GH Transcript Friday 1/11/19

General Hospital Transcript Friday 1/11/19


Episode #14196 ~ Franco startles Ava; Peter helps Anna; Griffin runs into Sonny at the chapel; Kim and Drew think about their future; Valentin makes a romantic gesture.

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 Anna? Anna, talk to me. What is it?

[ Straining ] Oh, god. I'm -- I'm -- I'm -- I'm in a bit of pain. I think I need to see a doctor. Anna. Anna. Anna!

[ Gasps ] Hope I'm not interrupting. As a matter of fact, you are. You annoyed?

[ Chuckles ] Do I look annoyed?

[ Elevator bell dings ] Hey, kim. Kim. Oh, hey. You okay? Uh, yeah. I'm sorry. I was just, um -- I was just coming from a delivery. One of my patients just gave birth to a 7-pound 7-ounce... healthy baby boy. How you doing?

[ Clears throat ] I just came by to say a prayer to drew's son. Yeah, I heard things aren't going so well for oscar. Miracles are far and few between. I... I just thought I'd ask the man upstairs for one. Good luck. Maybe he'll listen to you because he sure as hell doesn't listen to me. Kiki's dead, and... her killer's still out there. And kevin's credit card... gotta love that beautiful fico score. Bastard -- whoa! Bastard?! F-franco?! What?!

[ Sighs ] Ava, what the hell are you doing?! Peter: Anna, breathe.

[ Breathing heavily ] Sit up. Are you -- you okay? Anna, talk to me. T-- what happened? What -- y-you collapsed. You fainted. Anna, you fainted.

[ Breathing heavily ] I can't see anything.

What's happening? I can't see anything... anna, I'm right here. I'm right here -- oh, god. I need finn. I need finn... okay. I need a doctor. Okay, I-I'll -- I'm getting you to the hospital. Come on. Stand up. All right, arm over my shoulder. Okay.

[ Straining ] Here we go. Here you go. All right, walk with me. Walk with me. Come here. I got you. Breathe. Breathe. Here we go. Good evening, dr. Finn. We used to have security. Who let you in? Well, as you are aware, all charges against me have been dropped.

[ Scoffs ] I'm free to go wherever I choose. And I choose here. What do you want? My, aren't you the curious one? I'm here to speak with hr. Weren't you fired? And wasn't your license to practice revoked? Forgive me. I was not aware that you had control of who is...

[ Sighs ] ...And is not hired to work here. You know, you may have conned peter into dropping the charges against you -- but you have no leverage in this hospital, and there's no place for someone like you here. This is a lovely surprise. These are for you, by the way. Oh, really.

[ Chuckles ] They're beautiful but unnecessary. No, I disagree. I, uh -- I want you to know how seriously I'm taking my second chance with you. Your second chance? Really? More like, you know, the fourth, fifth, ninth... uh, I'm a lucky man, and I realize that. You're back in my life, you're back in my house, you're back in my bed -- where you belong. Am I back in your bed? Yes. Really? I belong in your bed? Please.

[ Giggles ] I'm grateful. I'm happy. So you're gonna have to indulge me while I shower you with gifts for a while. You already gave me the greatest gift of all. You brought my daughter back into my life. It's been a tough couple of weeks. A lot of senseless tragedies. But, you know, kiki was part of our family. She was a special young woman... look, I'm gonna -- I'm gonna stop you -- stop you now. I have heard so many different versions of this conversation over the last month a-and... look, don't -- don't misunderstand, all right? I-I-I-I know it's -- it's well-intended. I appreciate the kind words about kiki and all that and all the -- a-all the kind stories, but it doesn't help. So, please... save your... sorrow and remorse or all the stories about how -- how great kiki is or ab-- about how much promise she had because it only makes me mad. Mad that somebody took that beautiful life away from her. Mad that somebody took her from us... you know, maybe I don't have the right... to the anger or the grief that I feel, but right now, those are my only two options. I-I understand. You can only feel how -- how you're gonna feel. What -- do you mean empty? That it's all pointless? I get it. I get it. After morgan died, you know, I-I went to some dark places, and you were actually the one who helped me with my faith.

[ Sniffles, sighs ] I'm glad my words brought you comfort. But for me? There is no comfort. My words were a lie, sonny. Faith is an illusion. I'm glad that you're armed and all, but what are you doing out here all alone and at night? It's a bad idea. I can take care of myself. Well, I'm sure that you can. But I'm gonna hang out here with you just in case. Aww. That's really sweet, actually, but entirely unnecessary. What are you doing here? I was on my way to the studio. What the hell are you doing here? Seriously, it's freezing. Well, franco, it's really none of your business, all right? So, carry on. Don't let me keep you, all right? Oh, no. I'm not going anywhere now. Really, ava, I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what the hell's going on. Oh, come on. Damn it, franco! Just leave, all right? You're gonna ruin everything. Well, then, you'd better talk fast. Kiki's killer is still out there, and I'm gonna make myself a target that he cannot resist. And when he finds me, I swear it, he will wish the cops had gotten to him first. Ryan: Sleep tight, peyton.

I didn't even think that this was possible. If it weren't for you... madeline would've carried that secret to the grave, that my daughter was alive. And because of you, I found out that she was alive. And because of you, I've come to know what an incredible, beautiful, smart woman she is. You filled the hole that was in my heart. You loved me that much. I do love you. I love you with all of my heart. I love you. I love you, and all those things that I said I couldn't get over, I don't care about those things anymore. You mean that, don't you? Yeah. You showed me it's safe to love you. And you made me trust you again. You are so quick to judge me, dr. Finn, when you are the one carrying a grudge. You are the one acting out of spite. Look to your own moral failings. I am a healer. And my employment options don't concern you. No. They don'T. But they do concern monica, don't they? When she sees your face and she remembers all the things you did to the people in this hospital, well...what's it they say? What goes around comes around. Upon further consideration... I'm too good for this place. I'll go to mercy where they can use my help and appreciate my talents. Hey. Here you go. Oh. Thank you. Oh, don't thank me. It's from the vending machine.

[ Chuckles ] You know, I'm just being ridiculous, not to mention selfish... I think you should give yourself a break. God. You know, drew, bringing new life into this world... it is the best part of my job. You know, it's one of the reasons I became an ob... being able to hand over precious new life to parents and just...see the wonder and the hopes and the dreams that they have for their babies. I don't know. Their joy usually fills me with so much joy. And today -- phew -- god forgive me, but all I felt was resentment. It's just, you know, this -- this new mother, she... she has all the hope in the world for her son's future, and... I have none left for mine. Okay. Okay.

[ Sniffles ] It's perfectly understandable to feel that way.

[ Sighs ] We have to remember, we still have time with oscar. I just...I hope we can somehow find a way...

[ Scoffs ] Hope. Hope. You know, drew, I have clung to hope for so long, and I have even clung to -- to false hope, and I am just -- I'm running out of it. I am running out of it. You know, one of the first things that we learn in medical school is will lose patients, right? With all the innovations and all the medication and all the... skill and expertise...

[ Sighs ] They all have their limitations. And they will all fail... at some point.

[ Sighs ] That's where oscar is. Medicine has failed him. You question god. "Why did this have to happen to somebody so young and so full of promise?"

[ Sighs ] Your faith is shaken. My faith isn't shaken, sonny, it's broken. After devoting my entire life to the church... saint aloysius. At age 7, he experienced a profound spiritual awakening. By age 11, he was teaching the catechism, and by 23, he died after he caught the plague from the patients he tended to. I've worn this since I was a boy. Wanting to be like him.

[ Laughs ] A saint. This is just jewelry. There is no magic there. Bad things happen to good people. Some sicko stabbed and killed kiki... what kind of sense does that make? Why are you here, griffin, in -- in this chapel? I don't know. Maybe I'm hoping to feel -- maybe I'm hoping to feel something that'll -- that'll prove me wrong. Something that'll make me feel like my whole life wasn't meaningless... that everything I believed wasn't a lie. I don't think so. There's no denying that I've sinned more than most. But I think there's something bigger out there, something...listening to us, working through us. I'm here right now praying for a 16-year-old boy... who's terminally diagnosed. Now, my prayers might n-- they might not help, but you know what? I got to do the best I can. And I believe in my heart that kiki...would understand... you know, peop-- people keep... people keep telling me... what kiki would -- would want, what kiki would do. But I don't know, so h-- so how can they? And what I -- what I -- what i do know is I've dedicated my entire life to healing. As a doctor. So, if oscar gets a miracle, it'll be from science. Not faith. At least, I'm finally clear on that.

[ Sighs ] If you'll...excuse me, there's someone that I can still help. So that's your big plan, huh? You're gonna lure the killer, use yourself as bait, and then when he gets here, you're gonna ambush him, huh? Well, it's better than waiting around for him to claim another victim.

[ Chuckles ] Ava, that's just not gonna work. You don't know that. Yeah, I do know that. And you know how I know that.

[ Sighs ] You are just trying to get me to change my mind. I can think like a killer because I used to think like a killer. And you are just not a desirable target. Hey! And what is that supposed to mean? You don't have to take it like that. It's just that you have a reputation for being lethal, deservedly so. And what motivates this killer is the thrill of taking a life, and he can just get the same thrill and pick a victim that may or may not kill him first. At best, you're not worth the risk. And at worst case, you're kind of a kindred spirit.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Hey, john. It's hamilton finn at G.H. Um, hey, just wanted to give you a heads up on an applicant you may get over there at mercy tomorrow. Give me a call. I'll give you the 411. Anna? Hey. -Finn. -Hey. -Finn.

[ Whimpers ] What happened? Oh, I don't know. Something's happened -- I can't see.

 I'm sorry to interrupt. Oh. You're not interrupting. What brings you by? Well, I just -- I-I had to get some medication for my father, and, uh...I thought I'd come see you. Carly told me that, uh -- that the treatment's not... going as well as it -- it should? No, it didn'T. Well, look, I just want you to know, you have my resources at your disposal. I got a jet, connections, wh-- I -- anything you need. Kevin! Ryan: What are you doing out here? Okay, before she can make up some story as to why she's here, you know why she's here? 'Cause -- 'cause she is using herself as bait to try and catch kiki's killer. I see! "I see"? That's it? You're not gonna say, "oh, that's -- that's incredibly risky. That's -- you're putting yourself in grave danger, ava"? Come on! I'm really worried about her. Okay. Could you guys not talk about me as if I'm not standing right here? Frankly, I tend to agree with ava. However she wants to deal with her grief is her own business. Really? By -- by wandering around the docks late at night by herself with a gun? What's going on? A-and can I ask you something? Why are you ghosting me? You're totally flaking on me! I have been trying to make an appointment with you for months! About that -- I think the time has come for you and i to stop working together. I'm dr. Munro. Oh, is it griffin? Hi. Anna? -Yes. -Hey. Hi. What's going on? We don't know. She was brought in unable to see anything. I had you paged immediately. Okay. Blindness? Yeah, is this something to do with my pv? Uh, doubtful. Tell me exactly what happened. All right, uh, anna and I, we were having coffee. Yeah. Um, she was complaining about a bad headache, migraine, um... and she said she wanted to see a doctor. When she stood up, she collapsed, uh, and fainted. I-I-I caught her, but when she regained consciousness, s-she couldn't see. Okay, is -- is -- thank you. Is that -- is that it, anna? Is that everything? Yeah, that's what happened. Can you -- can you describe the headache for me? It was horrible. It just came out of nowhere. Honestly, it was like this -- this searing pain in my temple, and -- and I-I knew something was wrong and I needed to see a doctor, so I guess that's when I stood up and I fainted and -- and then, um...I-I don't know. I opened my eyes. I just -- I c-- I couldn't see anything. Okay, you had a phlebotomy treatment earlier today. You may have fainted as a result. The loss of vision? I can't say... hey. We're gonna figure it out, okay, I-I-I promise, anna. I'm gonna -- I'm gonna -- I'm gonna send you upstairs -- I'm gonna send you upstairs for some tests. We're gonna run an eeg and a -- and -- and a ct scan -- find out exactly what's going on with you, all right? Will you find out, though? I mean -- what the hell is this? Why would this happen? Anna, hang in there, okay?

[ Door opens, closes ] Hey. I'll be right back, okay? Okay? Yeah. Okay. Peter? Yes. I'm still here. Thank you for bringing me to the hospital. Anna, I just did what anyone would have done. Yeah. Well, I -- I'm not "anyone" to you, though. I'm not just a random stranger.

[ Voice breaking ] We have a pretty complicated relationship. That's one way of putting it.

[ Monitor beeping ] I mean, you could've just left. You know, finn's here.

[ Sniffles ] But you didn'T. And I'm glad. Thank you. Don't worry. I'm not gonna read anything into that. Why don't we, uh -- why don't we just...focus on you for right now, okay? Okay.

[ Sniffles ] I'm very grateful that you're here. Thank you. I'm glad I could help. I'm gonna try to prove myself worthy of you. But I am not knight-in-shining-armor material.

[ Laughs ] On that, we can agree. Valentin: Hello, liesl. Valentin. Niece. I hope I'm not interrupting... as a matter of fact, you are, yeah. A pity. But unavoidable. I need to speak with my niece alone. Uh, whatever you have to say, I'm sure you can say in my presence.

[ Chuckles ] No doubt you'd prefer that. All right, what's going on with you guys? Whatever do you mean? I saw you with your heads together the other day, and I wondered what was happening. And since we have no secrets, you'd tell me what's going on. Right? No secrets, eh? In that case, do you want to tell nina what we've been keeping from her, or shall I?

 This -- this wouldn't be the first time I've helped get medicine that was restricted into this country. If -- if -- I got the jet ready to go if you need anything. Hey, I-I appreciate that offer, and we would definitely take you up on it. Problem is, there's just, uh -- there's no miracle drug in some foreign country that's gonna help oscar. Yeah. I have checked every website offering a cure or even a respite -- from here to singapore. I've called every doctor, every clinic, and I've checked every -- every trial. There'S... there isn't a single thing that we wouldn't do to save oscar. The problem is, there's just nothing to do. You are dumping me as a client? Let's just say that our work together has...plateaued. It could be that we've become too comfortable with one another. But in any event, you're just not progressing the way you once were. So I think you'd be better served with another therapist. I don't want another therapist. You're my therapist. I want you. You're the one who helped me. You're -- you're -- y-- I don't think I've really dealt with all the horrible trauma that you helped me to uncover. And now what -- you're just gonna cast me aside like -- like some kind of bothersome one-night stand? It's in your best interest. I'll gladly give you a referral. Hell with you. To hell with you. To hell with your referral. Hell with -- hell with you.

[ Mumbling ] Bye. Hey, are -- are you sure that you want to do that? I mean, I think -- it seems like franco really needs you. Trust me, it's for the best. Aunt liesl, please cough it up. What's going on between you and valentin? Oh, must you, nina? "Cough it up" is such an unattractive expression... please stop stalling. Very well. Your charming ex-husband has graciously offered me a job at cassadine industries. You have? I'm making inquiries, sure. I -- I don't want to rush things. The medical research division was not hiring. But I appreciate you saying you would keep me in mind. You're nina's aunt. Oh. However I can help you. I mean, listen, I know that liesl is family, and I really appreciate it, but I don't want her putting you in a difficult position. Oh, it's no difficulty, and the sooner we get her gainful employment, the better it's gonna be for all of us. Good point. And to that end, I still require a private moment with my niece. All right, well, she insists...

[ Chuckles ] Whatever you want. All right.

[ Chuckles ] What is it that you cannot tell me in front of valentin? Ms. Devane, I'm here to take you to your first test. Okay. Oh, allow me. Yeah. Oh, okay. Let me help you. Yeah. Wait. Wait a minute. What's happening? This way. Okay. Thanks. Okay. Stand. Stand. Here you go, anna. All right, turn -- turn around. Sit -- sit down slowly. Okay. What -- yep. Here you go. Sit down. Okay. Okay. Good. I can stick around until we know what's going on. No, no, that's all right. Unh-unh. I know you're busy. It's fine. Thank you. Uh, someone will reach out to you. Ooh. Are you sure, anna? Mm-hmm. Thank you for being here. Oh. We need to talk. What's on your mind?

Your mind. You okay? Your head in the game? Excuse me? You lost someone you care about. But you've barely been present at this hospital since you've been reinstated. I just need to know. Do we need to get another specialist? No disrespect. None taken. And, yes, you're -- you're right. Kiki's death... kiki's murder messed me up. But anna is the closest thing I have to family. And I can help her. Look, you may not understand this, but I-I-i

need to help her. Good. So what are you thinking? Well, it could be anything. From nerve inflammation to glaucoma. We simply don't know if it's treatable... or if the blindness is permanent.

 I really am sorry that y-- you're having to deal w-- I hope I didn't say anything to make it worse for both of you. Oh. No. Not at all. I'm -- I'm actually -- I'm very touched that you want to help oscar. Oscar's one of the greats in my book. He really is. Well, both of you are in my prayers. Thank you. Hey, sonny. Uh... you know, people keep coming by... saying they couldn't imagine what we're going through... but clearly you know. I was there when you lost morgan. So, um, I appreciate you, uh, being there for kim. I appreciate you're there -- being there for me. Anything you need, all you got to do is ask. Thank you. I know anna. She's gonna want to know the odds... until we know what's causing the blindness or anything associated with it, everything I say will just be speculation. I don't really want to do that right now. I'm sure you understand. There's a strong possibility she's gonna see again, right? Yes! Yes. There is a possibility. There are many causes for sudden blindness, viral, neurological, a blocked blood vessel... some are reversible. Some are not. Stop acting like you don't have a medical degree. Forgive me. For once, I'm not thinking like a doctor. I'm thinking like someone who loves the patient. And may I just say, your bedside manner sucks. What happened to holding on to hope? Oh. Well, if you need somebody to do that, you're gonna have to get somebody else because my faith lies in the data. And we will have that shortly. If you'll excuse me. You wanted to see me? Yeah, I thought you'd want to know. I just took anna to the hospital. Why? What happened? They don't know. We were sitting right here, just talking... she had a splitting headache... and suddenly, she fainted. When she regained consciousness... she couldn't see. Let me make sure I understand this. Anna's blind? She is, valentin. Who's treating her? Griffin munro. What did he say? Next to nothing. They don't know what caused it -- or if it's permanent. I'm sure you would like to pitch writing that medical column for crimson. Well, I think it's a great idea. I-I'm not sure it's the best approach for our readers... it's true. I need a job. I have an expunged record, but I no longer have my medical license. It has not been easy to find work. But now I see there are even more pressing matters to address. Okay, do you want to vague that up a little more? It is quite clear,

liebchen. Valentin is making every effort to woo you back. Yeah, he is. I'm fine with it. You know better than anyone that there are two sides to valentin. He can be witty and charming. But he is also ruthless and amoral. For valentin, the ends always justify the means. Okay, okay, okay, okay. You're not completely wrong. You're not completely right. Valentin has shown that he's capable of so much love and loyalty. He shows that with his daughter all the time. And...

[ Sighs ] Listen, I tried to end it. I tried for a long time to end it, and he just wouldn't give up. I do hope you are proceeding with caution. Of course I am! I've made no long-term commitments. I moved into wyndemere. You are living with the man?! Sleeping in his bed?! How is that "proceeding with caution"?! Okay, all right. I don't want to talk about this with you anymore. I want you to be happy for me. He found my daughter, aunt liesl. He found my daughter. I have a daughter. And she's our family. I want you to meet her because she's so smart and she's beautiful and she has a real sly sense of humor. And there's such a family resemblance. I mean, she looks exactly like britt, and she looks like j, too. That woman is nothing like my son.

Griffin. Sorry, sonny. I have a patient. How'd your tests go? All right, I suppose.

[ Sighs ] Hey, you know, it's okay to be scared. I won't tell anyone. I'm scared. This is horrible.

[ Sniffles ] Is that griffin? -Yeah. -Hey. -You have the test results? -Yeah. Anna, uh... yeah. Hey, um... it seems you experienced a vitreous hemorrhage. Oh. Wow, a hemorrhage. It's -- it's okay. It's -- you're -- you're stable. You're all right. What brought this about? That's the bad news... we don't know. Is there any good news? Yes, yes. There's -- there's a -- hey, hey -- there's a -- a laser treatment that often yields positive results. It often yields?

[ Scoffs ] Well, what does that mean? Look, we do-- we don't know what caused the blindness. We can't be certain that we can restore your vision. Thank you. Thank you for telling me about anna. Please, don't reach out. I doubt she wants to hear from you. No. I don't suppose she does. Your mother doesn't like appearing weak in front of me. That's because she knows you'll use it to double-cross her. I know the feeling. Uh, peter, I will say this as many times as you need to hear it: I'm not your enemy. Maybe not. But you'll use me -- you'll use anyone -- if it's expedient. Why else pressure me to drop the charges against obrecht? Well, I think that worked out pretty well for everybody involved. You're a hero to maxie, now, aren't you? You don't give a damn about me and maxie. You were just covering your own ass. Well, enjoy it while it lasts, valentin. Because whatever obrecht has over you, she'll use it -- probably sooner rather than later, too. Goodbye, peter. What could you possibly have against sasha? Forget I said anything. Listen, I understand this. Aunt liesl, I think you still have a lot of guilt for leaving j with my mother. And your relationship with britt is nonexistent. So I'm sure it's very difficult for you to see me forging a relationship with my own daughter... you are sadly mistaken. About what? There is something you need to know about "your daughter." I'm afraid I can't give you access to dr. Collins's records. I'm not sure that's up to you. Who are you?

[ Scoffs ] I'm dr. Collins's assistant. No, you're not. Where's janet? Dr. Collins fired janet and hired me. And like I said, I can't release your medical records. Now, if you'll please excuse me. Yeah. To hell with this. Do you think I'm crazy...going after my daughter's killer? Not at all. But I do think it's counterproductive. How so? The killer feeds off the fear and dread that fills the community. The attention. The notoriety. It's your grief and frustration that gives him power, and if you allow yourself to be consumed by that, if you refuse to live your life, you play right into their hands. My daughter has been killed. How am I supposed to be able to focus on anything else? By staying here where kiki was killed -- surrounded by memories of her -- knowing that the killer is still out there. It wears on you. I think the two of us should leave town. No, kevin, I'm really not in the mood for some kind of vacation. Not a vacation. Forever. I think the two of us should leave port charles for good.

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