GH Transcript Friday 1/25/19

General Hospital Transcript Friday 1/25/19


Episode #14206 ~ Sonny pays his respects; Ava stays by Ryan's side; Anna learns the truth; Maxie waits for Peter; Franco and Liz have a heart to heart.

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(This still needs extensive editing)


I'm sorry. I didn't mean to wake you. Good morning. Good morning. I had to touch you. I mean, is this real? This is really happening? Yeah, it's happening.

[ Chuckles ] You know I love you so much. I love you, too, sam. Thanks. Hey. Hey. How's oscar doing? Uh... they're gonna release him this morning. He's excited to go home. How's joss? Okay. You know, we had a long talk last night. But I understand what she and oscar were trying to do, you know? Of course they want to live life like there's no tomorrow... yeah, the thing is, joss has a tomorrow. Oscar, on the other hand...

[ Taps on table ] Coffee? Please. I would mainline it if I could. I hardly slept. Yeah. Bullies are awful, and kids are mean. Mm. -Mom? -Mom! Mom! Mom! -Mom! -Mom. Can I play on the switch? I thought you didn't like video games anymore. I didn't, but then jake said he'd play with me. So can I? Y-yeah, just no online games, okay? Fine. Want some? No, thank you. This is because of what I told you, isn't it? Should I not have said anything? No, no, no. It's really good you said something. Jake, we're really proud of you. The way that you're looking out for your brother... I'll make sure he stays offline. Thank you. Hey. Tell me. I don't know. Okay, say... say aiden is gay. What does that even mean at this point?

[ Police radio chatter ] Here you go. You know, you really didn't need to stay here all night. Don't worry about me. I-I'm not worried, I just... I didn't ask you to barge in on my life like this. I-if I need a lawyer, I'll hire one. Well, let's hope it doesn't come to that but in the meantime, I can help you with which questions to answer, which ones you should stay away from. You know, jordan's gonna be out here any minute. I don't -- I don't need saving, anna. You sure about that? Maxie: I am. Hey.

[ Monitor beeping ] Doctors are really pleased with how you came through that surgery, honey. But I could've told them that. I know that you're a fighter. But their job is done now, hon. And the rest is up to you, honey. You need to wake up. It's time for you to open up those beautiful blue eyes and wake up.

[ Sonny sighs ] Laura. Laura. If it's a bad time, I'll just come back. All right.

[ Sighs deeply ] How long do I have to wait here like this? As long as your doctors tell you to. You know, you'd think that you weren't a medical man yourself. You know what they say about doctors making the worst patients... mm-hmm. I'm just anxious to know if I've got my eyesight restored. Hmm. Well, here's your surgeon now. Griffin... oh. Uh... is this gonna, uh, be a problem? No.

[ Clears throat ] Okay. I'll leave you to it. Hey. Just the man I'm looking for. Uh, I don't suppose that you could get my ex to return one of my calls, can you?

 It's good to see you, robert. How'S... how's the scar on that, uh -- that hand from the, uh, tracker installation? Yeah, well, let's just say you make a better spy than you do a surgeon.

[ Chuckles ] What do we owe the pleasure? I've got some intel here on, uh, anna's sudden blindness. Maxie, you didn't have to come... I wanted to. But lulu -- look, laura is keeping in touch with me, and if she needs me, she'll let me know. How are you? Well, I'm better now that you're here. Maybe you could tell anna to go home? No, I'm not leaving until this gets sorted out.

[ Sighs ] Sorry not sorry?

[ Chuckles ] Pretty much. I apologize for the delay. I have a few more questions if you're ready. Let's do this. You don't have to stay. I'll be right here. Thank you. Mm-hmm. Oh, good. You're still here. You do understand what's happening. You're a suspect in a murder. Multiple murders. And you have a rap sheet a mile long. This could get serious. I suggest you start to act accordingly. The sooner I get answers, the sooner I can rule you out as a suspect. I have nothing to hide. Well, that's good. 'Cause we found some new evidence. This was found at the crime scene. We were able to determine the specific brand and style of shoe. Granted, it's very common and worn by a lot of men, but I couldn't help but notice it matches the shoes you currently have on.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] How are you holding up?

[ Sniffles ] Um... you held my hand through the surgery, and that's the worst part of it. Now she just needs to wake up. She will. Have you managed to get in touch with dante? Yeah, we're doing everything we can to reach him.

[ Sighs ] I hate that he's not here for her. He's gonna hate it even worse. Yeah. Yeah, I know he will. But by the time we get to him, he's gonna have good news. Lulu's gonna be fully recovered. From your mouth to god's ears. She's gonna pull through, laura. Lulu's strong, determined, and look who her mother is. Thank you. I'm just glad, uh, josslyn and oscar are okay. Yeah, me, too. And they're clear on what not to do moving forward.

[ Chuckles ] It's just a delicate balance, you know? I want oscar to live life to the fullest, but at the same time... you want to keep him safe. Yeah. Yeah. I'm so sorry. I am, drew. I... I don't know how you're standing. Well, the coffee's good.

[ Chuckles ] But honestly, uh... scout helps. I mean, I-I dare you to spend five minutes with that kid and, uh, not just smile no matter how bad it is. Well, I won't take that dare 'cause I know I'll lose. You know, clearly there are, uh, still moments and people to be grateful for. Someone very special taught me that. What have you done? Just made breakfast.

[ Chuckling ] Just made br-- wait. Grilled cheese last night and now this? Yeah. It's just eggs. "Just eggs"? Do you know my breakfast normally consists of something from the freezer and I just put it into a toaster oven? This... this is... this is pretty decadent. That's good. Come on and sit.

[ Chuckles ] What? What? What? Come on! I don't know. I don't know. This is just kind of... incredible. Because it's so familiar, yet it's, like, really, really strange.

[ Chuckles ] All at the same time.

[ Sighs ] Look, we, uh... we'll just take it day by day. Okay? No -- no pressure to figure it all out now. Okay. [ Sighs ] Okay. All right. Ah.

[ Clears throat ] This is really good.

[ Laughs ] I mean, come on. This is so much better than my toasted waffles.

[ Laughing ] I hope so. I'm glad you like it. I do. So, what are you gonna do today? Uh, I'm actually gonna meet up with spinelli. Spinelli's in town? Mm-hmm. Hmm. That's weird. He didn't tell me that the last time we spoke. Oh. But you know what? The last time I talked to him, things were... pretty chaotic. Yeah. Yeah, he's been doing some research. Um...I have him looking into those e-mails you were getting from linda black. Really? Yeah. So he's using that as an excuse to come visit? Yeah, he -- he said he'd text me.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Well?

[ Sighs ] Yep, that's him. He's, uh... he's about to land, he wants to meet at the metro court. You know what? I'll just -- I'll tell him we're gonna meet later. No, no, no. You know what? You should -- you should just probably go. Are you sure? Yeah, of course, I'm sure, 'cause if it's about the e-mails, then that's good. I want to get a little bit closer to figuring out what's going on. Sam? What? What's -- what's going on? I don't know. Don't laugh at me, okay? Oh, no. I-it just -- it feels like we're back there. I mean, the last time when we were together and we were happy, you walked out that door and I-I didn't see you for five years. This is different. Why, 'cause it's light out? Um, okay. Because I'm not walking into a dangerous situation.


[ Inhales sharply ] Nope. "How... was... spinelli's flight?" No. No, sam, you're not that crazy. You're not calling him. He's in a meeting with spinelli. He's doing this for you, right? Everything is gonna be okay.

[ Sighs ] You're not calling him. Everything's gonna be okay. You're not that crazy.

[ Sighs ] Yes, I realize it may be more difficult for aiden than for his brothers, and I hate that. No. Maybe [Sighs] In general, people are more accepting than when we were growing up. Kids especially, right? Pretty lucky that we live in a city that fights discrimination, but it's not like that everywhere. Did you know that in some states, it's still legal to fire somebody for being gay? Somebody's been on the internet. Yeah, all night. The good news is, is that aiden is at least 10 years away from gainful employment, and things will be much better by then. God, I hope so. Regardless, there's something that you and i should be focusing on, whether aiden is gay or not. We need to stop the bullying. No, he didn'T. Yeah, he did. It went right through my parents' window -- they had to replace it.

[ Laughs ] What baby his age can chuck a baseball? James, apparently. I mean, I think he could go pro. Well, then his uncle peter will be in the stands cheering him on!

[ Chuckles ] I reviewed the videographer footage from the wedding. It confirms that you were at the ceremony and the reception at kiki's time of death. So, he couldn't have had anything to do with her murder? No. Does that mean I'm free? Just don't leave town. I have no plans to go anywhere. Have a good day. You, too. How good does that feel? Pretty damn good.

[ Chuckles ] What are you doing here? You wanted information. What? It's so important that you had to bring it yourself? Don't you have people to do that? Or did they cut your budget? Did I say high maintenance, or did I say high maintenance?

[ Chuckles ] You're overthinking this. Hmm? Ah -- I didn't -- what?

[ Stammering ] In what way?

[ Sighs ] I did some research into cabot and his associates. Here. Go to the bottom of the page. There's a name that kind of just sort of jumps out at you. Oh. What is it? Who else worked with cabot? Kevin collins.

[ Laura sniffles ] Mm. Oh, lulu.

[ Sighs ] You've always run on your own schedule.

[ Exhales sharply ] Even when you were a tiny little girl, nothing, no one could rush you. So I am going to try to be patient. And to let you wake up in your own time. But if you could just hurry up a little bit, that would be great. Lulu? Lulu?

[ Exhales sharply ] Good morningmore treatment? We're going to try something different today.

Hey. Hey! I have something to tell you. But -- but you can't tell anybody. Am I gonna be indicted? No. No. Jason and sam. And? What do you mean "and"? They're back together! Isn't that great? Well, you've been saying that for a year and a half, th-that they're gonna get back together. Now it has -- it's happened? Yeah, yeah, but can't you just be excited for them? Well, I -- well, I'm excited! Okay, now -- now can't you just tell me I'm right? You're right. I'm right!

[ Laughs ]

[ Door opens ] Oh. I told you I'd come back. -Mom! -Mom! -Mom? -Mom. -Can we have a snack? -And a soda? Uh, yes to the snack. No to the soda. Mom! It's not even 10:00 in the morning. But you guys can split a cupcake. We can't have soda, but we can have a cupcake. How does that make any sense? I don't know. Take the win, aiden. We're getting dessert. Good point. Come here! I'll find the biggest one! Ugh, come here. Mom, what are you doing? I just need a hug. I love you so much. And I'm so, so proud of you. You'll always remember that, right? I will. Okay. Oh, wait, one more kiss, one more kiss!

[ Smooching ] All right. Let the kid get some sugar. Okay, go.

[ Sighs ] He's gonna be fine. I know. You want to get the hell out of here? Oh, I can't wait. So, what's your day look like? Um, I have to pick up james from my mom and mac'S. Oh, he's allowed to go back there after the window incident? Yeah. Only beach balls allowed in the house from now on, though. Ah. Smart move. Do you want to go with me to get james? Really? Yeah. I'm sure he would love to see his uncle. Well, not as much as I'd love to see him. Come on. Yeah, no, I'm good. Are we still on for tonight? I'll call you back. Uh, kevin -- kevin should be finished soon. I hope you're taking care of yourself. It's a cut, ava. Not that I care if you throw your life away, but kiki cared about you very much. And it would be disrespecting her memory -- let's not talk about kiki. Okay, well,let's talk about lulu, then. I understand that her surgery went well. Dr. Lacey is hopeful about her prognosis. So she's gonna pull through. Looks that way. Excellent. 'Cause when she does, she can give me the name of the bastard that killed my daughter. Lulu, did you just squeeze my hand?

[ Sighs ] Thank god. Thank god! Oh, lulu! Oh, honey, good job! Okay, listen, I got to go get a doctor now, but good job, honey. Kevin collins is listed in that file? Yes. According to the report, when we did the initial investigation into cabot's work, he was a person of interest. Mm-hmm. And kevin told us he never had any interaction with the bureau nor did he have any connection to arthur cabot. He lied. Why would he do that?

[ Door closes ] Hello, lulu.

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