GH Transcript Wednesday 2/21/18

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 2/21/18


Episode #13978 ~ Alexis ends up in a precarious position; Anna makes a promise; Sam looks out for a friend; Peter appeals to Lulu; Kim asks a favor.

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[Police radio chatter]

[Telephone rings]

Lulu: It's only been a few days since we buried Nathan. Are you sure you're ready to come back to work? He's really gone.

Dante: Yes, he is.

Lulu: I just can't imagine what Maxie is going through. I wish I could be there for her. But she blames me.

Dante: What happened to Nathan is not your fault. Okay?

Lulu: If I can't help Maxie face to face, the least I can do is take from steps from here.

Dante: What steps?

Lulu: This morning, I turned in my resignation -- One letter to the editor, and the other for Peter August.

Peter: Nina? I hope you two are just grabbing breakfast. You shouldn't even be thinking of coming back to work.

Nina: Well, I -- I am. This is my husband. Have you two met?

Valentin: We've met once or twice. Good to see you, Peter.

Peter: Likewise. Maybe we can convince your brilliant wife to work from home today.

Valentin: Well, believe me, I'm trying.

Peter: Nina, please. Take all the time you need to be with your family with -- with your brother's family.

Nina: Oh, I -- I know you mean well, Peter. Thank you very much. But anybody who is remotely acquainted with my brother would know that he would want us all to go on with our lives and, you know, give out spare change to anyone in need, and... That's the kind of guy he was, and that's that kind of person I'm gonna be for him.

Peter: Nina, I'm just so sorry that I didn't get to know Nathan. He sounds like he was the best brother.

Nina: He was. He was the best brother in the world.


Josslyn: Can I tell you again why this is a bad idea?

Oscar: Your family doesn't like Julian.

Josslyn: Okay, let me try to explain this. Because our parents are extremely dysfunctional, Michael, Molly, Kristina, and I are not full siblings. But we are all connected through Morgan, so we've always just treated each other like brothers and sisters.

Oscar: Mmm.

Josslyn: Which is how I know everything about Julian Jerome that Kristina and Molly know, and none of it is good.

Oscar: Hmm.

Kim: Morning, Charlie.

Julian: Hey.

Kim: Hey.

Julian: Good morning to you, too.

Kim: [Chuckles] Well, sorry that Alexis lost. I think she would have been a great mayor. Seems like her heart's really in the right place.

Julian: It is. Yeah. Politically, at least.

Alexis: Mm. [Groans] Oh, my God!

Finn: [Sighs]

Peter: Forgive me for being blunt, but your brother was shot in that office.

Nina: Uh, yeah, I know.

Peter: Then why do you have to go back there so soon?

Nina: Um... Because my brother wouldn't want what Faison did to him to stop me from living my life. I have the privilege of being able to go to work, and then I... have the privilege of going home tonight. And that's what mattered to my brother. He chose to protect and serve the community, and then go home to his wife at night. And soon to his baby, as well. And now he can't do that. And I can. So, uh, I'm going to work.

Peter: [Sighs]

[Knock on door]

Sam: Hi.

Maxie: Hi.

Sam: Can I come in? Thank you. Wait. What is...

Maxie: I'm packing up all Nathan's things and donating them to charity.

Sam: Don't you think it's a little too soon to be doing this?

Maxie: Why wait? I tried leaving everything just the way he had it, and all it did was remind me he's not coming back.

Sam: So you're just gonna give away all of his things?

Maxie: Yes. Because its' a real and concrete decision. It's not superstition or symbolism or magical thinking. It's doing something. And I'm sure there's somebody out there who can use Nathan's overcoat a lot more than I can.

Sam: Okay, all right, th-- that's fine. Why -- Why don't you just take a break?

Maxie: I don't need to take a break.

Sam: I -- Just 10 minutes. Do it for you and the baby, please.

Maxie: The baby and I are just fine.

Sam: When's the last time you and the baby ate?

Maxie: Recently.

Sam: Recently? Okay, well, guess what. I brought enough food for the three of us. So we're gonna eat again.

Maxie: That's very generous of you, Sam, but I really need to finish this.

Sam: Hey. Why... Why don't you let someone else do it?

Maxie: No. It's my responsibility. I am the one that needs to do this. And I'm doing it now.

Lulu: I don't know if anything can fix the rift between me and Maxie. But I've gotta try. Giving up my career as a journalist... that's a start, right?

[Telephone ringing]

Dante: Well, I'm sorry you feel you have to give up something that you love.

Lulu: I'm not happy about it. But... I look around in the rest of my life, everything else I get to love. You and the kids, Mom and Kevin, our whole big, ridiculous family. That includes Maxie. And just all of you mean so much more to me than some stupid career ever could.

Dante: I love you, too.

[Police radio chatter]

Kim: I just stepped in it, didn't I?

Julian: It's nothing, really.

Kim: Oh, no, it's something. And it's huge. I kind of guessed it from the way you reacted to the mayor-elect last night, but... now I know for sure. You still have it really bad for your ex-wife.

Julian: Okay, speaking of last night...

Kim: Oh, ho ho. Great segue. Elegant.

Julian: No, really, I wanted to thank you for butting in and saving me from doing something I would have... Well, let's face it, I wouldn't have actually regretted punching Ned in the face, but the legal fees and the court costs...

Kim: Okay, I'm happy to help.

Julian: Hey, um... Let me buy you breakfast.

Kim: Ah, thanks. But I already ate.

Julian: Hmm, okay. Rain check, maybe.

Kim: Mmm. Actually, since you mentioned giving something away for free...

Julian: Oh, that's a great segue. It's elegant, mm-hmm.

Kim: Well... the kids, Oscar and Josslyn are in there, and um, they have something they want to ask you.

Alexis: I'll be out of your way in just a minute.

Finn: No. No rush -- Unless you need to go. Not that I want you to stay -- or go. I mean, what -- whatever you choose. So that happened.

Alexis: Yeah. Apparently, we -- we -- had sex.

Finn: Yes. Sex. Just to be clear, I was... I was neither high nor strung out.

Alexis: Ah. I didn't touch a drop.

Finn: Okay. Good. So, you know, just a little... uh, spontaneous, post-election surprise sex.

Alexis: Surprise! [Chuckles] Yeah. We're con -- consenting adults.

Finn: Mm-hmm. And neither of us under the influence. Is it still a mistake if we were both sober?

Alexis: I don't know. What do you think?

Finn: I...

[Knock on door]

Finn: I think I forgot to put the "do not disturb" on the door.

Alexis: It's okay, it's okay. I-I -- I'm leaving anyway.

Finn: Yeah?

Alexis: [Gasps]

Finn: Okay.

Alexis: I -- I just need to locate my shoes.

Finn: Shoes -- Try in the back.

Finn: Hi.

Anna: Hi. I'm here.

Finn: You're -- You're here.

Anna: Yes.

Alexis: Success! Found them!

Finn: Could you come back in literally 30 seconds?

Anna: Yeah, I would. Um, but it's urgent. It's about our take-down of Cassandra's drug operation, and we...

Finn: Okay. Uh... Wait here.

Alexis: [Sighs] I take it that wasn't housekeeping.

Finn: No. It's Anna.

Alexis: Oh. Hopefully, she -- she... she's finally come to her senses. I just wish she had done that 10 minutes later.

Finn: It's all business.

Alexis: Yeah. I know. Maybe that will change. So I'm -- I'm gonna go now.

Finn: Uh-huh. So I guess I'll see you at a meeting sometime.

Alexis: Right.

Finn: Right.

Alexis: Ah, my earrings. [Chuckles] Thank you... for not letting me be alone last night.

Finn: I was happy for the company, too. Here.

Alexis: Ah. Thank you very much. Okay. Oh, God!

Anna: Hi.

Alexis: Hi. Hello, Anna. Good morning.

Finn: Please come in. So... what's all this about Cassandra?

Anna: I think we're in a bit of trouble.

Julian: So your mom said you had a favor you wanted to ask me.

Oscar: Yeah, uh, it's kind of related to why I got punched in the face. There's this transgender kid at our school, and some other kids who are outliers, I guess. But, you see, there's these bullies who are beating up on them.

Julian: Yeah, I bet. There's bullies everywhere.

Oscar: You know, the biggest school dance of the year, The Mad Hatter's Ball is coming up in a couple weeks. But the principal won't let everyone come as they are, if you know what I mean.

Julian: Yeah. I know what you mean.

Oscar: Yeah, so... I kind of wanted to have our own alternative dance so that everyone can be who they want to be. I don't know, we want all the LGBTAQIA kids to bring their friends so that they can celebrate with us and feel welcome. Can we have it here?

[If it's love, love, love, I can♪]

Dante: Uh, excuse me. What are you doing?

Chase: Unpacking. This is my desk.

Dante: Who told you that?

Jordan: I did.

Sam: Hey. Hey, hey, whoa, whoa, whoa. Let me get that.

Maxie: Thank you.

Sam: You're welcome.

Maxie: That's Nathan's nightstand drawer. Do you think you can go through it while I finish folding these clothes?

Sam: Yes, of course. Hey. This baseball was signed by Derek Jeter.

Maxie: Yeah, that was a wedding present I gave to Nathan.

Sam: Maxie, you can't get rid of everything that was special and memorable to the two of you.

Maxie: Actually, yes, I can.

Valentin: I'm glad you decided to stay in town because it's a hell of a lot safer for you to stay in Port Charles right now.

Peter: You think I'm at risk from my father's enemies?

Valentin: I think you're at risk... from Jason Morgan. Because once he finds out who you are, Henrik, he's gonna have a lot of questions.

Peter: Yeah, well, you might be right. But that's not why I stayed. I ran into Maxie Jones at my brother's grave. She finds me easy to talk to. Maybe it's because she thinks I'm still almost a stranger, but we were together the night Nathan was shot. Because of that, there's... kind of a connection.

[Indistinct conversations]

Valentin: Well, you be careful with that one. Because once she learns who you are and that you're responsible for encouraging Lulu to write the article that brought your father to town, you're gonna be exposed.

Peter: Don't worry. I'll be careful.

Lulu: Peter. I got your text.

Peter: Thank you for meeting me here.

Lulu: I am happy to. I... just didn't expect to find you with Valentin Cassadine. Is Do you two know each other?

[Elevator whirring]

Nina: Okay, I'm gonna do this, J. I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna make you proud.

[Doors clang]

Dante: Commissioner, can I uh, speak to you for a moment -- In private?

Jordan: I was just about to suggest that.

Dante: Who the hell is this kid?

Jordan: His name's Harrison Chase. He comes highly recommended by an associate of mine. He's brand-new to Port Charles. I think that he could benefit from your experience.

Dante: Probably, but I don't want a new partner.

Jordan: Well, you don't have a choice, man.

Dante: You know what, Commissioner, you have the right to give him Nathan's desk. But I don't have to work with the guy.

Jordan: Detective Falconeri... I think you need to take bereavement leave.

Peter: Yes, I met Mr. Cassadine through Nina. In fact, I was just expressing to him my concern about her returning to work so early after the death of her brother.

Lulu: I'm sorry, Nina's already back to work?

Valentin: Oh. You know, if I didn't know any better, I'd think you cared. And you weren't the one responsible for bringing Faison to our doorstep. Afternoon, Mr. August.

Peter: I'm sorry about that.

Lulu: Don't be. Valentin's right. I am responsible for bringing Faison to Port Charles, and that is exactly why I am resigning.

Peter: Yeah, about that.

Lulu: Okay, please don't try to talk me out of it.

Peter: Lulu, hear me out. If you want to take responsibility for luring Faison out... then you also have to take credit for his capture.

Nina: [Sobbing]

Sam: Wait a minute, I -- I remember this. Nathan threw this to you during the Magic Milo number, didn't he?

Maxie: Yeah, I was wondering what happened to that. I didn't realize he kept it.

Sam: Well, it must have had... special meaning to him. Hmm. Wait a minute. What about this handkerchief?

Maxie: The night that we met, I was crying over Georgie... and he gave me that to dry my tears.

Sam: And you just want to throw it all away?

Maxie: Not the shirt. It has holes in it so nobody can use it. I'm just gonna trash it.

Sam: Maxie, stop.

Maxie: You know what? You're right. We could auction this off to some crazy Ask Man Landers groupies.

Sam: No, Maxie, no, please. Don't do this. One day, you're gonna want to dive into all these memories, and it's gonna kill you when you remember that you threw them all away.

Julian: Yeah, your mother owns a hotel. Why won't she hold it there?

Josslyn: She offered, but... You know what? If you don't want to be inclusive and welcome our friends... or if it's just because of Sonny --

Julian: Did I say that? Look, Josslyn, I know all about bullies because I used to be one, okay. I'm not proud of it. But you know that article that The Invader published last night--

Josslyn: Oh, yeah, the one that... tanked Alexis' campaign because it revealed that she helped spring you from prison?

Julian: Yeah... that's the one. What the article didn't say was the reason that Alexis put herself on the line was because I was getting beat up... by a gang of thugs. In fact, I almost died. I was defending some inmates who didn't fit the mold that these thugs thought they should fit. I lost -- Big-time. So, yeah, not yet. So, Josslyn, Oscar... if you want to have your party here, you're welcome to it -- Free of charge.

Oscar: [Chuckles] That's amazing! Thank you.

Julian: You're welcome.

Oscar: No, seriously, Mr. Jerome, thank you so much.

Josslyn: Yes. Thank you.

Kim: Thanks, Charlie.

Anna: So the WSB contacted me, and... They They have... They're sending a representative to meet with us today.

Finn: About what?

Anna: I don't know. I tried to call Robert, but he is unavailable.

Finn: And... What's the worst that could happen?

Anna: [Sighs] It might be that they feel your involvement has compromised the mission somehow. And because, you know, you were never authorized as an asset, I --

Finn: Right, 'cause I didn't have permission to pose as someone that could manufacture synthetic opiates.

Anna: Oh, God. This is what I was afraid of. Aside from putting you in danger, I now could have gotten you in a lot of trouble.

Finn: I volunteered, Anna. In fact, I insisted.

Anna: Well, if something goes down with the WSB, I promise you I will protect you.

Finn: I don't want your protection! Nor do I need it.

Oscar: Hey, Mom?

Kim: Hey.

Oscar: Thank you for suggesting this. This really helped us out a lot.

Kim: Oh, well, you know, I didn't do anything. It was all Julian.

Oscar: So what's going on with you two?

Kim: Nothing.

Oscar: Mom?

Kim: [Chuckles] What? We had some meals, we shared some laughs.

Oscar: Mm-hmm.

Kim: Why?

Oscar: Well, you're... really okay with him being an ex-con? All the mob stuff?

Julian: I'm really sorry you lost.

Alexis: So am I.

Julian: Especially since it was my fault. And that story that The Invader ran about you going to bat for me was...

Alexis: I wouldn't change a single thing.

Julian: [Chuckles] Not even if it meant you being mayor?

Alexis: Your life is worth a hell of a lot more than my being the mayor.

Finn: You claim that you don't want to be with me because you put me in danger. Well, I've got news for you. I can take care of myself.

Anna: I'm sorry, but --

Finn: No more "sorry buts." I'm not having any more of that, all right? Whatever danger you dish out, lady, I can handle it. All right? So just cut the crap about trying to protect me all the time, and I'm sorry I just called you "lady."

Anna: Right. Um... But we have to meet with the rep from WSB at the police station, like, uh, almost immediately, so...

Finn: Fine, I'll take a shower.

Anna: You don't -- No, you don't to --

Finn: There's always time for a shower!

Anna: We have to go!

Finn: Anna, I'll meet you there.

Dante: Bereavement leave? Is that an order, Commissioner?

Jordan: You lost your partner. It is your right to take a few weeks off, and I strongly suggest you do so.

Dante: Okay. You're here to keep Port Charles safe, right, do your job. That's why I'm here.

Jordan: I know that about you, Dante. You're a great cop. This is why I'm telling you --

Dante: So unless you are ordering me to take a bereavement leave, I'm gonna go back out there and do my damn job, okay?

Jordan: Fine. No leave.

Dante: Thank you.

Jordan: But you will go to counseling. You will make an appointment with the department psychiatrist.

Dante: What -- Did you go to counseling?

Jordan: Yes, Dante. Of course I did. What, you don't think I don't miss him, too? You don't think it kills me inside to have to bring in this newbie, this kid?! No one can replace Nathan.

Dante: Long as we're both clear on that. I will go and say hello.

Jordan: Thank you.

Chase: Just... familiarizing myself with the open cases. [Sighs]

Lulu: I put my career before Nathan's safety... Before Maxie's feelings. I didn't listen to my own husband's warnings. I was wrong, and I am the one that needs to make this right.

Peter: By resigning?

Lulu: For starters.

Peter: Right. You know what, Lulu? Two days ago, I walked into Drew's office, and I handed in my own resignation. I was out of here.

Lulu: Because of what happened at Crimson?

Peter: Because like you, I felt responsible for Detective West's death. I was in that room, and I couldn't stop Faison from shooting his son. And I don't know when that guilt is ever going to leave me. But I do realize that leaving a job that I love is not going to bring me peace, and I don't believe it's going to bring you peace, either.

Lulu: I need to focus on my family. And then I will figure out whatever comes next.

Peter: Family, your marriage, your kids -- It's important, it's wonderful. But it is not journalism. It is not that thing that lights that spark inside of you. That's for you, and for you only. And if you give that up now, you have not only lost Nathan and Maxie... You'll have lost a part of yourself.

[Indistinct conversations]

Maxie: I can't do it, Sam. I can't replay my life with Nathan over and over again in my head. It's gonna drive me crazy, and it's not good for the baby.

Sam: Okay. Okay. I'm sorry. Sit down, please. I -- I get it. I hope you know that. I mean, I went through this when I thought Jason died. I... tried to relive our life and those memories, and it was really painful. And it was like breaking my heart over and over again, but what I'm trying to say is I did save a few things that were really important to the two of us, and I'm really glad that I did that. And I just -- For you and for the baby... save some of Nathan's things. You're gonna -- You're gonna want them, trust me on this.

Maxie: Well... you really are clueless, aren't you?

Sam: Um, I don't think you understand. I'm just trying to say that I've -- I've been there, Maxie. When Jason was shot, I thought he died. And I -- I grieved for him. In those first couple of days -- I mean, those first couple of months, every breath hurt, every step hurt. And I remember trying to put myself to bed at night, and all I could think about was Jason until I was finally so exhausted that I fell asleep. And the next morning, I would wake up, and there would be just a moment of hope. And then the day after, it -- it got a little bit shorter. And the day after that, it got even shorter. And it was gone. I'm just saying that I know that you are in a very unique situation, but I, too, I -- I've been down that road, and I understand.

Maxie: Except Jason is alive. And you only thought he was dead. I watched Nathan get shot. I watched him die. I watched as they buried him. [Sniffles] I know exactly where Nathan is right now. It's where he's gonna be forever. 'Cause he's not coming back to me. Or to our baby.

Nina: [Sobbing] [Whimpering] I can't... I can't fix it! I can't get it out! I can't. [Sobbing]

Kim: Julian and I, we are just friends.

Oscar: Mm-hmm. You came home with him the other night.

Kim: Yeah, he -- he walked me home. What are you getting at?

Oscar: I don't... Look, look, just... Whatever's going on with you two, just be careful with Mr. Jerome.

Alexis: Going the distance for a good cause and helping out the alternative youth. Who are you?

Julian: I'm just taking a page out of your book.

Anna: Hi. Hi, sorry we're late.

Finn: Yes, sorry, very sorry.

Agent: Yeah, well--

Anna: okay, so what I really -- It's very important that I make this clear to you that, uh, Dr. Finn is an innocent civilian.

Finn: "Innocent" is a relative term.

Anna: That I pressured him into becoming an asset in my operation to bring down Cassandra Pierce.

Finn: But if I -- If I may, although it is true that Agent Devane did pressure me into cooperating initially, I --

Anna: I did.

Finn: I then decided for my own personal reasons that I need to become more directly involved in the taking down of Cassandra's operation and getting these drugs off the street. And I initiated that, and I knew exactly... what I was doing.

Agent: Yes. That much is crystal clear to everyone in charge.

Alexis: Now that the election is over, I'm gonna be closing down my headquarters next door.

Julian: Well, I figured that was gonna happen win or lose, right?

Alexis: Which means that I won't have a reason to come by here anymore.

Julian: Not even for the world-class tapas?

Alexis: Oh, Julian... don't. I have to go. [Sighs]

Kim, Josslyn, and Oscar: [Laughing]

Julian: Yeah, so, you know what? The chef was actually thinking nachos, sliders, and an ice-cream-sundae bar.

Oscar: Well, what about the drinks?

Julian: Soda.

Oscar: Hmm.

Julian: And cortados.

[Door slams]

Finn: Bottom line, is the WSB reporting me to the AMA? Are you recommending they revoke my medical license?

Agent: We will be doing nothing of the sort.

Anna: Well, then why are we here? Why -- Why have we been summoned? Why did you call us to see you?

Agent: The WSB, along with the DEA, will be awarding you our highest honors for your achievements in the matter of Cassandra Pierce and her narcotics operation. There'll be a ceremony next week honoring all those involved. The details are in here. Thank you for your service. And... try to have a nice day, will ya?

Finn: Thank you.

Anna: Oh, thank you.

Finn: I did not see that coming!

Anna: I didn't see that coming. Oh, my God. Are you gonna go to this thing?

Finn: Well, I don't know. I'm gonna have to... check my schedule. I may be receiving another award that day.

Anna: Okay -- Ha. Ah. Wow. Look, it's none of my business or anything. You don't offer me any explanation, you really don't have to. But, um... Are y-you and Alexis, are you...

Finn: Are we what?

Anna: Was that what I thought I saw in the hotel room?

Finn: Mm-hmm.

Anna: Oh. Well, that's... Alexis is... She's uh... Good for you. That's... great.

[Door slams]

Anna: Thank you for letting us use the interrogation room.

Jordan: Uh-huh, yeah. You okay?

Anna: Yeah. Yeah, fine.

Dante: Well, that was weird.

Jordan: Very.

Dante: I should follow her and make sure she's okay.

Jordan: You're not getting out of this.

Dante: It was worth a shot.

Jordan: Detective Harrison Chase... meet your partner... Detective Dante Falconeri. Dante, Harrison.

Chase: Everybody calls me Chase.

Dante: Welcome to the PCPD.

Chase: Well, I'm glad to be here.

[Indistinct conversations]

Dante: Sorry about before.

Chase: Oh, no, it's cool. I get it. I'm... sorry about your partner.

Jordan: Good. Well, now that that's out of the way... Detective Chase... I hope that you'll be at home here.

Chase: Thank you, Commissioner. So are you... are you a Yankees fan?

Dante: Yep. Are you?

Chase: [Chuckles]

Peter: Don't let Faison take anything more from you than he already has.

Lulu: What am I supposed to do? Just keep writing like nothing happened?

Peter: No. You're supposed to keep writing like everything happened. Use your talent and your skills to expose the lies, the greed, the corruption. Use your work for the good of everyone you love -- Your family, your husband. Yes, even Maxie.

Valentin: I'm gonna buy you a new rug.

Nina: Thank you.

Valentin: I'll have it here first thing in the morning, if not sooner. In the meantime... Will you please let me take you home?

Nina: [Sighs] I have a lot of work to do. I should get started.

Valentin: When I walked in and I saw you down there... it broke me.

Nina: [Sighs] Well, thank goodness it was me. Imagine how much worse it would be if Maxie walked in on that. Can we get a new carpet in before she comes back to work?

Maxie: All right. That's the last of it. Shelter's on their way to pick this stuff up, and I need to get ready for work, so...

Sam: Look, I know the impulse to want to isolate and be alone. I g-get it. I do, but please --

Maxie: Thank you [Sighs] For helping me out, Sam.

Sam: Call me if you need me.

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Jason (to Peter): His son.

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