GH Transcript Monday 1/21/19

General Hospital Transcript Monday 1/21/19


Episode #14202 ~ Lucy corners Ava. Ryan takes a moment to gloat; Kim shares her struggles with Liz; Willow lets down her guard; Michael treats Lucas to lunch

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Carly: So, do you think, um, going to Morgan's grave was helpful?

Sonny: I don't know. Maybe. But eventually, we're gonna have to do what needs to be done.

Carly: Yeah.

Sonny: You got to be kidding me.

Carly: What is Ava doing here?

Lucy: You know, I-I-I just am not sure what Doc could possibly be thinking taking up with the likes of you.

Ava: You know, it astonishes me that you could have been with Kevin, on and off, for all those years -- and know so little about him.

Curtis: I see Lucy and Ava squaring off over there. Now, god forbid it gets physical, but if it does... who do you like?

[ Both laugh ]

Laura: Okay. If you quote me, I'm gonna deny it. Lucy. Lucy all the way.

Curtis: Okay.

Laura: Okay, she gets on my nerves, she does, but I'll take her over Ava any day of the week.

Lucy: No, it's you who doesn't know Kevin. He is a good person. He's not like this run-of-the-mill "nice guy" you hear about. I mean, he's really good. He has this... big, deep, wonderful heart that is filled with compassion and forgiveness. While you...

Ava: While I what?

Lucy: You are a toxic cocktail of vanity and misery.

Elizabeth: Hey, congratulations on that delivery.

Kim: Oh, yeah. Thanks.

Elizabeth: Pretty exciting. It's not every day you get to deliver a baby in a parking garage.

Kim: Well, I was glad I was able to help.

Elizabeth: Hey. You okay?

Kim: Oh, yeah. Sorry, I just, um... Oscar's late checking in.

Oscar: Okay. Easy, easy.

Josslyn: Wow. What do you think?

Oscar: Amazing.

[ Thudding ]

Josslyn: Hear that?

Oscar: Sounds hollow.

Josslyn: That's because the Catacombs are right below us.

Carly: You want to remind me why I let Ava come to my restaurant?

Sonny: We agreed to a truce for Avery's sake.

Carly: You know, the best thing that could happen for Avery is if Ava left the country for good with Kevin.

Sonny: You really want to wish that on Kevin?

Carly: He's a good psychiatrist, but he's the one that made the mistake by trashing his marriage to be with Ava. He deserves what he gets.
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Lucy: You're so full of bile and -- and malice, and you seem to eventually alienate anybody who even is unfortunate enough to see a tiny sliver -- maybe -- of good in you.

Curtis: Commissioner. Any news?

Jordan: Well, all precincts have reported in: Not a suspicious act in sight, and no random, headless bodies. Which is an awful thing to have to be relieved about? How was the book launch?

Curtis: Uh, interesting. But uneventful.

Jordan: Hmm.

Curtis: Until now.

Ava: It's pretty obvious that you're just jealous that Kevin and I are together.

Lucy: Well, you know what? It's not gonna last 'cause, as compassionate as Kevin is, I think this is all about kind of pity, and you need to know something -- it is not in doc's nature to abide anybody who would cause harm to another human being.

[ Door handle rattles ]

Lulu: Who's there?

Ryan: It's Kevin.

Lulu: [ Scoffs ] One sec. Kevin. [ Chuckles ] You scared me.

Ryan: I'm sorry. I got your message.

Lulu: Yeah, I'm glad you came by. I thought you'd be at the party.

Ryan: Well, unfortunately, my plans changed.

Lulu: Well, thank you for taking the time to stop by. Do you remember how many people your brother Ryan killed?

Ryan: Nine.

Lulu: Nine? Really? See, I researched all of the police reports and seven only came up. I -- I have Linda Walker, Gloria Wilson...

Ryan: Suzanne Smith, Michelle Blake, Deborah Jones, Helen Parks, Magi Anthony, Jessica Holmes, and Connie Cooper.

Lulu: See, I don't have Deborah Jones or Suzanne Smith. Their names don't come up anywhere.

Ryan: That's because those two murders were never solved.

Finn: Jumping the gun a little bit, aren't you? I mean, you haven't been officially discharged.

Anna: That's just a formality, isn't it?

Finn: This hospital runs on formalities until they've been completed. You are supposed to be in your room.

Anna: I can't be in my room. It is claustrophobic in my room. I just want to put this whole thing behind me. I mean, I understand that I was very lucky. I got my sight back. I understand how lucky I am.

Finn: Well, the good news is the virus has responded to treatment, and Griffin has given you the all-clear.

Anna: Good. So I can go home?

Finn: Yeah, yeah. Of course, you can go home. I mean, as soon as you fill out all your paperwork.

Anna: Yeah, I know. I'll do that. Thank god this is over. This was horrible. Thank you for dealing with the virus for me.

Finn: Yeah. I just wish I knew how you got it in the first place.

Anna: So do I.

Chase: Here we are. Can I take your coat?

Willow: Oh, such a gentleman.

Chase: I know, right? [ Chuckles ] It's not too cold or anything, is it?

Willow: No, your radiator is working just fine.

Chase: I pride myself on that radiator.

Willow: I have to say, I have never appreciated Port Charles more than I do right now -- after hearing Lucy Coe read from her book.

Chase: Here you are. Plenty of uncrowded room for you to enjoy your meal in safety, and I'll just go eat in the hallway.

Willow: You don't have to. I wouldn't have come back here if I were afraid of you.

Chase: Good. Because I want you to feel safe with me.

Josslyn: Sonny and my brother were discussing this place over Christmas. Um, the cellar was built in the 1850s. They're deciding on whether they should fill it in or fix it up and preserve it.

Oscar: Well, I vote for preservation.

Josslyn: [ Chuckles ]

Oscar: I mean, this place is like a piece of history...

Josslyn: Yeah.

Oscar: I can't believe your family has owned it all this time, and we've never explored it until now.

Josslyn: No, well, I -- I mostly forgot about it. But since we couldn't find a way into the Catacombs from Rice Plaza, um, which, by the way, those seniors had to be lying because if they found a way in, there's no reason that we couldn't.

Oscar: Well, I mean, there are a lot of service tunnels around the park and Rice Plaza. Maybe we missed the one they used.

Josslyn: Well, not that it matters. The black duck is right over the Catacombs. Look, I'm sure there's a way in here. We just have to find it.

Lucas: Hey, Michael.

Michael: Hey, Lucas. Hey, thanks for coming.

Lucas: Yeah, my pleasure. You sounded so serious on the phone. What's up?

Michael: Well, um, I wanted to talk to you about Wiley's future. Okay.

Lucas: Um, just in general? Or is there something specific...?

Michael: Here. It's a -- it's a college fund for Wiley.

Lucas: M-Michael, I mean, this -- that's so above and beyond. There's no way that we could ever possibly accept that.

Michael: I know. Look -- look, I-I love Wiley. Okay, just please, let me do this for him.

Lucas: Michael. No, I mean, listen, this --

Michael: And I know -- I know -- I know what you're probably thinking right now. You're probably thinking it has something to do with me losing Jonah. Okay, it doesn't. I'm Wiley's godfather, and I -- I'd want to help him with his college fund regardless.
Wow. Um... thank you for -- for your generosity and -- and -- and your courage. I mean, honestly, I don't know how you do it. I -- Wiley's brought so much joy to our lives that I-I can't imagine losing him. <

Sonny: Hey, sorry we're late.

Laura: Oh, that's all right. I was late, too. By the time I got here, the book launch was pretty much all broken up. But, um, you know what? You might want to give your mother a call.

Sonny: Why?

Laura: Well, uh, I guess that this book is not just about our town, but also the people who live in it.

Sonny: Should I be worried?

Laura: You should be warned. I -- apparently none of us comes through it unscathed.

Lucy: [ Sighs ] You don't deserve Kevin.

Ava: And I suppose you do?

Lucy: [ Scoffs ] You know, I didn't kill anybody.

Ava: [ Chuckles ] I think my father might disagree with you.

Lucy: Oh, no. No, that's not what happened. Your father, Victor, swallowed that necklace all on his own, and then I tried to save him, which makes me... a lot more worthy than the woman who killed Connie Falconeri and tricked Sonny into murdering A.J. Quartermaine.

Ava: I didn't do either one of those things.

Lucy: Uh, yeah, you did. You just haven't been convicted -- yet.

Ava: But you are right about one thing. You are right about Kevin. And he does have a good, kind, and forgiving heart.

Lulu: Are you saying that Ryan told you he murdered those women before he died? Why didn't you tell the police?

Ryan: It's such a shame driver's licenses don't really capture a person's soul, do they?

Lulu: Kevin, what are you doing?

Ryan: You're the investigative reporter. You tell me. What do you think I'm doing?

Finn: I've managed to neutralize the virus.

Anna: Okay. What does that mean?

Finn: "Neutralize" means it will never flare up again. As opposed to "dormant," in which no signs are presenting, but the virus is still active.

Anna: Well, so, how long have I had this virus in my system before it flared up and left me with no sight?

Finn: Unfortunately, there's no way to tell. It could have been days, months, years since you were exposed.

Anna: So what triggered it? You know, if it's been I-in my body for an indefinite period of time, what changed? Like, why did I go blind now?

Chase: Here you are.

Willow: Thank you.

Chase: My pleasure.

Willow: Cheers.

Chase: Cheers.

[ Glasses clink ]

Willow: Hmm. Thank you. For making all of this so easy for me.

Chase: Actually, you're the one making it easy. It's nice to be with someone so honest.

Willow: What do you mean?

Chase: It's just some people in my life have been, uh... not what they seem. And with you, I feel like what you see is what you get. No hidden agendas or... [ Chuckles ] I just realized how unattractive it is to talk about exes on a date.

Willow: I-I don't mind.

Chase: So much for being honest.

Willow: I don't. I like hearing about other people's mistakes. Then I don't feel so bad about my own.

Laura: When you speak to Dante, would you encourage him to come home soon? I really think this long separation is not good for them.

Sonny: I don't think any of us thought he'd be gone this long.

Laura: Yeah. I don't see why he needs to be gone at all. Can't the WSB do a manhunt without using a local police officer?
We're on the same page, but the man that Dante's hunting -- he almost killed Lulu. I don't blame him for wanting to bring him to justice...

Lucy: Hey, uh, sorry to barge in. Um, I just need a teeny, tiny word with my top investor.

Sonny: Oh, yeah, Laura and I -- we were just in the middle of a conver--

Lucy: Oh, oh, I know, but I-I just don't think the mayor would mind. Would you mind too much, mayor Webber?

Carly: You two have fun.

Lucy: Hey. I-I-I just want to tell you the launch was a huge, huge success.

Sonny: [ Sighs ]

Lucy: And I could not have published my book without your help. Thank you. Thanks.

Carly: Wow. So you expecting someone?

Laura: Yes, my daughter was supposed to be covering the book launch, and she's missed it entirely.

Carly: Hmm.

Ava: Kevin, where are you?
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Lulu: Uh, you are scaring me, Kevin. My mother has been worried about you for some time now. I think that reliving Ryan's crimes has taken a toll on you.

Ryan: [ Chuckles ] Well, it's certainly had an effect.

Lulu: When I started covering this story, I wanted to make sure that all of Ryan's victims were treated respectfully. That included you.

Ryan: I'm not one of Ryan's victims.

Lulu: Except you are. Years after Ryan died, you had a breakdown. You convinced yourself that you were Ryan, and you seem to be thinking that way now.

Ryan: Oh, Lulu. I can assure you that I don't "think" I'm Ryan Chamberlain. For the record, your articles weren't displeasing. Pedestrian writing aside, you actually managed to capture a spark of Ryan's genius.

Lulu: Thank you. My mom is upstairs. I think I should go --

Ryan: Time's up, Lulu. I have given you hint after hint. The truth is standing right in front of you. I mean, literally staring in your face right now! And you still can't see it.

Lulu: No, Kevin, I do.

Ryan: No, let's try that again. Who am I?

Lulu: You are not Ryan. Ryan Chamberlain is dead.

Ryan: You know, Lulu, if you're gonna be a reporter... you really need to be diligent about checking your facts.

Josslyn: I don't believe this. We're right on top of the Catacombs. I was sure there'd be an entrance somewhere.

Oscar: [ Sighs ] Maybe we missed something. We can check again.

Josslyn: Check where? We've been over every inch of this place. There's no way down -- unless we go through the floor.

Oscar: Yeah, not sure that's a good idea -- the floor feels kind of shaky as it is. Plus, I think the boards are rotted. Which makes sense if this place was built in the 1800s.

Josslyn: I'm sorry. This was a wild goose chase.

Oscar: What? Don't apologize. I'm glad we came.

Josslyn: But you wanted to see the Catacombs, and I wanted to make it happen for you. I wanted to make one thing work.

Oscar: Look at it this way: We got to go exploring. After weeks of sitting in a hospital room playing "Go Fish" and "Celebrity," we're doing something cool. Look, it doesn't -- it doesn't matter that we didn't make it to the Catacombs. We made it here. And we're together.

Kim: God, I was just so greedy for time with Oscar. S-some days, it's all I can do not to keep him -- just keep him all for myself, you know?

Elizabeth: He's your baby.

Kim: Yeah. True, but he's also 16. And I just want him to have as normal a life as possible until he can't. And a normal life isn't really "hanging out" with mom. [ Chuckles ]

Elizabeth: I'm sure you can work out a timeshare with Josslyn.

Kim: I'm not so sure Oscar would go for it.

Elizabeth: No, I'll bet she can get him to fall in line.

Kim: Josslyn? Yes, true.

[ Both laugh ]

Kim: Oh, god, and, you know, he's just -- I -- he's out there doing god knows what. I just... and the truth is, you know, drew and I have given him free rein on his time. It's just we have one condition. That he checks in. Yes, every three hours. Yeah. And, you know, just a text or, you know, a call would be nice every once in a while. But, really, just a message to let us know that he's fine. And he's been really great up until now.

Elizabeth: How long's it been?

Kim: 3 hours, 52 minutes, and counting. Yeah, I know, this is -- this is the part where most -- most parents would just say, "it's probably nothing to worry about."

Elizabeth: But when your kid is sick...

Kim: There's always something to worry about.

Ryan: [ Ryan hums ]

Lulu: [ Breathing heavily ]

Ryan: How did I miss? Well, no worries. I won't make that mistake aga-- aah!

Lulu: [ Groaning ] Aah! No. [ Grunts ]

Chase: This person... she was one huge mistake in a series of catastrophic ones. It, uh -- and it really did a number on me. I'm past it, but there's always a part of something like that that just sticks with you, you know? Do you know what I mean?

Willow: Yeah.

Chase: That -- that was a nice surprise.

Willow: Yeah, for me, too.

Chase: And as nice of a surprise as that was, I want you to know that I --

Willow: Yes?

Chase: I don't think that I'm the kind of guy that thinks dinner or drinks entitles me to anything else. Because I like you way too much to want to rush into this or screw it up.

Willow: If anyone's screwed anything up, it's me.

Chase: Why? I'm the one doing all the talking.

Willow: Exactly. I've been letting you believe something that isn't true. And I want to set it right. I need to come clean.

Carly: Ava. Sonny told me about your "request."

Ava: I thought he might.

Carly: Let me be perfectly clear. There's no way we would ever let you leave town with Avery, never mind the country.

Ava: Avery is all I have left in this horrible town. I never should have come here in the first place. I think we can agree on that.

Carly: Well, um, then you should leave.

Ava: Not without Avery.

Carly: [ Scoffs ]

Ava: Carly... I need to have my one remaining child with me at least part of the time.

Carly: You do what you need to do. Avery stays here.

[ Elevator door opens ]

Lulu: [ Gasping ] Mom.

Laura: Oh, my god!

Lulu: Mom!

Laura: Lulu! Lulu, what happened?! Oh. Oh.

Jordan: I'll call 911.

Laura: Oh, my god. She's -- she's been stabbed. Lulu. Lulu, sweetheart. Honey, stay with me.

Lucas: Michael! Michael!

Michael: Yeah? Yeah?

Lucas: Grab clean napkins, towels, anything to help staunch the bleeding. Hurry.

Curtis: Called Olivia. Hotel security's on their way up.

Jordan: This is commissioner Ashford. We need paramedics at the Metro Court Restaurant right away. I want reinforcements at every exit and a patrol on every floor. The killer still may be in the building.

Michael: Okay. Is that enough?

Laura: Lulu. Lulu, honey, it's mom. Stay with me, sweetheart. Keep breathing. Lulu.

Ava: Just like Kiki...

Lucas: Michael, find something to put underneath her legs to help elevate them.

Laura: Oh, your jacket.

Michael: Okay.

Lucas: Here. Give me that.

Laura: Come on, Lulu. Hang in there, okay? Keep breathing. We got you. We got you. Come on. Lulu. Lulu? Lulu, stay with me, honey. Please, stay with me. Breathe, honey. Breathe. [ Quietly ] Stay with me. Please, stay with me.

Finn: Well, we can try to find out if anyone's presented symptoms like this, but that's a bit of a needle in a haystack approach. So the bad news is this -- this virus -- its nature and transmission -- I-it's gonna remain a mystery for now.

Anna: I called Robert to ask him if he had any relevant intel on Dr. Cabot.

Finn: Mm-hmm?

Anna: And he didn't call me back yet, which leads me to suspect that he probably does have some intel on him, and he'll let me know in his own sweet time.

Finn: You spies are weird.

Anna: Yeah. Hmm.

Willow: When we first met, you saw a pamphlet for grieving parents, and I told you that it was for someone else. I lied. It was for me.

Chase: Please, don't be offended, but I wouldn't be a very good detective if I hadn't figured that out.

Willow: You knew all along?

Chase: I strongly suspected, and now that you told me, I can -- I can tell you that I am so sorry for your loss.

Willow: That's why I'm so bad at this -- dating. I mean, um -- I've only ever been with one man, the baby's father.

Chase: And, uh... hey, you -- you don't have to say anything you'd rather not talk about.

Willow: No, I-I-I do. See, my baby's father and I -- we didn't stay together.

Chase: Yeah, I can imagine. I mean, losing the baby had to be very hard for the both of you.

Willow: Chase, I didn't lose my baby. That is... my baby didn't die. Everyone at my grief support group thinks that's what happened. I mean, why wouldn't they? That's what the group is for. But I couldn't find a group here in town that matched my situation, and that was the closest thing --

Chase: What situation?

Willow: My baby... is alive. I gave him up for adoption.

Lucas: Hang another bag of O-neg. Start a second I.V. And draw labs. Notify the O.R. One internal wound, heavy bleeding, probable pneumothorax. -

Laura: Lucas! -

Lucas: Hi. Uh, the E.R. Team is getting her stabilized. They're gonna take her up to the O.R. As soon as possible.

Laura: [ Exhales sharply ] Thank god you were there...

Lucas: Well, she lost a lot of blood, but I think she, uh -- I think she got to us in time...

Laura: [ Sighs ] Oh, my god. I went and I saw her in the office, and I -- why did I leave her there?

Sonny: Hey, Laura. Don't think that way. The only one to blame here is that freak who hurt her...

Laura: [ Sighs ] [ Breathing heavily ]

[ Elevator bell dings ]

Carly: Thank you. The police have finished their preliminary search, so we're free to go.

Ava: I'm waiting for Kevin.

Carly: You may want to call him. The police are only letting hotel guests in the building for now.

Ava: I suppose you're going to the hospital.

Carly: Yes.

Ava: Would you give me an update on Lulu, please?

Carly: As soon as I know anything. Kevin? Are you okay?

Ryan: Carly? Yeah, it's Carly.

Carly: What the hell? Kevin? Kevin, what -- what happened?

Ryan: I don't know. I-I stepped in the elevator, and I -- and I thought the electricity went out, but I realized it was still moving. I c-- I can't see.

Lucas: Lulu's stable. We're taking her to the O.R. Now. We won't know how severe her injuries are until we get there.

Laura: Can I see her?

Lucas: Just for a moment.

Laura: Thanks. [ Gasps ]

Elizabeth: She's not in any pain.

Laura: [ Sobs ] Oh. Sweet girl. Sweet, sweet girl. I love you. I love you so much. [ Sniffles ] And so many people love you, honey. Especially Rocco and Charlotte. Think of them, hon. They need you. [ Voice breaking ] I need you. Please, honey, stay with us. I love you.

Carly: Hey. How's Lulu?

Sonny: Um, t-they got her stabilized. They took her to surgery.

Carly: Okay.

Laura: I just talked with Olivia and with Valentin, and both kids are fast asleep.

Carly: The less they know, the better.

Laura: Yeah. I just pray to god that, when they wake up in the morning, they still have a mother.
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Willow: And I know how selfish it sounds. Like I didn't love my baby enough to take care of him.

Chase: No, not at all.

Willow: And I-I know I did what was best for my son, but... there's not one day, not one minute, not one second when I don't miss him.

Chase: Look, I-I can't imagine how hard that must have been to make the decision to give up your baby. But at least you know he is alive and well and in a good home.

Willow: I almost didn't go through with it. I almost took him back while the window was open.

Chase: Why didn't you?

Willow: He was already in a loving home. At least, that's the argument that was made to me. And as much as it hurts [Sighs] I do believe he's better off.

Carly: Laura, um, I need to tell you that Lulu's not the only reason I'm here.

Laura: What?

Carly: Ava and I found Kevin on the elevator --

Laura: You found him?

Carly: Was -- from what he told us, he had this terrible headache and suddenly lost his sight.

Laura: What are you saying? Kevin's blind?

Sonny: They're checking him out now, but so far, there's no explanation.

Curtis: Certainly looks like she put up a fight.

Jordan: Damn right she did.

[ Police radio chatter ]

Jordan: Judging from the blood on the floor, looks like she was stabbed here and went down. She stood up. He must have still been here.

Curtis: Uh, ash?

Jordan: Huh. Hey. Same M.O. Only this time, the killer left his weapon. And a witness.

Ava: You must be terrified.

Ryan: I've been through worse.

Ava: W-well, what did -- what did the doctor say? Does anybody know how you could lose your eyesight like that so suddenly?

Ryan: They're working on it. You -- you sound upset.

Ava: Of cour-- of course, I'm upset!

Ryan: Carly said something on the way over about Lulu being attacked. Is she all right?

Ava: You know, I don't -- I don't know.

Ryan: Would you please do me a favor and check on her and -- and Laura?

Ava: I know that Lulu's in surgery right now, and I'm the last person that Laura would want to see. Believe me.

Ryan: I'm not just asking for me. I'm also asking for you. I think you'll feel better if you know that another child hasn't suffered the same fate as yours.

Ava: Okay. All right. Well, I'll -- I'll go ask a nurse, then.

Ryan: That'll be fine. Thank you.

Kim: Carly, have you heard from Josslyn?

Carly: No. Why?

Kim: Well, I know that she and Oscar are together, but, um, I haven't been able to reach either one of them. Do you have any idea where they might be?

Carly: I -- I know Josslyn wanted to work on that planner that she gave Oscar.

Kim: Yeah, I know they want to cross things off the list, but... oh, god. I just -- I hope they didn't do anything foolish...

Josslyn: Okay. Ready to head out?

Oscar: Actually, I'd like to stay a little longer. I really like it down here.

Josslyn: Okay, really? Or are you just saying that to make me feel better because my brilliant inspiration was a total bust?

Oscar: You're way more disappointed about not getting into the Catacombs than I am.

Josslyn: I really wish that I could make this better for you.

Oscar: You do. Just by being --

Josslyn: Just by being here? Yeah, I know. I feel the same about you. Every moment's a gift, but...I don't know. Lately, I've just been wishing for a miracle. And I-I know you hate miracles.

Oscar: [ Scoffs ]

Josslyn: And now that I say that out loud, it's a really weird thing to say and a really weird thing to hate.

Oscar: [ Sighs ] The thing I hate about miracles is how people use them as an excuse not to talk about death. And, you know, I'm dying -- so maybe I want to talk about death every now and then.

Josslyn: Okay. Well, then, if you want to talk about death..., we -- we can talk about death. I can't promise I won't get emotional. Any-- anything you want to say -- and I mean anything -- I'll listen.

Oscar: Okay. The truth is... I can't imagine being gone. So instead, I imagine what it would have been like to have actually climbed Kilimanjaro with my dad. I don't imagine climbing it as much because that requires all kinds of training. So my mind just takes me and my dad to the top. And we just look over the plains... look over the world. Sometimes you're there with us. Sometimes it's just you and me. That's when it's the most beautiful.

Josslyn: Oscar...

Oscar: No, look, look, the worst part of me thinking about dying is leaving you... and how much I'll miss you.

Willow: My baby... his father couldn't be in the picture for all kinds of reasons.

Chase: Then you did the right thing.

Willow: That's what I tell myself. But knowing -- knowing that my son is out there, that someone else is holding him... [ Sighs ] It's so much more painful than I ever could have imagined. [ Exhales sharply ] And now that I have completely derailed the evening...

Chase: No, no. Not at all. I'm glad you told me.

Willow: So am I. But I still think I should go.

Chase: Well, let me -- let me walk you out.

Willow: Yeah, that'd be great. Thanks.

Chase: Yeah.

Michael: Hey, uh... so, I, um -- I overheard some chatter on the police radios as I left the Metro Court, and they uncovered evidence in Lulu's office...

Sonny: Enough to I.D. the killer?

Michael: They're not saying.

Laura: I know the police are doing absolutely everything they can do. I mean, they had officers all over the Metro Court tonight. Still, he managed to attack my daughter. I don't know what it's gonna take to stop this guy.

Jordan: Jackpot. After coming up empty at the other crime scenes, we finally caught a break. Our killer has started making mistakes.

Curtis: We find the owner of those shoes, we find our serial killer.

Ava: Hey. It's me. I'm back.

Ryan: What did you find out?

Ava: Well, it's not good. They say that Lulu may not make it through the night.

Ryan: Ah, that's -- that's just awful.

Ava: Yeah. You -- you have your shoes here. I'm gonna make myself useful, I think. I'll take them home, and I'll bring you back something else. Maybe some slippers.

Ryan: Oh, okay. Thank you.

Ava: All right, I'll be back.

Ryan: All right.

Anna: What's happening, Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: There's been another attack. It's Lulu.

Anna: What?!

Elizabeth: No, she's okay. She's alive. She's in surgery. Dr. Collins was also brought in.

Anna: Is he okay?

Elizabeth: I don't know. He says he can't see. -

Carly: Excuse me, Elizabeth. Can I please speak to you for a second? Excuse me.

Anna: We need to go find Kevin.

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Carly: Hi. So, um, Kim hasn't heard from Oscar for hours.

Kim: Yeah, she -- she knows.

Carly: Okay, well, um, Josslyn's not responding to my texts, and when I call her, it goes straight to voicemail. Could you call Cameron and see if he knows what Josslyn and Oscar are up to?
<br><img height="10" src="" width="600"><br>
Josslyn: Okay. I don't know about you, but I'm freezing.

Oscar: Yeah, it's getting a little chilly.

Josslyn: Okay, so what do you say we go back to my house, make some popcorn, hot chocolate, turn on a movie?

Oscar: Yeah, I could go for...

Josslyn: Oscar? Hey. Hey, hey, hey. Oscar?! Oscar! Hey. Hey. Listen, listen, listen. I'm right here. It's gonna be okay! It's gonna be okay! I'm right here! Keep breathing! Oscar!

On the next "General Hospital"

Lucas [to Brad]: What's going on here?

Willow [to Michael[: Who's your friend?

Michael [to Willow]: This is my godson Wiley.

Alexis [to Shiloh]: The only thing that interests me is how my daughter fits into this.

Oscar [to Josslyn]: If you don't go for help, how will we get out.

Sam [ to Jason]: I know another way in and I think Josslyn does too.

Carly [on phone]: Josslyn's in trouble.

On the next "General Hospital" --


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