GH Transcript Thursday 1/17/19

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 1/17/19


Episode #14200 ~ Sam is taken aback. Jason warns Drew about Shiloh. Alexis calls a meeting with Laura, Monica and Scott. Ana gets an update on her condition. Willow calls a parent teacher meeting with Lulu and Nina.

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Alexis: Thank you very much for letting me use this space. I'm gonna need it until probably early evening.

Lady: Of course.

Alexis: We can't be disturbed unless the hospital is on fire.

Every G.H. Employee knows how important this meeting is.

Alexis: Good.

[ Door closes ]

Finn: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Wh-wh-what -- what are you doing up?

Anna: Hi.

Finn: Hi.

Anna: Uh, I'm gonna go to the solarium to look at the sunset. Want to come with me?

Finn: Oh, the solarium. That sounds lovely. But shouldn't you be in your bed, resting?

Anna: Well, no. I mean, there's nothing wrong with my legs, you know? I was getting kind of stir-crazy stuck up in my room.

Finn: Yes, I understand. Although, you were somewhat blind this morning. I mean, would it kill you to rest?

Anna: Yeah, it might. 'Cause I'm not gonna rest until I figure out how I caught that strange virus in the first place.

Valentin: Isn't manual labor beneath your pay grade?

Nina: Nothing is beneath me if I want it done properly.

Valentin: You're going through a lot of work for Lucy Coe.

Nina: Yeah, well, this is an important book for our city, you know? If launched properly, it's very good publicity.

Valentin: Well, you're gonna be involved, so I'm sure it's gonna be a smashing success.

Nina: Oh, don't jinx. Don't jinx it.

Valentin: Can you believe it's been a year since that earthquake?

Nina: I know. It's crazy. We've gotten back on our feet very quickly.

Valentin: You know, I've always liked you're, uh, civic-mindedness.

Nina: You have? Really? Speaking of civic-mindedness, I am going to see if I can join the school board.

Valentin: Are you?

Nina: Yeah. I'm not gonna run for office or anything, but I just want to contribute.

Valentin: What's your reason?

Nina: Well, Charlotte, of course. I want to do everything I can to assure that every child in the city gets the best education possible.

Valentin: Oh, that's very commendable.

Nina: And I think it's great to have some authority if I have to deal with Charlotte's teacher again.

Valentin: I think ms. Tait means well.

Nina: Oh. [ Clears throat ] Don't let that sweet face fool you, okay? She is threatened by strong women, and she's taking it out on Charlotte. Unbelievable.

Valentin: Well, speak of the devil.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Lulu: Look at you, hard at work.

Cameron: Aunt Lulu. Mayor grandma.

Lulu: [ Laughs ] Hi, cam. How's it going?

Cameron: Well, I-I don't love picking up trash, but I love it a lot more than juvenile hall.

Laura: And I love that attitude. Of course, the best option would be to think your actions all the way through before you get in trouble. But if you do get in trouble, taking responsibility for it is the only way to go.

Cameron: Did you ever get in trouble when you were my age?

Lulu: No way. We were angels.

Laura: Downright saintly.

Cameron: Mm. Well, I'll try to learn from your example.

[ Trash rustles ]

Cameron: Congratulations. I'll see you.

Laura: Thank you.

Lulu: [ Chuckles ] Is that gonna be Rocco 10 years from now?

Laura: Oh, honey, Rocco will make his mistakes.

Lulu: [ Sighs ]

Laura: Just like you did. Just like I did. [ Laughs ] Come here.

Lulu: I'm not ready.

Josslyn: Hey. Um, how was the inauguration?

Cameron: Messy. I mean, you'd think, out of respect for the new mayor, people would throw away their trash, but you'd be wrong. So, what are you guys doing?

Oscar: Planning our future.

Sam: Okay, I should get going.

Jason: You need a shot of tequila before this?

Sam: [ Chuckles ] Well, that is tempting. But I should probably be sober for this. I mean, Kristina is dying for one of our family members to go to this seminar. And as much as I don't want to go, this will get me closer to Shiloh.

Jason: Yeah, I think that's exactly what Shiloh wants.

Cameron: Yeah, well, I don't need to plan out my future. It's already mapped out for me. I spend another hour picking up trash, and then... I go home to write a thoughtful essay to my drug counselor on why I don't need pot to deal with my problems.

Joss: Okay, does the drug counselor not realize that you never smoked pot?

Cameron: You know, I get the sense that my drug counselor's heard that before and doesn't buy it -- even though, in my case, it actually happens to be true.

Oscar: No, I-I'm really sorry. I know you're only stuck doing all of this because you wanted to help me.

Cameron: Wait, look. I take full credit for my noble impulse. And it turned out to be a really stupid idea, and I'm lucky that it didn't turn out worse. So, uh... you guys on your way somewhere? It's kind of cold out here to be planning your future.

Joss: The library. It's warm. It's free. Lots of information.

Oscar: Yeah, we wanted to do as much as we can in the time we have.

Lulu: So, how was your first afternoon in office, mayor Webber?

Laura: Exhilarating.

[ Both laugh ]

Laura: But it was also a little bit intimidating.

Lulu: I am so proud of you for taking off your rings and being sworn in using your maiden name.

Laura: Thank you.

Lulu: It's still a loss. It still hurts.

Laura: Yeah, and if I let myself go there, I will start crying. And that's not a good look on the mayor. [ Exhales deeply ] -So I should get going. But I can check back in with you later. Are you gonna be home?

Lulu: Actually, I will be at the metro court. I'm attending Lucy Coe's book launch.

Laura: Oh. Well, then, I'll see you over there.

Lulu: Oh, you're going?

Laura: [ Inhales deeply ] Yes. The book promotes Port Charles, so the mayor should put in an appearance. I'm a little surprised that you're covering that. It's so different from what you've been doing lately.

Lulu: Yeah, the story I was working on got nixed, so book launch, here I come.

Laura: Well, who knows? It could be fun. We could take bets on how many wardrobe changes Lucy will sneak in, right?

Lulu: Ooh. Or -- or who will wind up in a feud. It's a party in Port Charles, you know? People are bound to be at each other's throats.

Nina: I didn't know you were coming tonight.

Willow: Detective chase invited me to the launch party. I guess I'm a little early. Yeah, way too early. I'm gonna go wait for Chase in the lobby.

Valentin: No, no, no, I'm sure you're more than welcome to stay here.

Nina: Make yourself at home.

Willow: Thank you, but I'm gonna go see how far out chase is.

Valentin: Thank you for taking the high road and being the better person, for Charlotte's sake.

Nina: Yeah, I'm just Miss Congeniality.

Valentin: It's important to be cordial with your enemies. They'll never see it coming.

Nina: You see willow as my enemy?

Valentin: Uh, no. But if she ever becomes one, it's better to be on good terms.

Nina: You have a devious mind.

Valentin: And I've never tried to hide that from you.

Nina: Is that strategy or love?

Valentin: Can't it be both?

Cameron: So, uh, what kind of stuff have you guys done so far?

Joss: Um, not much. Just the "Port Charles museum of mayhem."

Oscar: Yeah, that guy manning the escape rooms really needs to pay more attention.

[ Chuckles ]

Joss: Um, the rest is just kind of a work in progress. Um, we're gonna have to revise some of what I put in the planner...

Cameron: Like what?

Oscar: Show him.

Joss: You sure?

Oscar: Why not?

Cameron: I mean, it's nothing embarrassing, right? I'm kind of sensitive.

[ Chuckles ]

Joss: Proceed with caution.

Cameron: [ Exhales deeply ] Oh, man. You crossed out dog show.

Oscar: See?

Joss: Okay, well, we can just watch "best in show" or spend more time with Annabelle.

Cameron: Okay, but it's not the same. It'll be more enjoyable, I promise. So... what's the next thing you guys are gonna do?

Oscar: Well, joss and I were talking, and it hit me -- aside from a tour of all the places the Quartermaine's have donated, I really don't know much about Port Charles.

Joss: Yeah, um, there's a lot of places he hasn't seen and a bunch of stuff he hasn't done yet, so... ...we're just gonna try and hit all the high points.

Jason: Let me settle up, and we can go.

Sam: Jason, no. We already talked about this. I'm doing this by myself.

Jason: Yeah, and I don't -- I don't -- it doesn't feel right. Because whatever con Shiloh is working, I think Kristina is the on-ramp and you're the target.

Sam: Okay, and if I were going into this blind, that would make sense. But I used to be a con, so I know what I'm looking for. So if Shiloh is after something, I will be able to see it coming a mile away.

Jason: I know, but you know his M.O. He gets people to trust him, they tell him where they're vulnerable, and then he uses it against them.

Sam: Okay, but I'm not vulnerable.

Jason: Yes, you are. What you did -- conning guys like Shiloh's father -- I know that it still weighs on you.

Sam: I-I did what I had to do to take care of my brother. You know if there were any other way, I would've.

Jason: I-I know that. I know that. But Shiloh is gonna try and use that against you. I hate the fact that he can bring up that part of your life...

Sam: [ Scoffs ]

Jason: ...And bring back all that pain.

Sam: All that p-- I have been through worse.

Jason: I know. I know. But maybe there's another way.

Sam: Like what?

Jason: Well, I mean, the seminars are open to everybody, right? Why shouldn't I go?

Sam: Uh, be-because they would take one look at you and know that you weren't interested in a seminar. Come on, Jason. The people at the dawn of day house, they would be on edge the whole time. And -- and no one would open up to me about what's going on in there.

Jason: Okay. Just be careful, okay? I do not trust this guy.

Sam: I know. Neither do I. But Kristina does, and I've got to figure out why. Just wish me luck.

Jason: Always.

Sam: [ Sighs ]

[ Door closes ]

Jason: [ Cellphone chimes ]

Cameron: Wait, you're telling me you've never been on the ferry? Like, for real?

Oscar: Yeah, I've never really had a reason to.

Cameron: Okay, well, it's -- it's actually pretty cool. You guys should take the north ferry. It goes all the way up to Sawyer.

Joss: Ugh. Why would you want to go to Sawyer?

Cameron: I don't know. My mom likes it. You know, there's a lot of antique stores there.

Joss: Mm. Okay, well, there's also a high school full of cheating cheaters who cheat up there.

[ Laughs ]

Oscar: Man, you are a sore loser.

Joss: No...

Oscar: Uh, yes.

[ Cameron and Oscar laugh ]

Joss: Okay, well, the volleyball team beat Sawyer.

Cameron: Yeah, you know, but the football team still lost. And you're not over it.

Oscar: Well, yeah, because our guys played their hearts out. I mean, there was one minute left in the game and we were totally driving down for a touchdown and then the ref called a fumble and there was no fumble.

[ Laughs ]

Oscar: Shano's knee was on the ground.

[ Laughs ]

Joss: And now you're laughing at me?

Oscar: No, we are in awe of your passion and school spirit...

Joss: Mm-hmm. And deeply glad that we're not from Sawyer. Which we definitely will not be visiting.

[ Cameron laughs ]

Valentin: I think everything appears to be ready.

Nina: Yes, if I fuss with these books long enough, I won't have to deal with ms. Tait.

Valentin: Oh.

Nina: Okay, listen. This is the thing. I don't like the way she treats Charlotte. I don't like the way she treats me.

Valentin: Okay, how's that?

Nina: You know I couldn't love Charlotte any more than if she were my real flesh and blood, right?

Valentin: Of course, I do.

Nina: Okay. Well, ms. Tait sort of treats me like I'm this inconsequential person in Charlotte's life like I have no real role in Charlotte's life.

Valentin: I know a way we can fix that.

Finn: You really do need to rest.

Anna: Oh, my goodness. You're taking this guardian angel thing too far.

Finn: [ Chuckles ] No one has ever called me that before.

Anna: You have been an angel through all this.

Finn: Saint. I prefer saint.

Anna: [ Laughs ]

Finn: And take it from st. Finbar and just don't -- don't -- don't push this, all right? And just s-stay r-- I'm gonna go there. I want you to be there when I turn back around.

Anna: I'll be here. Okay?

Finn: No, no. Yes.

Anna: Well, here's the thing. Huh? If I lie down, then I'm gonna get drowsy. And if I get drowsy, I'm gonna close my eyes.

Finn: And -- and when you open them, you don't think you'll be able to see again?

Anna: I know it's silly.

Finn: It sounds completely reasonable to me.

Anna: Well... I'll tell you what will make me feel better, is if I find out why I went blind in the first place -- how I got this virus, you know? Did you find out anything in your research?

Monica: Oh. Congratulations, madam mayor.

Laura: [ Exhales sharply ] Monica, thank you. Uh, your nephew ran an admirable campaign.

Monica: Well, yes. I did support him through that campaign, but I have every faith that you will do this city proud.

[ Chuckles ] I promise to. So, I take it you got a call from Alexis?

Monica: As I assume you did, too.

[ Door opens ]

Scott: Oh, hey, hey. Come on. Stop gabbing. We got a lot to do here.

Monica: Oh. All right.

Laura: Hi.

Monica: Hi.

Alexis: Hello. Why don't you all have a seat?

[ Door closes ]

Alexis: Thank you. Thank you all for coming. As the executor of Gail Baldwin's estate, I'm here to read her last will and testament. Now, her instructions were not to open the seal on this will until all concerned parties were present. Now, Serena and Lucy aren't here. They couldn't be here, so they agreed to let you represent them, and, likewise, you will be representing Lesley, who is out of the country. All right, shall we begin? -

Scott: Yes.

Alexis: Mm-hmm. Okay.

Sam: [ Blows ] -

Kristina: Hey. -Sam!

Sam: Hey!

Kristina: Ah! You came!

Sam: Of course. You know I'll always be here for you.

Kristina: I can't wait to show you around.

Sam: Okay. -

Kristina: Hey, daisy? You remember my sister, right?

Daisy: Yes. It's really good to see you again, Sam.

Sam: Likewise.

Daisy: You're gonna love the seminar.

Sam: Yeah? Well, what is it, exactly?

Daisy: It's called "unburdening your past."

Shiloh: Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Thank you. Thank you all. Welcome, visitors, friends, wandering souls alike. It's good to have you here.

Drew: I appreciate you meeting me.

Jason: Hey, no problem. What can I -- what can I do for you?

Drew: You hear about Oscar?

Jason: [ Exhales deeply ] Yeah, I heard the medical trial didn't work. I'm really sorry.

Drew: Thank you. Yeah, um... [ Exhales deeply ] The thing is... his mother and I, we're uh... we're trying to find a way to help him face the end of his life. And Josslyn's been a big part of his life. And that's why I need your help.

Alexis: "I, Gail Adamson Baldwin, being of sound body and mind, declare this to be my last will and testament. I leave the majority of my assets in trust. Said trust to be managed by a neutral third party."

Scott: Wa-wait -- wait a minute. Wh-what kind of a trust? What about the house on the water in Fort Lauderdale? What about the royalties from Gail's writing? Is that in the trust? What about the personal stuff? What about my father's watch? What about the rattan furniture? I mean, this stuff is sentimental. It has sentimental value to me.

Alexis: There'll be a codicil to address personal items. May I continue?

Monica: Okay.

Scott: Oh, please.

Alexis: [ Clears throat ] "An education fund has been set aside for any children Serena may have." And then there's an addendum. "With hopes that someone in the family will carry on the tradition of medicine."

Monica: Ah. Can't get anymore Gail than that.

Laura: [ Laughs ] Yes.

Scott: Okay, let's get back to this trust.

Alexis: "The trust is to be used to further endow mental-health services at General Hospital."

Laura: What a wonderful idea!

Monica: Well, leave it to Gail to always think of other people. I think this earns her a portrait on the memorial wall. -

Laura: I couldn't agree more. -

Alexis: Hold on. Not so fast. There's a catch.

[ Papers rustle ]

Lulu: Let me guess. Chase is stuck at work?

Willow: Close. I'm 15 minutes early, and he's running 15 minutes late.

Lulu: That is enough time for me to buy you a drink. I can tell you all about what it's like to be involved with a detective.

Uh... sure. That'd be nice.

Lulu: Great. What's your drink?

I'll take a Malbec.

Lulu: Oh. Speaking my language. Excuse me? Two malbecs, please. I'm glad to have a chance to talk to you. I want to apologize again for charlotte's behavior.

You don't have to. It's difficult, but bullying happens.

Lulu: Not from Charlotte. Ever again. She got a stern talking-to before class started up after the holidays. So, I trust she's been an angel ever since? Or not...?

I was -- I was gonna reach out to you next week...

Lulu: No. Well, that sounds cryptic.

I think we should have another conference about her behavior.

Lulu: Okay, well, we're here now, so just let me hear it.

I don't think this is the right time or place.

Lulu: If Charlotte is bullying her cousin again, I have to know so that I can put a stop to it.

This doesn't involve Aiden.

Lulu: Well, then, what is going on?

Valentin: These last few weeks of having you and Charlotte under the same roof? It's all I want. I'm happier than I've -- I've ever been.

Nina: So am I. Me, too.

Valentin: I know that we said that we should take it slowly if we're gonna find our way back to one another. I agree with that. But we fit as a family. I mean, that is so simple. And I see no reason to impose an arbitrary waiting period on something so essentially inevitable.

Nina: What are you saying?

Valentin: Marry me again, Nina.

Anna: What did you find out, then?

Finn: Well, according to the, uh, files from the EU, the virus was considered eradicated.

Anna: So how did I get it?

Finn: Still working on that. Although -- although I did determine who patient zero was.

Anna: You did? The first person who contracted the virus?

Finn: Mm. He unknowingly passed it on to patients at his hospital. East German doctor, Arthur Cabot.

Anna: Did you say, Arthur Cabot?

Finn: Mm-hmm.

Anna: Wow.

Finn: You know him?

Anna: I know of him. I mean, he used to do medical research for the DVX.

Nina: Was that a proposal?

Valentin: A proposal for permission to propose.

Nina: D-- w-what? But --

Valentin: I don't know. I-I just want to know we're on the same page. I'm afraid that if I-I rush things, then I'm gonna end up pushing you away...

Nina: Oh. I-I mean, I don't think -- continue.

Valentin: I love you. I always have. I want to marry you again. I want to rebuild our family with Charlotte. And I want to get on with living the rest of our lives together as soon as possible. Is that something you might be interested in?

Lulu: Valentin? Do you have a moment?

Valentin: Uh... we're a little busy right now.

Lulu: Uh, well, it can't wait. Ms. Tait just shared some troubling news with me... -

Nina: Mm.

Valentin: About Charlotte.

Nina: And what is the troubling news?

Willow: I was hoping we could discuss that privately with Lulu after school.

Valentin: No, no. Whatever you have to say about my daughter, you can say in front of Nina, as well.

Willow: In that case... as you're all aware, Charlotte's been struggling with her grades in history. She's an extremely bright girl, but it's clear the subject matter doesn't interest her. She's gotten "c's" on the majority of her quizzes, but last week, she scored an "a" on two quizzes in a row.

Valentin: Oh, that's good. That's excellent.

Nina: Yeah, what's troubling about that?

Willow: I recently updated the classroom seating assignments. Charlotte was placed next to her friend Kendra. Their quizzes had identical answers. The incorrect ones, too.

Nina: So, Kendra is cheating off of Charlotte.

Lulu: No, Nina. Charlotte is the one doing the cheating.

Josslyn: We want to go to Eckert's for sugar cookies.

Cameron: Okay, you haven't been to Eckert's either?

Oscar: Obviously not. But I-I guess they have good sugar cookies?

Cameron: The best.

[ Chuckles ]

Cameron: Like, they are so incredible. I know it sounds simple, but, like, they're just so crunchy and buttery and --

Josslyn: Oh, my god. And they melt in your mouth. And remember -- oh, okay, well, we were really little -- I think like seven or eight...

Oscar: [ Laughs ]

Cameron: And my grandma Bobbie brought home an entire box for a party. And joss and I found it.

Oscar: Mm-hmm.

Josslyn: I mean, we must've eaten, like, what, 15 cookies each?

Cameron: Oh -- oh, at least.

Josslyn: And then we snuck out to go to the park and hide out, um, and we fell asleep.

Cameron: I mean, we must've been in some kind of sugar-cookie coma.

Oscar[ Chuckles ]

Josslyn: We didn't even wake up until it was almost dark.

Cameron: I mean, by the time we got home, our families were so panicked. I mean, we were in so much trouble.

Josslyn: You would think I would have psychological scars and hate Eckert's sugar cookies for the rest of my life, but you would be very wrong.

Oscar: So, why have I never tasted these "incredible" sugar cookies? I mean, is this bakery a long way out of town? Is it in Sawyer?

Cameron: [ Scoffs]

Josslyn: No, it's -- it's on the corner of twelfth and Van Ness. Um... I always wanted to take you. I just figured, um... there wasn't any hurry.

Cameron: And, um... okay, so, you're going to the south ferry, going to Charles street, and going to Eckert's. Where else?

Oscar: Um... I really wanted to check out the catacombs.

Shiloh: Thank you all so much for joining us this evening for the seminar on "unburdening your past." The first step towards self-actualization is realizing that we are not alone. See, we're in a constant state of reliving these past memories. The only way to break this cycle is to change the narrative, to recognize and resonate that we are only responsible for our own lives, no one else's. Daisy, would you mind coming up here and assisting me?

Daisy: Absolutely.

Shiloh: Thank you. So, who here would care to shed a painful memory? To unburden themselves and just move on?

Drew: I'm sure you noticed, uh, Josslyn's a lot like her mother.

Jason: Yeah. Yeah, I have.

Drew: She's got her strength, her determination. She never gives up. Great qualities. The thing is, uh, Oscar doesn't have a lot of time left. Um, I-I-I'm worried that... ...Josslyn's, uh, costing him time that he doesn't have.

Jason: How?

Drew: By encouraging him to look for a cure, a miracle that doesn't exist.

Jason: Okay, I'm not sure what you want me to do.

Drew: This is hard. Um... Carly listens to you. Maybe you can talk to her, and she can explain the situation to josslyn.

[ Applause ]

Shiloh: Thanks. Is there anyone else who'd care to have a session?

Kristina: I'll go.

Shiloh: Great. Kristina, come on up.

Kristina: All right.

[ Exhales deeply ]

Shiloh: I want you to close your eyes. Now I want you to think back to the memory that's holding you back. Okay? One memory that you keep reliving over and over again.

Daisy: Where are you?

Kristina: In my mother's old house.

Daisy: How old are you?

Kristina: I'm 17.

Daisy: Are you alone?

Kristina: No.

Daisy: Who's there?

Kristina: My boyfriend Kiefer.

Daisy: What's Kiefer doing?

Kristina: He's -- [ Sighs ] He's angry with me.

Daisy: Why is he angry with you?

Kristina: I blew him off to be with another guy.

Daisy: And what did he do when he saw you do that?

Kristina: He -- he called me a bitch... for doing it in a dress that he bought for me.

Daisy: Is that all he did?

Kristina: No.

Daisy: What else?

Kristina: [ Breathes shakily ] He slapped me so hard that I fell to the floor.

Daisy: Did you run away from him? Why didn't you?

Kristina: I thought it was my fault.

Daisy: Did you break up with

Kristina: No.

Daisy: Did you tell someone?

Kristina: No.

Daisy: Why not? '

Kristina: Cause I-I didn't --

Daisy: [ Exhales sharply ] You didn't want to lose him, did you?

Kristina: No.

Daisy: You were glad that he was jealous. Even when he scared you...

Kristina: [ Cries ]

Daisy: Even when he hurt you, he was paying attention to you, and that was what mattered.

Sam: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! That's enough!

Kristina: [ Sobs, sniffles ]

Scott: What kind of a catch can there be in a will?

Alexis: It says that G.H. Will only receive said endowment if certain provisions are met.

Scott: Well, are -- are the provisions listed? I mean, who has to do what to satisfy this will?

Alexis: It's really unclear. All it says is that the parties that are present here will be summoned back for further instructions.

Nina: Wow. First, you accuse charlotte of bullying Aiden, now you are saying that she is a cheater?

Willow: Kendra's scores have been consistent with her grades all year. Charlotte's scores were outliers.

Nina: [ Exhales sharply ]

Willow: If Charlotte is still struggling with history, I am more than happy to tutor her after class.

Nina: Oh, we definitely want that. I-I mean, I definitely want my stepdaughter being tutored by the teacher who thinks she's a cheat and a bully. That's really helpful.

[ Nina scoffs ]

Valentin: Uh, I appreciate you bringing that to our attention. Just so you know, Charlotte and I have been studying her history together. We, uh -- we made a game of it. We actually quiz one another. I think it's like you said before -- she's very intelligent and capable of lifting her test scores without cheating. Thank you.

Sam: What the hell is wrong with you? What are you doing to my sister?

Shiloh: We're only trying to help.

Sam: Help? By saying that her being hit is the only thing that made her feel like she mattered? -

Kristina: Sam, it's okay. -

Sam: No, Kristina, it is not okay. You have no idea what her relationship is like with Kiefer. I thought you were supposed to be her friend. What is wrong with you?

Kristina: They didn't do anything wrong.

Sam: Kristina, you were shaking and you were crying. What are you talking about?

Kristina: I've carried around this shame since I was a teenager, and living through it again with all this support around me is helping me heal. Can't you understand that?

Sam: [ Sighs ]

Finn: Well, I double-checked. Apparently, Arthur Cabot was a well-regarded medical researcher.

Anna: Yes and no. I mean, his name repeatedly came up as having ties with the DVX.

Finn: Hmm. What'd he do for them?

Anna: I-I don't know. Not specifically. But the DVX were particularly interested in biological weapons, both the kind that can render a subject sick and the kind that can make them more susceptible to mind control. Which was Faison's area of expertise?

Finn: Suddenly, it doesn't seem so random that you contracted this virus.

Anna: That's not random at all.

Lulu: Valentin and I have many differences. But for the most part, when it comes to our daughter, we agree. So if Valentin says that he's been working with her on history, he has been. It's possible she improved. It is also possible that Kendra was cheating off of charlotte's paper, or maybe the problems they both missed confused them.

Willow: It's true. Yeah. I-I-I don't know anything for certain. And even if Charlotte has been cheating on her quizzes, she's not doing it with any malicious intent.

Lulu: Then what would be driving her?

Willow: I have found that when young students cheat, they're motivated by fear of disappointing the adults in their lives.

Lulu: There have been a lot of changes in Charlotte's home life. I'm sorry about Nina's outburst. She can be hot-headed,

Willow: [Chuckling]

Lulu: But she means well.

Willow: I know. I know. It's -- it's fine. If anything, I'm clear that she really cares about your daughter.

Nina: Can you believe that woman? She thinks of Charlotte as this bad seed.

Valentin: Well, I told ms. Tait that, uh, Charlotte and I have been studying history together and I think that she was able to lift her test scores without cheating.

Nina: And did Ms. Tait apologize?

Valentin: No. Didn't ask her to. Just wanted to get back to you and tell you how grateful I was.

Nina: For what? [ Inhales deeply ]

Valentin: For defending Charlotte. For calling her your stepdaughter.

Nina: Oh, that slipped out.

Valentin: No, no. I like that. 'Cause I know, in your heart, that means you think of her as your stepdaughter, which means, somewhere in your heart, I'm still your husband.

Scott: Alexis, uh, let me just have a closer look at that.

Alexis: See for yourself. There's nothing on here that I haven't already shared.

Monica: So, you're basically saying "to be continued"?

Alexis: It appears that way. I will let you all know when I learn more.

Monica: Well, thank you, Alexis.

Alexis: My pleasure. -

Laura: Thank you. -

Alexis: Mm-hmm.

Monica: Well, it looks like Gail left us with a mystery to solve.

Scott: [ Exhales deeply ] Yeah.

Shiloh: I know the process can seem a little discordant from the outside...

Sam: Discordant? Try brutal and unfair.

Shiloh: Your strong reaction would indicate that you're dealing with some past trauma of your own. I mean, we'd be more than happy to help you confront it and move on.

Sam: I-I'm sorry. [ Chuckles ] I'm sorry. I'm just trying to take this all in right now.

Shiloh: Yeah, I-I get it. I mean, we've all been there, haven't we, folks? Yeah. Well, this would be, I think, a good time to wrap up this evening's seminar. Everybody, thank you all so much for coming and sharing and opening your minds.

[ Applause ]

Shiloh: Good evening. Thank you all so much.

Sam: I'm really sorry if I embarrassed you.

Kristina: That's all right. I know this might seem strange to you, but this group is really helping me.

Sam: Okay. I mean, if -- if you say so. I trust you.

Kristina: Okay, well, uh, I've got chores so, um, I should get going. But I'll see you soon?

Sam: Yeah. Of course. I love you.

Kristina: I love you, too.

Shiloh: Sam. Yeah. Thank you so much for coming. It was really great seeing you again.

Sam: You know what? I have one question before I leave. What qualifies you to run a self-help group about emotional trauma?

Shiloh: Well, I really don't believe that one person is more qualified than another. But we all have darkness in our pasts. I sense you understand that more than most. Look, I really hope that you come back and learn more about the work that we're doing here.

Sam: Oh, I will. This definitely isn't the last you'll see of me.

[ Door closes ]

Drew: I'm afraid, without meaning to, josslyn um... ...she might make things harder for Oscar.

Jason: Yeah, I mean, I'll -- I'll talk to Carly. For sure. But I-I don't think you -- I don't think you need to worry about josslyn. Yeah, she is a lot like her mother, but I think...[Inhales deeply] I think she has the courage to, um, face reality, no matter how much it hurts. And she's gonna keep fighting. But she'll fight to make whatever... ...time that Oscar has left the best that -- that it can be.

Oscar: I was reading how there are all these tunnels and passageways underneath Port Charles, a lot of them dating back to the civil war. It'd be so cool to explore them.

Joss: Yeah, well, I think that the entrances to the catacombs were closed off a while ago.

Cameron: Huh. Well... not all of them. Or, at least, that's what I've heard.

Joss: Heard from who?

Cameron: Well, I'm not gonna name any names, but some juniors and some seniors, they found a way in.

Oscar: Did you happen to hear how we could find this way in?

On the next "General Hospital"

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Chase [to Willow]: I'm gonna put everything to the side so I can enjoy every minute I have with you.

Nina [to Maxie]: I want you to be completely honest with me.

Lulu [to Laura]: Why would Kevin have a list of Ryan's victims?

Ryan: Let me say, you've come to the right place.

Carly [to Sonny]: Please do this for me.

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