GH Transcript Thursday 1/3/19

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 1/3/19


Episode #14190 ~ Sam is unnerved; Sonny strives to distract Mike; Drew confides in Curtis.

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[ Sighs ] Oh, lucy. How are you gonna get out of this one?

[ Indistinct conversations in distance ]

[ Exhales deeply ] Criminal fracking, um, earthquakes, smuggling, murder, mob ties -- who in their right mind would even want to visit our city? There are a lot of great things happening in port charles. Yes, exactly, but nobody knows about them.

[ Thumps table ]

[ Breathing sharply ] Is this what a mayor does? Well, she -- she's supposed to not be fighting public breastfeeding and rigging elections and doing her duty as port charles booster-in-chief!

[ Grunts ] Ooh! So the job falls to you? Well, yeah. Who else? Well, I can think of about a thousand other people. No, no. No, no, no. Nobody has my panache, my verve, my brio. Oh, please. Hey, I am this burg's biggest fan -- by far, the biggest fan! Bartender, drinks for all my friends, and one for the big dreamer. No, we are -- we're just fine. Don't do that to me, scott baldwin. Don't you dare dismiss me. You know that I am an entrepreneur. I am a bold woman with big, big ideas. All I want to do is rebrand port charles. I want to rejuvenate our town's name, and -- and I want to make port charles a tourist destination again. All you need is an investor. Exactly, because guidebooks don't publish themselves, but they do pay big, fat dividends. I mean, think of the revenue and the tourist dollars and the legal fees, not to mention the mysteries to solve. The real-estate commissions to collect. Well, true, I-I think the vacation home market may swell, but think of the tax-base increase.

[ Chuckles ] So, dust off your checkbook? I-I'll take that a-as a yes! Well, I can't gamble with my kids' inheritance. Okay, fine. So, what about you? Are you ready to invest all that delicious cassadine cash? Tied up in my 401(k).

[ Scoffs, exhales sharply ] Surely, you, kind sir, as a very shrewd business owner, can see the value in this kind of publicity. I just bought a bar. I'm tapped out. Oh, monica, monica, monica, monica. Oh, come on. Monica, come on. You owe me. I -- I took alan off your hands. Oh. Oh, that does it. Out! Get out before I call security.

[ Scoffs ] Now!

[ Sighs ] All right, if I write a check, then... will I get out of your hair? Faster than you can say... I think this is a great idea, lucy, but [Chuckles] There is no way I have the bucks to bankroll you. Oh, I know. No, no, no. Don't feel bad. I somehow managed to come up with the seed money. What I need is just quotes from port charles' best and brightest.

[ Exhales deeply ] You ready to get your blood pumping, dad? Yeah, uh, how long is this gonna take? Well, it's never too early to get ready for swimsuit season. Ah, well, speak for yourself. My -- my reviews are in. I'm just perfect. Just ask yvonne.

[ Chuckles ] Hello, marcus. Stella, hi. That's not for me, is it? Uh, it's for yvonne from mike. I-I thought of you over the holidays. I spent every minute I could with my wife. How is she? Who wants to know -- you or mike? Hey, kim. How's your new year going? It could hardly have begun worse. That didn't take long. Well, you said to come. I'm glad you did. Come in. It's good timing, too. Shiloh's here. My sister's here with her... jason. Um, guys, this is shiloh. Hi. Welcome. "Shiloh"? Wait. You know him? I know he's lying.

[ Telephone rings in distance, indistinct conversations ] Monica. Uh, chief counsel's office is on the second floor. I need to talk to you. I don't comment on lawsuits. Okay, I'm -- I'm not here to sue the hospital. I got some really bad news. Alexis, hey. Kristina's not, uh -- kristina's not working right now. I'm not spying. I'm meeting a client. Oh, don't you guys have, uh, fancy conference rooms for that? Fancy, isolated conference rooms away from the safety of crowds? Haven't you heard? Port charles has a serial killer on its hands. Just the creative director I have been looking for. Lucy, hey. Uh, look, I'm really sorry, but I was just about to leave. There's a self-defense class at the gym, and I cannot afford to miss it. No, what you cannot afford is to miss an exclusive for crimson -- a book published by... yours truly! Oh, my gosh! You actually did it? I did it! I did it! I did it! Here. Read it and weep tears of joy.

[ Both laugh ] Yvonne has good taste, but if you want to remain worthy, you got to keep up the maintenance, 'cause, you know, exercise is not just for the body -- it keeps your head clear. Yeah, I, uh -- I-I just don't want to miss her call. You know, I was sure she would've called me back by now. Um. We should stop by there, you know, a-after we work out, 'cause I want to see how she liked her christmas present. I heard about yvonne and mike leaving the facility unattended. I'm so sorry. I appreciate the sympathy, but the apology is unnecessary. You had nothing to do with it. Well, I can't fathom what went through your head during the hours your wife was missing. I pictured her wandering the streets alone, no idea where or when or who she was. When a child's out on their own, people stop and help. A woman yvonne's age in her condition? People don't want to be bothered. They don't see her. Someone did. Not soon enough to stop mike corbin from luring her away.

[ Sighs ] Jordan told me that you opted not to press charges against mike or the facility. I'm grateful. I don't see how litigation would help yvonne. I'll do right by her another way. Elizabeth, uh, I am taking the rest of the day off. Dr. Sullivan is gonna cover my patients for me. Okay, are you still gonna be able to take phone consults or -- no, I'm not gonna be available for anything until tomorrow. Hmm. Something must've happened. Monica's a very private person. If she wants us to know, she'll tell us. What the hell, jason? You show up here right after I move in and call shiloh a liar? Because he's lying. Jason and i have already met. You said drew knew you as hank. Uh, that's true. He did. I didn't want to introduce myself as "shiloh," as to not confuse matters, but I'm afraid I've gone and done it anyway. My apologies. You said you knew drew when he was a seal. Uh, I did. That's true. I'm sorry. I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage. Sam mccall. My sister and drew's ex-wife. Truly? Huh, small world. Well, sam, I'm sure you can appreciate that, when you change lives, it's often helpful that you change names, too.

 Jason, sam, you are more than welcome here any time. Any friend of kristina's is a friend of mine -- I hope. If you stop being incredibly rude. Did you speak to drew? I did. I did speak with him. Uh, he called, and he told me about the accident. He told me about his memory loss. I, uh, I hoped that our reunion might've sparked something, but, uh, unfortunately, it didn'T. He didn't know me. Drew hasn't remembered anything since before he came to port charles. Which is a shame because he'll never truly understand how he impacted my life. You see, if not for drew's intervention, I -- I still might be hank -- shallow, dissolute, often wasted. Drew saved my life. He did. He saved it literally and figuratively, and I intend to repay that debt.

[ Stammering ] Have you seen my... -your phone? -Ugh. Yes. Here.

[ Sighs ]

[ Chuckles ] It's official -- I am a basket case. You want to talk about it? Yeah, there's not really much to talk about. Julian broke up with me. What? No, I don't believe it. Yeah. Neither did I at first. Uh... I -- you guys seemed so good together. I mean, come on. Does he honestly think he can do better than you? Yeah, I read, uh -- I read the article in the invader how that -- how that, uh, kiki's murder might be related to that nurse from ferncliff... my source at the P.D. Said jordan's about to make a statement linking all three of them -- the body at the metro court, the nurse, and kiki.

[ Sighs ] I thought maybe she would want ava to know first and word would've reached you. It's better to hear it from you than from the news. Maybe ava's tried to call me. I've been a little, uh, preoccupied lately. I can tell. Maybe you should take a day off. Why don't you call kim and go have some fun together? Kim is otherwise

[Sighs] Occupied. Well, I know you're angry, and you need an outlet for your feelings before they consume you. I'm long past breaking things. Well, talking has been known to help. To you? You can certainly talk to me. But I understand that might be complicated. But I know good therapists, people who will help you articulate what you're experiencing and guide you through it. There's only one person I want to talk to now, so I'm making every opportunity to make that happen. I don't understand. I'm assuming responsibility for yvonne's care. I'm taking her home. Dad, dad. You got to remember. You got to exhale when you punch.

[ Chuckles ] I have trouble remembering. If I forget to breathe, I'm really in trouble. I know, I know, but it helps to concentrate. Uh-huh. Yeah. All right, go ahead. Hard to concentrate when I know yvonne's waiting for me. You're doing fine. There you go. Can I help you? Watch it. Watch it. Yeah, sorry. I didn't mean to gawk.

[ Groans ] Do you mind if I... no. Try rotating your hips a little bit more. It'll help with your lower back. Uh-huh. Oh, yeah. [ Laughs ] There you go. You know a little bit about boxing? I dabble. Yeah, in ink, too, I see. You in the service? The tattoos give that away or the legs? No, I'D... I'd recognize tulip's work anywhere. I'm surprised the old broad is still kicking. You come out of fort benning? Yeah, straight to da nang, soldier.

[ Doorbell rings ] Janice, mom told me you bought a house. Okay.

[ Buttons clicking ]

[ Camera shutter clicks ] So, now that you have a house, you can use homequote explorer. Quiet. I'm blasting my quads. Janice, look. I'm in a meeting. -Janice, look. -[ Chuckles ] -Look, look. -I'm looking.

Well? I'M... I'm impressed. And completely scandalized.

[ Chuckles ] Lucy, is there --

[ Whispers ] Is there really a secret nude beach at holt state park? And -- and how reliable is this milo giambetti sighting? Well, according to my sources, you can set your watch by him. Isn't this crazy? Isn't it great? I-I think it's amazing. There are so many things we don't know about our own town, and -- and that's what I want to do. I want to share with the world all the best nooks and crannies of port charles with my book, of course. A-and that's where I come in? Well, yeah. You know, the book's not gonna do anybody any good if it's not in their hands. I need publicity. You need crimson. Yes, I need crimson, just like -- this is what I'm picturing. Okay, an amazing, fabulous book launch, a glitzy book signing, kind of like what you did for "ask man landers," you know? Okay, well, I mean, that's not normally something crimson does, but I think nina and I could come up with some sort of angle. Um, you know, is it just me, but does scott baldwin look exceptionally rumpled today? Monica, can I get you a cocktail? Ah. Losing my sobriety is not exactly a way to honor gail. When did this happen? Last night. I got a call two days ago from gail's nurse, and she said she wasn't gonna make it. So I booked a flight to florida, and I had serena meet me there. I wish you'd told me. I-I'm -- I'm so sorry. I -- I should've. No, I'm not -- I'm not angry. I'm glad that you had serena with you. I just wish I could've been there when gail died. So, what exactly put you in drew's debt? Well, it's in my book. In your book? You're a little too young to be writing memoirs, aren't you? It's a lot more than that. Well, you're never too young to share wisdom. It's a, uh -- it's a confessional, actually. It's a study on the human condition, way to look at life, how to live it. You should read it, sam. There's a lot of stuff in there that could help you. Oh, yeah? It says drew pulled you out of a firefight. Yeah, he did. Plus a couple bullet holes and a few hundred stitches, but minus the burden of a life wasted. You see, I had to evolve. I had to -- I had to change. Old "hank," he, uh -- he wasn't much of a man. Oh, and "shiloh" is? Yes.

[ Chuckles ] Well, that's for others to judge, but I'm, uh, I'm just doing my best day by day. How's that? Well, by creating this. Dawn of day. So, I snuck back in seconds -- and -- and I mean seconds -- before the sarge walked in. I mean, half the guys burst out laughing, but I -- I played it cool and -- and, uh, didn't get caught.

[ Exhales deeply ]

[ Chuckles ] Duncan had to polish my boots for two weeks.

[ Both chuckle ] I never heard that story, dad. Ah, nobody likes old soldier stories. Except another vet. Yeah, another vet. Hey, chet, really good to meet you. Likewise. You know, I -- I hate to cut it short, but -- but I got a lady waiting for me. Say no more. Say no more. Yeah, you go ahead, dad. I'm gonna get dressed. I'm gonna -- I'll see you in a second, all right? Yeah. -This was good. -Yeah, you did -- did good. Thanks for what you did for my dad, you know? I-I've never heard him talk about the service like that. It's not unusual. But that level of engagement... my dad's not very level-headed these days. It's always good to meet a fellow vet. I haven't seen you around here. Uh, I've only been in here one other time. So, you new to port charles? Mm, sister lives here. What -- what about you? Well, depends. If I find the right job... yeah? Well, you know your way around a gym.

[ Scoffs ] I try. Listen, uh, I own this place. I'm looking for a manager who's knowledgeable and...discreet. You interested? Marcus, I'm afraid you're taking on a great strain. You and yvonne chose this place for a reason. Would you have placed her here if you thought you could care for her alone? I've seen the care she received here. I'll take my chances at home. Even if she's unhappy there? Who said she's happy here? Mike? His son? Yvonne? My marriage is not your business. You forfeited the right to weigh in on my life long ago.

Your house has a name? Well, no, the outfit does. The house is just where friends of dawn of day come to meet. And some, like kristina, well, they live here. What does your "outfit" do? Anything that needs to be done -- for our community, for the world around us. They helped rebuild houses on charles street, uh, ran a clothing drive last fall, and they started, um, a neighborhood composting program. Wow. I mean, that sounds ambitious and costly. The people who live here, do they fund dawn of day with paying rent? They pay what they can. That's how oscar was able to stay here. He's drew's son. Oh, really? Oh, I -- wow, I knew drew had a son, but I didn't connect him to oscar. So you had a minor living here without telling his parents?

[ Chuckles ] Well -- well, oscar wanted to make it on his own, but, unfortunately, he didn't have the money. Uh, we were able to find a spot for him here. Um, I'm still not clear how you can afford to take in people who can't pay rent. Do you have to be such a bitch? Uh, kristina, look, your -- your sister's questions -- they're completely valid. Um, the way that we're able to provide outreach and a safe place for people is because I fund dawn of day with my own money. And the money comes from what, exactly? Well, I'm a life coach. I help people realize their full potential.

[ Grunts lightly ] So you found the, uh, dead producer's body? Well, I mean, I found the blood, not the body. Poor guy was killed in the editing room and then hid on the metro court terrace. Body moved after the fact, just like the nurse, just like kiki. You think you might've crossed paths with the killer? Yeah, you know, I'm really not trying to think about it, and I'm pretty sure you got far more pressing things concerning you. Yeah, maybe one or two, depending. Depending on what? Oh, whether if a [Chuckles] Blast from the past is actually a good thing. That jerk broke up with you because of oscar? Yeah, well, to hear julian tell it, um, it's too much for me to be in a relationship with him and [Chuckles] Take care of my son at the same time. Ohh, I could just throttle him. Yeah, well, I mean, he's not completely wrong. I mean, I-I have seen him a lot less since oscar found out about his diagnosis. Your son is fighting for his life, and julian's not getting enough attention, so he decides to leave you and acts like he's doing you a favor?

[ Sighs ] Well, it didn't just come out of nowhere. Julian... saw drew and me kiss on new year's eve. Is there any news on oscar? Not that I know. Well, I know that the current phase of his immunotherapy is ending soon. Well, I don't know. Maybe you should, uh, talk to kim or drew or ask oscar himself. I really can't help you. Did I say something wrong? Look, I don't know anything about oscar's health because kim won't tell me, and kim won't tell me and I are through. Thank you, guys, for meeting me here. Perfect timing. We just got done working out and punching the bags and... yeah.

[ Both chuckle ] How did yvonne like my, uh, my gift? Um... you gave it to her, right?

[ Sighs ] I dropped it off at the center. I di-- I didn't get to see yvonne. Oh. Why not? Wasn't a good time for a visit. Well, uh, that's okay. I'll -- I'll find out for myself this afternoon when sonny drops me off.

[ Chair creaks lightly ] Uh, stella, do -- do you think, uh, the -- the timing is any good this afternoon? Any better? I don't know. Yeah? Why? Why? Is something wrong? Yvonne's husband... is moving her out of turning woods. He's taking her home.

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