GH Transcript Tuesday 1/15/19

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 1/15/19


Episode #14198 ~ Josslyn is grateful to Cameron. Alexis runs into Oscar. Monica worries about Drew. Finn is anxious. Julian questions Willow's motives.

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Anna: I need to know. Did it work? Am I gonna be able to see?

Elizabeth: So, all you have to do is just cut along the dotted cookie dough.

Franco: yeah?

Elizabeth: ...'Cause if you try to pull it apart, you're gonna end up getting too much or too little of it.

Aiden: Okay. But we can't use packaged cookie dough. That's cheating.

Elizabeth: Oh, but we're gonna put candies and -- and sprinkles on them.

Aiden: But we're raising money to save the planet. Everything's supposed to be homemade.

Elizabeth: Uh, I-I have a really important meeting. This is gonna be faster. I promise we can make them from scratch next time. Okay?

Aiden: I don't want to bring fake cookies to school.

Elizabeth: [ Sighs ]

Franco: Well, then, you won't, okay? You want to bake them from scratch? We'll bake them from scratch. Let's go check for supplies. Here you go.

Aiden: Yay!

Elizabeth: Wait. Really?

Franco: Have fun. Yeah, really. Why? Ah, come on. What could possibly go wrong?

Joss: Cameron?

Cameron: [ Exhales sharply ] Joss. Hey, what are you doing here?

Joss: I'm waiting for Oscar. What are you doing here? Are you doing drugs?

Michael: How was Gail's funeral?

Monica: Oh, I-it was lovely. It really was. And meaningful. She's gonna be laid to rest next to lee, which is what she wanted... they had many good years together and loved each other very much, which is about all you can ask for, right?

Michael: Yeah. Look, it sounds like you, uh -- you got a lot on your plate. I hope you take some time for yourself.

Monica: [ Sighs ]

Michael: You know, why -- why don't we, uh, take a day, drive into the city, and we can, like, see a play or something?

Monica: [ Chuckles ] That is so sweet. Thank you, but I-I can't. I can't leave right now, not with what's going on with Oscar.

Michael: No, I-I understand.

Monica: But I want a rain check, okay?

Michael: [ Chuckles ] You got it. Sometimes we have to, you know, force ourselves to get away. But, um, you can't help anyone else unless you take care of yourself.

Monica: Wow. Wow. That is -- that is something Gail used to say to me a lot. And flying back home, I realized I was so very lucky to have her by my side. Just as I am lucky to have you by my side now. It made me realize that it's really important to show up... even when it seems like the world has cut you off at the knees.

Willow: Before you ask, I didn't pick this place. One of my students' parents insisted on meeting here.

Julian: Well, look, I hope you can avoid it in the future. Look, Willow, it's -- you know, it's not good for you to be here -- you know, so close to people who are connected to...

Willow: To my son.

Julian: Yeah. Why put yourself in this position?

Willow: Maybe it's unavoidable. I've started to realize how connected people are here. It seems a lot of them have ties to the baby I gave up.

Terry: Hi.

Kim: Hey.

Terry: Oscar's coming, right?

Kim: Yeah. Um, I just -- I wanted to, uh... speak with you alone first.

Terry: Sure. What's on your mind?

Kim: Um, I want you to be as direct and candid with Oscar as possible. He's got some tough questions about what comes next...

Terry: Of course.

Kim: Drew and I, um -- we've discussed it, and we want complete transparency. So we don't want you to soft-pedal any of your answers. If our son is brave enough to ask the tough questions, then we all need to be brave enough to give him the truth.

Alexis: Oscar. Hi.

Oscar: Hi.

Alexis: It's good to see you out of a hospital bed.

Oscar: Yeah. Thanks. It's good to be out of that hospital bed.

Alexis: Has there been any change?

Oscar: No. Nothing has changed since the last time we talked. So I want to finish up my will. Make sure everything's taken care of...

Alexis: I'm so sorry your treatment didn't work out.

Oscar: Look, I-I-I'll call you about the will, but right now, I have a very important meeting to attend. See ya.

Cameron: Mm. I'm not doing drugs! I just have to do some counseling sessions and a ridiculous amount of community service as part of my probation.

Joss: Cameron, what -- what are you talking about? Why are you on probation?

Cameron:, remember that time I was wearing the suit, you know, the other day?

Joss: Yeah, for your grandma's victory party?

Cameron: Yeah, I lied. I had to go to court because I was busted for buying weed.

Willow: Thank you.

Julian: [ Inhales deeply ] Can I ask you something?

Willow: Go ahead.

Julian: Have you considered that it might be easier for you to leave Port Charles? Hmm? Start over somewhere else where there aren't so many...reminders...

Willow: This isn't an out of sight, out of mind situation. Moving to another state won't make me forget my son.

Julian: But he isn't your son. He's Lucas and Brad's son.

Willow: Legally, that's true. But my heart says otherwise.

[ Door opens ] -

Elizabeth: Hi. -Hi. I'm sorry. I hope you weren't waiting too long.

Willow: No, not at all.

Julian: Can I, uh, get you coffee?

Elizabeth: Um, sure. Thanks. Hope you don't mind meeting me here. I've just got to get home later and then onto the inauguration.

Willow: Oh, yeah. Aiden is so proud that his grandmother is the new mayor.

Elizabeth: Aww.

Willow: Congratulations.

Elizabeth: Aww, thank you. We're very proud of Laura. And I know you must be really busy with the bake sale tomorrow and... I'm heading home to bake cookies...

Willow: Oh, fun.

Elizabeth: Well, I really appreciate you meeting me about Aiden.

Willow: It's no problem at all. It's very important to me that children are happy.

Franco: Vanilla?

Aiden: Check.

Franco: Okay, this is the last one -- chocolate chips?

Aiden: Check.

Franco: You know, yeah, I think we too, uh -- we need to try some of these first. This is called quality control, kid, and it's really, really important. So let me know what you think. What do you think?

Aiden: Okay. These are really good.

Franco: No kidding. So we're ready to do the -- what do they say on that show that you like to watch?

Aiden: Bake!

Chase: Okay to come in?

Anna: Is that Chase?

Chase: Yeah.

Finn: What are you doing here?

Griffin: I called him. I thought, uh, Finn here could use a little backup.

Finn: No, I'm -- I'm -- I'm fine... No, it's -- it's -- it's nice. It's nice.

Anna: Chase? -

Chase: Yeah, I'm still here.

Anna: Okay. Um, could you take your brother for coffee? Because [Stammers] He's hovering.

Finn: H-h-hovering? Who's -- who's hovering?

Anna: You're hovering.

Finn: I'm hovering.

Chase: Yeah, let's take a walk to the cafeteria.

Finn: Okay. I'll be back. -

Anna: I know.

[ Door closes ]

Anna: That was nicely done.

Griffin: [ Chuckles ] It was your idea... oh. I'm here.

Anna: [ Chuckles ] Well, the execution of it was very smooth. You know, if things don't work out for you in medicine, you'll always have a place in counterintelligence.

Griffin: Oh, well, I will, uh -- I will keep that in mind.

Anna: Is there anyone else in here?

Griffin: No.

Anna: Can you just tell me... how bad was the damage to my eyes?

Oscar: Am I late?

Kim: Hey. No. No, no, honey. I just -- I wanted to talk to, uh, Terry first, anyway.

Oscar: What about?

Kim: Don't worry. There's no agenda. I just -- I know you've got a lot of questions, and I wanted to make sure that Dr. Randolph answered them all directly -- no matter how difficult.

Terry: I'll do my best.

Kim: Oh, sweetheart.

Oscar: I'm ready.

Terry: So, where do you want to begin?

Oscar: What's it going to be like when I'm dying?

Chase: Would you slow down? When Anna said to grab a cup of coffee, she didn't mean a 30-second dash to the vending machine and back.

Finn: I want to be by her side, okay?

Chase: Oh, so this is about what you want, not her.

Finn: What does that mean?

Chase: Look, Anna wants two things. A little space and to know that you're taken care of.

Finn: Oh, so you're an authority on her now?

Chase: No. I just have eyes and ears. She's worried about you, and this is her way of -- it's her way of taking care of you.

Finn: She can be surprisingly thoughtful in a -- in an annoying, bossy kinda way.

Chase: No comment.

[ Chuckles ]

Finn: How'd you let yourself get dragged into this?

Chase: Cause someone you care about's sick. Thought you could use the support.

Finn: Okay. Thanks.

Chase: You're welcome.

Griffin: The, uh, surgery went well. We were able to stop the hemorrhaging in your eyes, but... we can't predict if your sight will be fully restored. Now -- now, that being said, we will remove the bandage once we get clearance from the optic surgeon. And u-until then [Inhales deeply] I'm sorry, you're just gonna have to wait... okay.

Anna: I understand. [ Sighs ] I'm glad Finn went out for some air, you know, get out of here 'cause he's hovering all over me.

Griffin: [ Laughs ] Oh, stop. Stop pretending you didn't enjoy it.

Anna: You can't make fun of me. You know, I'm kind of... it's not fair.
Griffin: Anna, you are a force of nature, okay? And you're -- you're -- you're lucky to have someone like f-Finn... fuss over you...

Anna: Hey, Griffin, are you okay?

Griffin: Yeah. Yeah, I'm -- I'm fine.

Anna: It's got to be hard for you, too, you know, this... are you thinking about kiki? You know, that -- that makes sense. And you're right. You're right. I-I am so lucky to have someone like Finn to fuss over me. But, um... you know, he's used to take-charge Anna. I don't know about... blind Anna. And I know that -- I mean, that might be more than he's bargained for, 'cause he's very precise. You know he's very particular.

Griffin: Anna, hey. That is your fear talking, all right? Finn -- Finn is totally in love with you and unflinchingly by your side.[ Chuckles ] I think maybe you're the one who got more than you bargained for.

Willow: I haven't witnessed any overt bullying since Aiden and Charlotte spoke.

Elizabeth: So do you think it's over?

Willow: Well, classroom dynamics can take a while to change. Aiden still prefers to avoid the other kids. He stays with me at recess, goes to the library at lunch to read. He might not feel safe around his classmates again for some time.

Elizabeth: Do you think he could be getting bullied by other kids?

Willow: It's possible. Oftentimes, kids bully out of "teacher range." On the playground or in the hall or lunchroom.

Elizabeth: I don't understand why these kids would turn on him. Is there something about Aiden that makes him a target?

Alexis: Hi. I need to talk to you.

Julian: Hey. W-what'd I do now?

Alexis: You need to put aside your misguided nobility and go see Kim.

Cameron: So I figured I'd just buy the weed and then flush it -- but right in the middle of the deal, a police detective showed up, arrested us both, brought us down to the precinct, and just blew up after that.

Joss: Why didn't you call me? I could've gotten sonny's lawyer down there in five minutes. Diane's the best -- I don't even know how many times she's gotten charges dropped against Sonny.

Cameron: I really wish I'd known that...

Joss: [ Chuckles ]

Cameron: ...Because my mom got me, Alexis Davis. And I had to show up in court -- in front of a really unfriendly judge, I might add. And I got probation. So now I have to pick up garbage on the side of the road, work at the hospital, and attend drug counseling. Counseling's the worst. I mean, I don't even do drugs, but I don't want to wreck my chances at that soccer scholarship, so I have to show up, and they look at me all seriously, and, like, they ask me questions about how I feel and stuff...

Joss: [ Chuckles ]

Cameron: And now you're laughing at me.

Joss: No, no, no. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's just -- it's the most twisted, wonderful story I've ever heard. I mean, you cared enough about Oscar to do that. That's -- that's awesome, cam.

Cameron: I just wanted to help. You know, now that Oscar's feeling better, he's never gonna let me live this down.

Joss: Yeah, I know, and... I know Oscar didn't want to tell you.

Cameron: Tell me what?

Joss: It's not right to keep it a secret. Especially since you got arrested trying to help him.

Cameron: Wait. What secrets? Joss, what's going on?

Joss: Oscar's never gonna get better.

Oscar: If I can understand what comes next, I won't be so afraid when things start to change for me. This way I can prepare as much as possible. Will my headaches get more painful?

Terry: We'll manage your pain with medication... but the pain will get worse and more severe...

Oscar: How about my balance? Will I start falling down all the time?

Terry: Eventually, you may have difficulty maintaining your balance...

Oscar: What about having a stroke? Or losing my ability to walk or talk?

Terry: Those are all possibilities -- but symptoms differ. You may feel relatively normal for some time.

Oscar: How much time do you think I have?

Terry: I'm not trying to be vague, Oscar. But I can't give you a definite answer.

Kim: Okay, Terry, um... w-what is the longest you have had a patient... with a similar prognosis survive?

Terry: Seven to eight months.

Kim: And the shortest?

Terry: Six weeks.

Kim: It's okay. Come here. Come here.

Oscar: [ Crying ]

Willow: We both know that kids can be cruel.

Elizabeth: [ Sighs ]

Willow: They can form this kind of pack mentality, singling out a particular child. You know, Aiden's a very sweet kid. He loves to take care of the class guinea pig. He likes to read... he's not into the games the other kids play on the playground. I feel like he's taking the first steps toward discovering his own identity -- and he needs the freedom to do that.

Elizabeth: And that's totally fine with us. He lives in a-a nontraditional family. We're -- we're very open, but I still want to protect my kid.

Willow: I can tell you're a very caring and involved mother. And I know it's hard to watch Aiden go through this. Please be assured that I'm monitoring things. And remember, this is just one chapter in his life.

Elizabeth: So this too shall pass. I hope so. And soon. I just want Aiden to be happy.

Aiden: Sifting the flour is important. Did you get the hand mixer?

Franco: N-no. Y-yeah.
Aiden: We have to cream the butter, then add the sugar, then the eggs... is the butter room temp?

Franco: Um, I don't think so. I'm really impressed by you, Aiden. Where'd you learn all this stuff from, tv?

Aiden: Some, and they have some books in the library. I like the ones with pictures best. Hey, next time, can we bake a three-layer chocolate cake?

Franco: Yeah, sure, I don't -- I don't see why not. I-I'm kind of blown away. I didn't know you were that into this. Why d-- why -- why didn't you tell us that you liked baking so much? You know, w-when I was your age, I was really into drawing, and I didn't tell anybody about it 'cause I thought it was just -- it was just my special thing. Is that why you didn't tell anybody?

Aiden: I just didn't want to be laughed at again.

Alexis: I ran into Oscar at the hospital earlier.

Julian: Oh, how's he -- how's he doing?

Alexis: You need to call Kim.

Julian: What, the drug trial's not working?

[ Glass thuds ]

Julian: He's dying?

Alexis: She needs you.

Julian: She has Drew.

Alexis: She needs you. And of all the times for you to back away, this is not a good time.

Cameron: So, Oscar's at home?

Joss: Because the trial didn't work. There's nothing else the doctors can do for him.

Cameron: I'm such an idiot. I-I went on and on about how he was my inspiration and how he beat cancer.

Joss: You know, I think... I think he didn't want to tell you... because you thought he won, and, um... ...for a little bit, he wanted to pretend like he did.

Cameron: I... I just thought he would never die, you know, that they would be able to save him.

Joss: [ Quietly ] Yeah, me, too.

Cameron: [ Exhales sharply ] Is there anything I can do for you? For Oscar?

Joss: Just be our friend.

Cameron: Always. I'm here for you both.

Joss: Good. Just please -- just -- just stay out of jail.

Cameron: [ Chuckles ]

Joss: [ Sniffles ]

Kim: I have something for you.

Oscar: But Dr. Randolph just said, at best, six months... probably less.

Kim: Don't you put a clock on it. You cross off as many things off this list as you possibly can, and I will help you do it. I promise you. You go, okay? You go be with Joss, and you have fun.

Oscar: I love you so much.

Kim: I love you. Oh, sweetheart.

Oscar: Bye.

Kim: Bye.

Finn: You heard from the schoolteacher?

Chase: She was my date to new year'S.

Finn: Are you...blushing?

Chase: What? No. No.

Finn: You are. You're totally blushing.

Chase: [ Chuckles ]

Finn: You must really like her.

Chase: Yeah, I-I think so. But, um, you know, you never told me what made Anna go blind.

Finn: Oh, smooth topic change.

Chase: Obviously not. But I -- but I really do want to know.

Finn: From what I can tell, it's some -- some sort of virus. Still waiting for the labs to come back.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Griffin: It's, uh -- it's time to take the bandages off... Anna would like you with her.

Finn: Of course. I'll -- I'll be right here.

Elizabeth: Yeah. Thank you, again, for meeting with me. Aiden is awfully lucky to have such a thoughtful teacher like you. You really do have a gift with children.

Willow: I appreciate that. We'll stay in touch, okay?

Elizabeth: Yes, absolutely.

Willow: Bye.

Elizabeth: Bye.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Elizabeth: Buy a what?

Franco: All right, baker man. What's next?

Aiden: Want to see the video where they make breakfast pastries?
Franco: Yeah, I do. You better believe I do.

Aiden: Come here.

Joss: I stayed up the whole first night, looking for cures on the internet.

Cameron: [ Scoffs ]

Joss: I had these plans to go to Mexico, New Zealand, Kansas...

Cameron: Kansas?

Joss: Yeah. Yeah, there's a surgeon there that operates on inoperable tumors. Anyways, the whole time I was looking at these cures, I had this weird feeling... it was almost familiar. Then I remembered the tournament against Seaton.

Cameron: What about it?

Joss: We were losing. Badly. I wasn't even in the game -- I rolled my ankle. Coach took me out, wouldn't put me back in. So I was sitting on these sidelines, watching this game. In my head, I was imagining all these plays, you know, this or that would score us points -- 21 points all by myself. It's completely unrealistic. Wishful thinking... avoid the fact that we lost. So when I was looking for all of these cures on -- on the internet... ...I realized that that's exactly what I was doing. I was avoiding... facing the fact that this is it. Oscar's gonna die.

Cameron: So you're not looking for cures anymore?

Joss: No, Oscar and I decided not to. Um... we don't want to waste the time he has left. So we're just... we're just gonna make the best out of every day.

Cameron: That sounds like a good plan.

[ Cellphone vibrates ]

Cameron: Shoot. I-I'm late. If I don't get home, my mom will kill me. But I don't want to leave you here.

Joss: No, you're -- you're fine. Oscar's gonna come in a little.

Cameron: I'll text you later.

Joss: Okay.

Cameron: Joss, I'm here for you. For both of you.
Joss: Thank you.

[ Knock on door ]

Monica: Hi. Don't -- don't get up. I hope I'm not interrupting. Mnh-mnh. I just, uh -- I've heard about Oscar. I am so sorry.

Kim: [ Sniffles, inhales deeply ] I want to thank you for being so welcoming to Oscar. Being part of the Quartermaine family has meant the world to him.

Monica: [ Inhales deeply ] Well, it has been a joy getting to know my grandson. Thank you. Thank you for sharing him with me. The times we spent together, I will treasure always. How are you?

Kim: I don't know what to do.

Monica: I know.

Kim: [ Chuckles ]

Monica: I know. They don't, uh -- they don't really have a guidebook for parents on how to deal with -- with a child's death.

Kim: So what do I do? [ Sighs ] How do I let go of my son? -

Griffin: Okay, here we go.

Anna: Yeah.

Griffin: Try and be patient.

Anna: Oh, god. Oh. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it's -- it's -- I can see stuff. It is blurry.

Griffin: It's okay.

Anna: I can see stuff. Thank goodness.

Finn: That's good. Just -- just -- just give it a moment, all right? Just keep breathing.

Anna: You have the most beautiful eyes. [ Voice breaking ] Thank you.

Elizabeth: Mmm, something smells really yummy.

Franco: Oh, my goodness.

Elizabeth: What is this all about?

Franco: Come here. I'm gonna introduce you. Give me that.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Franco: You have to meet the chef. Come on.

Elizabeth: Oh, okay. All right.

Franco: All right, are you ready to unveil your creations?

Aiden: Ta-da! Ta-da! Chocolate chip, oatmeal, and sugar cookies with sprinkles.

Elizabeth: You made all of these? All three kinds? Right?
Franco: Aiden has been watching a lot of cooking shows, and it turns out your son is, like, a kitchen prodigy.

Elizabeth: Wow. Oh, now I understand your text.

Franco: Sorry about the mess, though. Uh.

Elizabeth: [ Chuckles ]

Cameron: Hey, I'm home.

Aiden: Hey.

Cameron: [ Sniffs ] Hey. You baked? -

Elizabeth: Uh, not me. This is all your brother. How was counseling?

Cameron: Uh, it was okay. I saw Joss and --

Aiden: Have a cookie.

Cameron: Oh, thank you. Mmm. Dude, these are really good.

Aiden: You mean it?

Cameron: Oh, yeah. Thanks, man. This -- this is really what I needed.

Michael: Hey, stranger.

Willow: Hi, Michael.

Michael: Uh... missed you at the meetings.

Willow: Yeah, I haven't been going as much.

Michael: Well, that's -- that's good, right? That means you found some peace?

Julian: Oh, hey.

Kim: Oh, hey. Sorry. I just -- what?

Julian: No, it's fine. I-I was just out getting some mini marshmallows. We, uh [Chuckles] Had a run on hot chocolate.

Kim: Well, it's, uh -- it's still cold out...

Julian: [ Chuckles ] Oh, yeah. Look, I heard about Oscar. I am so sorry.

Kim: Me, too.

Julian: He is such a good kid, and he loves you so much, Kim. You know, I do hope you take some comfort in that.

Kim: I try. [ Chuckles ] You know, for, um, a jerk who slept with someone else... you sure are a good guy.

Julian: Do you want to, uh, come in for some hot chocolate? I've got plenty of mini marshmallows...
Kim: Yeah.

Finn: She's good.

Chase: [ Exhales deeply ]

Finn: Anna's vision is -- is perfect -- full recovery.

Chase: That's great news. I'm so glad.

Finn: Uh, you want to come see her?

Chase: No, no, I-I got to get going now that everything's good. Yeah. I have to meet someone...

Finn: Oh...someone.

Chase: Yeah. Someone. [ Chuckles ] But tell Anna I'm -- I'm so happy for her.

Finn: I will. You and someone have fun, all right? Chase, um... I'm glad you were here.

Chase: Me, too.

Griffin: Looking good. No permanent trauma... let me have a look at these labs Finn ordered... well, that's strange.

Anna: What is?

Griffin: I don't recognize some of these markers. Well, maybe Finn will have better luck.

Oscar: Sorry, you had to wait. Took a little longer than I thought.

Joss: No, it's -- it's okay. It's quiet in here. I don't mind.

Oscar: Look, I'm sorry we haven't had a lot of time together lately.

Joss: Well, there's a lot of people who want time with you.

Oscar: Joss, the doctor said I --

Joss: Okay, not to be rude, but you're on my time now. So there's really only one thing that I want to know.

Oscar: Oh, yeah?

Joss: Mm-hmm.

Oscar: What's that?
Joss: Well, we have the whole afternoon in front of us. What do you want to do today?

Oscar: [ Chuckles ]

Anna: What is it?

Finn: Mm?

Anna: What is it?

Finn: The virus that caused your blindness is one that I've never seen in North America.

Anna: How could I get it?

Finn: I honestly don't know.

Anna: Do you think someone... gave it to me intentionally or something?

Finn: What would be the point?

Anna: And you don't know what caused it at all?

Finn: No, I don't.

Aiden: Thanks, mom!

Elizabeth: Here you go. You're so welcome. I can't believe how happy he is.

Franco:I know, right? You should've seen him. He was so excited. He's chatty, and he knows all these tips and these facts. This kid's ready for his own cooking show.

Elizabeth: That's -- I -- I'm just amazed. I don't know how I missed this.

Franco: Well, he was just keeping it to himself. But this is who he is. We need to stop worrying about Aiden fitting in and just let Aiden be Aiden.
Elizabeth: Funny, that's kind of what his teacher said,

Cameron: Aiden, what's the password?

Aiden: "Donut." But the "o" is a zero, and the "t" is a cap.

[ Tablet bloops ]

Cameron: Okay, I got it. Um, changed my mind. It's a stupid game, anyway.

Aiden: That's okay. Want to see the book mom got me?

Cameron: Oh, sure. Do you know how to make macaroons?

Aiden: Yeah. They take a whole lot of steps to make...

Cameron: Mm.

Chase: Hey. Am I late?

Willow: I finished my meeting just a little while ago. So you're right on time.

Chase: Oh, okay.

Julian: Two hot chocolates.

Kim: [ Chuckles ] Cheers.

Julian: Cheers.

Kim: Mmm. Mmm.

Julian: Yeah? Better than a Cortado?

Kim: [ Chuckles ] Well, I'm not sure. I'll just have to sample it again to find out.

Julian: Good idea.

Kim: Maybe this is the secret.

Julian: What's that? Hot chocolate?

Kim: Just staying in the moment. Not thinking about the future. Enjoying what's good -- while it's here.

Joss: Okay, the dog show is coming off the list, and you snuck that one in there anyway.

Oscar: Okay, look, only if we can take "make your own pottery" class off.

Joss: Okay, done.

[ Page rustles ]

Oscar: But I totally want to do midnight paddle-boating under the stars.

Joss: Okay. I'll, um -- I'll check the dates, and I'll -- I'll see when that is. But hold on.

Oscar: This one right here, this one's non-negotiable.

Joss: "Be with Joss." Yep, it's totally non-negotiable.

Oscar: [ Chuckles ]

Joss: Are you ready to start?

Oscar: Let's do this. Let the end of my life begin.

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