GH Transcript Thursday 1/10/19

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 1/10/19


Episode #14195 ~ Lulu tells Peter about her chat with Margaux; Anna gets a second chance; Elizabeth gets good news; Finn reconnects with Alexis; Olivia puts her doubts aside.

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Alexis: Well, you know, it's pretty impressive that in such a short amount of time you've been able to effectively narrow the gap.

[ Chuckles ] You should be very proud of yourself. I am. -Oh, hi. -Hi! Elizabeth: Sorry I'm late. Did I miss anything? -No. -No, it's too close to call. You've got this. Oh. Don't jinx me. No, it's okay. You got this.

[ Chuckles ] Did you hear me? We need to talk about your brother. What about him? I'd like to discuss it in person. Uh, are you at the floating rib? Yeah, yeah, we're, uh -- we're hosting laura's election-night party. But, look, I've got people to cover. You know, name the place -- preferably somewhere more quiet, and we'll meet for a beer --

no, no.

I'll, uh -- I-I'll come to you. You just stay where you are, and I'll meet you. Want to check the returns? Or you want to wait a little longer? No, I-I meant it when I said I didn't want to drive myself crazy watching the minute-by-minute returns. But, on the other hand

[Chuckles] I know I can't hide from the results, either. Okay, then. Um... no matter what happens, as long as I have you beside me? I win.

[ Remote clicks ] Too close to call.

[ Sighs deeply ] It's gonna be a long night. Stay close. Aww. There's nowhere else in the world that I would be. Aha! Is this a celebratory kiss? Not quite yet. It's still neck-and-neck. Oh. Is that why you're, uh, necking to pass the time?

[ Laughter ] Ha, ha. But in all serious, though, ned, I'm really pulling for you. Thank you.

[ Exhales sharply ] Yes, me, too. I'm behind you -- excuse me -- 100%. -[ Exhale deeply ] -Thank you.

[ Knock on door ] Who is it? Maxie: It's your fashion-estie. My fashion-whattie? It's a hybrid! Fashionista, bestie... ah! "Fashion-estie." I get it. I love it. Maxie: Okay. [ Chuckles ] So, are you ready? Just go along without me. I'll catch up. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait. What could be more important than your own mother's victory party -- you know, fingers crossed and everything?

[ Knock on door ] Who is it?! We have mace!

[ Peter chuckles ] I come in peace.

[ Chuckles ] Peter. Hi. Hi.

[ Chuckles ] How are you feeling? Yeah, okay, you know. Another day, another phlebotomy. Blah. No headaches, no dizziness, no ringing in the ears...? Maybe. I hear you. Ah. Ha, ha. No, no. Actually, I'm in tip-top shape to go to laura's returns party. Yeah, about that... oh, yeah, no. You're not backing out. No, I, uh -- I never backed in. Mm, finn. Listen, it's not like we're joined at the hip, you know. You could technically go on your own. And you do what, exactly? Oh, I don't know. Anything else? -[ Laughs ] Whoa! Whoa! Hey! Watch where you're going. Wow.

[ Sighs ] You know, sometimes I don't know how you can still come down here.

[ Sighs ] It's bad memories for both of us. Yeah. Well, I'm ready to make some better ones. Yeah, me, too. Although I don't think tonight's gonna be the night.

[ Footsteps approach ] Sam? Jason? How fortunate to find you here. Uh, perhaps you could help me with something. Follow me.

Guys, this is, uh -- this is barney. Barney's in between homes at the moment, and I've been trying to convince him that he can't spend the night out here -- he'll freeze. Yeah, it is really cold out here, barney. I've, uh -- I've got a van waiting over there to take barney and some others to the dod shelter to spend the night -- you know, hot meal, warm bed -- but, uh... the problem is barney here doesn't think he can trust me. Mm. Well, I mean, it would just be for one night. He could leave if he wanted to, right? Yeah, o-of course. Anyone who stays under the dod's roof is free to leave at any time. Did you hear that? You can leave whenever you want. Why don't you give it a try? You'll get a hot meal and a warm bed. Let the guy help you out. I am so terribly sorry. Are you all right? Oh. I'm fine, yes. Oh, this is embarrassing. I'm always complaining about people walking with their cellphones and not looking where they're going... and here I am doing the same thing. It's okay, kevin. It's no big deal. Thank you for being so gracious. -Yeah. -[ Clears throat ] I guess you're in a rush to see a patient. Well, not exactly... more of a baffling pathology that's stumping the experts. Have a nice evening. You, too. And people say

I'm awkward. How did you know I was here? I didn'T.

[ Chuckles ] Oh. Right. The whole world does not revolve around you, maxie. Hey, the whole world revolves around georgie and james. And me a little bit sometimes. I'm here on invader business. Wait a second. You're not gonna have lulu work tonight, are you? Her mom's waiting for the results of the election -- like, at this moment. Actually, I asked to see peter. It can't wait? I-it's true. If you want to be with your mother... I-I do, and I will. Right now, this takes precedence. Cool. You guys talk shop, and I will sit and watch the returns. I am so sorry, maxie. What peter and I need to discuss -- I-it's confidential, but I will meet you at the floating rib as soon as we're done, okay? Okay. Um [Chuckles] You know, you should consider coming, too. You know what they say about all work and no play... I'll try. Good. See you there? Yes, I will be there soon. Bye. Bye.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ] So. You and maxie. Did I sense a little vibe? I thought we were supposed to be talking about business. No... we're talking about murder. You want me to win so I have no reason to come back to elq. No, I want you to win because you've been a great mayor. And look, if, you know, the unthinkable does happen... which it won'T. ...Well, then you are always welcome back at the family business. Well, I do know that. And I thank you. Wow. Listen to us -- all getting along and being supportive. Are you sure we're in the right house? The quartermaines are finally turning over a new leaf. A little solidarity would certainly be a good thing. With everything that's going on with oscar... oh, by the way, um... drew told me to tell you that he did have time to vote.

[ Sighs ] I don't know how he's got the time to do anything right now. I know, with everything they're going through, and then losing gail, which I really didn't have any idea how hard it was gonna hit me. I wish you'd had a chance to meet her.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, me, too. And with the mysterious clause in her will -- w-we'll deal with that at another time. You're absolutely right. Tonight, it is all about you. -Yeah, baby. -[ Chuckles ] Hey, shove over. No pressure... but we could use a win around here to lighten the mood. Yeah, so, uh, seriously, ned, can you get on that, please? Thanks. Believe me, I'd love nothing more. But, unfortunately... it's out of my hands. Are you okay? I'm just kind of blown away. Cameron got busted for buying marijuana? For trying to buy marijuana. To help oscar. Mm-hmm. It was sweet. Just misguided. Extremely misguided. I just wish you'd told me. I would've been at the hearing. And that is exactly why I didn't tell you. God forbid it hurt your campaign or drew your attention away from it... especially so close to the election. There's a lot of people counting on you. Well, that may be, but family comes first -- always has for me, always will.

Guys, thank you so much for your help with barney. You were, uh, far more persuasive than I.

[ Chuckles ] -It was no big deal. Yeah, well... it was to barney. You know, it's amazing to me how many you don't see, people like barney. You know, like, they treat them like they're not human beings. Anyway, enough of my soapbox. You're here to see me, no? What can I do for you? Kristina mentioned that you come down here at night sometimes and help the homeless. Okay. What can I do for you? Well, you can start by dropping the act. I'm sorry. I don't really know what you're -- you knew who sam was when you came to town, and that's probably why you came to town, but you never mentioned a word to kristina. How come? What makes you think that I knew sam? Because I was married to your father. What's the urgency? What I'm about to tell you has to stay between us. It's about the murders. Well, I'm already working with the pcpd, so if they can trust me, I'm sure you can. Of course. I'd trust you with my life. It's just one of those things you need to say, you know? Are you working with the police, as well?

[ Inhales deeply ] Jordan and curtis came to me with a possible link between your brother's crime spree and the recent killings. Are you serious? Dead. No pun intended. No one realized it at the time, but in going through old files, they figured out that ryan was keeping a "trophy" for each of his victims. Hmm. What kind of trophy? Their driver's license. And get this -- the current killer is doing the same thing. All three victims -- their driver's license was missing from their personal effects. Incredible... yeah, so that begs the question, right? I mean, if -- if the port charles killer knows about ryan's M.O., How come no one else did -- not even the cops? When you pulled the strings to get me access to the ryan chamberlain files, that was just for a feature, right? A story about something that happened 25 years ago. Right... fast-forward to me covering the last three murders. It never occurred to me that they may be connected until the D.A. Dropped by tonight. Margaux dawson was here? She wouldn't tell me what they found, but it was obvious the pcpd has stumbled upon something that links the ryan chamberlain murders to the ones happening now. Wait. You mean like a copycat thing... margaux said they have reason to believe today's killer might be emulating ryan's crimes. Then why come to you? I don't know. They knew that I was investigating. They wanted to know if -- if I had found a common denominator, a-a "signature" for ryan's crimes. Which I did not. Well, I-I don't suppose the D.A. Let you in on anything that they may have uncovered... -mm, no. -...Or discovered. I tried to get it out of her -- no luck. But I bet if I go back over all my research along with the forensic reporting on the chamberlain murders -- you've already done that, lulu. But without knowing that I should be looking for a link. If the police found one,

i should be able to. Right, and then what? What do you mean? I mean, say -- say you find this "missing link." What are you gonna do with it? I'm gonna print it, of course. No, no, no, no. Well, the public deserves to know. No, think about it, lulu. I-if the police haven't revealed this information, they haven't done it for a reason. They want to use it to catch the killer. If you write an article about it, you're gonna blow the whole thing up. Don't publish irresponsibly. Like I did before. Like we did before. I wa s the one that pushed youto write that story that ended up getting nathan killed. It wasn't my intention -- or yours -- but we did put it out there, and there were some unforeseen consequences. You really want to risk that again? No. All right, so, you keep investigating. Something comes up, I want to know about it. All right, and I will, as the publisher, decide whether or not we move forward with the story. Deal? Deal. I should, uh, close up and head to the floating rib. You coming? Uh, maybe later.

[ Exhales deeply ] Actually, I have a stop I need to make first. Well, look at you. Civic-minded person. If you don't vote, you can't complain.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Well, you do. Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] Wait, hold on. What do you got? It's peter. Yeah? Yeah. What does he say? He wants to meet me at the haven bistro. You're not surprised? No, I am surprised. Hm. When? Now. Hey, that's perfect.

[ Button clicking, elevator bell dings ] You go meet peter, and I'm gonna go check on some files, and -- -oh, no, no, no. No, no. "No, no, no"? What's "no, no, no"? No, no, no, no. No. My lovely, supportive, registered-voter boyfriend of mine is going to go to laura's victory party, and I am going to meet him there. He will? Mm-hmm, yeah, yeah. Well, what does your lovely, supportive boyfriend get out of this? Do you remember that night?

That night? Yeah, mm-hmm, yeah. And -- and then what happened after? Seared in my brain. So we'll do that. I'll see you at the floating rib.

[ Button clicking ]

[ Laughs ] I love you. Yeah, I love you.

[ Laughs ] You and my father...? I know you go by shiloh, now -- and before that, it was hank. But you were born david henry archer, right? That's correct. I was married to your father briefly -- henry archer. I knew that he had a son, but I never met him. He was overseas spending his trust fund when I was married to henry. That was you...? Yeah, I mean, not a time in my life that I was particularly proud of, but, yes, it -- it was me. Okay, well, my -- my father wasn't married to anyone named sam. Like you, I also had a lot of aliases. It's amazing. We're connected, in our own way. I'm sorry.

[ Chuckles ] You show up in a town that I live in, and you happen to get my sister to volunteer for your group at the dod, and you somehow think it's a coincidence? Mnh-mnh. No, it's not a coincidence. It's fate. We can go down this waterfall, honey.What do you think? Woo! Yeah! It's good! It's refreshing.

Okay, look. I know that this is highly coincidental, but I had no idea that my father's ex was living here in port charles. Or drew's son was living under your roof. No, none. So this is what? Some sort of divine intervention? What would you call it?

[ Scoffs ] A scam.

[ Chuckles ] You know... I wish you'd known the person that I used to be. 'Cause maybe you would understand... you're right. After my parents got divorced, I did. I bounced around from boarding school to boarding school. And then by the time my father met you, I was an adult. Legally, anyway. And I was -- man, I was burning through that trust-fund money like it was limitless. Guess how that turned out? So, after I was alone, and I was broke, and I was broke in spirit, and I couldn't go to my father because my father had financial problems of his own, and there was nothing left for me. Because of me. Now, if you're asking me if I blamed you... hated you, even... yeah, I did. Are they ready to call it? Not yet. We're still waiting for the west side to report in. How's laura holding up? As you'd expect. Cool as a cucumber? Yep. She's incredible. And hopefully our next mayor. Hey, there, stranger. Hi. It's good to see you. It's good to see you. And I mean that. Is that something you often lie about? Come on. How many times do you say, "it's good to see you" and you don't really mean that? Yeah, right. About 80% of the time. But not now. Me, neither. How's life? Good. Good. How's anna? Good. Good. And I really mean that. How about you? I'm doing okay. I'm not seeing anyone, which is a good thing, because I'm trying to figure out me now -- you know, new normal. And rediscovering friendships that mean a lot to me. You're a member of that group. Fyi. There's nothing that would make me happier. Fyi. Please tell me that I didn't miss it! No, you didn'T. The west side is about to report in. Oh, boy. Oh, hi, honey. -[ Laughs ] It's about to happen. -[ Sighs ] Thank you for coming on such short notice. Oh, yes. Yes, of course. Um, is everything all right? Everything's fine. How are you? Oh, I'm -- I'm okay. Yeah, and y-- and you? Good. Good. I had a nice time at christmas. It was fun, wasn't it? Yeah. I'm really glad you were able to come. Me, too. That's actually, uh, why... I want to ask you about the christmas gift you gave me. The wsb file. Mm. Well, there's no point-scoring there. You know, you get the good, the bad, and the ugly. What I get is a woman that I never knew. A woman I wondered about every day of my life. But the portrait is incomplete. I need you to finish it. I spoke to a contact at pentonville. Ryan was kept in isolation, never mingled with anyone. I remember. Reading that in his file. What about when you were kids? I mean, was he close to anyone? My brother always went his own way. The ultimate secret-keeper. From you, too? Especially me. Well, you're the shrink. Why driver's licenses? Photos, addresses, dates of birth... the essentials of our existence. And a sick reminder of the lives he took. And a reminder he's staying one step ahead of the authorities. Kind of a pat on the back, if you will. I'll never understand it. Me, neither. Mac, you're missing it!

[ Indistinct conversations ] Here it comes... tv reporter: With 99%

of precincts reporting,

the voters have spoken.

We are able

to declare a winner.

Tv reporter: The next mayor

of port charles is...

laura collins.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Cheers and applause ] Mom! You won!

[ Laughs ] I'm stunned. No, you're not! Yes, I am. Well, I'm not. You said you were gonna do it, and you did it! -Oh, my gosh. -Yay! -Whoo! -Whoo-hoo! Well done. Well done. Congratulations! Oh, my god! Oh, thank you, alexis. Good job. Wait till the boys hear their grandmother is the mayor! Oh, well, you tell cameron that there will be no pardons on my watch. Oh, he knows. I'm next. We're a lucky city. Yes, we are. -Oh. Thank you so much, mac. Thank you for hosting and felicia and for supporting me in all of it. -Fantastic. -Thank you. Congratulations, madam mayor. Madam mayor. -Yeah. -Wow. -Whoa. I'm the mayor. -Madam mayor. -[ Laughs ] -Yeah, you are! -Yeah! -Whoo!

[ Applause ] Well, I, for one, couldn't be prouder of you. -Me, too. -Yeah, same here. Thank you. Look, ned, the -- the results were crazy close. You could ask for a recount... no, no, no. No recount. The voters have spoken. And, you know, honestly, if I have to concede to anyone, laura would be my first choice. I love you so much.

[ Sniffles ] I love you, too. Oh. -Mm. Okay, and -- and just, you know -- just remember -- in the short time that you were in office, you did an awful lot. You r-rebuilt homes. You got jobs. You really touched people's lives, ned. -Saved them, too. -And we're grateful for that. You know what I'm grateful for? You. Oh, stop. No, seriously. You were a spectacular first lady, and you worked your tail off. And let's be honest. It's a thankless gig. And I'm sorry I let you down. Are you kidding me? No, because of my defeat. Now you're out of a job.

[ Scoffs ] Okay, first of all, the metro court. Second of all, I don't care. What I loved about being first lady was being your lady. Ned, it was something that we could do together. There's a million other ways that we can accomplish that. I love you. I love you, too.

[ Sniffles, exhales sharply ] Sam didn't mess up your life -- you did. Yeah, well, eventually, I accepted that. You see, here's the thing about hitting rock bottom -- it is the ultimate reality check, man. There's no one to make excuses for you. There's no one to clean up your mess. I had to look in the mirror, and I had to put the blame squarely where it belonged. So I went and I found work. I wish I could say it was honest work, but that wouldn't be very honest of me. I went for the easy money... often in very unsavory ways. You see, it seems that you and i weren't so different then. And then eventually, I, uh -- I wound up in afghanistan as a private security contractor, which is where drew pulled me out of that firefight. You see, drew didn't just save my life. Drew gave my life meaning. And it started me on my journey, what brought me here to port charles. That's inspiring. You don't sound convinced. It just -- I-it has me wondering. You digging around in my past, using one of my old aliases -- is that kind of harassment a "part of the journey"? And someone who literally wrote the book on cesar faison... I'm surprised that there's so much I didn't know. Like what? Well, for instance -- you have a twin sister. Oh, yeah. The less said about her, the better. Yeah, but I want to know everything. And do I have other aunts out there, uncles? Cousins? And then there's robin. And her husband -- patrick. Patrick, and their kids. Mm-hmm. Not to mention robert scorpio, who seems is family. Oh, yeah, absolutely. You know, mac told me that there was this big tribe. He was right. There is. It's your tribe, too, you know? If you want us.

[ Chuckles ] I don't know exactly what I want. Or -- not right now. No, no. Of course not. I mean, there's no rush, obviously, you know? We have all the time in the world. So, what did, uh -- what did you and kevin have your heads together about? It looked kind of intense. It's a private matter. Ugh. Everyone and their "private matters" tonight! First lulu and peter, and now you? Peter. He still camping outside your door? No. But if he was? I wouldn't like it. He's not his father, you know, mac. I know. And james adores him. And you? How do you feel about peter? Question withdrawn. I just don't want you hurt, maxie. That's all. There's a serial killer on the loose and you're worried about peter august? Good point. I hope you're taking the necessary precautions. Ooh, yeah! Uh, detective chase taught me a bunch of moves in self-defense class. Good.

[ Chuckles ] I just don't know what I'd do if anything ever happened to you. Oh, nothing will. Besides, there's not a safer place to be tonight than right here. What are you doing?

You're giving me mixed messages. You know? First, you can't get far enough away from me, and're my biggest fan. I said it before at the town hall meeting, and I mean it even more now. We may not be together, but I think you'll be a magnificent mayor. Thank you. I appreciate that. You're welcome. -Mom. -Yeah. Congratulations, madam mayor. -Thank you. -You ran a wonderful campaign. As did you. Well, uh, I can see that you're having a party, and I don't want to spoil it. I just wanted to concede in person. That's very gracious of you. And I have to be honest. Losing is, um, not my strong suit.

[ Chuckles ] Is it anyone's? I wish you all good things, laura. And if there's anything I can do to smooth the transition, just name it. What's important is that we're all citizens of this great city, port charles. And whenever we're threatened -- be it by an earthquake or a madman -- we all must pull together.

[ Applause ] Thank you, ned. Thank you. Good luck. I thought ned showed a lot of class tonight. Uh-huh. You know, to win graciously is one thing, but to lose graciously... well, it's not nearly as easy. Would have been nice to celebrate something, though, wouldn't it? Yeah, it would've.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Cellphone chimes ] Everything okay? Uh, yeah. I mean, well, I think so, anyway. The reading of gail's last will and testament is scheduled for next week. I've been getting e-mails from "linda black." Sound familiar? No, you didn't use the name linda black when you were married to my father. No. But if you were digging around in my past, you would know that I had several different aliases. So, these e-mails that you're getting -- you say that they're harassing you. Is someone threatening you? No, actually, they offered to help me. With what? I don't know. The point is -- somebody's hiding behind a name they would only use if they were aware of sam's past. Someone like you. Can I ask you a question? Yeah, why not? Do you think that a person can go from one thing to another?

[ Sighs ] Realize that they're not on the right path... that the person that they currently are isn't the person that they want to be? Well, let's see. I believe that people can change. But whether or not you did -- that's a different story. Okay, but see, that's what our lives are. They're a story. My story. Your story. And now, as fate would have it, our story. Just not in the way that you would think. You know, I hope that you and i get to know each other better. Why? So then perhaps you'll see me as your sister does. As a friend. Until then, I, uh -- I wish you both nothing but peace and fulfillment.

[ Sighs ] How'd I do? I guess I'm just trying to figure out the family tree. Mm-hmm. As james' uncle, I feel like I owe it to that little boy to know everything I can about where we come from. Yeah, yeah. I'd be happy to provide, um, anything you need. Anna, are you okay?Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Yeah, I'm fine. Are you sure? Here, drink some water. Oh, yeah.

[ Clears throat ] No, it's, uh... I-I had a phlebotomy today, you know, and -- and, uh, sometimes they can make you a little dizzy. They give you like -- like, a headache. Anna? Anna, what's wrong?

 I thought you were convincing. But, unfortunately, this guy is -- is good. So whether he bought it or not... shiloh, hank, whatever the hell his name is... he didn't leave his guard down once. And I've got to tell you -- his story, he stuck to it the whole time, and I -- and I kind of bought it, but there is no way in the world that I think it's an accident that kristina's in his orbit. The whole time he was talking to you, he was fishing for information. He was hoping that you would give him something that he could turn back against you. Right. Con 101. You wait for your mark to tell you what they want. Kristina is very trusting, which makes her vulnerable, and I'm sure she's left herself wide-open. Now shiloh has the opportunity to do whatever he wants with her. You were right. It's all connected somehow.

[ Sighs ] Shiloh's past with drew. Your past with his father. Kristina joining this group. So, what is shiloh after? Nothing good. Is it me or does tonight feel like it lasted two weeks? It's not you. Thank you for coming to the floating rib with me.

[ Chuckles ] Like I would've been anywhere else. And you're positive that you're not going to miss being first lady? Oh, honey. I was very happy to do my part for the city. I mean, and port charles is my home, and if you would've won the election, I would've been with you for four years every single day.

[ Inhales deeply ] But...? But... the decision has been made, okay? And now there's gonna be new challenges. And, honestly, I'm looking forward to that. Sleeping in on saturdays... oh, yeah. Being able... that does sound nice. ...To go to leo's soccer games, and all the vacations we couldn't take 'cause you were never free. Yeah, those are all good points. We've got our life back. Mm. Yeah. The only life I want.

[ Applause ] All: Speech! Speech, speech, speech, speech, speech! Maxie: Whoo! Do it! Oh, my goodness. Uh, well, thank you -- all of you -- for being here tonight. What a night, right?

[ Laughs ] Uh, thank you, mac and felicia, for hosting this wonderful event. Anything for you, our new mayor. -Whoo! -Thanks. And thank you so much to my friends and my family -- come here, little one, my good-luck charm -- for, um, supporting me through all of this and for not letting me throw in the towel when I was sorely tempted.

[ Laughs ] But most of all, thank you to all of the voters for entrusting this wonderful town that we all love so much to my care. Now, I can't promise you that I won't make a few mistakes, and I can't promise you that I won't do something that maybe you disagree with. But I can promise you that I will use 150% of my effort every single day that I have this job, because my -- my utmost priority is you, your welfare, your safety, the people of port charles. Now, that said, I know that a lot of us are afraid right now, and I want to assure you that I will work very closely with the pcpd. I will support them, make sure they have everything they need to catch this serial killer. Whoever it is -- wherever they are -- their days are numbered.

[ Applause ]

[ Cheers, laughter ] Anna? Mm. Anna, talk to me. W-w-what is it? Oh, yeah. I'm in a -- I'm in a -- I'm in a bit of pain. I think I-I need to see a doctor. Anna? What -- anna! Anna.

[ Exhales sharply ]

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