GH Transcript Friday 1/4/19

General Hospital Transcript Friday 1/4/19


Episode #14191 ~ Jordan looks to Curtis for help; Lulu hosts an event at Charlie's; Laura is touched by Kevin's support.

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The first 20 minutes is missing due to news interruption; we will try to get it later

 I want to no. They're mostly white, mostly male, but not by design. They are all pivotal economic players, people that I have worked with for years that I trust implicitly, and that trust was not misplaced. Theyey have helped me bring this city back to where it was, and now it is thriving. May I say something? Are you finished, mayor quartermaine? Yeah. You have the floor. Thank you. It is true the council did a fabulous job, uh, in the wake of the earthquake. They really stepped up, and they got everything done that needed to be done. But it's a very closed circle, wendy, right? The problem with a closed circle -- they only work with the people they know. I want to widen out that circle. I want to hear from a lot of different voices, people from different backgrounds. If I am elected, that is exactly what I will do. (

 (Coughing) (cough) and play it smart. Always carry a flashlight, even if it's just the -- the app on your phone. Try to avoid places where you might find yourself alone. Your stepdaughter bullied my son. Like parking garages, especially at night. And that was wrong, and we told charlotte that. And when you're coming back to your car... not forcefully enough, apparently. ...Don't fumble around in your pockets... you know what you'redoing, don't you? ...For your keys or in your purse. No, please, enlighten me. Just -- well, um, coddling your over-sensitive son...

[ Clears throat ] ...Is not doing him any favors in life. That's all. Don't fumble around in your pocket for your keys and purse. And if you ever sense somebody behind someone in the classroom... it, okay? ...I don't think that's what's going on. It could save your life. As someone in the classroom, this could've been avoided months ago. I'm just saying. Now, I know you guys didn't show up for a bunch of do's and don'ts. So you came up here to protect yourselves and fight back if need be. Can I get any volunteers? Anyone? Ms. Tait, would you like to demonstrate the bear hug and how to get out of it? Thank you. For what? I was about to tell one of those mothers exactly where they could shove their opinion.

[ Chuckles ] Well, then, you're welcome. Hi! How'd it go? Huh? Did you tell that marcus guy that -- that he's not taking yvonne anywhere? Um, well, dad -- um, mike, why don't you go grab our coats? It's cold out there! Yes! And then we're going right to the center. Yeah, we sure will. Well? I talked to him. I don't know how much luck I had. Yvonne showed up, started asking about my dad. Oh, I'm sure that didn't help the situation. We should just find him a new place. Mike? If -- if we take him back to this facility, yvonne's, you know, not there, what's gonna happen? That -- that'd be too much change all at once. I -- I say the sooner we get him used to yvonne not being there, the sooner he can just make new friends. Okay, come on. Let's go. Yvonne is waiting. All right. Let's go. Alexis davis, lulu falconeri, detective chase. A lawyer, a journalist, and a cop. For all we know, the killer was trying to impress any of them. Or all of them. Or none of them. But someone. He's proud of his work, that's for sure. And he likes to display it in the most public manner possible.

[ Police radio chatter ] You know, the deeper we dig into this, the less I'm thinking this is about us.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, me, too. All right, so let's break it down from the beginning. The only thing these cases have in common, aside from the in-your-face reveal, is that they were all missing their driver's licenses. Jordan: Well, there's one other thing. Or more specifically, one other person. Who? Ryan chamberlain. Lulu: Yes, you, sir. My name's darrell. I live in the charles street district. Laura: Hi, darrell. Ned: Thanks for coming down. Thank you. Um, my question is for mayor quartermaine. Uh, do you believe your background as a businessman is a positive or negative when it comes to running the city? That is a great question, darrell, uh, and it's an easy one. It's a positive. Economics drives everything. You get businesses to come to port charles, and, boom, the tax revenue pays for all of our public services, raising our standard of living, raising our property values, making this city a more desirable place to live. If you don't have businesses, nothing else works. Anything to add? Yes. Ned, I am in awe of you as a businessman. Nobody does it better. But you cannot run the government like a business, because it's not for profit. The important thing is that people need to come together and decide mutually how best to serve their needs. And there are a lot of needs. And, yes, the economy and money are always a factor, but they're not everything, nor should they be.

[ Applause ] Uh, yes, dr. Collins? It's more of a statement than a question. Okay. Well, I think it's high time I made my intentions known.

All right, so, the first thing you're gonna do is you're gonna lunge right... here we are, taking a class on self-defense, owning our power, not worrying about, you know, what might have been said that would be construed as hurtful. There's no "might have" about it. Ladies, how are these two kids supposed to get along if you guys cannot? You're teaching charlotte to trample over people who aren't like her. I'm teaching her not to hold herself back and make herself small for others. Charlotte can be as big as she wants, just not at my son's expense. -Nina reeves. -Yes! Yes, excellent idea. Why don't you be my next demonstrator? Maxie: Whoo-hoo! Nina, yeah! Are you having a good time? It's been very informative, thank you. Well, it is no secret that our marriage is ending, but my respect and admiration for laura is boundless. Whether it be devotion to her family or commitment to her community, she gives selflessly of her time and her talent. Now, ned, you're -- you're a fine man, and you have faced enormous challenges with grace and with skill. But when it comes to the future of this city, it would be my honor to vote for laura. And I hope that each and every one of you will do the same.

[ Applause ] That was a very kind gesture. Just speaking the truth. And I would like to repay it, dr. Collins, by making you a promise, that if I am elected, I will become an advocate for mental health, pushing for more scrutiny and higher standards across the board. I've already made one tour of ferncliff, and there will definitely be more. I realize these are not typical mayoral duties, but the way I see it, what's the point of having an influential position if you're not gonna use it to throw a spotlight on some social conditions that really need attention? I want to be a very visible mayor and use that visibility for good.

[ Applause ] The anniversary of the ryan chamberlain murders has stirred everything up, right? Not to mention that our third victim, peyton mills, was making a documentary on the psycho. Hmm, so you're thinking a copycat murderer? I don't know, but anything's possible. Remember that homicide we worked back in baltimore? The one at the convenience store on fleming? Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, all signs pointed to it being a mugging, when in reality it was an insurance situation. Mm-hmm. Red herrings everywhere we looked. I feel like this one's going to be the same, where it seems like one thing, but it's actually another.

[ Cellphone rings ] Ah, forensics. Hopefully they've recovered the footage from the edit room mills was working in. Commissioner ashford. Nothing? Are you positive?

[ Police radio chatter ] Okay, thank you. Not a single trace of the documentary was found. So whoever killed peyton mills is trying to erase any mention of ryan chamberlain. Which could mean that the killer isn't trying to repeat ryan's crimes, but he wants to top them. He's competing with a ghost. What's this? I had the chamberlain files pulled, made printouts. It's time we bring this ghost back to life.

[ Sighs ] I can't wait to see my girl. Dad, that might not be possible. Well -- but I thought -- I thought you said you spoke to --

[ Footsteps ] I guess, uh... I guess I should say my goodbyes. No goodbyes. Yvonne is staying. She is? But her luggage... I was all set to take her home. Then I spoke to your son. Or rather, he spoke to me. And he reminded me that when you really love someone, you do the far better thing. It's true? You're -- you're not leaving? No, I'm not leaving.

 Oh, from you? Open it. I wish you could have known yvonne before the alzheimer'S. You would have loved her. I know I would have. For you to marry her, and for you to have had the relationship you did, she must have been an incredible woman. I used to see glimpses -- fleeting, but they were there -- of the woman she used to be. Not anymore. The doctor warned me I'd lose her piece by piece. It's one thing to hear it. It's another to live it. And all the well-meaning people, with their well-meaning advice don't help worth a damn.

[ Gasps ] Oh, it's so soft! It's for those, uh -- those cold winter nights, huh? They -- they say they turn up the heat, but we know different, don't we?

[ Chuckles ] We sure do. Thank you, mike. Would you mind? Mm-hmm. Merry christmas, yvonne. It is now. You know, it might actually be easier to resurrect ryan's ghost than to keep poring through all these records. No, what we're looking for is somewhere in these files. I just -- I know it. There's a link -- something in this mountain of paperwork to connect that terrible past to this terrible present. Wait a minute. You find something? It's what I didn't find. This is comfortable. All right, I'm gonna show you how to shake me, ready? Yeah. All right, you're gonna use that right arm, and you're gonna cross my body hard to get me to break my hold, and then use that left and just go straight palm to the nose. Okay. All right? Ready? Go! That's it. That's perfect! Nina: Yay, maxie! All right, everyone practice with your partners. Now, I'm gonna show you how extraction is exactly the same for a rear-naked choke with what I showed willow earlier. Okay, well -- well, do it quick, 'cause I need to get back to these girls before they start using your moves to pull each others' hair out.

[ Laughs ] It's -- it's not funny! I mean, I-I-is this what school's gonna be like when my son is going? Because I might actually have to consider homeschooling him. Oh, are you big into academics? No, not in the least. Okay, let's get to work. Okay. So, you're gonna stand like this. Mm-hmm. Step right, and just elbow to the abs. Oh! Yes! That's good. Thank you! Um, all right, everybody, uh, gather 'round.

[ Giggles ] So, it's one thing to be prepared, but let's be real. If you're not scared, you're not paying attention. However, being scared doesn't mean being a victim. Your attacker may only have a few seconds to gain control, so I want you to do everything in your power. Make it nasty. I mean, focus on the eyes, the ears, the nose, the neck, the knees. The family jewels. Yes! Yeah, those, too. So let's get to work. Come on. Who wants to go first? Ooh, ooh!

[ Chuckles ] Thank you to both of our candidates and to everyone who participated, and to julian jerome for offering up the venue. Any time. Laura: Thank you, julian. Have a great afternoon, get home safe, and remember to vote! Ned: Yes, important. Well, laura, well done. You, too. And, um, may the best man or woman win.

[ Chuckles ] Thanks. You were awesome! You think? Yes, the crowd was eating out of your hands. I am so proud of you. Oh, sweetie, thank you, thank you!

[ Squeals ] Thank you, for, uh, y-your endorsement. Meant every word. Well, so did I. And if I am elected, then ferncliff and every place like it will be on my list. Okay, I have to get to the office. I have just enough time to file a story on the town hall. Okay, well, I certainly don't want to keep you. I've got to head over to volonino'S. I've got a couple of things I have to discuss with sonny. Okay.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Indistinct conversations ] All right, unfortunately, that's all the time we have. Um, you guys did so good. Wait, a-are we seriously ready to kick some predator ass? Hey, I wouldn't mess with a single one of you.

[ Cheers and applause ] And remember, this is a series, so please join me next week, same place, same time. It's a date. Thank you, detective. Any time. Hey, this was awesome. See you next week. I will be here. Okay, I learned I need to keep you as far away from elizabeth and willow as possible. She says that like I have no self-restraint. You don'T. That was really good work, ms. Tait. That was...empowering. I -- I really enjoyed it. Look, I-I know you said "it's a date," but maybe we go on a real date soon? How about now? Really? Mm-hmm. After all that drama, I could really use a drink. There was drama? I owe you an apology. What in god's name for? When you tried to intercede for yvonne, I lashed out. Said you gave up your right to an opinion a long time ago. It's true. I wanted you to hurt the way I was hurting. It was unfair. None of this is fair. I know you were doing what you thought was best. You always do. But there's a part of me that'll always wonder what would've happened if... I'd taken yvonne home. Hey, sonny. Yeah? -Hey. -Hey. Y-you've met my son, right? Sonny corinthos? I don't think so. Very nice to meet you. Yvonne? Hi. I love your dimples! Everybody does. I just -- I just want to say that my father, he thinks the world of you. Aww. The world is a very big place, isn't it? Ah, not really, you know, if -- if you're lucky. I'm talking about striking-gold lucky, you can hold it right in the palm of your hand. Jessica holmes, one of ryan's victims -- what's missing from her list of personal effects?

[ Police radio chatter ] There's no driver's license. Is that a thing? Is that something chamberlain did? It wasn't listed in any of the files I read on him. This could be big. I don't want to get ahead of ourselves, because it could be coincidence. Maybe.

[ Sighs ] Oh, my god. No license. No license. Yeah, nothing here, either. 25 years ago, ryan chamberlain took trophies. Just like our killer's doing now. So is this a copycat thing?

[ Sighs ] But if that's true, how did the killer know about the licenses if, apparently, not even the police did? Hello? Sonny?

[ Sighs ]

[ Metal clangs ] Sonny, you up there?

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