GH Transcript Thursday 1/24/19

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 1/24/19


Episode #14205 ~ Sonny waits anxiously; Carly is heartbroken; Franco and Aiden bake cookies; Mike's condition worsens; Marcus shares his side of the story.

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(This still needs extensive editing)

Jason! Thank you for meeting me here. What'd you want to talk to me about? Aunt stella. I never knew I liked bingo so much. I just think you like bingoing with yvonne.

[ Laughs ] You got that right! Did you see the look on her face when she won? Pure happiness. Yeah, she's got the best smile this side of the equator.

[ Both laugh ] Uh, you've got a pretty good one, too. Well, thank you. So, what would you like to do? About what? Well, your caretaker's on break, so I promised milo that I would stay with you. Milo? The guard at the front...? It-it's okay. Uh, we'll just hang out until relief comes. No, no, that'll -- that'll never work. Why not? I gotta get the last bus home. My parents are gonna be worried sick.

[ Door opens ] Aiden: Was that store amazing or what? It was amazing. Amazingly pricey is what it was. I felt like I was at disney world! In a kitchen-supply store? Okay, can you guys keep it down? Cam texted, and he's gone to bed. Can we bake something? Please? That cupcake recipe looked so good. It did look good. Are you crazy? Mom will kill us if she comes home and we're still up. Actually, not us,

you. Yeah, that doesn't sound like her. Have you met my mom? It's late, franco. I know. But look at your little brother's face. All right? He's so happy. How could a mother be mad at a kid with a face like that? Look at him. You'll take full responsibility when she loses her mind? Full. Okay, let's get our bake on. -Yeah! -Mnh! Yeah!

[ Laughs ] It makes no sense that I have to stay overnight. Nothing even happened to me. You had a seizure, oscar. But it's over. And joss was more traumatized by it than I was. Must've been terrifying for her. It was. But she totally stepped up. Oh, good. Now it's your turn. You're staying the night for observation. I know it's annoying, I know you don't want to, but you're going to.

[ Sighs ] Do it for -- for josslyn's sake. -Nothing? -He's not picking up. Well, it's jason. So, he's fine. All right, I mean, he has to be fine. Well, he better be fine. He saved my life.

[ Breathing heavily ] -Here. -Yeah. Go ahead, jason. -I got it. -Hold onto the pier. I got it. I got it. All right, let me -- let me help you.

[ Gasping ] Mike? It's too late to catch the bus home. But my -- my parents, they're -- uh, don't worry. I'll call your parents, and I'll just tell them that it's best if you spend the night. And sonny and carly, they have all your favorite foods and a room upstairs just for you. Okay? Okay. I -- I didn't like the idea of that -- that long bus ride, anyway. And -- and being so far from yvonne. Things are good with you two, huh? Especially since that -- that man isn'T...getting in the way. That man has a name -- marcus. -Marcus. -Uh-huh. And he made an enormous sacrifice for his wife. He gave her up? Yes, he did. Just like I gave him up... a long time ago. Aunt stella would have my hide if she knew that I reached out to you. Tell you what, I can't stand to see her suffer anymore. I mean, she really feels bad about the way things went down at turning woods. From what I understand, she was just trying to help, and things just got messed up. But...she's kicking herself for thinking that she ruined your friendship. If anyone ruined anything, it was me. Stella did nothing wrong.

[ Beaters whirring ] Jake, will you help me with the decorating? Oh, sure. We're going to do flowers with the russian piping tips franco bought. Huh! Now I know what those are for, huh? Cool. If we do it right, the cupcakes will look like a bouquet. Jake! Mm! It's just a taste. Well? Amazing. Well, now i gotta try it, right? Not too much. Don't worry. There's a lot there. Plenty left over for your russian bouquet. Mmm!

[ Smacks lips ] Dude, you're a genius. -Really? -Yeah! Really. Seriously. I'm not... chef aiden, please, take a bow. I hate that we haven't heard from jason. We will, joss. When? When he finds access to a phone. He probably lost his during all the excitement. God, I'm so stupid. What was I thinking? Trying to get into the catacombs at night, no less, with the whole place closed off?

[ Sighs ] Oscar just really wanted to. I know, and you wanted to help oscar live his life to the fullest -- I get it. You just gotta be careful. I know. Not only could something happen to me and oscar, but now jason's in trouble -- jason will be fine. Oscar's sick, and he's running out of time, unfortunately. It's understandable that he's gonna take some chances. But you, josslyn, you actually know what it's like to lose a family member in a terrible accident. And you know what that's like for everyone. We just want you to be aware of the risks you're taking. That's right. Wanting to go on an adventure is one thing, honey, but putting yourself in danger is another. I get it. I'm -- I'm really, really sorry. Come here.

[ Cellphone dings ] Is it jason? It's work. Hey, hey. Hey.

[ Both shivering ] Are you okay? Yeah. I think so.

[ Exhales ] How -- how'd you find me? Spinelli. He hacked into the records and was able to tell me that the aqueduct came out here at pier 55, and I thought you'd swim out here. Yeah. It just -- it just took...

[ Exhales ] ...A lot longer than I thought. The water was so cold. I know. By the time I made it to the harbor, I could barely move my arms, and then I tried to make it to the pier, but I -- I saw you. I saw you. You popped up for a second, and that's -- that's why I-I knew where to dive. You saved my life.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Well, I guess I owed you one.

Carly, I'm fine. I-I found another way out.

[ Sighs ] It's all good. Is somebody with you? Sam's right here. How are joss and oscar doing? Uh, josslyn's fine. She's a little bruised up. And oscar -- they want to keep him overnight for observation, but the time in the cellar didn't seem to do him any harm. That's good, that's good. I'm glad they're all right. They are because of you. Promise me you're not dying.

[ Sighs ] Carly, I'm not dying. Put sam on the phone. Carly? Yeah, he's not dying. Are you sure he's okay? Yeah, I'm sure. I mean, he's a little -- he's a little banged up, and we're both really cold, but, yeah, he's gonna make it. Well, you need to take care of him.

[ Scoffs ] Really? I thought I was gonna leave him out here by the pier. Of course. Come on. Sam. I will. I mean, if -- if I have to take him to the hospital, I'll do it, I'll drive him there. Thank you. Keep my updated on how he's doing, okay? Okay. I will, I promise.

[ Exhales ]

[ Exhales deeply ] Jason's okay.

[ Chuckles ] -Oh, my god. -What happened? He was stuck down in the catacombs, but he found a way to swim out. Oh, my god. Yeah. Sam's with him, and she says he's okay. Is he coming to the hospital? I'll give you one guess. I'm sure that's a no. It's a hard no. Hey, hey. Excuse me. Um, do you know how oscar's doing, by any chance? He's doing great. But I'm sure he'd be better after a visit from you.

[ Scoffs ] Go. And say goodnight, because we have to leave soon, okay? Okay. That sounds like a plan. I'm about to clock-out myself. Take care, elizabeth. You, too.

[ Sighs ] So if you wanna make it darker purple, you add some blue. -Wow. -Got it. Wow! It's like I'm an artist, too. Yeah, you are. Hey, you know what? I think you should bring your cupcakes to school tomorrow. -Really? -Yeah. You think the kids would want the cupcakes i made? Who doesn't love delicious cupcakes? I-I don't think that's a good idea. No, it's a great idea. Why is that not a great idea? Uh, scho's gotten crazy about what we're allowed to bring in. They don't want all the sugar, you know. We'll be bouncing off the walls. Okay, aiden made like two doze-- three dozen cookies for the bake sale tomorrow. I'm pretty sure bouncing off the walls is a guarantee. How they look? Good. Five more minutes on this last batch. Okay, I'll tell you what, why don't I check on them in five minutes? In the meantime, you boys run upstairs, try and get ready for bed, okay? What about the frosting? You can frost them tomorrow morning before you go to school. Okay. I can't wait for everyone to see my cupcakes.

[ Chuckles ] That's cute. Hey, brush your teeth! -Yes, we will! -Yeah! Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, your ribs, your ribs. -That's okay. -No. It's okay, sam. Jason, they're bruised, if n-- if not worse, and you're definitely hypothermic. You need to -- you need to be seen by a doctor. Please. No. You -- you know I don't like hospitals. Yeah, I know. I know you don'T. But nobody does. Please? Please? Let a doctor check you out. No. No, not tonight. Okay, fine. You don't have to... you don't have to watch over me, okay? I'm just gonna go home and take a hot shower. I'm okay. No, you're -- you're out of your mind. You're coming home with me.

Hi, I'm home! Hey! Hey. What smells so good? Cupcakes. You baked cupcakes? Uhhh, okay. Well, do you want the good news or the bad news? Um, the bad, obviously. Well, the bad news is that jake and aiden went to bed, like, 10 minutes ago. No! It's so late. Yeah, but the good news is, is that aiden made the cupcakes. He did? He did. He had the best time. And jake was helping out. And it is a night that I will never forget. Oh, I'm so glad. Yeah, I know. He was, like, wildly enthusiastic. And if you bring aiden to school tomorrow, you have to remember to bring the cupcakes 'cause he wants to bring the cupcakes to school with him tomorrow. Aww. No, mom. You can't let him do that. Stella did nothing wrong. I'm pretty sure she'd disagree. I was too hard on her. She was only trying to help. I'd just said goodbye to my wife, essentially freeing her up to find happiness with another man. I lashed out, desperate to blame someone, anyone, for this illness that cursed yvonne's life. It cursed yours, too -- maybe even worse. Doesn't give me license to be unkind to a good woman. One of the best. God, I loved your aunt. I would've sacrificed anything to be with her. Then I don't understand. Clearly, you're a loyal, principled man. And my auntie is a loyal, principled woman. So what went wrong? What are we, uh -- what are we doing? Well, this game is close to my heart. I used to play this with my fiancÚ. You're getting married?

[ Scoffs ] No. That was way back. Never made it to the wedding. Don't tell me that bozo left you high and dry. No, he -- he was -- he was wonderful. But I was afraid that if he stayed with me, he'd end up having regrets, so I ended things and never looked back.

[ Chuckles ] I actually thought we might have an opportunity to reconnect, but, uh, I royally screwed that up. I'm sorry. But, um... you'll have to refresh my memory. Who are we talking about? Oh, no one. It's all right. Well, who goes -- you or me? It's your turn. Go ahead. While I completely understand what motivated you, what happened tonight was not okay, oscar, and we need to discuss how things are gonna look moving forward.

[ Sighs ]

[ Knock on door ]

[ Door opens ] Hey! Um, is it okay if I steal a minute with him? I'll be quick. I just wanna say goodnight. Sure. I will be right outside.

[ Door closes ] Your timing is literally perfect. I think she was just about to lecture me. Oh, god. About us going to the catacombs? Or [Scoffs] At least trying to? -Mm-hmm. -Yeah, I know. My mom and sonny just did the same thing. And I'm realizing they're not wrong. Look, I wanna do everything that's on our list, but I think we need to be a little smarter about it. Yeah, you're -- you're probably right. -"Probably"? -You're right.

[ Chuckles ] Duh. What, you're -- so, you're taking off? Yeah, yeah. Well, now that we know that jason's okay -- oh, jason's okay! -He is? -Yeah. My mom just got off the phone with him, and, um, elizabeth says you're doing better. I feel pretty good. Except for one thing. What? Should I get a nurse? Not unless you want me to kiss her goodnight instead. How do you feel? I think I'm finally warming up. Good. Here. Oh. Here. Um, what -- what is it? -Brandy. -Oh, brandy. Come on, just -- just drink it. I'll drink it if you go take a shower. No. What? But you were -- you were in the -- you were in the water, too. Yeah, I know, but I was -- I was in a wetsuit. Yeah, but -- but still, you were... I would rather go downstairs and make you something warm to eat. Um, what are you -- what are you gonna make? Uh... chicken tenders? Chicken tenders? Broccoli with -- with cheesy sauce. It's danny's favorite. Microwaved, though. Microwaved? Uh, I think -- I think the food can wait. Come on, you're still cold. I'm fine. I'm -- I'm fine. Or I can carry you into the shower.

[ Chuckles ] Okay, fine. Drink that brandy.

 Okay, I don't understand. Why can't aiden bring in the cupcakes? Don't you get it? Kids are already teasing him. The last thing aiden needs is to show up with flowery cupcakes and have everyone make fun of him. Why would the kids make fun of him? It's like you're setting him up to get hurt. You're an art therapist, franco. Shouldn't you know this stuff? -Oh, hey jake. -Okay. I'm sorry, I just...

[ Sighs ] He can't bring in those cupcakes. Look, clearly, you're gonna have to walk us through this. Because I know school's not perfect, but I thought it was better. I thought charlotte wasn't picking on him anymore. Forget charlotte. Yeah, it started with her, but it's gotten way worse. How much worse? They're calling him "gayden." Your father's death was really unexpected. I had a job offer in san francisco. Stella and I were making plans. But after your father's funeral, stella broke our engagement. Said she was setting me free. No discussion, no options. She was gonna move with your mother and help out with you boys. That's that. The funny thing is, if thomas sr. Had died a year later, everything would've been completely different. We would've been married, and we would've figured out how to make it work together. But instead he died. And aunt stella decided for the both of you. Carly: Hey, stella. Hi. Well, look who's back. Mary! Hey, you wanna play stickball tomorrow? Sure. That'd be fun. Yeah. Better ask vic first. Um, vic, is -- is it okay if I play stickball tomorrow? Yeah, after school. And we'll do all our homework first. Yeah, yeah, I don't -- I don't see why not.

[ Exhales ]

[ Chuckles ]

[ Whispering ] I'm exhausted. I know. All right, you go upstairs, you get in bed, okay? -Mm-hmm. -What about you, mike? You tired? Uh, yeah, I -- I could sleep. Oh, I'll show you to your room. Oh, thank you, mary. Goodnight. -Thank you. -All right. All right. No problem. He started calling, um, josslyn "mary." -Who's mary? -We're not sure. We think it's maybe, uh... some girl from his, you know, old neighborhood when he was a kid.

[ Sighs ] Hmm. Confusion like that isn't uncommon, but I hadn't realized it had become a regular occurrence. Well, it's not -- it's not regular. I mean, it's -- it's happening more frequently.

[ Sighs ] Well... okay, everybody looks good here. I'll see you soon. Thank you for, um, staying with mike tonight. My pleasure. Goodnight.

[ Door opens ] Did you hear what wasn't said? Because I did.

[ Door closes ] It's time, isn't it? Cheers. Yeah, cheers.

[ Glasses clink ] -Mmm. -[ Sighs ] That's nice. Yeah, it is. Grilled cheese. This is delicious.

[ Chuckles ] No wonder why danny loves spending the night at your place. Mm. Man, I love having him there.

[ Chuckles ] I do. What are we gonna tell him about today? What do you -- what do you mean? What do you mean, what do I mean? Mommy saved daddy's butt. Ohh! Oh!

[ Laughs ] Well, I -- I mean that that's really a small part of the whole story. A small part? You're out of your mind. You gotta tell him the whole story. I rescued you. Hey? Yes? Look -- I...rescued you. Yes, you did. Pinch me. What? I can't tell you... how many times I went to bed and dreamed of a different ending, the night you disappeared. Because, jason, I-I went into the water that night to look for you, and... and I couldn't find you. And so, I would go to bed at night, and I would close my eyes and I would dream and... I would dream that I-I-I rescued you and I pulled you out of the water and you were there with me.

[ Sighs ] And then I would wake up. And you wouldn't be there. Well, I'm here now. And thank you for saving me.

Elizabeth: Why are kids so mean? Do you see now? Bringing in purple cupcakes that he baked is just gonna make people tease aiden even more. He's so excited, mom. You should've seen him in the kitchen tonight. I know. Franco told me. So if he brings his cupcakes into school, it's gonna ruin all that. You are such a good big brother, and I-I can see that you're trying really hard to protect him, but... I don't know. We can't always fight his battles for him. So what do I do? You be there for him. You lo-look out for him. If you see him alone on the playground, you play with him. Hey, maybe jake is right. You know, maybe he shouldn't bring the cupcakes to school. But if we discourage him from being proud, then we're discouraging him from being himself. And I don't want that. Do you? You don't want that. -No. -No. I love you. I love you, too. So, so much. It's really sad that aiden is going through a rough time right now. But it's gonna be okay, it'll get better, 'cause we're just gonna love him through it, right? -Yeah. -Go upstairs. I'll tuck you in. Goodnight, buddy. Goodnight.

[ Footsteps departing ]

[ Inhales deeply ] Thought you might be hungry. Thanks. So, we need to chat. Look, I-I know that going to the catacombs was stupid -- yeah, it was beyond stupid. With that being said, I understand why you did it. You have a terminal diagnosis, and you have every right to live your life the way that you want to while you can. But, honey, it'S... it's not the same thing as risking it. And it's certainly not the same thing as risking someone else'S. You have to think about josslyn, too. Because she is gonna do whatever -- whatever she thinks you want her to, and even if it's dangerous. I get it. And joss and I actually talked about it. You did? We won't pull any more stunts. I promise. Thank you.

But I am going to explore and take chances and push the limits. Because I don't wanna have any regrets. You know? I don't want you to have any regrets, either. I love you. I love you. Why didn't you put up a fight? Honestly, part of me was hugely hurt and part of me knew -- you were raised by stella, you've known her all your life -- when she makes up her mind, that's it. You can't change it. Especially when it comes to family. And then I found yvonne, and I fell head-over-heels in love. It was a happy marriage. I wasn't yearning for your aunt. I know you weren'T. She was more like an unanswered question. -The road not taken. -Exactly. I-I'm grateful to stella, in a way, because if she hadn't done what she did, I never would've met yvonne, and I wouldn't trade my life with her for anything. And I imagine stella feels the same way about raising you and your brother. Life's crazy, huh? For what it's worth, I'm glad you all had each other. So am I. Whoa, whoa, whoa. I got it. The coffee's on me. Thanks. Your aunt did a phenomenal job raising you. Make sure you tell her that. You could tell her yourself. Have a good night, curtis. You, too. When I was saying this to marcus at the daycare facility... I was saying it, I knew that it applied to me. My dad's best life is not he-here with me anymore, and I don't care how much money I throw at it, how many people I hire. He's -- he's better off at the facility with yvonne. He's a lot happier there than he is at home. Now... I don't -- I just see that he's happier. His -- his -- he's -- his eyes light up. His -- his -- his mind is -- is... better. He remembers a lot more there than he does here. That's for sure. So, that's it? I gotta let him go. Are you ready to do that? Well... I know that I'd -- I'd be selfish keeping him here... ...and that's not how I want this to end. Is this okay? It's perfect.

Do I need to be invisible to just survive?

Or am I foolishly

wasting my time?

Try so hard to quiet my expensive dreams

before they take me out

and leave me wondering

well, baby, it's just you and me

maybe it's a little hard

but I'll tell you something

it's a life worth living

just so you know, I wouldn't give it up, no

wouldn't give it up, no

we fall apart sometimes

but then you pull me back

with your quiet smile

well, baby, it's just you and me

we got a thing they can't shake

and maybe it's a little hard

sometimes to take

but I'll tell you something

it's a life worth living

just so you know, I wouldn't give it up


just so you know, I wouldn't give it up

What are you thinking? What are you thinking? Do you think aiden's gay? I don't know. Would it surprise you? No. I mean, this is something that's been on the back of my mind. It's -- this is just the first time I've said it out loud. Yeah, me, too. It has nothing to do with the fact that he's fallen in love with baking. No, no, no, no, no. I know that. No, I'm sorry, go on. I just wonder if this is something... being gay is -- is something that aiden's gonna discover about himself. Well, if that happens, then we'll just be there for him every step of the way. Hey. Oh. Fancy running into you here. Mm-hmm. Tell you what. 10 minutes earlier, you'd have run into marcus, too. Oh, marcus was here? Mm-hmm. You guys talked? Yeah, we talked. And I have some questions for you. Another time, please. You okay? Yeah, I'm fine. Stella, be real with me.

[ Sighs ] I just came from mike, and...

[ Sighs ] ...I'm sensing, the next time he sees me, he probably won't know who I am. I'm sorry. This disease, it just takes and takes and takes. Yep. Can I get you some tea or something? You were on your way out. Are you kidding me? Aunt stella, I always have time for you. Thank you, babe. Just, it feels so final, like I -- like... I'm admitting defeat. No. Oh, god, no. Sonny, it's just the opposite. The father I used to know, the one before all this started, that father... wouldn't have wanted avery or josslyn or me or you to see him fading away, 'cause he -- he had so much... dignity. So, out of the -- out of the love that I have... ...for the father that I remember...

[ Sighs ]

[ Sniffles ] ...I just gotta let him go.

[ Sighs ]

[ Exhales sharply ] But I'm gonna need your help, because, um... ...saying it's one thing. Living through it...

[Voice breaking] ...It scares the hell out of me. I'm here. I'm with you, I'm beside you, and wherever you need me to be... I'm not going anywhere. I'm not going anywhere.

[ Exhales deeply ] I love you. I missed you. I love you.

[ Chuckles ] And I've missed you, too.

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