hospital Transcript Monday 1/28/19


Episode #14207 ~ Sam has unfinished business; Laura asks for privacy; Ryan is determined to finish what he started.

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 hello, lulu. Sorry. I didn't see you come in. Almost finished organizing the schedule for the soup kitchen.

[ Sighs ] Is there anything else that you need from me? Yes. Your forgiveness. I mean, it's -- it's okay. It's okay if you want to laugh at me. Why -- why would I laugh? Because I'm a paranoid lunatic who almost wore a hole in the floor because you had a meeting with spinelli. Well, the floor, uh -- the floor looks okay to me. And then I-I wrote and deleted the dumbest text in history. Really? How -- how dumb? It was pretty dumb. It said, um, "hi. Hi. How was, uh, spinelli's flight?"

[ Both chuckle ] Just so I could text you. You know you don't have to make excuses to text me. I know. I mean, I-I-I deleted it. But, you know, you're right because you're here. You -- you made it home. Here I am. Yeah. Not one print or dna on the weapon? Have you gotten anything on the make and model of the knife? Find out where it's sold locally. Go over the receipts and footage from those retailers. I cannot impress on you enough the longer that this takes, the colder the trail gets. Okay, well, I want answers and not excuses.

[ Police radio chatter ]

[ Whistles ]

[ Sighs ] I'm pretty sure you put the fear of god in somebody. We finally caught a break -- the killer left two pieces of good evidence. I just -- I want to be ready when lulu wakes up and I.D.S this guy... why would kevin lie about knowing dr. Cabot? We need to question him alone and without any interference. Uh, let's not get carried away. He only withheld information. He hasn't done anything criminal.

[ Sighs ] Well, that remains to be seen. All right, okay. Well... I'm kevin's doctor, so I'll need to accompany you to make sure his recovery isn't compromised...

[ Scoffs ] Come on. We're not gonna waterboard him. -[ Chuckles ] -Well...not yet. I'm pretty sure that's a joke. All right, let's stay focused. The only information that we need is how kevin and i could've possibly contracted the same rare virus, right? And then we also wanted to know why he would lie about knowing dr. Cabot.

[ Monitor beeping ]

His clothes are still here, so he didn't leave. So, where the hell's he gone? I just checked at the nurses' station. Griffin ordered some tests for kevin -- but when the nurse came to get him, they couldn't find him. So, where's he disappeared to? Oh, I know. Of course. If he's anything like me, he's probably gone to the solarium, o-or maybe the roof -- anywhere where there's a view, because it was really terrifying to lose my sight. And then when I got it back, I-I just wanted to savor everything. So maybe collins is off savoring the joys of nature. Or maybe he's covering his tracks. At this point, that might be a tiny bit paranoid. It comes with the profession.Yeah. Mm. Well...I mean, he does have a point, you know? If kevin lied about knowing dr. Cabot... ...what else did he lie about?

[ Monitor beeping ] Mom? We've checked all the security footage from the metro court. Accounted for all the guests and staff... but lucy's book launch was that same night -- as you know, there were a lot of people moving through.

[ Sighs ] And this killer managed to... take the body to the terrace. So, obviously, they're familiar with the layout... mm-hmm. ...As well as the security features of the metro court. As well as how to avoid them. Mm-hmm. Have you had the staff screened? Thoroughly. But we're taking a second look. What about hotlines? Are there any tips? Nothing credible. A lot of nuts calling in. Conspiracy theorists. One person thinks it's a cop, since the killer seems to be a step ahead of us... the golden state killer was a cop. I've already had the new york state fbi vet my entire force. Curtis, I need a break in this case.

[ Sighs ] You think maybe you're too -- too close to the case? Well, I'm not going to deny that it affects me personally. But that seems to be the way that the killer wants it. I mean, leaving kiki's body in our honeymoon suite. Luring you to the edit bay where he killed peyton mills... you think he's provoking you? I think he thinks he's smarter than all of us, and he's trying to prove it. The horrifying kills and the elaborate stagings... I mean, lulu was more than just a random victim. She was the media. Maybe she was onto something. Peter august told me he was trying to discourage her from pursuing an angle for her story... that producer... maybe he was onto something, too. Yeah. There's something there. We just ain't seeing it. Well, lulu's seen it -- she's an eyewitness, and that's a game changer. Why would you need my forgiveness? For the seminar the other day. About "unburdening your past"... you seemed really upset. I needed to be upset. I had to relive those memories of my old boyfriend. Like you said, it's necessary to change the narrative. Mm. If sam hadn't have jumped in, I might've been able to unburden myself even more. So you're still bothered by those memories? I'm trying to work through some of it on my own. I mean, your book has helped me tremendously. I've written down, like, all the things that I wish I could've done and said to kiefer. And, you know, I do feel better about it. Are you sure? Because, I mean, sam seemed pretty adamant that we pushed you a little too hard. She just doesn't get what we're doing. Maybe if she had participated in one of your seminars, she would be able to get over the obstacles that she's placed in her own path. She just doesn't see that she's stuck in this "in-between" place. Yeah. And she just doesn't know how to get out of it. I understand how you could be upset with sam with interfering with your healing process. However... next time, perhaps, try and have a little compassion for her instead -- a little empathy for her inability to find and embrace joy. I mean, you -- you know I'm not normally this superstitious. Yeah, yeah. I know. I know. I-it's just that I'm -- I'm really happy right now. And when you were gone, I was -- I was pacing around. And now it's just I-I've realized that I was making myself crazy, worrying that something could take you away from me again. And I [Sighs] I had to accept that I've got to be grateful for what we have and that we're together and there's nothing that I can do to control this and just enjoy it. Yeah, I definitely don't want you to be afraid for me. That's exactly my point. I'm not.

I have -- I have -- I've been working really, really hard the last few months to try and -- to rebuild, you know, and -- and trust my instincts. Mm-hmm. And to... to know that I am able to love without losing myself. And I-I just want you to know that you don't have to worry about me worrying about you. And -- and I... I promise I won't fall apart every time you walk out the door. I-I-I will be okay. I trust this. Well, you seem pretty confident. I know.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Well, I mean, I am. And really -- or last night, I mean -- it wouldn't have happened. Last night was... was great. Yeah, it was. And, uh, this morning was even better. When, uh -- when I woke up... ...and you were smiling at me... know, I thought about just... just how beautiful... ...just how beautiful you are.

[ Scoffs ] I'm not just talking about your face in that moment. I'm talking about all the ways... that I've seen you. You know, happy, sad, angry, determined, laughing out loud...

[ Chuckles ] ...Playing dominoes... ...just dancing in the rain. I have all these images... ...all the way back to the first time I set my eyes on you in that interrogation room.

[ Laughs ]

[ Sniffles ]

[ Chuckles ] Sam, I look at you... ...and I think how incredibly... lucky that I am to love you... ...and have you love me. And I will never...

ever take that for granted. Promise?

[ Chuckles ] Run another check on their records. Get back to me as soon as you can. And, hey, dalton... good work. Sounds like a break. The knife used on lulu was a national brand,

but only one retailer sells it locally. Maybe we can get an image off of their camera or get a hit off of one of the receipts. Let's just hope it wasn't purchased online. Yeah, that would make it a lot harder to trace. But I got my tech team on it.

[ Cellphone rings ] It's the hospital. This is commissioner ashford. Is lulu falconeri awake?

[ Monitor beeping ] Don't fight it... almost there.

[ Door opens ] I think she's waking up. She squeezed my hand. Kevin? What are you doing? Uh, well, I came to check on lulu, and I thought she, uh, could use a little help with her airway. That's a good idea, doctor.

[ Monitor beeping ] I, uh -- I heard that you were admitted to the hospital last night because you couldn't s-see? Y-yes, it -- it was the strangest thing. I contracted a virus, but I-I'm fine now. I just didn't realize that lulu hadn't regained consciousness. I think she's waking up. That's why I got dr. Lacey. She appears to be going in and out of consciousness. Lulu, can you hear me?

[ Breathing heavily ] Lulu? Honey? Lulu, honey, it's mom. Honey, you need to wake up now. Come on, now. You can do it. It's okay. You're all right. Rocco and charlotte really want to see you, honey. Lulu? You can do it. You can do it. -Mom? -Yes. -Is that you? -Yes, honey. I'm here. I'm right here. I'm with you, and you're safe.

[ Sniffles ] I mean, we all have pain and fear in our hearts. But that being said, you're incredibly strong. You're a lot like sam and your mother... -wait. You've met my mother? -I have. What did she say to you? I'm so sorry...

[ Chuckling ] No, no, no, it's okay. It was a very enlightening experience. But sam's bad enough. You shouldn't have to deal with my mother, too. Well, I can understand them being wary of me. I mean, my path crossed theirs at almost precisely the same time that sam's own past became an issue... because of the e-mails and the obituary sam got? I don't blame them for thinking that I was involved.

[ Scoffs ] I told jason and sam that it's a complete coincidence. There's no way that you would be targeting sam. Kristina, I love the faith that you have in me. I hope you remember that when the truth comes out. What do you mean?

[ Sighs ] Well, it seems the mystery's been solved. Okay, where are the kids? At your mom'S. -Upstairs? -[ Exhales sharply ] Anytime.

[ Knock on door ] -No, no. -What? No, no, no, no, no. We'll just ignore it. -Ignore it. -It's your call.

[ Knocking continues ]

[ Groans ]

[ Grumbles ] -Get rid of whoever it is. Okay. Gracious greetings! Spinelli. I-I-I was hop-- I was hoping, uh, jason might be here with you. -It'S... -oh! And I see my surmise was correct. -[ Sighs ] -Hi, spinelli. Am I, perchance, interrupting? No. No. No, no, no. -Really? Nope. What -- what's up? What do you need? -It's good to see you. -It's good to see you.

[ Both laugh ] It's good to see you. Well, thanks for the save. Oh. Yes. You're most welcome. I trust my information was of use? Yeah, sam, uh... she saved me from drowning. Indeed. And most felicitous.

[ Chuckles ] And a-an interesting, uh, reversal of roles, since normally you're the one doing the saving. I think I-I owed him one.

[ Both chuckle ] It appears I have picked a good time to visit. My dear friends radiate contentment. I do, however, apologize, stone cold, for missing our meeting at the -- at the metro court. There was a significant delay in de-planing. We were stuck on the tarmac for over an hour. -Ugh! That's terrible. -[ Sighs ] But I did make good use of the time. Uh, after facetiming with georgie, I resumed my research into shiloh and dawn of day. Okay. Well, what did you find? Well, after a rather circuitous internet dive, I was able to confirm that the e-mails came from inside dawn of days. -I knew it. I knew it. -[ Sighs ] I told you shiloh was lying all along.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Excuse me.

[ Ringing continues ] It's kristina. Hey. What's going on? Are you free right now? Why? What happened? I need you. It's about dawn of day.

Thank god lulu's awake. Uh, yes, she's incredibly resilient. Laura, I think we should talk about this. I can't right now. I have phone calls to make. There are a lot of people who will want to know that lulu's awake. -It's wonderful news, but... -yeah. ...Laura, do you want me to talk to her? Once her doctor is finished with her? Really? You flatly turned me down when I asked for help with aiden... recent events have changed my perspective. I really do want to do everything I can to help. And lulu will definitely need counseling. I'll let her know that you offered, okay? But right now, the most important thing is that she identify her attacker. But you can't push her. She's very, very fragile.

[ Sighs ] Okay, kevin. I appreciate your input. I'll be right by her side to make sure she doesn't get too upset, all right? But jordan's already on her way over to question her. Excuse me. Should we have accompanied fair samantha? Sam can handle it. Shiloh will be less defensive if she's alone. So it is your belief that this charlatan I-is targeting kristina as a means to get to samantha? Yeah, I mean, it's looking more and more like that. Kristina is in deep, and she refuses to separate herself from shiloh or his group. Okay, well, is kristina aware that samantha stole this man's inheritance by way of swindling his father? Yeah, she knows. And it just makes shiloh look better to kristina. He says that -- that losing the money "freed" him up and put him on that path to enlightenment. Well... after extensive research, I can attest that when the man in question was known as hank archer, being spiritually aware was the last thing on his mind. So, he was quite the popular student at bolton arms prep, where he, uh, flaunted his pecs and his cash readily. I mean, his -- his parties were the stuff of teenaged boys' dreams. He then departed to europe on an open-ended sojourn. But...after his reversal of fortune -- at fair samantha's hands -- he secured employment at a global security firm and then fell off the grid for a while. He then resurfaced as shiloh the beatific, full of answers to the meaning of life. I mean, if he's so enlightened, why is he dredging up sam's past? -What's up? -I'm not really sure... sam, we appreciate your presence. -I don't know if I can do this. -[ Whispers ] You'll be fine. What's going on here? Are -- are you okay? I'm fine, sam. You needn't always assume the worst. Kristina called you here at my urging. I have some information that will bring us all some peace. Especially you, daisy. Oh. Okay. I'm listening.

[ Clears throat ] So, i had a conversation with your mother last night and she shared with me her concerns and I thought about it, and you were right, sam. It's not a coincidence or chance that your past became an issue when kristina joined dawn of day. So I felt the need to investigate the genesis of those e-mails and that obituary.

[ Scoffs ] Which implies that you had nothing to do with them. No, I didn'T. Not directly. But I do feel somewhat responsible. That's not true. It was me. I was the one who sent all those things to you. The e-mails, the obituary, all of it. We know cabot worked for the dvx. We know collins lied about having met cabot. It's, uh... not too hard to figure that collins may have worked for the dvx. Well, I don't know about -- I wouldn't -- not sure I'd go that far that fast. I only know dr. Collins professionally, but he's pretty well-respected in his field. Yeah. I don't know if I see him as a "deep-cover" spy. Mnh-mnh. I don't think it's too hard to conclude that the good doctor may have had a secret life that we know nothing about. I... -oh. -I'm very tired. I wish you would all please leave. I'm afraid not. Yeah, we're just wondering if you could clarify something for us. Um... we asked you if you knew dr. Cabot, and you said that you didn'T. But the wsb has proof that you did meet with him. We just were wondering why you would lie to us about that. Hey.

[ Monitor beeping ] I'm right here, hon. I'm right here. -Mom? -Yes, sweetie. And you don't have to talk, okay, if it's too hard. You're gonna be all right. Rocco and charlotte... are they okay? Yes. They're fine. They're absolutely fine. Uh, rocco's over at the quartermaines with ned and olivia, and charlotte is with valentin and nina. You know, charlotte insisted on coming over last night to check on you. She wasn't gonna take no for an answer. She's my good-luck charm. I know.

[ Chuckles ] So she said. Dante? We're trying to get in touch with him. No. No. Don'T. Might blow his cover. Okay. Lulu? Lulu, honey, can -- oh, good. Can you stay awake just for a little bit? Honey... do you know what happened to you? I-I was attacked? Yes. But you survived. You're okay. Everything's gonna be all right. You're strong, and you're brave. And you made it. They caught him, didn't they?

 So, daisy, you've been digging around in my past? Sending me e-mails from linda black? -I am so sorry. -No, please. You don't have to apologize. Really? I mean, come on, shiloh. This is low for you -- having daisy take the blame. No, he -- he didn'T. I swear. Um, he didn't -- he wouldn't do anything like that. -Okay... -it was me. Okay. Well, why are you targeting me, then? Shiloh writes in his book about how a woman swindled his father and how that made a pivotal change in his life. Kristina used to talk about you -- the struggles you've been through... and how you used to run a con on certain men. I was curious. How could you do that? I trusted you -- I wanted to find any way to help you heal your relationship with your family... by digging for dirt on sam? No, it was just research, okay? I... the dates matched up with shiloh's story, and I made an educated guess that it could be sam... and when you replied to the e-mails, I knew I was right. Sam, I wasn't gossiping about you. It's true. She admires you so much. I was just comparing our lives and how easy it is to get off track and go to some dark places. But I-I never had a-a good reason for messing up -- I mean, not like you. I didn't have to take care of a-a brother all alone.

[ Stammering ] It's okay. I don't blame you. Daisy went after you because of what I said about you. You stalked and harassed my sister! -It would appear that way. -I didn't mean to! I swear! I only did it for the right reasons, okay?! In researching the origin of these mysterious e-mails, I discovered that much of sam's history... mm-hmm. ...Her -- her aliases, her fraudulent marriages -- can be accessed online. So, if someone knew where to look for them, they could find these records, just like I did. Okay, so is there any way to tell if somebody else was trying to access the records? There was a limit to what I could do on the tarmac. The wi-fi was spotty, but now that I have a good signal, it will be no time before I can trace who sent those e-mails.

[ Sighing ] Okay. Good job, spinelli. Thanks. Uh, you need some more coffee? No. Answers? Yes. Uh... it seems there's been A... thaw in your and fair samantha's relationship? Congratulations. That -- that's -- okay. It's w-- it's wonderful. Who can I tell? Mnh-mnh. But w-- 'cause I'm just gonna -- I'm gonna be seeing maxie and young james later, and I -- and I'd like to surprise lulu, as well.

[ Sighs ] I -- I'm sorry. I should've told you. Told me what? Lulu was nearly stabbed to death.

[ Knock on door ] Lulu, I'm glad to see you awake. Do you think you can answer some questions? I don't know that she's up to questioning, jordan. I'm sorry to have to insist, but every minute is crucial. -You didn't catch the killer? -Not yet. But we were able to collect some valuable evidence. We still don't have an I.D., But we're hoping that you can provide one. But you don't have to do this right now, honey. The priority is that you heal... mom. I can do this. Arthur cabot. Now, we know you met him -- we have proof. So why the secrecy? How do you know you even have the right kevin collins? Your photo, your name in his file. We questioned you last night, right? Now, dr. Cabot -- he used to do research for the dvx. So w-- all we want to do is clarify what your association was with him. I can'T. I don't know the man! -But you had dealings with him! -I deal with a lot of people! The name arthur cabot means nothing to me.

[ Sighs ] Finn, I really don't feel well. I'm very tired. I just had surgery. You're my doctor. Will you please ask them to leave? Are you sure you're up to this? I want to help.

[ Sighs ] Everything's fuzzy. It feels like I can't wake up. Do you think maybe we should talk to the doctor before this starts? No. I want to do this. There's no pressure. If you need to stop, we will. Okay.

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Sighs ] You were attacked in your office on the seventh floor at the metro court. Your mother confirmed that she saw you there at approximately 7:15 P.M. You told her that you were working on a story, but you planned to attend the book launch that was taking place at the metro court restaurant. Your mother left you alone in your office. At approximately 9:30 P.M., You arrived in the restaurant semiconscious with a stab wound to your chest. Can you tell us what happened in your office? I was working. On what? On... on a story about the serial killer.

Kevin, I understand your, uh --your need to rest, but this -- this virus could affect many others. As a fellow physician, I think you -- you recognize the urgency here. Did you work with dr. Cabot? What was the nature of your work with him? I can't tell you what I don't know. We have your shot with cabot. D-do you not see that your cooperation with us can give us answers? And -- and don't you want to find out -- I don't know! Okay?! I swear! I promise I don't know! Please, will you just leave?! Please! I'm sorry. As his doctor, I'm required to shut this down now. We have your cellphone records. You made some calls. Do you remember? Dante. I talked to him. He told me that he loved me. That he was going deep undercover and would be out of touch. After you spoke to dante, you left some messages for others, and you had a conversation with peter august. Peter was annoyed. He wasn't gonna publish my story. Yeah, something about the direction the piece was taking. Do you remember that? Um... I... -it's okay. Do you want to take a break? -No. No, I want to finish...

[ Sighs ] We believe the attacker entered your office after you made those phone calls. Do you remember who it was? I don't know. All I remember is boarding the elevator. I was feeling sick, n-nauseous, like I was gonna faint. I-I remember pushing the button for the elevator.

[ Voice breaking ] I just had to get to my mom. And you did, sweetheart. You made it all the way to the restaurant. You saved your own life. Jordan: Think back to before you got on the elevator. Do you remember leaving your office? Did you see anyone? I don't know.

[ Crying ] I don't remember. I'm so sorry. No, honey. It's all right. It's all right. You don't have anything to be sorry about.

[ Sniffles ] The most important thing is that you're all right, lulu. Your mother's right. The most important thing is that you survived. Kiki didn'T. Neither did the other two. I have to remember for their sake. It's okay. Don't pressure yourself. No. It's coming back to me. I-I m-- I must go to the hospital to visit my dear friend. Um, thank you for sparing me the shock of discovering on my own. And I-I assure you, I shall return anon, and we'll solve the mystery of dawn of day. Okay, just focus on lulu. Forget about everything else.

[ Door closes ] Your explanation doesn't make any sense. I swear I was trying to help. I thought, I don't know, if you were reminded of your past, you'd -- you'd be more receptive to dawn of day. Okay, so you figured out that i was married to shiloh's father. How did you find out about the other guys? Especially the guy from galena? It's not as hard as you think if you know where to look. Well, yeah, I-I know, but how do you know? I was a computer science major. I, um -- I designed a search program, and once I found out the man's name, I ordered a hard-copy newspaper from galena in a turning woods patient's name and -- and cut the obituary out from it. Shiloh: Tell her about the linda black e-mails. The name came up as one of your aliases. I thought it would be more intriguing to sign the e-mails that way. Intriguing? Try creepy. Okay, I see that now, all right? I -- I didn't mean to harass your sister. I honestly didn'T. I just -- I just wanted you to benefit from dawn of day, and shiloh didn't know anything about it. I mean, he would -- he would never do something like this. Please don't blame him for the dumb things I did. I am so, so sorry. You should be. How dare you target my sister? Not to mention your bizarre scheme has completely backfired! There's no way that sam is going to trust shiloh or any of this now!

[ Sighs ] Look, I, um... I don't like this, but daisy is not a malicious person. She -- she did the wrong thing for what she thought was the right reasons. Yeah, it's funny how that never works out. Well, once again, I apologize for the overzealous nature of my protégé. How can I make it up to you? Uh, I don't know. What did you have in mind? Here's my number. If you need anything, for any reason, you can always get ahold of me. Don't hesitate to use it. I won'T. Okay.

[ Sighs ]

 I'm sorry. I had no choice. He played you, and you let him. I let it go as long as I could. We have massive liability issues here, all right? Once he throws his tantrum, it becomes a breach of ethics.

[ Laughs ] Ethics? Yeah. Ethics. I mean, I know it's inconvenient, but what are you gonna do? Anna: It's all right. -Ah. -We'll let kevin rest, and then we'll question him again. I found a rather interesting notation here. Mm-hmm? Apparently, cabot met with someone else. Someone by the name of anna devane... I was annoyed with peter. I-I was frustrated that he wouldn't run my story. But I went back to work anyway. On your piece about the killer. I was excited about something -- a discrepancy. Something wasn't right. Oh, what was it? Oh, it's right there. It's on the tip of my tongue. That's okay. Let's try this from a different angle. So, you were working on your piece, and someone came to the door. I remember someone coming in -- who was it? The soup kitchen schedule's done. I feel terrible about what daisy did to your sister.

Daisy should feel terrible. She's the one that used what I said to invade my sister's privacy. I can see how you would... see that as a betrayal. How can you not? Because I think dawn of day is built on sturdier ground than that. Ground that doesn't just shift when one of our members makes a mistake. I also believe in the power of forgiveness. I'm sorry. I'm not there yet. Well, then, where are you...kristina? I hope what happened doesn't change the way you feel about me, or the organization. What are you thinking... right now? -Hey! -Hey. So, how'd it go? Oh, uh, spinelli went to the hospital to see, uh, lulu, and I'm just heading to my place. I got to deal with this coffee shipment this afternoon. So, listen, why don't we do something together tonight? I'm sorry. We can't -- we can't do this, jason. We have to break up.

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