GH Transcript Tuesday 5/29/18

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 5/29/18


Episode #14046 ~ Carly snaps; Andre is reluctant; Franco isn't entirely supportive; Alexis runs into Kevin; Kiki gets infuriating information.

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Diane: Court is going to convene at any moment. I need to know that you are clear on what you're going to say.

Carly: I know what you want me to say.

Sonny: Carly, we've been over this.

Carly: You're not the one being arraigned here. I am. I didn't push Nelle. And I'm not crazy. So why the hell should I say otherwise?

Sonny: I don't want you to go to prison. Not guilty by reason of insanity, I think, is the best option.

Diane: Okay, we are not going to continue this discussion in front of the DA. Sonny, take a seat in the gallery. DA Dawson.

Dawson: Miss Miller.

Diane: I don't appreciate your efforts to delay this arraignment.

Dawson: Well, I wanted to give the police time to complete their preliminary investigation. We wouldn't want to rush to judgment.

Diane: No, we wouldn't.

Bailiff: All rise. This court is now in session. The honorable Judge Horowitz presiding.

Judge: Be seated. Docket number SD-032618. The People of the state of New York versus Caroline Leigh Corinthos.

Alexis: Thank you for meeting me here.

Kevin: Everything all right?

Alexis: I need a consultation.

Kevin: Is this connected to a case you're working on or...?

Alexis: It's personal. You'd be working with me.

Kiki: [Sighs]

[Telephone rings]

David: Miss Jerome.

Kiki: Sorry, I was coordinating with my sister's nanny. Phone won't come out the rest of the day.

David: Relax. I'm not gonna chew you out. But I do need to speak to you in my office, alone. As in "now."

Drew: Dr. Maddox.

Andre: Hey, Drew.

Drew: Are you back on staff here?

Andre: No, no, no. The WSB agreed to allow me to consult on a few cases. That's all.

Drew: Okay, well, you said you had an update.

Andre: I managed to reacquire my notes from the Bureau.

Drew: That's good news. Now you have everything you need to remove Jason's memories from my mind. When can we get started?

Peter: You can cancel the extradition, Robert. I'm not spending a single night in Steinmauer.

Robert: Well, you'll see for yourself, soon enough.

Peter: But I have something valuable to trade. Something the Bureau desperately wants. Ahh, now you're interested.

Anna: Hi.

Finn: Hi.

Anna: Can I come in?

Finn: Of course.

Anna: Okay. So... I think there was a lot that was left unsaid last night.

Finn: No time like the present.

Judge: You're charged with two counts of attempted murder. How do you plead?

Carly: Not guilty... by reason of insanity.

Judge: Miss Miller, you're representing Mrs. Corinthos here today?

Diane: I am, Your Honor.

Judge: Your client seems somewhat hesitant. Does she clearly understand the proceedings?

Diane: She does, Your Honor.

Judge: Very well. Let's try this again. Mrs. Corinthos, for the two counts of attempted murder, how do you plead?

Carly: Not guilty by reason of insanity.

Liz: How 'bout mid-August before the kids get back into school?

Franco: You want to wait 2 and 1/2 months?

Liz: Most people plan a wedding a year to a year and a half in advance.

Franco: We could try again for July.

Liz: Well, you know, there's another way to do this that would be much sooner...

Franco: I like the sound of "sooner."

Liz: What do you think about eloping?

Franco: You -- You want to elope?

Liz: Well, yeah, why not? What's wrong with eloping?

Franco: This is the church and this is the steeple and... [Vocalizes] all the people, right? I always figured you for one of those. And think about it. This is the last time ever that either one of us gets married, right?

Liz: All I need is you and the boys there, that's it.

Franco: Well, all I need is you and the boys there, but...

Liz: But you want something more?

Franco: Well, you know, I always knew that my side of the church was gonna be sparsely populated. And no offense, but I thought it should be a little fuller.

Liz: [Laughs] I don't know what you're talking about. I had a lot of people there. I had Felix and Epiphany --

Franco: I'm talking about your family. I think it's time I met your family. All of them. Don't you?

David: Believe it or not, our time together is wrapping up.

Kiki: Time flies.

David: It sure does. You will be rotating to shadow another doctor for the next several weeks. Pretty bummed to be losing you.

Kiki: I'll miss working with you, too. But I appreciate this opportunity and all the guidance that you've given me. This is an experience I'll remember for the rest of my career.

David: This isn't necessarily goodbye, Kiki. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again. Although... A lot of that depends upon your evaluations. They can make or break someone's career. Want to read yours? I mean, it is just a first draft.

Kiki: Am I allowed to read it before you turn it in?

David: Well, that depends upon how badly you want to know what it says.

Andre: To clarify, I never agreed... I never agreed to do anything beyond gather my notes.

Drew: What is holding you back from doing this procedure?

Andre: Without any results to compare, I don't know for certain what side effects or complications could arise, okay? If we go through with this, we'll be entering uncharted territory.

Drew: I know. You've warned me of that risk. I've accepted it.

Andre: Drew, have you really thought this through? If the procedure works and the implanted memories are eradicated, it will profoundly affect your relationship with almost everyone in your life.

Kevin: So what can I do for you?

Alexis: I would like you to help me figure out why I do this thing that I do.

Kevin: That's a little vague.

Alexis: Weird, right, since words are my trade. I mean, specificity is critical in my line of work. It's just in my real life, I have trouble formulating a cohesive thought. I don't really know how to say it.

Kevin: Say what?

Alexis: I want you to try to figure out why I keep being drawn to men who are bad for me.

Finn: Would you like some tea? I could have them send up some. They have the little English kind --

Anna: Oh, no, thank you. I don't think caffeine, um... Robert's gonna extradite Peter.

Finn: Oh. Well, I guess that makes sense.

Anna: I'm not going to help them at all in any way. I refuse to cooperate with the Bureau's investigation. But if half of what they suspect him of is true, then h-he should be at Steinmauer. But I'm not going to help them get him there because I've only just found him. You know, and I spoke to Peter yesterday. I mean, I tried to explain what had happened and everything. But he -- For what good it did. He didn't really -- He hates me. He has every right to hate me, obviously. Um... I'm sorry. Oh, God. I don't know what I'm doing here just dumping this all on you. I just didn't... Bleh. [Sighs]

Finn: This is exactly where you should be. I'm exactly who you should be with.

Judge: Miss Miller, are you prepared to speak on your client's behalf?

Diane: I am, Your Honor. Sit. Your Honor, my client has been suffering under severe mental, psychological duress for the last year and a half. Her younger son Morgan was brutally murdered. Her father-in-law is currently suffering with Alzheimer's disease. And I am afraid that these stresses have weighed heavily on my client's mental health. She was not in her right mind when Nelle Benson tragically fell down the stairs at the Quartermaine --

Dawson: Miss Benson was pushed down those stairs.

Diane: Objection.

Judge: Sustained. This is not an open forum, Miss Dawson. You'll get your turn. Miss Miller?

Diane: Your Honor, I request a reasonable bail so that Mrs. Corinthos may return to her husband and begin to heal from this trauma.

Judge: Miss Dawson, now it's your turn.

Dawson: Thank you, Your Honor. The people request that Mrs. Corinthos be held without bond until trial.

Diane: Your Honor, we have already explained the extenuating circumstances. There's absolutely no reason to hold my client without bail.

Dawson: The Corinthos family is exorbitantly wealthy. Owning-your-own-plane wealthy. If Mrs. Corinthos is released, there is every reason to believe that Mr. Corinthos will arrange for her to leave the country. It is well within his means to forfeit the bond.

Diane: Your Honor... [Clears throat] You can't condemn my client because her husband owns his own plane. Mrs. Corinthos has strong, deep ties to this community. Her mother, her brother, her two surviving children still live here. She is the co-owner of a thriving business. Carly Corinthos isn't going anywhere.

Dawson: Let's assume that Mrs. Corinthos is unwell as Miss Miller claims. It would be irresponsible to release her. Mrs. Corinthos has subjected the victim, Nelle Benson, to months of harassment and threats before allegedly trying to kill her by pushing her down a flight of stairs. Miss Benson is pregnant. She and her child are at risk. For their safety, Mrs. Corinthos must remain in custody.

David: Something wrong?

Kiki: I thought you were happy with my performance in the shadow program.

David: I was.

Kiki: "Focuses too much on her social life, easily distracted, and frequently late." I -- That was one time!

David: Did you get to the part where I mention that you are sensitive to criticism? You're only proving my point.

Kiki: This... This could end my career before it even starts.

David: I did say it was an early draft, didn't I? Who knows? There's still time for me to make substantial revisions to it provided I like what I see from you.

Kiki: Okay, yeah, what... How can I improve my job performance?

David: I got an idea.

Liz: You already know most of my family.

Franco: Audrey, I only see in passing when I drop off the boys. Hayden, I'm pretty sure she's living in another country at this point under a different name...

Liz: Babe, my lunch break is almost over --

Franco: So what about your parents? What about Sarah?

Liz: Why don't we nail down a wedding date first and then we will worry about the guest list.

Franco: Why don't we talk about why you never want to talk about your family?

Liz: There's no point in inviting them. They're always busy.

Franco: They're too busy to come to your wedding.

Liz: My family and I have never been close. That's it. That's just the way it is. I have to get back to work. Let's figure out a wedding date soon, okay?

Franco: Okay.

Peter: You'll get what I have to offer once you drop all charges against me.

Robert: [Chuckles] You don't get it. There's no negotiation 'cause there's no deal to be made.

Peter: Oh, you're turning me down without even hearing what I have to offer?

Robert: You tried to kill Anna Devane last night. Nothing is gonna give me more satisfaction than to put you away for life.

Drew: You have your notes. You know how to perform the procedure. And if I'm lucky enough to survive, then the memories I've made over the past four years since coming to Port Charles, they're mine.

Andre: Y-Yes, but they could lose a certain degree of impact. Every memory you have has been textured and influenced by the imprint of Jason's identity.

Drew: [Grumbles]

Andre: I know you don't want to believe it, but it's true. If -- The experiences that you've made over the past four years are a culmination of your brother's memories, not yours. Every relationship that you've made will be impacted.

Drew: I don't want my relationships to be based on something that never happened to me. I want them based on something real, something I created, and I can't have that life unless I get the procedure done.

Finn: Why involve Jason Morgan when you knew he would try to kill your son?

Anna: Oh, why not ask you to help instead?

Finn: Now that you mentioned it, yes. I mean, I thought we made a pretty good team. I got a medal to prove it. And there's probably a lot less chance that I'd try to kill your kid on sight.

Anna: Okay, well, I tried to explain that to you at Kelly's, you know, that I knew Jason would be capable of finding Peter. And I'm not gonna call him "Henrik," you know, 'cause that's the name Faison gave him, and Peter is what he chose for himself.

Finn: I understand that.

Anna: It's a nice name. Um, but Jason, I knew could find him and I had to be there when he did to stop him if I had to and tell him that Peter was my son. So...

Finn: So you were prepared for what happened?

Anna: Well, with Jason, yeah. You know, if -- if I could tell anyone that I'd had a child that I had to give up at birth who's life had turned into a twisted mess because of me, then I could stand for it to be Jason. I ca-- I care what he thinks about me. Not the same way I care what you think about me. It's just why I pushed you away. And, um, you know, 'cause I kept having these dreams about watching you die. Because I knew that -- and I still know -- that my life is too dangerous for you.

Finn: Anna...

Anna: But yet, here you still are. You seem to just be here --

Finn: Anna!

Anna: What?

Finn: Please. Shut up.

Finn: Your life is not too dangerous for me. And you are worth the risk. And you know, the way I see it, we'll all have to go sometime. I've come close enough on enough occasions to know I want to make most of the time I have left. So never push me away for my own good again. Agreed?

Anna: Okay.

Finn: Great. What happens now?

Anna: Uh... I-I don't know what's gonna happen with my son...

Finn: Right.

Anna: I-I-I'm, you know, there's a good chance that I won't be able to save him from the WSB, but I'm gonna try.

Finn: You wouldn't be you if you didn't try.

Anna: And then, there's Robin. She doesn't know, and I've got to figure out a way to tell her. Um... It's kind of a mess, really.

Finn: Well, you know, for what it's worth, you don't have to clean it up all alone.

Anna: Okay, thank you.

Finn: I, uh... I have a mess of my own to clean up. Do you think maybe I could come by your place later?

Anna: I'd like that, yeah.

Finn: Yeah?

Anna: Mm-hmm.

Finn: Okay.

Anna: Okay. I'll see you later.

Finn: I'll, um -- Yeah, I'll see you later.

Anna: Bye.

Finn: Bye.

Kevin: Start anywhere.

Alexis: So, you're not gonna ask me anything? You want me to just... Okay, um... Okay, I-I'll just start with the most recent and work my way backwards.

Kevin: That's fine.

Alexis: Okay. Um... Hamilton Finn, very nice guy. Very nice man.

Kevin: I know Hamilton.

Alexis: Yes, lovely, right? Completely unavailable. I knew that and I walked right into it. Ouch. So... Then, there's the interminable list of violent, ruthless, power-obsessed criminals that inhabit my life beginning with my father, working its way down to my brother, and then the criminals that I allowed in my life -- Sonny Corinthos, Julian Jerome, Rick Lansing. All corrupt. And you know what I thought? I thought, "Wow, why don't I have a baby with each one of them?" Great idea, right?

Kevin: [Chuckles]

Alexis: Do you mind if I get up and climb the wall for a second? I'm feeling grossly uncomfortable.

Kevin: Many do. Please, help yourself.

Alexis: Thank you so much. Okay. [Clears throat] Yeah, I forgot where I was, 'cause there's just so many of them. Uh... J-Jerry Jacks. Witty, charming, completely amoral. But no one was more fun than Jerry until he tried to... I was gonna say, "until he tried to slit my throat," but he didn't do that to me. Maybe to somebody else. It was Julian Jerome who tried to slit my throat. There was one nice one, Ned Quartermaine. Such a nice guy, and we almost made it down the aisle. And then, I freaked out and ran screaming out of my own wedding. So do you see the pattern here? I do, 'cause, yeah, it's pretty obvious, right? So if a guy is nice to me, I'm not interested. But then, if they have me see-sawing between terror and rage, it's, like catnip. I am woman who thrives on control. And I gravitate to men who make me feel completely out of control. So what, indeed, is wrong with me? It's nuts! It's unhealthy in every way. My life is in shambles. I need you to fix me.

Kevin: Well, Alexis, if you are really serious about exploring this, we'd have to do it in regular sessions.

Alexis: But I'd really just rather come in here when I feel like it...

Kevin: Afraid not. But I do have an open slo--

Alexis: I'll take it.

Kevin: Tomorrow at 2:00. You'll be all right until then?

Alexis: Define "all right."

Kevin: You know what? You took a big step today. You should be proud of yourself.

Alexis: I'm elated.

Kiki: What's this?

David: Earthquake really did a number on my house.

Kiki: I'm sorry to hear that?

David: Oh, don't be! The reconstruction's almost finished. Plus, I've always had a thing for hotels.

Kiki: I don't see what this has to do with my evaluation.

David: See, if you are concerned about your evaluation, you will take this key and you will be waiting for me in room 611.

Kiki: You want me to wait for you in your hotel room?

David: If you want to prove how much you deserve a better evaluation.

Diane: Your Honor, notwithstanding the district attorney's histrionics, my client presents no danger to anyone, least of all Miss Benson, who happens to be carrying my client's grandchild.

Dawson: Well, that didn't stop Mrs. Corinthos from allegedly shoving her down the stairs.

Diane: Your Honor?

Judge: Miss Dawson, you're interrupting again.

Dawson: I apologize, Your Honor.

Judge: Third time's the charm. Another interruption and you'll be cited. Miss Miller?

Diane: If it will reassure the district attorney, we would be certainly open to the possibility of house arrest.

Judge: Well, I appreciate your spirit of compromise, Miss Miller, but I've already come to a decision.

Judge: Bail has been denied. The defendant will be remanded to Pentonville Penitentiary to await trial.

Carly: Pentonville?! What?!

Sonny: Hey, Diane, do something.

Diane: Shh! Your Honor, if I may?

Judge: Do you have something new to introduce, Miss Miller?

Diane: House arrest will address all of the concerns that the DA might have. It will limit my client's movements. It will assure that she can go nowhere near Nelle Benson. There is no reason to incarcerate her.

Judge: By entering a plea of "not guilty by reason of insanity," your client has de facto admitted to pushing Nelle Benson, a pregnant woman, down a flight of stairs. It remains to be determined whether your client was not in her right mind or whether she acted with malice aforethought. Until that time, the court prefers to err on the side of caution. My decision stands. The defendant will be remanded to Pentonville.

Carly: Your Honor, wait. What if I change my plea?

Peter: Be careful, Robert. Your pride has blinded you so badly you can't even see where your advantage lies.

Robert: I'm not looking for an advantage. I have a simple goal -- To see you in Steinmauer where you can't hurt your mother again.

[Police radio chatter]

Peter: I want my phone call!

Robert: Hey, this is Bureau jurisdiction. We don't give out calls.

Peter: My mother may think otherwise. See, she's gonna be back to visit me again before my extradition, and I'd hate to have to tell her how you trampled all over my rights.

Robert: Get him his phone call. And throw him back in the cell. Just keep him out of my sight!

Andre: Listen, if you've decided to accept the risks -- Emotional, psychological, and physical -- Then I'll agree to handle the procedure. I'll be in touch.

Drew: I'll be waiting. Thank you. Oh, what the hell?

Franco: I hope you know what you're doing.

Drew: How long have you been listening?

Franco: You're gonna undo the memory-mapping sequence? Are you sure? After everything that Andre Maddox has put you through, you're gonna let him play with your head again?

Drew: What I'm not sure about is why you care.

Franco: Well, for starters, you saved my life. And given my limited skillset,

[Cellphone rings]

Franco: I'd like to try and repay the favor.

Drew: Yeah, well...

Franco: It just seems like something that you would live to regret.

[Ringing continues]

Drew: I need to take this. Hello?

Anna: Hi.

Andre: Hey. So I heard what happened at the pier.

Anna: Well, the good news is I found my son and managed to keep him alive. The bad news is he despises me. And he's gonna be extradited to a supermax in Switzerland.

Andre: But there's more good news -- You no longer have to carry the secret.

Anna: Yes. Yes. I still have to tell Robin, though.

Andre: Have you told anyone else you care about?

Leader: Okay, who wants to start us off?

Finn: I'd like to.

Finn: Hi. My name is... Hamilton. I'm an addict. You all know that already. When I started using, that's what you always want to know, right? Why did I start using? I started using... drugs to treat an illness. Of course, I kept on using even after I was cured. I used to distance myself from people. I used to stop the feelings of rejection and self-loathing and loneliness. I wish I could tell you that I'm fully recovered, but that would be a lie. In many ways, all I did was take my addiction and replace it in a way that I could mask the pain. I cared about someone. I cared about them very much and it ended badly. But instead of dealing with the loss and the loneliness, I went for the quick fix -- I started a new relationship. And this person in question, she was... she was pretty clear... she wasn't willing to invest if I was on the rebound. And I convinced her... I convinced her that wasn't the case. Of course she was right. I was nowhere near ready. I was so dependent on our friendship that I was careless with her heart. It's a funny thing, something I didn't realize until right now -- That I can be sober and still hurt the people I care about the most. For that, I'm sorry. I will make amends. And hopefully someday, I can earn your trust again.

Anna: Well, Finn knows everything. He actually came down to the pier last night. He was there.

Andre: How did he take it?

Anna: He didn't judge. Though it makes me feel really stupid that I wasted all that time keeping the truth from him, you know? I didn't have to go through this alone. I could have -- No, no, I don't mean that. I had you in my corner. I know that.

Andre: Yeah, you would've done the same for me.

Anna: Well, I hope you never have to go through anything like that.

Andre: Agreed. So, where does this leave you and Finn now?

Anna: We have a mutual understanding, I suppose. My focus is on Peter, though. I-I have to pick up a prescription. And then, I'm going to head over to the station and see any updates on the charges that he's facing.

Andre: He's really lucky to have you in his corner.

Anna: I owe him that much. Even if nobody else understands.

Kevin: Franco. Hello, stranger.

Franco: Oh, hey, Doc. Good to see you.

Kevin: You haven't dropped by my office in a while.

Franco: No. I've been busy.

Kevin: Well, we were right in the middle of unlocking some pretty painful memories when you disappeared.

Franco: I don't see what else there is left to unlock. Believe me, I remember everything Harvey did to me when I was a little kid.

Kevin: And that's a crucial step in unpacking childhood trauma, but there are others.

Franco: I know. And I've reached out to each and every one of the them, tried to help them find closure.

Kevin: What about your closure?

Liz: Kiki, do you have the Dorsey chart? Kiki?

Kiki: Oh, sorry, yeah. Dorsey chart. It's right here. [Sniffles]

Liz: Is everything okay?

Kiki: Yeah, sorry, I'm just, um... I'm just moving a little slowly today. Excuse me.

Drew: You wanted to see me? What can you possibly have to say to me, Henrik?

Diane: Your plea does not mean that you will be granted bail. In fact, quite the opposite.

Carly: I want the judge to hear me say that I absolutely did not push Nelle.

Diane: Yes, but you're playing right into the DA's hands. She wants you to plead "not guilty" so she can convict you of attempted murder. Your best chance -- Your only chance now -- Is to plead "not guilty by reason of insanity."

Carly: What difference does it make if he's gonna send me to Pentonville anyway?!

Diane: It's the difference between several weeks and 25 years!

Judge: Miss Miller, the court's time is valuable. Are you and your client finished conferring?

Diane: We are, Your Honor.

Judge: Mrs. Corinthos, do you wish to change your plea?

Carly: No, Your Honor. My plea remains the same -- Not guilty by reason of insanity.

Judge: Very well. Remove the defendant for transport to Pentonville Penitentiary. Court is adjourned.

[Gavel bangs]

Carly: [Exhales sharply] Okay. Sonny, I need you to tell Josslyn and Michael that I love them, and you need to figure out something that you're gonna say to Avery because she's not gonna understand why I'm not there, okay? And you need to tell Josslyn that people are gonna say things to her. Lawyers are gonna say things to her. And as soon as I can explain it, I'm gonna explain everything, okay?

Sonny: Okay.

Carly: You tell Jason... You tell Jason to hurry up!

Sonny: Listen, I love you, okay? I'm gonna fix it. I'm gonna fix it.

Carly: Fix this, okay? Fix it.

Dawson: Your client is a formidable woman. She certainly doesn't look crazy to me.

Diane: I know that this seems like a setback, but trust me. Carly's best option is still "not guilty by reason of insanity."

Sonny: You better be right about that, Diane.

Franco: I feel like I've spent way too much time dwelling in the past. From now on, I'm focusing on my future.

Kevin: You know, you can do both.

Franco: You think I need to?

Kevin: I think you owe it to yourself and to the people around you, especially Elizabeth and the boys.

Franco: Oh, look at you. Saying all the magic words.


Kevin: So I'll see you this week?

Franco: Okay, sure. Mixed nut?

Kevin: No thanks.

Franco: I have a wedding to plan in the meantime.

Kevin: Then I'll leave you to it.

Franco: Okay.

Kiki: [Sobbing]

Liz: Oh.

Kiki: Oh, God. I didn't want anyone to see me like this.

Liz: Well, I'm hoping by now I'm not just anyone. Are you gonna tell me what's going on?

Kiki: It's nothing, really.

Liz: It's something. Why did you run away when you saw Dr. Bensch? Is this about your evaluation? I-I know they're due soon, and Bensch is notorious for being tough.

Kiki: It's not about evaluations. I mean, I guess... it sort of is, in a way, um... [Voice breaking] I should not have let it get this far. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to be difficult this early in the program.

Liz: Kiki, what happened?

Kiki: Dr. Bensch showed me... my evaluation. He trashed me. It's gonna end my career before it even starts.

Liz: That is so not fair. You have been nothing but diligent --

Kiki: Yeah, well, he offered to make the evaluation more favorable... if I had sex with him.

Finn: [Exhales]

Alexis: That was some speech.

Finn: Oh, no, I... I only said the truth. Your friendship means the world to me and I did an awful job of respecting it and... and you.

Alexis: I hope you stick around, 'cause these meetings would not be the same without you.

Anna: Robert? I want to accompany Peter to Steinmauer.

Robert: Well, given the circumstances, I think that'd be unwi--

Anna: Don't argue with me.

Robert: There's no need. The transfer hasn't started yet.

Anna: Why not?

Robert: Well, he wanted a phone call, so I gave it to him. He's talking to a visitor right now.

Anna: Who is it? A lawyer?

Robert: Someone else.

Drew: Most criminals would use their one phone call to contact a lawyer, not their former employer.

Peter: Former? Am I fired?

Drew: Yeah, since I'm one of your victims and you took away my life. So I'd say, you're very fired.

Peter: I'm sorry to lose my spot with the Aurora family.

Drew: It's okay. We'll be fine. We'll take solace in the fact that you'll be spending the rest of your life behind bars.

Peter: You're gonna make sure that doesn't happen.

Drew: Why would I do that?

Peter: Because you don't like your brother -- Or his memories. You want your own.

Drew: Okay... I'll bite. What are you getting at?

Peter: It's a simple transaction. You help me and I give you the means to remember your whole life as Drew Cain.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Liz (to Kiki): Dr. Bensch is harassing you.

Lucas (to Julian): This is far from a done deal.

Nina (to Liesl): Peter is really Henrik Faison.

Valentin (to Alexis): I want Natasha.

Peter (to Drew): I have a copy of your memories, and itís yours, for a price.

Curtis (to Sam): You need to look no further and partner up with me.

Kim (to Jason): Please hear me out.

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