GH Transcript Wednesday 1/9/19

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 1/9/19


Episode #14194 ~ Sonny checks on Lulu; Jordan tells Margaux everything she knows; Ned is compassionate; Drew and Sam find a way to help one another; Alexis states her case.

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Alexis: In the meantime, listen to your mother, and make sure that you present yourself as a contrite, upstanding young man who knows that he made a mistake. Shouldn't he explain why he made that mistake? Explaining oscar's situation may or may not play with the judge. Again, depends on who the judge is. I'm hoping for one with a soft heart, like judge mooney. However, if we end up with someone like judge carson, that could be a problem. She's a bit of a hard-nose. Bailiff: All rise. Presiding today is the honorable judge naomi carson.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Court will come to order immediately. Listen, thank you both for coming tonight. I realize you have sort of divided loyalties in this election. Well, I mean, ned was a vast improvement over lomax. But he's a businessman. And that's what you said at the town hall meeting the other night -- government is not business. Yeah, I agree. Ned did a tremendous job rebuilding the city and shoring up the economy after the earthquake. But port charles is not a building project. It's a community -- and you're better suited to run it. Well, I hope the voters agree with you. But if they don't, at least I will have raised awareness about some issues that I think are important. And at the end of the day, that's really all anybody can do, right? Just speak up about what matters. Yes.

[ Exhales sharply ] Find something? Oh, this is some messed-up stuff. It just keeps getting darker.

[ Sighs ] Ryan chamberlain did the world a favor by incinerating himself in that funhouse.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Hey. Making any progress? Mm, I can catch you up if you've got some time. Uh, why don't we go talk in your office? Do you have a problem with curtis being here? Oh, well, I'm not very comfortable with the pcpd bringing in a pi. Yeah, uh, I don't want to step on any toes. I can step outside. No. You've been an asset to this investigation. Curtis and I have realized that our serial killer may be taking cues from ryan chamberlain. What kind of cues? Ones not available to the general public. Our killer may have had access to police files. Ned: How are we looking?

[ Sighs ] It's too close to call. And I-I'm sorry. I get it that laura is very appealing. But y-you know what? It's a lot easier to come in and criticize after the fact than it is to actually roll up your sleeves and do the hard work of rebuilding after an earthquake. And you know what? I'm sorry. I'm s-- it bothers me. I would think that people would be a little bit more appreciative of all the hard work and the time and the effort that you've put in... olivia, no matter how it turns out -- I am proud of what we accomplished. And I am forever grateful that when things went south after the earthquake, port charles had the very best first lady. Well, the mayor wasn't too shabby, either.

[ Inhales deeply ] Okay. Okay. Have a seat. Our interview with lulu is about to start.

[ Sighs ]

[ Remote clicks ]Lulu: Thank you

for welcoming

the viewers into your home.

It's been

our pleasure.

Now, by the time

this interview airs,

the campaigning

will be over

and the voters will be at the polls casting their ballots

for the port charles

mayoral election.

How do you feel?



[ Laughs ]

[ Laughing ] Well...

honestly, I feel exhausted

from the campaign trail,

but truly excited

about the future.

What she said.

What about

hopeful for a win?

[ Inhales deeply ] -Sonny! -Hi. Come on in. I didn't know you were coming over. Well, I was in the neighborhood casting my vote for your mother...

[ Door closes ] ...And I wanted to check on you and the kids. Here. Let me take your coat. All right. Charlotte is at valentin's this week... yeah? ...And rocco is at the quartermaines'. Which perfectly illustrates the conflict of interest all over this campaign. I'm endorsing my mother, while my son is having a sleepover

[Chuckling] At her opponent's house. Well, I'm sorry I'm not gonna be able to, uh, see rocco, but I thought it would be -- give me a chance to talk about a certain someone who's off undercover. Think I know the guy. Have you talked to dante? Do you know when he's coming home?

 I'm really glad that you're willing to play host to my campaign. Thanks. I am happy to support you any way I can. Mm. I only wish kevin were here to support you, too. I mean, look, I know that he stepped up at the town hall. Maybe it's a sign he's coming around. If he can speak so warmly and sincerely about you... no, he's not. I appreciate his endorsement, but, uh, he doesn't want to reconcile. Gosh, you know... I can't stop thinking about oscar. God, it's so sad. I can't stop thinking about drew. I mean, scout -- she's gonna grow up not knowing her brother. The only thing she's gonna know about him is pictures and stories and... anyway, you must be really proud of josslyn. I know how hard this has got to be on her. Oh. And -- and I wouldn't be surprised if she fought it so hard, she would find a cure. I mean, maybe even a miracle. Josslyn's in denial. She can't let herself believe that she's gonna lose oscar, you know. She's a fighter. Josslyn's first instinct is to take action and look for a solution.

[ Chuckling ] Hey. Just like her mother.

[ Chuckles ] And her father. I mean, jax is pragmatic, and so is josslyn. It won't be long before josslyn is gonna have to face reality, you know.

[ Bottle thuds ] Oscar's gonna die, and... she'll be left to grieve.

[ Sighing ] Oh, god. I am so sorry.

[ Sighs ] So am I. You know, I'm sorry, and I'm furious. And there's no one to blame. What's the basis for thinking our killer is mimicking chamberlain? Mary pat ingles, kiki jerome, peyton mills all had their driver's license missing from their personal effects. The same is true for chamberlain's victims. And the pcpd never released the information of the missing driver's licenses back in the day? There were no notations in the files. I mean, it's possible that nobody even noticed the missing ids until we made the connection. Hmm. I was looking through the catalogue of personal effects for one of chamberlain's victims -- jessica holmes. I noticed that her driver's license wasn't listed. And we cross-checked all the files -- all of chamberlain's victims were without their driver's license. The same as our three victims. And the police never realized... the pattern? Well, there's no way of knowing for sure unless we talk to sean donely. He was commissioner at the time. I need the number to former commissioner sean donely. Yes, I know that he lives overseas. Get me his number immediately. You know, dealing with what my dad's going through puts things in perspective. I don't want to miss another holiday with dante. I heard from him on new year's eve, actually. What? What'd he say? He sends his love, obviously. Yeah. But beyond that... he couldn't give me any details. I have no idea where he is.

[ Sighs ] He said he might be out of touch for a while, so I got the impression that he was going even further undercover. Did you tell him what's going on here? I skipped the whole "serial killer on the loose" thing. On the subject, I... you know I have people watching your house. Yeah, I noticed. Now, look. If -- if you need more protection, I can have somebody drive you and the kids. Well, thank you, but no. I-I mean, it's so nice to know that someone's looking out for us. I just don't want to be tripping over bodyguards -- no offense. No offense taken. Now, about dante...

[ Inhales deeply ] I told him that everyone's okay and that work's keeping me busy. Which is true. Telling him about the killer would just worry him for no reason.

Lastly, exit polls

show you and laura collins


Are you concerned about

a repeat of the last election?

When an eleventh-hour


derailed alexis davis's


That was politics

at its worst.

And laura and i

both pledged

to run fair and disciplined campaigns. And I am happy to say that we kept that pledge.

Look, we may have a difference

of opinion on some issues --

but laura and I both have a mutual respect

for the political

process and a great commitment to the city of port charles. So if I win, I will serve to the best of my ability.

And if laura wins, I will support her 100%.

And I would just like to add

that it is possible

to disagree with a person's

views or -- even --

even their politics and still respect them as a person.

And I am so proud of

the way both ned and laura

have really

restored integrity

and civil discourse to the

politics here in port charles.

[ Remote clicks, television turns off ]

[ Sighs ] You were fantastic. So were you.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Laughs ] Your honor, my client is only 16 years old. This is his first criminal offense. He has no criminal record. And what he did to land him here today could be characterized as an error in judgment. So I would ask if one error in judgment should be used as a mark against him for the rest of his life. The dealer in this case -- cole johnson -- is also a minor. He's been sentenced to 12 months in a juvenile detention facility. Why should cameron get a pass? Your honor, my client wrote a letter to the court on what I believe was the bleakest christmas eve of his life. Would you allow him to read it? All right.

[ Whispering ] Here you go.

 "my name is cameron webber. This is my apology to the court and to my fellow citizens for the huge mistake I made on december 18, 2018. I should not have tried to buy marijuana. I knew that I would be breaking the law, but I did it anyway. I regret my actions, and I want you to know that it won't happen again. I'm not saying that I won't mess up. We all make mistakes, but in my future, my mistakes won't be illegal."

[ Paper rustling ] I promise to learn from this experience and to become a better person because of it. Alexis: Your honor, in light of my client's sincere contrition and the fact that this is his first offense, I will ask the court for an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal. According to the law -- excuse me, your honor. May I say something?

[ Door opens ] Thank you. Thank you. I'm elizabeth webber. I'm cameron's mother. I'm extremely proud of my son for taking responsibility for his actions. However, his apology was incomplete... elizabeth -- you really should know why cameron did what he did. My heart goes out to you, waiting around and raising the kids on your own. I ju-- just so you know, if you need anything, I'm always here to support you. Thank you. I do know that you're here, but, you know, it's really nice to hear you say that. All right. I gotta go. I gotta meet...

[Grunts] Carly at your mother's party. Oh, I -- you know? I will be following right behind you. -Okay. -I just have a little bit of work to do on an article. Here's your coat. Before I go, can I make a-a simple request? Sure. I know that you're doing great, you know, being patient with my son... do not be afraid to kick him in the butt.

[ Laughs ] I won't be. The next time you talk to my son... tell him it's time to come home. -All right. -Thank you. Thank you. Please send regards to the commissioner from his pcpd family. Take care.

[ Sighs ] Bad news? Sad news. I spoke to donely's wife, tiffany. Apparently, he's having trouble recalling what month it is. So events from 25 years ago are completely out of the picture. So...we're at a dead end. Maybe not. Tiffany suggested that we talk to someone who was closely involved in the investigation

and who still lives in port charles. He had deeply personal reasons for tracking down chamberlain: The woman he loved was chamberlain's obsession. I'm trying really hard not to judge kim. -Mm-hmm. You know, I don't know what I would have done in her place. And I pray to god I never have to find out. But keeping oscar's diagnosis a secret affected a lot of people. Yeah. Including josslyn.

[ Indistinct conversations ] I looked in my little girl's eyes this morning, and she was strong, resolute... and haunted.

[ Sighs ] Way too young to look like that.

[ Sighs ] Anyway, enough of that.

[ Bottle rattles ] You think we should have another drink?

[ Chuckling ] Yes.

[ Chuckles ] The exit polls are too close to call! I mean, it could go either way. Yeah. Well, at least I can take comfort in knowing that I'm running against ned. Oh, don't get me wrong. I want to be mayor. I think I can do some nice things for this town. But if the people choose ned, it's not like I'm gonna be horribly upset. Even though... uh, I disagree with him on certain things, I respect him. That is exactly why you should be mayor of port charles.

[ Laughs ] You are fundamentally a fair person. Thank you. I appreciate the support. Hey, mac. Two more beers, please. -Okay. -[ Chuckles ] So, how are you holding up? Uh... I'm more nervous than I'd care to admit. Oh, gosh. Oh, you ran a great campaign. And I really admire your platform. Especially the part where you're gonna hold ferncliff accountable. You know what? Kevin came to talk to me about that after the town hall meeting, and he said again that ferncliff is full of the criminally insane, and he warned me that it was dangerous and told me to proceed with caution... okay. So, what's the plan? Well, he said that he would be the one to keep an eye on ferncliff. You believe him? Don't you? No.

"Wow""what a nice place" thanks. Do you remember when we toured ferncliff and I kept asking about the patient in the room next to mine? Well, I had a friend look into it, which... may not have been legal, but it was very informative. The patient's name is wilson. First or last name? I didn't know. Kevin said he would look into it. He finally told me the patient's name is wilson ritter, a dangerous psychotic with a history of violence. When i researched the name, I came up with nothing. No record of criminal behavior. Nothing online. So as far as I can see, this man who kevin calls "wilson ritter," he doesn't exist, laura. E-except that... if this guy is as notorious as kevin says he is, it's possible that he was admitted under an alias. I never thought of that. -Hey. -Hey. I was just, uh, telling laura about my mysterious neighbor at ferncliff's name may or may not be wilson ritter...

[ Footsteps approaching ] -[ Exhales deeply ] -Laura. -Commissioner. -Hey, sam. Wasn't expecting to see you here tonight. Wait a minute. I thought you can't take sides on local elections. I wish you the best of luck, laura, but I'm not here for the election. Curtis and i came to speak to mac. Uh-oh. I'm current on my liquor license. Can you spare a few minutes? Sure, yeah. Follow me. Hmm. I wonder what that was about. You don't know? Curtis is your business partner. I know. I mean, all I know is that curtis is working with the pcpd, and the D.A. Wants all hands on deck to find the killer. Speaking of which -- after you win tonight, I highly recommend firing the D.A. Hello. Come in. Thank you. Um, what can i do for you? I just wanted to ask you a few questions. Pertaining to? Don't worry. I won't ask you about any of your family secrets.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] You have a very nice house here. It's very...homey. Thanks. You'd never know that the person living here is sitting on privileged information about the serial killer. What are you doing...?

[ Remote beeps ] I'm trying to find that new series michael was telling us about.

[ Remote beeps ] But the election! It's gonna be hours before the last precinct reports in. Wh-- you don't want to monitor the returns? Nope, not particularly.

[ Remote beeps ] Olivia: Ned, are you crazy?

[ Remote beeps ]

[ Sighs ] Olivia, I am trying to avoid driving myself crazy. I can't just sit here for the next few hours stewing -- cheering every uptick of a percentage point -- agonizing every loss. Or I can just accept the fact that -- win or lose -- it's out of my hands. I don't have to torture myself waiting.

[ Remote beeping ] All right. So you -- you really think that you can distract yourself by just binge-watching some television program? Mm-hmm. I'm willing to try.

[ Remote beeps ] Are you with me?

[ Sighs ] All the way. My son didn't buy the pot for himself. He bought it for a sick friend. I know that seems like an obvious excuse, but it's the truth. Cameron's friend is battling a serious form of cancer. I'm a nurse at general hospital, and I see the ravages of cancer every single day. And his friend has been constantly nauseous. He -- he doesn't have an appetite. And cameron was just -- he wanted to help him by making marijuana brownies. I-I know I-it was a bad judgment call. But his motives were good. He was just trying to help a friend.

[ Door opens, closes ] Cameron, are you a nurse like your mother? Or maybe a doctor? Your honor, if I may say something -- I'm asking your client the question, ms. Davis. No, I'm neither of those things, your honor. And yet you thought it was appropriate to intervene in your friend's medical treatment. How could you possibly know if it'd make things better or worse? Your honor, can I field that question? And who are you? Sorry. My name is andrew cain. My son is the young man that cameron was trying to help.

My son's name is oscar nero. His mom is kim nero. She's a doctor at general hospital. She couldn't be here today, but if she could... ...she would attest to cameron's character. He's been a great friend to my family and to my son in a very dark time. Mr. Cain, no one is questioning cameron's friendship. Just his actions -- and his judgment. Your honor, if I may, don't they go together? When your friend is in need, you don't abandon him or her. When your friend is suffering, you don't just walk off into your own bright future and leave your friend behind. My son was suffering. And cameron, he didn't stop to think that his controversial means of help could get him into a lot of trouble. He certainly didn't stop to think that this may affect his ability to get into college. He didn't do any of that. He acted. He didn't walk and say the appropriate words, that "my thoughts and my prayers go with you. The best to you." He did something. He stood up, and he took action. So in my eyes, he's a hero. Judge carson: This is a very emotional case, but my job is to separate emotion from the law. The court will recess while I consider my decision. Drew. Hey. I can't thank you enough.

[ Remote clicks ] What are you doing? Ned, I think we should take this time to talk -- okay.

[ Sighs ] I campaigned hard for you. And I still do believe that you would be the best mayor for port charles. Okay. Well, I know you wouldn't say that unless you meant it, so thank you. Here's the thing. In my heart of hearts...? I'm not really sure I want you to win. I'm a journalist. When I come across information that the public deserves to know, I write the story. That is literally my job. Yes, I am aware of the profession and your first amendment rights. But what gives me pause is how you go about acquiring information. Specifically classified police files. What files? The ones pertaining to ryan chamberlain. Oh! Um, my publisher, peter august, requested that I have access to the case files on the ryan chamberlain murders for deep background for the series I was writing on the anniversary of the ryan chamberlain killing spree. The pcpd cleared it. And did you share the information that you uncovered? I shared it with my readers. I gave a thorough account of the victims and their murders. But those cases were all closed, so what's the problem? Actually... ...I'd like to record this conversation -- no. No, don'T. What I'm about to tell you is strictly off the record. Hmm, I don't think that's fair. Well, I don't care. What I say here stays here. People's lives are at risk. Driver's licenses? Those files contained a list of every possession found on each one of ryan's victims. Credit cards, keys. Jewelry. Standard personal effects. But none of chamberlain's victims had their driver's license. The same with nurse ingles, kiki jerome, and peyton mills. We know you were close to the chamberlain investigation because of your relationship with felicia jones. Were the missing driver's licenses ever discussed?

[ Exhales deeply ] Not that I know of, and I would've known. I mean, we all worked together on it. Sean donely would've told me if he noticed the missing licenses. Is there anything else you can tell us about the investigation? I can tell you about the fear in felicia's eyes. The fear that monster put there. If you're saying that this killer is copying ryan -- we don't have any reason to suspect that felicia's in danger. We're just trying to get a more accurate picture of ryan's behavior. You know, I might be able to help you. How? I need to make a phone call. I just hope it's not too late. The polls are closing soon!

[ Laughs ] Yeah. How are you feeling? I don't want to get my hopes up. Oh, come on. Better get your acceptance speech ready. The campaign's over. You got all your votes -- most of port charles.

[ Laughter ] Can I -- can I get a minute with the mayor-to-be? Of course, of course. -Sure. -[ Laughs ] It looks like this is gonna go your way, at least I feel that way. Um, you're gonna be under a lot of pressure to distance yourself from me. And I just want you to know that I'm okay with that. Well, I'm not okay with that.

 I know you can do a lot of good for the city. But not if you get hung up on corruption charges. I appreciate your concern. But we've been friends... yeah. ...For a very long time. Your son's married to my daughter. You're spencer's favorite uncle. I think it's a little late to pretend we don't know each other. I just don't want my association to make any kind of trouble for you, that's all. I know. But if somebody wants to investigate me, I say bring it on. I have nothing to hide -- including my friendship with you.

[ Chuckles ] Hey. I just wanted to stop by and show my support. Can you tell laura I said goodbye? I've just got someplace to be. Sure. Okay. Tell jason I said hi. Who'd you call? An old contact at pentonville. He's worked there forever. If ryan had other inmates that he confided in, this guy would know. A jailhouse confession? No such luck. Ryan was held in isolation the whole time he was there. Contact with other inmates was minimal, you know, and he never mingled with anyone. So he was a lone wolf? More like a snob. Ryan felt all the other inmates weren't worth his trust or attention. Sorry. That's all I got. Well, we really appreciate your help. Yeah, I wish I could do more. If this killer is copying ryan, he's gonna be hard to catch. You guys are gonna need all the help you can get. Dawson: The pcpd has reason to believe that whoever killed mary pat ingles, kiki jerome, and peyton mills may have been emulating ryan chamberlain. The killer may have been acting on information contained in his police files. What kind of information? I'm asking the questions. When you were doing research on the ryan chamberlain murder files -- did anything jump out at you? Anything linking the murders or the victims -- other than ryan himself? Are you asking if ryan had a "signature"? Like a distinctive action that put his stamp on the crime? Did you notice anything? No. But there must have been something -- if the killer is copying it. Whatever it is, let me write about it. Nice try. I could alert the public. Think about it.

[ Stammers ] More coverage. It could make the killer panic, slip up, and get caught. Right, you're smart. Maybe too smart for your own good, and if I were you, I would forget that we ever even had this conversation. You'll be safer that way.

[ Door closes ] Have you decided that laura would make a better mayor after all? Oh, bite your tongue! I know that you would make a spectacular mayor, ned. I mean, you're -- you're doing it already! Well, then why the eleventh-hour change of heart? Well, I think -- we can't ignore the fact that -- that there's a serial killer on the loose in this town, with a taste for public spectacle! And -- and election day would be a perfect opportunity to stage a very public murder. Maybe I don't want this psychopath targeting you next! Oh, olivia. Olivia, sweetheart. What? Look, I am safer than most people in this town. I live in a huge house with security gates and -- and -- and surveillance cameras. Okay?

[ Sighs ] I'm safe. Okay. Okay, maybe I am... overexaggerating the dangers or... or maybe it's just a convenient excuse. For what? To quit while we're ahead. Bailiff: The hearing is back in session. All rise. After due deliberation, I've reached my decision. I've agreed to an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal... ...for a period of 12 months. I will also assign appropriate community service, as well as drug counseling. Cameron, you've got a year to prove yourself. Provided you don't show up again in my courtroom, after that year, the charges will be dismissed and your record will be clean. This hearing is adjourned.

[ Gavel bangs ] Did she just put me on probation? For a year?

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