GH Transcript Wednesday 4/25/18

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 4/25/18


Episode #14023 ~ Drew is skeptical; Finn worries about Alexis' well-being; Julian runs into Lucas; Oscar makes plans with Drew; Jordan questions Curtis' intentions.

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Alexis: Lucy. Hi, it's Alexis. Um, I'm so sorry that we keep missing each other. But I will be attending the Nurses' Ball. No, I will not be performing because nobody should ever see me perform.

[Doorbell rings]

Alexis: Uh, and I'm in the middle of a meeting. So if you need me, will you do me a favor and leave a text? And I'll, uh -- I'll get back to you. Thanks.

Drew: Hey.

Alexis: Hi. Hi. Come on in. I'm sorry. I think that we got our, um, wires crossed, because I dropped Scout off and Danny off at Monica's.

Drew: Oh. Wow. [Chuckles] I was anxious to see them. How are they doing?

Alexis: They're good. Scout's cutting a tooth, and Danny's having a blissful reunion with Annabelle the dog.

Drew: [Laughs] How's their mom doing? Where's Sam?

Sam: [Laughs] Okay. That was... insane! That bike you rented could really move. I'm shocked, actually.

Jason: Sports bikes are not only fast, but so precise.

Sam: The driving wasn't bad, either. I-I had a great time. I needed that.

Jason: Yeah, me too.

Kim: Oh. Hey! Hold the elevator! Thanks a lot.

Finn: I was doing you a favor. Lucy Coe was inside, signing performers up for the Nurses' Ball.

Kim: Oh, well, she already asked me. And I gave her a firm, "I have no talent."

Finn: "I have no talent"?

Kim: No.

Finn: Well, that's no good. This woman is not easily deterred. You say something like that, she'll have you up in a trapeze playing an accordion.

Kim: [Laughs] Well, she did make it sound like the ball was a lot of fun.

Finn: Yeah, people seem to enjoy it.

Kim: [Chuckles] Wait. You've never been?

Finn: Apparently, I've been missing out.

Kim: Well, you should give it a try this year. I already have a date lined up.

Lucas: Babe! Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa. You've been agonizing over which crib to order for the last two weeks. Yeah, no, I -- Look. I think it's sweet, yet sensible. So if you're okay with it, I'm gonna – Okay [Breathes deeply] done. In six weeks' time, our baby is gonna have a brand-new, beautiful, semi-custom-made crib. [Laughing] No, I don't think we're jinxing anything. I think we're being responsible parents, and we're putting the nursery together. Okay. I love you, too. Bye.

Julian: So, it's really happening. You're gonna be a father.

Curtis: Jordan, I love you. And I'm gonna go on loving you for as long as we both shall live. Marry me.

Jordan: Stand up.

Curtis: [Sighs] Not until you hear me out.

Jordan: Stand up.

Curtis: Not until we both say those words, 'til we both take those vows and commit to each other.

Jordan: Until death do us part? Curtis, I can't marry you if I think the only reason you're asking me to marry you is because you think that I might die.

Drew: So, Sam's in Switzerland. With Jason.

Alexis: Apparently, Spinelli got arrested, and Sam went to help Jason get him out of trouble.

Drew: Hmm. Is he still locked up?

Alexis: No, but the three of them decided to stay just a little longer to work on the investigation.

Drew: Hey. You know what? Uh, thank you for bringing my daughter home. I'm gonna go see her at Monica's. I appreciate it.

Alexis: Drew.

Drew: Yeah.

Alexis: Take care of yourself.

Drew: You too.

Alexis: [Sighs] Daughter, I hope you know what you're doing.

Sam: You know, so far, I am really liking Switzerland. It's -- It's beautiful. The scenery's great. Great beer. Fantastic, fantastic beer. Very well-organized. I mean, they even got you to wear a helmet.

Jason: We robbed a bank. I didn't want to get caught over a helmet violation.

Sam: No, no, no, Jason. We didn't "rob" anything. We infiltrated a bank, that Spinelli has enough blackmail dirt on the manager that if he ever talks, that'll be the last he ever talks.

Jason: None of it would've worked if you hadn't been able to plant Spinelli's flash drive.

Sam: Well, Herr Bruhl should've never let me behind his desk.

Jason: He didn't have a chance against you.

Sam: I wonder if that wire transfer that Henrik sent ever came though. Spinelli? Spinelli?

Jason: He's not... here. [Sighs] "Dearest friends, I was able to secure passage on a nonstop flight to Seattle. You are both confirmed to return to Port Charles on Friday."

Sam: Friday? Wait. What -- What are you talking about, Friday? We were supposed to leave for Port Charles tomorrow. "On Friday, the airline will be notifying you directly when seats become available on an earlier flight. Enjoy the remainder of your stay in Switzerland. You devoted friend, Damian Spinelli. I've included a list of restaurants, should you wish to dine out. Try..." Come on, Jason. Spinelli stranded us here on purpose.

Julian: [Laughing] Sorry. I really didn't mean to snoop. It's just I overheard you say, "our child."

Lucas: Yeah. Well, uh, it's official. The birth mother chose Brad and me to adopt.

Julian: That's -- That's really great. Congratulations. I mean, I'm happy for both of you, and for all of you. I know you and Brad are gonna make wonderful parents.

Lucas: Yeah. Um, well, thank you. We're, uh -- We're thrilled. [Sighs] And grateful. You know, we -- we know that this wouldn't have happened without you.

[♪All of the pieces that...♪]

Curtis: Okay. To be clear, I'm only back on my feet not because I accept your non-acceptance of my proposal, but so we can talk.

Jordan: [Coughs] I know -- I know that you mean well.

Curtis: I mean to marry my woman. And not because you might be sick. Because... We love each other.

Jordan: Yeah, but you have to admit the -- the timing of it all is a little -- little suspicious.

Curtis: I can't deny that your health scare was a wake-up call, a reminder that life can change in an instant. The only guarantees are the here and the now. God knows, I hope and pray that we get 50-plus years together. But even if I only get... five years or five days... Baby, I'll take it. Jordan, please say you'll marry me.

Sam: Thank you so much. I understand. Okay, thank you. Okay. That was the airline. They said that they are looking for the soonest availability. And right now, it's not until Friday. So guess what. Spinelli might have been telling the truth. But either way, I'm gonna have to have a talk with him because there are too many coincidences that keep coming up. Like, how did you wind up in the same hotel as me?

Jason: [Sighs] Spinelli knew you and the kids were here.

Sam: And how exactly did he know that?

Jason: He's monitoring you, just in case there's an emergency or if you were in any danger.

Sam: Oh, okay. Well, t-that's great. That's really good to know. That's another conversation I'm gonna have to have with Spinelli about privacy and what it means to me. How did he get you here?

Jason: [Sighs] I told him Anna and I were doing a-a research trip in Bern. And he -- he said he'd book the hotel.

Sam: Ohh. So he set us up.

Jason: [Sighs] No. He said there were 432 guest rooms in this hotel, and the statistical odds were very low that we would actually run into each other and if that happened... It would be fate.

Sam: And what do you think?

Jason: Well, I-I think Spinelli did everything he could to nudge fate in the direction he wanted. And he's not gonna do that again.

Sam: Why? Because you tell him not to?

Jason: No, because he respects you and respects that you want to be on your own. And so do I.

Lucas: I'm really grateful for what you told the birth mother's reps. I mean, I think it made a huge difference that, uh, you know, that you agreed to not be a part of the baby's life.

Julian: Well, you know, I -- I don't want my past mistakes to jeopardize your happiness.

Lucas: [Chuckles] Well, uh, "happy" just doesn't even begin to cover it. I mean -- [Exhales sharply] When we got that phone call from the birth mother saying that she wanted us to adopt, Brad and I just -- We just, like, stood there and stared at each other for I don't know how long and -- Like, you know, just trying to absorb it all a-and wrapping our heads around the fact that this is really happening. And then -- And then we just both started bawling. Who knows what we're gonna do when we actually hold our baby in our arms for the first time.

Julian: Hey. You know, being parents... It's gonna bring you boundless joy. Trust me. Finding out I was a father, it... Well. Changed my life.

Lucas: Just not soon enough?

Josslyn: Hey. Here's your notebook. I'm so sorry that you had to wait so long.

Oscar: Hey. No worries.

Josslyn: Coach McCage kept me after practice to work on my swing. Tori Benjamin's been missing a lot, so she's thinking about moving me up in the rotation.

Oscar: Oh, congratulations.

Josslyn: Thanks. Yeah, it would be pretty cool. Almost as cool as having an editorial published in the school paper.

Oscar: Oh, my God. You read my essay?

Josslyn: Yes! And it was really good.

Oscar: Joss, it wasn't -- it wasn't that great.

Josslyn: Okay, well, you must've thought it was halfway decent, or else you wouldn't have submitted it.

Oscar: I guess.

Josslyn: So, is this about you being unable to accept praise? Or are you afraid to show it to someone whose opinion is important to you?

Kim: Drew.

Drew: Hey.

Kim: Hey.

Drew: Just got your text. Hi.

Kim: Hi. How's that for serendipity? Um, actually, I just wanted to know if, um, you'd heard from Oscar.

Drew: No, I did not. Why? What happened? What did he do? What's going on?

Kim: Nothing. [Laughs] Nothing. It's all good. Um, he actually -- he wrote a piece for the school paper, and I was hoping he sent it to you.

Drew: Uh, well, no, he didn't.

Kim: You know what? He's actually probably a little embarrassed. He doesn't want you to think that he's fishing for compliments. And he would kill me if he knew I just said something.

Both: [Laugh]

Drew: Okay. So -- So, how do we do this? I-I don't want to throw you under the bus, but I'd like to read what he wrote.

Kim: Okay. Well, why don't you just wait until tonight? And if you haven't heard anything from Oscar, then you can throw me under the bus. [Laughs]

Drew: I do have a better idea, though.

Kim: Hey. Let me buy you lunch, and you can tell me about it.

Jordan: You know that I was married once before, to your brother. I broke my vows. [Voice breaking] I broke his heart. And ultimately, uh, that led to his death, so...

Curtis: Well, you know what? Some of that is on me, okay? I should've just stayed out of y'all's business.

Jordan: No. I created that situation, not you. And when it was all over and done with and everything had just fallen apart, I was so angry. And guilty. With myself, mostly. But, you know, I took -- I took so much of that out on you.

Curtis: Baby.

Jordan: I'm so sorry.

Curtis: It's all in the past, okay? It's all in the past. Years of the ups and downs and fights and the forgiveness, okay? We know each other, inside and out. And although neither one of us is perfect, we're smart people. And we learn from our mistakes. And we know enough not to repeat them.

Jordan: Which is exactly why I'm hesitant about marrying you.

Alexis: Thank God it's you. Come in.

Finn: As opposed to?

Alexis: Drew. Drew was just here, and I had to tell him that Sam was in Switzerland with Jason.

Finn: Ah.

Alexis: Yeah. You know, and I thought maybe it was Drew coming back to see if he could get some more information.

Finn: Sure.

Alexis: I gotta tell ya, I feel really sorry for him, you know? Even if it's not true, he perceives that Sam is with Jason. And -- And nobody wants to be the loser in a triangle.

Finn: No, that -- that would be no fun at all. Is -- Is it okay for Sam to have pulled you into all this?

Alexis: No. Oh, she didn't pull me in. I dove in, because I'm her mother and I'm a control freak. And -- And I love her, and I'm worried about her. And it's much easier for me to worry about my children than it is to worry about myself.

Finn: Ah. Are you worried about you?

Alexis: Not me. More you... and me.

Lucas: Brad and I both have been reading all kinds of books on parenting. And, uh, we've already realized that nobody's perfect, you know? That... No matter what, despite our best intentions, we will screw up. But we're both committed to putting our child first and making decisions for their benefit. And you did that for me with this adoption interview. You really came through as... as a father.

Julian: [Laughing] For once.

Lucas: Yeah, well, I was gonna say "when it counted."

Julian: Yeah. Look. Lucas, I... God, I wish I could change what's happened over the last few years. All I can do right now is try to be myself, try and do better and prove myself to you. To Sam, to Leo. That's all I can do. But in the meantime, I want you to know I'm thinking of you a lot. And if there's anything else you need from me, please let me know, okay?

Lucas: Yeah. Thanks. [Chuckles] Yeah, well, uh, take care of yourself, Dad.

Julian: [Sighs] You too, Son. You too.

Jordan: Let's say we get married. Okay? We do it, have fun. And then it doesn't work. Have you even thought about the pain that that would cause TJ? I have disappointed that kid way too many times. Don't even get me started on what this is gonna do to Aunt Stella. That's a whole thing.

Curtis: Aunt Stella? This is not about Aunt Stella. And -- And as much as we love him, it's not about TJ, too. He's a grown-ass man, okay? He's got his own life. If we stay together, he'll be happy. If we break up, I'm sure he'll be sad, but it's not gonna affect his life either way. The only two people that this matters to is you and me. So tell me, can you see yourself sharing forever with me? Or not?

Jordan: I want to say yes. I do. I wanna just -- I wanna take that leap and just – A leap of faith. And just believe it, you know? I wanna do that. And I wanna be a better wife to you than I was to your brother, okay? I wanna do that.

Curtis: Then just do it, baby, okay? Then just do it. Take that leap. Please. Say you'll marry me.

[Cellphone ringing]

Jordan: It's the doctor.

Kim: I promised to make you and Oscar chili at some point, so I can buy you a bowl here.

Drew: Okay. Is this like a basis of comparison, or...?

Kim: Uh, well --

Drew: [Laughs]

Kim: Okay, maybe. But, um, you know, my feelings won't be hurt if you like Kelly's chili better than mine.

Drew: I would never say a word either way.

Kim: [Laughs] What do you say?

Drew: You know what? Yeah, sure. I can use some lunch.

Kim: Yeah? Good.

Drew: Why not?

Kim: Oh, and you know what? It's okay. Don't worry about the editorial. You can mention it to Oscar. It's just -- It's fine. [Laughs]

Drew: Okay.

Julian: Hey. Kim!

Kim: Hey! How you doing?

Julian: Good, good. Have a seat. Join me.

Kim: Oh, actually, um, I just -- I just invited Drew to lunch.

Julian: Well, you know what? You can both join me. And Drew can tell me the latest on Sam. Is she, uh, back from her trip yet?

Jason: I'll tell you this. There's no way we could've gotten access to Faison's safe deposit box without you.

Sam: It felt really, really good to get back to what I know. I just -- I wish I was able to find some answers.

Jason: Well, at least we know Faison's letters are gone, and we don't have to waste time searching for those.

Sam: Yeah.

Jason: And we are closer to Henrik. I mean, we know he made a wire transfer with the proceeds from the book.

Sam: And we know that that guy is a pro, and he's probably bounced that money through 15 different dummy corporations before it lands somewhere permanent.

Jason: Okay, so then we'll go back to the book. I mean, if he left enough clues for his mother to find, then we can find him.

Sam: Or we could ask Anna. I mean, you didn't think that she was telling the truth, that she knew more than what she was saying, right?

Jason: Mm-hmm.

Sam: So I think that maybe we stay, and we retrace her steps. Go back to the boarding schools and pick out the files that she was looking at.

Jason: You sure -- Are you sure about this?

Sam: Come on, Jason. It can't be that hard to break into some boarding schools.

Jason: I'm not -- I'm not talking about that. You sure you wanna stay with this investigation? Sam, I love -- I love working with you. You're one of the best at what you do.

Sam: [Sighs]

Jason: But you said you wanted distance.

Sam: Ooh. I did say that. And this isn't it.

Jason: You know, when I got out of that clinic -- I mean, I had no idea how much time had passed. I thought it was like six months. So of course, I was worried about you and Danny. But I wasn't afraid that anything had happened to you. And then I had to stow away on this freighter. And, uh... There was another stowaway there. And he had -- he had a newspaper. So, when I saw the date... That's when I realized. Five years. Five years had passed. And that's when I was afraid. The whole way back to Port Charles, I was praying that you -- you and Danny were still alive and you were okay. A-And I even -- I told myself that I could take whatever else happened... as long as you were okay. And you are. So, you know, whatever happens next, whatever you decide... [Breathes deeply] I'm good.

Drew: As far as I know, Sam's in Switzerland. You know what? Tell Oscar I said hi.

Kim: Hey. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait. Where are you going?

Drew: Ah --

Kim: We're supposed to have lunch. Um, if you'll excuse us.

Julian: Yeah, absolutely. Enjoy your meal. Hey, and, by the way, we, uh -- we still on for the Nurses' Ball?

Kim: Nothing's changed.

Drew: [Laughs] Wow. So you and Julian, you're seeing each other?

Kim: Yes, we're seeing each other casually.

Drew: Really?

Kim: And listen, before you say anything, I have done my research and I know that his past is far from spotless.

Drew: Yeah, not my favorite guy.

Kim: Okay. I'm just gonna tell you that up until now, he's been pretty great.

Drew: What do you mean, up until now?

Kim: Well, he didn't... just mention Sam on accident. He did it on purpose.

Drew: Yes, he did.

Kim: And I'm sorry.

Drew: Doesn't matter. Look. My least-favorite subject is Julian. Can we just talk about our son?

Josslyn: You should send your editorial to your dad.

Oscar: [Chuckles] I'll think about it.

Josslyn: Think about this: Your dad is gonna be so proud of you after he reads that article. You know, he'll probably call your mom. They'll share a moment of parental bonding about their brilliant son. They might even meet up somewhere, sparks will fly.

Oscar: [Laughs] Okay. Now you're reaching.

Josslyn: You'll never know unless you make the first move.

Jordan: Thank you, Doctor. Mm-hmm. I will. All right. Bye-bye.

Curtis: Well?

Jordan: I'm fine.

Curtis: You're fine?

Jordan: I'm fine.

Curtis: You're sure?

Jordan: Yeah. The spot on my lung has been there since -- For years. It hasn't changed. They think it was from an infection that I got when I was a kid. [Coughs]

Curtis: What about that cough?

Jordan: That is, they think, probably from all the dust in the air since the earthquake. You remember, I was right in the thick of all that...

Curtis: Right. Right, right.

Jordan: … In those first few days. But, you know, now they just want me to come in and do a follow-up, but there's, um -- They said there's no cause for concern.

Curtis: Baby. Baby, I'm -- Oh, thank God I'm not gonna lose you.

Jordan: No, of course not. You can't lose me. And, um... You're off the hook.

Curtis: I'm off the hook for what?

Jordan: You can take back your proposal.

Alexis: You're smart. I like that. You're funny. I like that. And you're cynical. I really like that. I really like you, Finn. And I think underneath all of that, you're a real softie.

Finn: Now I think I'm offended. And it was going so good there for a moment.

Alexis: Having said all that, I don't think that we should be each other's rebound relationship.

Finn: Oh, I don't want nothing to do with a rebound. Although, uh, Anna and I didn't really have a relationship.

Alexis: And yet, I didn't even have to tell you who I was referring to.

Finn: I did. I do have feelings for Anna. If I could shut them down, I would.

Alexis: I know exactly how you feel.

Finn: I know. That's why I like you. That's one of the reasons why I like you. You know, 'cause you get it. You're going through it, or close enough. You know, we both talk a really good game about being an adult and being sophisticated and all that stuff, but I know that, deep down, we're both -- we --

Alexis: Weird?

Finn: Weird.

Alexis: Mm-hmm.

Finn: Not exactly the word I was going for. I was thinking we're both -- At least, I am -- I-I'm vulnerable and damaged.

Alexis: I am an exposed, emotional, raw nerve.

Finn: But a beautiful one.

Alexis: Hmm. You know what? Maybe we're overthinking this. You know, let's not worry about it, right? Let's take the journey.

Finn: Yeah. You know, I think I'm good with that. I missed you. Not just at the meetings. I, um -- Just in general. It's been a long time since, uh, we've been... close.

Alexis: Oh. Well, we had dinner together not that long ago.

Finn: Yeah, I know. Dinner was good. I remember you had the bisque. But I'm sort of more talking about, uh... When we, uh -- It's been a long time since we...

Alexis: The sex?

Finn: … Were intimate, yes. The sex.

Alexis: Yeah, that was, uh -- that was unplanned.

Finn: Yeah. That was, uh, spontaneous.

Alexis: Mm-hmm. You wanna do it again?

Josslyn: Send your dad the editorial, okay? Let him be all proud. He'll probably come by to talk to you about it, and your mom can make dinner.

Oscar: Wow. So you've got a whole scenario going now. That's -- That's great.

[Cellphone tone plays]

Oscar: It's from Drew. He says... He wants to go hiking.

Drew: You know teenagers. Hopefully, he will accept my invitation.

Kim: Oh, he will.

Drew: [Chuckles] Yeah?

Kim: Mm-hmm.

Drew: Well, you know, maybe once we go for a hike and we're alone, he can open up about this.

Kim: Listen. I don't want you to get your expectations up too high. I mean, it's a thoughtful piece for a kid in high school, but, you know, it's -- it's the content that I'm really proud of. Okay, without giving too much away, he -- he wrote about the alt dance and the kids that he and Joss stood up for.

Drew: Ahh. [Chuckles] I'm kind of waiting for the -- the next thing.

Kim: What's that?

Drew: Well, I taught him to box, and then, you know, he tackles this kid who threw a paint balloon on his girlfriend. And I -- I assume that you think that's something I influenced.

Kim: Okay. There was a time that I would've blamed you. But I've come to realize that Oscar is not the pacifist angel that I imagined him to be.

[Both laugh]

Drew: Maybe my fault.

Kim: And while I am not and I never will be in favor of settling differences with violence... I don't know. I think that, uh, when you're out and someone attacks the woman you were with, that maybe tackling him and throwing a few punches is the appropriate way to handle things. Did I just say that? Okay, please don't tell Oscar that I just said that.

Drew: [Laughs]

Kim: Okay?

Drew: You know, sometimes -- sometimes, that's --

[Cellphone tone plays]

Drew: Hey! It's Oscar, and he, uh -- he accepts my invitation.

Kim: I told you.

Drew: And there's an attachment.

Kim: Ohh.

Drew: It's his article.

Kim: [Laughs] Oh, you're gonna be so proud of our boy.

Sam: Why don't you tell me about your trip back? I never heard the full story.

Jason: Yeah. Well, um, you know, when I broke out of the clinic in Russia, I had no money, I had no ID, and I was barefoot. And I figured the best bet was to get a train to Zurich, because I had a safe deposit box in one of the banks there. So, uh, I got out of the building. I was trying to make my way to the train station, and -- I ran into this Russian orthodox priest, Father Stanislav. And instead of turning me in, uh, he took me to his church. And he gave me some clothes, he gave me some food, and he arranged for somebody to smuggle me on a freighter that was going back to the US.

Sam: Ohh. This Father... Stanislav?

Jason: Stanislav, yeah.

Sam: He sounds like a really nice man.

Jason: Yeah, he was. You know, I actually met a few good people on the trip. Even that, uh, stowaway -- English guy. What the hell was his name? Huxley!

[Fingers snap]

Sam: [Coughs]

Jason: You okay?

Sam: Wait.

Jason: Huxley -- He started the trip up by trying to knock me out because he was --

Sam: Huxley Lynch? He's English, 40's, mid-build, fussy, kind of weird, talks about his family home all the time?

Jason: Yeah, that's -- that's him. Yeah, I won a watch off him in a card game.

Sam: Oh, my -- Wow. That was you?

Finn: This way.

Alexis: Mnh! No, this way.

Finn: This way?

Alexis: Yeah.

Finn: Okay.

Alexis: Ohh! Mmm! Ohh!

Jordan: I don't think our relationship can handle marriage. I don't think it's ready for marriage. At least, I know I'm not, you know? I wanna work on myself. [Clears throat] I wanna work on myself. I wanna -- I wanna be a better wife to you than I was to your brother.

Curtis: I'm over that.

Jordan: Okay. These things have a funny way of coming back to haunt us. Let's just -- Let's -- Let's nurture the relationship that we do have.

Curtis: Yeah. Yeah. Right.

Jordan: You know? Like, just be. Be in love. No pressure, you know?

Curtis: Yeah.

Jordan: And if marriage comes up, sure, when we're both ready for it, you know?

Curtis: Yeah.

Jordan: We have all the time in the world.

Curtis: Yeah. You're right. No rush. We'll work something out. Yeah.

Jordan: Listen. It was, uh -- It was a beautiful gesture. I mean... You have no idea. It meant the world to me.

Curtis: I'll call you tonight.

Jordan: Yeah. Okay.

Curtis: Yeah. Yeah.

Josslyn: Here you go.

Oscar: I can't believe you talked me into sending that editorial to my dad.

[Cellphone tone plays]

Oscar: He says after the hike, he wants to have dinner with my mom.

Josslyn: Yes! See? What'd I say?

Oscar: He also says, "be warned." He has a few miles' worth of compliments to give me on my editorial. Not just because I'm his son. 'Cause I'm a great writer.

Josslyn: See? Was that so hard?

Oscar: 'Cause you made it so easy.

Drew: Listen, I'm shocked that my own flesh and blood could write something that moving.

Kim: Yeah, Oscar's always been a really special kid. So he may not be a pacifist, but he is perceptive and he's very insightful.

Drew: He certainly didn't get that from me. He must've got it from you.

Kim: Mm. No. He's got a lot of your qualities. He does.

Drew: [Groans]

Kim: We made ourselves a pretty extraordinary kid.

Jason: What does that mean? It was me? What did I do?

Sam: Just tell me more about Huxley's watch.

Jason: Oh, okay. Yeah. Well, he was on the run from, uh, some gangsters, Russian gangsters. I guess he took some of their money and made some bad investment. But honestly, I wasn't -- I wasn't even paying that much attention. The guy -- The guy talked so much. But, you know, I do remember that he was more afraid of losing his home than he was of these Russian gangsters.

Sam: Lynch Manor. I've been there.

Jason: Anyway, he was all -- he was all keyed up. And he wanted to talk. I didn't want to talk. So he said --

Sam: No surprise there.

Jason: Yeah. So he said, "let's play cards." And I think he was trying to cheat me.

Sam: Uh. Any luck?

Jason: [Laughing] I cleaned him out. But -- So, the watch, right? So, he finally -- he took the watch off to bet. He said it was his lucky watch, that any time he puts it up as a wager, he wins.

Sam: Hmm. But not with you.

Jason: He lost.

Sam: Yeah.

Jason: Again. But I wasn't gonna keep his money. So I was giving his money back, and he said, "No. You keep the watch." He said its luck is broken for him and that it would be lucky for me. So I take the watch, I get to New York, I go to this bar near the train station just to kind of get my bearings and figure out my next move. And, uh, Klein's guys pick up my trail. So, there was this bartender. She lets me hide in the back while she covers for me. And there's no reason why she should do this. There was no reason at all. But she did.

Sam: So you gave her the watch.

Jason: Yeah. I wanted to thank her.

Sam: Wow. Okay. So, the day Drew and I bought Aurora, we went into the city to this little bar to celebrate. And we met this wonderful waitress. She was so kind, and she had this watch. And I wanted to look at it, and she said, "Sure. Go ahead." And I looked at it, and it had -- had "Huxley" engraved on the back.

Jason: That's -- [Chuckles]

Sam: When were you there?

Jason: Same day I got back to the US -- Friday, 13th of October.

Sam: Oh, the 13th, yes! That's the day Drew and I bought Aurora!

[Cellphone tones playing]

Jason: It's the airline.

Sam: Yep. I've got a seat on a flight.

Jason: Two hours.

Sam: Two hours.

Jason: Yeah. Okay, I'll get my stuff. I'll meet you in the lobby. Sam.

Sam: [Sighs] I'm sorry, but I just -- I just keep thinking -- We were apart for five years. And then we wind up at the same bar... holding the same watch, probably within hours of each other.

Jason: Guess Huxley was right. The watch is lucky.

Sam: Or Spinelli could be right. And it was fate.

On the next "General Hospital" --

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Valentin (to Nina and Curtis): Opportunity for what?

Maxie (to Sam): I would much rather talk about my friend Peter.

Lulu (to Peter): I need your advice.

Finn (to Robert): My association with Anna, it’s over.

Alexis (to Anna): Does this have anything to do with your search for Cesar Faison’s son?

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