GH Transcript Friday 8/10/18

General Hospital Transcript Friday 8/10/18


Episode #14098 ~ Franco makes a dramatic move; Elizabeth is conflicted; Ava forces Scotty's hand; Kevin apologizes; Oscar looks to Drew for advice.

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Jason: I got nothing to say without my attorney.

Chase: I haven't asked you anything. it's not an interrogation. I thought you might want some coffee. I get it. You think I'm playing "good cop" and a "bad cop's" gonna come along in a little bit. I already know there's no point. All the senior officers warned me that you are impossible to question. Impossible to break. Lucky for me, it's not my case. I just had you brought up because the D.A. wants to interview you.

Margaux: At least I have taste!

Drew: [ Scoffs ]

Margaux: The game had meaning and integrity.

Drew: It was four hours long. Innings went on and on, waiting for the pitcher to throw the damn ball.

Margaux: It was dramatic.

Drew: It was boring.

Margaux: [ Chuckles ]

Drew: You could smoke an entire cigarette between pitches.

Margaux: You smoke?

Drew: No. Uh, hell, I'm j-- I'm saying. Why? Do you?

Margaux: Filthy habit.

Drew: At least we agree on something.

Orderly: Haven't heard a peep out of him all morning.

Kevin: That's the new medication. We've toned it down a bit. Make sure he gets administered this right away.

Orderly: This will bring him out of his haze.

Kevin: That's what I want.

Orderly: Could be dangerous.

Kevin: I'll be back in a while. Then my patient and I will have a long-awaited chat.

Sonny: Looking good, Dad.

Mike: [ Chuckles ] I'm getting there.

Sonny: [ Exhales ]

Carly: How's Mike doing?

Sonny: Eh.

Carly: He okay?

Sonny: Yeah, his -- his stitches itch. But other than that...

Carly: Oh. That fall was pretty scary.

Sonny: Yeah, well, these things happen, Carly.

Carly: Has he fallen before?

Sonny:  Uh, just lapses, and, you know, mo-moments of --

Carly: Is it getting more frequent?

Sonny: I guess. Yeah.

Carly: [ Sighs ]

Sonny: What're you doing with those?

Carly: Just looking, you know? I --

Sonny: Yeah, I read -- I read those, cover to cover...  [ Voice breaking ] ...And I'm not ready yet.

Griffin: I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God.

Bailiff: Will you please state your name and occupation for the record?

Franco: [ Cellphone vibrates ] (text from Scott to "warn Alexis NOW!")

Griffin: Uh, Dr. -- Dr. Griffin Munro, Chief of Neurology, Port Charles, New York, General Hospital.

Franco: [ Cellphone vibrates] (text from Ava: "What's Going on?")

Elizabeth: [ Hushed ] Stop texting. The bailiff's watching you. You're gonna get your phone taken away.

Franco: [ Muttering ]

Ava: [ Cellphone vibrates ] (text from Franco: Kiki and Griffin had sex)

Elizabeth: Franco!

Franco: What?

Elizabeth: Just put it away.

Franco: I j-- I had to get a message to...

Alexis: [ Cellphone vibrates ] (Alerts: 1 new message from Alexis Davis)

Franco: (texting...Alexis... seriously, just make it fast...)

Franco: Ohh...!

Elizabeth: Or you'll get thrown out.

Franco: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. How do you UN-send a text?

Alexis: Good afternoon Dr. Munro ...You're familiar with both my client, Miss Jerome, and the defendant, Dr. David Bensch?

Griffin: I am.

Alexis: And how are you acquainted with them?

Griffin: Uh, we are all colleagues at General Hospital.

Alexis: Do you socialize with Dr. Bensch?

Griffin: No.

Alexis: Do you socialize with Ms. Jerome?

Griffin: Yes, because I'm -- I'm seeing her mother, Ava Jerome.

Franco: Yessss! (hushed to Scott)

Judge Pierce: What was that?

Scott: [ Sneezing, coughs ] Your honor, my allergies are acting up. [ Straining ] May -- m-may we take a r-- a recess?

Judge Pierce: Tough it out, counselor. Ms. Davis, you may -- excuse me? Sir, what are you doing?

Franco: Nothing.

Judge Pierce: You're doing something with your phone.

Franco: I'm live tweeting.

Judge Pierce: Not in this courtroom.

Franco: Well, n-- uh, i-it -- it's cool. it's -- it's for the sake of journalism.

Judge Pierce: Where's your press pass?

Franco: I'm independent.

Judge Pierce: Bailiff? Please.

Franco: No.

Bailiff: Let's go.

Franco: Hey, Your Honor.

Judge Pierce: Out of order.

Bailiff: Go.

Franco: You're -- you're --

Bailiff: Stay out.

Cameron: Think there's a discount for lifeguards?

Josslyn: My grandma owns the place. It's on the house.

Cameron: Cool. I'm hungry. I guess I can accept a meal as payment.

Josslyn: Payment for what?

Cameron: My body guarding services. I mean, if it wasn't for me, every single one of those losers at camp would be hitting on you.

Josslyn: They're not losers. Well, most of them aren't.

Cameron: I mean, I wouldn't have to be running interference if Oscar was around. Where's he been lately? Are you still mad at him?

Drew: Well, I'll give you this. You might be misguided, but you don't lack for conviction.

Margaux: A person is nothing without beliefs.

Drew: Yeah? What else do you believe in? Truth? Justice? The American way?

Margaux: Oh, you're talking to a district attorney. I got into the law to pursue justice. I guess I've always had a finely-honed sense of what's fair and what isn't.

Drew: Oh, well, must be nice being that confident.

Margaux: I don't come by it cheap.

Drew: [ Chuckles ] Sounds like you got a story to tell.

Margaux: Doesn't everyone?

Drew: Uh, some people. [ Chuckles ]

Margaux: it me, or is that young man trying to get your attention?

Drew: Oh. Hey, Oscar, come here. This is my son. Uh, he's also my number-one intern. Oscar Nero, meet Margaux Dawson.

Oscar: Uh, hello.

Margaux: Hi. How do you like working for your father?

Oscar: It's okay.

Drew: Mm-hmm.

Margaux: Ouch.

Oscar: Okay, huh?

Drew: Mm-hmm. Don't you have copying to do?

Margaux: [ Scoffs ] Give the kid a break.

Drew: Not a chance.

Margaux: Come on. He's obviously hard-working and conscientious. [ Chuckles ]

Drew: Taking off?

Margaux: The law waits for no one. Um, well, thank you. Lunch was...lively. And, um, see you soon. Bye.

Drew: Take a seat.

Oscar: Uh, how do you know her?

Drew: Um, well, we're mutual fans of Woodchucks -- the baseball team.[ Laughs ]

Oscar: Ah. So, you're friends?

Drew: Uh, well, I hope so. I mean, she is the new D.A. I don't want to be on her bad side.

Chase: I don't know if you were notified. The D.A. decided not to pursue charges against Peter August.

Jason: Maybe they notified my lawyer.

Chase: We had a case for fraud, but Peter had the resources to fight it, and nobody benefits from a long, drawn out trial. The WSB is a different story. From what I heard that night, they had enough to lock Peter up 'til the end of time. Any idea why they didn't?

Jason: No.

Chase: They didn't consult with you? Nothing?

Jason: No.

Chase: How is that okay with you? The guy took five years of your life.

Jason: That time is gone.

Chase: Yeah, but don't you want justice?

Jason: I just want to get on with my life.

Chase: Well, I don't know how that's gonna work. Because you broke Carly out of Ferncliff, and you threatened the staff with a gun. Those are major felonies.

Sonny: Carly, it's -- it's just a -- just a little fall. I mean, he cut his head, and it's not a big deal.

Carly: I understand that, Sonny, but it could've been worse. What if Mike broke a bone?

Sonny: [ Sighs ] I just have to be more careful that -- th-th-that I make sure that he's monitored at all times.

Carly: Okay, and I can help you with that, now that I'm back. Okay,

Sonny: I -- like I said before, I read those brochures for... and I'm telling you, there's nothing he can get in there that I can't give him here.

Carly: Stella's point was that you need to discuss Mike's evolving needs with Mike while he's still able to have that conversation.

Sonny: He's my father, Carly! I know what's best for him!

Jason: I thought you weren't here to interrogate me?

Chase: Like I said, it's not my case. I don't know if anyone told you, but the night you "allegedly" broke Carly out of Ferncliff, I was working with Michael to get Janelle Benson to incriminate herself. The doctors all said the crash had nothing to do with the baby's death. But it was my plan, first to last, and the way it fell out was my responsibility. There were a thousand of other choices I could've made, a thousand other ways I could've gotten evidence on Janelle. I just said a hell of a lot more than I meant to.

Jason: Uh, you didn't have to come forward with your history about Janelle. You could've kept your mouth shut. But you didn't. You stepped up, and that helped Carly and Michael. The family's grateful.

Carly: I know this is taking a toll on you. And don't tell me you're fine, 'cause you're not. You're worn out, Sonny.

Sonny: What do you expect, Carly? I... I was fighting to get you out of that hell hole. I'm climbing the walls, watching Michael let Nelle get close with him, and then, I got -- I got Ava on me because of Avery, and Dante leaves, doesn't tell me where. So, if I -- if I -- if I look tired, it's because I am!

Carly: [ Sighs ]

Drew: What do you say we take advantage of the free afternoon, maybe go to Holt State Park, hit the beach...

Oscar: Uh, that sounds cool, but I was actually gonna see if I could meet up with Joss.

Drew: Oh, yeah, no, I-I see. I see where your, uh, priorities lie. I got it now. All right,

Oscar: Look, I-I told her if I could get out, I'd meet up with her.

Drew: Mm-hmm. Okay,

Oscar: uh, we haven't really seen a lot of each other since we aren't working together at camp this year, and Joss has just been so distracted with her mom's problems, and now, she feels totally played by Nelle and her nephew is gone. I think she could use a shoulder to lean on.

Josslyn: Oscar talks to you about us?

Cameron: I mean, more like moans about you. The other day, he was being all dramatic because you weren't responding to his texts.

Josslyn: I-I was with someone. I couldn't talk.

Cameron: It makes no difference to me. Oscar, though? He was pretty traumatized.

Josslyn: Where'd you get those?

Cameron: These?

Josslyn: Yeah. You were looking at them in the store a half an hour ago. You said you didn't have enough money to buy them.

Cameron: Good eye.

Josslyn: Did you steal them?

Cameron: "Steal" is such a loaded word. I mean, do you call it stealing when you do it?

Judge Pierce: Well, now that that interruption has been handled, please proceed, Ms. Davis.

Alexis: Thank you, Your Honor. Dr. Munro, you said that you became acquainted with my client at the workplace, and that connection deepened when you began dating her mother, is that correct?

Griffin: Yeah, I-I would say that our -- our, uh, connection became more meaningful.

Alexis: And, as that connection deepened, did you ever have the occasion to take her to dinner?

Griffin: Not without her mother, no.

Alexis: Did you buy her any gifts?

Griffin: No.

Alexis: Did you corner her in the office and make unwanted advances at her?

Scott: Objection, your honor.

Judge Pierce: Sustained.

Alexis: Uh, perhaps you can help me clarify the photograph. Uh, can you tell me what led up to that photograph that the defense just brought into evidence?

Griffin: I was -- I was -- I was consoling Kiki after Dr. Bensch reprimanded her.

Alexis: You were just consoling her? There was nothing sexual about it?

Griffin: Not at all.

Alexis: In fact, there's nothing sexual about your relationship at all, is there? That you are now, and have always been, friends with my client. Isn't that right?

Judge Pierce: Dr. Munro, please answer the question.

Griffin: Uh, I'm -- I'm -- I'm sorry, Your Honor. I-I, uh --

[ Fire alarm ringing ]

Lulu: Yes, Stacey, I know the deadline's approaching, but trial's stalled until this fire alarm is checked out.

Julian: [ Sighs ] It's a rather interesting turn of events, huh?

Ava: Uh-huh.

Julian: [ Sighs ]

Ava: And rather fortuitous timing.

Julian: Fortuitous for whom?

Ava: Franco.

Franco: Oh, hey, we should talk.

Ava: Explain yourself, okay?

Franco: What, like my reason for being...?

Ava: Oh, come on. Please don't test me. The text message that you sent about Kiki and Griffin.

Franco: Yeah, that was weird, right? Stupid auto-correct.

Ava: You -- you are lying.

Franco: No.

Deputy: Let's go.

Franco: Why?

Deputy: Security camera caught you pulling the fire alarm.

Franco: Me? I didn't do that. Mission not accomplished.

Margaux: Detective. I am assigning you to a special case. At first glance, it was small potatoes, but then I looked more closely at the surveillance footage. And, as you can see, from one of the suspects involved, this requires very sensitive handling. Everything by the book. The family is extremely litigious.

Chase: Understood.[ Sniffs ]

Margaux: (Talking to Jason in the holding room) Who needs Crossfit, right? You know, the records department should build you your own wing. I mean, there are boxes and boxes of arrest records for Jason Morgan. This is just the tip of the iceberg. [ Smacks lips ] So, I thought that, you know, we could review it together since you're such a captive audience, and, well, I'm new in town... and I'll almost certainly be prosecuting you someday. So, let's begin at the beginning, shall we? The year was 1996...

Oscar: Maybe she doesn't want a clingy boyfriend around?

Drew: [ Sighing ] Okay, you ready for some advice? When we get hit with something big, our first reaction is to retreat rather than share it. Our bodies won't let us show vulnerability. We tighten up. So, my guess is that Josslyn has been retreating from everyone, not just you.

Oscar: You think?

Drew: Yeah. Just -- you keep doing what you're doing, let her know that you're there for her, and when she's ready, she'll open up.

Josslyn: Shoplifting is stupid, and I don't even know why I started doing it, but I've stopped now and you should, too.

Cameron: You're acting like we committed a capital crime. I mean, why are you so embarrassed?

Josslyn: Wouldn't you be? If your mom found out?

Cameron: If I was ruled by the fear of embarrassment, I wouldn't be hanging around with you.

Josslyn: [ Scoffs ]

Cameron: Only because you're such a paragon. Straight-A star athlete. Who in their right mind would take you to be a rule-breaker?

Josslyn: No, I didn't do it for fun.

Cameron: Well, then, why?

Josslyn: My mom got sent to Ferncliff, and, um... now, I know that Nelle was lying about everything, but at the time, I thought my mom was losing her mind. My grandfather was losing his in a different way, and... I don't know, I just didn't want to think about anything. I... I just wanted to take a chance -- break the rules -- and it was selfish and stupid.

Cameron: Sounds human to me. No judgment here.

Josslyn: You really won't tell anyone?

Cameron: Not a soul. Not even Oscar.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Carly: Dr. Collins.

Kevin: Ouch. That bad? May I come in? Thank you. Sorry to drop in like this, unannounced.

Carly: Uh, is there something you need?

Kevin: Yes. Your forgiveness. I underestimated Mary Pat's antipathy towards you, and I had no idea that she would reassign you to Dr. Lasaris so quickly. But when you injected her with the sedative I prescribed for you --

Carly: Okay, wasn't my best idea... but I had to stop Michael from marrying Nelle. I knew she was gonna try and hurt him, and I was right. You know his baby is gone.

Kevin: I know. I heard. I'm very sorry.

Carly: [ Sighs ]

Kevin: Which brings me to the other reason I'm here. Come back to therapy.

Sonny: Huh. Want a hand, Dad?

Mike: [ Clears throat ] Danged thing's got me beat. Must be some -- some pieces missing or...

Sonny: All right, well, we'll find them. Find them right now. Let's see. Uh... how's your head?

Mike: Uh, it's -- it's fine.

Sonny: Good, 'cause if there's anything that you need...

Mike: Yeah, I'll just say the word. I -- I know.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah. I mean, if there's anything that's not working out for you, then w-we'll make sure that you get whatever you need. And -- and, you know, if it's some-- you know, if you need help or if you need a new place or some-- [Quietly] Something.

Mike: A new place? You're trying to get rid of me.

Mike: [ Stammering ] I knew it would come to this. You want me out of here!

Sonny: That's not true, Dad.

Mike: [ Scoffs ] Y-you're tired of me hanging around a-and embarrassing you in front of your friends.

Sonny: You're not an embarrassment, Dad.

Mike: [ Stammering ] Well, I -- I mean, I...pull my own weight. I-I mean, I-I don't -- I don't freeload.

Sonny: You don't have to do anything.

Mike: [ Sighs ] Well y-- well, you want me to not do anything somewhere else.

Sonny: Sit down. Dad, sit down. Listen to me. We love you. We love that you're living here with us. That's not what I meant. What I meant was... if you weren't comfortable in any way, w-we could work that out.

Mike: W-w-w-w-why -- why would I not be comfortable in -- in my own home? W-with my family?

Sonny: Okay. So, we cleared it up. We're on the same page. You all right? You want to go back to playing puzzle?

Mike: Uh, I -- um...uh... [ Chuckling ] Yeah. Good idea. Um, hey, uh... do me a favor and go -- go ask Adela to whip us up a pitcher of that lemonade, huh? Make it real tart, okay?

Kevin: Just hear me out.

Carly: Look... I appreciate the attention you gave me when I was at Ferncliff, but since I've been exonerated, I see no need to see you professionally, ever again.

Kevin: And I completely understand your reluctance, but I -- I truly hope you'll reconsider. We touched on some very real challenges for you, and I truly believe that you would benefit from continuing... especially in light of losing your grandchild. O-- outpatient only, of course.

Carly: Right now, I have to concentrate on my family. I do. And now that those drugs are out of my system, I am finally starting to feel like myself again.

Kevin: Good.

Carly: I-I mean it. Whatever they gave me when you were away, It packed a punch. I was hallucinating, big time. I even thought I saw you.

Orderly: (Talking to patient Kevin has locked away) New meds on your doctor's orders.

Margaux: (Talking to Jason in the holding cell) This is fascinating. Prior to 1996, you never had so much as a traffic fine. But after? You seem to be the prime suspect of almost every disappearance and murder in the greater Port Charles area. Law of averages says you had to be responsible for at least a few of them. So, how does that happen? Right? How does the favored son of a socially-prominent family become a repeat offender with upwards of 25 arrests a year? Okay, well, if you won't say it, I will. You went to work for Sonny Corinthos.

Cameron: So, you ever told Oscar about "bad Joss"?

Josslyn: Don't call me that.

Cameron: That's a no.

Josslyn: He doesn't need to know, and he'd only worry. And, anyways, I'm not doing it anymore, so...

Oscar: Uh, doing what?

Josslyn: Um, overseeing arts and crafts at camp.

Cameron: Uh, yeah. She's too busy heading up the volleyball tournament..Hi.

Oscar: Hi. Uh... I didn't know you two were hanging out today.

Cameron: I'm just keeping her company.

Oscar: Well, I'm sure you've got better things to do.

Chase: Hey, Josslyn. How's your mom doing?

Josslyn: Better.

Chase: Glad to hear it. Nice earbuds, kid. They look pricey, too.

Cameron: Only the best for me.

Josslyn: Um, Detective Chase, um, this is Cameron Webber, and this is Oscar. You already know Oscar.

Chase: Hey. Uh, are you one of Elizabeth Webber's kids?

Cameron: The eldest and the most promising.

Chase: Maybe not. Those earbuds in your possession were reported stolen. This is you, right, on the store security cam? With you right beside him, Joss.

Bailiff: Court will resume in 5 minutes.

[ Indistinct chatter ]

Ava: Hiya.

Griffin: Hey.

Ava: You make a very convincing witness.

Griffin: [ Sighing ] Yeah, well, all -- all I have to do is tell the truth.

Ava: The whole truth and nothing but, right? Still, it must be hard to be under so much scrutiny.

Griffin: I-I'll feel better when it's over.

Ava: Me, too. And then we can take some time, just the two of us, and you can tell me all about what's been weighing on you so heavily. Or do you want to tell me about that now?

Griffin: After the trial. After the trial, I will, uh -- I will say everything that still needs to be said.

Ava: [ Sniffs ]

Griffin: You coming?

Ava: a minute. Yeah.

Griffin: Wish me luck. I love you.

Ava: I know.

Kiki: Well, we should probably get inside.

Ava: Hasn't Griffin been such a hero for us? Imagine where we'd be without him. I might still be disfigured.

Kiki: Mom --

Ava: Your case against Dr. Bensch would be a lot shakier.

Kiki: Yeah. Griffin's a good person.

Ava: So are you. Where I lie, you tell the truth. Where I hurt, you heal. I take, you give.

Kiki: I'm nothing special. I've made my mistakes. We both know that.

Ava: What do you mean? Is there anything that you would like to tell me...Kiki?

Kiki: No.

Alexis: Kiki, let's go.

Kiki: I'm coming. We'll talk later.
Kiki: Yes! Oh, my god!

Ava: What the hell's going on here?

Judge Pierce: Remember, Dr. Munro, you're still under oath.

Alexis: Yes, Your Honor.

Alexis: Dr. Munro, we were discussing your relationship with my client. Will you please tell the court -- are you and Kiki just friends?

Griffin: Yes, we're friends. That's all.

Cameron: Dude, you're way off. That's not me.

Chase: No?

Cameron: No. I'm taller than that kid. Plus, you can't really see his face. He's wearing a Woodchucks cap.

Chase: Chase: Chase: Uh...just like this one?

Cameron: Plenty of people have those.

Josslyn: [ Scoffs ]

Chase: Okay, I'm starting with you. Come on. Let's go.

Cameron: I want to talk to a lawyer.

Chase: We'll take care of that when we get to the station. I need to check your bag, please.

Oscar: Oh, w-wait. She's not a thief!

Cameron: She didn't take anything.

Chase: I have to be sure. Joss?

Josslyn: Here you go.

Chase: Great. I didn't think I'd find anything, but I have to check.

Josslyn: Hmm.

Chase: Let's go.

Josslyn: Should we come with you?

Cameron: Don't worry about it.

Chase: Hey, try to be careful, Joss. Fair or unfair, you get a lot of scrutiny because of who your family is.

Margaux: If any one of these disappearances turns into a murder, if one shred of evidence surfaces, you take the fall. Seems a little unfair, if you were acting on Sonny's orders.  [ Scoffs ] I'm wasting my breath, aren't I? Okay. Let's talk about Ferncliff. So... all four staff members say that you had a gun, but there is no surveillance footage to back that up because you, somehow, avoided every camera. Impressive. And since all the staff members were complicit in an unauthorized medical procedure, their statements are suspect. So, I am dropping the charges, and you are free to go. I'll have one of the duty officers come and uncuff you. You know, how... is it that you and Drew Cain are twins, but you are nothing alike? And I don't mean your appearance. He is an actual, contributing member of society. And you? You're just a career criminal... who has not yet been caught. But you will be.

[ Door opens, closes ]

Kevin: You thought you saw me?

Carly: Yeah. it was actually the patient next door to me.

Kevin: How do you know?

Carly: Well, because he said something that reminded me of the Morse code message.

Kevin: You spoke to him?

Carly: Well, just for a second, when we passed in the hallway. I-I actually thought he was you. Those drugs can really mess you up, right?

Kevin: Yes, they can.

Elizabeth: This is a really expensive fine.

Franco: I'm happy to pay it.

Elizabeth: You're lucky you only got fined! Did you know that you could be put in prison for a-a year for pulling a false fire alarm? What were you thinking?!

Franco: I was thinking that I needed to stop the trial and talk to Alexis before she lost Kiki's case, altogether.

Elizabeth: And how was she gonna do that?

Franco: By asking former-Father Griffin a question that he wasn't prepared to answer with a lie.

Elizabeth: Oh, my God, would you stop talking in riddles?

Franco: Kiki and Griffin slept together.

Alexis: I have no further questions.

Judge Pierce: Mr. Baldwin?

Scott: Oh, uh, no questions, Your Honor.

David: Push the subject. He's hiding something.

Scott: Listen, this is part of my strategy. There's nothing to be gained here.

David: Get up there and do your job!

Judge Pierce: Mr. Baldwin, is the witness excused?

Scott: No! Uh, Y-your Honor, could I -- could I just have a-a moment to confer with my client?

Judge Pierce: Make it quick.

Scott: Trust me, all right. There is nothing to ask.

Ava: Yes, there is. One question in particular has been left unanswered.

Jason: The new D.A. Margaux Dawson.

Drew: Yeah? What about her?

Jason: [ Sighs ] Well, she just interrogated me for 30 minutes and then said she was dropping the charges.

Drew: Okay. Congratulations.

Jason: All right, thank you. Before she walked out, she mentioned you. And she mentioned how different we are and that you're a law abiding citizen. it was deliberate, and she's definitely got an agenda. I just thought you'd like to know.

Margaux: (is in the holding room alone, looking at a photo of Jason and Drew. She is holding some kind of device)

Oscar: I can't believe we just saw Cam get busted.

Josslyn: Neither can I.

Oscar: You really had no idea he was stealing those earbuds?

Josslyn: Not a clue.

Oscar: Wow. I guess it goes to show -- you don't always know a person.

Franco: Please tell me that you understand. Not the part about Griffin and Kiki sleeping together -- 'cause that's just grody -- but the rest of it.

Elizabeth: Okay, I understand you feeling like... you need Dr. Bensch to answer for what he did to Kiki. But if it comes out that you and Ava and Scott all conspired against Scott's own client, then Kiki's case can get thrown out and you could be charged with obstruction of justice.

Franco: Never gonna happen. Okay, there's, like, a slim possibility that that could happen, but it's not gonna happen, because I'm not gonna say anything, Ava and Scott aren't gonna say anything, and you're not gonna say anything, right?

Elizabeth:'s not gonna do anybody any good. Cameron! (He has been brought into the station by Chase.)

Mike: Wow, this is great. Thank you.

Carly: Oh, good. Enjoy.

Sonny: Hey, Dad, can I talk to Carly for a second? I'll be -- I'll be back.

Mike: How long?

Carly: Just a few minutes.[ Chuckles ]

Sonny: [ Sighs ] Hey. I'm sorry about before and... [ Whispering ]

Carly: Okay. ...You know... all's forgiven.

Sonny: Did I hear the door earlier?

Carly: Kevin Collins.

Sonny: What'd he want?

Carly: Wants me to go back to therapy.

Sonny: Really?

Carly: Never again. I don't want anything to remind me of Ferncliff and all the lost souls there.

Kevin: Hello, again, brother.

Ava: Alexis' question wasn't specific enough. Ask Griffin directly.

Scott: I don't take direction from the Plaintiff's mother!

Ava: You do if you know what's good for you.

Scott: So, you know about them?

Ava: Ask...the question.

Judge Pierce: Mr. Baldwin, I don't have all day. Do you intend to cross-examine Dr. Munro or not?

Scott: I'm -- I'm sorry, your honor, for the delay. Uh, yes, um, I do have a question. Dr. Munro, you just... told the court that the plaintiff and you are friends.

Griffin: That's right.

Scott: What kind of friends? Like, good friends, best friends, special friends?

Griffin: Uh...I'm not s-- I'm not sure --

Alexis: Objection, your honor. That question has been asked and answered. Counsel's making insinuations.

Scott: Let me make this clear. Have you ever had sex with Kiki Jerome?

On the next "General Hospital" --

Elizabeth (to Cameron): Are you saying you had a partner in crime? 

Josslyn (to Oscar): Cameron's not the bad influence, I am! 

Kevin (to Scott): You've turned this whole case around, don't stop now.

Kiki (to Alexis): Can we still win this?

Anna (to Finn): I don't like you risking your life like this.

Jason (to Robert): How sure are you that Anna was the target?

Griffin: Ava...

(Ava slaps Griffin)

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