GH Transcript Monday 1/7/19

General Hospital Transcript Monday 1/7/19


Episode #14192 ~ Sam worries about Kristina; Josslyn supports Oscar; Kim meets with Terry; Drew calls Julian out on his actions; Ryan checks on Laura.

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Laura: [ Gasps ] [ Sighs ] Kevin! What are you doing here?

Ryan: Isn't it obvious? I followed you.

Josslyn: Chocolate chip cookies from Kelly's. Fresh out of the oven. I had them made special for

Oscar: You did?

Josslyn: No. [ Laughs ] They just made a fresh batch and my timing was impeccable. Of course, if you still don't have any appetite...

Oscar: I can eat! I can eat. Look, you see? Now that the Immunotherapy trial is over, my appetite is totally back.

Josslyn: Well, in that case, when they release you tomorrow, can we get lunch at Kelly's?

Oscar: Lunch would be a bonus. I just want to get out of this hospital room and get back to my life.

Kim: Hi. Are they in?

Terry: Not yet. It shouldn't be too much longer.

Kim: [ Exhales sharply ] You know, it's funny. I, um -- [Chuckles] I have no concept of time. Five minutes, five hours it's like every second I have to wait to hear whether or not there's hope for my son, it's -- it's like an eternity.

Terry: I'm sorry. I knew you'd be climbing the walls. Uh, I know drew has a company to run and he can't be here every second, but, um, it'll be best if you hear the results together.

Kim: Yeah, you know, Drew -- Drew can be here at a moment's notice. Nothing's more important right now than Oscar.

[ Door slams ]

Julian: [ Sighs ]

Drew: [ Sighs ] What the hell's your problem?

Julian: Well, it looks like you've come here to tell me.

Drew: See, for months, it's been, "let me help you, Kim. I'm here for you, Kim. You can count on me, Kim." And now, suddenly, when the trial is coming to an end and she's waiting to find out if her son can survive the tumor that is killing him, it's just not working for you.

Julian: That about sums it up. Anything else?

Drew: You're a glib son of a bitch.

Julian: [ Chuckles ]

Drew: You never deserved her.

Julian: You know what? You're right. So maybe it's a good thing that we, uh -- we both agree that the relationship is over, huh?

Sam: I'm a terrible sister.

Jason: What are you talking about? No, you're not.

Sam: Yes, I am. Kristina invited us over to her house to check it out. And I put her on the defensive as soon as Shiloh walked in.

Jason: Because the guy is lying and Kristina can't see it.

Sam: Mm, probably.

Jason: No. Definitely.

Sam: Definitely? Will you listen to me right now? I am doing exactly what I tell my mom not to do, and I'm jumping to conclusions. And I'm judging her before I even know anything about this.

[ Knocks on door ]

Sam: Yikes! What if I do the same thing with Scout when she gets older? Then what? I'll be exactly like -- mom! Hey. We were just talking about you.

Alexis: What have I done now, and does it involve your sister?

Sam: Well -- [ Sighs ]

Alexis: Actually, where is she? I was hoping I could spend some one-on-one time with my favorite middle daughter.

Sam: I'm sorry. I thought Kristina texted you. She moved out.

Alexis: Oh. Did she move in with Sonny?

Sam: No, she moved in with Daisy and some of her friends.

Alexis: Oh, okay. Well, isn't that nice house situation that Oscar was living in?

Sam: Yes.

Alexis: Oh, all right. Well, I didn't know she was considering that, but good for her. What?

Sam: "What?" Who are you, and what have you done with my mother?

Alexis: They were very nice to Oscar. There's no reason to believe they won't be as welcoming to Kristina.

Sam: Oh, really? How -- tell me how you feel. How do you feel about Kristina?

Alexis: I think she's an adult. And I think she's capable of making her own decisions, and I respect that. Was I convincing? Because I think I nailed it.

Sam: Yes, mom, it was.

Alexis: Like they say in the program, "fake it till you make it."

Sam: Yeah.

Alexis: Hi, Jason! Good to see you.

Jason: Hey, Alexis.

Alexis: So, when did this move come about?

Sam: Well, Kristina has been getting more involved with Dawn of Day people. And they had a space come open, and she grabbed it immediately. We had some questions. Kristina said that we could come over and ask, and -- and we did.

Alexis: So, what do you think about this move?

Sam: Um, I think she feels like she's at home.

Alexis: I kind of like this new system of you having to worry about it before I do.

Sam: My pleasure.

Alexis: Seriously, thank you. And thank you, Jason. It's very nice that she has the two of you to look out for her. Bye.

[ Door closes ]

Josslyn: Oh! Oh, I almost forgot. I have your critique of "Of Mice and Men." Only an a-minus.

Oscar: Mm. I'm sorry to bring shame to you, my parents, and all of our ancestors.

Josslyn: Well, don't let it happen again. So, what do you wanna work on today? I have history or science.

Oscar: Actually... I have a special assignment.

Josslyn: My favorite project.

Oscar: [ Chuckles ] I've been adding to it. Look, June 21st is the longest day of the year, so I want to drive up to the mountains the night before and spend the whole day there -- sunrise to sunset.

Josslyn: I love it.

Julian: So, message received. You can go now.

Drew: Oh, I'm not done with you yet. What did she do for you to treat her this way? Did she spend too many nights by her son's bedside? Did you not feel like you were getting enough attention?

Julian: The relationship's over, so there's nothing to discuss with Kim or with you. So you can get the hell out of my bar now.

Drew: No, no. You know, she trusted you.

Julian: [ Whispering ]

Drew: Oh, my god. She believed in you when everybody warned her not to.

Julian: [ Louder ] Well, I guess everybody was right, Drew! So you can congratulate them for me, will you?

Drew: Okay, "Charlie."

Julian: [ Sighs ]

Drew: I got to give you credit for one thing, though. You were able to keep up that good-guy charade much longer than I thought you could.

Kim: Oscar is looking so much better. And he's eating, and Josslyn

Terry: She's a force of nature, that one.

Kim: [ Laughs ] Yes, she is. She has him doing his homework and thinking about things like the SATs and where he wants to go to college. You know, the future. His future.

Terry: The important thing is that Oscar has opened himself to love. Which, I know how it sounds, I'm embarrassed...

[ Both laugh ]

Terry: But clinically, scientifically, love helps.

Kim: [ Softly ] It does.

Ryan: You shouldn't be out here alone. Not while there's a killer on the loose.

Laura: [ Scoffs ] Is that why you followed me? To make sure that I was safe?

Ryan: Well, yeah. Times like this, you can't be too careful.

Laura: Thank you. That's really nice of you. And thank you for what you said at the town hall meeting. It was a little odd, though [Chuckles] To receive an endorsement from one's soon-to-be ex-husband.

Ryan: [ Chuckles ] I just told the truth. Port Charles needs a fighter like you in office.

Laura: [ Laughs ] Well, I meant what I said, too, you know? If I'm elected, I will become an advocate for mental healthcare, and I'll start with Ferncliff and the patients there.

Ryan: Well, I appreciate that. No one respects and understands your commitment to mental-health reform like I do.

Laura: Thanks.

Ryan: But... mayor, you'll need to prioritize the needs of the entire city. So while you're looking after the greater good of the entire community, I volunteer to keep an eye on whatever happens at Ferncliff.

Sam: Okay, I understand why Dawn of Day appeals to Kristina. It's all about empowerment, emotional identity. "Confidence through community; excellence through action."

Jason: Is there any specifics?

Sam: Yeah, actually. There's -- there's quite a few. They do a lot of volunteering for food pantries, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, sponsorships. I don't -- I don't see anything that raises a red flag in here.

Jason: Yeah. Well, bad guys don't usually advertise that they're bad guys.

Sam: Yeah, I know, but usually something's just a little too nice -- a little too "trust me, and send me your money." It's all very sincere and all, but something's up. They're either hiding something or they've got an agenda. I don't know. How's the book?

Jason: Uh, I mean, it's basically everything he's already told us, only a little more detail. Uh, troublemaker Hank goes to Afghanistan, almost gets killed till Drew saves him. Listen to this. "It wasn't just my body that he lifted off the field that day -- my soul was in this man's hands. Only then did I understand that his singular, unquestioning choice to save me could indeed change not only my life but the world."

Sam: [ Inhales deeply ] Okay. I understand saving someone, but that's just laying it on a little too thick. Don't you think?

Jason: Yeah, we get that. But Kristina, on the other hand.

Sam: She's looking for "spiritual identity." She's drifting...

Jason: [ Sighs ] ...And this is giving her direction.

Sam: And you don't like the direction? No, I do not. Do you?

Jason: I'm more interested in his life before he became Shiloh. Why did Hank have to reinvent himself? What's this guy running from?

Oscar: Do I have to learn to surf?

Josslyn: It's fun!

Oscar: Yeah, if your dad taught you before you could talk.

Josslyn: Krissy! Hey. What are you doing here?

Kristina: Oh, I've been meaning to check in on my favorite busboy.

Josslyn: Hey.

Kristina: Hey, Oscar.

Oscar: Uh, hey, Krissy. Oh, uh, Josslyn, this is Shiloh.

Josslyn: Oh!

Kristina: Dawn of day is kind of his thing.

Shiloh: Hi. Josslyn?

Josslyn: Yeah. Shiloh. It's a pleasure. -It's -- you, too. Um... -nice to meet you. No, it's great to finally meet you. Oscar's told me many things. It was really nice of you to let him crash at your house.

Shiloh: Well, it's everyone's house. And we all miss Oscar.

Oscar: [ Chuckles ] I didn't think you knew who I was.

Shiloh: Of course, I know who you are. And I'm looking forward to getting to know you better.

Josslyn: So, what is it you do?

Shiloh: Well, Dawn of Day is something that I started

Josslyn: No, no. I-I-I know what your group does. I was just wondering what you do specifically.

Shiloh: Well, I suppose you could say that I provide space... for people to listen and to learn how to trust themselves.

Josslyn: Like a therapist or a guru?

Oscar: Josslyn. Josslyn.

Josslyn: [ Chuckles ] What? I'm curious. You lead a community. I'm studying leaders.

Shiloh: Well, I don't really think that I "lead" a community. These guys do most of the work. I just pave the way. Joss, you and Oscar should join us at our next community event.

Oscar: Oh, yeah! That way I could start to pay you guys back for giving me a place to live.

Shiloh: That'd be fantastic. You are more than welcome. You, too, Josslyn. But, Oscar, you owe me nothing. Our community finds fulfillment in serving others. We give without wanting to receive.

Julian: Just leave, Drew. Nothing good is gonna come from you staying here.

Drew: Oh, there he is -- the real Julian.

Julian: You know what? I don't owe you any explanations, okay?

Drew: You are a selfish son of a bitch, just like always. I guess a kid who's dying -- it's no fun to date his mother, right? So, when did your clock run out?

Julian: Okay, you know what? Fine. I'm gonna tell you. At the stroke of midnight New Year's Eve, when I saw you kissing her.

Ryan: The sad fact is that the patients at Ferncliff are criminally insane. They're damaged beyond repair.

Laura: So what are you saying? That you don't want me to fight for better conditions at Ferncliff and advocate for the patients' rights? I mean [Stammers] We both have mental-health issues in our past. I thought we agreed on this.

Ryan: And we do! It's just that I'm concerned that some of the patients at Ferncliff might use their voice for manipulation, to confuse and disrupt. If some of those patients were found sane, they'd immediately be shipped off to prison.

Laura: Yeah, but in your own words, what worse punishment could there be than to have to live with a broken mind?

[ Lace stretching ]

Laura: Kevin, stop.

[ Stretching stops ]

Laura: You're cutting off your own circulation.

Ryan: [ Lace stretching ] I'm sorry. [ Stretching stops ] It's a -- it's a nervous habit.

Laura: Since when?

Ryan: It's new. I'm working it through.

Laura: Kevin, are you all right?

Ryan: I'm fine!

Laura: You know, uh, take a look around. There's nobody here, just you and me. We're alone. Kevin, is there something that you need to tell me? Because now's your chance.

Ryan: You know me so well, Laura. Actually, there is something I've been wanting to say to you ever since you came home. It just never seems to be the right time. But now that we're here, alone, just you and me... maybe that moment has finally arrived.

[ Door opens ]

Ryan: It's just --

[ Exhales sharply ]

Scott: Oh! Laura, Kevin, I'm sorry to disturb you. I just came here to hit the heavy bag. You know, I might have to knock out some knife-wielding lunatic that's running around our fair city!

Ryan: Leave it to Scott Baldwin to bring fists to a knife fight.

Scott: [ Sighs ] Well, and leave it to you to wear a suit to the gym. Uh-oh. Wait a minute. Are you two getting back together?

Ryan: No!

Scott: Look how quick he just answered me.

Ryan: Scott, this conversation is none of your business.

Scott: Well, it is my business! Laura's my friend.

Ryan: Actually, it isn't.

Scott: Yeah. Yeah, it is, okay? Now, they are offering a self-defense class at the PCPD, and I think everybody should take it because we got a lunatic running around this city! And nobody knows who's gonna be next.

Kristina: It turns out that your dad rescued Shiloh in Afghanistan, and that's what inspired him to start Dawn of Day.

Oscar: My dad? -Mm-hmm. I mean, I believe you. That's the kind of guy he is. But...still. Wow!

Josslyn: [ Chuckles ] How is it possible that you guys all lived together and nobody made the connection?

Shiloh: You know, I had no idea who Oscar's parents were. I just knew that he needed a place to stay, and there were no other questions asked.

Oscar: Did you see him? Did he remember you?

Shiloh: I did. I did see your dad. Uh, no. He did not remember me. He told me about his condition. It's terrible. But, uh, he's made quite an impressive life for himself.

Oscar: Yeah, my dad's a great guy.

Shiloh: You know, in all fairness, though, even if your father did have his memory, he still might not have recognized me. I mean, I've worked very hard to put the angry boy that I was behind me. I'm a completely different person now.

Oscar: Could you tell me about my dad? Like, about his time in the service? It's just without his memories, there's so much we don't know.

Shiloh: Of course. I'd be more than happy to tell you everything I know -- as long as it's cool with your dad.

Kim: Ah! I see someone threw a party and didn't invite me. [ Laughs ] I'm glad your spirits are up. Hi. I am Oscar's mom.

Shiloh: Hi. You have a wonderful boy.

Kim: Oh, I do. But, um, don't tell him that, because he gets embarrassed.

Oscar: [ Laughter ] Mom, this is Shiloh. From the Dawn of Day house.

Kim: Oh. Yeah, where Oscar was living.

Shiloh: I'm sorry. I hope I didn't cause any friction.

Kim: Uh, no, no, it's -- it's -- it's -- it's fine. I'm just -- I'm very grateful that, um, you gave Oscar a place to stay while we were sorting things out.

Shiloh: Yeah, well, we all love Oscar. And as a matter of fact, we were wondering if you'd be coming back soon.

Oscar: Oh, thank you, but... mom, if you don't mind, I would really like to come back home tomorrow.

Kim: Nothing would make me happier.

Oscar: [ Chuckles ]

Kim: [ Inhales deeply ]

Jason: Mm. Oh, here's something. Dawn of Day's first incorporation documents were filed by D.H. Archer... as a personal-growth marketing platform.

Sam: What does "D.H." Stand for?

Jason: It's David Henry. Why?

Sam: Oh, no. It can't be. Because David Henry Archer... is the only son and surviving child of Henry Archer.

Jason: Well, who -- who's Henry Archer?

Sam: [ Sighs ] One of my husbands.

Oscar: Yeah. So, what it's supposed to do is attack the tumor and shrink it down so that they can operate.

Kristina: Did it hurt?

Oscar: Mm, not really. It just kind of made me really tired.

Kim: So now that my baby's doing okay...

Oscar: Mom. ...

Kim: [Laughs] I have a bunch of smaller babies to go check on. You guys have fun. It was really good to see you, Kristina. Nice to meet you, Shiloh.

Shiloh: Pleasure.

Terry: It's time to call drew. Oscar's test results are in.

Drew: That's it? Julian, you broke it off with Kim because you saw a little New Year's Eve kiss between exes?

Julian: You know what Drew? Don't say it was nothing, 'cause that would -- that would be an insult to all three of us.

Alexis: If I may interject something before the two of you say things that you're both gonna regret --

Drew: I don't think I'm gonna regret anything.

Julian: Well, lucky you.

Alexis: I-it doesn't appear that anything that's going on here is gonna help Kim. So maybe the two of you just want to go to your separate corners.

Julian: You know what? No, no, no. It's -- thank you, but no. I-I want him to hear this. Yes, Drew, okay? Yeah, you know what? I was tired of spending night after night alone. And New Year's Eve, that was -- that was supposed to be our night. But since Kim seemed to prefer spending the night with you -- well, let's just say I responded in kind, okay?

Drew: Wow.[ Chuckles ] You saw this little kiss. And instead of waiting two seconds to ask Kim what was going on, you slept with somebody else?

Julian: Well, what's good for the goose, am I right?

Drew: [ Cellphone chimes ] I've gotta go. You never deserved Kim.

Alexis: Why did you just lie to Drew?

Sam: Henry Archer was one of my first big marks. He was huge in advertising, and... he wanted a pretty, much, much younger-looking woman on his arm.

Jason: And you got him to marry you?

Sam: I was his trophy wife. I-I wasn't his first, and I'm sure I certainly wasn't his last.

Jason: Okay. So if Shiloh is Archer's son, y-you must've met him. I mean, do you remember anything about the guy?

Sam: No, I-I don't remember meeting him.

Jason: He didn't go to the wedding?

Sam: No, I think he refused on the grounds that his father was marrying "a gold-digging tramp who was taking his inheritance," which wasn't entirely wrong.

Jason: [ Sighs ] I mean, Archer must've talked about him.

Sam: His father called him David. So him going by "Hank," I think, was his way of rebelling. And I got the impression that he was probably living off of his trust fund.

Jason: Okay. Even if you never met face-to-face, Archer's son must've known about you or seen a picture.

Sam: I mean, wouldn't he have recognized me today?

Jason: Maybe he was waiting to see if you would recognize him.

Julian: It wasn't a lie! I, uh -- I saw them kiss, and I snapped.

Alexis: Wow. You bail after one kiss? That's awfully wimpy of you.

[ Plates thud ]

Julian: Mm. Hey, it wasn't just a kiss, okay? Clearly, I'm not what Kim needs right now. She and Drew are going through a horrible ordeal with Oscar. You know, it's a family crisis, and I'm not part of the family. It's as simple as that.

Alexis: So you're not walking away from her. You're just giving up on her and sending her back to Drew because you think, apparently, that's where she needs to be.

Scott: [ Sighs ] You know that producer that was killed, he was...

Laura: Yeah, I heard about it.

Scott: Well, he was making a documentary about Kevin's brother, Ryan. And he was a nice guy, you know? He asked a lot of questions about Ryan's killing spree. But, see, now, that's not the -- the creepy part.

Ryan: Is this going to be a long story, Scott?

Scott: Well, all of the interview footage -- it just went missing.

Laura: Really? Do they think that the killer took it?

Scott: Well, that's the theory here -- that Peyton, the producer, stumbled onto something about Ryan that the killer didn't want anybody else to know about.

Laura: But what could he have possibly found out about Ryan that would have any consequence today?

Scott: Well, there's a connection between the killer and Ryan. That's what the cops think -- possibly a copycat.

Ryan" Do the police have any leads?

Scott: Uh, I don't know about that, but I think that they think he's getting cocky and he's gonna slip up, and he's gonna try and kill the wrong person at the wrong time. And then, pow! They'll grab him, and they'll send him to prison for the rest of his miserable life.

Oscar: How cool is it that Shiloh came to see me and he knew my dad? Mm. That's crazy.

Josslyn: Very. Okay, so, I'm gonna direct our attention back to our first day out together.

Oscar: You mean tomorrow. Tomorrow. I can't wait.

Josslyn: [ Chuckles ] Okay, well, I already told my mom that I'm not going to school tomorrow. So lunch at Kelly's, then what?

Oscar: The docks.

Josslyn: The docks. Okay, why?

Oscar: Because I am so sick of staring at these walls. I just want to go there and look out at the water.

Josslyn: Oh. Well, that'll be pretty. Okay, done. Next?

Oscar: Ping pong at the Quartermaine's, if you don't mind losing.

Josslyn: Oh, bring it.

Oscar: [ Sighs ]

Josslyn: Oscar?

Oscar: I'm sorry. It's just... what happens after tomorrow? When I go back to school, does everybody know why I haven't been there? Do they know what's going on with me? I-I don't want people to look at me differently.

Josslyn: It doesn't matter what other people think. I will always be with you. No matter what happens, no matter what you face, we face it together.

Terry: Okay. This is Oscar's tumor before treatment. And this is Oscar's tumor as of yesterday.

[ Somber music plays ]

Kim: [ Sighs ]

Drew: Okay. I'm the only non-doctor in the room, so, um, you want to explain whatever she's looking at to me?

Terry: Uh, it means that the tumor hasn't shrunk. It's almost nine centimeters with considerable growth into the brain tissue, and it's entangled with major blood vessels. I'm sorry. The treatment failed.

Drew: So this means, um --

Kim: [ Sniffles ]

Drew: [ Voice breaking ] What's this mean?

Kim: [ Sighs ] It means that the tumor's still inoperable. [ Voice breaking ] And Oscar's gonna die. [ Crying ]

Ryan: Scott, I admire your confidence in the police. You seem so sure the killer will be caught.

Scott: Well, you know, for once, I agree with the PCPD. I mean, for crying out loud, a head in an apple barrel, Kiki found at the honeymoon suite, the producer at the metro court? This killer thinks a lot of himself. Or herself. But, you know, nobody's untouchable.

Ryan: No one caught the Zodiac Killer, or even Jack The Ripper.

Scott: Oh, I'm sure they paid for their sins, you know. Our actions, they -- they do come back to us.

Ryan: You know, you never struck me as someone who believes in karma.

Scott: [ Laughing ] Oh, karma -- karma has bit me so many times. As my stepmother, Gail, used to say, "what goes around comes around." So you got to think before you act.

Laura: I remember that.

Scott: Yeah, well, most of the time, I-I didn't think, and... [ Laughs ] ...I acted, and she was always right.

Laura: Yes, I know. Gail is a very wise woman. And I'm sure she's really proud of you and how you've persevered.

Scott: Oh, you know... Laura, I-I'm sorry, Kevin. I should've told you this. [ Sighs deeply ] Gail passed away.

Sam: Oh! Hank or -- or Shiloh or whoever he is made no attempt to hide his personal history on the Dawn of Day website. Come here. Look. It -- it reads, "growing up in the insulated and hedonistic world of extreme wealth was the chief motivator behind Shiloh's decision to reinvent himself to create a more meaningful, welcoming community." All these buzzwords -- it just seems like he's full of crap.

Jason: There's too many coincidences. I mean, your history with Shiloh, Shiloh's connection to drew, and first Oscar lives with him, and now Kristina? Too many people we care about are in this guy's orbit.

Alexis: First of all, you do know that you're wrong about this. Second of all, you do know that Kim has a mind of her own.

Julian: Yeah, obviously. She chose Drew.

Alexis: She kissed Drew. She chose you. Obviously, she doesn't want this to end any more than you do.

Julian: Kim told me early on that Oscar's her whole world. And right now, her world is crumbling.

Alexis: And if that's true, wouldn't she need you all the more?

Julian: That may be so, okay? But... [Exhale sharply] I'm not the right man for the job.

Terry: Unfortunately, Kim's assessment is correct. The immunotherapy didn't shrink the tumor, and it will remain inoperable. Again, I'm so, so sorry.

Kim: [ Sniffles ] Thank you.

Drew: Uh, yeah. Thank you. I, uh -- I appreciate how much you fought for Oscar.

Terry: Oscar's a wonderful kid. It's been my privilege to get to know him.

Kim: How much time? How -- how much time do we have with him?

Terry: I'm not sure. Up until recently, the tumor's been slow-growing. The best we can do right now is monitor. I'll continue to be available to you for whatever Oscar needs. But as far as a timeline, it's too soon to tell.

Kim: So there is time?

Terry: There is.

Drew: Thank you, Terry.

Terry: I'll give you some privacy.

Kim: [ Sniffles ] Thank you. Thank you.

Drew: We knew it was a long shot.

Kim: [ Breathes shakily ] Yeah. It was.

Drew: [ Exhales deeply ] We're gonna have to tell him.

Kim: Yeah. We are, but you know, um... ...he's having such a good day. You know, Joss is here and, um, Kristina came, and she showed up with a friend, and, um... he's eating. He's eating again. And, um... [Voice breaking] What if this is his last happy day?

Drew: It's not.

Kim: We can't let it be. Can we just wait? [ Laughs ] Can we wa-wait another day and just let him have one more day of hope?

Drew: One day becomes a week. A week becomes a month.

Kim: We don't know how many of those we have left. [ Sniffles, cries ]

Drew: Okay, listen to me. I know this is hard. We gave him our word. This is his life, and whatever control he can have over that life... ...we got to give it to him.

Laura: So sorry about Gail, Scotty. That is a tremendous loss.

Scott: Yeah. Yeah. You know, she -- she thought the world about you.

Laura: And I of her.

Scott: I just -- I feel like such an orphan all of a sudden, you know? The Baldwin family is just disappearing -- first Lee, and, you know, now Gail. She was so important to us when we were young... I know. ...And were married too young, and, you know... yeah. She would always have that -- that advice. She'd walk the line. She would tell me, uh, what I was doing right and then what I was doing wrong, which was quite a bit of causing trouble. And now there's no one to remember them but me.

Laura: [ Sighs ] You know what, Scotty? Why don't you forget about your workout and let me take you to Kelly's for a cup of coffee?

Scott: I would like that.

Laura: Oh, you know what? I've got a better idea. Let's get the coffee to go, and we can walk down to the Elm Street pier and watch the ferry.

Scott: Yeah. Yeah, they used to love to fish there.

Laura: I know! And then you can tell me all your stories about your dad and about Gail, and there will be two of us remembering. So, uh, I-if you want to talk more, you can.

Ryan: Never mind. Just a passing thought.

Laura: Come on, Scotty.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

Alexis: So, this person you slept with... ...they don't exist, do they?

Julian: Alexis, just -- [ Exhales sharply ]

Alexis: Why would you lie to Drew, why would you lie to Kim about sleeping with an imaginary person?

Julian: Because I knew it was the line I had to cross in order to get Kim to give up on me.

Alexis: That... so you made her think that you had a random hookup?

Julian: I really need to get the bar ready for happy hour, okay?

Alexis: Oh, no, you didn't.

Julian: Didn't what?!

Alexis: You didn't make Kim think that it was me, did you?

Julian: No.

Alexis: Thank god.

Julian: [ Sighs ] Yeah. However, I didn't exactly, uh, deny it, either.

Sam: Here's what we have so far.

Jason: [ Sighs ]

[ Tense music plays ]

Sam: Let's start with Oscar...

Jason: Okay ...

Sam: Who is your nephew, right?

Jason: Okay.

Sam: So we'll put Jason, you, down there, and then we go with Drew because he's your brother. Drew saved Hank-slash-Shiloh... so we'll put him here... ...who is the son of my old mark, Henry Archer... ...who is now living with my sister, Kristina. Now, who's in the middle?

Jason: You.

Sam: And who am I?

Jason: Linda black.

Sam: [ Sighs ] "Black." First, Kristina starts hanging out with these Dawn of Day people. The next thing I know, I'm getting e-mails from somebody using my old alias.

Jason: It's not a coincidence.

Sam: No, Jason, it's not. Not by a long shot. But I am right here, in the bulls-eye.

Kristina: I can't believe that out of all the people who need you, you took the time to come here with me.

Shiloh: No, we all need each other, Kristina. That's why I'm here. Oh, I just want to make sure -- you're, uh -- you're all settled at the house, right? You're good?

Kristina: Uh, yeah. I made it my home, just like you said.

Shiloh: Well, that's good, because it is your home. And I just want you to know that I am 100% committed in helping you discover whatever it is that you need to learn about yourself.

Kristina: I know that. Thank you.

Shiloh: You're welcome. I mean, seriously -- whatever it is that you need, you can always come to me.

[ Knocks on door ]

Oscar: Come in. Hey, guys!

Drew: Hey.

Oscar: Hey. What's wrong?

Kim: Joss, honey, um, would you mind giving us a moment alone with Oscar?

Josslyn: Yeah, of course.

Oscar: No, no, no, no. No. Whatever it is, Joss is with me.

Josslyn: Only if that's okay with you.

Drew: Uh, actually, Joss, I think it's a good idea if you stay.

[ Somber music plays ]

On the next "General Hospital"

Cameron (to Oscar): This is exactly the kind of news I needed to hear today

Josslyn (to Carly): If I could just get Oscar to one of these places, he would get better.

Kim (to Alexis): I don't give a damn who Julian slept with.

Sam (to Jason): I feel like I'm being set up.

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