GH Transcript Tuesday 1/8/19

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 1/8/19


Episode #14193 ~ Sam feels left out; Franco is anxious; Alexis clears the air; Kim returns to Oscar's hospital room; William hopes for the best.

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Franco: Hi. Sorry I'm late. Garage is full. I had to park in the street.

Elizabeth: That's okay. You're not late. Oh, good. -Oh, but cameron better not be. -No, he's got some time, right? Not much.

[ Sighs ]

[ Exhales deeply ] Hi. Thank you. Why? Thank you for being here with me. Oh, no, of course.

[ Sighs ] Listen, uh, I ran into kim at the hospital... mm-hmm. ...And she told me something that might put cam's attempted weed purchase into perspective. She did? What?

[ Bag zips ] Well... what? Is this about oscar? Oh, terry told me that the -- t-the trial was almost over. The trial is over. It didn't work. Oh, my god. Di-- well, did kim say how long? Possibly a matter of months. Dude! Are you outta here? Uh, yeah. I got released.

[ Chuckles ] Excellent! Oh, dude, this is exactly the kind of news I needed to hear today. Hey! Hey. Hi. I just dropped scout and danny off. Yeah? How is my little girl? Fast asleep. You know how she is in car rides, so I just put her upstairs, and, um, she'll finish her nap. Okay, I'll -- I'll check in on her in a minute. You know what? Actually, can I talk to you for a minute? It's about "hank" archer -- shiloh. Hi. Yeah, this is, uh, dr. Kim nero at general hospital in port charles, new york... yes, hi. I sent my son's medical records over last night, um, and I was wondering if he was a candidate for the polio virus treatment...

[ Sighs ] Well, can't you add one more person? But it says online that you're able to remove tumors that have been diagnosed as inoperable... no. You don't understand. My son doesn't have two months to wait for the next trial.

[ Sobbing ]

[ Knock on door ]

[ Sniffles, inhales sharply ] Come in. Hi.

[ Clears throat ] I hope I'm not interrupting... what do you want? I just wanted to set the record straight.

[ Sighs ] -Whew! [ Exhales sharply ] -Oh, good, you're home. Yes, I just voted. Wow. The lines were long at the polls.

[ Chuckles ] You know, I think it's so great that both candidates inspired such a turnout. I can't wait for you to vote, for you to go out there and make your mark, you know? Okay. -Yeah. Me, too. I'm -- I'm definitely voting... -great. -...And so is oscar. That is, if you can get uncle sonny to do us a favor. What do you and oscar need? Sonny's jet. Some money. And his connections. I met hank arche -these people, they speak a language we cannot understand.

[ Telephone ringing ] -Whoa.

[ Indistinct talking ]

G about a "shiloh." Okay, well, I'm gonna try to explain this to you. Please have a seat. Okay. Jason was at the floating rib, and some guy approaches him... -[ Sighs ] ...And supposedly mistakes him for you. Supposedly? Anyone who is familiar with port charles knows that you, drew cain, own aurora media, and jason morgan works for sonny corinthos. And this hank, shiloh, whatever you want to call him -- I know that he's been in town long enough to at least buy a house, but I don't think he mistook jason for you. I think that that was his way in. Way in for what? I was hoping that maybe you could tell me. You said that you talked to him. Once. Well, did you believe a word that he said? I'm sensing that you don'T. I'm sure part of it is true, but every con has a sliver of truth. And no. I-I don't believe this guy is who he says he is. He's trouble, drew. I realize that you've got a lot on your plate, so I'm gonna just get straight to the point. I heard that you and julian broke up... yes. ...And I think you're making a big mistake. -I think you b-- -alexis, this isn't necessary. It's really n-- -nothing happened. It didn't happen. We were not together on new year's eve. We talked briefly at the metro court. I convinced him to go to the hospital to -- to be with you. He came back, we barely had a conversation because of everything that's going on. We did not go home together, so whatever his motives were, we did not... he did not break up with you because of me, and I just wanted you to be aware of that, and, I don't know, maybe cut him some slack. You know, I don't give a damn who julian slept with. Now, please. Get out of my office. It's just unthinkable. Drew and kim put all their faith into that trial... of course, they knew there was a possibility it might not work, but they were hoping at the very least it would buy oscar some more time. Hmm. How are they gonna get through this? I have no idea. I texted drew just to let him know that I'm here. He hasn't gotten back to me. I'm guessing that he and kim just need a little bit of time. Which at least they have, right? At least they have a little bit of time with oscar to... maybe make some memories or figure out a way to say goodbye... it's not like this came out of nowhere. Huh? Is that better or worse? Mm. I know what I went through with jake... when they told me there wasn't any hope... that I needed to find a way to let him go... I never stopped grieving. Four horrible years I lived with that ache in my heart. But my son came back to me. -Yeah. It was a miracle. Well, maybe oscar w-will have a-a miracle. It was different. It's -- jake didn't die. Helena took him, not some terrible disease that's claiming an -- an innocent 16-year-old life. I know. Truly unfair. I can't believe this is happening. So many things shouldn't have happened, and they did. The only lesson I can take away from this is to be grateful for the good in the present moment. And that's you. I'm r-really grateful you're here with me right now and that we can lean on each other. Dude, you're outta here and back to your life. Man, I think that is the best news I have ever heard. Except you could've texted me. I like good news, too, you know? Hey, look, no. Don't worry about it. Hey, I'm just glad it's all over. I really needed this positive momentum for what's ahead. When I face that judge, I'm gonna tell myself, "this is cake compared to what oscar went up against." I mean, look at you, dude. Dude, you beat cancer! What? Wait. Y-you're leaving because the trial worked, right? What do you think sonny's jet and "connections" are gonna do for you and oscar? Where do you want to go? Well, there's this -- there's this clinic in mexico that offers alternative treatments for inoperable brain tumors like oscar'S. With amazing results. Well, josslyn, I -- there's also this drug that's legal in england, but it's illegal here, and it's been proven in some cases as a cure. I also heard kim talking about something about a doctor in brazil... look, and if none of these options work, I was hoping that maybe sonny can talk to some of his people, get some drugs that I've researched that have actually been proven to shrink brain tumors, and for some reason they're unavailable here in the U.S. Okay, all right. That is an amazing amount of research that you have done. Mm. What does oscar's doctor say? And shouldn't he finish the clinical trial that he's already in? Over and done. It didn't work. So it's up to us to save oscar's life now. I'm so sorry

 didn't work. It's okay.

[ Chuckles ] It just means that I have to find some other options. And, you know, they say the internet is a bad place, but it's actually full of hope, too. You just need to know where to look. What about kim and drew? Have you talked it over with either of them?

[ Scoffs ] Okay, well, no disrespect, but kim's a doctor. She's part of the medical mainstream. We don't have time for a cure to be approved by all the bureaucracies and regulations... and she probably won't believe much in the holistic approaches, anyway. Honey, don't you think that she's looked into all of these options? Mom, um, kim doesn't know her way around the internet and social media the way I do, okay? I found tons of stories about cures for patients like oscar. Were they as ill as oscar is? Well, I can't really tell. It's hard to say, but it seems like it. Did these cures come with ads for the clinic, or were they asking for money? Yes, but we have money, right? And the doctor in kansas is legit. You know, the one who operates on supposedly hopeless cases? Did all of his patients survive the surgery? Well, not all, but a lot. You know, at this point, don't you think it's worth a try? Look, I-I know in my heart that if I could just get oscar to one of these places -- he'll get better. I just need some help. So, will you please help me keep oscar alive? They wouldn't let you out if you weren't okay, right?

[ Sighs ] Right. Dude, I am so relieved. Of course, you're more relieved because you were the one who was sick. But in a totally secondary peripheral view -- your whole situation's kind of derailed my life, so I'm just glad for everyone's sake that this is all over. It will be good for things to go back to normal. Yeah, speaking of "normal" -- why are you wearing this suit? Why do you have to go to court? Is this because of your shoplifting?

[ Chuckles ] I wish... no, I got busted for buying weed. You smoke weed? No! Then why were you trying to buy it? He wanted to thank me for saving him in afghanistan. He told me how it happened, but I'll be honest with you, I haven't had a chance to check in on it further, so, uh, you're gonna have to fill me in on what you know. Okay. Well, he changed his name from hank to shiloh after you rescued him. To shiloh. Yes. Okay. He said that experience... -[ Sighs ] -...Changed his life. Yeah, yeah, that much he told me... something about no more hard drinking or [Chuckles] Hard living. I-I assume the name change has something to do with that? Shiloh runs this organization that's made up of volunteers -- mostly kids -- and they do community work around town. It's called dawn of day, and he's also written a self-help book with the same name. Is everybody writing self-help books these days?

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] Okay, what's bothering you about him? Hank archer, who is now shiloh -- I feel like he's using kristina to get to me. Why?

[ Sighs ] I married his father, henry archer, under an assumed name, and I cleaned his bank accounts out and disappeared. I needed to help my brother, and you know I would've done anything for him, so -- hey. I know all about your past. It's okay. And you don't have to explain to me about your motives. Yeah, shiloh isn't gonna want to hear my motives. I stole from his dad, which means I indirectly stole from him. And it can't be an accident that he's in kristina's life. And by "in kristina's life," I mean that kristina is living at dawn of day. I feel like I'm being set up. Why should I be the one to smooth things over and make things better? You know what? I'm gonna take a pass on that one

[Chuckling] Because as you say, I do have a lot on my plate right now, and, um, I really don't give a damn about your noxious relationship with julian. This isn't about julian and me, which is what I was trying to tell you. Oh, my god. How noble of you, alexis. I mean, you really are nothing but principled to a fault! Except when you're lying. I wasn't lying -- oh, my god, obviously, whatever was burning between the two of you still exists. Whenever you showed up, I -- he was different. And I tried to ignore it. But it is still there, and maybe it always will be... so, if you want to write your next chapter of your life with your ex-husband, have at it. Just do me a favor and leave me out of it. I'm sorry. This was wrong on my part to come here. I really was just trying to help you make some sense of it. You can'T.

[ Voice breaking ] Because nothing makes sense, and it has absolutely nothing to do with you or julian! I know that osca ways to lose stubborn belly fat: Metal vibration therapy.

[Heavy guitar lick]

[Glass shattering!]

House with friends, but you sure this is the same place? Yeah, kristina told me that oscar was living there. Okay, so you're telling me when hank was telling you that you saved his life, he forgot to mention that your son was living in his house? Well, in all fairness, he might not have realized that oscar was my son. He -- he was actually shocked to hear that I had a kid. Okay, you told him you had a kid. Did you -- did you call him by his name? Did you say "oscar"? Sam, I-I -- I don't know. There's a lot going on right now, and I'm a bit distracted. I might have. I'm sure that I mentioned that he was sick. Long shot -- the records that you got from the navy -- I was hoping maybe that's somewhere in there about you saving someone's life... -no. -No. They don't say much, actually. It -- more than half of it's been redacted. I'm sorry that I can't help you. It's okay. I'll keep you posted on... what comes up on my end.

[ Sighs ] Drew, all of these coincidences, and -- and hank, shiloh, whatever you want to call him, shows -- shows up in town, and he's got kristina in his thralls. It just -- it does not sit well with me. I'm sorry. Ugh. Um, I'll call you if I find anything else out. Hey, hey. Relax. I mean, I-I'll -- I'll call you if he reaches out again or if I hear anything. I just told you that the guy who came up to you and said thank you for saving his life is here, and he happens to be the son of a man that I conned and swindled, and you seem to have no reaction to that. Drew, is something else going on? The immunotherapy treatment failed. The tumor didn't shrink. It's almost nine centimeters with considerable growth into the brain tissue, and it is entangled with major blood vessels, so there is no way to remove it.

[ Exhaling deeply ] Oh, my god, kim.

[ Sighs ] I'm so sorry. Does oscar know? Yeah, we found out, and we told him last night. And he and josslyn were very stoic about it. But I don't know how he's processing it... I mean, I don't even know how to process it. I don't know what to do. I mean, I-I have been calling -- I have been calling anyone and everyone to see if I can get him into another trial. I have sent his charts and his medical records to any hospital and clinic that -- that is willing to help. And some doctors have called me back, and -- and they have sent referrals, but -- but then I call them and then I don't hear back, or when I do, they tell me that... they don't see any other outcome... I am even looking online at quack procedures, knowing full-well that they are scams. -Do it. -[ Sighs ] You're his mother. You fight for him any way you can. I have made a mess of this entire thing. I mean, not telling him about his diagnosis and forcing him into treatment? He was right. He was right to hire you so he could get away from me. I me-- I mean, look -- look -- look -- look at -- look at what I have done! No. No. That's not the way I see it.

[ Sniffles ] I dangled hope in front of oscar. I made him believe that he had a future. I... I mean, if I had just let him deal with things the way he wanted to, then -- then -- then he wouldn't have been cooped up here in the hospital, sick and weak. We -- we could've -- we could've gone skiing for christmas instead of having him sick here at G.H. I mean, I -- I -- I took away precious weeks of his life, and for what?! For what?! It's for nothing! Oscar knew that his treatment might not work.

[ Sniffles ] And you weren't the only one that pushed him. Drew wanted it.

I wanted it.

[ Scoffs ] I took his case because I was hoping that if he was given agency... -[ Sniffles ] ...That he would choose the treatment, and he did, and maybe he chose it for josslyn because josslyn and he are in love. It doesn't matter.

He chose hope -- willingly and freely, kim.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Voice breaking ] And it failed him. Look, I wasn't buying the weed for myself. I was getting it for a friend. Joss would never do that. I have other friends besides josslyn. Friends who would want you to score their weed? Why would you do something so stupid and risky? Well, maybe the friend was worth the risk. Maybe that friend didn't have an appetite, but he needed to eat to get his strength back, to get better, get out of the hospital and start the new year's off right... you idiot! You did that for me?! Uh, those brownies I was gonna bake for the drama club bake sale? That no one in the drama club knew anything about? Yeah, they were supposed to be pot brownies, except not, because I got caught by a cop in the middle of the deal. Talk about no good deed goes unpunished... yeah. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. But you getting out and you getting better... it's just a sign that everything's gonna be okay. Yeah, I hope so. Oh, hey. Don't forget this... josslyn, sonny and I would do anything for you and oscar. But we can't move forward without kim and drew's permission. But they've already given up. Look, I don't mean to sound harsh. I kn-- I know that they were really hopeful about the trial and they're disappointed that it didn't work. But last night, when they told us, you c-- you could see it on their faces. You could hear it in their voices. They've given up. They think it's over. It sounds like to me that last night was about telling you the truth -- you and oscar. That's what you wanted, right? -Of course. -Yeah. And drew and kim, they're oscar's parents, and they can't offer him another option because maybe one doesn't exist. But that doesn't mean they're giving up. I mean, they're being honest, but they're not giving up. I mean, look how sonny and i handled morgan's bipolar. We were worried, and we were frustrated, and we were discouraged at times. But we never gave up. Even after he was killed... we never gave up. We kept searching and searching for answers until we found them. No, no, this is different. It is and it isn't, baby. Kim and drew, you know, they get to decide what's best for oscar, you know? And maybe they think what's best is giving the little time he has left meaning. You know, maybe they want to be a family while they're still a family. Maybe they don't want to chase after cures... yeah, but that's my point! If drew and kim don't do anything now, oscar will die! It's up to me to be the strong one, mom. You are strong, okay? You're strong. And so am I, all right? So why don't you let me take some of this burden from you, and why don't you let me help you, okay? I will go to kim and drew, and I will offer them the jet and connections, or whatever they may need, okay? I'll do that. I'm here, and I want you to feel whatever you're feeling, because I'm here.

[ Sobbing ] We g oh! Oh! Oh!

Joss"... "go to the second annual alt-dance --

without earthquake"... "memorial day -- water skiing with joss." I mean, do you even know how to water ski?

[ Scoffs ] Not a clue. I don't know how to surf or paddle-board, either. You? Well, no to surfing or paddle-boarding. Uh, yes to water skiing -- my friend chad's family, they have a boat, and they've taught me. Dude, this is like a year's worth of stuff on here. Joss is really into you, man. You're a lucky guy. Don't forget it. I won'T. I know how lucky I am. Oh. Also, do me a favor. Don't tell joss about the weed thing...

[ Sighs ] Yeah, I just don't want her to know how crazy it got. Promise?

[ Cellphone dings ] -Yeah, cool. -Yeah, cool. Boy, my mom has been blowing up my phone. Can't be late to court. Hmm. Wish me luck? You got it.

[ Footsteps approach ] Hey, you guys. Look at you. You appreciate my sense of style? Oh, my god. Yeah. You look like one of sonny's guards.

[ Chuckles ] What's the occasion? Uh, well, my grandmother's having a victory party later. Well, that is, when she wins the election. Oh, mm. Sorry, oscar. It's my turn to be port charles royalty. Hmm. All right, see ya. See ya. So? I didn't feel like telling him. That's fine. How are you feeling? Better now that you're here. Always.

[ Sighs ] Where else would I be? I'm a woman of science, but I have had countless conversations with god. Prayers, condemnation... pleas and demands. I've made them all. And I don't know if they've been heard or felt or -- or anything, but... ...I don't count anything out, you know, because I've seen miracles. I have seen miracles happen with babies who beat the odds and mothers who were told that they couldn't conceive, and they carried healthy -- healthy babies to term. And I've preached. I have preached the idea of positivity and -- to my patients, to my son. To yourself? Especially to myself. I believed that if I...

[ Chuckles ] I just believed strongly enough that... I'd get my miracle and that my boy would grow up to be a happy and healthy young man with a very long life. But that's the thing about miracles. They're unpredictable. I'm truly sorry this is happening. I mean, oscar is such a great kid, and I really want him to be around for a long time. I'm here for you...

[ Sniffles ] ...No matter what. Thank you.

[ Cries ]

[ Sobbing ] Drew, I'm -- I'm sorry. Whatever's going on -- assuming there is something -- it's -- it's none of my business. No, no, no, no. No.

[ Sighs ] You should know. I want you to know --

[ Knock on door ] -Hey. -Hey. I'm sorry to interrupt. The housekeeper said that I could come back. Yeah, it's fine. -Uh, hey, sam. -Hi. Um... josslyn is, uh, really upset, and I was hoping that we could talk... -yeah. -I'll -- I'll leave you -- you guys to it. No, no, please, uh -- please stay. You need to know this. Lord knows we've, uh, wasted so much time keeping secrets, right? So, uh, let's get to the point. The treatment failed, and oscar, he's -- he's terminal.

Oner, but the parking garage was packed. I know, right? Yeah. Where's cameron? I want to go over the strategy... he should be here any minute, but if -- if you wouldn't mind, I would love to hear it. All right, uh, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna ask for something called an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal, which means that if cameron can stay out of trouble for a specific period of time -- maybe six months to a year -- all charges against him will be dropped, and it'll be as if nothing happened. That would be great. We need to ensure that cameron's mistake -- albeit misguided -- was a sincere attempt to help his friend, and we don't want that to derail his future. Okay. -I made it! -Oh, hey. -I'm not late, am I? -[ Sighs ] You're right on time. Okay. Well, let's do this. This morning, you were scared to death. I still am, but I was just with oscar, and just like I told him -- if he can stand up to cancer, I can stand up to that judge. And besides, at least I know he's going to be okay. Drew, I sorry. If there's anything I can do to help... dr. Randolph was, uh...very clear. There's nothing that can be done. Not medically, anyway. Which is ironic, because yesterday, oscar was having a -- a great day. His energy was up, got his appetite back -- he was making plans for the future.

[ Sighs ] I mean, that kid, he looks so healthy. He looks perfectly normal. I guess that's a blessing. Rest of his life is not gonna be spent in a hospital bed or... let's hope he's not in pain. Did dr. Randolph say how much time oscar had left? A few weeks, a few months. Less than a year.

[ Sighs ] Hey, you know something, um, you should be very proud of your daughter. She was, uh -- she was very supportive.

[ Voice breaking ] She was very mature. I, uh -- I don't think the news quite sunk in with oscar. You know, he seemed a little...stunned. I know it hasn't really set in with me, yet.

[ Sniffles ] Um, that's one of the reasons I'm here. I promised josslyn that I would offer sonny's jet to you and kim if you wanted to take oscar out of the country for treatment. All right, well, one good

Out of here. So, can you leave now? Or you have to wait for your mom and dad? Mnh-mnh. I want to go now. They'll understand. Let's go do everything we planned -- go eat at kelly's, go down to the pier, and then go play ping-pong at the quartermaines'. Okay, are you sure you're up for it? You know, the weird part is, I actually feel great. Maybe it's because, after all these weeks of not knowing, I know. I'm dying. But not today. No, today, I am with you, and... I feel alive. Yeah, me, too. I, um -- I spent all last night worrying about what comes next. Mm-hmm. And today -- I'm -- I'm -- I'm not gonna worry. Mm-hmm. It'd be a waste of my time. Yeah. So I'm just gonna spend every second with you... but are you -- are you sure that you can handle an entire cheeseburger from kelly's? Oh, yeah, and f--after weeks of hospital food? Yeah, no, fries, too. Fries, too. -Fries, too. -Yeah, yeah. After weeks of hospital food. Josslyn was up all night looking for treatments on the internet. Yeah? You know, I did the same thing until about 3:00 in the morning. I realized, uh, it was just another form of denial. And really a waste to squander the time he's got left looking for some nonexistent cure. Oscar might think differently. Josslyn's really determined. If anyone, she can get him to change his mind. Hey, if she does, great. If he wants to explore other options, I'll spend every dime I've got. I'll give him every moment that I have. I'll take him anywhere he wants to go. I'll do anything he wants to do. But it's his choice. It's his time that's running out, so he gets to decide how he lives the rest of his life. I'll talk to josslyn, if -- if necessary, although I think she'll get there on her own. Her im-- first impulse is just to fight.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I wonder where she gets that from. She's strong enough to face reality, however painful. And she may be young, but josslyn is wise enough to know that it's not the quantity in the time you get. It's what you do with the time you have. Okay, sweetie. All right, so I'll see you home later tonight? Good. Okay. All right, well, you have fun with joss, all right? And be... [ Sighs ] Be careful, all right? Okay, good. I love you. Here. Okay, just remember to speak clearly, respectfully, take responsibility, and show remorse. All right? -For sure. I absolutely will. Okay. And I-I mean it, too. I should have stayed with my first instinct and canceled the deal, and I should have never shown up to that meeting. I just wish I could get a do-over. Well, you might be able to. That's what I'm gonna go for, anyway. It's gonna depend on -- on the judge, but in the meantime, listen to your mother and make sure that you present yourself as a contrite and upstanding young man who knows that he made a mistake. Shouldn't he try and explain why he made that mistake? E-explaining oscar's situation may or may not play with the judge. It depends who the judge is. We want someone with a soft heart. I'm hoping, personally, for judge mooney. But if we get judge carson, that could be a problem. She's a real hard-nose. Bailiff: All rise. Presiding today is the honorable judge naomi carson.

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