GH Transcript Wednesday 5/2/18

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 5/2/18


Episode #14028 ~ Chase respects Finn's wishes; Sonny skirts the issue; Anna is put on notice; Griffin is horrified; Dr. Bensch is dismissive.

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Jason: Hey, Spinelli. Call me back, okay? I need you to go through the book again and see if you can find anything that leads us to Henrik's mother.

[Door opens]

Anna: Oh.

Robert: Tell me again why it's a good idea to involve Jason Morgan.

Anna: What happened?

Robert: You're in trouble.

Anna: Just in general, or is there something specific?

Robert: Morgan's looking for Henrik's mother.

Chase: What did I ever do to you, man? Hey, what the hell is your problem with me?

Finn: My problem is not with you!

Chase: What do you mean?

Finn: It means I still have nothing to say to you.

Chase: Obviously you have something to say.

Alexis: Finn, he's your brother.

Finn: This is none of your business.

Ava: I'm so glad you came by. There's something that I need to talk --

Griffin: You lied to me.

Ava: I beg your pardon?

Griffin: Why didn't you tell me the truth about the deal you made with Sonny?

Ava: Oh, Griffin, calm down, okay? Let's talk about this.

Griffin: So you can lie to my face again?! You let me believe that you came to a compromise with Sonny over Avery's custody, but what you really did was threaten to send Mike Corbin, a harmless old man with Alzheimer's, away to prison so you could get what you wanted!

Carly: Sonny, how long are you gonna continue to blame me for what happened to Avery?

Sonny: I'm not blaming anybody for what happened that night.

Carly: It sure feels like it.

Sonny: No, I'm angry at myself for not keeping a closer watch on Mike and just relying on everybody else.

Carly: "Everybody else"? Meaning me.

Sam: Do you have a minute?

Jason: Sure.

Sam: Is this fine? [Chuckles] Have you heard from Spinelli?

Jason: Actually, I just left him a message. I want him to go through "The Severed Branch" again to see if we can find any clues about Henrik's mother.

Sam: Okay, so if you find her, you can use her as bait to draw him out.

Jason: I mean, it would be good to have another option.

Sam: Spinelli came up empty with the wire transfer?

Jason: Yeah, you -- you were right. Henrik bounced that money all over the place. I think Spinelli tracked it through 10 different accounts so far, but nothing points to Henrik or his alias.

Sam: That's too bad. I wish I could've done more at the bank.

Jason: I think we did enough. Thanks to you.

Sam: [Laughs] I had fun.

Jason: Good.

Sam: I had a lot of fun. In fact, I was... I was actually ready to leave Aurora. And then I changed my mind.

Alexis: Perhaps I overstepped by bringing Chase here.

Finn: Every time we leave those meetings, you tell me I don't share with the group, I'm not sharing with the group. But I shared with you. And you went behind my back and tried to orchestrate this little awkward family reunion.

Chase: Finn, take it easy.

Alexis: No, he's right. I misled you both by bringing you here, and I'm sorry.

Finn: You had no right.

Alexis: I said I'm sorry. I had no right. It was ill-advised. As long as the dam is broken, you might as well talk to each other. Fine. Okay. I'll see you later. Hopefully you'll pick up when I call you.

Chase: Well, we are here. You want to hash this out?

Ava: I was going to tell you the terms of my agreement with Sonny once things had settled down, when we had a little more time to talk.

Griffin: And this morning wasn't the right time?

Ava: We barely said two words to each other before Lucy showed up and started going on and on about the Nurses' Ball.

Griffin: How long -- How long do you need to tell me that you're using Sonny's father as a bargaining chip? 30 seconds?

Ava: I did what I had to do to get my daughter back from the people that have kept her from me since almost the instant she was born!

Griffin: Oh, that sounds like revenge, not parental concern.

Ava: How dare you imply that I don't care about Avery?

Griffin: That is not what I meant.

Ava: I am her mother. And I had to bow and scrape to Sonny to get a few measly hours with her. Is that all right with you?

Griffin: No, Ava, but two wrongs don't make a right.

Ava: Wow. [Chuckles] That -- That's profound.

Griffin: You know damn well that Mike wasn't trying to kidnap Avery.

Ava: Are you saying my daughter should have been left alone with that man?

Griffin: It was an accident.

Ava: Yes, an accident that cannot ever happen again! It was against my better judgement that I compromised with Sonny and agreed to joint custody. I dropped the charges against Mike.

Griffin: He's innocent! That's just common decency, Ava.

Ava: And when have Sonny and Carly ever been decent to me? [Exhales sharply] You must know that I would not have gotten shared custody without leverage. I'm sorry if my behavior isn't moral enough for you. But Mike Corbin is home and he's safe and sound, and I have 50% custody of my daughter, which is 50% more than I had before he wandered off with her!

Griffin: Wandered! Wandered! Not kidnapped, Ava.

Ava: I regret nothing.

Griffin: What would you have done if Sonny didn't agree to that compromise? Would you have sent an innocent old man with Alzheimer's to prison to waste away?

Sonny: You're putting words in my mouth.

Carly: Okay, you might not have said the words, but you've definitely made your point. You don't trust me. You think I'm unstable, that I'm just as confused as Mike, so therefore I'm in no condition to watch him.

Sonny: So what do you want me to say, that if you were thinking clearly, you wouldn't have left Mike and Avery --

Carly: I didn't leave her with Mike. I left Avery with the nanny. Mike happened to be with them. Okay, I should have been there, but it's not like I blew them off to go to the movies, Sonny. I got a message to meet at Morgan's grave. I couldn't just ignore it.

Sonny: If you had said something about these haunting things, I could've -- I could've done something.

Carly: Okay. Like what?

Sonny: I could've been there for you instead of assuming that you're gonna schedule something with Mike and Avery and 9 million other things that you do.

Carly: Okay, look. I should've been more careful, all right? But I don't think any of us realized how much Mike has already slipped.

Sonny: The point is I didn't have any information because you didn't say anything. So, when you went to the grave... What did you expect to see, that you think you were gonna see? Morgan alive?

Sam: I told Drew that I want to stay on at Aurora. We're gonna try and see how it goes.

Jason: I hope that -- hope it works out for ya.

Sam: Yeah, me too. I'm not loving the idea of sitting behind a desk again, but I'm gonna do it, for now, at least. Any time you need someone else to help infiltrate a bank, you call me, okay?

Jason: You will be my first call, Sam.

Sam: Hey. I guess I -- I guess I should tell you. Drew and I are getting a divorce.

Robert: Jason wants to lure Henrik out of hiding by using mummy as bait.

Anna: That's not a terrible plan, as traps go, yeah. Well, he doesn't know who the mother is.

Robert: Well, it's a safe bet he can add up two and two and come up with you.

Anna: Why? There's only three people that can link me to Henrik, and that's you, Andre, and Valentin. I don't see any of you giving me up to Jason. I don't see him finding out any other way.

Robert: Don't be too sure.

David: Part of the shadow process is the opportunity for you to see how a patient's health can change over a stay here. Mrs. O'Brien in 1012. I reduced her salmeterol dosage because of her heart rate. Can you tell me why?

Kiki: Because bronchodilators can sometimes lead to hypertension, and Mrs. O'Brien's heart rate was already higher than her baseline.

David: Very good. You know, you have a real knack for general care, and if it's all right with you, I'm gonna request that you do another tour with me. Now, it may seem like nothing today, but when you're applying for internships in three years, it'll look good that an attending invited you back. "Thank you, Dr. Bensch."

Kiki: Yeah, thank you. It's just... Yesterday, you made it pretty clear that you didn't think I had what it takes to become a doctor.

David: Oh, I never said that.

Kiki: You reprimanded me for not knowing the answer to a question, when I haven't even started med school. You -- You said that you were wrong to suggest that I go into medicine. I mean, last night, I was this close to dropping out of the program completely. What changed?

Griffin: You had Sonny right where you wanted him, and he still wouldn't agree to full custody. What would've happened if he didn't agree to shared custody, huh? You would've had the courts throw the book at Mike out of spite, wouldn't you?

Ava: It all worked out. Everybody got something they wanted. Nobody lost anything.

Griffin: That's not what I'm asking.

Ava: Well, don't you dare judge me on hypotheticals. You want to get mad, let's get mad, but let's get mad about something real, something tangible.

Griffin: Like how you lied to me?

Ava: Like how you undermined my case when you offered up Mike's medical records to the court?

Griffin: Okay, let's be clear. You're mad at me for doing my job?

Carly: The note said "find me where you left me." I couldn't be sure that it was from Morgan, but I couldn't help hoping.

Sonny: You don't think I imagined a world where our boy is still in it? You can just wipe away the last two years? If I gave into that fantasy, I wouldn't be able to come out of it.

Carly: Jason came back. That's not a fantasy. That's real. After we grieved and let him go, he came back. And they never found his body, just like they didn't find Morgan's body.

Sonny: They found traces, though.

Carly: But I'm not saying he wasn't injured, Sonny. But maybe he's still alive, just like Jason. I could smell his cologne. It was like he had just been there.

Sonny: But he wasn't, Carly.

Carly: That's why I called Pilar and I told her to take Mike and Avery home. And if you had been in the exact same situation as me, you would've done the same thing.

Sonny: I would've told you what was going on.

Carly: No, no.

Sonny: Yeah, I would've.

Carly: No, you would've told Jason. Just like I did, or Max or maybe even Dante. But you would've never told me because you would've done everything in your power to spare me from the pain of reliving Morgan's death. And you know it! [Sighs] Sonny, that's what I was trying to do for you. To spare you from the hope and paranoia that I have been feeling since all of this started. It -- [Sighs]

Sonny: Listen, babe. I am really trying to believe you.

Carly: But --

Sonny: The scarf, the -- the -- the light, the broken picture. But the note -- Why -- How do you explain the note that made you leave Mike with Avery?

Carly: I held the flyer in my hand, and I read it. I read it in the parking garage, and then I read it when I got to the grave. I-I... I mean, there must be, you know, a logical explanation. But, um...

Sonny: But now you're starting to doubt yourself.

Chase: So, what's good here?

Finn: Let's assume you're a good detective, right? What evidence have you found that would suggest that I want to continue this conversation?

Chase: Apparently your problem isn't with me. So I'm assuming it's Dad. I know you always resented the fact that he remarried so fast after your mom passed away.

Finn: You don't know anything about my mother.

Chase: You're right. I don't. Because by the time I was born, you wanted nothing to do with our father or me. Is that why you can't look me in the face? Because you can't stand the fact that he remarried?

Carly: I, um, went to see Kevin Collins.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Carly: Hoping that he would tell me that I wasn't crazy and that he believed me and that we should get to the bottom of this.

Sonny: But that's kind of not how it works, but...

Carly: No.

Sonny: But what are you gonna do?

Carly: Um, he prescribed me medication for anxiety -- You know, to take the edge off.

Sonny: Well, he's not wrong. Medication's great. You're not embarrassed that you're taking medication, are you?

Carly: No.

Sonny: And I'm very proud that you are gonna see Dr. Collins. I know how difficult it is for you to ask for help when it comes to your mental health. But this is an important step, and, uh, he's gonna help you sort through what's real, what's fantasy.

Carly: Yeah.

Lucy: Well, well, well, hello, there, Mr. and Mrs. Corinthos. You, Mister, I -- I can't thank you enough. I-I just got your very generous donation for the ball, and it is so much appreciated.

Sonny: You know I would do anything for the Nurses' Ball.

Lucy: [Chuckles] Thanks. And, you, I need to talk to you so desperately. There's a tiny situation I just wanted to discuss about the seating arrangements.

Carly: Oh, okay. Well, we're kind of in the middle of something, so maybe --

Sonny: No, no, no.

Lucy: Oh.

Sonny: Talk to Lucy. I will be here whenever you're done.

Ava: You claim to be on my side, but it sure feels like you're always against me.

Griffin: I was asked to provide an accurate medical testimony for a patient. If I -- If I withheld anything, or worse, lied, I could've lost my medical license! I've already given up one calling for you!

Ava: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Griffin: [Sighs] Nothing. Nothing. It me-- It means nothing. I'm -- I'm angry, Ava.

Ava: Me too. I don't blame you for being a good doctor, Griffin. I don't even blame you for being a good person. [Chuckles]

Griffin: Gee, thanks.

Ava: [Laughs] I wish I could tell you that I would do things differently with Avery and Mike, but I can't. I wish I could live up to this high standard of morals that you have, but I can't do that either. There really is one thing that I regret, though, and that's not being honest with you, and for that, really, I am -- I am truly sorry.

Griffin: Thank you.

Ava: S-So... Where does that leave us now?

Anna: Andre would never betray my confidence, if -- if Jason would even think to question him, given the whole memory/mind-switch thing. So, I assume you're not gonna tell Jason I'm Henrik's mother.

Robert: Not me. Valentin.

Anna: But Jason doesn't even know that Valentin was based in Bern when Henrik was there at school, so he's never going to make that connection.

Robert: But you see, now we have this conundrum box with the --

Anna: Okay, with the Cassadine crest, sure. Yes, but I think that the logical assumption is that that was meant for Helena. Wait. You didn't tell Jason that the box had only been made six months ago, did you?

Robert: [Scoffs] Why would I? It's not like he has Bureau clearance.

Anna: Okay. Well, good. Then we don't have anything to worry about.

Robert: You're lying to yourself, and that always bothers me.

Anna: Yeah. Jason's very methodical. He does pick up on even the slightest inconsistencies. And he has formidable tech support in Spinelli. So, given time, they will probably turn up something that I missed, something that links me to Henrik. But we can't let them have that time then, can we?

Robert: Well, that means what?

Anna: I have to stay one step ahead of Jason. I know how to do that.

Sam: There's not gonna be a fight, you know, and Drew and I both agree that this needs to happen, and Scout is, luckily, young enough. I guess it's just, well, paperwork and moving on. [Sighs] Whatever that means.

Jason: Well, you'll figure it out.

Sam: Yeah, I will.

Jason: I should get going. I got to meet Sonny.

Sam: Hey. Can you do me a favor? Can you say hi to him and -- and Carly, too? And when everything settles down, I'd love to reconnect.

Jason: Yeah, sure, I'll tell him.

Alexis: I'm sorry. Am I interrupting?

Jason: No, I was just, uh, just leaving.

Alexis: Okay. So... What do you need to see me about?

Sam: [Sighs] I need you to represent me in my divorce.

Lucy: I just need to apologize again for what happened last year. I was totally manipulated by Ava, and when she said that the reason she had Morgan's pills was because they'd resumed their affair, I totally believed her.

Carly: It's okay. We've been over this.

Lucy: No, I know that, but I-I just need you to know that I was really just trying to honor and preserve your son's memory. Instead, I ended up withholding information about Morgan's death, and I will never forgive myself for what I did.

Carly: It's okay. And thank you for saying that. I knew in my heart Morgan hadn't stopped taking his medication, and when I found out that Ava had switched his pills, that was just more proof to me that Morgan was doing everything he could to take care of his bipolar disorder, and that just made me [Voice breaking] so proud of him. Oh, I'm sorry.

Lucy: No, hey. What -- Come on. What -- What is it? What's wrong?

Carly: It's been over a year since Morgan's death. I mean, the grief is always there, I know that. I-I just thought that I was starting to heal, and... now I feel like I'm losing my mind.


Jason: [Sighs] Hey.

Sonny: Hey. Welcome back. How you doing?

Jason: I'm good. What -- What happened? How did Mike get charged with -- with kidnapping Avery?

Sonny: They were at the park with Avery's nanny. Carly was supposed to meet them. We'll get into that later. Mike wandered off with Avery, and they disappeared. Dante found them 24 hours later in the stables at the equestrian park.

Jason: Why there?

Sonny: My father thought that Avery was Courtney, and he wanted to show her the -- the horses.

Jason: [Sighs] Man, I'm sorry.

Sonny: No, no, no. It's good. It's good. Everything's good. But Ava didn't, uh, want to let it go, so she had Mike charged with kidnapping.

Jason: Leverage.

Sonny: Right. The only way she'd drop the charges is if -- is if I gave her full custody of Avery.

Jason: So -- So she wanted you to pick between your daughter and your father?

Sonny: Yeah, she did, but you know what? I, uh, I called her bluff, and I said, "I will take you to family court, sue you, no matter what happens to Mike." So we agreed on joint custody.

Jason: [Sighs] Wow. I know that must've cost you.

Sonny: At least my father didn't have to go to prison. But the bigger problem right now... Is Carly.

Griffin: I should get to work.

Ava: Sure.

Griffin: Look, I'll -- I'll see you later tonight. Despite your methods, I am happy that Avery's back in your life.

Ava: Thank you.

David: Were you really gonna quit the shadow program?

Kiki: Yeah, I thought about it. I thought maybe you were still mad about what happened, and... and now you're treating me like you're my mentor again, so I am sorry. I-I'm... I'm confused.

David: I might have been tough on you the other day. But that's only because I see so much potential in you. I have worked in a hospital a long time. Rough things are said, feelings are hurt, we lose our cool with each other. I don't remember specifically what I said. I suppose I was just testing you the way my mentor tested me. I forget that your generation is sometimes, shall we say, more sensitive than my own.

Kiki: I don't think I agree with that. Okay, okay.

David: [Laughs]

Kiki: Yeah, I walked right into that one.

David: Uh-huh. You did. I really do think you are something special, Jerome. It would've been a shame if you left the program.

Kiki: Thank you.

David: Shall we continue?

Alexis: All right, the first thing that we should talk about is --

Sam: Mom, before we get into legalities, I just wanted to say you were right. I was wrong. I shouldn't have rushed into a marriage with Drew again.

Alexis: Honey, the hardest thing is to go into a marriage that you believe is gonna work out and have it not work out. And to let go of something that you put your whole heart into and have to rebuild your life alone. It takes resilience and courage and honesty, and you have all three of those things. Okay?

Sam: Okay.

Alexis: You also have a good attorney.

Sam: I'm counting on it.

Sonny: Carly wasn't there when Mike and Avery disappeared. She followed an imaginary note that took her to Morgan's grave.

Jason: Imaginary?

Sonny: It was a note that... was on the back of a flyer. When she showed the cop the note, it was blank. There was nothing on it.

Jason: Okay, where's the note now?

Sonny: I don't know. Why?

Jason: Because I want to have Spinelli check it out.

Sonny: There was no writing. Just like there was no scarf, there was no person intruding in her home.

Jason: [Sighs]

Sonny: Okay, here's my -- here's my theory. I think it has to do with something in Carly's head because of her grief for Morgan.

Carly: Ignore me. I -- [Chuckles] I know you probably think I'm as crazy as Sonny does, so...

Lucy: Stop. Who do you think you're talking to here? Come on. I think it's no secret that everybody knows I believe. I'm kind of connected somehow to the spiritual world 'cause I definitely believe this universe is this great, big, beautiful, breathing entity, and sometimes, just maybe, it can send messages and signals.

Carly: Really? I mean, you don't think it's more likely that I'm making this up, that I'm seeing what I want to see just to keep Morgan with me?

Lucy: No, no, because when we lose somebody, when they're gone, they're not really gone. They're with us. Okay, okay, so Lee Baldwin left me his offices, and every day when I walk in that office, I feel him. Lee's there. I feel his presence, his warmth, and his generosity. He's with me, so the essence of someone we love just becomes part of us. They are always with us. They're -- They're part of us. So if you maybe believe that you could talk, if not hold, someone that you love so dearly, that doesn't mean you're crazy. It just makes you human.

Finn: Why do you keep pressing this?

Chase: Because we're family.

Finn: No, we share some DNA. I mean, if you need an organ donor, I'm your guy. Wait. Wait, is that what this is about? Is that why you keep hounding me? Do you need a kidney or something?

Chase: What? No. Are you always this suspicious?

Finn: Actually, this is me on a good day.

Chase: Family's more than biology. Think about it. You -- You traveled the world to get away. And somehow we end up in the same town. I don't know, but I -- I think that means we have some unfinished business.

Finn: Who told you that, your magic eight ball?

Chase: I remember what you said to me a while back. We were born a generation apart. We're not gonna have the same touchstones or reference points, but we're from the same blood. We were raised by the same man. And I don't think that's a bad place to start.

Finn: Look, Chase, you, uh... seem like a good guy. But there are reasons why I walked away from the old man, and I've never looked back. If I invite you into my life, I invite him, too, and I can't have that.

Chase: Why? Because he remarried sooner than you liked or because he remarried at all? Look, I understand that that must've been hard to accept when you were young, but a lot of time has passed since then, so can you just have a little perspective?

Finn: I feel for you. I know you had your heart set on forming this brotherly relationship. But I think it's important to realize now... It's never gonna happen.

Alexis: Have you discussed the grounds?

Sam: No.

Alexis: All right, I'm gonna suggest that you cite "irreconcilable differences." It's sort of a catch-all for really impossibly difficult situations.

Sam: Yeah, I know what it means. Okay, that's fine.

Alexis: Okay. Now, for the really difficult part -- Scout.

Sam: Mm-hmm. What? We don't want to fight over custody.

Alexis: Well, I still think that you should get these things signed in writing, you know, to avoid conflicts in the future. I'm also gonna suggest that maybe Drew would agree to every other weekend, every other holiday, every other month in the summer, and that way Scout wouldn't be put into a position of having to go from house to house. She'd have a permanent home.

Sam: No, Mom, no. I'm not gonna do that to Drew. If he wants 50/50 custody, that's what he's gonna get.

Alexis: Okay. All right, so, um, dissolution of assets.

Sam: [Sighs]

Alexis: Now, you own the penthouse.

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Alexis: But Aurora Media is jointly owned.

Sam: Can we -- Can we just move forward with the divorce and leave Aurora out of it?

Alexis: It's a shared asset, honey. I'm just worried it's gonna get a little --

Sam: Mom, I need an excuse to stay at Aurora now.

Alexis: Now, why do you need an excuse to stay at a company that you already own?

Jason: Now, why are you assuming that, uh, that Carly's imagining this?

Sonny: There's no proof that it happened.

Jason: Yeah, but I was with Dante -- The phone calls.

Sonny: Right.

Jason: I was there when he traced them.

Sonny: And Carly heard an explosion, but was there any sign of that?

Jason: No.

Sonny: What about the scarf?

Jason: What about it? There's no security cameras, Sonny, outside of her office. There's none on the entrance to the stairs. Somebody could've easily come in, planted the scarf, and taken it away. And the same thing at the house. Bobbie was gone all day long. Somebody could've come right in.

Sonny: The cops -- There was no sign that they found anything.

Jason: Yeah, but maybe the person had a key.

Sonny: You're doing what you always do. You're defending Carly. I accept that now. [Sighs] But something's changed in the five years that you were gone. Carly and I, we lost our son. You don't know how much she grieved. You don't know how much she's still grieving.

[Cellphone rings]

Jason: Sorry, I should take this.

Sonny: Yeah, go ahead.

Jason: Anna.

Anna: I need to see you.

Jason: Yeah, I'm kind of in the middle of something right now.

Anna: It's important. It affects how we move forward regarding Henrik.

Jason: [Sighs] Okay, where are you?

Anna: At home.

Jason: I'm on my way.

Robert: I hope you know what you're doing, darling.

Sam: There are some issues I have to resolve at Aurora.

Alexis: Issues with Drew?

Sam: Mm, no, but I have to be there to make sure everything's okay for the time being.

Alexis: For the time being?

Sam: Yes. And once everything's okay, I'm gonna sign Aurora over to Drew because it's his dream, not mine.

Alexis: What about you? What about yours?

Sam: I don't know, Mom. [Chuckles] This whole thing -- I'm trying to figure it out. I'm trying to figure me out. I just want to live honestly. I want to do something that I'm good at. I mean, that's the goal, anyway.

Alexis: I have every confidence that you will reach that goal. So in the meantime, I will find out who's representing Drew, and I'll contact that person, and I'll do some preliminary filings.

Sam: Can we talk about something a little happier? I mean, anything happen since I got back from Switzerland?

Alexis: Just a little of this, a little of that.

Sam: [Laughs] Wait a minute. Mom, did you say "a little of this"?

Alexis: Just seeing where things go with Finn.

Sam: Wow. That's great.

Alexis: Assuming I haven't already blown it all to hell.

Chase: Well, that couldn't have been more clear.

Finn: Sorry. I know it's not what you wanted to hear.

Chase: No, no, it wasn't. But, hey, at least you're consistent. Thanks for -- Thanks for talking this out.

Finn: I didn't have any choice, did I?

Chase: Go easy on Alexis. She seems like she has a good heart. She seems nice.

Finn: Yeah, she is.

Chase: All right, well, uh, guess I'll see you later. Or not. Have a good life.

Finn: Yeah, you too.

David: You did real good today, Jerome. I'll see you back again here tomorrow.

Kiki: See you then.

Griffin: Kiki, hi.

Kiki: Hey.

Griffin: You and Dr. Bensch seem to be doing better today.

Kiki: Yeah. I guess I just overreacted to what happened yesterday.

Griffin: Oh. Well, did he apologize for berating you like that?

Kiki: No. Um, he had no idea what I was talking about, so I guess he was just in a mood and I took it personally.

Griffin: Are you sure? I mean, you, uh, you seemed to think that his attitude towards you stemmed from something that happened between the two of you?

Kiki: No, it was just a test, and I got through it, so I passed. But thank you for listening.

Griffin: Yeah, of course. Any time.

Kiki: See you later.

Ava: [Sighs] [Gasps] No! No!

Carly: Was that Jason I saw?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, he was gonna come by, but something came up.

Carly: Oh. I wanted to talk to him. [Sighs]

Sonny: Because you feel he's on your side and you believe I'm not? Look, I'm sorry, you know. I've been cold the last few days. It's just... This thing with Avery and letting Ava have her say in Avery's life is just the last thing I ever wanted.

Carly: Me too. I'm so sorry that it happened. I'm so sorry.

Sonny: No, no, no. You did what you felt was right. I just wish that it didn't escalate.

Carly: Yeah.

Sonny: I am really happy that you're seeing Dr. Collins. And when you get help, everything's gonna be behind us. We can just move forward.

Carly: [Sighs]

Anna: Thank you for coming.

Jason: Did you turn something up new on Henrik?

Anna: Uh, not exactly. You're planning on using his mother as bait to draw him out of hiding? Robert told me.

Jason: Well, I mean, if you're right about the epigraph and Henrik wants revenge on his mother, how could he pass up the chance to meet her?

Anna: Right. You got to find her first, though.

Jason: Yeah, I've already started looking.

Anna: Look no further. Henrik's mother is right here.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Curtis (to Drew): What makes me think a marriage between Jordan and I could work?

Franco (to Liz): All of the people on this list have one thing in common.

Nina (to Valentin): What would Peter August want with mementos of J?

Maxie (to Peter): A mysterious someone set up a fund in Nathanís honor?

Jason (to Anna): Are you offering yourself as a decoy?

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